Michael Del Zotto has hernia surgery


Here’s the official word from the Rangers:


New York, May 3, 2011 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that Michael Del Zotto underwent successful surgery to repair a sports hernia this morning.  The procedure was performed by Dr. William Meyers at the Riverview Surgical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He is expected to be ready for the start of training camp.

Del Zotto registered two goals and nine assists in 47 games with the Rangers this season.  He notched two power play points, including his first goal of the season, on October 11 at Long Island.  He also established single game career-highs with seven blocked shots on October 21 at Toronto, and 28:38 of ice time on October 24 vs. New Jersey.  Del Zotto also recorded seven assists in 11 games with the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League.  He posted a four-game assist streak from January 15 vs. Providence to January 22 at Springfield, registering five assists over the span.

The Stouffville, Ontario native was originally selected by the Rangers in the first round, 20th overall, in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. Philadelphia? They couldn’t find anyone to repair his hernia in NY? I hope this surgeon isn’t a Flyers fan…:-)

  2. The Lightnings are playing on back to back nights because of USF graduation in their arena on Thursday night. I suppose they could have gone Tuesday-Friday-Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday for the next five games, but not if they wanted that game five on NBC.

  3. Mannyfried on

    Oh Hey Latona – Today I had two slices of whole wheat fiber bread (Trader Joe’s Brand) and Two slices of Shop Rite Brand 2% American Cheese – individually wrapped for freshness!

    All-in-all a totally lame lunch. I forgot my real food. I had to improvise.

    What about you?

  4. well,
    a speedy recovery to MDZ
    and Prust
    and Girardi
    (am i missing someone?)
    didn’t Girardi need hernia surgery as well?
    but i think his was a different type of hernia.

  5. also
    this may have been brought up earlier but
    here’s the link anyway, just in case,
    Pierre LeBrun’s column with a CINDY UPDATE
    for those who are missing a new one
    a really odd item about Chris Drury
    dealing with talk that he was going to be sent
    down to the Whale

    don’t know where LeBrun gets his info because
    everyone here and other Rangers reporters we normally
    follow have discussed Drury getting the buyout treatment
    (it’s mentioned but he deals with no movement clause first)

  6. CTBlueshirt on


    I had Sophie’s Cuban. Roasted pork with rice and pinto beans. Completely offset my lunchtime 5K.

  7. bull dog line on

    I met Sam Rosen today. spent 30 minutes talking Ranger hockey with him. heck of a nice man. proudly told him I was one of Carps Boneheads. he is very fond of Carp, and knew of the Boneheads and says hello to all.

  8. Mannyfried on

    CT – that sounds really delicious. I wish I had that on a plate in front of me now. Yum.

  9. Manny, there is never anything lame about American Cheese. Delicious.

    I had three Super Pretzels with mustard. I didn’t forget my real lunch, I just woke up late last night with a craving for them.

  10. Mannyfried on

    Latona – I love those things. Man. I wish I had those. I bought a box of Chocolate Chip Cliff Bars. They are here for emergencies but I felt badly eating one for lunch. It wasn’t a “real” emergency.

    Super pretzel sounds good…..pork and beans and rice and pretzels and mustard and……oh boy

  11. I had a turkey sandwich from DeFonte’s today the size of Henrik Lundqvist pads…

  12. Mannyfried on

    Why do you ALL eat better than me?

    What did Sam Rosen have for lunch!?

  13. I am a breakfast/dinner person. I am not really a lunch kind of guy.

    Bull Dog,

    That sounds awesome. Where did you meet him? What are his TRUE feelings about the Rangers/working with Joe? Mostly the latter.

  14. Mannyfried on

    Sorry billy. Me too. Some microwavable burritos are waiting for me at home. I can’t wait to get there. Subway better haul assen tonight!

  15. Mannyfried on

    Since the Jeff Skinner thing worked out so well….maybe we should sign Johnny Weir(d) in the off season?

  16. Mannyfried on

    Oh god. Not again. Carp – enough with the Abstract art on the blog!

  17. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, that junk is at the top of the page again!

    Brad Richards just did a long in-studio interview on NHL Live. Looks like he’s getting used to being in New York!

  18. Mannyfried on

    I think NYR was the last person to post without any junk on the blog. I blame him.

  19. JimboWoodside on

    DeFonte’s, eh, NYR? – was it good? Real turkey, not some compressed, filled-with-water carcillo?

  20. Jimbo – delicious, man….They started in Brooklyn and have a place near Gramercy Park…real deal Italian heroes…

  21. JimboWoodside on

    Ah! You went to the Manhattan one – I’ve never been to either one, but I hear that they make killer-good heros!

  22. Johnny LaRue on

    Somehow I was under the impression that a scalar value could indeed be used as an array. Go figure.

  23. Well thought out piece by Carp last post. All the best to the Lightning’s Fleming and to the Lightning for helping us get in the playoffs. I wouldn’t necessarily be sad to see the Caps, the 1 seed, advance. BUT, knowing that they only desire to beat us in the playoffs, and can only do so with refereeing help, I don’t think they stand any chance against the bruins. So, go Lightning! And I can attend the Lightning/bruins games with hopes of extending my unbeaten record while in attendance!

  24. Mannyfried on

    Doodie Machetto May 3rd, 2011 at 5:04 pm
    All your scalar values are belong to us


    Absolutely Brilliant.

  25. Tampa all the way, baby!

    The only way the Bruins get to the final is if they figure out how to score a few PP goals in the playoffs…

  26. joeybriggs on

    Fun story – this meyers guys used to see patients. maybe still does. I know he fixed emery when he played in philly. Well I went to a doctor who shared an office with him because I had a huge burn like rash on my hip. The doctor brought him in to look at it. He told me there’s nothing wrong and left the room. Yeah he charged me for that. Oh yeah, the funny part was is this guy and my doctor could not figure that a patient with a BULLSEYE RASH and complaining of lack of appetite and being tired all the time had lymes disease.

    SO the lesson is: never go to see a doctor that helps nhl players, because they may not be smart enough to diagnose lymes disease even if it kicked them in the face.

  27. Sad to see so few people at the TB game.. maybe they think it starts at 7 or 7:30? They’re usually a little better at filling the stands.

    Stamkos missed a good chance there. Go Bolts!

  28. MannyFried on

    Hey somebody tell Jim – there was 4-on-4 hockey in this game earlier!

  29. billybleedsblue on

    Hahaha, somebody declaring an array as an integer again? Tsk, tsk.

  30. Johnny, are you asking because you saw 20/20 last night?

    bull dog, I bite my tongue when people criticize Sam, but he is, above all else, one of the nicest people on this planet. And he’s a wonderful, wonderful play by play guy. Very positive, and obviously rooting for his team, but not a homer.

  31. Manny

    My professor is somewhat a good looking middle age lady…but mostly women who want to lose weight ;)

    About 15 students in this class and I’m the only male lol

  32. Go Bolts! I missed the action as I had to reset all the circuits in my house to discover the missing one. Of course, it was the only non-labeled circuit. I made sure to label it.

  33. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    This is what happens when the overrated Caps play an actual team!

    (Still love our team, though)

  34. Noy-Vair is an aggressive goalie…He came way out beyond the crease for that save

  35. I’m so happy to see the Craps nearly swept. After they beat us, their moronic fans thought they were such champs. They’re just *losers*

    OvechCANT win a Cup! He can’t even win Gold for Russia. I can’t wait to see Russia compete for a Bronze medal in Russia in 2014! Bwahaah

  36. Wow.. Nashville’s gold-out or whatever you want to cool it actually looks pretty cool.

  37. JimboWoodside on

    I thought the Nashville crowd were all dressed like daffodils because it’s spring!!

  38. Obviously, Humpty Dumpty gets fired when they lose game 4

    …but, you have to think that McPhee will be making more changes in personnel than just that…

  39. Yeah, it doesn’t matter if they come back and win this series. It’s either win a Cup, or get fired, at this point. There’s just too much talent on that team for them not to make it to the Final in the last two-three years.

  40. JimboWoodside on

    All those frontrunning Caps fans must be in shock – perhaps they thought that this was the year that the Caps playoff record of futility was going to end.

  41. Neuvirth??? He’ll be the same as varLAmov. Beat the Rangers, goodbye because he’s not a minor league goalie, let alone an NHLer.

    The Capitals and that worthless Russian ape Ovechkin. Try beating another team besides the Rangers, you filthy bandwagoning creeps!

  42. For anyone that was watching, did the Versus broadcast of the Nashville/Vancouver game start at the beginning from 20:00 of the first period?

  43. Wait…was calling Ovechkin a “Russian ape” racist? I was not being racist, fwiw. :)

  44. Another question, do the Lightning stand a chance against the bruins….for those with knowledge of the Lightning team, strengths and weaknesses?

  45. Thanks, Latona. Must DVR beginning of game on NHL Network tomorrow afternoon.

  46. I feel like the Lightning are going to have to pull a Game 4 Period 3 Washington on Boston.. I don’t think Tampa will beat the Bruins with their 1-3-1; now that’s not excusing them from tight neutral zone coverage and solid defensive play, but Tampa definitely has an edge over Boston in their offense and that’s where they’ll have to come through. If they can give Roloson three goals a game on average, maybe four here or there, maybe two one game, I think they’ll pass Boston.

  47. Evening gang!

    I LOVE the Lightning. Buh-bye Craps. Nice seeing ya, don’t let the door hit ya on the assen on the way out.


  48. JimboWoodside on

    Boston hasn’t finished Philthy yet, either – remember last year…..

  49. Im not familiar with a 1-3-1. Thanks Latona.

    Hiya Mickey, Jimbo. Different team from last year’s Philly team. Carter is done, Pronger injured, same crap goaltending.

  50. Tiki,

    One player pressures the puck carries around the opposition’s blue line/the red line and follows. The defense has three players on their own blue line as to thwart the puck being carried into the zone, and the one player in the defensive zone is far enough back to handle most dump-ins. With a player on each board, the defender retrieving the puck in the corners/behind the net has a board outlet on either side and an option in the middle of the ice. The high forward may also have some room up ice.

  51. Wasn’t there a story in the last year about a few red sox/bruins fans that planted a homemade bomb somewhere in NYC, a train station or Times Square perhaps? bostonian terrorists! OMG, Im shocked beyond belief. /sarcasm

  52. Interesting stuff on the 1-3-1. Don’t know why that can’t work against the bruins. If it’s something that teams haven’t seen much of – in this case, the bruins – maybe it could stimey them.

  53. JimboWoodside on

    Yes, Philthy isn’t the same team this year, and neither is Boston – but until you get that fourth win, anything can happen. True, Thomas is playing remarkably well, but he has also been flopping around an awful lot – he’s no spring chicken, and he might get hurt with all that sprawling around.

    Philly is definitely behind the 8-ball with their bad goaltending and multiple injuries, but I don’t think they will quit now – Boston is going to have to work to eliminate them.

  54. Doing good, Jimbo. Feeling more even keel and under control. Horrendous TMJ and headaches though.

    Found the story of the 2010 attempted Times Square car bombing. I remember at the time reading stories about the guy(s) wearing red sox hat. I’ll have to search to find that.

  55. Washington is more of a skilled team and so zone entry and transition are more important to them than in Boston’s case; they’re bigger and more willing to do the dirty work. Tampa and Washington’s offense pretty much negate one another, ergo the need for the 1-3-1 to give Tampa an edge. Tampa is better offensively than Boston and I feel they should take advantage of it.

  56. I’m eating Progresso new england clam chowder straight from the can, because it’s easy to eat. Shame on me :(

  57. JimboWoodside on

    Oh – OK, Orr..I wasn’t sure who you were referring to.

    I don’t think Boston is all that great – I think that their lack of a working PP will hurt them, especially in the final, if they get there.

    Thomas is playing great – if he stays healthy, he will carry them pretty far – those western teams can pour on the offense, though. Sharks especially.

  58. A Yankees fan wouldn’t be smart enough to do that. Yankees fans, by nature, are dumber than piss. Least knowledgeable sports fans in the world are NY fans :)

  59. JimboWoodside on

    Glad that you’re feeling better, Tik – that TMJ stuff is terrible, though. I can sympathize with you on that one.

  60. Jimbo, Thanks. Please check out 830laser.com and tell me what you think of it, if you think it’s legitimate. I want to try it for the TMJ.

  61. Yeah, that’s how I eat soups. Ate a Cream of Mushroom earlier straight from the can. I should be arrested and charged with treason for eating the clam chowder. :)

  62. JimboWoodside on

    I’m no medical expert by any means – but where did you learn about that laser treatment, Tiki? Was it recommended to you by a healthcare professional? I must admit, I’ve never heard of it, and I would tend to be skeptical of the claims made on that webpage, to be very honest with you.

  63. JimboWoodside on

    Well, gastronomic treason, perhaps – but I don’t think there’s a death penalty for that! I *was* wondering why you were eating New England clam chowder, though – sounds like it would go against your normal inclinations! ;-D

  64. JimboWoodside on

    It looks pretty “gimmicky” to me, Tiki – I would tend not to trust it, unless it was recommended by a healthcare professional with a good reputation.

  65. OK, the blog just gave my de ja vu and I don’t know why. Weeiiiiird.

    Luongo made like Uncle Daddy earlier, must have learned that move from him at the Olympics last year.

  66. one disadvantage of having young baby is not be able to sit down at 630 700 for start of these games.

    thank god for DVR. just watched tampa do it once again and i am caught up on first 2 per of nucks/preds.

    go tampaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  67. Tiki, you DO know you’re supposed to heat the soup before eating it, right? Just checking, cause if not, between you and Mama with her takeout, I may need to hold a cooking intervention around here.

  68. Congrats to Liriano for his no-no. Dude is only about a year, maybe two removed from Tommy John surgery.

  69. Maybe some day I’ll host a Bonehead Fest/Cooking Intervention here in STL. Would be interesting, for sure.

  70. Ive heard about your world-class cooking, Mickey! Count me in.

    I got a brochure for it at the doctor’s office. I thought the same thing…I’ll stay away from it.

  71. Tiki, you’re more than welcome to come visit and sample my cooking in person :)

  72. Higgins sure can hit the net now, can’t he? He’s scored more goals in these playoffs than he had as a Ranger.

  73. Thanks Mickey! Still have the Mets 86 DVDs to send to you, and Ill send you the Mets/Phillies game the other night with the “USA” cheers also.

    Still have the bruins/Rangers game at the end of the season for Mama to dole out.

    Higgins scored again? Is this an alternate universe?

  74. tom night is goign to suck

    7pm bruins game
    7pm tampa
    8pm wings

    how to juggle 3 games basically at once

  75. Thanks, Tiki! I have the Rangers/Pens game from Novmeber saved on my DVR, that will be my Rangers fix for the summer, I think.

  76. You’re welcome! I’ll add the Rangers/bruins game too so you can have that awesome comeback by Cally and the boys to help hold you over.

    I wonder if Jaromir is under contract with Omsk after this season. Maybe we could get him back on the cheap. Jaro at 40 years old and 30% health is better than 28 year old Gaborik at 100% health. Maybe that’s too much exaggeration…

  77. Tik, Jagr probably is going to resign with Omsk. It was reported by Russian press earlier in the week that Jags is expected to sign a 1 year extension…

    Via Twitter:
    Jaromir Jagr is expected to sign a 1 year extension with Avangard Omsk of the #KHL, according to Avangard’s GM (via SovSport)

  78. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Preds are dangerous. However, If Van keeps winning, higgens will outscore the entire ranger team this postseason.

  79. I, as said before, would love to see Ovechkin win the Cup

    But it’s hard not to enjoy seeing Craps being down 3-0!! Go Bolts! ;)

    btw, calling Ovechikn “Russian ape” is more racist/offensive than calling Carmelo “Caramel-o” and it’s not because I am Russian

    Prust saying…

  80. So much was made about Capitals’ new defensive system. Tampa Bay doesn’t seem to have any problem scoring the big goals against it. I wonder if Bruce Boudreau thinks Tampa’s arena is loud enough.

    Ah yes, I love playoffs overtime! Make it a multiple!

  81. Tiki, you the best :D

    OT winners: Erat(my friends fav players/ Kesler(dude’s been a beast this game)

  82. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp will be mentioning this in the morning but I as well break the news…. I put together a team of powerful financial types – a buyout took place – I am the new owner. I will be getting $2 per post which is less adismal than what carp was earning. He has agreed to stay on to run the day to day stuff… With my approval obviously. Ok back to your regular programming. Go preds.

  83. it’s ok Tiki

    My entire emotional and psychological structure won’t collapse because of it lol

    just be consistent… You what I mean? ;)

  84. JimboWoodside on

    The CBC/TSN announcers are usually *very* good at their craft. I enjoy listening to them.

  85. JimboWoodside on

    Boy, there’s another instance of the officials deciding the outcome of a game.

  86. and once again the zebras kill such a great game with stupid call

    how do these officials and Buttman sleep at night?

  87. JimboWoodside on

    Back in the day, the officials would put away their whistles and not make a call in OT unless it was a flagrant and vicious foul, which is always called for – but that is ticky-tacky call to make under those circumstances – just terrible!

  88. That’s a makeup call. Because the one down the other end that wasn’t called should have been called. They evened up.

  89. JimboWoodside on

    Well, Iron Mike Keenan agrees with all of us on that ridiculous penalty – but that doesn’t change anything.

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