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Watch the game!

Posted By On May 2, 2011 @ 7:09 am In Hockey,New York Rangers,NHL | 276 Comments

This is why I don’t like NBC and Versus:

1) There’s a skirmish on front of the Tampa net. Jason Arnott is mad and about to hand out a facial, or at least a glove to the mug, and Versus quickly goes to a closeup of Alex Ovechkin, then a closeup of the back of Dwayne Roloson? WTB? Then shows a replay of the scrum, and cuts it off before Arnott delivers (or doesn’t deliver, how the heck should we know) the glove. Why? Why!?

2) Pavel Datsyuk sweeps a puck off the goal line and ices it, bailing out Detroit goalie Jimmy Howard. Great play. Classic. NBC shows us, like, a gazillion replays. What NBC doesn’t bother to show us, or tell us, while glorifying Datsyuk and his Selke Trophy rep, is that Datsyuk’s awful defensive play, a lost battle and then allowing the San Jose player, Big Douglas Murray, to walk out of the corner unchecked, is what caused the puck on the goal line in the first place. What, they didn’t have enough analysts or cameras at the game?

3) Martin St. Louis scores a fluke goal on a pass intended for Vincent Lecavalier on the other side of the net which never got there, instead deflecting into the net off the skate of Washington’s Mike Green. Oh, what bad luck, Versus tells us. Poor Mike Green. What Versus doesn’t bother to tell us is that had the puck not hit Green’s skate, it goes directly to Lecavalier, a lefty shot at the right post, all alone. In other words, a slam dunk. What Versus doesn’t tell us is that, had Green actually been checking his man, Lecavalier, his skate would have been nowhere near the blue. And it wouldn’t have been a goal. Poor Mike Green. I guess Versus didn’t have enough analysts, either.

4) And how god-awful are the interviews before games, on the bench, and immediately after games? Each analyst starts with a long-winded statement … “Joe, your team fought through a hard seven-game series and had very little rest, and still came out hard tonight …” then a dumb question. C’mon. Get somebody in there who knows how to ask a question.

5) How about the promo in which the announcer terribly mispronounces “Sedin?” … I mean, you can’t do that. You just can’t.

Though I must say, I have no problem listening to Doc Emrick (true professional) or Dave Strader or even John Forslund (if he could lose the “cleared in” Thorne-ism; a cleared puck comes out of the defensive zone, not into the offensive zone).

Oh, and Douglas Murray=Monster. Just sayin’.

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