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Game 7s in review

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Just felt like doing this.

I was going to weigh in on the pros and cons of Brad Richards, but we have two months and a week to do that ad infinitum. So on this night of Game 7s — neither of which was as sick as the Chicago-Vancouver Game 7, but both better than the Philly-Baby Buffaloes Game 7, some thoughts: [1]

1) What a piece of carcillo Carcillo is. I’m glad Philly advanced because I won’t be happy until he costs his team a playoff game, maybe a series.

2) Count how many times Jeremy Roenick says “unbelievable.” What a peabrain. He also said “a-dismal” when he meant “abysmal” and said it again when the host asked him what he had said the first time.

3) Hey, those byfuglien guys at TSN stole my Monster thing. They picked a Monster of the game. That’s mine. They stole it, the filthy bums. Anybody know a good lawyer? Make that a cheap lawyer.

4) Goodbye, Matt Cooke, you piece of carcillo. Goodbye, too, to the Skid Crosby updates. Thank God. Though I do feel for a couple of good guys in the Penguins front office and assistant coach Tony Granato. Still, the Penguins lead the league in cheap-shot artists. Bye.

5) Karma for the Lightnings. They showed character and professionalism in playing all-out in Game 82, which meant nothing to them, and got the Rangers in. More karma for the Lightnings. Just before the play0ffs, seven of them got their heads shaved to raise money for a couple of pediatric cancer charities. I hope they win the Cup.

6) Have you ever seen such a spate of hairballs coughed up by defensemen at crucial moments as have happened in the last two nights?

7) I like the TSN guy calling the “netting” the “screen.” I’ve been thinking about that for a long time, since they put the nets up. Screen makes so much more sense, especially in a sport where, you know, there are already nets. And netting? What the heck is that? Something the cafeteria lady puts on her head?

8) Man, they have to get rid of that stupid hit-from-behind rule. Guys all turn now, looking to draw a penalty, and they put themselves in danger, and they make things tough on the officials. Get rid of it. If these guys know they’re going to get drilled without a penalty, they won’t turn. End of story.

9) How about this Roloson. I laughed when Tampa Bay traded for him, shortly after the Rangers’ strafed him as an Islander. Good for him. I don’t mind being proven wrong once in a while.

10) Good thing Skid Crosby was in the pressbox. He didn’t have to shake hands. Oh, that’s right, he doesn’t shake hands.

11) I was mowing the lawn and killing dandelions and enjoying a day off yesterday. And wishing I was working at a Game 7.

12) How about Roman Hamrlik staying on the ice after being hit, while Boston was going down and scoring? Get the byfuglien up. I don’t think the Block Ness Monster would have stayed down, or Brandon Prust.

13) Even though it was the TSN crew calling TB-Pitt, I would have been happy with any Versus crew after watching some of the game via the Pittsburgh homer feed on NHL Network. That was dreadful.

14) I’m not even going to comment on what an idiot Don Cherry is. … oh, wait, I just did.

15) Tail wagging the dog: Because of TV, the Rangers and Capitals played one game over five days, and Montreal and Boston had to play Games 6 and 7 on consecutive nights.

16) Also didn’t mind seeing Scott the Clown Gomez and P.K. Slewfoot get sent home.

17) When do the Knicks play?


AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, above.


I’m not going to do this every night, but maybe I will once in a while during the playoffs. Just for fun.

Hope to tally up the first-round predictions contest soon. Maybe today if it’s raining.

Do youse want to do another contest in this round? Same rules. Must be in by puck drop of Game 1 tonight.

Here are my picks:
Canucks over Predators in 6.
Sharks over Red Wings in 7.
Lightning over Capitals in 6.
Flyers over Bruins in 6.

Click “more” below for the rules.

CONTEST RULES: Post your series predictions in the comments on this thread. Please, for my sake, use this thread only for your predictions, don’t make me scroll through other threads. I will put reminders in any and all new posts between now and gametime. Contest closes at 9 p.m. tonight, when the next round begins.

Here’s how it works: Pick all four series, winner and number of games. Then give me tiebreakers: Score of the clinching game of the Flyers-Bruins series, GWG in the clinching game of the series, number of saves for Tim Thomas (or other Boston goalie) in the clinching game of the series.

The first tiebreaker after the number of correct series winners is determined, will be the number of correct series predicted with the exact number of games. Then we will go with score of Flyers-Bruins clinching game, GWG, and Boston goalie saves. OK? If any problems arise, the decision of the judges (me) will be final. Or I’ll just award the title to Sally!

(Oh, one more little thing: Don’t even dream about entering more than once. If I don’t recognize a screen name, I will check IP addresses and I will send CCCP over to your house).


AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, above.

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