Game 7s in review


Just felt like doing this.

I was going to weigh in on the pros and cons of Brad Richards, but we have two months and a week to do that ad infinitum. So on this night of Game 7s — neither of which was as sick as the Chicago-Vancouver Game 7, but both better than the Philly-Baby Buffaloes Game 7, some thoughts:

1) What a piece of carcillo Carcillo is. I’m glad Philly advanced because I won’t be happy until he costs his team a playoff game, maybe a series.

2) Count how many times Jeremy Roenick says “unbelievable.” What a peabrain. He also said “a-dismal” when he meant “abysmal” and said it again when the host asked him what he had said the first time.

3) Hey, those byfuglien guys at TSN stole my Monster thing. They picked a Monster of the game. That’s mine. They stole it, the filthy bums. Anybody know a good lawyer? Make that a cheap lawyer.

4) Goodbye, Matt Cooke, you piece of carcillo. Goodbye, too, to the Skid Crosby updates. Thank God. Though I do feel for a couple of good guys in the Penguins front office and assistant coach Tony Granato. Still, the Penguins lead the league in cheap-shot artists. Bye.

5) Karma for the Lightnings. They showed character and professionalism in playing all-out in Game 82, which meant nothing to them, and got the Rangers in. More karma for the Lightnings. Just before the play0ffs, seven of them got their heads shaved to raise money for a couple of pediatric cancer charities. I hope they win the Cup.

6) Have you ever seen such a spate of hairballs coughed up by defensemen at crucial moments as have happened in the last two nights?

7) I like the TSN guy calling the “netting” the “screen.” I’ve been thinking about that for a long time, since they put the nets up. Screen makes so much more sense, especially in a sport where, you know, there are already nets. And netting? What the heck is that? Something the cafeteria lady puts on her head?

8) Man, they have to get rid of that stupid hit-from-behind rule. Guys all turn now, looking to draw a penalty, and they put themselves in danger, and they make things tough on the officials. Get rid of it. If these guys know they’re going to get drilled without a penalty, they won’t turn. End of story.

9) How about this Roloson. I laughed when Tampa Bay traded for him, shortly after the Rangers’ strafed him as an Islander. Good for him. I don’t mind being proven wrong once in a while.

10) Good thing Skid Crosby was in the pressbox. He didn’t have to shake hands. Oh, that’s right, he doesn’t shake hands.

11) I was mowing the lawn and killing dandelions and enjoying a day off yesterday. And wishing I was working at a Game 7.

12) How about Roman Hamrlik staying on the ice after being hit, while Boston was going down and scoring? Get the byfuglien up. I don’t think the Block Ness Monster would have stayed down, or Brandon Prust.

13) Even though it was the TSN crew calling TB-Pitt, I would have been happy with any Versus crew after watching some of the game via the Pittsburgh homer feed on NHL Network. That was dreadful.

14) I’m not even going to comment on what an idiot Don Cherry is. … oh, wait, I just did.

15) Tail wagging the dog: Because of TV, the Rangers and Capitals played one game over five days, and Montreal and Boston had to play Games 6 and 7 on consecutive nights.

16) Also didn’t mind seeing Scott the Clown Gomez and P.K. Slewfoot get sent home.

17) When do the Knicks play?


AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, above.


I’m not going to do this every night, but maybe I will once in a while during the playoffs. Just for fun.

Hope to tally up the first-round predictions contest soon. Maybe today if it’s raining.

Do youse want to do another contest in this round? Same rules. Must be in by puck drop of Game 1 tonight.

Here are my picks:
Canucks over Predators in 6.
Sharks over Red Wings in 7.
Lightning over Capitals in 6.
Flyers over Bruins in 6.

Click “more” below for the rules.

CONTEST RULES: Post your series predictions in the comments on this thread. Please, for my sake, use this thread only for your predictions, don’t make me scroll through other threads. I will put reminders in any and all new posts between now and gametime. Contest closes at 9 p.m. tonight, when the next round begins.

Here’s how it works: Pick all four series, winner and number of games. Then give me tiebreakers: Score of the clinching game of the Flyers-Bruins series, GWG in the clinching game of the series, number of saves for Tim Thomas (or other Boston goalie) in the clinching game of the series.

The first tiebreaker after the number of correct series winners is determined, will be the number of correct series predicted with the exact number of games. Then we will go with score of Flyers-Bruins clinching game, GWG, and Boston goalie saves. OK? If any problems arise, the decision of the judges (me) will be final. Or I’ll just award the title to Sally!

(Oh, one more little thing: Don’t even dream about entering more than once. If I don’t recognize a screen name, I will check IP addresses and I will send CCCP over to your house).


AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, above.

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  1. onecupin72yearsand counting on

    EFPH – FILLY , I wanted to see them go.. but I think its more painful to go deep and lose…
    Carp easy on the dandelions.. they make good salad @3.99 a lb. also make wine too.

  2. I missed everything last night, but on #13 (in the list, not the piece of Carcillo), you really should’ve stuck with the Pens announcers to the end, Carp.

    They are the worst announcers in the history of sports, true, but it’s as funny as hell how depressed Steigerwald gets when the Pens lose. I would love to have heard him last night.

    I went 8-for-8 with three correct series scorelines in the prediction contest. Rumour has it that might be enough to win…

    wicky has only just submitted his “after” pic? Surely an unfair advantage to get four days of extra growth? I got rid of mine the night the Rangers were eliminated.

  3. “Good thing Skid Crosby was in the pressbox. He didn’t have to shake hands. Oh, that’s right, he doesn’t shake hands.”

    YYYYYYYYESSSSSS! Love it Carp, love it. Gomez is “The Clown” because he’s always smiling even when the team’s fortunes blow, or was there some other reason?

  4. Calling one of the best American born hockey players a peabrain? Now that is just plain ignorant. JR has done a hell of a lot for American hockey just like Mike Richter has. There has been way worse hockey analyst than him.

  5. Bye bye Ice Chickens and linguistically-confused North Americans!!

    I dont normally support “other” teams when we’re out of it, but i’m developing a soft spot for the Bolts after their game 82 performance and then knocking out the cheap-shot supporting Cindy lovers in round 1, with Roly the Goalie in nets, and being down 3-1 no less!!

    My predictions:
    Canucks over Predators in 7.
    Red Wings over Sharks in 5.
    Lightning over Capitals in 7.
    Flyers over Bruins in 6.

  6. Good recap, Carp! Point 11 made me a little sad.

    Wish we were talking about how many games it’d take to beat Philly right now.

  7. Canucks over Predators in 5

    Sharks over Redwings in 6

    Caps over Lightning in 7

    Bruins over the Flyers in 6

    Ties Breakers:
    Bruin saves-32

    Rangers in 8

    Rangers in 8

  8. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Nashville over Vancouver in 6
    San Jose over Detroit in 7
    Caps over Lightning in 5
    Bruins over Flyers in 6, GWG Recci, saves for beantown netminder = 31

    Vancouver = 40 years no cup
    Bruins = 39 years no cup

    getting up there…just sayin…

  9. Predictions:

    Tampa over Washington in 6
    Boston over Philadelphia in 6
    Vancouver over Nashville in 6
    Detroit over San Jose in 7

    Booo-yah! Go Lightnings

  10. Carp: I know there are a few lawyers who post on here besides me. I know nothing about copyright and trademark law but maybe Doodie or Noah do? You should get on that because it was published around here man! You started the monster thing and together we all made it huge. It’s like the Macarena! Except not a dance, and it involves hockey and it’s an adjective.

  11. Re: #8 – Yea. Drop this silly 48 rule and drop the instigator penalty and let these guys police themselves. Too many hits are being called 48 that are, in my humble opinion, not. And as you say, guys are trying to draw penalties and people are going to get hurt turning away from people and pointing their cranium and/or face at the boards.

  12. Guys – I love Roenick but he has had some “off ice troubles” in his life and he cries relentlessly. Remember at the olympics when he was basically sobbing because he never got to play in a game? Now I really like Roenick. A lot. But he is not the brightest bulb in the shed. Guy has made some dumb decisions and is probably lucky to still be welcome around the game of hockey. Gambling suspicions have gotten many people banned from sports before. Remember I really like JR.

  13. Also – Go Lightning! I am really excited to be proven wrong about Roloson and to see an older guy get a run at the cup. It’s pretty neat what he is able to do. They helped us out and now I will help them out by rooting for them. Just don’t ask me to wave any towels…

    I will also root for:

    Whoever plays against Philthy; and
    Whoever plays against Boston.

  14. Oh yea! Nice. I was so focused I barely noticed until your hat hit me in the noggin! Rule 48! Hit to the head!!!

  15. 4generations 4 cups on

    Carp, do you mind if some of the fans do some in-review stuff so we can keep the site moving? I really like this place rather than most of the other hockey places i go to when people try to make you feel stupid for saying -anything-.

  16. 4generations 4 cups on

    I also think that it was great karma for Matt Cooke to be suspended literally the entire length of the season and playoffs. They were ousted, he was suspended until this game. To go around leading with your elbow is a disgusting thing, especially in a sport where you govern your own safety on the ice with fists. There are a lot of flat out idiots in hockey, and that’s whats worrysome, is that Campbell isnt gonna do carcillo about it. I read Carcillos lips last game when he lunged at Ryan Miller and called him a byfuglien-f****t-carcillo-byfuglien. Is this intelligence? Why taunt somebody? I never said that hockey players have to be geniuses but to be decent people is that _SO_ much to ask?

  17. billybleedsblue on

    Manny, I’m with you and Carp on the Tampa Bay thing. I’ve never wanted an Eastern team (other than our beloved Rangers) to do so well, ever.

    Also, good luck with that paradox you’ve created for yourself there Manny. We can only hope that series goes 7 games and that both teams are so beaten up by the end of it, it doesn’t matter who wins.

    Carp you are a funny guy — “… number of saves for Tim Thomas (or other Boston goalie) in the clinching game of the series.” Do you smell a blowout? Hmm. I’m not sure the Bruins can handle the Flyers, and I suspect Thomas may be exposed. We’ll just have to wait and see…

  18. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on


    Sharks in 7
    Canucks in 6
    Capitals in 7
    Bruins in 7

  19. Billy – yea it’s become a really tough series for me with the whole Philthy Phlyers and the Stupid Bruins. Honestly, I am just hoping that Chara lays out a LOT of Phlyers (except Briere). I usually refer to the Phlyers as a bunch of a-holes (expletive, expletive, expletive) and Danny Briere

  20. Puck Daddy’s preview of the Caps-Bolts series:

    “The Capitals were 4-1-1 against their division rivals, with one of those wins coming in the shootout.
    The Rangers didn’t really test the “new” Capitals defensive dogma. They didn’t have the weaponry. The Lightning do, and they’re also much more dangerous on the power play, which is another test. But the Capitals looked like a deep, focused team in Round 1; if Michal Neuvirth could match Henrik Lundqvist, he can match Dwayne Roloson.”


    So if the Rangers didn’t really test the Caps defense, and presumably goaltending, how exactly did Neuvirth match Lundqvist?

  21. Billy – good point building off Carp’s point. Tim Thomas is an oddity. He has a great D in front of him and sometimes looks like one of the most amazing goalies I have seen. But I will keep saying it, get him moving side-to-side and he’s very vulnerable. I think the Bruins might be in trouble too.

  22. billybleedsblue on

    CT, we all know that Neuvirth in no way matched or beat Lundqvist in that series. I would put it in certain terms, but I don’t feel like comparing the Rangers offense to an unorganized group of mixhanded Eunuchs (in comparison to the Caps offense which is viable). Any writer or fan that doesn’t acknowledge the huge difference between the levels of offense faced is fooling themselves, and unfortunately fooling anyone willing to believe them.

    Manny, I too feel the Bruins are in for a rude awakening. I haven’t formulated my picks yet, but I could see the Flyers rolling them in 5, although as mentioned earlier, I would love them to go 7 in a brutal series.

  23. chuk schreier on

    Caps over lightning in 6
    bruins over flyers in 7
    Canucks over predators in 5
    Red wings over sharks in 7
    Every time I see something like what happened to hamrlik the opposing team somehow manages to always score and the guy that was to hurt to get back in the play is on his next shift. Its the playoffs and especially game 7 get up you baby

  24. You’re right CT – Neuvirth wasn’t tested enough in that series. He was not even close to Hank. I mean, it’s insane to say that. Insane.

  25. “8) Man, they have to get rid of that stupid hit-from-behind rule. Guys all turn now, looking to draw a penalty, and they put themselves in danger, ”

    I’ve seen soo much of this in the first round. And this is the playoffs. I understand protecting the players but this has gone too far.

    It’s like if you get touched from behind and plant your torso into the boards then hit the ice agonizing in “pain” it’s an automatic 2-5 minutes. 6’7 foot tall Chara got bumped from behind by a dude smaller than my little cousin and they got a PP out of it.

    Zebras have too much to watch in this fast-paced game to deal with this nonsense.

    Protect yo neck or plant your face into the boards and let the game go on.

  26. Neuvirth doesn’t need to match Lundqvist if he barely gets challenged. The Rangers could barely challenge him and when they tested him it was a shot to his glove side which they may as well kick a beachball at (excluding EC).

    Neuvirth played a hell of a series and he’s just young and cocky enough to pull it off. And I HATE the Capitals!!

  27. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Good morning Vietnam. I think that since the pens lost it should bring MORE skid updates not less. Afterall, he still poops doesn’t he? October is a long way away and I, for one, would feel adismal if his every move isn’t recorded. I also think it’s adismal that the flyers won. Carcillo is adismal too. In fact, the whole flyer team is adismal. TB is my hope fir the east. It was not adismal the way they played game 82.

  28. True Blue Mike on

    Canucks over Predators in 7.
    Sharks over Red Wings in 7.
    Lightning over Capitals in 7.
    Bruins over Flyers in 7.

  29. Canucks over Predators in 6
    Red Wings over Sharks in 7
    Caps over Lightning in 6
    Bruins over Flyers in 7

  30. Canucks over Predators in 6

    Redwings over Sharks in 7

    Lightning over Caps in 6

    Bruins over the Flyers in 6

    Ties Breakers:
    Bruin saves-29

  31. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    Canucks over Predators in 5.
    Red Wings over Sharks in 5.
    Lightning over Capitals in 6.
    Bruins over Flyers in 6.

    Bruins 4, Flyers 2
    GWG – Horton (gotta ride the hot hand)
    Saves – 26

  32. A couple of points

    1. Watching the Bruins-Habs game… I know we don’t like P.K. Slewfoot for, well, slew-footing Dubinsky and others, but you have to admit this kid is getting better, and he has one hell of a shot. If he followed the hockey “code” more, I think he’d be the player you love to hate because he’s not on your team.

    2. Homer announces really aggravate me. I used to like the late 80’s early 90’s Sam and JD, before JD (imo) became a homer. I may be crazy, but if someone on the other team makes a great play, and abuses a defenseman and scores, don’t pretend like the defenseman caught a rut, or some other divine intervention happened and that’s why he got beat. Call it like it is. Your guy takes a run at someone and does something stupid, call him on it. Don’t insinuate the other player “had it coming…”. I like how Carp always harps on a D-man leaving his feet on a 2-on-1 and the guy goes around him or passes over his stick… that’s a dumb play by the D for going down too early. Call it like you see it (thanks Carp).

    3. Seeds 1, 2, 3, and 5 all advanced in the Leastern Conference. How many of us thought there would be more than 1 upset? 3 of the 4 series go 7 games. I’m pretty surprised – I thought for sure Buffalo would knock out philly due to goaltending and injuries.

  33. Preds over Canucks in in 7 (this team almost lost to the Blackhawks LOL)
    Red Wings over Sharks in 5
    Lightning over Capitals in 7
    Bruins over Flyers in 6

  34. ugh i meant Capitals over Bolts in 7. since i despise the Caps i’ll stand by my story! go bolts!!!

  35. Halp!
    Speaking of Blockness…if he was on Montreal they wouldn’t have lost on Horton’s goal.

    That was a HORRIBLE wuss out by Halpern, he managed to;
    a) screen Price
    b) deflect it in, and
    c) look like a pansy.

    All while making 7 games work go away in that one play. Be a man, take one for the team.

    At least Blomez goes home…Let’s hope it is not to NYC.

    6 of 8 on me 1st round predictions. And all my Picks for the next round winners made it. Yay.

  36. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – while it is adismal that your monster moniker was stolen, now that the pens are out, the entire law firm of stall, stahl, and staal are available. Should you also have mesothelioma, they are also worth a try.

  37. >>3) Hey, those byfuglien guys at TSN stole my Monster thing. They picked a Monster of the game.
    >>That’s mine. They stole it, the filthy bums.

    I don’t know about TSN stealing it; I’m almost positive it was Pierre McGuezdo who first coined the term “Monster”.

  38. Got 6 right in rd 1, but wouldnt be surprrised if a few got all 8.

    Caps in 5
    Boston in 6

    Van in 6
    Sharks in 7

    Boston 3
    Phily 1

    T Thomas 29 saves

  39. Halpern did get wrecked before that goal (almost resembled the Chara hit but the puck was in his posession) but yea bad coverage

    a sad thing Montreal didn’t win they could have tried to burn their stupid city to the ground again after a 1st round win over Boston like they tried to 3 years ago. And all those pink hat bostonians wouldn’t be jumping on the bandwagon.

  40. I think the rule they should really remove is the instigator / 3rd man in rule (or rules?).

    You have guys running around hitting other players in the head and taking advantage of vulnerable players without fear of retribution. I really believe the game needs to police itself, and take the honus off the league and officials. Sure, there would be the occasional full ine brawl, but that’s better than good/great players losing their career because some 3rd or 4th liner took a run at them.

    I do agree though that too many players turn their back at the last second looking to absorb the hit and draw a penalty. That has to stop. Instead of calling these cheap minors, why not making icing, which to me is FAR more dangerous, automatic?

  41. Funny stuff (or maybe not)

    Evidently MDZ tweeted last night that he was going to a bar to catch up with some friends ( and to watch Stamkos’ game)
    and it looks like someone tweeted him back and gave him some carcillo


    Catching up with the boys at the keg with @jonesONE8, @valliquette and grecs
    13 hours ago

    Didn’t know it was a crime to catch up with @jonesONE8 and @valliquette at a restaurant while watching our old teammate @realstamkos91 win
    48 minutes ago

    *valliquette Vally16*
    Just out for a couple with @MichaelDelZotto sipping the old barley soup
    15 hours ago

    Great night with @MichaelDelZotto and @jonesONE8 great to catch up with the boys at #thekeg
    10 hours ago

    On the way to the old rink to through the jets on with the boys gunna be a rough one after last night
    3 hours ago

    Little bit of a rough skate #justalittlehungover
    41 minutes ago

    *jonesONE8 Sean Jones *

    At some point in time a rash decision or multiple rash decisions might take everything away from you.. As long as you have no (cont..)…

    (Cont..)… regrets; Everything in your life should be as how it was planned by you or how it was destined for you! #weallhavearoleonearth!!
    9 hours ago

  42. >>…I know we don’t like P.K. Slewfoot…but you have to admit this kid is getting better, and he has
    >>one hell of a shot.

    He has a cannon for a shot! It irks me every time he scores because it reminds me of what MZD could have been doing.

    We really shouldn’t expect the teams own announcers to be objective and critical. They’re hired by the organisations, and are way too close to the players.

  43. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Morning ILB and LW and all!
    I only saw the submit your after photos yesterday on the report card thread. LW said that his was submitted several days ago. I don’t want to be unfair, so if mine came in later than everyone else, just take me out of the competition. If it didn’t, well I would like to thank the academy……….

    here are my 2nd round predictions (am I too late on these also??)

    nucks in 6
    sharks in 7
    tasty cakes in 5
    caps in 6

    tie breakers
    tasty cakes 3 milburys 1
    GWG briere (man I hate that guy)
    Saves (by one of the philly hydra) 27

    anyone heard from the laureling bag lady today?

  44. Wicky – you saved my life. If I wasn’t able to submit my “after” photo I would have killed myself for sure. Thanks for the heads up, eh.

  45. >>Can someone sum up that for me? I don’t speak tweet.

    I earned a massive headache trying to decipher that stuff. Yikes! Is that how today’s generation writes?

  46. Marji we need help! These young kids…back in my day….uphill both ways….cost a nickel!

  47. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    instigator rule sucks, get rid of it!!

  48. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    LOL @ I’ll send 3CP to your house

    Let me re-do my entry since I left out tiebreakers….

    Caps, Sharks,Nucks in 6

    Boston in 7

    Tie Breakers: 2-1 Boston, Marchand GWG, 30 saves

  49. Watching these other games, the contending teams are led by a core of high impact offensive players and while I love this Ranger team it’s hard to see it taking less than 3 years to amass through their current prospects and free agency the kind of talent needed to be a serious contender.

    In additon to signing Brad Richards (and maybe even someone like Selanne to replace Prospal for secondary scoring) they are going to need to make a trade and should target guys like Jerome Iginla, Rick Nash, and even Jeff Carter.

    I’ve been all for the plan of building the core and they’re doing that but free agents and trades are a part of a cup contending team. Some prospects and current roster players may have to go but that’s within the plan as long as true talent is coming back and there’s still a good group remaining.

    Another observation is that in the salary cap era the contending teams are doing fine without elite goalies. Dollars are better spent on offensive impact players and having a top goalie like Ryan Miller or Lundqvist is not necessary for cup contention.

    I will argue that Hank’s value is unlikely to be higher than it is now and they should not take trading him off the table if it’s part of a trade bringing back true young high impact players. They have 3 years to draft their next franchise goalie and in the meantime can sign free agent goalies as other succeasful teams are doing. Obviosuly prefer to keep him but it should not be off the table.

  50. Yes! Shoes had not been invented yet….civil war……no plumbing…electricity not invented… for a living….earn it………cripes!

  51. thanks for doing the write up Carp

    a lot of carcillo hit the fan last night.
    hopefully, a little more hits in regards to

  52. on a side note
    (haven’t gone through all of today’s comments)

    has anyone heard from Linda?
    is she and her man okay?

    heard about a lot of major storms/tornadoes
    going through alabama last night.

  53. If nothing else it says that MDZ used poor judgment in having a twitter account or at least how he should use it.

  54. Great Post Carp. Have the same picks as you even in the games won/loss except Boston over Flyers in 7. Kind of rooting for TB as they’re fun to watch and they helped us nab 8th place. They’re really tightened up their defense lately. Great move by Garth Snow in not keepin Roloson. Have Canucks defeating TB in Cup Finals

  55. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Hey Carp-
    Big ups for the great blog you make happen on a daily basis. I’ve been on the road a lot work so i haven’t been able to chime in. Thank you too Boneheads for the great laughs as usual.
    Rangers go far next year!
    Big Byfuglien You’s to all the Carcillo’s, Cooke’s & Kulleta’s of the world.



  56. disagree JBytes

    there are some announcers out there who are worth listening to
    and are fair in regards to what they say about the other team
    as well as their team.

    the san jose announcing team are FANTASTIC!
    it’s one reason i’m glad that the team has moved on
    because the two not only have a good rapport but
    Drew (something or other) points out interesting elements
    of the game and takes no prisoners when it comes to
    a sharks player doing something wrong.
    they’re in another universe
    when compared to
    boston’s team (edwards the assen in particular)
    and the pens team
    and when the canadien announcers suddenly get all nationalistic.

  57. Is there any way that we can renegotiate Wolski’s contract? Or buy him out and then renegotiate to ease the cap hit a bit?

  58. I think celebrities are learning how to use twitter as means to control the flow of information about them.
    They’re learning to use it to preempt or fight rumors and probably the truth in some cases.

    Whether it’s speculation, jumps in logic or silly assumptions being made about MDZ he is not helping himself.

  59. No contract renegotiations allowed. I don’t think you can re-sign players you just bought out either.

  60. Yes. Submit them now. I’ve only received a few … I’m making tonight, 9 p.m. the deadline for that, too.

    send them to and don’t bother if you didn’t send a “before” photo. include your screen name.

    Yes, Roenick was a great American player. I’d rather hear analysis from somebody who might not have been great, might not have been U.S.-born, but who might actually be able to, you know, analyze something. And if I’m not mistaken, Roenick was one of the many fine Americans (and I mean that, some fine ones) involved in one of the most embarrassing episodes in U.S. hockey history.

    JBytes, I’d like to know when Pierre started using it. Maybe I stole it from him?

    To say Neuvirth outplayed Lundqvist is ridiculous. But he did play very well, I thought.

    Manny, the problem with dropping the instigator rule is that then you have the carcillos of the world, and even the Boogaards, getting more minutes, and dropping the mitts with guys who don’t want to fight but have to defend themselves against these cement-heads. And there will be more cement-heads.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  61. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    not that I am aware of

  62. Wasn’t trying to get you disqualified, wicky. Just assumed people wouldn’t be hanging on to beards long after elimination. I wasn’t exactly Shea Weber-esque anyway.

    If you win, just send me one of your framed, autographed, life-size Brendan Witt posters as compensation.

  63. I should have sent a picture of me from years back when I had a gigantic beard. I really screwed up by not cheating.

  64. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Trade MDZ now, his priorities are all jacked up!!!

    i can’t remember if I put my screen name on it or not so I’m going to send again (sorry for two emails).

    Just an FYI for all of you, we are moving next door to LW’s house just so I can dump all my dogs carcillo in his backyard. He gripes about everything I do anyhow, might as well give him legit reasons!

  65. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    btw, I’m only kidding with you and I could wait 4 more weeks and with my baby face, wouldn’t make a bit of difference! It’s just facial hair (or lack there of)!

  66. The pictures on tv this a.m. of what’s left of Alabama are pretty frightening. I hope Linda is OK!

  67. Thanks, LW. I’ll call off the lawyers.

    I started calling people monsters when I came back to the sport in ’08-’09 after a few years of not really paying attention too much … and upon seeing guys like Getzlaf and Ovechkin.

    Hope they don’t sue me.

  68. Predictions:

    Canucks in 5
    Wings in 7
    Capitals in 6
    Flyers in 6

    Score in series clincher: 3-2
    GWG: Giroux
    Saves: 28

  69. Carp, you are the man, I enjoy your thoughts section, love all the hockey talk, keep it up over the summer I hope…

  70. Canucks over Predators in 5
    Sharks over Red Wings in 7
    Capitals over Lightning in 6
    Flyers over Bruins in 7

    Score in Philthy series clincher: 4-2
    GWG: Briere
    Saves for Bouch: 33

  71. Doodie Machetto on

    Canucks over Predators in 6
    Wings over Sharks in 6
    Capitals over Lightning in 5
    Flyers over Bruins in 7

    I felt much better about my first round picks (7 for 8, 4 correct numbers).

    LW3H should be the winner of the first round.

  72. Ari Margolin on

    Preds over Canucks in 7
    WIngs over Sharks in 6
    Caps over Lightning in 5 (I hope im wrong on that one go Lightning and Thanks for giving us a sniff of the playoffs)
    Bruins over Flyers in 7
    Boston 4-2 GWG Lucic Thomas 37 saves

  73. Canucks over Predators in 7.
    Red Wings over Sharks in 7.
    Capitals over Lightning in 6.
    Bruins over Flyers in 7.

    Bruins win 2-1, GWG by Recchi, Thomas with 28 saves.

  74. Still trying to recover from Hawks – Canucks game 7. I’m both exhausted and bruised from head to toe. Game was worthy of at least a Conference crown, if not a Stanley Cup by itself.
    In contrast I thought the Habs – Bruins game 7 was played in quicksand. Someone should play back Game 1 of that series and then go right to Game 7. Speed can kill but sometimes it gets killed. Bruins are by far the worst team left. Their PP is worst than ours if that’s possible – horrifyingly bad, pathetic and a complete embarrassment.

    Here are my picks:

    Canucks over Predators in 6. (Tornado blows roof off Preds arena, must play all games away)
    Sharks over Red Wings in 7. (Neimi remembers how he played last year. Howard remembers who he is)
    Caps over Lightning in 6. (Bolts finally run into a full team with stars intact)
    Flyers over Bruins in 5. (Hate the Flyers by Bruins Blow – see above)

    Game winning goal – Michel Briere (why? cause I hate all the other Flyers)

    Tiny Tim saves 28 shots


  75. Here are my picks:
    Canucks over Predators in 6.
    Red Wings over Sharks in 7.
    Capitals over Lightning in 6.
    Flyers over Bruins in 7.

  76. Predators over Canuckss in 6

    Redwings over Sharks in 6

    Caps over Lightning in 6

    Flyers over Bruins in 7

    Ties Breakers:
    Bruin saves-26

  77. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Canucks over Predators in 6.
    Red Wings over Sharks in 7.
    Capitals over Lightning in 6.
    Bruins over Flyers in 7.

    Bruins 3, Flyers 2
    GWG – Lucic


  78. billybleedsblue on

    Canucks in 6
    Wings in 7
    Lightning in 6
    Flyers in 5

    Ties Breakers:
    Flyers — 2, Bruins — 0
    GWG — Pronger
    Bruins saves — 29

  79. Predators over Canucks in 6.
    Red Wings over Sharks in 7.
    Lightning over Capitals in 7.
    Flyers over Bruins in 6.

    Flyers 5, Bruins 2
    GWG – Briere
    Saves – 34

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