Rangers Report Report Cards are out


Hi kids. We’re not going to one of those dumb-as-dirt Keep ‘Em/Dump ‘Em polls as one NYC paper does every season in every sport. Why is that dumb? Because there’s no room to explain how you are going to dump so-and-so, or how you are going to replace him, etc.

So we’ll go with straight report cards:

4-Michael Del Zotto … C- … Not the first young defenseman to have a sophomore slump. He’s still big in the team’s plans; still has a chance to be special.

5-Dan Girardi … B+ … The Block Ness Monster sure grew a lot this year, and became another symbol of the Rangers’ blood and guts (not to mention bruises and dislocations).

8-Brandon Prust … A … coined “It’s Just Pain.” Won the Steven McDonald award. Led the team in short-handed goals. Fought everybody. And more.

10-Marian Gaborik … D … Not nearly enough production, not nearly enough consistency, and on some nights not enough effort. Part of the blame was his lack of linemates.

16-Sean Avery … C … Whether he was hamstrung by being forced to walk the line and not cross it is the argument. For two years now, hasn’t been the player he once was.

17-Brandon Dubinsky … B+ … Was the first half MVP, and shone when Ryan Callahan went down the first time. Still inconsistent, though, and was in the playoffs, too.

18-Marc Staal … A … I agree with John Tortorella. Staal was really good, especially when challenged by an Alex Ovechkin type, but there’s more to come.

19-Ruslan Fedotenko … B+ … Pretty fabulous short-term signing on a tryout in camp. Did pretty much everything; was excellent in the playoffs. Earned another contract.

20-Vinny Prospal … INCOMPLETE … Would have been a tough grade if he played more games, because he was very up and down. With a bum knee and more kids coming, barring a trade of some of those, he probably won’t be back.

21-Derek Stepan … B … The rookie was pretty darn good. Had his freshman hiccups, as expected. His future is still not defined. Can he be a top-two-line player?

22-Brian Boyle … A … We all know the story by now, how Boyle took skating lessons and won a job that nobody, especially his coach, expected him to win, then scored like crazy in the first half.

23-Chris Drury … INCOMPLETE … His one goal was a big one, and he sure looked better after his knee surgery than before it.

24-Ryan Callahan … A … Heart, soul, leader. Second on the team in goals and points, despite missing 22 games. And the Rangers twice sorely missed him

26-Erik Christensen … C- … Did well in shootouts. Not so much in the regular 60 minutes. Provided very little in the postseason, too. Could be a goner.

27-Ryan McDonagh … B+ … Had some tough moments in the playoffs, but was mostly solid after a spectacular breakthrough as a rookie D. Tremendous upside.

28-Bryan McCabe … C … Was brought in to shoot the puck and make the power play go, which was probably an impossible task. But was slow and struggled defensively.

30-Henrik Lundqvist … A … Yeah, he had some struggles in the middle of the season. But when it came time to carry the mail, he played his best in big games, including the playoffs. He’s elite, no question about it.

31-Alex Frolov … D … Another guy signed for offense, at a pretty big price tag, who didn’t get it done.

36-Mats Zuccarello … B … Looks like he will be able to play in the NHL, and did some big things, but wasn’t ready for the grind yet.

38-Michael Sauer … A … Another out of nowhere guy who not only made the team but was as about as good as any other defenseman.

42-Artem Anisimov … B- … Struggled down the stretch and in the playoffs. First half, though, was terrific with Dubinsky and Callahan. Plays both ends, too.

43-Martin Biron … A … You couldn’t have a better backup goalie, who not only gave Henrik Lundqvist enough breathers early on, but won some big games.

44-Steve Eminger … B … Did his best when asked, had some jam, ultimately wasn’t one of the top six D-Men, but surely contributed.

86-Wojtek Wolski … C … Well, we saw why he’s been around the block. Wildly inconsistent, despite good size and tremendous skill.

94-Derek Boogaard … INCOMPLETE … Another signing that was doomed to fail. Came in with injuries from last year, was out of shape, then had shoulder and head injuries.

97-Matt Gilroy … B- … Had a tough sophomore season, but in the end he might have earned himself another contract. Was darn good in the playoffs.

Coach-John Tortorella … A … You can give him some blame for the power play, which really didn’t have any weapons, but made this the most honest, hard-working, rugged Rangers team in years and years, and is the reason you believe the plan is working, and will work.

GM-Glen Sather … B … His checkbook aquisitions continued to be spotty with Boogaard and Frolov, but Rozsival for Wolski gained some cap space, the Biron signing was terrific, getting guys like Boyle and Prust and McDonagh and Fedotenko, too. And his draft record lately, pretty darn good: Staal, Callahan, Dubinsky, Stepan, Anisimov, with Krieder and a bunch more coming.


Hope I didn’t forget anybody. Thoughts?

We’ll wrap up the pick-the-playoffs first-round contest results in the next couple of days after all the Game 7s are played.

As for the Paul Mara Beard Extravaganza, for the few who entered, please send me your “after” photos, to rcarpini@lohud.com. And remember to include your screen name so my tech guys can match you up with your “before” photos.


Does anybody watching this postseason still want to argue with me that there is  momentum that carries over from one game to another in the playoffs? Not.

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  1. Good morning, boneheads!
    Carp, I’ll give you my thoughts later, I hope.
    As for now: I don’t know how official any of these rankings really are…:-)

  2. i wish we got a few quick whistles like boston did last night. then we might have won games 1 and 4

  3. Sioux-per-man on

    Made the top 10!!!

    Carp – No F’s. Not one person failed. Are you getting soft?

    I get the incomplete due to Injury. However I give Boogaard a BIG, FAT, SLOW F. I don’t believe he was injured that long. He just wasn’t in Tortorella shape, to make a difference on this team. Perhaps he should take Boyle’s “skating” lessons, he might be able to make the Whale team.

    F = Frolov. Is simply another washed up Russian that should be playing in the KHL. All Hype at the beginning of the year, the forward to play with Gaborik. Huge disappointment. Huge.

  4. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Love the blog this season. Well done.

    Agree almost completely with your final grades (especially the question of whether Torts has mishandled Avery in the regular seasons before swallowing his pride and having to use him much more in the playoffs).

    From one insightful evaluation to the next in this report card, you built up real momentum, then…

    Seriously, next spring during the playoffs (!), ask Torts why he and all the players believe that they perform better with the confidence from recent successes. Then tell him that he’s wrong because momentum could only be real if it’s all-powerful and trumps all other factors.

    Tell him that the Rangers are robots who should play just as well after a confidence-sapping meltdown as after a dominating performance. Film the exchange with Torts. Have Brooksie narrate it for Animal Planet.

  5. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    Pretty much agree with your grades, you were slightly too kind to McCabe and Torts and Sather.

    And I would like to give you an A+ for a job well done this year

  6. Carp, I give you an “A” because what you bring to us Ranger fanatics, is THE BEST!! You also shed light on the job, which I’m sure we all felt was the perfect job!! Now, we see, it can be just like all of our jobs; just a job that can be a pain-in-the-Knubble. Grades are pretty accurate, altho there’s no way I give Sather a B. There are a few I may disagree with, but not by much. Thanks for another fun year. I never thought this blog, or any blog, would become part of my every day routine!!! Have a great summer.

  7. Pretty much agree with your evaluation Carp. Boogaard had the most modest of expectations and failed to live up to them. I honestly think all the rookies deserve an A. Only Sauer had any meaningful pro experience before this year and even when Stepan wasn’t performing offensively he was not a liability on defense. McDonagh I think will be the best of the bunch, and if they break him a little with rushing the puck out of his own end he could be an extrmely valuable two way D.

  8. You had a good year, Carp, bringing us the best blog in hockey. That’s why other fans jump on, because it’s so good and the opinions are so varied. The boneheads fight amongst themselves, but in the end they’re dyed in the wool Rangers and hockey fans. Thank you for giving us a place to go.

    Of course, if it weren’t for the blogmaster I couldn’t say that. You give us a hockey treats every day and for that you earn a big FAT “A+.”

  9. Carp, you’re an A+, but a couple of others….

    Drury – D I don’t care how many injuries or games missed, the guy had 1 goal for the season. Only his face-off prowess keeps him from being an F

    Boogard – F. Didn’t do what he was acquired to do.

    Frolov – F. Just couldn’t get every single goalie to be suckered in by the wrap around.

    Zuccarello C – How he can get anything above a C is beyond me. I like the kid and maybe I expected to much out of him, but he just wasn’t the scorer they were looking for.

    Gilroy C – Despite his resurgence in the playoffs he was rather average or below for most of the season. Any guy that was a healthy scratch a number of times doesn’t really deserve more than a C in my book.

    Glen Sather C – You really can’t go by what he did last season or else you’d have to give Gaborik a B for his 42 goals the previous season. What he did this season was pretty average. Frolov, Boogard and McCabe would give him an F. Wolski for Rozy was a wash as they are both lousy. Yay, he got a backup goalie that did well in the 20 or so games he played. That gives him a B?

  10. I am worried about the “incompletes.” Usually that means you have to take the course over and I don’t really want them to retake this course.

  11. We also forgot to include Rammer – remember when he taped the Islanders Arena back together? I give him a *B-* on the season. No one died but we had some serious injuries that I would have liked fixed with a bit more appropriate padding.

  12. I have a question. When is the earliest that Wade Redden can void his contract and become a free agent. He’s certainly implied that he will do so but I’m just wondering is there a specific date?

  13. Carp, A+ grade for you….

    Awesome grades…good see you giving the rookies like Step, Zucc, Sauer, and McD their due respect. They outplayed certain vets and were pleasant surprises….

    I definitely agree on Wolski…he’s a big question mark this off-season…

  14. I think that is a more than fair report card. The reason I don’t think anyone failed, is overall, at the end of the day, this is a team sport, and this team, whether we want to believe it or not, probably exceeded expectations a bit.

    Carp, did you get my after pic?

  15. It is terrific personnel observation, Carp. Was it approved by Rangers management and coaching staff, or will it be taken for consideration for the next season?

  16. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, I used to practically run home from school to read your report cards years ago. It’s great to still have this around. The medium may have changed, but the message is still the same: We take this stuff pretty seriously, and really want this team to do well. Thanks for doing what you do!

    I think the team kind of fell asleep at the wheel as far as driving the defensive bus. Why did it take them so long to put 2 and 2 together to realize that playing Gilroy was really where it was at? Especially after getting McCabe, to have the lefty/righty combo up top was a no-brainer, but still took them a while to figure it out. Not to mention the guy has some real skill at moving, carrying, and shooting the puck. As long as his partner and the forwards know what to look for and how to handle it, this can be very dangerous (in a good way).

  17. Great job Carp! Another great season reporting and on the blog. Hope you keep providing us with updates throughout the summer.

    I did think momentum played a role in Game 5 – Rangers series. CAPS smelled blood after coming back in Game 4 and were determined to pounce on Rangers in first period.

  18. Sather probably deserves that grade for the Roszival trade and some non-moves alone, but the Rangers have been one of the best drafting teams in the league since Gordie Clark came on, and maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve presumed he’s been the cause for the turnaround in that area. Maybe Sather chose him, and deserves credit for that…

  19. Carp can you post your editors email so we can send him accolades of Carp=Monster?
    You deserve the kudos.

    I’m living outside the US and rarely get to see any games (some on my laptop). Following this blog is as good as it gets! I feel like I stayed with the team even when I couldn’t watch for months! (did listen on the NYR radio feed. You know oneday they may can those – but I love the radio!)

    thank you

  20. iDoodie machetto on

    Great report card, Carp. I mostly agree with the grades you gave.

    If Pittsburgh and Boston win tonight, I win the contest with all 8 series correctly predicted and the first tiebreaker by correctly predicting the number of games in 4 of those series (caps, preds, Canucks, flyers).

    I will post a more comprehensive review of the remaining contenders later. I do know for sure though that nobody who finishes with 6 series or less correct can win.

  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – I would quibble with some of the grades i.e. MZA “B” to “C” and perhaps a few more. Regarding the momentum horse you keep beating, do you really think the rangers would have come out so flat, and the caps so full of energy, had the rangers won game 4. I don’t, not for a second. Bt the way, your grade is A+++++. This blog and your work/efforts are appreciated more than you could ever realize. Great job!!!!!!

  22. atta boy, Tony.

    Boy, I wish you guys were my teachers when I was in school, when I almost had a 4.0 … if you added all my grades together. But thank you, I appreciate it.

    RIR, you are the one I expected to still argue. Guess you don’t get it … but if there was momentum, how do you explain Montreal-Boston? How do you explain Philly-Buffalo? Most of all, how do you explain Vancouver winning Game 7?

  23. Eddie, if Game 5 was a product of Game 4, then why didn’t the Rangers win Game 4? And how did they win Game 3? And how did Vancouver win Game 7? One game’s result has nothing to do with the next. Nothing.

    Good morning, Sally!

  24. Who is going to grade all the posters? We need someone reasonable…like eddie? Ok not eddie.

  25. And, if I had to explain the Game 4 to Game 5 thing with the Capitals-Rangers, I’d more say that the Capitals decided to play a more offensive game once they got down in Game 4, and that they saw that they could turn it up on the Rangers that way. Because they were absolutely dominant in the first period of Game 5.

  26. Momentum is an abstract idea. It can be manipulated to fit an argument in any situation. I don’t think it has anything to do with these games. Period to Period – sure. Not game to game. Especially when you have 2 weeks basically in between games.

  27. Here’s a thought: having a team that can win battles in the corner doesn’t mean that your entire offense should be based on that.

    And that’s especially true of the PP, where the Rangers constantly seemed to be involved in battles during the man advantage, when they should have been passing, moving, and taking advantage of their extra space.

  28. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    Carp, great work as always.

    I’d also love for you to also to some sort of list of the top moments of the season, if you feel so inclined. A few things come to mind:

    1) Callahan’s OT goal against the Penguins in Pittsburgh off the pass from Dubinsky
    2) The entire comeback against the Bruins
    3) MZA’s OT winner against the Hurricanes
    4) Callahan’s 4-goal game against the Flyers
    5) Drury’s $7 million goal against the Devils
    6) Stepan’s hat trick on opening night

    There are many others I’m sure.

  29. hello to everyone!!!

    been gone for a bit
    busy and bummed
    so, my thoughts are going to be
    back and forth in time
    just to catch up.

    btw, Carp
    do you think the idea of “momentum” had more meaning years ago
    when the playoffs schedule was much tighter? so, rather than 3 days between
    games there was one or none. also, the parity among teams has taken its toll
    as well.
    then again, don’t care much about “momentum” as long as the team i’m cheering for
    at that moment ends up winning the series!

  30. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp is spot on with the momentum from one game to the next in the playoffs.

    Not only did they dominate the first period. They showed how much more talent they had as a team. To me they really put on a display of a #1 team vs. a #8 team. That is how far the gap is between them. Without Lundqvist as the equalizer this team had no chance of hanging with them.

    Carp = A+

    Loved the “Top 10” after the games. Truely a fun read.

    Have a great summer….. now go out and play some GOLF!!!

  31. If you’re going to give Staal an A you may as well give an A+ to Girardi. More hits, over 100 more blocked shots, more points. I thought he was our best defenseman.

  32. I thought the Boogaard goal was pretty memorable as well. Just wound up like a Happy Gilmore golf swing and cranked it past the goalie. CCCP and I were coincidentally sitting in the same section that night, we both started laughing hysterically.

  33. Chris – If we were winning more of those battles, one on one, we wouldn’t have so many men in the corner IMO.

  34. The Ladislav Smid “sucker punch” by Avery was also a memorable moment! LOL!

    Also, the win versus Vancouver at MSG was epic…

  35. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    I was trying to restrict it to “moments” rather than games, but yes, I agree. All the 6-0/7-0 blowouts were great!

    And that Vancouver game was probably the game of the year.

  36. that Boogaard goal was memorable indeed. as soon as he got past the blue line I was telling myself right before he shot it “please just shoot the darn thing as hard as you can and hope it goes in before you get shut down by the dman” lol

  37. I thought the great pass up the boards by Gilroy sometime midseason was pretty remarkable.

  38. “And that Vancouver game was probably the game of the year”

    For me it was. Me and my twin brother called eachother at the same time and were like “DUDE ARE YOU WATCHING THIS GAME?!” all giddy with joy LOL

    I have high hopes for this team in the future.

  39. I thought the San Jose game, after the Anaheim game, was a huge win. I do think the Pittsburgh game where they gave it back, then tied it short-handed and won it in OT was the best of the season. The last game was pretty good, too, given the atmosphere, etc.

    Sioux, oh, OK. If you insist.

  40. i loved the Wolski, EC, and Hobbit Wizard shootout goals.

    i also loved Cally burying the puck. When he’s on the left side of the net he is a sniper! also his spinorama was cool

  41. Yes – Canucks, Sharks and Ducks games were remarkable. The way this team played against elite teams was pretty remarkable.

  42. iDoodie machetto on

    Lw3h wins if Tampa and boston wins with 7 or 8 correct series and 3 correctly predicted number of games (Canucks, sharks, preds).

    Ulfie28 wins if pittsburgh and montreal win. He would be the only person to have correctly predicted all 8 series.

    Ted wins if Montreal and Tampa win. He would be the only person to have correctly predicted all 8 series.

    And as I said earlier, if Pittsburgh and Boston win, I win with the tiebreaker.

    Anyone who disagrees is free to point out any mistake.

  43. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    momentum is mass times velocity…or in other words, moving power

    I would say momentum as it relates to a hockey game would be determined and changed everytime a player skates, stickhandles, shoots, passes, or makes a save by blocking a shot or even jumps over the boards for a line change

  44. greatjob this and every year youve been here carp! A+ of course. the game reviews are your trademark now. i know im a negativ nancy sometimes but i was very hapy overall with the team. guys liek gabby ad wolski/frolov/dru/ ec and few others had bad seasons and still look where we got. if all those guys had had at least average seasons, we’d probaly be on to round 2. but to me, the bigest moment, well not really a moment, but the biggest thing was mcdonagh,sauer and stepan getting the chance they deserved over other vets, and now that they have proved more than worthy, this will and should bust teh door wide open for all our other prospects on the cusp. this really should be the end of the sather bad signings era. i know we cant expect every young prospect to b all stars, but the success of those 3plus the continued improvement from duy,cally,staal,girardi,and artie, really is encouraging for the future. after the last offseason, which some bad signings were made, thereshould be even less now. i really cant call frolovs a bad contract though it was a 1 year deal, not overpaid by much for what his projections were at the time, 25g, 30a is what he was expected. boogards was bad, yes, but birons was great. the main thing was the trade deadline, wher we made 1 mov, and fr basically nothing. got a vet d ma who will be gone., so i agee with you on sather. the draft is finally something to look forward to with optimism instad of dreading another jessiman or another bust.

    and sorry for any typos, run on setences, whatever. my keboard got drenched with coffee a few days ago, and the butons are sticky. also, wld like to say A+ TO ALL BONEHEADS CUZ YOU ALL ARE THE BES RANGERFANS,HOCJKEY FANS, AND KNOWLEDGABLE AND FUNNY TOO. i love this blog. i’m a lifer!!!

  45. Fellow Boneheads I pose this to you:

    Will he/should he be back? My version of keep him/dump him.

    Prospal – NOT
    Fedo – YES
    Avery – NOT/Should be
    Gilroy – YES
    Wolski – NOT
    Emminger – NOT/Should be
    Gaborik – YES
    McCabe – NOT
    Drury – NOT
    Christensen – NOT

    Redden – Hartford or Kiev?

    Your thoughts? Carp?

  46. i give carp an A+ plus an exceeds excpectations, works well with others, and always hands in his homework(game reviews, an the go time posts, right on time!!)

  47. Carp & fellow “heads- did anyone catch that piece od Carcillo- Dan Carillo taunting both Ryan Miller & the Sabres bench? Talk about classless. Sure hope someone lays him out in the next round.

  48. That Ducks game was one of our worst games all year
    the Sharks game was a very nice bounce back.

    and looking back the Sharks game started a streak were the Rangers took 19 of 22 pts over 11 games (9-1-1 if I figured right)

  49. CT RANGER: I am in on this game:

    Prospal – Sadly, Probably not.
    Fedo – *YES*
    Avery – Yes
    Gilroy – *YES*
    Wolski – Gone *if* he can be replaced with something better.
    Emminger – Better luck elsewhere
    Gaborik – Nowhere to go, Yes.
    McCabe – Please no.
    Drury – For Godsakes please No. Retire. Please
    Christensen – Do anything but play hockey. unless they make a new roster slot for “Shootout Only”

    Redden – Hartford, Kiev? <– he can found a new suburb there.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    I give Carp a B for Byfuglien Amazing.

    Basically, anything but a C for Carcillo or Cooke.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, also, I’d say Pittsburgh game was #2 to the Boston game at the end of the season. Down 3-0, the comeback, and most importantly, the playoff ramifications.

  52. I’m not making excuses for either Gaborik or Boogaard and one game doesn’t make a season but when the Rangers played Atlanta, there was Boulton bumping Gaborik every chance he got and even got a penalty for that. Gretzky had Semenko, Beliveau had Ferguson, and Bossy had Gillies. Your best player shouldn’t have to put up with harassment all game. Boogaard may not be the answer but there should be the answer on the bench somewhere and it’s not Prust. We saw the same thing with Jagr although he’s a big guy and we had Shanahan stepping up against Brashear because Renney at that point would not play Orr. An enforcer is not a waste of roster.

  53. Doodie Machetto on


    Prospal – NOT (but I think he should be around for one more year. The guy can still play. I’d also like to somehow keep him involved in the organization if he decides to hang them up)
    Fedo – YES (but only for a very reasonable price)
    Avery – NOT (for all of that great forechecking he had in the playoffs, it translated into exactly 0 goals scored by him)
    Gilroy – YES (multiyear 1.1 million)
    Wolski – YES (so much upside, and when he was on, he was the most noticeable player on the ice)
    Eminger – NOT
    Gaborik – YES
    McCabe – NOT
    Drury – YES (the buyout allows them to pursue Richards, but next summer’s potential FA crop is so much better, plus we have another year to better evaluate what this team is missing)
    Christensen – NOT

    Redden – Continues to ride the buses for at least another year.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    prole, first of all, all of the guys you listed (Gretz, Beliveau, and Bossy) are from a different era. The game simply isn’t played that way anymore.

    Look at all the great players today: Crosby, Ovechkin, Sedins, Stamkos/St. Louis, Toews, etc. None of them have enforcers, nor do any of them NEED enforcers. The game has evolved. A pure enforcer is a wasted roster spot.

  55. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – I will be back much later to continue the big MO discussion… I have several lectures to give, several students that need my attention, and some TA’s that I need to work with until about midnight or so your time. I have some thoughts and ideas, while not likely to change your mind, that I want to float out to you….

  56. Someone said all player item t shirts are a dollar and hats are 5. Total store liquidation. I wonder what jerseys are. I wish I went.

  57. Hey all!!

    I would really like to hear some good responses as well as other ideas or possibilities surrounding my following trade offer….

    Lundqvuist for stamkos straight up?
    Would you try to include other pieces to try and get Smith back as a starting goalie or make a seperate deal with another team for a goalie or hope out system has a starting goalie?

    If you don’t like Hank for stamkos…can you think of another comparable trade that gets us a young, elite, #1 center?

    I was all for getting brad Richards, but what if it turns into another drury or gomez like deal where we have him for 6 years at too much money and he isn’t producing?


  58. I thought the criticism of Wolski was a little extreme, especially in the playoffs. I think giving him only 9:40 in game 4 was a big mistake. He had one on the bigger hits in the series early in that game and he’s of the few guys with superior skills. Torts doesn’t seem to trust him however and I doubt that’s going to change.

  59. Joke, no way a team trades a 50-goal guy for a goalie.

    Odd, Kreider, too.

    Tiki, I’ll take that as a compliment. (LOL).

    ps, that Tortorella radio interview made it sound a little bit more like Drury could be back next year. He wasn’t happy with the interpretation of his quotes in the papers the other day.

  60. I wouldn’t want a Wolski on my team, especially when I’m trying to build (or have built) an identity that is the opposite of what Wolski is.

  61. I think we only move Wolski if we have something with more upside in place. Not just for an even-keeled 4th liner. He has upside. Huge upside. And size.

  62. I am on my way to check out this “liquidation sale” I will report back upon my return.

  63. Since when does one trade a top flight goal tender for ANY other position player? Don’t forget that Gretzky et al, had Grant Fuhr in his hey day in their nets, and look at the angst that Philadelphia has had over the years trying to find a top goal tender to work into their ranks, even tho they were loaded with power.

  64. Thought you’d enjoy that Orr.

    LW, are you sure it isn’t when Greg L came out with a top 5 or 10 list that had a #4?

  65. Do you you think Gabby is better in that regard or do you make an exception because of his ability to score goals (sometimes)?

  66. Wolski’s cap hit is too much for 3rd or 4th line minutes…he needs to play…if not here, then somewhere else…

    It would be ideal if we could move him as part of a package for a center…

    Yet, I doubt another team would take the chance on him or give anything significant back in a trade (since he’s bounced around so much)….My guess is that the Rangers buy him out…it would be pretty cheap as we discovered yesterday…

  67. i love that when the avery apologists blog they always mention how he is misused. how do you misuse a guy who is a turnover machine, cannot handle a pass, and cannot hit the side of a barn with a shot???

    he is a fast skating wise guy, nothing more nothing less. he is tyson nash, a less skilled matt cooke, he is a dime a dozen player… who is vastly overpaid even at only paying half his salary. he tries and cares but so what he is not effective..

    agree with most of carp’s grades. this team simply needs more skill and speed on the front line. if this is hagelin, kreider, and others I can care less I am just gettting tired of watching a team that cannot create any offense other then on the forecheck……….

  68. If Drury wants to play hardball (not retire and get paid) I’d honestly threaten him with buying out his contract banishing him to the AHL. If he doesn’t report to the Wolfpack/CT Whale he doesn’t get paid, correct? If he’s still injured make him show up to every game from the press box even road games.

    No team will match half his cap hit once he passes waivers. It’d be a great non-bluff by Sather. Lay all your cards out on the table.

    The heat is certainly on Wolski to perform if he ever wants a contract near what he’s making again. He’s only 25 and has a chance to turn his career around but what a dissapointment Wolski was. Subtraction by addition.

  69. Ah yes, Greg’s #4. It has a place in the RR pantheon alongside Boogaard’s one, CCCP’s planted three and Sid the Skid’s #2.

  70. I will be surprised if the Canucks face such opposition any where near the quality that they struggled with in this one, and that might also be their downfall, if the let up.

    This Vancouver Chicago series was one for the ages. It should be put in a time capsule.

    Now: closer to home…really, how many of you folks would truly like to see the end of Gilroy on this team? Don’t be shy.

  71. It absolutely was a compliment. You do phenomenal journalistic work on a daily basis, and you have made this the best Rangers blog on the internet.

    In re: to Mama’s +++++, while becoming close friends with her, I learned what a truly tremendous and special woman she is. I liken her to 2 of my favorite historical figures: Princess Diana and Mother Theresa. She has the beauty, grace, and charisma of Princess Di and the altruism of Mother Theresa. I am in awe of her.

  72. dde, yes. I didn’t question his effort nearly as much as it was questioned here. And he’s done it, and will do it again, in terms of putting up big numbers. And he is the ONLY legit first-line player they have. Wolski’s a fourth-liner, unless he ever gets it.

  73. wolski is 25 with 1 year on his deal they are not buying him out. as carp said he is maddening but you notice him out there in maybe 25% of the games .with his shootout skill and overall skill they will keep him for 1 more year, no chance of buyot. the guy is not 36 years old……………

  74. Drury can’t be waived and demoted.

    Short of miraculously waiving his NMC, the only way he isn’t a Ranger next year is if he retires or is bought out.

  75. NYR_FAN this is semantics but if it came down to it who would you buy out: Drury or Wolski?

  76. Right Drury can’t be waived

    Buy him out if he doesn’t retire and embarrass him. Would be a classless way to end a classy career.

    His pizza parlor has one of the best recipes in the world he should make good money.

  77. drury is 35 had 1 goal and cannot keep up with the action.

    wolski is a underachieving highly skilled 25 year old with a contract 1/2 the cost of Drury.

    apples and oranges……….

  78. I guess we wouldn’t be on the hook capwise for Wolski just half the price if waived?

  79. stuart,

    Wolski’s age actually makes him an attractive buy out option. His buyout cost is reduced since he’s under 26. 467K cap hit for this year and 667K for next year which translates to savings of $3.3M for this season. It’s a very intriguing option.

  80. they are not waiving wolski. he would get picked up in about 5 minutes. the guy is 25 and at a minimum can play 4th line and shootout…..

  81. ct blueshirt he would be a intriguing buyout if they had any skill ready to come up and be 2 way contributors…today which young minor leaguer is a guarantee to make the opening day roster? Hagelin? Kreider who for some silly reason is going back to school? grachev?

    they are probably going to get rid of prospal allready so there guys 1 vet skilled guy who came real cheap…. i say they waive EC before WOlski, wolski played better then EC… Wolski costs more but he is a better player more games then EC…

    I see them keeping Wolski and maybe moving him during the year depending on his performance and the teams performance…

  82. Wolski can not be around if he is used as a fourth line player. If Torts doesn’t feel he deserves top 6 minutes, he should be bought out. His buy out is at 1/3 of his salary because he is younger than 26, so they save $3.33M next year.

    CTB- you keep bringing up Todd White, eh? I’ll tell you what. I’m planning a boneheads party during this summer at my upstate house. I may have problems finding your name on the invite list :-)

  83. Cap hit mechanics for waiver eligible players:

    – Waiving and then demoting a player removes the entire cap hit
    – Putting a player on re-entry waivers and having them claimed means you split the cap hit with the claiming team

    However, as far as demoting players should they clear waivers, there is a limit that to the number of players a team can have under contract. There is also a limit in the AHL as to how many “veteran” players they can dress per game. It’s some minimum number of NHL/AHL and European league games played.

    There is also the summer salary cap to consider whereby all one way contracts count against the cap (specifically Redden’s) while each team is allowed a 10% overage.

  84. boyles new contract should be interesting… he did nothing as far as goals the 2nd half of the year. he is still fairly young, plays the PK and can stand in front of the net on the PP..

    at the right price I bring him back but he really is a 3rd line or 4th line guy…I wonder if a team is going to overpay him based on his first half of the season…

  85. ilb, don’t worry, using the traceable tracking powers of iPhones I can probably find out where you guys are :)

  86. Ok *Live Report* from the Mayhem MSG liquidation sale!

    If you guys want a children’s size Michael Del Zotto Heritage T-Shirt it could be yours! Also – they obviously thought the Knicks would be more popular as 90% of the crap there is Knicks oriented and really ugly.

    The Rangers stuff, while cheap, is entirely kid’s sizes. Waste of time really unless you like sorting through crap for a while, forcing yourself to buy something to feel a sense of accomplishment from the trip and then standing in line for about 45 minutes.

  87. Hmmm…there were some incredibly small children’s jersey’s that might fit a smaller dog breed. Obviously the dog will have to wear them backwards. The advantage of doggie clothing is that the logo is on the back because the dog’s chest faces the ground.

  88. Mister Delaware on

    Prospal – Let go. (Better let him walk a year too early than count on him for a year too long)
    Fedo – Keep.
    Avery – Keep.
    Gilroy – Trade.
    Wolski – Keep. (You think I know the first thing about how much you care, how you feel, who you are, because I played street hockey? Does that encapsulate you? Personally… I don’t give a s__t about all that, because you know what, we can’t get anything from you we can’t get from some f____n’ rookie. Unless you want to play hard every night. Then I’m fascinated. I’m in. But you don’t want to do that do you sport? You’re terrified of how many points you might score. Your move, chief.)
    Emminger – Keep as a 6/7.
    Gaborik – Gomez trade him, doesn’t fit.
    McCabe – Drop. Slowly drop.
    Drury – Buyout.
    Christensen – Go away.

  89. stuart,

    I think Wolski has innate top 6 skill, but whether he applies it on a consistent basis is a different story.

    Assuming the key RFAs are retained, I think 5 of the top 6 forward positions are essentially spoken for next year in the likes of Gaborik/Callahan/Dubinsky/Anisimov/Stepan. Boyle and Prust form a 3rd line (and possibly Fedotenko if he returns). The 4th line is something that can be easily cobbled together through AHL promotions and maybe another low risk/reward signing.

    Now Wolski has shown that if he’s not playing in more of a top 6 capacity he’s fairly useless. The question is, do you they take a $3.8M gamble to see whether he can remain a top 6 player or go with $467K in certainty to make sure they won’t have to find out the answer?

  90. Mister DE,

    Are you saying that Wolski is a hockey rink janitor in the offseason? Sneaks around at night and scores goals when no one is looking?

  91. Don’t take me saying that I think WW was overly criticized or underused in a double OT game 4 as saying I think he should be kept.

    FWIW and keeping this in context of the playoffs, of those that played all 5 games WW had the lowest TOI per game and tied for the points lead.

  92. Mister Delaware on

    “CTB- you keep bringing up Todd White, eh? I’ll tell you what. I’m planning a boneheads party during this summer at my upstate house. I may have problems finding your name on the invite list :-)”

    Does anyone else live in / come from that area above NYC but below the PA state line extended? Because I still don’t know if I count as upstate or not; to NYC people I am, to up-upstaters I’m too far south. Its horrible. Just horrible.

  93. The only criticism we seem to have of Wolski is that he doesn’t show up every game. I don’t know if that can be fixed but I think it can probably be beaten into him somehow. Therefore, he is worth keeping unless you get someone else…..Maybe give him a shot a higher line for a while. See what happens.

  94. Mister Delaware on

    “The only criticism we seem to have of Wolski is that he doesn’t show up every game. I don’t know if that can be fixed but I think it can probably be beaten into him somehow. Therefore, he is worth keeping unless you get someone else.”

    Agreed totally. We’ve seen what Wolski can look like when he’s engaged and if I trust any coach to get him engaged, its Torts. Too much talent to just cut bait.

    (EC, on the other hand, isn’t too much talent to just cut bait on.)

  95. Mister DE,

    Ignoring the NTC/injury history/cap hit/contract length issues with trading Gaborik, pulling off the trade and opening up substantially most of his cap space would probably lead the Rangers to signing Brad Richards. Then of course you’re back to the issue of having only one first line talent who’s a few years older and more of a set up man than goal scorer.

    Looking at the top 20 scorers in the league in almost any season you’ll tend to see there are usually pairs or trios of players from the same team which basically suggests that top scorers and point producers are rarely found in isolation. Now I think Gaborik’s drop in production certainly had a lot to do with the player himself more so than a paucity of high quality teammates, but ultimately the Rangers need to accumulate as much premium talent as they possibly can, particularly on offense.

  96. How scary would it be to see Wolski come back in another jersey (like a Make Believes Jersey) and score and score and score on us. He has so much upside and I think Torts (and Sully are the perfect coaches to work with him.

  97. Manny, I could just as easily see Torts banishing him to the press box as much as I could see them finding out what makes him tick.

  98. Mister Delaware on

    CTB: Trading Gaborik and signing Richards is just Gomez II, a setup man with no one to set up. Hopefully thats not what would happen and is absolutely not what I’m advocating. However, with the absolute dearth of top talent available on the free agent market, there could be more of a market for Gaborik than we might think (if he’s willing). 3 years of Gaborik or 5+ of Richards / whoever else? We wouldn’t get a great return, but it could be a move to set up another move, perhaps cashing in some young talent for a guy who’s team can’t afford him and who would better fit our roster as currently constructed.

    (Of course, the guy I’m thinking about in that last part plays for a team that wouldn’t ship him to us in a million years. But that would certainly be ideal.)

  99. CT – yea that could happen. This is why we keep Avery – to keep Torts off Wolski. But I think if Christensen can be gone – Wolski will become the skills guy that Torts rides and forces effort out of.

  100. I have a pretty good idea! Why not get rid of all of our shootout guys (minus MZA) and actually try to win in overtime??

    The shootout is what nearly had us eliminated in the playoffs. A win is a win, but I’m getting sick of playing for the shootout, especially since the NHL has made the shootout so irrelevant now.

  101. You’re right Hammerhead. I think Rammer should probably consult with him though and say – “hey this bone is fragile – let’s protect it!”

    I will improve Rammer’s grade to B

  102. That’s good. Yeah, I didn’t think Lucic’s hit was that bad…

    I thought the hit on Niedermayer was worse!

  103. ct blueshirt you rationale on WOlski is compelling. I think the rangers need to get away from this top 2 line being skilled rationale and mode. there top 2 lines of cally, dubi, aa, stepan, gaorik, and whoever is not strong enough. they need to have 3 lines that play equal amounts and all contribute offensively.

    teams with 2 traditional top lines have a few studs, unless gaborik rebounds the rangers have no studs but nice players.

    we will see.

  104. Lucic won’t be suspended. That wasn’t a suspendable hit.

    According to NESN, though, Spacek “deserved to get hurt because he brought it upon himself” and “it was not a penalty at all”

    That’s the homerism that I wish we had.

  105. CTB -You’re 1:28 brings up some questions.

    How do things shake out at center if Richards were to be signed?
    Someone needs to play 4th line center. It won’t be Stepan. That would leave AA or Boyle, as things stand.

    At what point is it fair to put a young player in a fourth line role? A player that may benefit from bigger minutes elsewhere but not to the extent of a player envisioned as a top 6 player.
    Is it as simple as, as soon as he’s fills the role better than the current guy?

  106. Not sure that it was purely momentum that drove the Caps in Game 5, would suggest it was more fear after what happened against the Habs last year coming home with a 3-1 lead in games in that firsat period. I think the historical context – framed by the game 4 outcome – had as much if not more to do with it than anything else, especially if you read what the Caps were saying leading up to and after game 5.

    And yes Gaborik scores most of his goals from in tight with quick hands on rebounds, off the rush after receiving a pass on or from the wing, and on breakaways. Rangers played hyperdefensively and dump and chased all the time and played below the circles, which neutralized gabby’s speed so the opposition did not have to and furthermore they had tremendous difficulty getting upcks to the net ergo no rebounds. So Gabby getting better depends on them getting him someone to play with but also allowing him to not have to be so defensively responsible and letting that line open things up. Otherwise he will have an identical result next year.

  107. DDB, that’s a good question. I don’t know who they’d “demote” to a 4th line role. I’ve seen some interesting discussions on other sites talking about how Stepan may project more as a winger than center if he doesn’t improve on faceoffs. Prospectively that would give you something like Stepan-Richards-Gaborik, Dubinsky-AA-Callahan on the top 2 lines. I don’t know if that would necessarily be ideal, but the Flyers have had surplus natural centers for the past few years and have put Briere, Carter and Giroux on the wing at various times.

  108. I would guess Boyle is most valuable as a Centre due to his new found skating ability. Boyle is not much of a scorer and really he needs to learn to pass the puck and crash the net and use his size. For that reason I would keep him at Centre but that is just my opinion.

  109. I think it’s just instinct. If you guys have seen Arrested Development you know that Buster’s primary defensive positioning is curling up like a ball on the ground. So when someone is about to destroy you (into a wall) your reaction is to flinch into a curled up ball.

  110. No, they don’t have a point, Orr. He didn’t turn his head at the last second. His head involuntarily turned because of the vicious hit.

  111. Boyle is more of a goal scorer and finisher than playmaker. In fact, that is his natural position. He just needs to improve upon what he did early in the season. He can definitely be a 30 goal guy if he gets the minutes…I don’t think his first half was a fluke at all….I think he can be more of a physical force…especially on the PP

  112. 1. Nobody deserves to be hurt.
    2. That was a penalty, and a major penalty.
    There’s no room for discussion on either matter.

  113. iDoodie machetto on

    I hope they stand pat this summer. Free agency 2012 has many more big fish potentially available. Eat drury’s contract for one more year and we will have a lot of space to play with then. Maybe even redden retires by then.

  114. stuart,

    The Rangers wouldn’t be the only team that leans on their top 6 to produce the bulk of their offense. Look at the top few scorers and corresponding TOI of most teams and you’ll see a decent disparity between the top 2 lines and the 3rd and especially the 4th line.

  115. NYR – I believe you. I just don’t personally see Boyle as a shooter. Too many times i watch him get in close and then go to his backhand. I think a natural scorer would put the puck on his forehand and rip a shot. Boyle had that one beautiful backhand, shortside goal and became enamored with it from that point on. I hope you’re right though.

  116. Doodie,

    Which players, or at least forwards, would you target in 2012? It looks like the biggest two would be Semin and Patrick Sharp.

  117. I’m just going by his stats and career….He was a goal scorer in college, a goal scorer in the AHL, and in the NHL he never really had the minutes to showcase his offensive skills until this year, mostly because of his skating…I think he now can be used in more of a scoring role…

    I agree, he doesn’t have a quick release, Manny. He’ll never be a sniper. But, to along with his size, he’s got pretty good hands around the net and a decent backhand….

  118. NYR – true – he does have a decent backhand and a he should be good around the net. I say keep him at centre/center and allow him to dish the puck – skate to the net – park in front of the net and either:

    a. create a huge human size screen; or
    b. bang home a rebound; or
    c. deflect a puck.

  119. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    Also, can someone take down the Rangers-Capitals series prediction poll on the right? Every time I see it, I get depressed.

    64 days until 7/1!

  120. No, if Stepan had taken the hit, I’d say the same thing. If what you meant was “Had Stepan delivered the hit,” then yes, I’d agree with you. Why? Because Stepan doesn’t have a vicious bone in his body. Ryan Hollweg, OTOH, different story.

  121. iDoodie machetto on

    Ales hemsky is another that I would consider. I would go so far as to say he is one of the premier playmaking wingers in te league. Also, if it is more prudent to bring in 2nd tier talent, penner and grabovsky could be available as well.

    The real prizes are on defense: suter, burns, and coburn. lots of good ppqb specialists available too.

  122. Maybe Spacek will use his brain next time, unless it’s damaged after the hit :P



  123. Since when do we blame a guy – a guy that’s injured – for being injured? Stepan had no intent to injure Green. The fact that you’d mention that as some type of proof is just stupid. Lucic has a history of injurious hits and game misconducts.

  124. iDoodie machetto on

    I don’t think Boyle has ever been a big scorer at any level. 30 goals once in the ahl. That’s it.

  125. Tik, the fact of the matter is Spacek knew Lucic was coming and he turned at the last minute…That is against the rules and refs missed it.

    Please refer to rule 41:

    Rule 41-Boarding: “A boarding penalty shall be imposed on any player who checks an opponent in such a manner that causes the opponent to be thrown violently in the boards. The severity of he penalty, based upon the degree of violence of the impact with the boards, shall be at the discretion of the Referee.

    There is an enormous amount of judgment involved in the application of this rule by the referees. The onus is on the player applying the check to ensure his opponent is not in a vulnerable position and if so, he must avoid the contact. *However, there is also a responsibility on the player with the puck to avoid placing himself in a dangerous and vulnerable position.* This balance must be considered by the Referees when applying this rule.”

    That’s all I’m sayin’

  126. Good afternoon all! Manny, LOL!!

    Helmet nuzzles and stick salutes for the blogfather!!!

    OK, that’s all for now. Gotta run :)

    Oh yeah: Avery: Keep

  127. iDoodie machetto on

    The best part about waiting is we can see if any of our own guys will step up on their own into the players we need them to become. This goes double for defensemen who should be able to qb our pp. And if next year they still can’t, we can get a burns, or a coburn, or even a
    Liles or wideman for pure pp duties.

  128. Hemsky is intriguing. But wow he’s only played about 70 games total the past 2 seasons.

    I’d pass on Penner. If Grabo grows on this past year I think Toronto would pay him.

  129. Doodie, pretty sure he was a big-time scorer at BC. He was a 1st round pick in that awesome 2003 draft class….

  130. I really don’t want to have this discussion any longer. The only reason why a couple of you will say these things is solely to be adversarial towards me.

  131. Tiki, don’t flatter yourself, not everything has to be aboot you. I know you’d like to think that, but it’s rarely ever the case.

    And I brought up the Step-On hit because you said he doesn’t have a “viscous bone in his body”, Duh!

    Look at the hit. Step-On was boarded, and the refs didn’t call it, so he elbowed Green. Retaliatory hit, dirty hit, and was fined because of it. Should have been suspended too, seeing as how Green had a concussion because of that hit.

    It’s not always the players fault for being injured. But, as I’ve said, he turned his body at the last second, which is moronic. So, it’s his fault. That’s why Lucic threw his hands up after the hit.

  132. Boyle and Prust comprise 2/3’s of a really productive, energetic, efforting 4th line. I agree with Carp. With what the Rangers are trying to accomplish, Wolski doesn’t fit the team. We need effort from every player on a nightly basis.

  133. iDoodie machetto on

    Boyle was drafted out of high school before he ever laced up the skates for BC. And he scored 20+ once in his junior year (19 twice).

    Not a huge scorer. I’ll agree with you on grabovsky, Toronto will pay him whatever he wants. Penner would be a secondary option. The guy can still play.

  134. Mister Delaware on

    McCabe has to have the highest bone viscosity on the team. I walk faster than he skates.

  135. Prospal, while productive, is too old. I knew Fedotenko was a solid pickup prior to the season. Get him back. Anisimov could gain a little more muscle and be a little tougher next year. Hopefully Boogaard never plays another game for us. Avery on the 4th line would be okay. Energy guy, pretty good passer.

  136. Orr, Green also had a concussion from taking a shot in the ear hole. I don’t know if he should have been playing at all in that game. Doesn’t make the headshot right, but Green probably wasn’t a 100% before that hit.

  137. And mama leaving the house :)

    Tiki, thanks for the compliment, but my love of humanity doesn’t quite go as far Tess :)

    Carry on all, TA!

  138. JimboWoodside on

    Hey there, boneheads!

    Good scorecard, Carp! We need a new PP coach, though – you didn’t mention Sullivan, did you?

    I’m not anti-Boston, I’m anti-Habs in that series, but I thought that the Lucic hit was a major penalty. However, I think that the refs had their eyes peeled on everything the Bruins did after blowing that call on the first non-goal by the Habs. After that, every infraction that Boston committed was called – they let nothing go at all.

  139. Yeah against Pitt a few weeks before that game. The game where Stepan hit him was his first game back.

  140. The Doctor – I liked before when you said “bone viscosity.” That was awesome.

  141. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I feel gratified by Girardi getting a B+, above. So many quit on him, a year ago. I didn’t, because of his unselfish play, and his still maturing young age. It really pays dividends not to quit on young players with upside potential too soon.

  142. I’m only rooting for the Wings because I think they’re the team that can beat any of those teams. I’m rooting for the Preds against the Nucks.

  143. I was SO mad at Girardi at different times throughout this season. As I have said, I take it all back. The guy is an absolute warrior.

  144. Carp – Again, outstanding as usual.

    Sorry – but the teacher in me could not resist – I took the opportunity to compile your marks and provide a simplistic analysis of your scores.

    Overall, your students earned (You as teacher never ‘give’, they earn) 7 A’s, 3 B+, 3 B, 2 B-, 3 C’s, 2 C-, and 2 (GENEROUS) D’s – so, the analysis is the following (You would make a great teachers Carp):

    Overall GPA = 0.837272727, which I guess of course means we can round that up to an 84, which according to your scale of grades comes out to a B.

    My question – Is a B an overall grade what we are shooting for with this group? Is it time for a parent conference? Certainly, the students should be ‘promoted’ to the next year as a group.

    Also, in the new era of teacher accountability, they should ALL get an A – so, who is responsible – the Coach or GM? One of them deserves a not so nice evaluation – at least if I follow the new criteria for teacher evaluation – what is the value added score for the Coach and GM? You assigned an A and B respectively. Certainly, the two students who failed, it is not their fault – their teacher or principal (Torts or Sather) need to be reprimanded for not doing a good enough job with them, or they would have excelled.

  145. How can anyone that cheers Barcelona defend their actions this game? They supposedly play “a beautiful game.” Rather, they just dive, whine, moan and complain like a bunch of Sidney Crosby’s without the talent.

    I’m a fan of neither team, but it’s pretty obvious that Madrid gets cheated every single Clasico with red cards. In a sport in which home crowds actually influence referees, it doesn’t matter in these Clasicos. They’re almost always getting a red card against Madrid. Sad. Wanted to watch a match for fun, with no stake in either team.

  146. Boyle’s goal production may have dropped but his work ethic never did. He continued to block shots, kill penalties, back check , grind and lead the team in hits.
    His minutes went from 598 to 1290 this year and I read mid year that he had a bad back. He may not be the most offensively gifted player but you also have to consider the role he’s being asked to play.
    During the PO he showed as much desire to win as anyone on the team IMO. And yeah, he got nothing for his efforts but it doesn’t mean it will be that way next time.

    The last three years at BC. 60 goals in 124 games, not too bad.

  147. You can’t keep a good man down? You don’t have to put “the good man” down. He puts himself down all too frequently by Sidney Crosbying.

  148. I love Boyle. I just want him to use his size and put up twice as many assists as goals because that is where I think his talent it. 15 Goals 30+ Assists. He would be a GREAT Centre with those numbers.

  149. That’s what we came to see? 60 minutes of the game spent throwing themselves down trying to buy red cards and 30 minutes of man-advantage football. This is sickening. This game wasn’t a sport. This was cheating. I didn’t come to see this. I came to see football. That was certainly the finisher. I’ll stake my life that Barcelona isn’t getting a red card called against them at the Nou Camp.

  150. You can go out to Brooklyn and see some great “football” in most of the parks. Nobody cries and lays on the ground but a lot of people complain that they should have gotten the ball.

  151. LOL Manny. Thanks for the laugh. They’re all clapping as if they believe that they earned it. To them, diving and whining like Sidney Crosby *is* earning it. I’ve got to give up sports. Victory for the Barcelona Crosbys!

  152. I tried to give up sports once. The withdrawal was worse then when I tried to give up Heroin……..(joke)

  153. Manny,

    I agree that Boyle would be excellent with those numbers. However, I think 20-20 or even 15-20 is more realistic for him. He isn’t a great passer, from what we’ve seen. Hopefully he can prove me wrong. In most cases, assists outnumber goals, and it’s a fair prediction to say that, but I think in Boyle’s case it’s very close or goals have the edge.

  154. billybleedsblue on

    Crosby Update:

    When asked if he will be attending tonight’s game against the Lightning, Sidney Crosby had this to say:

    “I go to game and watch in sound-proof boof. Lightning loud. The thunder scare-d-ded me! Papa Momo says I can do whatever I want. I watch game in my pajamas and pway hungy hippos between pewiods. I like the marbles.”


  155. Wow, listening to Torts just now on Kay’s show. So different in a one-on-one……when not taking folks to the bus stop and getting blindsided by Brooks:) Torts….mama love

    Now, about those ties….:)

  156. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – not to correct coach sean but….Overall, your students earned (You as teacher never ‘give’, they earn) 7 A’s, 3 B+, 3 B, 2 B-, 3 C’s, 2 C-, and 2 (GENEROUS) D’s – so, the analysis is the following (You would make a great teachers Carp):

    total grade points:63.7
    total grade: 22

    Final GPA 2.895 (slightly higher than a C+ (2.7)

  157. Ha! Torts’ talk about the NY media……they’re a pain in the ass! I think he has a lot of good comment, gotta say, but I like this most. Everything he does is best for the hockey team…….How did I fall in love with this man!

  158. fyi, espn.go.com/espnradio/player?rd=1#/podcenter/?id=6432328&autoplay=1&callsign=WEPNAM

    Carp, your thoughts on this chat?

  159. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Afternoon ILB and all!!

    thanks for the grades, I agree with all of them except torts, who I thought deserved a resounding B.
    I hope I don’t get banned for this, but he made bad personnel decisions at times and I though was very irrational when it came to ice times and disciplining players. He did a great job with player development and the system though. He really needed to do a better job of distributing ice times more evenly throughout the lines and d pairs. I thought that, along with the inability of our d to be physical in the paint and lack of capitalizing on the PP really killed us in the caps series. The PP…well, I’m going to wait to see what it looks like next season.

    How about those nucks baby, woooooo hooooo. Glad to see burrows get the series winner, love that guy! I’m rooting for them (or the preds if they happen to win) the rest of the way. The preds remind me so much of the rangers, not really offencive stars, goalie that stands on his head a lot, defencive forechecking system (but their d bangs way more than ours).

    The nucks had 281 hits in the series, hell yes!!! Hockey baby!!

    On wolski, if he gets the minutes he needs, then keep him because his upside offencively is pretty good and in the games he gets decent ice time he was really physically involved IMO. He was really banging when he was moved up the last part of the caps series. If he is going to be 4th line with torts (who doesn’t distribute ice time well at this point), then get rid of him.

    I like the not/keep game, so i’m going to play (if I haven’t been banned yet by carp who gets an A++ btw). Keep is self explanatory, my not column will include buyout, trade, naslund, waive, any other thing you can think of for not being back. I also still think we need 3 forwards and 2 d men to be very solid as a team (I think CT and I are really close to agreement again, BUY BUY BUY)

    the WWWD decision is first, what I think the organization will do is second

    MDZ ?/Keep
    Gilroy Not/?
    Staal Keep x2
    Sauer Keep x2
    Mcdonut Keep x2
    OPG ?/Keep
    Eminger ?/Not
    McCabe Not x2

    Avery ? x2
    Prust I’m not even going to dignify this with a response (Lifetime contract x2)
    Boyle Keep x2
    AA Keep x2
    EC Not/?
    Prospal Not x2
    Dru Not x2
    Cally Keep x2
    Dubi ?/Keep
    Feds Keep x2 (2 year deal)
    Boogey ? x2
    MZA Keep x2
    Gabby ?/Keep
    Newbury Keep x2
    WW ? x2
    Fro Not x2
    Step Keep x2

    Hank Duh x2
    Biron Keep x2 (sign him for 1 additional year)

    Torts Keep x2 (sign ulfie to coach the d men, sorry personal choice)
    Slats Keep x2 (like we have a choice, but agree with the grade carp gave him).

    note- ? is basically depending on other moves whether the person stays or goes.

  160. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I saw a TA, looks like the bag lady has laureled a few times!!

  161. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Did I get banned? Is this thing on??

  162. If you talk about my bag or sack one more time, I will get you banned :)

    wick, you obviously had some time off from work :)

    I’m off for chow……later!

  163. Carp you couldn’t find anyone to give an F on the whole team? not one single guy who completely failed to live up to their responsibility? I can think of a few.

    And Boyle get an A while Stepan get a B? Come on man you’ve got to be kidding. Stepan did more for this team than Boyle and had much less of an expectation on him to do so.

    Seriously I am baffled by what your criteria are. Sauer played that much better than Girardi and McDonaugh and he is as good as Staal? Boyle was as good as Callahan? What’s going on here?

  164. Of course it’s silliness, lol. I didn’t think it was serious. I’ll go check it out. Just wondering is all.

  165. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    here is the “bag lady” history…

    ddebened April 26th, 2011 at 6:12 pm
    “He has worked his bag off from the first day I met him,” (Michigan coach Red) Berenson said. “Never being told, never being pushed, never challenged. I haven’t seen a kid with a better work ethic from scratch than Carl Hagelin.”

    Blogmama April 26th, 2011 at 6:14 pm
    I’m taking my bag outta here for tonight….til tomorrow all ;) TA!

    ddebened April 26th, 2011 at 6:18 pm
    Bye, bag lady

    Then some assen had to bring up “bag lady” today

  166. That whole play was all created a minute earlier by P.O.S. Scott Gomez. I am SO GLAD we got rid of that pig. Gomez is worthless.

  167. JimboWoodside on

    Hey folks,

    I’m wondering about the Pitt-TB game tonight. Game time is supposed to be 8 pm, and Versus is supposed to join the game in progress *after* the Bos-Mtl game – and I don’t see the Pitt game listed in the NHL Center Ice listings as being carried there – so, we miss out on having the ability to switch between these games tonight?

  168. Gomez again….

    Never heard Doc Emrick so excited in his life over an NHL game before. At least Doc is having fun with his favorite team leading.

    Well, hopefully Boucher can play reasonably well and the Flyers skill can dispatch of the bruins.

  169. I’ve heard Carp talk on the radio before, and his voice is so calm and soothing. I think it’d be awesome to hear him commentate national broadcasts. You’re supposed to get unbiasedness from the national broadcasts and you rarely ever do. Carp is unbiased and would tell things the way they are and would speak professionally. Doc Emrick belongs in an old folks’ home.

  170. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    When it’s a guy, don’t they get called hobos?

  171. Yes, wicky. Doc Emrick is a hobo. No offense to hobos, they have more class, dignity, and respectability than Emrick could ever dream of having.

  172. Emrick is always excited. That’s why I respect him, and probably his wife respects him for it also, but for different reasons, obviously.

    But seriously, Emrick is a true professional, unlike the guy he works with. He’s the total opposite of the Bruins, Penguins, Flyers, play by play guys. You can’t even listen to them.

  173. Everyone’s favorite team is the bruins, Jimbo. And the fact that Orr would dare to call Emrick a professional, after all the insults Emrick lays on the Rangers game in and game out. I think that tells you all you need to know about Orr.

    Big score. Right back in the game. Plenty of time.

  174. JimboWoodside on

    Let’s play nice, fellas…..Tiki, I don’t think Emrick favors Boston, but that’s just my impression of him.

  175. Bron, lighten up, junior. Why don’t you grace us with your grades?

    Jimbo, hard to blame the PP coach when he has no PP players, and especially no PP sniper, no PP QB, no PP guy (out for 22 games) to stand in front, nobody to transport the puck into the offensive zone… You know?

    I laughed my aasen off at Torts’ radio interview … and I told him, too. …

    billy, thanks for the Skid update. I was getting worried about him.

    One thing about the whole Wolski conversation — the Rangers can send him down, so why would they buy him out? He comes to camp, maybe gets the start of the season, and if he’s a bum they send him down and erase him from the books. And if he’s claimed, so be it. They just can’t recall him, or they could get stuck paying half his salary (and cap hit) if claimed on re-entry. Right cap guys?

  176. JimboWoodside on

    Not that the Bruins PP is any good, but I wonder if the Habs will ever get called for a penalty in tonight’s game….

  177. Doc Emrick is my second-favorite play by play guy. I think he’s a true professional and a great guy who loves the to tell stories about the minor leagues and crazy fights, etc.

    Did I mention that I think he’s great and a true professional?

  178. Exactly. He’s definitely my second favorite play by play guy. He and Edzo make a decent pair, but I enjoyed the games Emrick did with JD.

    And yes, he’s a *true* professional. Probably the best the NHL, actually.

  179. And I was just about to type how I thought that Carp had dissed Emrick on numerous occasions. I’ll agree to disagree. He mocks the Rangers and Rangers fans every chance he gets and he always does his sly laugh after a ridiculing joke.

    And he specifically has no place ridiculing Rangers fans, when he’s a Devil’s guy.

  180. open question

    is it just me or does it seem
    as if there is A LOT MORE
    extra whacks at the puck/goalie’s glove
    this year than in years past?

    sure seems like it

  181. I disagree. You don’t mock your enemy team (Rangers) on national broadcasts. Want to do it on your local broadcast? Fine. Not on national broadcasts. There’s no place for that. I agree he’s a Hall of Famer.

    Who’s your favorite broadcaster? Gotta be John Davidson…

  182. JimboWoodside on

    No, Carp – I did not know that! I asked a question about that game before, but you are the only one to reply! Thank you!

  183. Carp, I look at the Wolski situation as whether they think it’s worth keeping him on to play a top 6 or top 9 role at his current cap hit. Correct me if I’m wrong but you don’t believe he’s 4th line material at least in the context of a traditional energy line? As I said earlier is it worth the 3.8M to find out the answer to that question or do they remove that volatility in his production for his 467K buy out cost? As for waiving him, yes that’s an option but that still counts agaisnt their summer cap number. Whether they pursue Richards or not, that $3.3M of extra cap room could be put to better use.

  184. LOL, Carp. I think you got your point across. I disagree. I’m going to leave it alone now. :)

  185. By the way, how ridiculous is it that the Rangers-Caps played one game in five days, and Bruins-Habs have to play Game 6 and 7 on consecutive nights? Money talks. Carcillo walks.

  186. You know, Doc Emerick is a true professional, just sayin’. I used to really enjoy when he and JD did games together…

    Kenny Albert is probably my personal favorite…another true professional…

  187. as for Carp’s report card:

    i know that Girardi really showed a warrior spirit
    with all the bruises and finger dislocation during the series
    but an ‘A’?
    especially the numerous times his poor work in his zone
    led to scrambling and/or pucks behind Hank
    as well as his inconsistency on the point (compared to
    the past) failed to help the pp as much as it should have.

  188. Well not a limit on how many 1 way contracts can be Whale’d per se, but on the number of vets that can be dressed for AHL games.

  189. Tiki, when Emrick calls a Rangers game, and says “Score” he’s not mocking NYR :P

    Definitely a professional.

    I think he’s a great dad too. Does he have any kids??

    Fun fact aboot Doc Emrick, when he pulls down his pants, you see Darren Pang. Now, let that vision sink in.

  190. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks, Carp – yes, you did – several times! ;-D

    I’ve always felt that he has a warm spot in his heart for the Flyers, myself.

  191. Orr if mental bleach existed, you’d be the biggest market force behind its sale.

  192. I’ve learned Carp. Sometimes, less is better.

    Im still wondering if the Canadiens can score an even-strength goal…

  193. JimboWoodside on

    OK…no more about Emrick……not from me, anyway.

    Thanks again for the heads-up about the TB-Pitt game, Carp.

  194. Orr, I don’t want to continue it, but I’m not lying about the taunts and ridiculing. We’re good. I just disagree respectfully.

    And I’m still wondering if the Canadiens can score an even-strength goal :P

  195. maybe i got Girardi confused with Staal, who recevied an ‘A’

    again, Staal played some monster games
    and was better than all our other defensemen
    but he serves a minus
    at the very least for his screw ups in his zone and
    the lack of communication between him
    and Girardi which would find the tandem
    on the same side of the ice covering
    the same player or behind the goal line
    doing the same thing

  196. Boyle vastly improved this year
    and deserved a high grade
    but it should have been lowered
    due to his complete lack of scoring
    for the latter half of the season
    and during the series

  197. Erik Christensen deserves a lower grade
    because his complete lack of anything near
    consistency in anything other than the shootout
    could send him out of MSG.

  198. Bryan McCabe probably deserves a minus along
    with his C. his defensive play wasn’t so great.
    he was brought in to help the pp and except
    for his first game when his shot displayed all
    of the potential that made me wondering
    if it was possible to sign him for next year
    went waaaaaaaaaay downhill.
    he ended up getting Rangers disease
    which found him passing the puck instead of
    shooting and his quarterbacking skills didn’t exactly
    help us on the scoreboard.

  199. lastly, as much as i love MZA
    he deserves a minus or a C+
    he either really overachieved
    in this first one to two dozen games
    or hit a wall when his game changed
    from being more of a scorer and playmaker
    to being more of a grinder/jammer

    (and while i do like the overall hard workin’ personality of the team
    i don’t think that causing MZA to grind works to his strengths
    and helped the team in ways that were much needed)

  200. JimboWoodside on

    Bruins are doing everything in their power to make Tiki happy tonight……they are sucking badly…

  201. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on


    so I’m not banned for my torts analysis? Thanks!!

    GO HABS GO!!

  202. Of the top 30 Defensemen in terms of total Time On Ice only 6 are also in the top 30 for SH TOI.
    Giradi and Staal are two of them. So they are getting the big minutes and the tough minutes.

    Kimmo Timonen, Jay Bouwmeester, Tom Gilbert and Stephane Robidas were the others.

  203. Thanks jpg. I’m doing well. I could be doing better if I’d stop stressing myself out over stupid sporting events, but I bring it upon myself.

    I agree about EC. We already have to deal with inconsistency of talent. With where our organization is headed, we can’t have players on our roster that are also inconsistent in effort. However, he does fill the shootout need.

  204. I can tolerate Doc. You can tell he loves hockey and he has a vast wealth of knowledge about all areas of it, even though he makes up words and has those weird moments of inflection.

    My favorite is Bob Cole, though. Something just makes me stop what I’m doing and listen. That’s really why I get the NHL Center Ice package, so I can get HNIC.

  205. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I’m kind of shocked that more people here are not upset that dubi is not up for the selke and OPG is not up for a norris (dripping sarcasm x2).

  206. i hear ya Tiki

    i used to have more of a problem
    which is why i try to avoid such things like that
    that get me so stressed out.
    not to say that i don’t let loose occasionally
    while watching the Blueshirts.

    thought i would be more calm during the series
    with the caps but the horrible pp
    just got me worked up.

    i didn’t want to be labeled one of the negative ones
    but, while it was possible we could have regained
    our pre-allstar game form, i figured if we didn’t
    then we were going to lose the series in 6 games.
    we just were too inept offensively for much too long
    we forgot what to do on a consistent basis
    and the caps rewired themselves for more grinding play.

    right now, i’m for ANYONE but the pens!

  207. thanks for all the detail, jpg. does the little Italian kid from Norway get bonus points for the skills competition goals and the OT winner?

    wicky, why would I ban you for that? or did I miss something?

  208. what a load of carcillo!!!!!!!!

    that was a good hit
    and it just so happened to be
    near the turnbuckled

    refs MUST be from Canada, Quebec area.

  209. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    my favorite hockey announcer tandems were clement and thorne with ESPN and Levy and Pang also with ESPN. I do like all of the HNIC tandems though quite a bit.

  210. JimboWoodside on

    I guess if a team’s style of play is not to hit very much, their opposition will be penalized for not playing the same way….

  211. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    just kidding with you. I know there were a few over the edge torts haters out there that were going nuts, and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t lumped with them!

  212. MZA
    i love the (little) guy
    and as many bonus points as i’d love
    to give him for the shootout points
    they’re deserved as much for Erik
    i’m only being hard on the grade
    simply because his playmaking/scoring
    went south.
    if was anywhere near what it was
    during his first dozen games with us
    we probably wouldn’t have even needed to
    be going into OT. we would have won in regulation.

  213. That was a penalty. Oy oy oy oy…

    At least 20 more minutes of stress. Please Dear Lord, I don’t ask for much, but I could use the rest. So please eliminate the bruins at the conclusion of this game.



  214. Carp…another great year for the blog…it’s definitely the go to outlet. Saw your grades, can’t argue any of them.

    I have a gut feeling that Valentenko has passed MDZ on the depth chart and I’m not convinced that Gaborik will not be on the move. I don’t think he can play the system that Torts is going to have to continue to employ to match this team’s makeup. He is invisible in the big games and the playoffs. Watch him fly in the World Championships and score. He is a fit somewhere and with the money he would free up, we could add 2 or 3 twenty goal scorers and more balance overall.

    We’ll see. Also, the announcer I miss calling games is Gary Thorne.

    Congrats again on the blog.

  215. V-Tank hasn’t passed Del Z on the depth chart.

    Del Z is *not* starting in the AHL next season, unless he has a horrible camp, which he wont.

    V-Tank, may have to start in Connecticut if they re-sign Gilroy. So, to me, that doesn’t mean he passes him on the depth chart.

  216. You may be right Orr……if they still feel he can run the PP. I just think that V-Tank’s toughness and that he is thought to be NHL ready will not guarantee MDZ a spot. Like I said….we’ll see.

  217. We all thought V-Tank passed McDonut on the depth chart, but McDonut was the d-man that was called up.

    What they could do is not re-sign Eminger, and swap Gilroy and V-Tank every few games. I don’t agree with that though.

  218. Could also move Gilroy back to wing and use as 7th dman. Gilroy probably has more offensive skill than a lot of the current forwards.

  219. Olga Folkyerself on

    Wow! I had the weirdest nightmare last night! I dreamt that Chicago played Vancouver and lost in overtime! Really strange for a Hawks fan, don’t you think? So I checked the paper for tonight’s 7th game matchup and couldn’t find it anywhere.

    Does anybody know what time the Chi-Van game seven starts?

  220. A notoriously dirty player just threw his shoulder right into Halpern’s head. Shame. Could’ve seriously hurt him.

  221. WTB?!?!?!?!?!

    pang has really flown off the edge with
    his comments about halpern skating into the
    bruin’s shoulder being a calculated move by
    the bruin player!!!!!!!!!!!

    what a schmuck!!

  222. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I thought vtank should have played this year, but the organization did not. I hope he and or pashinin get a shot over gilroy.

    I just saw crosby part two….absolutely intentional, ference never looked back to see what happened…slick!

  223. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    absolutely intentional move, ference never looked back!

  224. geeeezus
    pang is horrible…..
    ….but not as horrible as
    the Rangers power play
    but VERY close!!!!

  225. These fuggin’ stain losers can’t score even-strength to save their lives. Disgusting that a superior – in terms of talent – team can’t score, or even get the puck to the net. The bruins just get the puck to the net and get the good luck of rebounds right to them.

  226. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    is anything as bad as our PP?

  227. They haven’t gotten a quality scoring chance at even-strength all game. They look like they’re completely dead out there.

  228. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Looks like there will be a lazy veteran defenseman available this summer…Hamrlik anyone??

  229. the “move” by ference is NO different than the caps “move” against
    so, you’re now going to defend cindy and say that was intentional?

  230. sorry everbody!
    more important for this Rangers fan
    to find the pens golfing asap
    then anything else in the playoffs!!!!!

  231. JimboWoodside on

    This Price kid is really holding his team in it……he’s made about 4 game-savers in the last few minutes…

  232. This is sad. Price is doing everything he can to keep his team in the game, but his team simply doesn’t care about winning. They’re more interested in losing every puck off their stick and falling down like buffoons than helping their goalie out. This team has the stain of Scott Gomez on it. Gomez is a worthless pile of dog poo. I hate that guy with every ounce of my being.

  233. wonder if Gomez did a funny interview during the second intermission.

    Del Zotto is in the top six on the depth chart. Valentenko isn’t. And I think they want to keep Gilroy, but it will be a matter of money. He won’t be slotted as a winger, though.

    And Thorne was right at the bottom of my list with Beninati. Hollering, screaming and mispronouncing names … plus he was the first of many to mis-use “cleared in” … the term “cleared” means defensive-zone.

  234. Just lost the puck off his stick on a breakaway turned into 2 on 1. I think we all know what’s going on here. They just don’t want to win. I wish the Caps hadn’t wanted to beat us. It would have been awesome to be gifted a first round series.

  235. Tik, also, how do two guys get hit and stay down like Hamrlik did after the Halpern hit? He let them score. Imagine the Block Ness Monster doing that? Or Prust?

  236. Carp

    i like Gilroy but…..i just don’t know.
    i mean, if the money is right, maybe.
    but, again, can he be more consistent, more puck moving dman.

    still, i would like to see a bit more of VTank….or i wonder if
    he’ll be part of a package for…..?

  237. what in the heaven and hell is wrong with
    NHL players?!?!?!?!

    bergeron is so far behind wiz kid
    that lifting the stick does NO good!

  238. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I think they are both hockey plays. I also think that they were both intentional (if you accidentally collide with someone on the ice, you look back to see who and what happened). Hockey is a physical, rough sport and nasty little things like that happen in a game. I have no problem with subtle nastiness like that at all.

    Wouldn’t it be more of an indictment of steckel (I think it was steckel) rather than a defence of crosby??

  239. how many knew that would happen?

    raise your hands!

    and from slewfoot!!

    sorry i cannot cheer for pk slewfoot.
    what an a——-hole

  240. Yeah, Carp. Hamrlik stayed down leading to the goal. My thoughts exactly.

    Big score! Big!

  241. JimboWoodside on

    Refs were going to find *something* to call on the B’s in the last few minutes…it was inevitable.

  242. yeah, but bergeron was an idiot
    for doing that.
    whole team should have known
    not to do anything extra

  243. No, Jimbo. Don’t pull that carcillo. Referees have been fair in this game. Even amount of penalties. Bergeron high-sticked the guy. When referees are calling actual penalties, penalties, it’s a good thing. Not a bad thing.

  244. JimboWoodside on

    That was a late gift call for the Habs…refs still trying to make up for that blown goal last night…

  245. the caps guy did take a quick look to see cindy on the ice
    and probably thought that he was acting again.
    besides, the play was heading up ice
    at the moment
    which was what was on his mind.
    he wasn’t going to turn around and ask if
    the cind was ok.

    he felt a bump. looked and kept moving.
    only if it’s Minority Report and you can actually
    read the player’s mind.

  246. JimboWoodside on

    It was a ticky-tacky call…….if Wiz doesn’t act like he had his face torn off the refs don’t make that call..

  247. I didn’t know a high stick could be refereed to as a “ticky-tack” call. He raised his stick he hit the guy in the helmet. High-stick. There’s no subjectivity involved. You don’t just decide to let someone get away with that because it’s the final 3 minutes of Game 7.

  248. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I am thoroughly confused right now by your stance on the hit. So the hit ference did “accidentally” was ok mainly because the same thing happened to crosby? If the same thing happened to dubi, would you be ok with it? Were you ok with the eric staal hit on marc? I’m just asking. I have zero problem with any of the 3 hits, all I am saying is there is no way either of them were “accidental” (the ference and steckel hits).

    and who said anything about a concussion?

  249. that call was ALL bergeron stupidity.

    montreal has been very good on the pp
    boston players should have absolutely
    KNOWN without ANY coach reminding ’em
    to be careful out there so a penalty isn’t called
    and then to do that…………NO reason whatsoever
    for him to lift the stick.

    if boston was down by a goal and he was desperate to make
    a play…………….still not good in that situation. he was behind wiz kid.

  250. Carp – Can you please enlighten my regarding the following quote from Torts?

    “because you make mistakes when you get really upset with a guy when, really, is that what that guy is? Is that the spot that he really needs to be in if you’re going to be a winning team? And then what you do is you get rid of that guy and then you’re spinning your wheels again, because that’s a foundation guy. He might not be the top-end guy, but he’s a good foundation player.”

  251. JimboWoodside on

    Do you think that every instance of a stick making contact with a helmet or a head gets a penalty? Please…..

    Yeah, by the rule book, it is probably a penalty – but they don’t call every play “by the book”…

  252. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’m having fun just thinking what Tiki would be saying about the refs if that was a Montreal penalty for high sticking…

  253. JimboWoodside on

    Having said that, Bergeron was an idiot for causing the foul – he may have cost his team a chance to advance in the playoffs. I don’t absolve him of anything – I just think that the refs have “Argus Eyes” for any fouls committed against the Habs.

  254. Olga, I’d be calling the Montreal guy a moron. As jpg said, there was no reason for that. You can’t give the referees any opportunity to call anything in that situation. And I would have agreed with the call if it was on Montreal with Montreal up 3-2 in that same situation.

  255. the hit on cindy was an accident.
    caps player was looking at
    puck carrier.

    ference, looking straight ahead.
    halpern ran into him.

    hit be eric staal on mark. one of those set up hits
    not accidental. mark was tied up with another player
    and eric saw an opportunity to flatten the opponent.
    i didn’t like that one but if the nhl allows it
    and scott stevens used to excel with those moments
    then so be it.

    and if it happened to dubi,
    yeah i’d probably yell at the tv n the heat of the moment and
    according to the tone of the game and opponent (i.e. islanders more so,
    but avs or blackhawks who aren’t know for that or a rival less so)
    BUT once i chilled, in seconds or minutes, i’d see it as it is……
    if it was accidental then that’s what it is.

  256. Olga Folkyerself on


    Sather get’s a “B” ?!?

    He gets an F, followed by three more letters.

  257. Let me try to recreate what I’d say in the heat of the moment: “The refs cheated them. That’s bull-carcillo. They’re trying to allow boston to tie this game up. We’ll never get that call in a million years. And listen to this pig Jack Edwards. I really hope a crazed Montreal fan cracks him in the kneecaps!”


  258. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    ok fair enough! Like I said, I have no problem with any of the hits, just that two of them are far from accidental.

    I’ll just leave it at this middle ground of accidental with malicious intent collisions!

    Thanks for your honest opinion btw.

  259. Tiki

    i was going to mention edwards
    as a major piece of carcillo

    there was some fight where he cheered the bruins
    player like some beer-fueled rabid fan in the stands.

  260. How in God’s name can some of you root for the Bruins? You realize they are from Boston right?:)

  261. >>Subban is such a Carcillo-head.

    He’s such a dislikable little creature! I’m so glad he was on the ice for Boston’s winning goal.

  262. JimboWoodside on

    Easy! They’re NOT from Montreal, and they don’t have Gomez, Gionta, Subban, etc. on their team…

  263. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Many of us are cheering against Montreal and Slewfoot. Nana Nana Heeeeeey Goodbye!!

  264. These fuggin’ losers. Couldn’t score an even-strength goal in the last 2 games. The referees kept them in it, and they didn’t care to do anything on their own. I despise Scott Gomez and the rest of these pieces of carcillo clowns that fell down all over the ice like a bunch of fuggin’ braindead pieces of crap. Bunch of worthless pieces of crap falling down all over, missing pucks with their sticks. Useless. They decided to try last year in the first 2 rounds, but Cammalleri didn’t care this year. And why should they have cared. They shouldn’t have. Nobody else cares against them. No other Rangers fans care. Sickening. The Canadiens couldnt dream of being the Yankees. A bunch of clowns that didn’t bother to avenge their brutally injured teammate. On second thought, they sound just like the Yankees. Let the boston team walk all over you, injure your players, spit in your faces, and do it all with a smile on your face. Worthless pieces of crap.

  265. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on


    jpg April 27th, 2011 at 10:03 pm
    hey wicky
    at least we’re in MAJOR agreement
    for crease clearing defenseman!

    Oh man you are so right about that!!!

  266. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, Cape – no more “Na Na, Hey, Hey” or “Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole” this season – enjoy your fishing, Gomez….

  267. Why do you dislike Montreal more than the Bruins? NY fans should never want to see Philly and Boston teams win.

  268. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    calm my friend

    not funny, but kinda funny!!

  269. Tom
    i’m from ohio
    and profoundly hate the pens
    more than boston, islanders, flyers, devils
    wrapped into one.

    yeah, it’s bad!

  270. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I have numerous upset family right now!

  271. JimboWoodside on

    Calm down, Tiki – please? Bruins were 3rd seed, Habs were 6th – just like in our series, the team that was better during the regular season won the series. Just like Vancouver-Chicago, too…

  272. Olga Folkyerself on

    My first Ranger Cup Finals was 1979. Hated Habs ever since. Don’t worry Boston is not much higher on the list. Philly BTW is dead last.

  273. These worthless losers came back from down 5-0 in a game on us. 5-0. They cared then. But they didn’t care now to score 1 even strength goal in 3 games. Pigs. Swine. Pigs. Fat pigs. Worthless swine. Up 2-0 in a series with both wins on the road and they just didn’t care. Worthless pieces of carcillo. I hate Montreal. They get up for us, but not for them.

  274. iDoodie machetto on

    Playoff prediction contest now down to lw3h and myself. If Tampa wins, he wins. If Pittsburgh wins, I win. It’s not looking good for me.

  275. JimboWoodside on

    The Montreal franchise has tormented the Rangers *so* many more times in the past than Boston has that there’s no comparison, in my mind.

  276. 5 reasons why i rooted for bruins vs habs

    1. i hate gomez
    2. i hate subban
    3. i hate habs fans and the bell centre
    4. i hate gionta
    5. i hate gomez see #1

  277. JimboWoodside on

    Tiki, that Montreal team that came back on us was not this team – the had Kovalev, who always kills us – and the Rangers pissed that game away. That Ranger team blew chunks!

  278. what i’m afraid of

    not watching
    see what i said earlier about staying away from
    things that stress you out

  279. Our NY teams get knocked out in a total of 9 games, 1 more than the minimum 8 games. And both of their teams just advance easily. No problem. It’s always the same. They’ll always get the laugh on us…until I switch allegiances to them. Unfortunately, Ive tried and God knows my heart isn’t in it. So he continues to punish me. He punished me by letting me live. He wants me to continue to suffer. It will always be the same. Our New York teams will always play to 70% of their capabilities and their teams will always outperform their talent. Robinson Cano could be the next Ted Williams, but he only gives 70% effort. He plays lazy defense, yet is a gold glover. If he bothered to actually put his heart in it, he’d never make the stupid mistakes he does. But does he learn from them. No. Just like Jeter. Didn’t bother making the best hitter on your team feel welcome. And loser Torre batting the guy 8th in a playoff series solely out of spite. All of our teams are just a joke. All of our fans are just a joke.

  280. JimboWoodside on

    Tiki, chill please? Have you ever considered the possibility that our NY teams are not very *good* sometimes!?

  281. JimboWoodside on

    Goodnight, Tik – take it easy and relax…..like the day our Rangers got eliminated, the sun will come up again the next morning.

  282. mentioned earlier that refs seem to be
    allowing A LOT of those extra whacks
    on the goalie this year.

    anyone else notice this trend
    or am i imagining it?

  283. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO INFINITY

  284. leetchhalloffame on

    Not that I really care but nice to see Habs, Blomez and his zero playoff goals in 7 game series knocked out of the big show.

  285. iDoodie machetto on

    Congrats to lw3h, who I believe is the winner of the playoff prediction contest. I’m still feel like a winner with my best ever performance of 7 for 8 with four series’ number of games correctly predicted. Also, pittsburgh lost, so that’s always a plus.

  286. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    where was cooke in the handshake line did I miss him (sarcasm)

  287. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    Caps will finally see a team that can score goals. Should be a tough transition for them haha.

  288. The best part of this is, the Pens blew a 3-1 lead in the series! Bwahaha! Losers!

    Hopefully Roloson doesn’t die of old age in the middle of the series. He needs to stand on his head.

    Should be interesting to see the Tampa D unit who has to shut down the top line. G-Stahl did a good job.

  289. JimboWoodside on

    “Bolts/Caps Preds/Nucks

    Flyers/Bruins Sharks/Wings

    Good stuff!”

    Thanks, Orr – some really interesting matchups there – should be fun!

  290. i think we all could agree the next team we all want out is the flyers and those pieces of carcillo

  291. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    caps and nucks in 6
    sharks in 7
    tasty cakes in 5

  292. billybleedsblue on

    Hmmm… Flyers/Bruins… guess the best outcome would be for the Penguins team golf-trip plane to crash into the Wells Fargo center during game one… Hmmm… Tragic.

  293. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I really hate the flyers as well. I think thomas’ flopping is a bad combination against the flyers snipers.

  294. JimboWoodside on

    I think the Flys are better than Boston – but they were better than the Sabres, too – and they almost lost that series. If their goalies keep failing, they could easily lose.

  295. billybleedsblue on

    I don’t know why, but it would make me die laughing if when JR turns to Iron Mike and says “Wouldn’t you say, Mike?” that Keenan would turn and just smack the stupid off JR’s face and say, “Ehhh, SHA-DUP!”

  296. JimboWoodside on

    It would be funny, but Mike wants to keep this gig going, so I doubt if he’s gonna do that! ;-D

  297. Olga Folkyerself on

    Keenan needs the job because his Ranger Coaching return fell thru with Tortorella’s new Contact.

  298. Carp – Can you do a “Game Review” of your grades/post and the conversation from today – so I have something to look forward to tomorrow morning? Please ….

    This is going to be such a long summer ….

  299. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, 3CP – the only way round 1 could have been better is if the Rangers were still playing…and if the Sabres won game 7.

  300. Olga Folkyerself on

    Shane Churla was the Rangers Brashear of his era. MEP of the Rangers…

    Most Embarrassing Player

  301. JimboWoodside on

    Who was he playing for in 1994? They mentioned Pavel Bure giving him “the mother of all elbows” in the playoffs.

  302. Olga Folkyerself on

    Came to NY in possibly the second worst trade the Rangers made:

    1996-Mar-14 Shane Churla Traded from Los Angeles Kings with Jari Kurri and Marty McSorley to New York Rangers for Ray Ferraro, Nathan LaFayette, Ian Laperriere, Mattias Norstrom and round 4 pick in the 1997 draft

  303. billybleedsblue on

    Kurri was pretty amazing player…too bad we didn’t have him 10 years earlier…

  304. JimboWoodside on

    Aha! Dallas, eh? I remember McSorley and Jari Kurri, but Churla is not registering in my memory banks – he mustn’t have done much with the Rangers….Boy, they gave up a lot to get some old guys….whew!

    Thanks, Olga.

  305. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, Kurri was great – so was Bure, but yeah, many years before we got them! By the time they got here, they were done.

  306. Olga Folkyerself on

    Yeah, like Gretzky, Jagr, Fleury, Guy LaFleur, Marcel Dionne, Bure, Shanahan, Esposito, and even (ugh) Lindros. I’m sure there are many more examples of older greats finally playing too late for the Rangers.

  307. JimboWoodside on

    Ken Hodge, Bobby Rousseau, Mark Messier (he at least helped us get that cup) and a lot more, I’m afraid – but you have some good ones there – The New York Rangers, the elephant’s graveyard of once-great hockey players.

  308. JimboWoodside on

    Hell, we had Bryan Trottier as a coach for a few minutes – that was pretty jarring for my psyche, I have to tell you….

  309. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers are still the Elephant’s Graveyard, and Sather is the one shoveling in the dung now.

  310. JimboWoodside on

    Well, I hope we’ve gotten away from that practice with Torts on board…..but ya never know…

  311. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Olga that was awefully depressing to read all those NHL players who came to the NYR semi-retirement home, AKA “The Greatest Arena on Earth.”

  312. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sad but true, CBRF.

    There are more, those are just the ones that came to mind readily.

  313. JimboWoodside on

    Luc Robitaille, who was very good before he came here, then he got lousy while he was here, then got very good again after he left us!

  314. I know he doesn’t rank with most of those names but how about Tim Kerr. He threw up 4 consecutive 50+ goal season for Philthy and another for 48.
    We were lucky enough to get his last 7 goals. Washed up and a former Flyer how bad is that.

    Now I’m reading on wiki that his wife died(30) the year before he came to NY and I kind of remember that and I’m feeling pretty stupid.

  315. Idiots…..all of you rooting for Boston (a city I love fyi) don’t have a Boston-bred cousin (who I love btw) shoving the Bruins win down your throat. Fargin Habs. The only upside to losing my bet with him is that he lives in Florida so I’ll buy him dinner down there.


  316. JimboWoodside on

    Mama, I have no relatives (that I know of!) in Boston, and unlike how things were in the early 70’s, the Bruins have not been a major tormentor of the Rangers for years.

    The Habs, however, are eternal torturers of Ranger teams, even when they have a whole team full of smurfs, like now. And their fans are schmucks, too….

  317. Don’t wanna be a jerk but what more could Dan Girardi have done to gotten an A? And I’m a jerk about Torts (because lets face it, he IS a jerk) but yes the team worked really hard and that was great–but “years and years” is really just years. Those Tom Renney teams that made the 2nd round busted their asses, and one year under Torts of the team out of the playoffs has made everyone completely forget that while we sugarcoat our rebuilding process (which is going well, but unquestionalbly started under Renney).

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