Day After Break-up Day: Some leftover player quotes


Got a big, big meeting this morning, with you know who …

So, didn’t want the actual first day of the off-season to go without a post … plus I had some player quotes to transcribe from yesterday.

Here is my column from The Journal News and today.

Fore, right!


Dan Girardi:

On getting through Game 5 with a mangled finger (he had it wrapped yesterday) and another bruise on his leg:

“It was pretty tough, but it was that time of year where we needed everyone to be playing and everyone to be playing hard. It’s just, kind of, suck it up and battle through whatever you have. Everyone’s nicked up here and there. It’s just what you have to do at this time of year.”

Does he need any further medical treatment?:

“No, just rest it, make sure it doesn’t get infected. That’s it.”

“Just got to take it easy. A couple weeks here pretty much, marinating, doing nothing, just let everything heal. Then spend some good quality time with the family in the summer.”

On what Tortorella said, that he was the best defenseman in the series:

“I don’t … I just tried to play my game, play hard, do my best to help the team win. To get that compliment from Torts is obviously, it’s quite a big deal for me as a player, that he sees my game improving, and playing well, and that he knows that I can play that way. It’s definitely good to get those comments.”

“It’s not the finish we wanted, got knocked out early. But I think we really had a good year with our resilience and staying with the gameplan and not getting away from it. We came back a lot this year and had a lot of comeback wins; obviously a lot of injuries, but guys came in and played the spots, did their jobs right. We got in the playoffs, and that’s all that really matters. Get in the playoffs and anything can happen there.

“Moving forward, we’ve got a good group of guys that have been together a couple of years. Obviously you want to get farther every year, but the main thing is to try and have a good year and get into the playoffs.”

“We do have a fairly young team and obviously we have some older guys to help us along the way, help guys like myself, Staalsie, Cally, Dubi, to start taking on some of that leadership role. And as a core group of the team, we’ve got to take responsibilty and be leaders and play well to help the team win, and not just kind of keep relying on that we’re still really young and still growing. I think we’ve got to be ready. That’s the way our team is built now, on some youth and some guys who have been here a while, like ourselves. We’ve just got to make sure we’re heading the guys in the right direction.”

“That’s got to help you as a player, knowing the team’s putting some extra expectations on you. … I love having that responsibility and being able to show what I can do under those circumstances.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

“When I look back at the series, it definitely wasn’t a 4-1 series. We were right there almost every game and we had an opportunity to win some games. But we didn’t grab it. That’s very frustrating and disappointing to lose and be out this early. We just have to learn from it.”

“Our biggest opportunities were in Game 1 and Game 4, where we had a chance to win. When you play a good team like Washington you really need to grab that opportunity. All year we were pretty good in the third period with the lead.”

“It’s always a weird feeling when it’s over. It’s really intense and so exciting, and the next day it’s all over. It’s weird.”

“Overall it was a good year, a fun year. A great group. It was a great feeling to reach the playoffs and be back there again and feel the atmosphere and excitement, especially playing at home. It’s hard to be really satisfied, though. You lose in the first round. The goal this year was to have a good run in the playoffs. And I think we had a chance. We didn’t get it done.

I asked him of the team goes into next year in a better position because the foundation of the identity of the team is in place:

“Oh, I haven’t thought about next year yet. I think, hopefully it carries over. There’s a lot of contracts that need to be signed here, and obviously we don’t know what the team’s going to look like next year, yet. But the foundation is there. We have a lot of good young hockey players who hopefully will keep  improving and hopefully just learn from this year and the past years and get better and smarter. Me personally, like I said, with this year I’m happy with the way I played. Of course, some games could have been better. But overall I played a lot of hockey and I’m pretty happy with the performance.”

On progress from two years ago to this year, both resulting in first-round losses to Washington:

“I think we were closer this time, but it was  a 4-1 series. It’s weird the way it works. This time around we definitely had a chance. Two years ago, I felt the difference between the teams was bigger. We just didn’t manage to get it done in a couple of games here. We had a really big opportunity to win. But when I look back at the six years I’ve been here, the team has changed a lot. A lot of new players. I feel now with the core we have, with a lot of young defensemen, really good defensemen and skilled forwards, we definitely have something to build on. But again, you start next year, and it’s hard to say we’re going to be good for two or three years because every summer a lot changes.”

“Right now it’s just disappointment. It’s hard to be satisfied when you lose this early. We wanted to be playing right now. Two weeks ago we were so excited to be in the playoffs, and now it’s all over. So it was a quick turnaround. I’m going to sit down and think about my year and about what I can do better and try to improve next year.”

“I felt good. I felt like I was in a good place physically and mentally and going down the stretch I wanted to play every game. I wanted to be out there and help the team. There was no question that I didn’t want to sit on the bench and rest. I wanted to be out there and play.”

“I think early on I got a lot of rest. It was different. I wasn’t used to sitting out, play a few games, then sit out a game. It was definitely different mentally. In the long run it was good for me, and I think in the future I just have to get used to it. Our goal is still to play for another month and a half. I think that’s the time when it’s really going to pay off.”

“This year is the first time I’ve felt, you’re not going to have that many opportnities. I’m getting older. I’m still 29, but you also realize, to get a great team together — you need some bounces too, to get there — that’s what I’m talking about, when the opportunity’s there you need to grab it. As you get older you realize you really need to grab it because you don’t know when it’s coming next time. But, hopefully I have another 1o years. I don’t know. I don’t know how long I’ll play. But we have a good group here. Yes, we need to improve, but it’s a start and we’ll see what happens over the summer. A lot of contracts are up. We’ll see how the team’s going to look next year.”

I asked him if the prime of a career of a goalie starts a little later, or lasts a little longer, than a skater’s prime.

“I don’t know. We’ll see if I get better or worse. No, I think if you look at other goalies, yeah, a lot of guys, they improve as they get older because you learn the game better, you learn  how you work as a person, because such a big part is the mental part. And when you realize that — not realize, but you get smarter, how you approach games, how you approach the pressure, just being able to mentally be in a good place. I don’t think you get better technically as you get older. I don’t think you get faster. I don’t think I’m faster now compared to when I was 22. But mentally, I think I’ve grown, so I think that’s the biggest part.”

I assured him that I had covered a few goalies who got dumber as they got older.

He cracked up. “I get smarter. I don’t know about your goalie buddies.”

On getting married:

“Getting older. I’m growing up, I guess. It’s time.”

Said he would take a few days to decide on World Championships, though there were reports last night that he wouldn’t play.

Then the same guy started asking him restaurant questions. Unlike Avery, and typically like Lundqvist, he gave some straight answers, even though he didn’t look comfortable talking about his new side business.

Vinny Prospal:

On where he’s going to be playing next September:

“I didn’t know where I was going to be last September. So it’s the way it is. I mean, I’m not 26 anymore. So it goes from year to year and, like I said, hopefully I’ll be back here. This is a fun team to play on and I’d like to continue here.”

On his knee allowing him to get through a season:

“That was one reason I said no to the World Championship, to make sure that I’ll train as much as possible to make sure there is strength in the leg, that I’ll play as many games as possible. I don’t really intend to go through what I went through last year  when it gave out on me after the first two day of training camp.”

“You can do stuff to prevent that, that’s to make sure your quad muscles are strong.”

“Let’s put it this way, I really had no time not to produce. If I wanted to play and get some ice time … when you pronounce yourself healthy to play, you have to go out there and be a factor, and even though it was like a roller coaster, up and down, I still scored some goals, put up some points, so it’s something that I was hoping for, to get an opportunity like that, because it could have gone the other way as well. Maybe I would have to tell you there’s no chance I would be back.”

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  1. “It caught on quick. I guess it’s a good one. I like it. That’s something we were saying all year. ‘It’s just pain’ kind of an ongoing slogan.”

    ummmm…Brandon? Maybe you should copyright that slogan and sell it to Nike before I do.

  2. There are some amazing series going on and tonight is going to be one heck of a hockey night. Who is excited?

  3. True Blue Mike on

    Jussi Joikenen-Stepan-Callahan


    This is the team i want to see next season.

  4. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    1. With thre Kings gone, we should all be rooting for the Sabres and Canucks. They came into the league in 1970 and have never won a cup. 41 years may not be 54 years, but it is bad.
    2. Translation of Tort’s comments…goodbye Drury, Prospal, McCabe, Eminger, hello Richards, welcome back Gilroy, Feds, MDZ
    3. I agree Manny…the next two nights are must see TV for hockey fans

  5. True Blue: Oh great – More Jokinen’s. Went so well last time! Just kidding.

    I like that team. A lot.

  6. Ugh, 3 days later and the wound is still fresh.

    Hopefully, the Hawks will complete Vancouver’s inevitable choke job tonight. It would serve as at least somewhat of a consolation to me, not to mention highly entertaining, to see 1/2 of Canada spin its wheels as a result.

  7. Morning gang!

    I feel like it will never stop raining here. 5 straight days nd counting.

    Happy natal day to Dubi and the Blockness Monster!

  8. And This One Will Last A Lifetime:

    1. You know i was rooting for the Canucks but now I really don’t know….The Blackhawks are doing something incredible and I am kind of swept up in it…

    2. Go Sabres. They are against my most hated team (second = Bruins) and they are likable and have never won a cup. AND their fans post here and are nice people!

  9. Says Captain Clutch to his passengers on the HMS Clutch, “Buyout ahoy!”.

    I saw something on Larry Brooks’ recent article about our offseason plans for our RFA’s and for July 1st (National Glen Sather day) that said “if Redden signs his retirement papers before July” – is this just him pontificating or has anyone else read something about Redden retiring this offseason?

  10. billybleedsblue on

    A little note to anyone thinking/saying/typing that Lundqvist wants a move: You either a) are clueless, or, b) are a troll and need to go away.

    Anyone else notice that during the NBC coverage when our top D pair was out there, they were referred to “Girardi and Staal” as opposed to our usual MSG coverage the other way around? Torts wasn’t the only one to notice who was number one.

    Oh, and I voted Rangers in 6 last night. :D

  11. Lundqvist is a Ranger and will be for life. He’s just pleading the case to get in someone who can score and take some of the expectation off Gabby/Cally/Dubi. In fact almost all the break-up interviews i read could be interpreted as “calling Brad Richards!”

  12. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    True Blue Mike,

    I love your proposed roster for next year…but I don’t think Prospal will be coming back. Everything else looks pretty decent though. I also think Avery will find his way on the roster.

    Again…bring Richards here for no more than 4 years and sign me up.

  13. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Some people dream about Richards being a Star and ask why, I prefer to dream about Richards being a ranger and ask why not?

  14. Shoryuken on Glen Sather on

    On Blueshirts United’s photo gallery from yesterday, photo 3, my gawd that’s Carp behind Drury!

  15. Mike – its not far off what i’d expect. The D is spot on, i think Gilroy will be offered 2 years at $1.25 per – although i’d love it if Valentenko or McIlrath come in to provide some snarl.
    Maybe take off Prospal and Jokinen and replace with Avery hopefully one of the youngsters comes to camp and grabs the other spot.

  16. Nice – Panic moves! Trade Everybody! Get 1 Start and pair them with Gaborik and Drury and make the three play the whole 60 minutes!

  17. Paul G. in Sunrise on

    TB Mike – Based on cap issues, I expect Hagelin or Weise to make the team next year and I don’t expect to see Prospal back unless as an assistant coach.

    Maybe Drury will retire to his pizza shack in Connecticut and be an assistant coach in Hartford for the Whale for a one year $5M contract…(that is what he is owed). Maybe Redden will void his contract with the hope to be a free agent and sign elsewhere instead of being in Hartford next season. One can dream….

  18. Hey Here is a great trade Idea:

    Lundqvist/Dubi/Cally/Staal/Girardi/Sauer/Stepan and Coach Sullivan to the Lightning for STamkos – Twist – We pay all the contracts!

  19. Eddie – you need medication. It keeps me happy. I started during period 3 of game 4.

  20. Guys (and ladies)… I have a serious question that I need some advice on…

    I sold something on Ebay a week ago. I sent it out; the woman received it. She had a problem with part of it. So I am replacing it for her and sending it out today. Through this process, we have exchanged emails and gotten a bit personal. Okay, on to what I need help with…

    I recognized her last name as the last name of a famous person. And because it’s an uncommon last name (surname), I looked up the person I thought that she might be related to. Well, it turns out that she is indeed the wife of this famous sports figure. I’d like to email her and ask something like “You probably will not know who I am talking about, but are you related to (insert famous person name)? I am a great admirer of his work.”

    Now, she’s 60+ years old, and my only hope in doing this is like networking. Im hoping she can get to know me a little better, and maybe I can network that into some sort of job in the sports industry.

    Any thoughts?

  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tiki – explain that you are a stalker, and you need some personal info… Name, address, pin number etc etc…. And that your intent is not to hurt her, but to help her.

  22. LMAO Eduardo! Forget it, just forget it. It was stupid anyway. And i didnt stalk anyone! I just looked up a famous person’s wikipedia and saw that my ebay customer was his wife! All I was looking to do was attempt to network and try to get a little toe (instead of a foot) into the sports industry. :)

  23. Tiki! You only get one chance at stuff like this. One Chance. So go for it – Say sorry to intrude but…….wow…..admirer….great……

    and certainly don’t tell her off! Old people are sensitive.

    Eduardo – crosby estas comidas un huevos racheros.

  24. Carp, I wish I was seeing Mr Titleist today!! Such a nice day for golf…instead I’m sturck preparing for the SEC to come in to our offices…Fun!

    What’s with the obsession over signing Richards? It’s a moot point…

    It sounds like a good idea…but it’s not….kind of like Drury and Gomez except more expensive and bigger expectations to succeed…

  25. Hate to say it, but Larry Brook’s article today was pretty dead on, as was the eulogy for the Rangers on Yahoo. This team needs talent. No matter how patient the management is with these kids, none of them are breakout stars like Kane, Toews, Stamkos, or that Islander kid.

    Time for Drury to make the most clutch move of his career and retire.

    LGR in 11-12!

  26. Agreed Chris F. Gaborik is the most talented offensive player on the roster, and he needs help.

  27. I would love drury to retire and stay in the franchise. Advise the younger guys. I honestly think he has had a great career. Got paid for it well too! He is a great, clutch player, but I think he is ready for the next step in life – management. I can almost see him being like an adam graves and doing philanthropy for awhile. However, he,y if he wants to work his butt off and bring that fire back that I saw in the NJ series, BRING IT!

  28. Let Drury run the concession stands at MSG and become a new announcer in the studio. Bill Pidto could use a rest.

  29. i think running the concession stands at msg for the next few years will be harder than being 1st line center for the team!

  30. Haha – that very well might be true! Putting the pretzels into those beer cups is definitely not an easy job.

  31. Drury will NOT retire just because Sather wants to bring Richards! Forget it!

    Drury WILL be on this team next season.

  32. “What’s with the obsession over signing Richards?”

    Two things. The team needs a legitimate first line center and he is one. Also, have you seen what’s available in the free agent market? Not much. He’s really the only player available in free agency that’s worth adding to the team.

    So, with Torts saying more than once that the team needs to add skill to the roster by either trade or free agency then the media and everybody else is going to speculate that it’s going to be Richards that they’re going after.

  33. If it is about just money, and not about the desire to continue playing hockey (or any sport), Ill never understand why a team – in this instance, the Rangers – does not just go to the player – in this case, Drury – and say I’ll pay you your $7 million for “other services” if he retires and takes himself off of our books. ???

    1. Drury retires
    2. Rangers management signs him in an advisory role – which means, he sits at home, plays with his kids, watches Yankees baseball – for $7 million.

  34. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    Torts’ break-up day comments gave me more of a belief that Drury will be bought out.

  35. CCCharlie: This happens to so many teams in every off-season.

    You said: “The team needs a legitimate first line center and he is one. Also, have you seen what’s available in the free agent market? Not much. He’s really the only player available in free agency that’s worth adding to the team.”

    Exactly – there isn’t much out there and why take the best of a bad bunch – come on. This team is not built for the RIGHT NOW. We can continue to grow and get the right team together without signing a player coming off a head injury plagued season. I see far too many teams make bad move to get better *now* and when those work out you really set yourself back.

  36. I am not disagreeing with you! I am just saying – if the perfect piece isn’t out there….let’s wait and develop and see what becomes available when a bad team with a good player doesn’t make the playoffs and gives up.

  37. It will also kill the “no player on the team with serious head injury history” stone.

  38. Cross Check Charlie

    Why Richards? Certainly, there are younger players with skill that can be acquired via trade. We have the assets. Plus by bringing in Richards, Stepan and Artie are pushed down the depth chart…makes no sense if you are trying to build a team around youth…

    I think we need more goal scoring talent on the wing…we need finishers…

    We need to make sure that any new acquisition is the best move for the long haul, not just to make it to the second round next year…

  39. Good crack of noon, Carp! When do you need our “after” photos by?

    LMAO @ “I’m not 26 anymore”

  40. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    go for it. If anyone can be tactful yet inquisitive it is you. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!!

  41. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    hey sally!

    and yes carp, when do the after photos need to be submitted?

  42. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    “We got in the playoffs and that is all that really matters.” I would strip a letter from any player of mine who made a public or private quote like that. And the shame of it is that Dan Girardi plays his heart out, plays to win and sacrifices his body toward the objective of winning, more than anyone else on the team,kif you tabulate the hits and the blocked shots. What really matters, Dan is WINNING THE STANLEY CUP. PERIOD!

  43. MannyFried

    so you’re saying that Richards is damaged goods because he had a *minor* concussion like symptoms this season? So based on that, Crosby is finished as player then?

  44. Well, CT, some of these names have been dropped here before:


    Those are the guys I would go hard after, as far as centers go…

  45. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I agree with cccp on the two birds one stone thing.

    I think slats makes a draft day trade…..just a hunch!

    btw, morning ILB and all!!

  46. I don’t think that the Avs trade Statsny at this point. If Chris Stewart can be part of a package that includes a recent #1 overall/borderline elite D, then the Rangers are most likely looking at giving up Staal and other assets for Stastny. Plus it seems like the Avs overrated a bit what they had in the rest of their squad. Thus Statsny and Duchene will be their anchors on offense.

    Pavelski, I think he could be a good center. Game changer? Not completely sold. Given the talent he gets to play with and the lesser competition he gets to face playing under the Sharks top line, I’m not sure exchanging what would multiple core assets for someone that basically puts up Dubinsky + 10-15 points is worth it.

    Carter is an interesting choice. I think outside the Flyers he would still put up solid numbers. 30+ goals and 70 points if not more. Flyers also have a cap squeeze coming up. The question is whether the Flyers would do that deal with a division rival.

  47. NYR – great list. Carter is a player I would salivate over. He would improve our 4-on-4 1,000% immediately.

    All I am saying is that Richards 32, expensive and probably asking for a commitment into his mid-late 30’s. I don’t want to sign someone that we have to carry as dead weight and yes….he did have some head issues and with the Stars not making the playoffs we don’t know how much that really effected him and if he could have played his best after the regular season.

  48. Statsny, Pavelski, Carter are all signed through 13/14! All of them are major players for their respective teams… why would any of them be on a trading block?

  49. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    BTW x2, I meant tiki go for it not ILB, sorry all!!

  50. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    Any of you Deadspin readers must have loved this from the morning round-up:

    “Going to seven: the Lightning even things up with Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, Sidney Crosby accidentally looked at a desk lamp and gave himself a blinding headache.”

  51. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I vote for more, timely, replacement parts being put into place next season, consistent with the gutsy, forward-looking pieces in the puzzle that were implemented, this season. It starts with recognizing which players definitely (apology for the correct spelling) will NOT be part of our Stanley Cup championship puzzle, and letting them go, now, understanding that some of them are marginal decisions and could make a contribution here in 2011-2012.

    I like Avery, but he definitely (ooops) will not be here in two years, when we be getting the first of several really big shots at winning it all. Also Drury, Mc Cabe, Eminger, Prospal, and a couple others on the bubble should be axed now, and not allowed to take valuable roster space which could go to a talented kid. Valentenko, Grachev, etc., let’s not hold them up, let’s find out what they’ve got, now, so that they have the experience and can make a tangible contribution in two years when we become a force in the this league.

    One thing I am looking for is this club, whatever it’s fringe roster composition, making a serious run at the divisional title, this coming season. Pitt and Philly seem to be peaking, this year, and the Rangers are in perfect position to start picking up the pieces as the top two start their downward slide.

  52. CT – Don’t forget the Lindros trade. Though I think they were fed up with him and also considered him damaged goods.

  53. Olga Folkyerself on

    News Flash! Crosby Update….

    Crosby and Bob Hope sign to do one more road movie- “Road to Pittsburgh” Also starring Dorothy L’Amour as a piece of Carcillo named Cooke.

  54. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I haven’t been jonsing for a Crosby update this bad since I stopped drinking paint… Thx Noah, for the boost

  55. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The boogyman skipping the worlds?.. I don’t believe it for 1 second, unless he is thinking about the intergalactic tourney in lieu of….

  56. Manny – It’s not only the fact that Richards is the best one out there that drives the speculation. It’s the fact that Torts mentioned it more than once in his conference that they should go after a skilled player.

    NYR_FAN – “Why Richards? Certainly, there are younger players with skill that can be acquired via trade. ” Simply because all Richards costs you is money – not players or draft picks. If you want a Stastny you have to give up a Callahan and more. If you sign a Richards you give up Dolan’s money.

    I’m not saying that I think they should sign Richards. I’m saying the reason that everybody is saying that the team is going after him is because Torts mentioned going after a skilled player and he’s really the only out there that you can get through free agency.

    Even though, if they do sign Richards, at least they are not trying to sign a player and putting him in a position that is above his abilities. With Gomez and Drury, that’s what they did.

  57. so hypothetically speaking?what will it take to trade for a guy like Carter?


    C3, hypothetically, maybe, Wolski and a 1st? :)

  58. OK everyone watch this:

    It is a highlight reel from last year. What is eminently clear here is how Gaborik scores his goals: a ton via quick hands in front of or around the net, a bunch where he gets passes either to or from the wing and snipes away after maybe a stride or two, and breakaways. He does not stickhandle through an entire team and score. He does not carry the puck in himself and score. He is not a setup guy, not even remotely. He is a finisher, pure and simple. On the PP, he scored a bunch of goals just by going to the net and pouncing on rebounds. This year he was placed out by the top of the circle and no point shots got through anyway. Last year he got loads of passes entering the offensive zone that he just finished; this year the team focused completely on defense, and played dump and chase and grind it out below the circles which neutralizes his speed.

    I think he lost some confidence during the year. But I think he himself is correct – he doesn’t have anybody to play with and the style of play is appropriate for the third line, maybe even the second, but not the top line.

  59. CCCP, for Carter, given the Flyers cap constraints I’d imagine it takes a package centered around Stepan+McDonagh+Kreider to keep their GM from blocking Sather’s number.

  60. Yes, I was kidding…

    It would probably take a Dubinsky or a Girardi….and a draft pick

  61. Dubinsky and Girardi a pick does not get you Carter. It also worsens the Flyers cap situation.

  62. Uh Boom Boom-

    “We got in the playoffs and that is all that really matters.”

    Considering, Girardi played his heart out in the playoffs and his next sentence is “Get in the playoffs and anything can happen there.”
    Ya think you might taking that a bit out of context, uh just a thought.

  63. I see your point, Cross Check Charlie…

    I just think the conventional “wisdom” linking Richards to NYR is something the “old” Rangers would do, i.e. pre-Torts. If Slats and Torts believe that Richards should be the centerpiece of the franchise, then NYR will get him. However, I’m not conviced that Torts thinks that way…

  64. If all we are spending is Dolan’s money then Spend away my friend! Just don’t forget about that pesky cap and that we might need some flexibility during the season!

  65. True Blue Mike on

    Guys im going to apply for Sathers job, here is the resume i will be sending to Dolan!

    Dear Mr. Money Bags,

    The Rangers will win the cup next season with me as GM. Here is how it goes. We hire mercenaries to kidnap Redden, Drury. We then trade Lundqvist, Anisomov and a 1st round pick (we wont need it since will have the 30th pick and we suck at drafting anyway) to the Flyers for Chris Pronger, Jeff Carter and Claude Giroux. We then sign Brad Richards by lurning him in using Torterella and trade him Stepan and Wolski and the 2013 First round pick to Detroit for Nick Lindstrom and Pavel Datsyuk. Stay with me here money bags… next, before we send Hank on his way we infect him with sometime of disease that makes him let in 12 goals a game minimmum up until the trade deadline, at the trade deadline we then trade a bag of pucks and Erik Christensen for lundqvist. Next make sure MDZ learns how to play hockey and stop snorting cocaine and drinking after each game just until the trade deadline , that will probably help his offense, then we trade him and gilroy to Anaheim for Correy Perry. Then we trade the broken Gaborik for Bobby Ryan, fair trade eh? sorry about that im actually not canadien. Tell kreider college is for girls and have him play.So here is our team.

    Dubinsky-Jeff Carter-Bobby Ryan
    Perry-Pavel Datsyuk-Callahan
    Carl Hagelin-Claude Giroux-Kreider



    We win the Cup, you make money. Everybody wins


    P.S. — I think we may just have to payoff a few people to forget about that silly salary cap thing, no biggie youll make it all back with your 23% hike in ticket prices for next season.

    Haha philosophy class gets boring so this is what i do.

  66. Only critique: “we then trade a bag of pucks and Erik Christensen” – aren’t those the same thing?

  67. That is brilliant man. They should put that in the NY Post as a letter to the editor

  68. Mister Delaware on

    I’m sure Richards would improve the roster, but the cost just seems too high. Paying $7MM to a high assist total center with no career 30 goal seasons reminds me of the time we paid $7MM for a high assist total center with one career 30 goal season.

  69. True Blue Mike on

    Yeah, i really wanted Richards but everyday we get closer to July 1st and i want him less because i remember they day we signed Drury and Gomez and how excited i was… what a false sense of hope

  70. Richards 2 birds with 1 stone idea.
    1. Single handly killing our cap for the long term
    2. Aging injury prone star
    Sign him What could go wrong?

  71. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I’m sure we will have no shot at carter because he will be traded to vancouver in the luongo deal!

  72. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I wouldn’t mind richards for 3 yrs. I still think 3 forwards and 2 d men are needed.

  73. no to Richards. he’s injured, concussed, past his prime, going to want more years on his contract, etc. Just not worth it

  74. Something was just brought to my attention. Because of Wolski’s age his buyout is calculated at 1/3 the remaining contract value rather 2/3 for older players. Thus Wolski’s buy out cap hit would only be $667K for the next 2 years. A pretty hefty savings from his full $3.8M cap hit.

  75. If that is true CT that is one of the most brilliant things you have ever enlightened me with!

  76. Richards 2 birds with 1 stone idea.
    1. Single handly killing our cap for the long term
    2. Aging injury prone star
    Sign him What could go wrong?


    what? *HE IS ONLY 30 YEARS OLD!!* Lundqvist is 29! That’s it!

    Richards has played less than 72 games only *ONCE* (56)! He played in 80 games last season and 72 games this season! He’s a playoff MONSTER! 62 points (21 goals) in 63 games!

    Killing our cap? I bet if he signs with the Rangers, it’ll be for less than we pay Drury – the real cap killer!

    and for what he will bring to this team (Skill and PPQ ability) it’ll be worth it!

  77. That is true, CTB….I’m very busy at work, no time to chime in. Just catching up with you, guys. I’ll give my $0.02 when I get some time. But as per CBA, for players younger than 26, the buy out is at 1/3 of their salary.

  78. bull dog line on

    on the Richards debate,
    count me as one who thinks signing Richards is a no brainer. I understand how some may be a little gun shy about signing him, you know with all the success on previous free agents, but I think Richards fits the Rangers need perfectly. on the age debate. Mark Messier was 31 when the Rangers traded for him. eventually when building with youth you need to add from outside. there is no Stamkos in the Rangers system. they need to go trade or free agent to add big time players.

  79. Right 31 May 2, 2011 so if he joins the team he will turn 32 during (hopefully assuming a playoff run) the season. Thus his contract would run through 36ish.

  80. Doing, the math: By buying him out, they save $3.33M next year(cap hit $467K), and that leaves only $667K cap hit for 2012-2013. There is no reason to pay $4M (cap hit $3.8M) for a player that will be used as a 3rd-4th liner, if that is what Torts is planning to use him for.

  81. I am neither for nor against the Richards signing. I am trying to gather as much information as possible to make a wise decision (since my opinion doesn’t matter at all).

  82. how old is Drury? How old is Gaborik?

    Richards has at least 4-5 good years left in him… at least! stop saying that he’s old!

  83. Right it was 467K for the first year. That’s a no brainer. Wojtek Wolski we hardly knew ye.

  84. This is one of my fears ORR!! Guys at his age know that renegotiating in 5 years could be deadly to his career. He wants to use the leverage he has now. Maybe we can convince him to prove his injury is over and sign for 2-3 but it’s unlikely in my humble opinion.

  85. CCCP – I am not saying he’s old. He’s my age! I am just saying – let’s look at how long he wants to sign for because based on his age I would be worried – his window is closing for long term, high money contract possibilities.

  86. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I agree with ILB on wolski, if he is going to be a 3rd/4th liner with torts, he should be a goner. If we trade gabby (I doubt we do, although I wouldn’t mind it), then I keep wolski no matter what.

    If I’m not mistaken, doesn’t gabby have a good year then a bad year then a good year type thing going on?? If that is the case, we are good to go next year!

  87. Let me tell you something else. By buying out Drury, Wolski and Avery, they free up $8M in cap space next year. While that leaves around $3M cap hit for 2012-2013, that will not be a big issue since most of the core RFAs will be signed this year. Not to mention, that will be a new CBA year. There is a good chance that might be a non-issue, or less of an issue then.

  88. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I think one thing to remember on richards, is his relationship with torts. I think the player and coach know each other and understand each other. If it won’t be beneficial to the rangers or if he is damaged goods, I honestly think it won’t happen if for no other reason than they do know each other fairly well!

  89. noonan

    i NEVER wanted Jagr gone! He was the best thing that happened to this franchise in a long time!

    I think Richards could be “Jagr” like signing! He makes players around him better! He improves the team and plugs two holes on this team. PPQ and play-making center veteran with tons of experience! All for the price of one!

    But i agree… signing him for anything more than 5 years i won’t like.

  90. I know, bull dog, I’m going to hide now…I don’t dislike Avery. I just don’t think he strategically fits into this team’s plans. He is of very little relevance at the moment. This team simply outgrew him in terms of where he fits…Sorry, mama…

  91. Richards’ contract is going to be gargantuan…I’m thinking at least 5 years and at least a $7.5m cap hit…

    unless he takes a discount to play with Torts…

    LOL! One year would be perfect!!!

  92. bull dog line on

    I agree anything over 5 years is to much. I also agree about Jagr. in his short time here he became an all time Ranger.

  93. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    off to work, later assens!!

    Feel free to continue bantering among yourselves in my absence!

  94. ilb, I suppose my only question is whether Avery’s buyout cap hit is still shared by Dallas and NYR. If that’s the case then yes buying out those 3 would free up over $8M.

    Also, don’t forget there’s the issue of whether Boogaard returns. For someone who’s main role it is to give and take blows to the head, multiple concussions might have prematurely ended his career. That’s potentially another $1.6M opened up, so now they’re at slightly over $9.6M in cap space.

    The issue is what the cost will be for the players that replace those 4.

    Assuming those 4 buyouts you’d presumably have:

    C: Stepan, Ansimimov, Boyle, Christensen
    LW: Dubinsky, Prust, Zuccarello
    RW: Gaborik, Callahan
    D: Staal/Giradi, McDonagh/Sauer, Del Zotto
    G: Lundqvist, Biron

    With a total cap hit of about $46.3M (based on estimates to the RFAs and including buyout cap hits).

    You’re still looking for at least 3 forwards and 1 D to fill out a 20 man roster.

  95. Mister Delaware on

    “I don’t dislike Avery. I just don’t think he strategically fits into this team’s plans.”

    Doodie and I don’t agree on this one. Keeping him on the line with Boyle and Prust could work out nicely once they fully mesh. Avery behind the net, Boyle in the goalie’s face and Prust cleaning up could make for a decently potent 3rd line.

  96. Good afternoon all! Forever (love the name btw) good catch!!! Carp, you look tremendously tremendous. Hope you and Mr. T had a great day!

    Sorry I’m late to the party, but it’s been soooooo gorgeous here today, had to enjoy.

    We’ve said it before, but I think it bears repeating: Carp = Monster

    LGR! Keep Avery!!!!! (LOL, I couldn’t resist)

  97. Oh dear, belatedly scrolling up on comments, and I see I agree with ORR. WTB? BizzaroWorld again?

  98. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    2011 Offseason Blueprint:

    1) Buy out Drury, Wolski and Avery.

    2) Re-sign Dubinsky, Callahan, Boyle, Gilroy. Re-sign Fedotenko. Wish Prospal well.

    3) Sign Richards to no more than a 4-year deal.

    4) Make young’ns hit the weight room in offseason.

    5) Hope Del Zotto learned from his sophomore slump.

    6) Send Redden back to Redden-ville when it can be done (along with Boogaard).

    7) Develop Staal’s offensive skills.

    8) Thank me later!

  99. I’m on your side, Mama. I think Aves should come back. Mister Delaware has the right idea.

  100. Noah, um, not all bad, but don’t totally agree. Obviously on one point, not sure about Vinny, and 4 years is too long for Richards. Do I hear 2?!

  101. bull dog line on

    number 7 should read, develop Staals nasty side. to me that is the only thing keeping him from being truly dominant.

  102. The Doctor and all other Avery Supporters:

    I agree that if Avery decides to play behind the net like a Lacrosse player then *if* Boyle learns to park his rear in front of the goalie and Prust skates around scaring people into giving him the puck then that line could be totally worth it.

  103. Yeah, mama, I was ashamed typing it… Well, maybe I wasn’t as much ashamed as I was worried about my nose. Not that a little newspaper will make it any bigger :-)

  104. Yes Mama – we all are screaming 2! even 3! but his agent and Richards are smart and I expect them to start at 8 or something else nausea inducing.

  105. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    To be clear, I am actually an Avery fan. I just don’t know if he and Torts can be on the same page for an entire year after this year.

    Can we sign Richards for 20 years and just backload his contract under the guise that he will still be playing in 2032?


  106. ilb, for that kind of comment, I save up weeks of Sunday editions, not flimsy Mondays.

    noah, phew :) and LOL

    All, on Richards, I haven’t been for this from the start, but I’m beginning to rethink….however, NOT for a NTC OR NMC or extended anything that will hartnell us in the long run if he doesn’t work out. No more albtrosses, you dig!!

  107. Richards is too risky! Some goon on the Flys will run him and he’ll be concussed and there we sit. AGAIN. No way.

  108. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    I meant to say frontload, not backload. Pretty small difference there, oops.

    I’m obviously rooting for the Sabres tonight…but not just because of Philly. I do not want to see Zherdev have a longer playoff run than the Rangers. That would make me physically ill.

  109. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I said it yesterday, Richards 20 yes, $240,000,000. He will only be 51…. How easily we all forget gordie Howe.

  110. Changed my mind again…Marji, Yes! What NYR said!

    Olga, I’m still not talking to you……..

  111. Mister Delaware- you don’t need a player costing close to $2M per year to do that kind of work. Not to mention, he won’t be back a year after anyway…

    CTB- I wouldn’t buy Boogaard out. His cap ht may continue for six years, and it only saves us around $1M for next three years.

    Richards? Everyone assumes he will take a discount to come to NY and play for Torts. I doubt. It’ll be all business. Bet you Toronto will go hard after him, to name just one team. If he comes here, it will be a long contract and a lot of money. Not sure it’s the right move.

  112. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    At 240,000,000 – it’s quite afordable, Hank, the Prust, and Richards… We go 3 on 6…. The prust – come get your stanley cup.

  113. ilb, ahhh. We’re on the same page again. I’m now down to a Thursday paper (lots of ads)….

  114. If they sign Richards, I am going to be majorly (not Marjily!) annoyed! I thought the plan was to go with youth and endure the hiccups. Sure we need a 1st line guy but let’s not sign another player who’s on the down side of his career. Been there! Done that! No No No No!

  115. Carp is killing me! And everyone else here. I have to finish a master schedule for the new academic year that starts on July 1st for nearly 90 doctors and doctors-in-training. My research paper is about to be officially late. Did I mention I still have to attend to my daily activities? Did I also mention I have to catch up on every single RR post for the last two days? I’m out!

    Mama, this is just for you-the boat is on the deck as of this am :-)

  116. ilb, ahhhhhhhhhhhh! get me to the deck you doc!!! (LOL, get it, doc, dock…) eh, whatever :) I tried.
    daily activities: can’t mrs. ilb change the belly band :)

    Marji, I’m back on board with you. If we’re proven wrong, well, that would be first for me :)

    I gotta run too….later all! LGR!!


    I’m really considering going to Stockholm. Are any of you?

    I went to Prague and it was amazing, best trip of my life.

  118. Mister Delaware on

    “Mister Delaware- you don’t need a player costing close to $2M per year to do that kind of work. Not to mention, he won’t be back a year after anyway…”

    Well, the “work” is passing and such, which I sort of like him for. And its not really $2MM (unless you Whale him), its $2MM less the buyout of $600K which is sunk.

  119. Dan Girardi is not trade bait. Not every team needs a d-man whose main talent is getting hit by pucks.

    And this team should be thinking now-ish, or else they better draft themselves a marquee goalie. Richter won the cup at like 28, then started going downhill. I’m not saying Hank is done by any means, but three or four years from now will begin a slide…

  120. Marji – ” thought the plan was to go with youth and endure the hiccups. Sure we need a 1st line guy but let’s not sign another player who’s on the down side of his career.”

    from Torts ” If there’s an opportunity to add that piece that isn’t a kid, that will help you in a position, sure. But let’s not upset the building process of getting rid of all our kids for a ‘Maybe.’ ”
    “But you have to stay with your organizational philosophy, (which) is that we’re going to keep adding to the core, and I’m not saying it’s a rookie, I’m not saying it’s a young kid coming out … that doesn’t have to be added to the core. It may be a guy that you feel is the right guy for right now, for where your team is.”

    Again, I’m not saying that I’m all gung-ho to sign Richards, but from Torts speech it sounds to me that the person that he’s looking for has to be the right fit and if he’s not exactly a youngster, then it doesn’t matter.

    You can’t have all young players on the roster. That doesn’t work. Richards is only going to be 31. Some people make it sound like he’s 51.

    If that’s the person that Torts thinks he needs on the team then I value his judgement. I think Torts knows what he’s doing unlike the clowns that they’ve had in the organization previously.

  121. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    They can Redden Boogaard as well if need be.

    Though Boogaard did have as many goals as Drury this season. So maybe he should demand a raise?


  122. Torts got Fedotenko (an old friend) and now he wants Richards (an old friend). I am not against him getting people he is familiar with and that can lead the kids in the system. In fact, despite the negative start of this post, I think it’s a great idea.

    In Torts we Trust.

  123. Add Prospal to that list Manny.

    Maybe they can swap the Hobbit for Marty St. Louis too :)

  124. I think that Wolski and Kesler look alike so maybe we can knock them both out, give them amnesia and just swap them. They will never know the difference and we will have Kesler but call him Wolski.

  125. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    I cannot wait for the Canucks/Blackhawks game. My goodness should that be fascinating.

  126. It’s gonna be awesome. AWESOME.

    Same with Sabres/Flyers though. Could be some serious fighting in that game.

  127. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    Oh and happy end of Passover to all the tribesmen/women out there.

    I can’t wait to have a slice of pizza at sundown while watching all the action.

  128. I’m good Marji! Headaches and dizziness, but that’s to be expected. Thanks! I hope you are doing okay after the Rangers premature exit.

  129. just when this blog couldn’t get any more stupid we have people talking about Girardi as trade bait.

    2 game 7s!!!!

  130. Who said Girardi was trade bait? I am so confused. I clearly missed that crazy statement.

  131. czechthemout!!!! on

    No to Richards.

    Girardi is a number 5-6 dman on a very good team. As someone said earlier, his best talent is getting hit by pucks.

    Drury should be gone! Finally!

    Wolski gone.

    Prospal true warrior but should be shown the door.

    Avery should be kept for one more year.

    Gaborik should be traded to the Kings for Dustin Brown, Penner, and Bradon Schenn. Than Penner should be put on waivers or whaled or bought out.

    Stepan and McD should be lobbying hard for Kreider to leave BC at the world championships.

    I would also look to move Girardi and replace him Weisnewski who is a good pp postman and a good defensemen. Bring in vtank and MDZ and let them play.

  132. czech, I agree with much of your post, but not all (and, no, just not the Aves bit :) Question: Do we want Kreider now, when he’s maybe not quite ready (he seems to think not) and becomes a Whale, or do we wait one year and let him grow and come out swinging? Just asking……

    Latona, I have tix to the game, but getting to Sweden is another issue :)

  133. Why do so many people seem to think the Kings are itching to trade Brayden Schenn? Let alone in a package with the productive team captain who’s under a reasonable contract for another three years for a player with a NTC and coming off a down year.

  134. I actually have a funny story about the Prague Premiere. I actually booked my tour using the Lightning package, excluding the flight. It was cheaper and included more, both pertaining to hockey and pertaining to Prague, which was beautiful. I have Czechoslovak ancestry, so it was a neat experience. I have Swedish heritage as well. I got to meet Marty St. Louis, what an awesome guy. Truly. I have a couple autographed items from him. I also met Paul “The Disappearing” Ranger, Olaf Kozlig, and Radim Vrbata. There were a few others I didn’t get to. I was SNUBBED, however, by Lecavalier. Oh well.

  135. Latona, well, his name is cavalier :) LOL (or does that not work)….anyhoo, if I make it to Sweden, I’ll be with our wegian friend Krisy so I expect nothing but good times, like she brought to NY.

  136. “He has worked his bag off from the first day I met him,” (Michigan coach Red) Berenson said. “Never being told, never being pushed, never challenged. I haven’t seen a kid with a better work ethic from scratch than Carl Hagelin.”

  137. Yes – Torts’ ban on talking about firing Torts should be expanded to saying Girardi should be used as trade bait.

  138. I meant CARP’S Ban…not Torts. Although Torts probably hates talking about firing Torts also.

  139. JimboWoodside on

    Hey, folks – I heard something interesting on the radio the other day – something along the lines of “with the massive new television contract they just signed, it might allow the league to raise the salary cap next season”….

    I’m not sure who said it – it might have been Maloney or LaGreca during the between-periods break in one of the playoff games.

    So, if this is true, Glen might have a little more “wiggle room” during his summer vacation…?

  140. Oh Great – I will be sure to get out of work extra early to get there! We can tell whether they are buying out Drury or not by the amount of merchandise with #23 on it.

  141. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Canadiens got cheated out of a goal!! And they’re fans are throwing things on the ice! Yeah! Show the referees that they can’t get away with this!

  142. And NESN is lying and are bouchebags.

    Not only are they calling for a delay of game call because of the fans, they’re calling it a quick whistle. IT WASNT A quick whistle, it was a WRONG whistle. Thomas never had the puck, even for a millisecond.

  143. The only real way a referee can take control of a hockey game (because they can’t put pucks in the net on power plays) is by whistles and puck drops. And that’s the reason why Thomas is the Vezina winner and Henrik is “inconsistent” oft times during a season. Because Thomas can get whistles when he doesn’t even have the puck, while Henrik can’t get whistles when the puck is out of referee’s sight for 60 seconds.

  144. JimboWoodside on

    Gee, those quick whistles sure were nowhere to be found in the Ranger end of the ice during our series!!

  145. How can you cheer a team that gets the benefit of *every* call that your team does not?

    Exactly, Jim. It is what it is. And that’s all it ever will be, so long as I remain a NY fan. Unfairness and Injustice.

  146. JimboWoodside on

    Oh – sorry, Tom…..I don’t have any other suggestions. Maybe one of those sites?

  147. JimboWoodside on

    Well, Bruins are playing really stupid here…..they might make it easier for the Habs…

  148. nice make up call for the Habs for the disallowed goal

    Habs fans probably called the cops on refs and refs were ordered to give a make up call

  149. LOL! I’m more upset that Luongo got a Vezina nomination over Hank than Thomas…

    Tik, I hate Boston too…but there is no conspiracy with the refs, bro…

  150. JimboWoodside on

    Tom C – the link that Orr gave us works! The sound is crappy here, but it is the NESN feed, and it works…

  151. It’s always a conspiracy, NYR. LOL Ill agree with CCCP. The 2nd penalty was a makeup call to give a 5 on 3. Unfortunately, a 5 on 3 doesn’t guarantee a goal. Taking a goal off the board does guarantee 1 less goal.

  152. JimboWoodside on

    Habs fans aren’t used to having calls go against them at home – the crowd usually call 2 or 3 penalties per game for the referees…

  153. Tiki, headaches and dizziness are no fun. I know first hand. I hope it goes away real soon.

    I am disappointed that we didn’t go deeper into the playoffs. I really thought we could have a good run, at least through the first round. On the other hand, unlike recent years (too many to count, actually) I really enjoyed the season. I felt we were in just about every game, they worked really hard and even down a couple of goals I never had the feeling that we couldn’t come back and tie, maybe win. I have high hopes for next year. I hope Slats doesn’t do anything stupid!

  154. I had a thought last night when watching some of the coverage on versus. It started off with some jealousy of the TB power play, damn they’re good. They move the puck, the skate around and create space, and they get plenty of shots to the net. Then during intermission coverage they were talking about the end of the Nashville/Anaheim series, which something about anaheim rung a bell in my head but i couldn’t figure out why. Looking at the stat sheet for anaheim made it all crystal clear:

    How much do you think Sather and/or Torts regrets passing on Cam Fowler in our last draft? Kid has 23 PPPs, more than any on our team and hes 19 years old!!. Granted, the Anaheim powerplay is pretty nuts, hindsight says Fowler is exaclty what we needed out of that draft.

  155. JimboWoodside on

    Who do I *want* to win, or who do I think will win?

    I want the Bolts to win and the Hawks to win. Unfortunately, tonight I fear that both home teams win.

  156. JimboWoodside on

    Ooops! It’s not Bolts – Pens tonight….I want Buffalo to win, and I think that they might be able to do it!

  157. Thanks Marji. Im glad you enjoyed the season, I felt the same way, I never felt like we were out of a game which is a tribute to their effort and character. I think you’re final 2 sentences is the general feeling amongst Rangers fans.

  158. JimboWoodside on

    Buff will have a hard time without Pominville, though..he means a lot to their team.

  159. JimboWoodside on

    Oh! Sorry! BOB is the backup in Philthy tonight – he’s not starting. It’s Boucher.

  160. JimboWoodside on

    Jeez, what a weak call against Bergeron……that’s those Habs fans again…

  161. I want the Nucks to win. Can’t decide between the East teams, depends on what happens in tonight’s Game 6

  162. JimboWoodside on

    I see that Richards is playing for the Flys tonight… suspension, not even for a single game for him…

  163. Calad – I was asking why not Fowler too a few months ago, and why the passed on Carlson over Del Zotto.
    It’s still early obviously on MDZ and McIlrath, but this is just another example of Sather/Gordie Clark missing on another draft, as it stands today.

  164. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    No surprise there Jimbo. What a joke the NHL is turning out to be in these playoffs.

  165. It’s tough to root for any of these other teams, but when my team is out of it, I usually root for the underdogs.
    Tonight I am hoping at least one of the game 7’s goes to a 3rd of 4th OT. Those are the best games to watch.

  166. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, Cape – they are so ridiculous that it’s like a comedy show – Richards slammed the guy’s head into the glass from behind (a guy with a history of concussions) and he gets no disciplinary action at all – incredible!

  167. It is wack that Sauer isn’t going to Slovakia with Step and McDonut…

    …I guess the US has enough d-men, but he is older than McD…

  168. This is when the Montreal police force should go out on the ice and arrest Lucic and Chara.

    They’re not subject to USA laws.

    Id also plant drugs on their luggage when they go to go through customs, so they all get arrested.

  169. JimboWoodside on

    They sure did, Olga – I thought they were gonna get run out of the building with all those penalties…..

  170. Gomez is still good at rushing up the ice on the PP…he usually gains the zone without a touch…

    On the other hand, Kaberle sucks!!!

  171. Olga Folkyerself on

    Tiki, you could plant some of your own personal stash in the Bruins luggage.

    You seem to have an endless supply…

  172. LOL Olga. If I could, I would. :) If I were the head of the Montreal police force, Id have the whole team hauled off in handcuffs so that they’d have to forfeit

  173. JimboWoodside on

    I didn’t disagree with the 5 minute major, Tiki….it was earned – just like the Richards hit last game should have been a major penalty..but they didn’t call that one, and he’s playing tonight, no suspension.

  174. If any of you ran the NYPD, wouldn’t you arrest Flyers and Devils in the middle of games for illegal hits? I think that’d be awesome.

  175. Dang, can’t find it on youtube, but a great song called Bag Lady by the K Man Band (a great band) would have been so fine to post here…and no, it’s not the Lady Gagagagme version, but an original from a long time ago…..

    anyhoo, are the right teams losing so far ?

  176. JimboWoodside on

    Sabres better wake up – they’re going to turn into a pumpkin tonight if they keep playing like this…

  177. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Tiki – I’ll chalk this one up to your head injury – no Ranger fan can ever root for Philthy if they’re in their right mind…

  178. It just all depends. Either the bruins face bad goaltending (Philly) or Crosby-less Penguins next round. Home ice against Penguins or none against Philly. I wouldn’t mind if the Lightning played the bruins. They have the talent, scoring, experience, and decent goaltending. But it just all depends. Im trying to be happy and hopeful with whatever’s currently happening, so i dont let it eat me alive. So, go Flyers!

  179. Go Baby Buffaloes! Go Habs! Go someome I want to win please!!!!!!! Just this round!

  180. This is sad. The Sabres have yet to show up like the Rangers in game 5, and the Knicks in games 3 and 4.

  181. Oh well, so it looks like the bruins will have to go through the Flyers next round. Even with the goaltending problem, it should be a tough series. The Flyers are more talented, even without Carter. They’re faster and they’re equally physical. I think the Flyers, with Home Ice, can win that series. I really wanted them to have to go through the Crosby Penguins and the Ovechkin Caps.

  182. JimboWoodside on

    Hmm..yeah, the dreaded 3 goal lead……..can Buff pull off a miracle? They look really bad tonight.

  183. Jimbo, it’s not at all that I want the Habs, but I don’t want the Bruins… I have a bet with my Boston cousins….it’s an awful spring for me OK!!!!

  184. JimboWoodside on

    Tiki, the Bruins haven’t won a thing yet – they choked last year, and the way they’re playing tonight (stupidly!) they may lose 2 in a row….

  185. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    If you’re Rangers fan, you hate the Flyers
    If you’re a veteran of the 1979 Finals, you hate the Habs, too.

  186. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Mama – you have other motives – and Tiki has a head injury – so you’re both off the hook….

  187. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    Briere learned a lot from Drury? Like what? How to get paid $7 million per goal?

  188. Jimbo, huh? No to Boston and Philly is the proper way to live. Am I missing something from your point? If so, then you’re just wrong :)

  189. JimboWoodside on

    Boy, Emrick (a former Fly employee) and Clement (still on the Fly’s payroll, I think) sure are objective about this Flyer game, aren’t they!?

  190. JimboWoodside on

    We just disagree, Mama – I dislike the Habs way much more than I dislike the Bruins – and I thought most Ranger fans felt the same way…

  191. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    Clement isn’t doing this game…unless Darren Pang changed his last name.

  192. JimboWoodside on

    I used to despise the Bruins back in the Espo-Orr days, but since then, the Habs have tormented the Rangers far more than the Bruins have….

  193. I admire the Canadiens. They’re the Yankees of hockey. They’ve knocked the bruins out of the playoffs I think 33 times. How can anyone not admire them?

  194. JimboWoodside on

    Is that Pang doing the color!? He sounds like Clement, the perennial Flyer fan….

  195. Jimbo, we can agree to disagree, and I do agree with you :) But I have a thing with the Bruins v. Rangers, not Boston, with my family…..forgive me? :)

  196. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, they’re the Yankees of hockey, all right – and that just about sums it all up for me! ;-)

  197. JimboWoodside on

    Sure, Mama – I’m not mad at you – you have family issues clouding your feelings. Makes sense!

    As I said, I used to *despise* the Bruins franchise, but lately, they have not been a major irritant to me (or the Rangers!).

  198. JimboWoodside on

    I wasn’t being mean to Tiki – Tiki, do you think I was being mean to you!? I was giving you a break because you had a head injury, not to abuse you.

  199. Smiles all around then :) and mama love to all….I just want the Bruins and Flyers to lose so bad I’m insane!!!!!!!!

  200. Thanks Laurel. I wasn’t going to say anything, but I feel bad when you guys make that joke. No, I dont think you were being mean. I know you’re a terrific guy, Jimbo.

  201. JimboWoodside on

    Jeez, I’m not terrific, Tiki – but I wasn’t being mean to you. Sorry if that joke bothers you. Won’t say it again.

    Mama, right now it looks bad for the Sabres – they let Philly off the hook in their last game, and now it looks like that may have cost them this series.

  202. billybleedsblue on

    nhldotcom can go take a long walk with the article about Neuvirth “topping Henrick Lundqvist” in the playoffs. How you can put that series in that perspective is criminal.

  203. JimboWoodside on

    I think the worst thing that happened to the Bruins tonight was that bad call by the ref on the first (non) goal – ever since then, they’ve been behind the eight-ball….

  204. I just want to chop my hair off. And that mean serious sadness!!! Byfuglien hartnell carcillo cooke meat!

  205. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BIG WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. the sabres blew there chance in game 6. when you are less talented team and blow leads its hard to recover throw in the fact that they are depleted and this was a complete mismatch tonight.

  207. billybleedsblue on

    …Crosby update:

    When asked if it was possible that he might be seen in game 7 of the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Sidney Crosby had this to say:
    “Lightning scare me. Not the flash; the bang. Always make me shake. I stay home at Papa Momo’s (Mario Lemieux). He make me peanut butter jelly sandwich. I scare-d-ded of lightning.”

    Penguins owner Mario Lemieux could not be reached for comment.


  208. JimboWoodside on

    They sure did, eric – if they could have just held onto one of their leads, this series would have been over on Saturday. Tough ending for the Sabes fans after such an inspiring climb into a playoff spot.


  209. Niters Billy, night to you all! mama love, and hope for the right teams to move forward……!


  210. nyr fan

    yep sabres and rangers both had there chances eventually better team will prevail. for us it was game 1 and 4 for buff it was game 6.

  211. JimboWoodside on

    He and Gerbe were involved in a little scuffle and they both got minors and a game misconduct….

  212. Olga Folkyerself on

    So much for the undercard bouts-

    Now for the main event.

    Let’s Go Black Hawks!

  213. billybleedsblue on

    Oh, the Cranberries…they were all over the radio in the 90’s. Who didn’t like ’em?

  214. Anytime, billy. I like their music, they were just on my mind due to my attic discovery. Dolores O’Riordan has a unique voice; I like unique voices. Speaking of the Irish, were there ever any Irish players in the league other than Owen Nolan? And I don’t mean Irish surnames, I mean legitimately Irish. Whether it be Northern Ireland or Ireland; I think that Nolan was from Belfast, which is part of the UK.

  215. JimboWoodside on

    There was a guy on Edmonton for the past few seasons named Liam Reddox – I never heard anyone named Liam that wasn’t from Ireland, but other than that, I don’t know if he came from there.

  216. billybleedsblue on

    Latona, not listed, but an Irish name I hear often in hockey games, Rick O’Shea.

  217. There is no better place to talk about the Rangers, hockey in general, and other random crap than this blog. You Boneheads rock. And Carp, obvs.

  218. JimboWoodside on

    I feel the same way. Latona!

    Olga, not a great first period – they need to get themselves together and put more rubber on Luongo..

  219. Olga Folkyerself on

    Yeah, Jimbo- their shots are making Loungo look good. Most saves look routine. Gotta make him move…

  220. I know we all dislike Carcillo, but I gotta tell you, when he shushed the bench after scoring the goal, knowing the series was over, now that’s what I love to see. If he did it to us, not so much.

  221. It seems that too many ‘heads are obsessed with hard hits and fighting. That stuff only gets you so far, which isn’t very far at all. Skill is what we are lacking. Why replace Avery – one limited talent guy – for a near replica?

  222. Olga Folkyerself on

    The period end couldn’t come at a better time. Chicago looked shaky for awhile. Time to regroup.

  223. billybleedsblue on

    The only Irish for the Rangers right now is Patio Furniture. Rest up boys, back to it before you know it!

  224. Also ….Jimbo….Patty O’Furniture….get it? Patio Furniture? IT took me a while but it’s really brilliant.

  225. billybleedsblue on

    Maybe it would have been better to have typed it as, “Paddy O’Furniture” ugh, no matter how you do it, the season is over ):

  226. With penalty shots, they should give the team a power play if they miss the penalty shot. Ive always thought that.

  227. Olga Folkyerself on

    Or the two gay Irish hockey players- Gerald Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzgerald.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  228. billybleedsblue on

    Thanks Manny, I try. :)

    I’d like to see Hossa bury one, and soon! Maybe I can live vicariously through some Blackhawks fan…

  229. Olga Folkyerself on

    They never seem to call a player for shoving the net off do they? Even if he uses another player to do it…

  230. Olga Folkyerself on


    Overtime! Feel the tension, man!

    More Beer! More Beer! More Beer!

  231. No matter what happens in OT, the Hawks have really shown that they are champs. To come back like this and battle this hard against a very strong team is a real compliment to those guys.

    A shorthanded goal in the last minute, incredible.

  232. Olga Folkyerself on

    I remember when watching the Rangers was like this. It was before Sather.


  233. Olga Folkyerself on

    Shake weights are better than the standard dumbbell.

    The standard dumbbell is the one who buys the Shake weight.

  234. JimboWoodside on

    Luongo and the whole Canucks team must be hearing voices in their heads now – they’re saying…”You’re blowing it!”

  235. Whew! Thank God! The 2010 bruins infamy lives on… for at least one more playoff round!

    Thank God! Thank God! Burrows! Hey Hey Hey! Ole Ole Ole Ole!

  236. The Gods managed to smile down on me tonight with a 3 for 3! The world must be coming to an end…

  237. JimboWoodside on

    Home teams won every game tonight – a little “makeup” for how things have been going lately?

  238. JimboWoodside on

    Honestly Tiki, I can’t understand why you wanted the Flyers to win their series – just because they might get to face Boston eventually?

  239. Olga Folkyerself on

    The Cup is now up for grabs…

    No Flyers
    No Canadiens
    No Canucks
    No Penguins

  240. Just trying to go with the flow, Jimbo. Ive flip-flopped between Sabres and Flyers, and Crosby-less Pens and Lightning thousands of times. Maybe after 10pm tomorrow night, it won’t matter and then I can just enjoy the playoffs.

  241. JimboWoodside on

    I would have loved to see Philly get knocked out tonight – same with Vancouver. Those folks have been crowing out there ever since the Olympics when Canada beat the USA….

  242. I like Vancouver and all of us should also. They did go down at the hands of our 94 Stanley Cup winners!

  243. JimboWoodside on

    Well, OK Tiki…..but it doesn’t sound like there’s any “method” behind your flip-flopping around, though – especially with the Philly-Buffalo series.

  244. Vancouver is a great city and I have my favorite uncle living up there who loves hockey! So I am rooting for Nucks all the way!

  245. JimboWoodside on

    I don’t want any Canadian team to win the Cup – the only one I wouldn’t mind seeing win it would be Toronto, because their fans are very loyal and they’ve waited since 1967 for a championship.

  246. There’s a method Jimbo, it’s all about boston. If Crosby was any nearer to returning, Id have wanted the Sabres to win, so the Pens could take out the bruins. I guess I’m happy w. the Flyers winning…because now the bruins can’t get handed a Crosby-less Penguins team unless it’s in the Conference Finals, but Crosby ought to be back by then.

  247. Olga Folkyerself on

    I tend to stick with Original six teams, except for Montreal. They have enough Cups.

    Go Boston Bruins!

  248. JimboWoodside on

    I don’t know if Crosby is going to be back this season at all, Tiki – I think they’ve decided to shut him down until next season, even though they haven’t made that announcement yet.

  249. Been a long night and I have a tremendously tremendous headache. Tonight, it’s Tiki…out. Tomorrow night, hopefully it’s bruins…out!

  250. JimboWoodside on

    I don’t think Boston is going anywhere – they’re certainly not going to win the Cup….they may get past Montreal, and maybe they could get to a Conference Final, but I doubt it.

  251. Pronged left early to avoid hand shake because he didn’t want to expose his bad hand?! What kind of a fuggin excuse is that? Can’t you just be there and pet guys on a shoulder or something? That is just fugged up!

  252. Congrats, Olga! HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!
    FIRE OLGA! and all Folkyerself cockroaches!!!!!
    Go back to your stinking basement to hang your foil SC and your inflatable mate… and do what you always destine to do – folkyerself! Then, wash your hands, moron.

  253. JimboWoodside on

    A pretty weak excuse, 3CP…..did he actually say that to reporters after the game?

  254. Jimbo

    I didn’t hear him say that but the guys on VS said that and they showed Prongrer leaving the bench before the game ended

  255. JimboWoodside on

    Yes, I saw that too – I thought that maybe he was having more trouble with the hand. Ah well, they’re a thug franchise anyway. What does anyone expect?

  256. If not for this paranoid Dead horse beater – carsillo eater, who always contradistinguish Hawks to Rangers, being on Rangers blog, I would probably be sympathetic to Chicagoens. What a brainless, pathetic looser! Bwu-a-ha-ha!

  257. Olga Folkyerself on

    4everwanker- It’s sad that all you have left is to spew venom at the end of a well played series. That’s all you got? I’m so glad I ‘m the focus of your miserable existence.

  258. Hey, Olga! You go girl!… Just don’t use discounted vibrators. …and keep your mouth busy too, OK?

  259. Oh, yeah, and you’re the focus all right, as is dog carsillo on the street one try to avoid.

  260. billybleedsblue on

    lol cmon guys, can’t we all just root against Pittsburgh tomorrow and call it even? :D

  261. CCCP I was stunned when the Canes let Ladd go.

    And Stillman ( who they brought back,) and this is the best season that Cole has had for several seasons now.

    Is Colton Orr still on Leaf’s roster? He might be looked at as an “Uncle Armand” if they get desperate. He can handle it.

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