No Game 6 tonight … it’s break-up day


So your heroes get together for the final time this season, and for several, if not many, this will be their last time together.

Today, break-up day, is normally one of those long, terribly dull days where we stand around and sit around and wait for players to waltz in for their exit meetings with the coaches and GM and trainers and doctors.

And we pretty much interview everybody … even Ocho Cinco, as they go through their summary of what happened, how their season went, and what’s up next (especially for UFAs-to-be).

I’m going to tell you, I can’t transcribe every interview, every comment. And to be honest, a lot of what is going to be asked and answered, I could care less.

So I’ll attempt to give you some highlight quotes, and then most, if not all, of the one that matters, John Tortorella’s closing press conference. That one usually lasts a good half an hour, and the last two years he’s been brutally honest and has made promises he ended up keeping the following year.

Of course, our friends over in the Twitter widget (—->) who love to tweet their little thumbs off, will keep you abreast of remarks shortly after they are made, thus saving me the trouble of wrenching my own little thumbs.


Sorry, again, for the Rangers Report outage yesterday. I blame Matt Cooke, Bill McCreary, Versus, Daniel Carcillo, Donald Brashear, the shootout, and all of our trolls who have dropped in throughout the season. Am I forgetting anybody?


Here is my column from The Journal News and today.


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  1. Good morning, boneheads! Nice to see RR back and runingev normally…I guess carcillo happens…

  2. onecupin71yearsand counting on

    Thank You MR.Carp.. for another season of timely info , good writing and letting the boneheads vent .

  3. Sorry you guys have to face the offseason so soon….it is the worst.

    Hoping you can you find a way to pull for the Sabres tomorrow…

    Will the league have the coconuts to suspend Richards for sending Connolly head first into the boards and out indefinitely? Probably not… Jackasses!

    I would love my team to strike a dagger into the Flyers fans hearts tomorrow with him sitting in the press box. Will be tough without Pominville and Connolly…so send some love across the state if you can.

  4. I am and will be pulling for the SAbres. I cannot stand the flyers. At all. What a team of carcillo-heads.

    Good luck today Carp.

  5. sabres blew there opportunity yesterday blowing 3 leads. will be too much i think to overcome tom night without pominville and connolly. its all on miller.

    looking forward to break up day.

    is it time for stockholm and oct 7th yet?

  6. Carp, you forgot Wade Redden and Chris Drury.

    Well, it was a decent season even though I hated how it ended going out with a whimper. They put up a good fight against the Capitals until that last game. I just wish they could have won 1 or 2 more.

    The off season should be interesting to see who stays and who goes and whether they make a splash in the free agent market.

  7. Carp….you do A super job every year despite
    The team’s failure to ‘step up’.

    Continue your great job of objective perspectives and managing this motley but passionate

  8. Carp, thanks again for all your insights and on point reviews of games, players, coaches & the league!!! Always part of my daily routine to check in with you and the coverage you provide us Ranger fanatics! Thanks again & I look forward to all the pertinent break-up day comments and of course, Torts state-of-the-team press conference!!

  9. Boy oh boy are the Canucks in serious trouble. Now with only Luongo to ride through game 7!? Are you serious? Could you get any more insane drama than that game last night. It really had it all. Kudos to the Blackhawks (who were also miserable on the 5 on 3). What a flipping awesome game.

    I hate the Phlyers. A lot. Hartnell, Richard, Pronger Carcillo and others are the biggest pieces of Carcillo. Boy, Danny Briere is a good hockey player.

  10. onecup, when do you officially change your screen name to 72?

    Good morning, Sally!

    Two more reasons to root for the Baby Buffaloes: James Patrick, Lindy Ruff.

  11. Eric- you’re right. The Sabres really blew an opportunity. Also, Miller has not been great this year and he is certainly not out-playing the Phlyers “goalie by committee.” It’s really too bad.

    The Sabres need a performance a la Mr. Crawford last night. Whoah. Somebody got good late.

  12. Thanks.. We love James Patrick and Ruff …. I think Miller thought he was facing the Germans on Normandy Beach all day yesterday. Young Sabres defense… oh well… they will grow from this experience, win or lose to be better for it… yet sending those idiots home on their own ice would be highly satisfying…. I keep hoping their goaltending roulette bites them in the ass soon!

  13. I am pulling for the Sabres. My family roots are upstate New York so they hold a special place in my heart.. PLUS – Anybody but the flippin’ phlyers!

  14. Where does all this hate come from? I see this more and more lately. What is there about an entire team that one hates? I dislike some individual players and a few I outright despise Like Carcillo, Torres, etc. The ones who deliberately set out to maim someone. But I respect all teams, and most of their players. I still believe that the Flyers have one of the best if not the best passing teams in the game, but as an entity, I see a team that I particularly enjoy seeing defeated, But hate?

    I too watched in awe that game between Vancouver and the Hawks, and I posted my thoughts on it in the prior string. IMO
    the best game I’ve seen played this season, technically.

    Where do they get these players who have legs like iron? Back and forth all game long, up and down, both teams, no shirking, no lagging just pure all out speed without let up.

  15. Buffalo scored 4 goals last night. All 4 were due to poor goaltending. They clearly learned their lesson. Is that what described as a definition of insanity? The way I see it, if they had some reasonable goaltending this year, they would be one of two team from the East somewhat capable to compete against WC. Somewhat. Washington being the second one.

    I will continue to root for TB to come out from EC. One simple reason- how professional they were showing up for the last game. And how much respect they showed for their former coach. LGTB!

  16. Fran – I hate many players on the Phlyers. For many reasons. I don’t like their talk, their attitude or the way they play the game (which I consider to be dirty). I love Philadelphia as a city but their fans really make their teams dislikeable.

    Also, my best friend growing up refused to be a Hockey fan and then he went to UPenn and became a Phlyers fan and that annoys me.

    Amen ilb – Tampa Bay – they get my cheers.

  17. Stranger Nation on

    Fran – the hate comes from a dark place fostered by years of abuse at the hands of the accused. While hate is a strong word, no team is more deserving of it than the Flyers. Do not expect the Ranger faithful to be level headed about the feelings toward the filth. Attempts to discuss these emotions in a rational way is an exercise in futility.

    Agree on the Hawks/Nucks game – WOW – that is what PO hockey is all about. Bestern conf makes Leastern look very slow by comparison.

  18. And yea – the Hawks/Canucks game last night had me on the edge of my seat. Amazing hockey. Man can those guys skate in OT. WOW.

  19. Not going to be popular but I’m pulling for the Caps. What would make you more mad, losing to a team that keeps advancing to a possible cup or watching the team that knocked you out get knocked out in the next round? That would piss me off more.

  20. Ban – I have absolutely NO problem with pulling for the Caps. As Dubinsky showed us by hugging Ovechkin – we leave the competition on the ice. And yea, it would be great to have the team that beat us win the cup. I will root for any team that has never won a cup.

  21. After a few PuckDaddy podcasts have covered the “instigator” rule and its relationship to Concussions…I think I am in favor of removing that silly rule and letting this league police itself. Anyone?

  22. I have been against it for a while because I think policing yourself is a great theory. Worked in my schoolyard. I am just surprised to hear so many players say…hits to the head? Let those guys think about a Boogard type player coming off the bench to pummel you and that junk will stop.

  23. Can’t really bring myself to “pull” for any Eastern team. There are certain some that I will be less offended by succeeding. Buffalo and Tampa in that regards. As for the Flyers, Pens, Caps and both the Bruins and Habs they can line up right behind the Rangers on the golf course.

  24. Stranger Nation on

    The refs really need to read the rule book. When was the last time a charging penalty was called? If they called charging, most of these hits would be penalties (Torres, etc…)

    “Charging shall mean the actions of a player who, as a result of distance traveled, shall violently check an opponent in any manner. A “charge” may be the result of a check into the boards, into the goal frame or in open ice.” (NHL Rule Book)

    When a guy takes five or six strides to hit a player, especially high, that is a charge. Face it, refs suck. Pretty much a joke in the league.

  25. Richards bitching about “Sabres getting away with murder” every game then shoving Connolly’s head into the boards is all you need to know about that dirty team… When he lifts his hands back like “oh, I didn’t mean to do it”… that tells me he knew exactly what he was doing. If the Sabres lose tomorrow I will root for the Caps to light up their goaltending carousel.

  26. Yea- That Ricahrds move was BUSH LEAGUE. Come on! That is the exact reason that I abhore the Phlyers.

  27. Richards play was dirty, you don’t really need to convince any of us about that. Nor do you really need to plea with most Rangers fans about rooting against the Flyers.

    Sabres need to worry about holding onto any early lead they get.

  28. thanks carp for great season!

    let the crazy free agent/ trade speculating begin.

    i have been saying that brad richards is exactly what this team needs all season. playmaking center and PP QB. i know he is going to cost big $. if he prices himself out or not is to be seen after July1

    i also would love to see erik cole signed if they go the free agent route. he is 31 and can still fly after his injuries. most importantly he plays huge in the biggest games! i am sure we can out bid canes for him. just have to hope another team doesn’t drive up his price. he made $2.9 this season so he will not be looking for richards money. still leave a gap at center and on PP though but its a good start.

  29. barnaby and espn say richards to the rangers this offseason…thoughts? obviously he will play with gabs but who else goes on that line…cally duby arty will be tough to break up…also thoughts on going after a puck moving dman like christian ehrhoff? the rest of our d are so defensively focused i think a puck moving dman would really help our offense especially on the pp

  30. TheMessiah94 on

    Think back 4 years to when Drury and Briere were both free agents. We signed Drury, the Philthy Phlyers signed Briere. The difference in what each team received is absolutely astounding.

  31. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    FYI – Five Cups in 83 years – FIVE CUPS! 1928, 1933, 1940, 1994, 2013. Rangers in the top-4 in 2012, win it all in 2013. Let the celebration begin!

  32. areg,

    joni pitkanen is a UFA and is only 26 too…but those guys are going to want big contracts as well. both good players but might be too much$ if the rangers go after 1st line players to start

  33. I think Briere would have been more productive for the Rangers than Drury, but keep in mind he’s also playing for a better team. He also signed a deal that was 3 years longer. The Rangers should have gotten just one of Gomez and/or Drury and certainly stayed away from Redden (Streit would have been a better choice).

    Then again I’m of the belief that the team struggling the year that Renney got fired and missing out of on the playoffs last year forced the organization to change its philosophy about how they were going to build their team going forward.

  34. Briere: 8 Year= $52 million…. our former cheap ass owners could have signed him for less but opted not to… one of the biggest mistakes in Sabres history, which ironically is biting them in the ass as we speak.

  35. Wow – it was 8 years. That’s a decently long contract. Sheesh. CT is right about him being on a better team with some of the league’s best passers.

  36. Good morning all! Sigh, I hate this time of year. CT, I’m with you. Once we’re out, I’m ready for the rest of the East to collapse, but I’ll stick with Buffalo and TB for now :)

  37. Sabres defense is very young… Majority under 24 with exception of Leopold… and Montador, who wouldn’t be playing if Sekera wasn’t injured… Gragnani is a rookie…. let’s just say I can live with this scenario if better days are coming… which I think they are in that department!

  38. You got it Buff – there are better days. These are pretty good days though. You got some guys with legs.

  39. I gotta say first off that I have not watched game 5. caught the score while we were out with family and it hurt, dont think I have had the heart to watch it but i will at some point..soon.

    I just watched Torts post game and I have to say i am glad he is staying. I think he is trying to get the team in the right direction and in the right state of mind, we;re getting there.
    I hope we can find some more of the missing pieces somehow in the offseason.
    I think the team came a long way this this year, definitely won over my affection as well as many other fans. I realy loved how the young players were given so much ice time, important time too and how well and mature thier repsonse was.

    Sucks being a Ranger fan here in New England but I amd proud of my team and I make sure I say that every chance I get.

    Once a Blue Blood always a Blue Blood…Let go Ranegrs!

  40. billybleedsblue on

    There’s a soft spot in me somewhere for Tampa Bay right now. It’s weird because I don’t necessarily want them to win the Cup, but I’d like to see them do well. Especially against the Pens.
    Typically, once the Rangers are eliminated, I “root” for the bottom seed in the West. Whatever sense THAT makes. Now that my team is out though, I’m not really “rooting” for anyone. It’s just great to watch playoff hockey. Let’s Go Lightening! (who said that?)

  41. I loved when Tyler Myers popped Pronger in the face yesterday during a scrum….The look of disbelief on Pronger’s face was priceless….. The young D will take their lumps…hey, Sabres were dead in the water in December… No complaints.

  42. At the very least the current Buffalo D has a lot more upside than their D from the team that beat the Rangers in 2007.

  43. billybleedsblue on

    BuffaloGal, I wish you all the best to beat the Flyers. I’ve been to a couple of games at the HSBC and had a blast. Sabres fans are alright in my book. Flyers, not so much.

  44. Yea I wish you all the best too. Seems like Sabres fans come in here and are actually nice people. I love Buffalo and the rest of upstate. Good folks, great beer.

    Go Sabres!?

  45. anyone but the flyers and penguins thats the only thing i care about for the rest of this season. i will root for wash bost tampa montreal over any of those 2 however when its time for the cup final i will ROOT HARD FOR THE WEST VS ANYONE.

  46. I’ve heard about Flyers fans, Eagles fans, etc…My friend in Jersey just about had to run for her life from a Bills/Eagles game years ago…. would like nothing better than to shut them up.

  47. Take Leino off the very deep Flyers and push him up to constant top 6 minutes? I have my doubts as to whether he’s much more than he is right now and I don’t think he’s worth the UFA $ to find out.

  48. ok, but leino has been making $850,000…for $3 million he is better than any other 2nd and 3rd liner the rangers have? he has a better skill set than dubi and cally and you have to assume he will get a similar contract

  49. At that money I would absolutely take Leino. Absolutely. Think about the experience he has from playing on this (I can’t believe I am saying this) really good Phlyers team.

  50. Leino has a better skillset than Dubi or Cally? He’s also 2 years older than Cally, 3 years older than Dubi and has much less of a track record at an older age and will cost UFA money. Are you going to pay him to be a 3rd liner like the Flyers or are you thinking he’s going to be a top 2 line player where he’s shown limited capacity to play that role? Take him off a team with Richards/Carter/Briere/Giroux and he’s at best a 35-40 point player.

  51. CT – i guess I was thinking of him as a Dubinsky type player but with more experience.

    What is your opinion on Leino? Under what conditions would you take him?

  52. yes i think he has more offensive skill than dubi and cally…they rely on their grit and hard work to create offense where leino has great hands and a scorers instinct. would i take him over dubi or cally? NO, but just saying when it comes to pure offensive skills yes he is better. he is 26 lets not try to act like he is old. and with less milage than dubi at 24 or cally at 25 they play hard and that takes its toll so you can look at it like that.

    i see him as a legit 2nd liner….35-40 pts on NYR is a first liners numbers

  53. playing with AA and say wolski or stepan, leino would put up 20-25goals. thats what dubi has done so thats why i said he should get a similar contract.

    is he my first choice this summer? no but he is a 2nd tier guy

  54. one thing he has over dubi and cally 21 pts in 19 playoff games in 2010, plus 2 goals in 2011 playoffs

  55. Leino is an interesting choice to me. I think if you can get him 2 years maybe? I would be fine with this selection.

  56. I wouldn’t take him. He’s not what the team needs and isn’t exceptional compared to what the Rangers already have. He plays against some of the weakest even strength competition when he’s on the Flyers. He’s not a bad player, responsible enough defensively, but he is a redundancy for the Rangers right now. At 800K he’s a good deal, at $3M he’s overpaid.

  57. Leino, Carter, JVR, & Bob the goalie for LQ, Boyle, Drury and a pick. Sorry cant help myself with mischief. fills forwards needs though. Plus it’s coming up on a 12 month sabbatical of trading hank

  58. i just hope drury hangs up his skates.

    tired of his 15 second shifts and only being able to play when we are down to one of our last centers and need a few faceoff wins.

    be a class act like Naslund and just retire.

  59. Come on Carp. Name names. It will only get u Black Listed at Hop Sings.

    It was funny that I thought Wolski was disinterested until Game 5. 26 was a no show. Anisimov had a terrible series. McCabe was just a step slow. Prospal too slow. Stepan competed, but did not have a good series. Liked Gilroy, but don’t think he will be back.

  60. ct,

    i am not saying go out and sign him…just putting it out there. he does offer what rangers already have, aside from success in playoffs.

  61. McCabe was supposed to be the PP QB. He was not used due to injury and/or coaching decisions and it’s now all history. I thought he’d be used more after his 2 goal night maybe he doesn’t have what it takes anymore.

  62. Leino was born Oct 1983. He’ll be 28 when the season starts next year.

    35-40 points would have been 1st line numbers on the Rangers this year but not any other year since the lockout. Leino is at best a lateral move.

    There’s probably 5 of the 6 spots locked up of the top 6 forwards for the Rangers next year:


    If they’re not going to get a premium FA like Richards, I’d rather they leave that 6th spot for someone like Zuccarello or any of their prospects. Not take up precious cap space for a marginally effective player.

  63. So I’m depressed. just read the Post and was reminded that we have the 6.5 mill cap hit from Redden to deal with unless he retires before July 1. That coupled with Drury’s 7.05 and the other 5.7 between Avery and Wolski means that we have 19.25 million dollars that Sather might as well have changed into quarters so he could flick them down a drainage sewer the next time it rains so that he can hear the “plop!”

  64. iDoodie machetto on

    Caps in 5, preds in 6. Philly and Vancouver in 7, Boston in 6 still possible. I have a chance to have done really well in the first round. 

    The other three series: wings in 6, pens in 4, sharks in 5, I’m in a good position to have picked all the winners, even if number of games was wrong.

  65. “So I’m depressed. just read the Post and was reminded that we have the 6.5 mill cap hit from Redden to deal with unless he retires before July 1.”

    Save those tears. He’s not on the books (cap hit)

  66. Hey has anyone noticed the resemblance that Mr. Kesler bears to Mr. Wolski? They look alike.

  67. Leino is going to demand more than a 2 year deal. If Ales Kotalik can get 3, Leino can get that.

  68. Everybody with an NHL contract counts during the offseason. You’re just allowed to go 10% over the limit during the summer.

  69. We have enough second-third line players who will score 20-25 goals and make around $3M next year. Leino isn’t what we need.

  70. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Let’s go buffalo. Let’s go Tampa bay. Let’s go anyone in the west. So long ec, drury, mccabe, and you too vinny. Thank you for playing for out team. Good luck with the next stage of your life.

  71. CTB- two-way contracts count against the summer cap prorated for the amount of time they spent with NHL team during the previous year.

  72. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I know this is pointless, but looking back at the tape of our game 4, the caps were clearly, to me, offside. Anyone notice this? If so, their second byfuglien goal should not have byfuglien counted… Mutha bufuglier….

  73. I think as last year, we stay the course, continue to get younger here. Drop some vets and salary. Christensen, Drury, Redden to hartford again, McCabe, Prospal. I would re-sign R-Fed.

    I think this may be the time to deal a center like Anisimov in the right deal. Perhaps we trade our first rounder, Anisimov and Gilroy for a high first round pick that is ready to play now. Then MDZ takes Gilroy’s spot in the lineup.

    I think we have Avery one more year as per the contract and I don’t know what the implications are of cutting him loose or Whaling him if Dallas pays half the salary too. I think he can be somewhat effective for another year on the 4th line. Hopefully the Boogie man works on his skating in the off-season and drops some weight, works on his balance.

    I’m not sold on Richards, the concussion issues/age could be a problem, don’t want to get into another long term deal that we can’t get out of. I think Toronto lands him with a crazy contract.

    I know Paul Stastny has been bandied about, not sure what it would take though or if it’d be worth it. Do we trade some young players and try to improve fast due to Henrik being in his prime? I don’t know.

    Just hope we don’t do anything stupid or panic here. If we can be patient, we can set ourselves up for a good run in the future.

  74. Eddie – it’s over. Don’t torture yourself. Please. You’re too valuable to this blog and my sanity.

  75. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stated more clearly, the caps were offside on their second goal but it was not whistled.

  76. Jam – I like what you’re saying about Boogard. I know he isn’t really that useful but it brings up a good point – Prust took a lot of punishment this year protecting people and it would really be nice to have a goon that can go out there and protect our tiny team without injuring one of our best PK guys.

  77. Not a good trade, Mr. Jam….And how do you propose we dump Drury’s and EC’s salary exactly?

  78. Thank you Crap for your hard work!

    still can’t believe the season is over. Btw, when we got knocked out, i was so pissed that i shaved my beard right away… so i am out of the competition (of there was one) sorry lol

    Let’s go Buffalo! Let’s Go Tampa! Let’s Go Nucks! :)

  79. Drury: “I’m not going to let this limited playing time ruin the plans I have for the 7 mill I’m making next year”

  80. Yea I looked at the list (Center Only) and I can’t see much that I think would be worth it given our youth and the future.

  81. How in the world can Drury afford clothing for his family? He can’t even afford hockey pants for himself.

  82. Anisimov, Gilroy and a 1st rounder is not gonna be enough for Stastny. The drop off from Stastny to Anisimov is pretty big and while I make trade in a second, Colorado wouldn’t.

  83. CTBlueshirt April 25th, 2011 at 11:41 am

    How in the world can Drury afford clothing for his family? He can’t even afford hockey pants for himself.


    Good one!

  84. Especially not when Colorado is drafting high again this year. They’d also be crazy to trade off Stastny. Him and Duchene are the biggest weapons that team has.

  85. It will take much more than that, oleo…But if Colorado is really willing to trade him, we may have enough blue chips to pull this one off…

  86. If we signed Erskine, pair him with MDZ. Perhaps we’d have an effective 6 with at least one party who can clear the crease. I guess we’d just throw MDZ on the PP point until something finally came of it with his confidence.

    If we could sign Cole, would be good compliment to Gabby on line one. But then who centers? I guess either way we don’t have the money for these quick fix signings we need here.

  87. eddie eddie eddie on

    erskine and fed tank could never be on ice at the the same time…rangers fighting rangers is not good

  88. I agree with Latona. We need a Center. Maybe somebody like a Thomas Kopecky. Somebody in the middle – a bit of commitment in cash but not too bad. Although he is coming off a good year for him.

  89. He probably will light it up. Bigger ice = More room = less hitting = more fancy stick crap = more Gaborik Goals.

  90. the thing is other than Zuccarello and Hagelin, the Rangers don’t really have any NHL ready offensive prospects in camp. Maybe Thomas but I doubt it. Christensen belongs on a team like the Islanders so he can get more minutes and maybe finally realize his potential but he’s done here. Fedotenko was great but unless we acquire a star player to go along with Gaborik, then it makes sense to use Hagelin instead. Gilroy is gone, so is McCabe. Drury wont be bought out so its up to Sather to try and trade him and get him to agree.

    The Rangers already have 2 lines that are completely set in Dubinsky-Anisimov-Callahan and Avery-Boyle-Prust. Richards is going to be too bad a contract and after that the market sucks.

    A trade is the best way to go but if that fails I would take a flier on Gagne and put him on the top line with Stepan and Gaborik but a trade is still the best way to go…

  91. Also the competition at the WC is tremendously weaker than it is in the NHL, particularly versus playoff teams.

  92. Gilroy is far from gone, they will try to resign him at a lower cap hit, but longer years. What makes you think they won’t buy out Drury? I happen to think it more likely than not is going to happen.

  93. It will save $3.3M, nyr13. They will be charged $1.66M for 2012-2013, though. Still makes total sense.

  94. Thank you Carp and everyone here for a great season. I am sad it is over, but I am excited for next year already!

  95. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    it is way too early to talk about what changes we need/want/will do for next year

    it is time to root for teams that have gone the longest without winning the cup


  96. because Drury is very well thought of in the Rangers organization and while it makes sense from a salary cap purpose, the Rangers have shown nothing other than state how much they love Drury and what he brings.

    I also read what Larry Brooks wrote but why would Gilroy take less money and lesser role when he could go to a team that will give him more minutes and more opportunities to show his offensive side. Also given the pretty deep defensive market, I would be shocked if the Rangers werent involved in it.

  97. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    Had to change my name since it’s not really Callahan or Biron that’s missing now…it’s the entire team.


  98. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    That team photo is hilarious. Look at how scrunched in Drury is between Sather and Dolan.

  99. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    you forgot me, I thought it was all my fault??

    what the hell is Runingev??

    Should I go back a read the last go time thread posts folks or should I just start from this thread??

  100. Anisimov needs a hair stylist in the offseason. Might be the #1 thing he needs. He looks like he just got back from a long night of raving.

  101. Wicky, here’s one great comment from the last thread…

    “In no way do I blame Lundqvist for this loss but Neuvirth was better than Lundqvist in this series”


    Did these fools actually watch the series?

  102. Wicky – do NOT, I repeat do NOT read the last go time. Too much weirdo anger and stupidity and arguing.

    Just join us here.

  103. Somebody (I’m too lazy) should sum up the last comments thread. Some things that I saw were just jaw dropping….not in a good way. People were out of their collective mind.

  104. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    manny and orr
    ok, thanks! I have been slammed at work the last few days and haven’t read any of the threads so was just curious!

    I think richards (stars) is a no brainer!

    I didn’t think the richards (flyers) hit was that bad, didn’t seem malicious!

    I guess I’m going to have to root for the nucks or mtl the rest of the way (back ups are the preds and ….well I’m thinking on the east)

  105. You’re probably lucky Wicky. It got a bit insane in there. Nothing too relevant that won’t be covered in the offseason.

  106. Somebody (I’m too lazy) should sum up the last comments thread. Some things that I saw were just jaw dropping….not in a good way. People were out of their collective mind.


    Let’s Go Rangers….great first shift…we aren’t getting it out of our zone…McCabe is slow…that went in off Girardi…Green is a punk…DO SOMETHING GABBY…Hank is keeping us in the game…Hank is keeping us in the game…DO SOMETHING GABBY…this never would have happened if Frolov hadn’t gotten injured (just checking if you’re still reading)…Hank is keeping us in the game…this PP sucks…DO SOMETHING GABBY…this never would have happened if Callahan hadn’t gotten injured…MARC STAAL IS NOT ELITE HE GOT TOASTED BY OVECHKIN…How is it only 2-0…Anybody but Semin…Oh look Wolski finally showed up…I hope to never see Drury/Gaborik/EC/Wolski/McCabe ever in a Rangers jersey again…We could have beaten them if…

  107. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    the frolov line made me spit out my coffee, I WAS still reading!!

  108. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    and a great kick no less!

  109. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am soooo glad we stayed the hell away from kaberle!!


    Look at Drury being sandwiched by Dolan and Sather!

    Dolan look retarded…big head small body.

  111. I hope NYR drops the Coldplay song next season. That’s not a great “win” song.

    Also, we should all start our betting on which has-been 70’s-80’s rock “star” will do the anthem next season.

    I say Captain Beefheart!!

  112. There’s a few deadline guys I’m glad the Rangers stayed away from. Kaberle, Dustin Penner as well.

  113. By the way, we should stay away from Ville Leino. He’s the kind of guy who a team will offer a big contract that he’ll never live up to.

    He was great in the playoffs last year, but he’s not worth signing. Stick with what we have!

  114. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    good call on penner!

    I wouldn’t mind seeing laich on a line with gabby and richards (if that happens). I hope feds comes back.

    How long before teams can resign players and such?

  115. I like they way EC’s ears really ‘pop’ against the dark background of the Heritage jerseys.

    Did they photoshop Frolov’s right leg out of the picture?

  116. Thanks, Carp, for a job well done throughout the season. It’s been fun reading your reports in this season where, amazingly, we had a team to enjoy even though we could all see that it didn’t have the stuff to make it much farther than it got this year.

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