Break-up day: John Tortorella Part II


First, I think youse all saw that Chara, Lidstrom (does he ever stop?) and Weber were named finalists for the Norris Trophy.


More John Tortorella:

I asked him about the “identity” he’s so often spoken about, and if that’s something that is now in place, and if the team starts next season at a different level because that’s in place, or if you have to start all over again:

“No, I don’t think so, because we’ll have, I think our core will be back, I think we know how to play within a style. But you also, as you find out in the playoffs, you grind, and I know we’ll grind, but you also need a big play at a key time, to where maybe you score one or two of those goals that maybe isn’t underneath the hashmarks and jamming the net and (it takes) just everything you possibly can just to score that goal (Ed. Note: Guessing the Ovechkin goal in Game 4 might be an example of that). Like our power play. There’s no question … and Caber (McCabe), we bring him in, he’s a shooter. He kind of gets caught in a tough spot because we really don’t have a quarterback, and Caber was kind of the quarterback/shooter. It doesn’t work. So those are the type of things that you look to add to to this core.

“But you know as well as I do, a lot of people look for those pieces, too. I guess what I’m saying is that you have your team and you need to play a style in what your team is. I think that’s part of coaching. But if other pieces are added, then there are some different situations and you find different ways to score those goals or play defense, or whatever it may be. I’m sure that’s what we’re looking to add.”

Tortorella loves to give Jesse Spector (a rookie on the beat) a tough time. So when he started to ask one, Tortorella cut him off:

“Is it a dumb question? Because you had some dumb questions in the playoffs. Yes, you have.”

On the lessons that come out of the experience of playoffs:

“Well, how different it is from regular-season to playoffs. I’m not going to name names, but I’ve had two or three guys say, ‘I don’t know why I struggled in the playoffs.’ There’s no answer. Because I can tell they’re beating themselves up. There’s not an answer until you get into another playoff series and you’re successful and you’ve gone through some experiences and then you play another round, maybe two, and you find your way. That’s when you realize how different it is, as far as whether it be uptight or just overwhelming, because I think a couple of guys were overwhelmed with it. But they wouldn’t understand being overwhelmed and how to learn from it until they get the opportunity. So that’s what I … they’re looking to me for an answer, but I  … there is no answer until you play another round or two and find some success. That’s how you develop a team, that’s how you gain experience. That’s where you get better as a player.”

“You know, I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed in, I thought we could have played more games. I think that, like I said after the game, the strength of our team was being able to handle … I think we were third in the regular season in goals-for in the third period, third or fifth, and we were right at the top of the league, 29-0 (entering the third with a lead),  second in the league as far as gaining points even going into the third period losing — a lot of good things. But we have three games out of the first four where we’re leading (in the third period) and we only win one. That’s a recipe for disaster when you’re playing against a team like Washington. We can talk about the power play; that adds to it in not succeeding there. But bottom line is we had the games in the third period and we didn’t get the jobs done. That’s crucial in the Washington series because it’s a 4-1 series. It could have been different. But shoulda, coulda, woulda, but it wasn’t, and that falls on us.

“So I want you to understand, I still think this team has to go through a process, but I think we could have done better in the playoffs. And I’m disappointed in some players that we were counting on. There’s disappointment there. I’m worried about some of those; that disappointment worries me as far as playoff hockey. I am really excited about how some other guys played, that I didn’t expect to play so well. So there’s a whole litany of feelings that I have as far as when we played five games. But we were  a better team. We were a better team. We shouldn’t have been playing just five games. That falls on us.”

Did lack of experience hurt in terms of Game 4 into Game 5?:

“Some, but we can’t use lack of experience as the overall factor here, because as I said, we were counting on some people to step up and it didn’t happen. It didn’t happen, especially when you lose a guy — and I can say it now: The Callahan injury, it’s not an excuse because it also put more pressure on the guys to step up and I didn’t see it happen. But the Callahan injury, for any team — I know other teams … For L.A. Kopitar was out, wasn’t he? And he’s a star in the league. But for the New York Rangers to lose a Ryan Callahan, it was a huge blow. A huge blow. But it also gave other guys an opportunity to make up for that, and that was disappointing to me. I’m not going to name names, but it was just disappointing. So, for me, as I get through the feelings of it all, really excited as far as some things as far as what happened in five games, disappointed and worrisome in some other situations.”

On Sean Avery thinking that the way he played in the playoffs, after being a healthy scratch, showing he can be a valuable member of the team and having a role:

“Well, it’s a matter of consistency with Sean. Did I think Sean play a … he played good in the playoffs. It wasn’t anything spectacular. But it’s a situation where I have to make decisions each and every game for what’s best for the hockey club and I think I’ve been very fair with all players on that. And so with Sean, I don’t know where it sits. We go to camp and we find out, along with a number of other players.”

Asked if he thought this core has championship potential:

“I’m not talking championship. We just got eliminated in five games in the first round, and you’re talking championship? It’d be crazy for a coach to be talking that way. I think I know what you’re asking.”

It was clarified, he meant, to get to the next level:

“Yes, as I said, I like hockey club. I like where the growth went. I think they’ll continue to grow. Things need to be added. But I think they’re ready to take the next step. I think that’s what you asked me. Absolutely. And that falls on us as we continue to grow. And guys that had career years, or had really good years, gotta make sure that they come back ready to go again and we keep improving. I think that’s the thing, as a coach, when you’re building a hockey club, is, did the guy improve? I look at (Matt Gilroy). Three or four months ago, I wasn’t sure with Gilly. But I watched him go through the process. He was sent down last year, he was in and out of the lineup this year, struggled, I thought, terribly at certain times. But I think he shows improvement. I thought he was one guy in the playoffs, although it didn’t amount to a lot of points offensively, which we’re hoping will come to him eventually, but I thought he tried to make a difference in the playoffs. So I see him improving. I’m just using him as an example. That’s what you want to see as you try to build your hockey club, is improvement. And I thought a number of guys improved, and we’re hoping they continue to improve, and that’s how you become a winner. Or at least more competitive as you get in these situations in the playoffs.”

On whether he’d have sounded as optimistic if the Rangers hadn’t made the playoffs on that final night:

“No, because, we shouldn’t have had to wait. We shouldn’t have had to sit and watch the other hockey game. Rules are rules. It’s a stupid rule, or a stupid … is it called a rule? I would have been, yes, and I did jump the gun on you guys (between the Devils game and the Carolina-Tampa game) because I was pissed off because I watched our team play as hard as we did, and we have to wait for another team that has three less wins than us. It doesn’t make sense to me. They use that damn shootout thing, they want a win, they want to determine a win, there’s no ties, they want to do it quickly because of TV, and then they discount them when it comes down to what your record it. And they use it 10 different ways as far as I’m concerned. So, it’s stupid.”

On how critical it was to be able to evaluate the young players in a playoff setting:

“Yeah, we’re not just evaluating young kids. We’re evaluating everybody. Yeah. So it’s hard sometimes, because you want to get in. I think as a coach, you want to win every game. It makes me sick that we’re not there now, that we have to watch it. But when you get to being an evaluator and you start making decisions for next year and building a team, you’ve got to make sure that you’re honest about where you are as a club, you know what I’m saying? You need to be sure, and you need to be honest about what positions you put players in before you get mad at them, or the other way around, that you expected them to handle that and they didn’t.

“So it’s a constant evaluation when you’re in the situation we’re at right now. But you have to stay with your organizational philosophy, (which) is that we’re going to keep adding to the core, and I’m not saying it’s a rookie, I’m not saying it’s a young kid coming out … that doesn’t have to be added to the core. It may be a guy that you feel is the right guy for right now, for where your team is. And you keep on trying to put those pieces together. It’s not about going out and trying to sign a bunch of free agents. It has to be that right guy. But make sure before you are upset and not interested in the guy you have right now, that was he put in the legitimate position that he really should be in if you’re building a winning team?”

So, some people were not in the right positions?

“There’s no question. There’s no question when you’re building a hockey club that some guys were put in spots that they’re not ready to do right now. But there were some guys put in spots that they should be able to do it, and that’s where I have disappointment. That’s where I have all those different feelings as you look at your club. So it’s a constant evaluation that you go through, because you make mistakes when you get really upset with a guy when, really, is that what that guy is? Is that the spot that he really needs to be in if you’re going to be a winning team? And then what you do is you get rid of that guy and then you’re spinning your wheels again, because that’s a foundation guy. He might not be the top-end guy, but he’s a good foundation player. So it’s about slotting people in the right spot. You’ve got to make sure in  your evaluation when you’re slotting people.”

On two of the older players, Chris Drury and Vinny Prospal, and what he envisions or assesses their futures:

“Well, you start with Vinny. I never thought Vinny would come back from the injury. He did. Very inconsistent and he readily admits that. His leg, I think his knee, at least talkng to him — and they’re going to do the MRI and all that stuff — but I think it’s structurally sound inside but he wasn’t able to develop the muscles around (it). And he struggled. He played really well at times and really struggled. He was very inconsistent. You have to think, you’ve got to make sure — Vinny’s getting older. He adds a tremendous quality to our team in just the way he is as a pro. These are things we have to talk about, and you don’t want to get into a situation where it’s a mistake and it takes the spot of another (player). He’s a skilled guy, but that’s something that we really have to talk about and assess and listen to what the doctors say about him and all.

“Same thing with Dru. Dru’s a guy that has a knee, and high marks for him, because I didn’t even expect him back. I was so happy for him when he scored the goal (vs. the Devils) and who knows? Because of that stupid rule we may not have even gotten in if Dru didn’t score a goal. Who knows what would have happened?

“But then as I watch him in playoffs, it was a bit of a struggle for Dru, honestly. He tried like hell, but he slowed down as it went on. I thought he did a great job in the role that he did as a killer and a faceoff guy. But again, this is something, honestly, that we have to look at, as far as, where does he fit now? Because we are going young. And we’re trying to build it up again. And with older guys, those are conversations that we have to have, as we continue here for the next few months.”

Same for Fedotenko?

“Sure. Again, Brian Boyle and him were probably our two best forwards, our two most consistent forwards in the playoffs. (He) served a tremendous role for us, especially with Cally being out, in where he’s so versatile. That’s someone we have to talk about in a way where, I think he’s 31 (32 actually), but I thought played very well for us, and that’s someone we have to talk about as far as, yeah, he is getting older, but he added a lot to our club, also. So these are all conversations we have to have. I have my thoughts, but we have to pool our thoughts and then Glen has to make a decision on where we go with some of these athletes.”

On the next step in Marc Staal’s game:

“Get to the next level. I think there’s another level there. Marc knows that. Marc was pretty banged up as we went through here. In that way I was hoping that … I thought he played really good in the playoffs. I thought he had a really good year. I think there’s more there. I think there’s more there. Hopefully some of the bite in his game will improve as we go along here. But he is a big part of our club here. But there’s always more, and it’s our job as coaches to make sure that they understand it. He’s still just a young man. He’s played a lot, but he’s still just a young man. But we’ll, as far as the push right now, he was banged up at the end of the year here and I thought fought through it pretty well. But he has an A on his shirt now. He needs to assume more responsibility and this isn’t negative, this is part of the process for him, too. He is going to be better and the most important thing is that he knows that there’s more there and that’s how we’re going to approach this.”

Back to Drury, the fact that he’s the captain here, does that figure into the decision based on the respect Tortorella and the players have for him?:

“Intangibles always come into evaluating. You just can’t let the intangibles override other things, too. Dru and I have a great relationship. We’ve been very honest with one another. Dru is getting older. That’s why he has this chronic knee, and it’s amazing that he was able to come back when he did. But we have to make decisions based on what’s best for the organization moving on, and I’m not saying — don’t get me wrong — but we have to be careful with all this stuff here. And it’s certainly not my total decision, but I have my thoughts, so these are all conversations we have to have.”

Asked to evaluate his own coaching:

“No, I’m not … you guys evaluate it enough for me. Is that it?”

So I asked him what he thinks of the shootout, since it was my turn to be the closer.

He laughed, thanked everybody, shook everyone’s hand and wished them a good summer. Totally different guy from last year. Very similar to the one who was interim coach for four games in 1999- 2000.

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  1. Tom C – “As a former Hobey Baker award winner, I know that..”

    What year did you win the Hobey Baker Award??


  2. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    I love Torts’ brutal honesty about his players. Very refreshing.

    Also his comments about the old vets are very interesting. I still believe that Drury will, in fact, be bought out this summer. I think Feds will come back. I think Prospal won’t.

  3. The Hard Facts on

    Lundqvist is gone at the trade deadline next year if they cant replace Drury’s money with someone who can earn that money. Hank was pretty honest that he is not getting younger, and wants to go deep in the playoffs now.

  4. The Hard Facts on

    And for the love of god..How do we get Booooogard’s money off the books? That may be the worst contact on the entire list.

  5. This was an awesome read Carp. i actually saw a Torts interim coach game vs. the bruinsi n Boston. Kevin Hatcher was on defense oy vey !

  6. no reason for fedentenko, prospal or drury to be back. they ( feds, vinny) played fine for for us, but time to move on. either use the cap space/room for a rookie coming in or a free agent who can score.

  7. jussi jokinen, ville leino, radim vrbata or michael ryder would all be an upgrade from prospal/fedetenko

  8. There’s about as much chance of Lundqvist being traded next year as there is of Boogaard coming back and potting 20 goals.

  9. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    There is a reason for Feds to come back. He’s not that old (32), he’s hard-nosed and he’s a proven winner (2 Cups). While having a majority of the roster consist of young’ns, you still need a veteran presence for said young’ns to learn from and follow.

    He was also the best forward in the playoffs.

  10. Off Rangers topic but not off thread topic, Nik Lidstrom still amazes me. I guess what impresses me most is that when he has the puck, the game seems to go into slow motion. And no, I don’t mean Bryan McCabe slow motion. He has such good control over the pace of the game, I find it remarkable.

  11. Trying to read between the lines of the “There’s no question.” paragraph.

    Any Thoughts?

    He laughed, thanked everybody, shook everyone’s hand and wished them a good summer. – Sad

  12. eddie eddie eddie on

    a great #1 next year…EC, gabby, boogy……the Mr. IFS line…Mr. Invisible, Mr Floater, and Mr. Serial Killer

  13. eddie eddie eddie on

    sign Richards…20 yrs @ 240,000,000…its a steal…pull it glen, and i dont mean the trigger….

  14. mark my words on

    He is not happy to be in his prime, and miss the playoffs last year, and barely get in this year. He wants the Rangers to be a top 4 seed, or he will leave.

  15. mark my words = Rod lurks?

    Your conclusion is absolute conjecture – if not outright horse-carcillo – based on *one* comment expressing disappointment the day after playoff elimination, which (unless it was placed completely out of context where I read it) was at least part in reference to his decision over whether to make himself available for the World Championships.

    Aside from that, why do I keep reading comments that suggest a goalie is pretty much done once he hits 30, so Lundqvist is running out of time? Not saying it’s inevitable that any goalie will maintain such a high level of performance into his mid-30s, but there are enough examples to suggest it’s not a stretch.

  16. hard facts, why would you trade an elite goalie entering his prime on a team that’s trying to build itself into a contender?

  17. Tiki is going to be okay!!! Henrik is not the type of guy, IMO, to demand a trade. He’s a humble quiet guy with loyalty.

  18. Carp -Great job as always.

    Did you sense Torts was speaking in general or about a particular player when he said:

    “because you make mistakes when you get really upset with a guy when, really, is that what that guy is? Is that the spot that he really needs to be in if you’re going to be a winning team? And then what you do is you get rid of that guy and then you’re spinning your wheels again, because that’s a foundation guy. He might not be the top-end guy, but he’s a good foundation player.”

  19. That quote you put up ddebened speaks volumes about Torts as a coach. He’s still learning how to coach to this day, that’s really awesome. As the coach, you must put each individual player in the best position to succeed! That’s a lesson I’m glad he may have learned this year. Good for him.

  20. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – were you able to ask ANYONE about crosby practicing?…Or when he might be game ready?…..something? anything?…I’M dying here

  21. eddie eddie eddie on

    sure sounds like a certain dallas star is changing zip codes come next season…..Prust saying

  22. Thanks for all the information Carp. You did a great job as always and look forward to what you will post all summer.

  23. eddie eddie eddie on

    triple C…..from one triple to another……torts was probably talking about EC=non-monster

  24. Carp, thanks again. Awesome break-up day coverage. This Torts interview is a great read, thanks. He says a lot here…a lot of good stuff…

    I also agree that Stahl can up his game, especially on offense. He has the skating ability and reach to be a weapon. We saw it at the beginning of the season. He had 4 sweet PPGs…

    Also, like Torts’ comments on Vinny and Drury, it’s a very honest assessment. Sounds like he is going to try to convince Dru into a trade or to retire. LOL!

    And, that whole thing about the “right positions” for people, I think he is referring to guys like Dubinsky and Prust…but just a guess..

  25. eddie eddie eddie on

    carpinator – tremendous work today…i read everything….torts is a dream come true from a quote perspective…he really hides little….great job….but always remember, “the righteous are beset on all sides…….”

  26. eddie eddie eddie on

    my guess…get staal/girardi and McD/sauer in incredible shape….fantastic shape…and roll with just 4 Dmen

  27. Hey guys I have an idea/epiphany – I am going to keep telling everyone this throughout the offseason: I think that MSG should replace the boards around the ice and make them more active. I really think this would help this team because they shoot wide SO often that it would really help them get rebounds.

    Until CT tells me that this won’t work based on statistics and spreadsheets and piecharts I AM RIDING THE TRAIN

  28. You know what’s pretty funny….Feds was the best player during camp, played well during the season when he wasn’t injured, and also was the best player for NYR in the playoffs…

    It tells you what type of athlete the guy is…I would love to have him back…good leader for the kids and pretty damn good player…

  29. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – oops….i’ve been working on this for about a half-n-hour……you take this and fold it and fold it again then you get this…..and i dont want this, i want this….would you be eatin this?

  30. Carp, incredible job as always. Like others said, I’ll be looking forward to your posts throughout the summer.

  31. I’ll be looking forward to a more consistent season next year, less injuries next year, and a more skilled first line.

  32. Make the boards more active, re-acquire Higgins and watch as he breaks Gretzky’s single-season assists record.

  33. JimboWoodside on

    Great job all season, Carp – this blog is a blast – just what a Ranger fan needs when he doesn’t have a lot of friends who are also similarly afflicted.

    Watching Pitt-Tampa game – Bolts don’t look great so far, but maybe they’ll ramp it up next period.

    Is anyone else as sick of the metrosexual-acting Geico Caveman and his neverending beef against Geico? Man up you idiot!

    Seriously, Geico, the gag has gone on WAY too long!

  34. Olga Folkyerself on

    FIRE SATHER! I don’t want him getting us “to the next level”. He’s a bubble and a half off center himself…

  35. Olga Folkyerself on

    Jimbo, I thought the Geico ads were funny for the first thousand times, after that? Not so much…

  36. If Richards signs with NYR, all this talk about building a core is bull-carcillo…Prust sayin’….

    That would mean that Artie and Stepan aren’t “ready for prime-time”….LOL!

    The Rangers need a hell of lot more than just an old Brad Richards to contend for the Cup. That is a fact. The plan should be long term and selective…

    I think it is an irresponsible idea sign brad Richards this offseason. We have too many free agents and a shaky situation with Redden in the summer.

    After considering the Redden, Drury, and Gomez contracts and their impact…why would you sign another aging vet? IT NEVER WORKS!

  37. Noah-Rangers, 28 on

    LW, hilarious!

    Higgins actually put a shot on net in last night’s game. I nearly had a coronary.

  38. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – if 15 minutes can save you 15%, imagine what 2 hours will save you…

  39. JimboWoodside on

    Bolts up, 2-1..Dominic Moore with a great passing play to Bergenheim. I always liked Moore’s game. Sorry we gave up on him.

    Yeah, the caveman idea was amusing at first, but they’ve carried it on too far – by MANY years now!

  40. With Bill McCreary and Kerry Fraser out of the league next year, who will take the reins of teaching other referees to cheat the Rangers? I nominate Paul Devorski! :)

  41. I should have said “with both” because Fraser was not in the league this year. McCreary assumed full control this year!

  42. JimboWoodside on

    Devorski definitely was auditioning for the part, with his x-ray specs on that saw every puck that Hank had under his body….

  43. JimboWoodside on

    That very well could be – he’s a Swede, and they don’t get much sun – maybe he’s like a jellyfish or something – but how did Devorski see through Hank’s uniform and equipment!?

  44. NYR_FAN – I’m thinking more Dubi, if anyone specifically at all

    My interpretation:

    Failure of a player to measure up to your expectations may be because your expectations were too high. The player may not become the top line player that was hoped for but may still be a very good supporting player. Failing to recognize this and acting inappropriately (trade/not resign) due to disappointment can compound your error and undermine your progress.

  45. Higgins hit a post, I think it was in OT, too.

    Tiki, why not Don van “Personal Vendetta” Massenhoven? LOL.

  46. I agree with that interpretation. I also add to that interpretation as meaning that he must put his players in a better position to succeed moving forward.

    He is specifically referencing Gaborik. He is saying it would be stupid to give up on Gaborik. Also, he is saying that Gaborik is not the superstar we all thought him to be. Rather, Gaborik needs to be helped by his linemates instead of vice versa, at which point, Gaborik will become an excellent supporting player.

  47. And I know we can all go back and forth about whether Gaborik is a superstar. Yes, he scores 40+ goals.

    But, IMO, a superstar not only is great himself, he also makes everyone (or for the sake of argument, nearly everyone) around him better.

  48. Injuries obviously occur all the time, but I think they have to minimizetheir risk for injuries by changing their philosophy on blocking shots.
    I’m really surprised they don’t have more serious injuries from all the blocking they do. They need to focus more on improving other parts of their game, forget about blocking. Get better on your skates, not sprawled out on the ice giving your body up. I think poke checking, taking away passing and shooting lanes gets over looked, but they definitely need to improve these aspects of their game, because you are at the mercy of the shooter whe you go down to block shots.

    Is it just me or for a young team, do the majority of them lack the speed, stamina, explosiveness, and toughness than most, if not all of the other playof teams? They always seem to ge gassed faster and slower than most teams, and loom lackadaisical out there, especially when it’s a 0-0 game.
    Or am I just missing the fact that the lack of speed and skating ability is due to some of these guys just not being very skilled?

  49. I meant to add in my last post that Lundquist can save the shots they block, that’s why they pay him the big bucks.
    When we become less offensively challenged and can possess the puck more, they won’t have to worry about giving up so many shots, which lead to more blocked shot attempts.

  50. Tiki – Maybe but it’s odd that Tort’s speaks specifically of all those that would be considered core guys ,except Dubi, unless I missed it.

    I just have a hard time thinking of Gabby as a foundation guy, even if he is going to be here for awhile. I hope he changes that.

  51. Tom C- If they change their philosophy on blocking shots and they will be much more healthy for GOLF.

  52. Olga Folkyerself on

    I think that the “blocking shots” strategy isn’t brave, OR smart. It sure wasn’t worth it for Cally to be breaking his ankle blocking a shot. He probably stopped a shot Hank would have gotten anyway. That 6 week injury didn’t help NY in the playoffs. Even if they scored, I’d still rather give up the goal than lose Cally or Dubi or even Drury for the next six weeks.

    Besides, they don’t really know how to do it. One of them is going to get a puck right smack in the face, one of those times.

  53. Olga Folkyerself on

    This just in– Crosby joins the Staals, Rick Nash And Scott Young for a CSNY comeback tour…

  54. True Blue Mike on


    LW3H asked you this question before “Are you saying Lundqvist is elite, Carp?”. I was just hoping you could answer it because i want to hear your opinion on this question?

  55. ddebened – You would rather see more blocked shots? By the way, I won the Hobey Baker award but was never drafted:)

  56. well, you could argue he isn’t, I suppose. But he was sure better down the stretch and in the playoffs than Luongo and Thomas, better than anything the Flyers have had since Bernie Parent … in the middle of the season he looked like a top-10, top-12 goalie. In the last two months and through five playoff games, I thought he was top-3, top-5. And most seasons I thought he was definitely, easily in the top 5-7 or so.

    So, what’s elite? Who’s elite? Jimmy Howard? Cam Ward? Crawford? Niemi? Vokoun? Rinna? I’d like to see anybody’s top-10 list, especially those who don’t have Lundqvist anywhere on it.

    Short story long, yes. I guess I think he is elite.

  57. True Blue Mike on

    As do I, in my opinion top-3 overall in the league. I just wanted your opinion. This is how i look at it, put Lundqvist on Tampa or the Capitals and they are overwhelming favorites for the cup, right?

  58. If you’re labeling goalies as top-#, you have to look at consistency, surrounding team, and period of time. And I’d like someone to name a goalie that has been more consistent, with a lesser supporting cast, over a greater length of time, than Henrik….. Ill be waiting here a long time, as the answer to that is nobody.

  59. True Blue Mike on

    Vancouver and Philly are even better examples than Tampa and the Caps actually, especially with the way the Canucks are choking right now.

  60. Olga Folkyerself on

    And there are still some bozos posting here to trade Lundqvist because “his value is high”. It makes you want to stuff a week old crusty sock in their mouth to shut ’em up…

  61. True Blue Mike on

    Just as speculation who do you think we could get for lundqvist? Trade him to Anaheim for Ryan Getzlaf , Lumboinor Visnovsky and a 1st round pick? I feel like he is worth even more than that.

  62. True Blue Mike on

    Trade him to Philly for Pronger, Carter and Giroux! Then sign Vokun in the Off-season?!?#?@!$ Haha i love to speculate.

  63. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Imagine if Sather picked anybody else other than Sanguinetti, Jessiman, Chereponov, Falardeau, Blackburn, Montoya…

    Boy does he stink at drafting in the first round…

  64. JimboWoodside on

    I don’t think you can blame Sather for Cherepanov – that was just a tragedy, but the kid was good.

  65. Can’t blame him for Cherepanov. That kid was going to be an absolute star. Blame him for Frederic Weis. Wait, nevermind :)

  66. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    If they traded Lundqvist they would get 12th place, 13th place and then 11th place. And then finally get Sather out of NY.

  67. The only reason I thought Cherepanov was a bad choice was because he drafted a guy from Russia the year the international player transfer agreement ended. Now I know the Rangers had some sort of agreement with Omsk (big reason why I think Jagr went there) but that was a “political” risk that could’ve been avoided.

  68. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    What’s the difference whether a player was lost like Chereponov, or injured like Blackburn, or just stunk like Jessiman or Falardeau. They aren’t here are they? Cherepoov was not a sure thing either, just like all the rest of them all he had was potential when he was drafted.

  69. Carp -Did Torts comment on Dubi?

    Tom C – Of course, I’d like to see less blocked shots because of less shots being taken.

    I hurt my ankle while working at Wonder Bread and won the Hobbly Baker award. :P

  70. Lundqvist is great, no denying that but the big issue with relying heavily on a goalie to be the franchise is as great as goalies can be they pretty much dictate one facet of the game. If there was a reasonable replacement in the system and you could spin Lundqvist into a another 40 goal player and maybe a PP QB D would you do it?

  71. so its sounds like Prospal and Drury are goners ..i wonder who Torts was disapointed in with not stepping up ?

    Dubinsky ,? Gaborik , Wolski Christensen ? all the above

    he gave high Marks to Boyle and Feds

  72. JimboWoodside on

    I think that all low-round draft choices should be subjected to a full cardiac workup and body scan to make sure that they are fit to compete at a very high level – if the league doesn’t already enforce such a policy, I think that the drafting team should insist on such a battery of tests, for the good of all, including the players.

  73. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I worked for Wonder Bread too! I was a pilot.

    The boss said “Take bread from here, and pile it over there”…

  74. JimboWoodside on

    But Slatsko, those 2 guys were not “washouts” like Jessiman and the others you mentioned. Those guys *failed* to develop, and you can blame Slats for them, but C. and B. were situations beyond anyone’s control.

  75. True Blue Mike on

    CT, if i had Michael Neuvrith in the system i would trade Lundqvist for Letang and Malkin, wouldn’t you?

  76. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    You’re missing the point with Lundqvist. You don’t trade Lundqvist because his career is being wasted playing with the team he has in NY.

    You should fire Sather because he can’t put a team together to go with Lundqvist’s talent.

  77. I’m still pulling for my Kings/Bruins Cup Final prediction.

    I need at least one of them to make it, preferably the Kings.

    There’s a couple of damn good Game 7’s coming up, hopefully the Kings add to that list.

  78. Man…this string was an eye ache, but I did it.

    IMO……most of the problems with injuries could be solved with better protective equipment. Those itsy bitsy gloves they wear now offer very scant protection. If I was going to set forth on a career of shot blocking, I’d have custom gloves and skate boots made with protective armor around the key spots. ( and full face cage. would announce that I’d come to block… it slows you down a wee bit….tough.

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