Capitals 3, Rangers 1: Game 5 in review


Happy Easter.

Before we look back at Game 5 and the series, we’ll look ahead. The Rangers will probably have their break-up day meetings on Monday. We plan on being there (instead of Game 6) for coverage. And we’ll wrap up the season in the next few days.


1) The power play. Brandon Dubinsky — who was very up and down in this series — was absolutely right. The difference in the series was the Rangers power play. It’s been a problem for the Rangers all year … and last year … and for several years. The power play was 0 for 2 in Game 5, leaving it at 1 for 20 in the series, and 2 for 47 going back to the end of the regular season. The only goal it scored in the series was a terrible-angle shot by Erik Christensen in Game 3.

2) So, I think I mentioned this before, but I might as well double-dip. The Rangers should have just put out their next five … whatever line was up, and whatever two D-men … or just put our the Boyle line. Then don’t play it like a power play. Just play your normal grinding, forechecking game. With the opponent having four players, that forecheck could produce some chances. Because, with no legit PP quarterback, with no first-line players (Gaborik should be, but hasn’t been), trying to set up the PP is worthless. Especially against an aggressive kill like the Capitals.

3) The power play was further doomed all season by the Rangers inability to win faceoffs. How many power plays started with an offensive-zone draw that was lost and immediately cleared the length of the ice? I could go on and on about the power play. But I won’t.

4) Dan Girardi=Block Ness Monster. It took a while for him to win us all over, but he sure had done it by the end of the season, and was just overwhelmingly courageous in these playoffs. My God.

5) Henrik Lundqvist. He couldn’t steal games by himself this time, but he sure was good again in the playoffs — and down the stretch. And for people who don’t think he’s “elite” or a Vezina candidate, what else do you want in a goalkeeper than to play his best in the biggest games?

6) Marian Gaborik. He had virtually all of the Rangers’ chances between the Boyle and Prust flurry in the first 30 seconds, and Wolski’s goal with 31.5 left. And buried none. Again, I don’t think it’s necessary the amount of try in his game — not most of the time — but I don’t know what else it could be.

7) Scoring. I’m going to get more into this topic as we go along this week, because, well, it cost the Rangers in this series (eight goals), it almost cost them a playoff spot; last year it did cost them a playoff spot; the year before it nearly cost them a playoff spot and cost them in a series in which they led 3-1. It has to be addressed.

8) That said, if the Rangers are going to play so much of their offensive game below the hashmarks, then they’re going to have to deploy their D-men and have them move into the circles more.

9) Alex Ovechkin=Monster.

10) The Rangers have had bad games this season. They’ve had bad starts. But I don’t recall a game starting like this one, where even at 1-0, it felt they didn’t have a chance. It felt like, for the first time in this series, it was 1 vs. 8; for the first time in this series, it was men vs. boys.

11) The Capitals launched 36 shot attempts in that first period. Thirty-six! Holy shishkebob.

12) I know they never really tested him enough, and I’m usually the last person to credit a goaltender who isn’t severely tested. But Michal Neuvirth was pretty darn good, and the kid’s got a sick glove hand.

13) So my last three Rangers road trips, in reverse order: Yesterday’s loss. Game 82 last season. Near the end of the Bryan Trottier era. With a Rangers fan as the sports editor, it doesn’t bode well for me starting next year in Sweden.

14) You folks who started up the few anti-Tortorella comments toward the end of the season, and who showed up again yesterday, do us all a favor and shut up. I mean, you’re entitled to your opinion, and that’s what these blogs are all about. But that’s pretty idiotic after what’s gone on here the last two years. And what went on before he got here. But most important, what’s going on going forward.

15) A few guys looked like they were pretty much finished by the end of this series, and one or two others looked disinterested throughout. I won’t name names. You guys know.


AP Photo/Alex Brandon, above.

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  1. gregm_section403 on

    i just wish we had a few more ‘in review’ posts left this season.

    otherwise, the ‘in review’ posts are the best coverage of the rangers out there!

  2. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    Mostly you have a keen sense for the obvious, but also added one or two more key points.
    Torts is doing a terrific job during “the process”. He needs to trust his dressed players more and realize EVERYONE plays better when he plays everyone.

    I hope we continue to try and build from within during the process. Until a prospect proves to be a bust, I hope they get theirs shots (McIlrath, Thomas, Bourque, Kreider, Del Zotto, Zucs, etc) I hope we continue to weed out the older players that are just too slow now (Drury and McCabe).

  3. bull dog line on

    yeah Girardi did block a lot of shots and that was a big part of the teams personality, but I thought both he and Staal were completely over matched in this series. Girardi had a hard time making the first pass, resulting in the Rangers being kept in there zone for long periods. Staal did not hold up physically. he was constantly knocked off the puck, and pushed around in front of his own net. Staal, to me, had his best regular season, but his playoff was lacking.

  4. boxcareddiehospodar on

    The Rangers better look to pickup some more size up front.
    I would love to see Gaborik play with a big time center and a bruising winger who will dig the puck out of the corners.

  5. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Who we root for now ? As an old time NYR fan, it is my fairly new tradition to root for whatever team has gone the longest without winning the cup. Surely any Ranger fan around my age (55) can understand that.

    So I am not sure but I think it goes like this:
    1) LA Kings
    2) Buffalo Sabres and Vancouver Canucks
    4) Boston Bruins
    5) Washington Caps

    not sure after that…but that is enough to root for for now

  6. On #14, with apologies for the long re-post…

    Just to pre-empt the tiresome Fire Torts brigade that will no doubt emerge over the next day or two, the following are some of Torts’ quotes from break-up day last season. Places his work this year in some more context, I think (Rozsival comment aside…):

    “Winning and losing is going to cost me my job. but it’s not going to change my thinking. I think a team is in development here. We may have expectations of being that team and winning it right now. I don’t think we’re ready to win right now, or get where want to be right now.

    “So you better be careful of how you approach that process of going through it or you’ll spin into oblivion. … I’m hoping there’s a process that when you start winning, you’re going to win for a while. And that takes a process. And I think we’re in that process. I’m not sure if everybody agrees with me in the organization But that’s the way I feel about it.”

    “I’ve talked to Glen about this. I’d like to see us get younger. I’d like to see us add to our core and grow together. And then we’re not adding 10 pieces this year. I think that’s important. I think Henrik’s at an important time of his career; I think we’ve got Gaborik who’s a legitimate star—I don’t like the way he has played in big games; I think he still needs to cross the line there and play better in big games. But we’ve got some pieces here. I think Rozsival has grown his game to be more competitive. So there’s some good things with the core. But I think we need to add to it with some youth, and grow it together.

    “Then when you get there—and I may not even be here—to get to where you’re not fighting (for) 9 or 8 every year, you can be a legitimate good team for a while.”

  7. Great review Carpy,
    Torts got extended for 3 years. Get used to it. What critics don’t realize is that this team is taking on Torts’ personality. Just Like Marty St. Louis, Vinny L., and future Ranger Brad Richards. If you can’t see that this team has grown some balls in the last couple years, then you are blind. That is the moxy it takes to win a cup. All the crying about line mixing, and scratching players. There is a method to the madness.

    I can’t wait for next season.

    Gaborik? All the opposing teams have to do is cut off his space. He has no -ZERO – help. EC?!?
    Prospal?!? Credit to the rookie, but Stepan? Not to mention ZERO threat from the D. This season is an aberration. Gabby will be back to his 35-45 goal ways with support that will come in the form of Brad Richards. Not to say that they will automatically click, but another scoring leader will keep the opposition honest, and take the heat off of Gabby. You can’t trade Gabby for value, and he has an NTC.

    Drury, EC, Prospal (warrior), Avery, Gilroy, and McCabe will all be gone. Richards, and maybe Krieder or another kid will be here. And we will get to see another exciting edition of the NYR.

    I am psyched!!!

  8. A good chunk of Caps fans will tell you that they haven’t won a Cup in their entire six-year history. Still, I wouldn’t mind the Caps winning it from here (I don’t “like” any other teams, but I’d only really be moderately positive about the Caps or Sabres coming out of the East now), if only to disappoint the many pro-Canadian, pro-Crosby fan boys in the media.

    I’ll provisionally offer my services for a guest post or two from the games in Stockholm, Carp. What’s the pay rate?

  9. Carp and Bulldog,
    Staal was playing 30 minutes a night against the BEST forwards in the world. I know bulldog is angling that Sauer and MacD are the “#1 D pair”, but that is crazy. Let’s see who has to handle OV down the stretch of this playoff run. Let’s see who handles OV the way Staal did. Stall has carried this D for 3 years now. Next to Henke, he is the most valuable NYR. It’s your right to be critical, but have some perspective.

    I think you will look back and see how much of this responsibility was heaped on Staal and realize he did a damned great job.

  10. LW, I’l give you half of what I get: zero.

    cw, I knew that contract extension was coming, but was sworn to secrecy … oh well. Good job by Glen Sather to get it done.

    Richards is obviously the answer and we will talk about that from now until July 1. But I don’t think it is without risks. And I do not think it will be cheap. And I think they may have to finally trade some of their future for another piece … unless they want to wait longer.

  11. cw, I was agreeing that Staal and Girardi were overmatched. That’s a hell of an assignment to play all those minutes against Ovechkin. And I do not question their willingness. But I do think that they chase the puck too much, and that Girardi spends too much time on the ice trying to block passes that don’t need to be blocked, and that they both are lacking against odd-man rushes. Staal could use a little more muscle, too.

  12. Gabby’s problem is that he is thinking – and for him that is a more critical problem than for anyone else because Gabby’s shot is all 100% in the timing. If yougo back and watch clips from last year or his time with Minnesota, the thing that is striking is that he has a quick release but also he releases the puck just a hair off stride. Like a drummer doing something on the upbeat but even a little quicker than that. So the goalie has a rhythm as he watches the shooter as to when he feels the puck is coming and Gabby disrupts that by sending the puck at the net before the goalie is really prepared to see it. which is why so often they don’t even flinch. This year Gabby is thinking and so there is that split-second hesitation so now the shot is not only not coming in off-time, but coming in on the downbeat, exactly when the goalie expects it to. gaborik needs to stop pressing, let go and let his instincts take back over. Torts and the media and fans need to leave the guy alone so he can do this.

  13. bull dog line on

    over time I have come to really respect Staals game. that being said, the excuse cannot be he was playing against the best players in the world. his job was to stop the best players, and for good part of the series he did, but without question Ovechkin got the better of him.
    Sauer is better than Girardi right now, McDonagh is moving fast. he not there yet, but I see him being as good as Staal. that is not a bad thing.

  14. By the way, while I do not post here terribly often I read constantly and have been lucky enough to meet you at the Garden several times ( my son was the one with the Santa Hat, and we actually showed up with fake mustaches on Weds and had an extra one for you but I didn’t want to interrupt what was probably the biggest game of the year) – I wanted to thank you for your great and insightful coverage. I actually love reading the “in review” part every morning and appreciate the forum for giving us a place to discuss all things Rangers. You rock Carp!

  15. bulldog,
    I agree that the 2nd pair is great. Two rookies playing that well in a playoff series?!? Who could ask for more. But they wouldn’t have stood up to the OV challenge like Staal did.

    Staal could be stronger, but this is OV we are talking about. He is the most physically dominant player of his era. Even faster and stronger than Lindros. Stall has been playing playoff hockey for over a month now. Tough, long minutes down the stretch. I try not to make excuses for the NYR, but in this case, criticizing Staal is a little difficult listen to.

  16. I posted this in the game thread yesterday and I will post it again for all those negative “sky is falling” types: (with some additions)

    Are you people crazy? This is NOT on the coach. The Rangers are not built to win YET. Yes this loss hurts but to make the playoffs with the amount of kids the Rangers have is an accomplishment.

    Coach has them sacrificing their bodies left and right to make up for the lack of talent (it’s close but not quite there yet with all these kids).

    But they DO need a PP specialist and Special Teams coach? YES!

    I understand the frustration but lets be real. This is not about “heart”. This is about playing a significantly better team and being worn out. Plus having a ton of kids who are gaining experience in these playoffs like Stepan, like Boyle, like Prust, like Gilroy, like McD, like Sauer, like Anisimov, like Duby, and so forth.

    Oh and for those taking shots at Staal and Girardi, they are playing that way because they have to. They are worn down. When you have a team that isn’t overly talented, had a huge amount of young kids (and I don’t mean top 5 picks either), they have to sacrifice. Rangers have sacrificed their bodies all year long. They hit, they block shots, etc. This takes a toll on them. Did you see them in Game in OT? They were barely moving. If anything, this is a credit to the coach who got them to believe in this to play this way.

    If the Rangers fire Torts (won’t happen) and you naysayers get your way, I honestly hope the Rangers get another Trottier and don’t make the playoffs for 8 years. Then we will get rid of fans like you.

    Be proud of this team. I am. Or go root for the Red Wings.

  17. Carp,
    The people calling for Torts to be fired are probably the same people who think Staal, Girardi,
    Dubi etc should be traded…
    I don’t know who the people are cause I’ve generally stopped reading the comments section for the most part. The comments are so ignorant, stupid and show a total lack of understanding… Pointless to write, pointless to read!
    I’m pumped about the future. All these kids got valuble experience. The core of this team looks amazing and in a few years if the organization continues in this direction we will be contending for the Cup.

  18. Carp, another insightful review. Looking forward to more thoughts about who will be added to the discard pile before September. Regarding your last point: You have the added benefit of being around these guys at practices etc., and the season is done. Why not name names and add an opinion on whether you think it’s lack of ability or lack of willingness? Or is this a tease for a future article?

  19. Don’t you wish Feds would have gone Rambo on Erskine for his cowardly punch from behind after the Rangers scored to prevent the SO? Feds should have introduced the butt end of his stick to Erskine’s front teeth.

  20. I’m sorry but Torts made some real bad decisions this series and during the season in general. Ex:
    –I don’t have if Avery doesn’t score goals–we’re better with him in the lineup.
    –Boyle hasn’t scored a goal since when? Put Dubi in between the two guys who are making things happen out there-Prust and Avery.
    –he’s convinced Prust that he’s a third line playmaker. The boy needs to fight. Period. Down 1-0 last night this team needed a spark.
    –I agree about the power play, Carp. Just roll your regular lines.
    –If I was the coach, I would have called Gaborik out a loooooooong time ago
    –McDonough blows. I’m sorry. I know you’re all obsessed with the kid. He made a lot of real bonehead plays the last few weeks that–if someone would teach these kids to take the body instead of laying down on the ice–could’ve been avoided

    I could go on. The guy can talk youth all he wants. He doesn’t have the skill to play the way he wants to play. He needs to toughen this team up.

    I liked mean Torts better.

  21. I’m sorry but Torts made some real bad decisions this series and during the season in general. Ex:
    –I don’t have if Avery doesn’t score goals- we’re better with him in the lineup.
    –Boyle hasn’t scored a goal since when? Put Dubi in between the two guys who are making things happen out there- Prust and Avery.
    –he’s convinced Prust that he’s a third line playmaker. The boy needs to fight. Period. Down 1-0 last night this team needed a spark.
    –I agree about the power play, Carp. Just roll your regular lines.
    –If I was the coach, I would have called Gaborik out a loooooooong time ago
    –McDonough blows. I’m sorry. I know you’re all obsessed with the kid. He made a lot of real bonehead plays the last few weeks that – if someone would teach these kids to take the body instead of laying down on the ice – could’ve been avoided

    I could go on. The guy can talk youth all he wants. He doesn’t have the skill to play the way he wants to play. He needs to toughen this team up.

    I liked mean Torts better.

  22. The comments about Torts not trusting his lines is dead on. For the most part, the team was tired, and it really showed in both OT’s. You HAVE to roll 4 lines and 6 d in the playoffs, or you wont survive.

  23. I never realized it before, but Feds is a lot tougher than I ever imagined. I wouldn’t mind if he was re-signed next year.

  24. fourthliner, the criticism of McDonagh is way off base. You’re just frustrated because he made a turnover that gave the Caps some life in game 4 when in reality even if the rangers had won that game they were probably going down in 6 or 7. The kid has played 45 nhl games and he’s 21 and is easily in the top 3 defensmen on the team already. I think he could easily wind up being as good as or better than Staal. on the one hand you say the team needs skill but on the other they aren’t tough enough. They ARE tough enough, they are hard to play against. they just cannot score any goals and need top line talent.

  25. According to brook’s article this morning the rangers organization have secretly signed Torts to a extension for three more years. To me, that shows stability and I think Torts has done a good job and kept sather from going away from building a team with there own youth.

  26. sorry Peter, I disagree. I think the kid shows a LOT of promise but he is FAR from as good as people are making him out to be right now. And it wasn’t the one bad play. He makes a lot of mistakes that he’s been lucky have not resulted in more goals. He is forever looking for the puck when he needs to take the body. He is not physical enough.

  27. fourthliner

    Nope, still makes little sense the second time around. Don’t see why Prust looking for fights would swing a playoff series. In fact, he took a dumb penalty last night by going after Erskine (who admittedly, deserved something for having the stones to mug Fedotenko from behind after the Rangers goal).

    True, Torts doesn’t have the skill in the line-up to play how he would probably prefer. So isn’t that to his credit that he isn’t trying to force an open offensive style on this group of players and that he managed to squeeze so much out of it?

  28. Prust didn’t exactly “go after” Erskine. He interfered with him in open ice. That wasn’t him trying to start something. That was him taking a dumb penalty.

    Yeah, I give torts some credit but there are some pretty big problems that have gone unaddressed by the couch for too long.

  29. *coach

    Look, I loved this team this year. I just think the coach has made some poor decisions that have been costly.

  30. So “McDonagh blows” = “He shows a LOT of promise”

    I don’t think anyone has ever pretended that he has done more than made an impressive and promising start over half a season, not that he is a Norris contender already.

  31. Does this make it clearer: I think he has the potential to be very good. In my opinion he is not very good right now.

  32. Have we already lost our rationality? Did it happen that quickly?

    McDonagh is an absolutely fantastic Defensemen. He can, and will, solidify our blue line for at least 8 years. McMonster.

    Prust cannot go around looking for fights. You can’t lose your best forechecker for 5 minutes in a tough series where forechecking is crucial.

  33. NYRanger4Life on

    Carp –

    Couldnt agree more about # 14. When we had Renney, everyone was complaining he had no “fire” and commanded no respect. Now that we have a firey coach, a guy who leans on youth (to a degree) and isnt willing to sacrifice the future, people are calling for his head? Idiots.

    Pls Pls elaborate on your last point. I am curious as to who you thought looked disinterested. EC and Drury are really the only players I can think of who weren’t engaged throughout and with regards to Dru, he got zero ice time to be totally involved. It seemed like everyone else on the ice (including WW) was willing to sacrifice it all.

    Any right minded fan who isnt excited about the future / proud about this season is a jackwagon.

    With all that said, Sather has a lot of work in front of him this offseason.

    – Locking up RFA’s
    – Finding affordable (sorry Richards) 1st line center options
    – Finding a PP consultant

  34. Prust can’t look for fights? That’s part of his job!

    playoff points: Prust 1 assist. Avery 1 assist. Boyle no points. I think we could’ve spared any three of them if it would have added a jump to the game. I know fighting isn’t really part of playoff hockey. I just think in general fighting needs to be a part of Prusts game.

  35. fourthliner,
    only one of the 3 you just mentioned will be back next year….

    Prospal played the last 20 minutes like the last 20 of his career.

    So did Drury…

  36. cw, yeah the general consensus seems to be that avery has played his last game as a ranger. who do you think stays out of boyle and prust? not both?

    agree about prospal. he and fedotenko went all out this series.

    agree about drury too…

  37. I agree that at times Staal did struggle, but that’s more, I think, because of the huge minutes he played (starting well before the POs, BTW) and the fact that the Capitals, recognizing he’s the Rangers go to D-man, targeted him for extra physical attention.

    My hope is that Staal (and Ranger management) take this as a learning experience and draw up a strength and diet regimen he can adhere to over the summer that serves to let him handle better both.

    I also hope that he starts to realize he needs to be meaner – the opposition is far less willing to take runs at someone who just might turn around and hurt you (ie ever see Chris Pronger get run like Staal did this series).

    It’s really up to him (and Ranger management)

    And let’s not forget he’s but 24 and learning…

  38. Completely dissatisfied with the way it ended. Having said that some things moving in the right direction. The problem is what we are missing is the hard part to fill. What we have good enough to compete for a Cup is a coach, a goalie, 4 defensemen, and forwards 5-12. More importantly what we are missing is a Banging D man, a real puck moving D man (maybe our most overlooked item), a playmaking center, a bigger skilled body on the wing to round out a first line and 2 real snipers. Wow that’s a bucketload of stuff we need. All be we burn out LQ and that day is coming sooner than we think. Don’t always want to be negative especially since this team hits and showed some life other heartless teams didn’t, but we are a long long way away. Since I moved away from NY after 20 something yrs of seasons I picked up NHL center package and the teams that are left just have so much more. One glaring thing you notice is how they break out of their zone. Since the second period of Wed till the end of yesterday all we do is flip the puck, ice it or dump it prematurely and spend all our energy trying to get it. I have never seen a team all year have their best plays with their backs to the net BEHIND the net, they were actually good @ it but that’s beside the point. Youth will get better it has to AA & Step were invisible. Been high on Gilroy all yr when a lot of people weren’t only for the reason is that he does some things no one else does, but he has a couple of more steps to move up and he has some $ coming. Still sick on Wed night choke

  39. Carp, your game reviews are always inciteful and a great read. You’re able to put the bias aside and present a view without irritating the fan base. You’re able to weed through the nonsense and write what you see. Thank you for spending the time! Very enjoyable reading you this past year.

  40. Keep LQ,Prust,Cally,Dubi,Staal,Dan G,Feds(1yr),AA,Step,Avery,Gilroy,Sauer,McD,Biron,everyone else can go Gabby won’t be going anywhere but we can dream, Boyle s value will never be this high package him, Vinny was a good NYR but he’s done. Demote the Capt and off with the rest including the biggest problem Sather. BTW no to Messier, yes to Schoney. How hard would it be to get rid of Mess after he screws us up?

  41. Happy Easter Carp, signing off. Excellent job buddy, you truely do a outstanding job, lets go hit the ball around. Thanks

  42. Gotta say something about Lundqvist which I have a feeling will not be appreciated here. He is elite, and they get nowhere without him. But I struggle with his letting in that first goal in Game 1 and the first goal in Game 4. Yes there were defensive breakdowns but he could and should have stopped those. They were the momentum changers, letting the much more talented team back in the game physically and psychologically. I think Hank needs to improve his concentration as it is not 100%. And I think Torts also feels this way if you read between the lines of some of his comments.

  43. billybleedsblue on

    Carp — Happy easter! Thank you for all of your hard work. I can’t over-emphasize how important it is to have such great hockey coverage of the Rangers so readily available. Keep up the good work!

  44. Mister Delaware on

    Just to echo everyone else, thanks for a great season, Carp. Can’t wait to see what the 2011-12 roster looks like.

    (Or should I say, looks laich???)

  45. We can only hope that Chris Drury does the only honorable thing and pulls a Naslund. We never had a chance all season without the ability to allocate his $7M in cap space to performing talent.

    He looked as finished during this playoffs series as he did in any of the few games he played this season where he wasn’t actually out with an injury, other than Game 82.

    I don’t imagine that McCabe will be asked back next season. He brought nothing to the table.

  46. fourthliner April 24th, 2011 at 9:31 am

    Prust can’t look for fights? That’s part of his job!


    Um…..nope. Definitely not. Especially not when he is completely banged up in his hands and feet.

  47. I think it will be an interesting draft day for us. We have 2 picks in the 2nd round and we will pick something like 12th overall in the 1st. Maybe we can move up to the top 10?

    It’ll be interesting to see if Chris Kreider, Christian Thomas, or Dylan McIlrath make the ’11-’12 team.

    How does everyone feel about signing Zach Parise to an offer sheet? It’s something I was thinking about all season.

  48. Leetchhalloffame on

    Carp, thanks for another season of insight and for providing a fun venting area for Ranger fans. What you are all missing here is the obvious – if we had Boogard in this series the Caps wouldn’t have had a prayer (BIG LOL!). Oh, and FIRE SATHER!

  49. carp

    great right up. thanks for all you do. all of you have been like a second family for the past months.

    when you look back at this season mcdonagh sauer and stepan arty got experience. hopefully this will lead to more chances in the future.

    my main concern besides the obvious skill and talent needed is that the other teams that missed playoffs devils isles carolina and atlanta may be much better next year.

    we may be in a scramble for 8th again and if thats the case to me it wont be good enough

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    EC looks disinterested even on shootouts. He could use a heart transplant. The players I hope to see on another team/retired/waived/hartforded are: ec, drury, prospal, mccabe. I also don’t think mza will ever be ready for prime time… too little, too slow, and no weapons. MDZ needs a shrink and a Bueke type stay at home D partner because he us horrid in his own zone. The idea of rolling normal lines during the pp makes a lot of sense. Down the stretch, many rangers seemed exhausted. Easy to see why with the minutes they played. They have been playing playoff hockey since early march and our boys are just beat up. Not much in any if their tanks save the Prust-Boyle-Avery line. I sure hope Avery is back next year and still don’t understand the hate. NY fans have always appreciated effort and hustle. This, Avery has in spades. This team will improve and be better next year. The fight goes on, the struggle continues, the cause remains, and the effort endures.

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Strength, conditioning, and diet need to be addressed as well. I watched the double OT game last night between bruins and habs and both team were still flying around with tremendous energy. The rangers were DEAD in the first OT in game 4.

  52. Carp –

    THANK YOU for once again a wonderful season “In Review” – I look forward to them every post game morning and I really dont know what I will do between now and late September! Coaching helps take up some of the time, but I am rudderless without my NYR playing, at least for awhile. Couple of points of emphasis:

    First thing I wanted to point out was the play of Lundquist. He was a MONSTER – I said it last year, say it again this year: I often get somehwat concerned as to how long a top keeper like him will stay (I know the contract, ect) – seriously, he is getting shelled most of the time with the young D – which is why we went to so much of the shot blocking this year – but he typically plays his heart out each and every game. He deserves to raise a cup at some point – and I think that unless we get going with some top Centermen (yes, plural) in this team, we will continue to do a one and done. We cant continue to give him limited amount of tools up front and expect his production at such a high level year after year. We also need to set the tone that you DONT run into Hank – and that gets established in the regular season. (ex; Devils in any other year than this!)

    Second – I mentioned above the need for centerMEN – I really think that Richards is not the answer completely – and perhaps it could be someone other than him. However, it needs to more than one solid TWO way centerman. I also think that at some points, Richards is a gamble – one that I am not sure we take. And if you want to know the players that cashed in early, like at the middle of our line-up – brutal all through the series. I am not sure of the final stats, but simply winning faceoffs is a good start. It MATTERS – its called possession!

    Third – our D will eventaully become the elite core of the Eastern conference – I think that the potential is really in good shape there – so, if we need to consider moving some contracts for some re-tooling, we shoud try to avoid moving any of the D at this point – I think that they showed great potential – they will dominate in another year or so.

    Fourth: I have to give this shout out to Fedetenko – he played, IMHO, one of the best series compared to some others. He and Girardi should be commended – they played with great resolve and desire. Feds especially needs to be re-signed – he is a warrior – much like Prust.

  53. Apparently the Kings might have some interest in signing Richards.

    Which means they’re willing to take on a big contract. Which means they probably are interested in Butt-Chin, like the rumors suggested months ago.

    Jack Johnson! I’m not talking aboot the singer!

    Seriously, I’d take him one on one for Butt-Chin.

  54. I still think that Rangers are going no where until they learn how to PASS AND RECEIVE THE PUCK!

    Their passing game is sophomoric at best. And it never seems to change. Tell them to watch films of how the really good teams do it.

  55. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Prust is much more than a pugilist, 4th liner. The caps finally woke up in the 3rd period of game 4. That was our chance. Someone above mentioned the rangers’ issues moving from their own zone, through the neutral zone, cross the blue line…spot on…their ability to pass and receive passes is not good. Tape to tape? Not very often. Tape to skate or pass behind – off stride? The norm.

  56. Orr, that’s what I said a while ago when people on this blog challenged me when I mentioned about trading gaborik. The kings were rumored to have called sather and asked Gaborik’s availability. The Kings feel there close for a cup run and I think they would trade for gaborik and i also think Gaborik would wave his no trade clause.

  57. it’s night and day the way the rangers pass the puck compared to the better teams. I mentioned this several times this year on this blog. I still say it’s because the rangers young players are nothing special. To me, there young players are 3rd and 4th line players on a good team.

  58. Hedberg to me is spot on. It’s great that the rangers are finally going young and developing there own but there light years away from sniffing a cup.

  59. Yeah, Butt-Chin isn’t married, and the Kings are a hell of a lot closer to winning the Cup than we are. Why wouldn’t he?

    Wishful thinking though.

    Slats was able to get McDonut, and V-Tank for Blowmez, so it would be interesting to see what he can get for Butt-Chin.

  60. E3- I don’t think it’s a matter of straight out conditioning. You can’t play 100 minutes of hockey and ride 10 players all night. The guys who were struggling were the guys who were left on the ice for 35-45 minutes that night.

    I wont fault Torts for that because he’s trying to ride the players he rode all year in that situation and win a crucial playoff game but I can’t fault the players themselves either. Conditioning can only take you so far.

  61. Good morning, ‘heads!

    Great review, Carp, as usual. And I’ll join the group of people who already said thank you for all the hard work.
    In addition- good for you for being straightforward in your point #14. I, actually, find it interesting that we find out about Torts’ 3 year extension right after the season was over. The Rangers are telling us that they will not deviate from their approach- the team is moving forward as planned.

  62. If the Kings took on Gaborik in trade you would get no where near a Jack Johnson back…you get a pick and 2nd tier player(s)…or, maybe you would get the singer Jack Johnson, maybe. But I hear he has off-ice issues.

    Is Avery’s contract up? Who’s got the list of who’s up and who’s locked in? Let the keyboard-GMing begin!

  63. Orr, TomG- Gaborik will not be traded. His NTC aside, there is much more to it. If this team had 6-7 year plan, it would make sense:trade him and get more assets/young, promising players to add to what we already have. The Rangers can not afford to do that. Reason- Lundqvist isn’t getting younger.

  64. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JamesG – I hear you. The bruins and habs and caps buzz around with a ton of energy compared to the rangers maybe has even more to do with the rangers’ style of play. The rangers are forced to play Nadal- esque hockey… Lots of grinding… Without Nadal’s stamina.

  65. I’ll share my thoughts in small doses as we move forward but i’ll say this much after reading through this thread- some of you get it. some of you don’t. This team isn’t inches away from being elite but theyre close to taking a couple more steps in the right direction.

    Some guys we have will get better. Some guys will be cut loose although I think you have to be careful and realize what you have to replace even when you get ride of someone who doesnt totally fit with the team anymore.
    I don’t think we’re 8 or 9 players away. I think the biggest issue is going to be finding some top end talent that can produce in NY and help this team develop a clear cut #1 line and then you develop the offense from there.
    I also think – and this may be the most important part- that certain players here are at the cross roads with their development. So the organization is in a spot where they have to decide if they want to keep players around if they aren’t going to progress much further then where they’re at.

    I stick by what I said before this series started. Anyone on this team who isn’t a rookie and didn’t show up for the series needs to be shown the door. I don’t care if their absence was for 1 game or 5 games. There are kids within the organization that will gladly take your spot and play their hearts out and put you to shame.

  66. I know, Ilb. Just wishful thinking.

    That’s what the off-season is for, thinking aboot things that wont happen :P

    That’s why gets so many hits in the Summer.

    Go Sabres! Go Nucks! Go Ducks/Preds!

    I’m really looking forward to that Nucks/Hawks game.

  67. more avery nonsense. this guy is sean thorton of boston but smaller. eavery is a nothing issue and a nothing player. the guy scored 2 goals and passes when he should shooot and shoots when he should pass. he is not very good, is 31, and is a fool..

    the rangers need to increase there forward talent across the board. prospal is toast. good player but slow and 35…. frolov $ comes off the books. dubi is agood player but he is not as good as people think he is or he should be to play all those minutes. as i stated before the faceoffs kill them on the PP, you have to win faceoffs. I said AA and stepan would be the key in the series and they were. they did ok but were far from taking the next step….

    aa and stepan are keepers and must continue to improve and get beter at faceoffs…

    the rangers need to add young talent and kreider staying in school another year hurts the team. hagelin played last night in Con.. and will get a chance to make the team….they need more speed. boyle 25 shots and not a point to show for it, yep he improved, yep he plays hard, yep he would be nice to have back at the right price on the 3rd or 4th line only. last year shelly’s line was the best down the stretch this year boyle, but newsflash if your best line cannot score that is a problem and if it is the best line because they keep possesion down low in the other teams zone that is ok but going to win you nothing.

    richards is a bad idea especially more then 3 years…………………..NO

  68. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Happy Easter Carp – I am very happy to have found this site. Great bunch of people. Even when we disagree, it gets sorted out. Thank you for all that you do. It is greatly appreciated.

    Last night I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand, walking thru the steets if soho in the rain. He was looking for a place called lee ho phucks, gonna ger a big dish of beef chow mein….awhoooooooooooooo

  69. E3 I got what you’re saying. I think it can even go back to the Staal argument that was going on earlier- this season was a grind. A lot of these guys are banged up and worn down. Not just from ice time but from injuries and the usual wear and tear of the season. Some of that stuff is going to happen it’s part of the game. But look at a guy like Girardi. Plays mega minutes. Takes stitches to the face breaks his nose dislocates his finger fractures/strains ribs thought he had a broken ankle….and people will sit here and criticize his capability? Ok the guy isn’t always aces but for the love of everything Holy how about giving the dude a pass considering what his body endured and the efforts he made this season?

  70. jack johnson is not what you think. i live in LA he makes bad decisions all the time. i love how our fanbase overvalues other teams talent all the time. dustin penner……….what a talent…….

    he sucks the kings would trade him today for roszival……he sucks and is soft and lazy………….

  71. and let it be known I’m far from a guy who will even be wearing a Girardi jersey jumping around going “Dan! Dan!”. A lot of the time I could take or leave the guy when looking at his defense but how can you replace what he brings to this team?

  72. eddie eddie eddie on

    stuart – if you are going to bash Avery and call him a fool…ok….but when using the possessive …its THEIR…not THERE…..ok?

  73. Kings have a lot of FAs they need to retain, first and foremost is Doughty. Their cap situation after re-signing him does not allow them to take on a cap hit like Gaborik or Richards. And they are not trading Brayden Schenn they’re expecting that he will form a lethal 1-2 center combo with Kopitar.

  74. rangers defense is set. the yhave the core 4 and then dz, gilroy(back at right price) and others. these guys will get better offensively.

    all there issues are on the front…..grachev, weise, hagelin, thomas, werek, etc.. they need some of these young guys to take the next step…they need to score by committte.

    laugh all you want the rangers have korpikoski today they have 1 more multi talented(pk) guy who can score about 20 goals. that is our reality, we have 20 to 25 goal scorers and to overpay badly for top end talent that really does not exist is a mistake and has been the ranger way for at least 20 years…

    maybe drury will retire.. redden will accept some buyout or retire and if that does happen they will save a lot of coin and then maybe something will be different.

  75. Stuart, agree, Johnson gives up at least as much as he produces from the point. People were complaining about Del Zotto’s defensive lapses in his rookie year, JJ is like that but he’s got significantly more experience.

  76. so orr the kings never make mistakes…

    interesting so the penner trade was a good 1 for the kings. interesting that is why any king fan with a brain hates penner and they should have sat him last night. BTW they boo him incessently..

    so when teams sign guys to long contracts it proves the guys worth. interesting again. cool the rangers got a deal on redden, drury, gomez(canadiens won that trade) the sharks must love the heatley deal, boston must love the chara deal for 5 more years, and I can name about 40 deals that the contract does not warrant the performance but Orr knows better…..

    orr you really know jack but most astute fans all ready you know you are all bluster and little sense…

  77. eddie eddie eddie on

    JamesG – agreed. Girardi played with as much heart as anyone on this team. He is young, will improve, and only get better. The stall/girardi and sauer/McD pairings are good for 10 another ten years. I have to say, that Gilroy was their best O Dman and the way he stepped into the play in these playoffs impressed me. Perhaps he will be the PP QB we need.

  78. LMAO! I know “jack”? This coming from the dope who says Erskine has a great shot?? The dope that said Artie, and Step-On are “not ready for prime time”

    Why are you bringing up Penner?? The Kings wont re-sign him. But, they did re-sign Johnson to a SEVEN YEAR DEAL. You think Lombardi isn’t aware of how Johnson plays??

    Yet, you say he’d trade him pretty much for nothing. You sure know a lot, don’t you?

  79. english lessons on the site also. this is a blog. short comments not taken into effect all the correct punctuation etc…

    comment on my hockey knowledge not my spelling and other nonsense….

    jack johnson is what most uninformed fans like. a lot of sizzle but when you watch him a lot you realize he is not that good. doughty is so much better then johnson it is scary… johnson is not as good as staal not even close, or girardi and sauer and mcdonagh have a chance to be better defenders……….

  80. Orr, the Kings give up more goals, shots (and shot attempts) against when JJ is on the ice. He’s productive from the backend but also is a liability on defense.

  81. Orr yep I am the dope who said artie and stepan are not ready for primetime they are not. they played fair, the rangers needed good not fair moron.

    again you know zilch but blather your teenage macho bullsh-t like you know.

    aa and stepan may become real good players but as of now they are nice players with a lot to improve on. if that statement is incorrect so be it. i do not trade either stepan or aa since 1 is 20 and the other 22 but they are not legit 1st line players today and may be in the future but not yet. not even close. dubi the same a good player but first line star!!!nope. dubi is on occassion a 1st liner but game in and game out, no way…

    orr you are just a jerk………..

  82. CT, that’s nothing new. It’s not like he’s coming off a bad year. He’s having a typical year.

    But, to say they’d trade him for nothing is moronic. Just adds more retardation to the already retarded Stewie.

  83. orr go play stratomatic in your mommies basement and get ready for your shift at burger king loser………..

  84. i also did not say trade jack johnson I just said he is overrated and makes bad decisions. that is it. he is a gambler on the ice.. all true …

  85. LOL! The Salty Dupuis defense. When you’re backed into a corner, and can’t get out, you pull out the ol’ “you know nothing aboot hockey”

    What don’t a know??

    You keep flip flopping like a fish out of water. Make up your mind, are they ready for “prime time” or not.What does that even mean??

    Kreider going back to college hurts us?? Really?? Are we winning the Cup if he’s on the team?? Will Step-On have a sophomore slump if he’s not on the team?? Haha!

    Yes! You’re a dope! Where’s NYRfan with the hilarious Stewie quotes?? He knows more of them than me!

  86. Orr, Lombardi has as many whiffs as he has hits. Ponikavrovsky this year and Ryan Smyth for the rest of his contract. Johnson for that deal was not the smartest move.

  87. eddie eddie eddie on

    another glaring weakness in their current make-up, is the rangers’ inability to do ANYTHING off the rush….to play dump and chase as their only tactic, especially on the PP, seems easy to defend and forces the rangers to expend more energy. It would be nice to find a Leetch/Zubov type that can bring the puck in and start a play. Maybe its MDZ. He certainly has the eyes and hands but his head needs help. He needs a sports shrink and I am not attempting humor.

  88. Well here we go again another season over and it’s disapointing.But for the first time I ever I can be proud of my Rangers for giving there all and playing with guts and heart.(at least most of them).For the first time in a very very long time we have a bright future ahead of us. It’s easier to write down who should go instead of stay for once,Vinny,feds,wolski,EC,McCabe, Gilroy and gabby(no heart trade for two prust types with a little more scoring) . Feds played well in the play offs but we need more youth,toughness and skill from all our new players.Gilroy improved but not enough to fit on this team’s defense.We need size with an attitude for the back line and Gilroy has niether.Well it looks like torts is here to stay so lets hope he gets better and managing his players ice time so he doesn’t burn out the top end guys.For all of you who keep saying Richards just remember drury.Because thats the kind of contract he will want and with even more money 8-9 million.We don’t want that or him and be stuck with him after maybe one good year.Sather is finally doing it right with youth Richards would be going backwards,lets hope he stays in Dallas.

  89. “i also did not say trade jack johnson”


    “he sucks the kings would trade him today for roszival……he sucks and is soft and lazy………….”

    Really?? Are you actually retarded?? Please tell me. I don’t want to call you retarded, if you’re literally retarded.

  90. CT, believe me, I’m not defending him. I gave him credit for no re-signing Frolov, until he signed his clone, Poni. The Penner trade, etc.

    But, I can’t imagine him trading him right after giving him a long term deal, depending on who’s in the deal.

  91. Well if the Kings put together a package for Parise’s rights that was centered around JJ and Bernier (or Quick), they’d probably pull the trigger without thinking twice.

  92. eddie eddie eddie on

    stuart – i agree with you on Stepan. He needs to beef up, bulk up, improve his shot, and work on his skating. What Stepan does have is a great set of eyes and brilliant hockey instincts. He just has to improve physically and play bigger, literally and figuretively. AA had a great regular season. He did vanish during the playoffs but I think he was really banged up and hurt…he took some nasty nasty shots/checks late season and throughout the 5 game series….

  93. eddie eddie eddie on

    CT – Parise’s knee will need a good look see…..for all the talk about Richards’ head, Zach’s knee may be more of a problem. If Stastny wants to be moved, that would be someone I would like…

  94. Carp, great review. I’ll miss reading them. But, I’ll be around with youse guys all summer. Should be fun! Good times!

    – – – – – – –

    I’m sorry, but no one is trading Dustin Penner or Jack Johnson for Roszival…that is just ridiculous…

    LOL! Duh!!!

    And, the Rangers defense is not set. McCabe will be gone. We can still get bettter and have to get bigger and meaner. There is stilll room for improvement. MDZ needs to take big steps next season. Gilroy’s decision will also be interesting.

  95. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    My Rangers off-season, internal “hit list” if I am the GM:

    1. Mc Cabe = He’s had it, his useful time in the NHL is over, he should just retire. Wasn’t worth
    a draft pick, time to stop that nonsense.
    2. Gaborik = Mr. Invisible when it counts, and this year, when it didn’t count.
    3. Drury = If we bring this social and professional curmudgeon back, we are masochistic.
    4. Eminger = Long on guts but just not enough hockey brains or talent.
    5. Prospal = Thanks Vinne, for being one of the few vets to come in here and really care
    about doing a good job. At 36 you can walk away proud of the career you have

  96. eddie eddie eddie on

    We already have chad’s johnson on the team….more than one Johnson, is too many Johnsons, imo.

  97. eddie eddie eddie on

    Boom Boom – i agree with your list but I dont think Gabby could be moved. Who wants him? Not much interest when he left the Wild and he certainly didnt help his case with his play this year. I think Gabby is nothing more than Christensen with more speed and a better shot. He has no heart and doesnt perform on the big stage. Sure surround him with HoF players and he could produce…..but hey, who couldnt?

  98. Holy crap – everyone is freaking out.

    Eddie – way to become the English prof. I grew up with an English Prof in the house (my dad). I am a big fan of grammar (because I hate getting hit).

    Just to reiterate for you nutso’s: Gaborik is untradable so stop even suggesting it. Boyle should not be traded because of his size. He is the biggest player on our team and the kid is improving season by season. Give him a break and remember we need him parked in front of the net when and if we ever get a viable PP. Caber is probably gone. No big deal – you all win on that one. Some of you are delirious….do you think other teams want to just help us out? Is that why they would just GIVE us great players for little to nothing in return?

    Point #14 – which ruled – needs to be extended a bit. The offseason will come once the boys clean out their lockers. Stop trading and resigning people based entirely on one series. Let’s think big picture and rationally.

    This rant does not apply to most people. Most of you made this season awesome for me.

  99. eddie eddie eddie on

    The caps have played in 8 playoff series since 1998 and have only won two of them…Guess which team is the lucky loser…

  100. eddie – Why do you doubt MZA? He helped the PP and also helped win the Rangers a lot of games this year when key guys went down with injury. He’s only a 23 yr old kid with special skill and a lot of heart. He’s young and still has time to learn the game and improve his skating…I realize he’s a tiny player but there are others his size in the NHL…I think he has improve his strength…

    Remember, they also used to say that Callahan was too small…and, how many times did he bounce back and forth from Hartford before sticking with the Rangers?

  101. There are plenty of “small” players in the NHL that are effective. Even some not named “St. Louis.”

  102. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – my gig is mathematics….but, to be fair, I have more typos and spelling errors than anyone here because I type on an ipod touch with its tiny keyboard that self corrects incorrectly much of what I type :)…..

  103. We can’t have an off-season without trade rumors, complaining, fighting, and so on and so forth.

    You know, if we do re-sign Gilroy, and assuming Del Z gets his spot back, that would leave Stahl, Girardi, McDonut, Sour-Power, Gilroy, and Del Z.

    Not a spot for a d-man to compete. Unless Gilroy and a prospect switch off like he did with Eminger.

    Eminger is a UFA, right?

  104. eddie eddie eddie on

    NYR_fan – I hope I am wrong re: MZA. He just doesnt seem strong enough, fast enough, nor quick enough. Others may disagree, but he seems to have a major balance problem too….to me, he flails a lot even when not checked…just skating around…always looks off-balance….hope I am wrong…he does have heart…

  105. ORR!! I am all for fighting and eating up rumors and yelling and complaining, etc…..I just think some people done lost they damn minds. (You are not one of them).

    Eddie – i have the same problem (sometimes).

  106. eddie eddie eddie on

    Senator NYR-Fan – I knew marty st. Louis, I worked with marty st. Loius, Marty St. Lois was a friend of mine…and senator, MZA is no marty st. louis :)

  107. Like everyone else I admire the work ethic. Feel that they over-acheived. But they are a long way from competing with the Caps, Flyers or healthy Pittsburgh.

    Major holes, have not had for several seasons a first line center, someone to run the power play from the point or much in the way of puck moving defenseman.

    There is not much in the system to help here. Thomas and Kreider are wings and several years away if they pan out at all.

    They will have to rely on trades and free agents to get better in the short term.

    Do love the tandem of Dubi and Cally together. Similar but not as skilled as the long term partnership of Ratelle and Gilbert.

  108. eddie – I love the hobbit wizard. That can be known. I will say this to defend him – he is not used to the ice size, nor his stick size. I think that plays a factor in his everyday here. He showed some real spark when he first got up here and he really helped energize the team and without his Skillz Competition goals we probably don’t win so many skills competitions and we don’t mke the playoffs. Therefore, I give him a chance.

  109. I used to love Avery. Now he’s pretty irrelevant in the big picture.

    Manny, if you’re referring to Stewie, to be fair, he doesn’t have much of a mind to begin with :P

    I should be nice to him though. I think he’s actually “special”. Either that, or he suffers short term memory loss. Who knows?

  110. I think that a good way to discuss this is to work in hypotheticals (sp?)-

    Anyway – lets take our Cap next year – anyone got that number – and work backwards –

    Lets see who comes up with an interesting mix – add in any trades you want –


  111. By the way, here’s NYR’s list of UFA’s and RFA’s according to capgeek…

    Frolov – UFA
    Prospal – UFA
    Fedetenko – UFA
    McCabe – UFA
    Eminger – UFA
    White – UFA
    Williams – UFA

    Callahan – RFA
    Dublowsky – RFA
    Anisimov – RFA
    Boyle – RFA
    Gilroy – RFA
    Weise – RFA
    Kolarik – RFA
    Johnson (Ochocinco) – RFA
    Dupont – RFA

  112. Eddie – He does flail and fall down. But, he always gets right back up and I think that’s what a lot of Rangers fans like about him…kind of like Prucha…lol

    He has a long ways to go before he’s a Marty St Louis…or even a Petr Prucha…

  113. Like I’ve said, Dublowsky can do whatever he wants…and, I really don’t care if doesn’t come back…

    The Rangers don’t have to overpay him…$2.5-$3 million per is more than enough…

    If he thinks he’s underpaid again…Goodbye! Adios! See ya!!

  114. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny/nyr-fan : agree on MZA’s contributions in the SO, but his one move got old in a hurry…

  115. Oh – Happy Easter to those of you celebrating. Which probably means you’re not in this forum right now and will not see my Easter wishes.

  116. That is so reasonable. Good thing he didn’t injure himself looking for a fight!

  117. 4generations 4 cups on

    Dubinsky will garner 3-3.5 million. He’s a good player. He just really, really needs to work on his skating.

  118. Dubinsky better get that kind of money if he wants to keep dating girls on Glee. (I don’t know if he actually does date anyone but he does like that show right?)

  119. Happy Easter all!

    Excellent, non-emotional, objective review, as always, Carp. Can’t wait to see your season-in-review and player reviews.

    Off-season will be plenty interesting, but for now, I can enjoy the rest of the playoffs without having to worry about being emotionally invested in a team.

  120. Good afternoon all! Hey Carp, thanks for the much needed laugh at thought 13 :) and the truism in thought 5.

    I’m still sick, but feeling better than I thought I would, maybe cause I have faith in the team…AND TORTS…going forward, and really appreciate what they put forth this season, despite their shortcomings. If when I die they have to do an autopsy (hope not!) let the coroner not be shocked that I bleed blue….LGR!

    and, at this point, let’s go Habs!!!! PLEASE!!!!

  121. The Ranger’s key weaknesses did them in. The lack of any PP being the biggest. The lack of a top line. The inexperience of the defense. I have hope that all of those things can be improved. I think the defence will get better and start to score. The PP has to be worked on
    more than anything. The best power plays in the league need to be studied and implimented. A top 6 center and winger need to be found. But I know that they are in short supply, It should be interesting to see what happens.

  122. I wouldn’t expect the PP to be too different next season.

    All they need to do is take shots. That’s it. Don’t look for the the cute play. Just shoot, create second/third chance opportunities, BOOM! Ugly goals is our only success on the PP at this point.

  123. Manny, that was Step-On who is a “Gleek”

    If he does date one of those Glee chicks, he needs to go for the Blonde cheerleader. Babe! She’s a vegan though, so she’s probably boring :P

    If Dublowsky is into Glee, then I’ll have to call him Dugleesky next season.

  124. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    What the hell happened to this site today?!

    Good to have it back.

    What a game in Chicago!

  125. I haven’t watched the rest of the NHL games with regularity this year due to variety of family and work reasons, but the one player from this first round of playoffs that has really been impressive is Drew Doughty. That guy is one talented son of a gun.


  126. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    anyone else pick nashville besides me??

    I may be wrong here (haven’t read anything on the blog since right before the last “go time” thread) but doesn’t nashville remind you guys of us? I mean they seem to be constructed similar to us (except they have physical D).

  127. Sather might be the worst GM in the league; they havent been past the 2nd round with him in charge-honestly where is the scoring gonna come from? Tortorella can talk all he wants about a “process” but the bottom line in pros sports is that you need the best players, and we aint got em-and thats the GMs fault

  128. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Wicky, one difference is that Nashville is still playing…lol. But they do remind me of us…great goaltending, solid defensemen and hard working forwards. Love Tootoo!!! That guy has sure been through a lot in his short life. He deserves all that he receives. Anyone else trade Staal for Weber?

  129. Just catching up on some comments … and only have a few minutes … but how the hell could Tortorella roll four lines when Wolski and Christensen were in his lineup and playing as soft as they played? And when he was trying to match against Ovechkin, who plays so many minutes? Answer: He couldn’t. How much did the Caps play Hendricks’ line? C’mon.

  130. LMAO! RR trying to commit suicide?? It failed as badly as NYR’s PP :P

    Sabs blew it today. Losers! They better win game 7.

    This Hawks/Nucks game is great. Too bad Schneider got hurt. He was playing pretty damn good.

  131. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Carp, just wanted to thank you for your excellent coverage of our team. You have insight that other writers lack.

  132. Fun game BH vs Vancouver. Go Canucks, hawk fans are a little much. Is Luongo as bad as his mask?

  133. This Hawks-Nucks game is unreal…The whole drama with Luongo is so entertaining!!

    Btw, Kenny Albert announcing = A Better Versus broadcast

  134. Guys what are your thoughts on this if we can pull it off:

    Sign Richards to a 5 year deal for 35 million (7 a season on cap)
    Trade Anisimov, Wolski, Gilroy’s rights, 1st rounder to Ottawa for Spezza.
    Buyout Drury
    Buyout Avery
    Try and trade Boogard or put him in the AHL.
    Resign Fedotenko


    Del Zotto-FA


    Possible winger FA options:
    Jussi Jokinen, Anti Miettinen, Jamie Lagenbrunner, Chuck Kobasew

    Possible D FA options:
    Steve Montador, Sean O’Donnell, Ruslan Salei

  135. thanks for all the kind words, boys and girls. I try to not encourage them by responding, but I nevertheless greatly appreciate them. I really do.

    Voice, I mean, Orr. Please. RR’s crash only lasted like seven hours or so. The Rangers PP crash has lasted for years. And this site on its worst day is better than the Rangers PP on its best day.

  136. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    No chance Maloney goes on TV because he’s way too critical and actually tells it like it is and never sugarcoats (which I love).

    I love Kenny too, but if he doesn’t get it, I hope Howie Rose does. He needs to be rescued from the asylum that is doing Islander games night in and night out.

  137. CCCP, you better not mean that you’re not going to be here every day .. because if you try that crap, me and ilb and Tony and Sally and a whole bunch of others are going to come find you.

  138. Linda, if you’re out there. I just have to tell you this. I generally consider myself a compassionate person, despite my sarcastic side. So today I’m in church on Easter Sunday, and this poor old woman is in front of me using a walker, and there I am, Mr. Compassion, in church, on Easter Sunday, laughing my abdelkader off. Thank you.

  139. Thanks Carp for all your work and interaction. By the way, sources tell me it was referees that knocked the site down today! ;)

  140. eddie eddie eddie on

    chi town looking to go game 7 in OT game 6…great game…both teams remind me of our boys

  141. Stranger Nation on

    Thanks Carp for the time, effort, and energy in running the blog.

    To your point, we were outplayed almost the entire series, probably 10 of the 15 periods.

    Team was all heart – thanks Feds, Vinny, girardi, caber, and Ems for being solid role models for the youth. That may go further than any other contribution.

    Thanks cally, dubi, staal, prust and Boyle for tremendous jam and b@lls all season.

    Thanks Sauer and McD for blowing away our low expectations, amazing season from both.

    Hopefully Artie, step, and mdz can continue to evolve.


  142. wow!!!
    had trouble getting on here today.
    was thinking that there was much
    more to talk about it
    so why trash the site.

    well, it’s late.
    hope all had a good easter
    and a good passover

    will drop some thoughts in the next day or so
    too much running around and eating
    and i’m just beat….
    once again……it’s gonna be a
    loooooooooooooong summer

  143. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy My brothers. And you will know My name is the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon thee.


  144. Im feeling better Cape. Thanks. Mama told me of an email you sent her after my accident. You’re a sweet person and I appreciate it. Yesterday was a case of whatever can go wrong, does go wrong, added on with stress and fear over my puppy Tiki.

  145. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Let’s set this straight…we Cape Betoners are not sweet, we are Prustlike in all we do. Can certainly relate to worries over pets, hang in there.

  146. eddie eddie eddie on

    too bad filthy won today, had they been eliminated it would have softened the pain of the rangers losing…

  147. What aboot Mike Richards? You guys see what he did to Connolly? I thought it was dirty…

  148. Not as cute as you CCCP. Jason showed me pics of you and Mama at W77. I’m having trouble deciding who is more beautiful! :)

  149. eddie eddie eddie on

    NYR_fan – the Inglewood gang…lol :) another favorite…say what again, i dare ya, i double dare ya

  150. Olga Folkyerself on

    trip eddie- caught your Bentsen quote earlier. :)

    “You’re no Jack Kennedy”

  151. I would have loved for the Blackhawks to win for Olga prior to them going down 3-0. But, please dear Lord, let the Canucks win this game and save me some unneeded stress.

  152. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers-Hawks can only happen in the finals. I’ll burn that bridge when I come to it…

  153. Maybe this isn’t even reality. Maybe I exist in some purgatory, where I have to pass the tests of dealing appropriately with highs and lows. This cannot be real life. Maybe I’m just living in a nightmare in which everything is out to make me suffer.

  154. If any of you have any money to spend, just put all your money on the moneyline for the Hawks in Game 7. Trust me. They will win Game 7. Solely to screw me. There is no other option.

  155. the kid did it. Ben Smith. what a game. ther Hawks are showing real grit, even if game 7 doesn’t go their way

  156. eddie eddie eddie on

    olga – hawks playing great hockey….hope they do it…sorry tiki…game 7, NHL playoffs is the finest drama on TV

  157. Olga Folkyerself on

    Soxy was sitting down here with me for the first half of the game. I guess she could feel the tension. Or she wanted something to eat….

  158. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    I had a cat that lasted over 18 years. 21 is just crazy…makes Selanne look like a baby.

  159. Olga Folkyerself on

    She’s back down here now, sitting on her chair. She does quite well for such an old broad.

  160. eddie eddie eddie on

    ricardo – it was made in jest, in response to your post at 10:16… is from Ezekiel 25:17, but i was stealing it from jules in pulp fiction… of the funniest movies ever made… worries….are we ok?

  161. Olga, despite our friendly rivalry…im rooting for the Hawks here…Love to see all Canadian teams get knocked out first. Rooting for L.A., Buffalo and Tampa Bay as well. Was great seeing Knicks get knocked out. Would be even sweeter seeing NBA lose more audience, though.

  162. eddie eddie eddie on

    olga – that was a great play to keep the puck in, shoot it high enough over the sliding Nuck, yet keeping the angle such that it actually went on net…then smitty bangs home the rebound past Lou Gone Oh, that great japanese goalie

  163. Everyone in the world would probably be surprised by this Hawks comeback and Game 7 win, but not me. I expected this. Sad. I should have put money on it, but then it wouldn’t have happened.

  164. Olga Folkyerself on

    Real Overtime can’t be beat as the most exciting part of the playoffs. Even if you aren’t emotionally involved with either team. It’s still so nervewracking…

  165. eddie eddie eddie on

    nucks dont realize that you only change forwards and D men on the fly….not goalies….

  166. As big of a Kesler fan as I am, I’d love to see the Nucks blow this series!

    I just want Fat Boy McKenzie, Pierre McPenis, James Doofey, and all the know it all TSN guys to watch as Canada fails to bring back the Cup, yet again.

    Luuuongo = Overrated

  167. :) Olga. I want the Blackhawks to win Game 7. I want the Blackhawks to win Game 7. I want the Blackhawks to win Game 7. I want the Blackhawks to win Game 7. I want the Blackhawks to win Game 7. I want the Blackhawks to win Game 7. Nah, my heart’s not in it. As a result, they’ll win Game 7.

  168. In my opinion, the NHL should award a team a penalty shot if the opposing team dislodges the net during a scoring chance.

    I don’t like that they hand out a minor.

    I think it was the Flyers game, or maybe the Preds where it happened. Just my opinion though.

  169. When they win Olga, you shouldn’t thank the Hawks goalie or coach, or Hossa or Toews, or Bolland or the Hawks fans, or anyone associated with the Hawks. You should just thank me, because that’s the sole reason why they’ll win.

  170. eddie eddie eddie on

    have any of you looked at the 2nd cap’s goal in our game 4….that play was offside…should never have happpened

  171. Olga Folkyerself on

    Do they even hand out a minor anymore ORR? I see teams like Philty pushing the net off constantly and rarely, if ever, is it penalized.

  172. Here are some more predictions for you guys to put money on. The Flyers will win Game 7. The Penguins will win their series, then Crosby will come back in the Capitals series. The Penguins will beat the Capitals, and lose Crosby for the rest of the playoffs in the process. The Bruins will win in Game 7 versus the Canadiens, dispatch of the Flyers in 5 games, then run through the Crosby-less Penguins in 5 games. Then the Bruins will meet a lower seed with a lesser record in the finals, so that they have home ice advantage. Likely, they’ll face the Blackhawks, who will then be so tired from playing playoff games down the stretch of the regular season and in the actual playoffs, the Hawks will magically have nothing left to give in the Finals, and the Bruins will dispatch of them in 5 games and win the Cup on their home ice, just so everything works out perfectly for them.

  173. No Eddie. The Flyers must win Game 7 because they’re battling so many injuries and won’t be healthy next round that they will get dispatched by the Bruins with ease.

    Or perhaps you’re right, and there’s an alternative.

    The Sabres win Game 7, then beat the Capitals. The Bruins dispatch easily of a Crosby-less Penguins. Then, the Sabres will roll over, just as they did last year, to the Bruins to hand them a Cup Finals appearance.

  174. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – i thought you were put off by my blasphmous retort based on your blasphemous behaviour while in St. Avery’s Church today :)

  175. eddie eddie eddie on

    tiki – dont count out TB quite yet…..bruins are not going to win anything more than their series with les habs

  176. LOL This has been a fun look down memory lane….oops, look down future’s lane! Can’t wait to be screwed and tattooed as usual. Night.

  177. what a freakin day of hockey. i just watched all 3 games on dvr after my wife telling me now that the rangers are done we need to take the baby out for the day.

    each game took me over hour to watch and they were unreal

    i cant get enough i am addicted

  178. JimboWoodside on

    Bad day for the Sabres – they may have blown their chance at an upset in this series. Couldn’t hold onto a lead.

  179. eddie eddie eddie on

    eric : hi my name is eric and i am a hockey addict

    group: in unison “Hi eric”

  180. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – the flyer goalies change on the fly similar to th nucks netminders…..everytime i turned around…filthy has a new goalie bewtween the pipes

  181. eddie eddie eddie on

    i must admit to stronger doses to pull me thru the day ever since game 4….next week will be the week to see whether or not i need real help…

  182. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, eddie – I noticed that! I was watching this afternoon, and I really thought that the Flys were doomed – but Buf couldn’t close the deal – and they’ve got two good players hurt now.

  183. How amazing is Teemu Selanne? He had 6 goals in 6 playoff games @ 40 years of age!

    Oh and 80 points (31 goals) in a regular season. Very special player

  184. Olga Folkyerself on

    2 more years and Sather will bring him to New York with a 5 year NMC contract.

  185. Look
    The main problem with this team is not necessarily the coach, but for certain it’s lacking in the “coaching”.

    I have no idea what they practice during practice, but one thing is for certain about that………………………..they must practice the wrong things, and have learned those things really well. Like the elementals on how to make a pass – how to receive a pass- you know. the stuff that was taught when you were a pee wee. Their passing game ( read power play) has been lousy for years now. It;s one area that seems to have never been addressed.

    Now you look at that Flyers my estimation they have one of the best passing teams in the league. And in my estimate Buffalo did not deserve to win that game…they really didn’t try all that hard, for their legs were not really moving. They did a lot of gliding, and meandering, while Flyers were charging full out all game long. It was depressing to watch. And inevitable.

    I watched a magnificent display of top drawer hockey with the Hawks and Nucks. Full bore speed in all areas, and fantastic pursuit by every one on both teams. Talk about speed.

    The way this game should be played ( and seldom is). I see no eastern team that comes close to the type of hockey that these two teams can put forth. That game should have been taped for a time capsule. Those guys must have legs of steel. Back and forth without let up. How do they do it?

  186. Thanks for a great season NY. Great not it terms of the standings, but in the foundation and precedent set.

    Here’s to next year, and whoever plays the Caps/Flyers.

  187. In no way do I blame Lundqvist for this loss but Neuvirth was better than Lundqvist in this series. Another young goaltender just young and cocky enough to get it done.

    The difference was him and the Rangers inability to score. The only glove side goal scored on this noob was that crazy angle shot by CE. He gobbled everything up and gave no rebounds.

    Dubinsky talking about the PP maybe he should TCB during regulation. Aside from one play he grinded behind the net which resulted in a goal and some PKing he was nonexistant. I am in the foulest mood this morning.

  188. Tortorella is great for this team. Would you rather have Renney putting Drury on for 20 minutes of ice time when he can barely skate and only chimes in when a player is injured? LOL

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