It’s Go Time!


Or Go Home Time.

I expect a big effort from your heroes today, and suspect they have a decent chance of forcing a Game 6 Monday.

Also imagine NBC won’t allow this game to actually start until 3:21 again.

Same lineup for the Rangers, which means Eminger is prucha’d.

Mike Knuble out for the Capitals again.

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  1. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Americans blow a three goal lead and now it’s in overtime…wonder if they were watching Wednesday’s game?

  2. It’s go time. My basketball loving father in law just predicted a caps victory because the game is in Washington. Cannot disagree but you know what I bufuglien will. Rangers in a walk. LGR!!!!!!!!


  4. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Bobby Ryan, who should have been tossed for the remainder of the playoffs???

  5. LinCalPrustBoylahan on




    please fill my Hello Kitty Easter basket with a win!!!

  6. I have NBC on, but there is some stupid Wealth Building Event informercial on. Byfuglieners!

  7. eddie eddie eddie on

    which chair should i sit in??…oh brother…the things i have to think about

  8. nasty, from your earlier post: my mood is so foul today that if I went to warren to “commiserate” they may never let me back :) I’m hoping for, no, expecting! happiness to occur by 6:30…LGR!!!!

  9. OK, I get the a tornado touched down at the airport last night, but I don’t care right now! Give me the game you hartnellers!

  10. Am I in Bizzaroworld? I think Dolanvision is actually offering me a chance to save money for a year. Miracles do happen!!! LGR!!!

  11. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    well with that annoying asshat horn it should be Carpy

    ‘the ornery ones” Doc is off to a flying start

  12. All Boyle had to do was touch the puck inside the blue line to prevent the hand pass whistle.

  13. This team and the league need to abandon the blocked shot obsession. It’s the sign of a team that is overwhelmed and underskilled, and it gets guys hurt. I admire the toughness it requires, but still.



  15. So Ovie and Green both get third man in penalties, considering how far from the melee they were, or does the Craps exclusion apply here?

  16. Pretty sure that Ovechkin and Green should have gotten penalties for third man in? They weren’t involved in the initial scrum.

  17. cccp – even though you are a genius….it didn’t take a genius to figure out that the referees were going to put us away and not give us a chance.


    someoe forgot to remind the rangers that this is an elimination game!

  19. That was complete horsecarcillo. I’m generally not a true believer in the conspiracy theories and I try not to blame the refs for our team’s mistakes, but giving Washington a power play after all that was absolutely wrong.

  20. Third man in has to be way more egregious than that. If anyone might have gotten one it would have been Girardi with the punch.

  21. Im angry. Im about to explode. Im about to explode. Im so angry right now. I just wanna smash something. I despise referees with every ounce of my being. Like nobody’s ever “chirped from the bench” before.

    I hope one of our guys takes their sticks, and, well, it’s better left unsaid.

  22. My mood is not improved, but I still believe. Sigh…..I may have to turn the volume on the TV off

  23. Come on Rangers. Don’t let them steal it away from us. We’re never going to get treated fairly, we have to steal it back from the referees. We have to.

  24. hey at least we didnt get swept and thats what i was hoping for. The Caps are so much better than us that its almost impossible to beat this team 4 times…

  25. Wish the Rangers were meaner. Avery’s been domesticated. Wish we had someone who threw some elbows and got nasty.

  26. “Can you hear us” – “We are louder”

    Both insanely lame chants.

    I can definitely hear their crowd though. That’s what MSG *should* be like every game, instead of being told they have to be loud.

  27. Tiki’s right. The NHL hates long playoff series. All the free revenue just cramps their style.

  28. 4generations 4 cups on

    I dont want to whine about officiating, but that really is ridiculous that they didnt wind up with an extra penalty for extra man in. It had to be this way and we all knew it. Cindy is out, Ovechkin is in. Go go bettman…

  29. These fuggin’ bandwagon faux Craps fans. They’re all a bunch of pieces of carcillo worthless inhumane beings.

  30. 4generations 4 cups on

    Their crowd is also full of bandwagoners who just recently became caps fans when they saw an Ovechkin highlight reel goal. We have old timers at our games who arent gonna stand and scream :)

  31. Very funny, Mike k. Giving a NY team hope and keeping them alive in a series cramps their style. Nothing to do with money, everything to do with bias.

  32. Anyone who thinks that Gary Bettman or anyone in the NHL would rather Washington succeed than New York is an idiot who doesn’t understand the first thing about marketing, market size, or economics.

  33. Game 4 Score: Rangers 3, Referees 2, Gaborik helping other team 1, Capitals 1. Game 4 victory belongs to Rangers.

    Game 5 Score: Referees 1, Rangers 0, Capitals 0.

  34. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    We have to win EVERY battle along the boards and hit EVERY Cap in sight to have a chance.

  35. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    All this conspiracy/refs hate us talk means I’m going to take a break from this place. Hopefully, things get better in this game in the meantime.


  36. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    where would the NHL Network be without “OIL CHANGE”

    and stfu with the ‘have fun’ TPCH!!!

  37. I hope the Rangers win this whole thing, but let’s be honest, the Caps are simply a meaner, more talented, better version of the Blueshirts. They’re the better version of what the Rangers want to be.

  38. Buttchin is beyond pathetic. his weak efforts at both ends are nothing but coasting and loafing

  39. I don’t wish concussions on anyone, or almost anyone, but maybe without green for a bit we can get some offense.

    And Gaborik is just too soft with and without the puck.

  40. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    Kudos on cheering a guy who just got hit in the head with a slap shot.

    What is going on here today? Jeez Louise.

  41. Guys, come on. As much as I hate Washington right now and want Green out of the series, he could be really messed up from that.

  42. Joekuh - Can I have the next question please? Ptooey! on

    JBytes, you’re right. 1st goal in the 1st period in this series.

  43. So far it’s simple – the Craps have just been playing like they care about winning this game more. It’s sad when Avery-Boyle-Prust is the best line we’ve got going and the only one to get any sustained offense going.

  44. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    you’d think he’d have learned to NOT block a shot with his noggin after the first time

  45. if the other 3 lines played like boyle prust and avery this series would be over and we would be waiting for pens

  46. CraigWeather on

    I’m sorry, but we look SEVERELY OVERMATCHED for the first time in this series. Call me a pessimist but I just dont see us pulling this one out. Oh well…. it was fun while it lasted, eh? :(

  47. I like how they said Green made a gutsy play blocking it with his head… like he did that on purpose…

  48. or Gabortrick = passed up shot, passed up shot block, and passed up hit. That’s pretty much every game for him though.

  49. Joekuh - Can I have the next question please? Ptooey! on

    This feels a lot like one of the Penguins games when we came back late. We’ve gotta get the energy up.

  50. it has nothing to do with effort. Washington has better more talented players and b/c of that they are dominating the series and this game.

    Why is that so hard to understand????

  51. 4generations 4 cups on

    >> it has nothing to do with effort. Washington has better more talented players and b/c of that they are dominating the series and this game.

    Why is that so hard to understand????

    because the team with the better players doesnt win, the team that plays with more effort and consistency wins. ever played a team game?

  52. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    ORR–reminds me of game 82 against the flyers last year…pathetic way to end the season…again!

  53. dominating the series


    i know its 3-1 but Caps are FAR from dominating in the series.

  54. paging gaborik….do something….anything.
    rangers’ best line has been avery-boyle-prust and they can’t score. so basically ,once again, best line is the checking line

  55. Effort has very little to do with it. The Caps are playing with all their emotions out., expanding a ton of energy. Not sure how long they can sustain it…1-0 is not the worst outcome.

  56. As much as I can’t stand Milbury, he’s right about one thing, the Rangers have a pop-gun offense.

  57. anyone who understands hockey and this team will believe that the caps will come down to earth in the 2nd and rangers will regroup and come out hard the rest of the game. caps were flying in 1st but can’t sustain that pace.

    its happened all year with this team. v. pit twice, v. philly, v. boston, v. nj in game 82, plus others i am sure i am not remebering.

  58. CraigWeather on

    Lets be honest with ourselves here. Caps are on full throttle… If they keep that pace up, we don’t have a chance in hell. We’re lucky it’s only 1 goal we’re down by. But…… with that said… the next goal will be HUGE. So… who wants it more? Grrrrr….I wish Cally was playing. If we could swap him for Gabocrap….. in a heartbeat!

  59. that was awful…

    time for a luck change, Dubi jersey off, Leetch white with the ‘C’ on

  60. can’t believe how negative you guys are…yeah they played a terrible period but the caps got a goal that could have been going wide before giradi puts it in and thats is…the caps blew there chance to knock us out

  61. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    LMFAO @ RYAN MILLER!! “i really dont give an expletive!” that is AWESOME!

  62. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    This could be the game that Hank steals. He’s doing his part, now it’s up to the other 19 players.

  63. I’m with all the positive people, but the negatories tick me off too much. Does this day have to made any more stressful???? Listening on NBC is enough!

  64. For anyone who wishes injury on any player should grow up and get their head out of their butts.

    And can we please stop blaming the refs for our downfall. That is such a cop out. There’s always going to be human error, and you can’t focus on the refs and worry about what they are calling.
    The Caps goal was a good goal. The only ones who got screwed on that were Ranger’s fans, for seeing our team being on their heels and out worked again in a lame first period effort.

  65. Well the good news is that there is still two periods to play. Their level of play could only go up.


    craps will be frustrated kowing that after dominating the first period,they have only 1 cheesey goal to show for it.Rangers need to start shooting from everywere,and get some damn people in front of the net!

  67. comment once a year on

    I hope the series comes back to the garden just to the crowd can show these dumb Caps fans what loud really is. Cmon boys

  68. It ain’t over til it’s over…I expect a different Rangers team to come out in the 2nd!!!!!1

  69. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao LW! Maybe we can find a plastic bag of the same design for him ;-)

    Great post I dontknow

  70. Between the whining about conspiracies, the quitting and wishing injury on other players this place tough to stomach at times.

  71. Like I said before:

    This team is a complete farce. What a bunch of two-bit crock-$hit that was in the 1st period. A period played (and I’m being sarcastic by even using the word “played”) by a bunch of talentless clowns looking forward to a day of golf and manicures.

  72. Gonzo Grabby on

    were just so slow and delibeate like a bunch of reddens out there. move it quick! skate harder,hit harder, mov the puck out quick. they are losing this one.

  73. Does anybody believe me yet that Gaborik is another of many sather bad signings and if possible should be traded in the off season?

  74. I admit thinking over the possibility of trading Gaborik recently, although I’m not and have never been a die-hard “GET RID OF HIM NOW.” But I think Carp’s point this morning about him makes a lot of sense.

  75. Carp – How did you envision the Rangers having a 50/50 shot today? Before the game I would of given them a 25 or 30% chance at the most.

  76. can we save all the anti gabby stuff for the summer? nobody was saying anything bad about him last season when had 42 goals and was healthy

  77. kind of embarrassing effort by the Rangers this period…very shocked…maybe the third will be better?

  78. N.CountryNYRFan on

    our guys have to keep it together if we are gonna have a chance to get back into this game.

  79. 4generations 4 cups on

    We definitely need to find some real skill in general? There arent many Rangers who just…put the puck in the back of the net.

  80. Dumb penalty, but I don’t know if it would’ve been called if it wasn’t obvious Prust was looking for a fight.

  81. N.CountryNYRFan on

    what happened to all that tough conditioning Torts supposedly did with our boys, why are they always so tired looking out there???

  82. 4generations 4 cups on

    At least its 2 less weeks of offseason hockey we have to endure, who even knows, this game could turn around in a heartbeat. Hockey now is so now-and-then. Depends on what happens on this PP and it also depends on if somebody turns something on.

  83. Bring back Prucha on

    When your 4th line is your best line, you’re not going to beat the Caps.

  84. orr,
    he got injured at olympics and he has been injured all season. give him another season when is hopefully healthy then you can decide if he is a bust or not

  85. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Backs against the wall !!!"...says Greg L. on


    COME ON , this is our season….WE look tired and overmatched.

    TOO many guy making millions doing nothing special.

    We mis OUR REAL captain…Callahan really really really really really really bad!!!!!!!





  86. N.CountryNYRFan on

    maybe we can actually get a PP goal today and turn this carcillo around.

    c’mon LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. NYR, he didn’t get injured at the Olympics, he was injured *before* the Olympics, and re-injured himself, and was *useless* down the stretch when we needed him the most. He’s been the same ever since.

    Trade the piece of shyte! We’re not winning the Cup with him, so send his ass to some random team for picks/prospects.

  88. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Backs against the wall !!!"...says Greg L. on



    we suck , we dump in off and go for a line change, no one passes to guys with open ice , No puck control or tempo control!!!!

    JAROMIR JAGR would have 2 goals by now……

  89. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Well, I guess maybe we shouldn’t have been hoping to face the Caps…I liked the old Caps way more than the new version.

  90. you have a 6-7 forward with solid hands….why don’t you put him in front of the net on the PP?

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Backs against the wall !!!"...says Greg L. on

    Leave Avery out there more, hes got some jump to his step…

  92. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Unbelievavble…Prust is getting assaulted in front of the net and the referee is more interested in what Avery is going to do behind the net.

  93. lundqvist is the only player on the rangers showing up today and even the best goalies cant win a game if the players in front cant create chances or slow the other team down

    talking about goalies, i believe that the gm’s could have picked better candidates, thomas great stats but only played 69.5% of games, id rather see a guy carry a team then a rotation, loungo really? in front of the team he has?

    my picks would have been, rinne, ilya breeze, and either quick or lundvist

    lundvist started fast but was not exactly a beast down the stretch but played a crapload of games partly due to biron being out, and quick kept the kings in all season

    lastly, the rangers can you hear us and the caps we are louder chants, on the devils fire and ice blog the other day we were talking about the capital fans and how they were nonexistant and quite till #8 arrived and thats when they started getting loud, you guys have always been loud……..they maybe louder idk never been to a game there but they haven’t been loud for as long

  94. I say leave the youth alone…they have a bright future; we need scoring and we need a legit PP!!!!!! Gabby is not himself, seems he’s been hurt all season. He had a great year least year. I’m not ready to throw the towel in yet!

  95. This isn’t surprising to me. The rangers were lucky to even make the playoffs. The caps finished with the most points in the east for a reason. The rangers will continue every year to battle for the 8th spot as long dolan is the owner and sather is the GM. That’s the way I see it. The one thing that really worries me in the off season is sather signing another bad contract, if that happens than the rangers are once again going backwards.

  96. I wish Aves would Mcsorley (verb) Ovechkin, Neuvirth, Green in the locker room, and then each referee. I wish I could inhabit his body for one minute so I could take care of that business.

  97. sather is going to see the team doesn’t score enough goals, panic, and sign brad richards for 10 years ,110 million

  98. i’ve been down on avery most of the season but he has played his carcillo off this series

  99. I just can’t wait for the Devs and Craps fans to start trolling here…. (yes, that was sarcasm)


    up to this point the caps want it more,someone needs to make a play!

  101. ovechkin reminds me of the kid with down’s that sat on my bus in middle school and picked his nose and threw it at everyone

  102. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Backs against the wall !!!"...says Greg L. on

    COME ON!!!

    Play like we are gonna be out!!!!!!!

    Devil fans GET LOST!!!! LETS GO !!!! LETS GO!!!!!

    NEED a GOAL !!!!!

  103. cant believe i am saying this but drury needs to be on PP for faceoffs and to get in front of net

  104. Orr, I know what you mean, but this team will never be more than an 8th seed striver if their supposed young talent doesnt get exponentially more productive. Unless they go out and get some Mike Gartners. Sometimes established talent does survive signing with this team.

  105. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Backs against the wall !!!"...says Greg L. on

    COME ON !!!!! LETSSSSSSS get a move on here!!!!!!

    Rangers you are breaking my heart!!!!!!


  106. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Backs against the wall !!!"...says Greg L. on

    1 MORE period left , we ARE NOT OUT of this!!!!!!

    If we lose …we fire the coach . When you cant get Avery,Gaborik ,Stepan ,Staal ,MCcabe , ect going…then the coach is to blame.

  107. We got 20 minutes. Either we come out with a fire and desire, or we go home without the crapitals following us.

  108. N.CountryNYRFan on

    we have zero offensive talent. where is gabby, WW, EC, Fankist, Step-on, AA?

    Our best chances have been from prust, boyle Aves.

  109. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Backs against the wall !!!"...says Greg L. on

    I seen more passion during the season…our boys are spent. Litterally done ,exahasted, drawn out ..basically the Ranger blew thier load right before the playoffs.


  110. yeah, blame the coach for a $37.5 mill quitter who turns the series around with a stupid blunder and then dogs it the rest of the time

  111. Gonzo Grabby on

    itsall goodguys. were still on track to come back and win this!!!! how can we have a huge comeback if we dnt go down 2 goals?? cmon ya’ll thisis the plan!! right torts??


    playoffs bring out the best in some players,and the worst in others. thats why reggie is known as Mr october and winnfield is known as mr may,it seems we have alot of mr mays on this team!

  113. this game is a formality…as we all knew deep down, this season was over when regulation time ended on weds night.

    let it be a lesson to our kids.

  114. N.CountryNYRFan on

    it makes me sick to think that we could have tied the series last game and we lost it the way we did, we had the craps on the ropes!!!!!!! FUGG I am so pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate being a Rangers fan in times like these!! (which is every spring)

  115. I wish torts would try Drury on the PP. The guy has earned his living getting dirty goals on the PP

  116. Unless they stage a big comeback here, I want to see a critical recap by Carp. They haven’t showed up to play with their season on the line, no matter how much more skilled the Caps are.

  117. wow guys, i came here and complimented one of the only guys who has shown up for you and your first thing is to say shut up and get out……..typical i guess, you try and start a legit hockey talk and show no kind of negative and you guys jump on it and dont even read what i said haha

    the two players that have really shown up have been lundqvist and avery

  118. I feel bad for Torts. I can see him getting fired because of this. He sure as hell doesn’t deserve it.

    This team is just gone with the wind. Too young, too inexperienced, and the “Vets” just don’t have enough heart.

    The only guy who can carry this team is Hank, but he can’t put pucks in the net.

    Pathetic, embarrassing, sad showing.

  119. Gonzo Grabby on

    tom c- agreed. total bs effort from evevryone. they had 2 days excuse to be tired.

  120. Are you people crazy? This is NOT on the coach. The Rangers are not built to win YET. Yes it hurts but to make the playoffs with the amount of kids the Rangers have is an accomplishment.

    Coach has them sacrificing their bodies left and right to make up for the lack of talent (it’s close but not quite there yet with all these kids).

    But they DO need a PP specialist and Special Teams coach.

    I understand the frustration but lets be real. This is not about “heart”. This is about playing a significantly better team and being worn out. Plus having a ton of kids who are gaining experience in these playoffs like Stepan, like Boyle, like Prust, like Gilroy, like McD, like Sauer, like Anisimov, like Duby, and so forth.

    Be proud of this team. I am. Or go root for the Red Wings.

  121. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Backs against the wall !!!"...says Greg L. on

    Yeah , Torts ( I like him) is done…he tried to get Gaborik going by benching him alot during the season with no success . He tried to contain Avery , he basically ruined him, he puts Drury on the 4th line…nice way to spend $7 Million. He makes guys like Boyle /Prust utilty guys and punished Stars whom couldnt do the job he wanted. He makes our TOP guys “have to commit” to shot blocking resulting in Callahan being hurt. Torts system is flawed …he should have stayed retired on the tsn panel.

  122. Gonzo Grabby on

    torts is not gtting fired orr. no way. hes doen aot with a team going through tons o injuries and limited talent

  123. eddie eddie eddie on

    here it is boys….time to rise and shine…get the first….then the second…take it into OT 2-2…we like winning games 3-2

  124. eddie eddie eddie on

    craps are clearly superior, but its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog

  125. I’m sorry, but I hate seeing professional athletes called kids, unless they are teenagers. The younger players have some experience playing together now, but that doesn’t atone for playing a game as poor as this.

  126. Firing Torts cause this team lacks offensive skill and looks to be bone-weary and beaten up?Some of you have officially lost it.

  127. CraigWeather on

    Well, for better or worse…. lets somehow find some enjoyment out of this more than likely last period of Rangers hockey this season. It was a great ride…. and for the lack of skill this team has… they still played as a team. They were a pleasure to watch and a change in the right direction for the culture of our club. Here’s to your 2010-2011 New York Rangers… Thanks Boys!

  128. I can’t see them firing Torts after Renney deliberately dragged this team down for years.

  129. woah, why are we talking about firing torts? seriously? with the number of injuries and lack of any type offensive skill healthy in the lineup he got this team in the playoffs with 2 rookie dmen and half of the ct whale playing major minutes this season.

  130. Gonzo Grabby on

    me too chris. when youre top players like dru,gabby,wolski,frolov and just about every one of them has horrible seasons, wht can teh coach do? we still made the fuggin playoffs!! relax guys. torts is bettr than renny or anyone else weve had in awhile


    theres no excuse not to finish this game with balls to the wall hockey,hank needs to be sharp!

  132. “So, are we savoring Marian Gaborik and Chris Drury’s last game as New York Rangers?”

    I hope so

  133. this team showed huge heart and guts all year…regardless of 3rd period we should be proud of where this team is right now

    look at the teams who missed the playoffs with better skill than the rangers…devils and canes to name 2 and people really want torts fired?

  134. Reginald Dunlop on

    can we now STOP with the shutdown pair BS……..18 has NO edge……..leans all the time……need a dman with an edge……..need more edge …….too many 26’s out there…….put all three heart players with an edge on same line…….good move??? 8…16 and 22…………..then all 3 other lines play like 26’s……. not worth even saying his name……on college team we had a similar guy, we called him YOU……… how about 8 16 and 22 on pp with 97 and 38?????????????…………..

  135. eddie eddie eddie on

    this has been a great run…i love this team……just work your buns off in the third….regardless of what happens…just give it your best…


    a Devils fan would not be posting if the rangers were up in the game!

  137. torts is a very very good (and funny) coach and has gotten alot out of the players with the talent they have from the youth, its hard to teach old dogs new tricks such as getting gaborik to play night in and night out but with the talent level of the rangers he has done a great job, and if he had a few more pieces or in a few years the rangers would be a better team

    i doubt the rangers are stupid enough to fire him, unless they just dont like the way he coaches with all the new conference stuff he does sometimes and getting into arguments with brooks, and i am sure that they are thinking if they are going to get brad richards they have a better chance with torts there

  138. Boys, let’s make this a third period like so many others, and don’t go without a fight. Make us proud!

  139. E3, xoxoxxo

    You know I love (most of) you all, right? But today is another example of why I always take a two or three day break after end of season. (I always read Carp, of course, but not you all). I’ll give my thoughts tomorrow (not that anything’s over yet at this hour) but I bet ilb will say it better than me anyway.

    I’m frustrated and sad too, but shame on all you negatories……we hope, we dream, we pray…..sometimes it rains. Grow up.

    There, that’s mama in a bad mood!!!

  140. i dont know cooke………im posting now since my laptop just got back from the service dept and was going to post yesterday when they released the vezina candidates but had no comp to do that

  141. Gonzo Grabby on

    no, gabby is still in his primeand is a much bigger piece to this team than dru. get rid of dru, but dont get ridof the only legit 1st line player we have. get him 2 other 1st liners and then go from there. we cant give up on gabby yet., ive hatedhim alot this year, but we gota keep him. at least until some of our prospects develop into top players, if they do?

  142. i love Boyle and Prust and Avery but these guys are not goal scores… and those are our best players today

    so sad

  143. Olga Folkyerself on

    Greg don’t forget, Torts wouldn’t play Boogaard on the first line so he could get his 5 goals for you.

  144. devil fan's brother on

    Dont mind him, he get a little crazy from all of the paint chips he eats…

  145. Doodie Machetto on

    Good season folks. Out of all of the predictions I made before the first round, I was really hoping I was going to be wrong about this one. As it stands, it seems to be the first one that I got right.

  146. Well said Chris. They’ve had a taste of what it could be like. With an addition here and there and a coach who is a power play specialist, who knows what the future season will bring.


  147. CraigWeather on

    WTF ARE THEY DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Backs against the wall !!!"...says Greg L. on

    Devils fan , you say you come on here to talk nice nice but if ya didnt notice…we are in trouble…you walz in here looking for a frienly chatt!!!??? Your not fooloing me with your “act”.

    Lw3h , you aint seen nothing yet!!! hahaa YEAH Torts IS A lunatic…if anyone didnt notice already. You cant have Stepan RUINED by Torts.

    SUDAFED BOYS!!! Drink some more red bulls cuz WE NEED TO RALLY!!!

  149. CraigWeather on

    LOL so Torts said he had a good feeling about this game…. Oops…. false alarm, it was just gas!

  150. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Backs against the wall !!!"...says Greg L. on

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!! Niceeee save Hank omg we in TROUBLE !!! We cant even sustain an attack!!!!! GO RANGERS , lets pull a rabbit outta our ….

    COME ON BOYS!!!! LOVE TO SEE us score!!!!

  151. Gonzo Grabby on

    this is really upsetting if this is all wehav e. we dont have as good a team as we thought. tons ofwork to dofor us to competein teh future

  152. Reginald Dunlop on

    good point on radio in between periods……..miss DZ on pp……….but lost his confidence this year………hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm seem to remember a few instances where his confidence was lost………if all part of the process, as so often is preached, then why not live with it?????????

  153. Gonzo Grabby on

    stop hiting the goalie!! hit the back of th net!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my keyboardis ruuined from me slamming it!

  154. They just ran over Henrik and no call. If they’re not going to call that, Id suggest our guys run over the officials. What’s fair is fair.

  155. those Craps fans are so proud of their supposedly “best” team in the East who are barely squeezing by an 8th seed! Oh yeah… great Craps team!

    they wont go further than second round

  156. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Backs against the wall !!!"...says Greg L. on

    WHOAAAA penalty!!!???? Im gonna go “Cr9” pritty soon here!!!!!

    This game is a dagger

    Rangers got no swaggar

    Mayswell dressed Mick Jaggar

    Wish we had Jaromir Jagr

  157. I will paraphrase Carp. If all you negatories don’t get how good this team has been all season, and what they’ve pulled off, and what they have for the future, than hartnell you…….LGR!!!

  158. this is one of the worst games this team has played all year…definitely expected them to at least make it interesting…not the case.

  159. Why would you expect Henrik to get any protection. He’s not a goalie first and foremost. He’s a Ranger, first and foremost, and knowing that is half the battle. :)

  160. Reginald Dunlop on

    how many ovechkin commercials on nbc today?????? figure it out people…….8 to the finals is now the goal with no 87 in playoffs

  161. Good comment, Mama. This team has been great all season. And it’s not like we lost this series to the Capitals, if you know what I mean.

  162. Had a feeling the series was over on Wednesday…just didn’t want to admit it.

    Hope they bring Prospal back next year.

  163. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Backs against the wall !!!"...says Greg L. on


    …honestly we cant.


  164. Blogmama, how do you know what they have for the future? Just because they have some good prospects doesn’t mean they are going to be good in the NHL. Potential does not equal success, so why we are so confident now about the future with Sather in charge boggles my mind.

  165. As bad as they are playing, today, I WOULD like to see the last 20 minutes of Rangers hockey for the season, but NOOOO, KDSK won’t let me.



    really dont like the idea of fred mertz movin on th the 2nd round!

  167. CCCP April 23rd, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    if there is a time for Avery to do somethign stupid…this is it

    hopefully he’d be out of anger management / rehab by the start of next season…

  168. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Backs against the wall !!!"...says Greg L. on

    Olga ….go Folkyerself.

    I feel as bad as Mickey does!!!!!

  169. I agree CCCP. And no, I dont want Avery to hurt anyone. Just venting my frustrations.

    We can come back Greg. Why not? The bruins came back 2-0 down against the Penguins in the final 3 minutes of a game earlier this season to win 5-2. WHY NOT US!

  170. Doesn’t give them an excuse to hang the MSG fans out to dry after being up 3-0 on a night when the building was standing up for their team under fire.

  171. This sick punk loser Doc is yelling “Score” and this fat punk turd Boo-drow is pumping his fists.

    Why are these NBC freaks analyzing the goal? There’s really nothing to analyze. A team is down 2-0 in the final 3 minutes, there are going to be breaks the other way when defensemen get caught in the zone.

  172. Why do we have our net empty? So these NBC freaks can scream like a maniac again when they score again?

  173. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Backs against the wall !!!"...says Greg L. on


    OLGA ..go folkyerself again.

  174. see you all next year. maybe the 2011-12 rangers will bring a little more to the table.

  175. Anyone else turn it off? Wrecks my nerves thinking about Boudreau’s comments and then how his boys came back to shut up the Garden.

  176. eddie eddie eddie on

    Well everyone, this has been a wonderful team to root for…do they have holes?…heck yeah…but their work effort is something we havent seen in ranger land in a long long time…and the way they stick up for each other……tough 3rd period in game 4 did them in sadly….

  177. Sick freak Doc is going to yell again when they score, even though there’s nothing to yell about.

    Really sorry for Henrik.

  178. jpg's sister on

    I think they guys are really trying. But can’t we get one goal, please? I don’t want to shake hands yet! We scored two goals in 7 seconds the other day!

  179. should we start playing the game where we say players name and his jersey number counting down to season opener? or is it too soon?

  180. I will always be a diehard ranger fan. I will continue to follow the rangers. I’ve been doing this for 43 years, if anybody thinks this team is heading in the right direction your kidding yourselves. Ever since Dolan has bought the knicks/rangers these teams have done nothing and as long as dolan is the owner these teams will do nothing. The rangers will not sniff a cup as long as dolan is the owner because sather will continue to be the GM and that’s that. Sather should have been gone long ago, it’s a joke like the owner.

  181. We lost this series 4 games to 1, but not to the Capitals. Henrik and the rest of the team should go up to the officials at the end and shake their hands and congratulate them for defeating us in this series.

  182. Olga Folkyerself on

    Greg bet a lot of people that Boogaard would score 5 goals this season. Now it seems the dog has eaten his checkbook or something.

  183. Okay, first of all, Neuvirth shouldn’t have even gone down on that play. Second of all, Stepan really didn’t have an angle. Yet NBC makes it seem like the Richter-Bure.

  184. I do feel bad for Hank. This is the type of team he’s going to have to play for. They just wont be ready to compete for the Cup for a few more years.

    Poor guy. I hope he doesn’t ask to be traded one day.

  185. E and C3, I’m with ya!

    Tom C, what the byfuglien? Hartnell Sather…I have confidence in my boys. Keep the core of the team…..and now we have til at least July to discuss what out team should look like. Blech. May I mourn and celebrate our buys for a minute before the carcillo begins!? That’s all I ask!

  186. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Backs against the wall !!!"...says Greg L. on

    Olga , Go folkyerself cuz we know you like too.

    Yeah no ELITE status this year for Hank . If he was smart ,he would dmand a trade and we could get a sweet draft pick for him. If your team NEEDS a ELITE ( not quite yet) goalie..chances are its gunning for the cup…any other time, The goalie is a waiste.

  187. Kenny and Dave on the radio right now..

    I hope whoever they play in the second round, destroys them.

  188. ToMG – I echo your thoughts. At least you have a realistic view of things like I do, and aren’t over confident.

  189. I just want the Pens eliminated


    I’d love to see them win without Crosby and/or Malkin.

  190. Let me tell you about some great prospects we had. Their names were Peter and Chris. Whatever happened to those dudes?

  191. Stayed away from the iPad. This season was about a new team, new approach, and getting more experience in the playoffs. Success in my book. And a step forward. As painful as it is to finish it on that note, I’m very thankful for what they did this season. And once you all settle down in a few days/hours, most of you will realize the same. As long as our management continues what’ve the started, we have a future.

    I’m going to go have a nice dinner with mrs. He deserved it during this postseason. See you all later.

  192. They got a power play out of that???

    Just fight people. Dont shake the hands of these sacks of carcillo.


    caps aint that good! rangers had to overcome too much carcillo!!!!

  194. Firing Torts is so far from the answer it’s just funny. This is all about growth. Before the playoffs, we all said we’d just be happy to make the playoffs and get playoff experience for the youth. Then once we were in, things changed. It’s human nature to always want more. That’s fine.

    Torts has been saying for a long time that the plan is to build around a youthful core. And that’s what he’s been doing, and it’s working. Everybody agrees this team is much better than last year’s team. They finished the season with six more wins, which is a 17% improvement, or they’ve won 10% more of the season than they did last year, depending on how you look at it. They have been a real “team,” and in most games this season have all played their hearts out. This is exactly the direction we all wanted to be going in, and it’s important to remember that.

    The fact that we even contended in this series and the games were decided by a couple of fluke goals is a measure of what this current team is capable of. We can all agree the Caps have far more top-line talent on their team than we do, and yet, the games were as close as they were. Imagine once we actually have a solid, effective first line.

    Rearchitecting the team is not the answer. Firing the coach who got a bunch of second and third liners this far isn’t the answer either. Some changes need to be made, sure. But I personally still believe in the growth/youthful core mentality. Yeah, we all want Sather gone. But this year, he didn’t trade away the future for a short-term lease. That’s a big change for him, and you can’t ignore that.

    The Rangers can be proud of how they played in this series, regardless of the outcome. And they can be proud of this season, especially in light of all the injuries. I think this was a portent of a great team to come.

  195. Sather's Wrap-Up on

    Hello Ranger Fans- And we were soooooooooo Close! Missed it by THAT much. At least we won more playoff games than the Knicks.

    That reminds me- I have to get to the locker room to thank the team for making the playoffs and getting me that 5-year extension.

    I also want to tell them not give up hope because I’ll be getting them plenty of veteran UFAs this summer. I have a new system… Tomorrow starts my second decade as El Presidente.

    Muck! Muckler, make sure the clubs get put in the trunk, I have a seven o’clock tee time tomorrow with Mike Keenan.

    See you all on draft day.
    Uncle Glennie

  196. Gonzo Grabby on

    hank didnt steal 1 game this series. he wasnt as good as he couldve been. who cares if he wants a trade. if he wants out, get him out.

  197. yes the rangers are finally doing thing the right way by drafting and developing there own, the problem is Dolan is the owner and Sather is the GM, that’s where the track record speaks for it self and that’s where I don’t buy in to this garbage but we will see. Like I said, I love the rangers and have been a diehard since 1968. The off season will be interesting.

  198. God, I WISH I could see the handshake line… just to see the boys one last time..

  199. Just fight people. Dont shake the hands of these sacks of carcillo.


    You’re a joke. Washington embarrassed the Rangers. Accept it like an adult.

  200. Now we just cross our fingers and hope this team stays on course.

    Keep the youth, keep Torts, and keep building. Our future is bright and I want to see a lot of these guys back.

  201. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Stick a fork in us !!!"...says Greg L. on

    BOOGGARD was hurt and I lost ..I know I won part with someone on here but I ‘ll have to check who it was but im not gonna collect it cuz he didnt do what I said he would. Lw3h ,and a couple others ( i need to check later when im done crying over here) can contact me by my email , Carp or Linda could give it to you maybe if they agree.

    Yo OLGA , Chicago is playing with heart and skill and desire..I actually respect them for putting the Canucks on thier heals. I sure wish the Rangers could have played like the Hawks are now!!

  202. I don’t think Washington embarrassed us. They were definitely the better team without a doubt, but we never got blown out; and even if that’s because of Henrik, so be it, because he’s in net for a reason. Improvement is definitely needed, and I feel like it will come. We do have good prospects coming up, but we need more talent. Richards!

  203. Gonzo Grabby on

    a freakin nobody outplayed him. i love hank but cmon, hs a multimillionaire. i dont feel sorry for him. hes much richer than any of us. and he plays in teh best city in the orld!! he’ll be just fine

  204. Hope you guys dont get upset about this.

    It wont ruin my summer, I have to help Glenny count my $8 mill out and make some pizza pie with me !

  205. Eddie Giacomin on

    Gonzo Grabby…Are you sure you want to end the season with a comment as moronic as that one?

  206. ilb, mama love…..I told you all I’d agree with him :)

    I’m signing off for tonight. Sorry for the loss of pennies Carp :) will read you but now I’m in my regular post-season don’t want to hear carcilllo mode. LGR!!! xoxox forever.

    And, not for nothing, not that I mind if they do Olga, but go Folkyerself. For hartnell’s sake, I usually defend the family, but your timing is for carcillo.


  207. st0w

    Well said. I’m sure the doomsayers will have the run of this place for a good few days now, but it’s a complete fallacy for them to pretend that anyone seeing positive signs in this team, this coach and the direction of the franchise is somehow 100% behind Dolan/Sather.

    It’s just almost a redundant argument talking about Dolan/Sather being gone – it’s not happening, so take the encouraging signs for what they are – signs, not a delusion that there is not a lot of work and improvement still to come.

  208. How the hell do you say that Hank was outplayed. You can’t even compare the quality and quantity of what Hank saw to the Rangers barely-there offense.

  209. Ovechkin has series high 6 points (3 goals 3 assists) and yet Peirre the talking penis asked Ovechkin “why did he sacrifice his personal stats to win this series” sigh

  210. I don’t want to hear about momentum not being carried over from the previous game. If you don’t think the Caps carried momentum from game 4, then we’re all nuts.

  211. “LMAO!! Hank was outplayed???

    I’m sorry, how many breakaways, and odd-man rushes, and point blank shots did Noy-Vair had to face??”


    Hank was a warrior considering the onslaught he faced every game

  212. 1st rnd exit on

    beat by a better team

    and tiki no the refs didn’t blow this game or any of the other games, its just that us fans have those glasses on where we only look for what the ref misses and dont actually see that they made the right call or no call etc

    outplayed, dominated and the only reason that it was somewhat respectable was the swede in net called lundqvist and the defensive system, and to a degree the fact the caps are now a more defensive minded (not saying only defense but they pay more attention than previous years) team where they didnt take as many chances

    now the long offseason where everyone is going to debate who the coach will be if they fire torts (they shouldnt), who to sign, who to trade, how to get drury out of the line up and off the books etc

  213. Even having perspective of what this team has accomplished this year, it still sucks when your team gets knocked out of the playoffs.

  214. JimboWoodside on

    Didn’t post during the game – superstition…..but it didn’t matter.

    We had some great times this season – too bad it had to end like this.

  215. Thanks Mama, I needed that. No worries, pants on.
    I have a 11 year old with me with tears in his eyes. But our future is bright, let’s keep this progress going.

  216. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    I just want to say thanks for lots of fun chats over the past few months. Linda, Mama, Jimbo, and all other diehard Ranger fans, you’re the best. Remember, only one team ends their season happily. We are not far away. Keep the faith. We will return in the fall stronger and with the needed experience to truly contend for the cup for a long time. Be good to each other.

  217. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    I agree re: momentum. I know some say it doesn’t exist, but you’re kidding yourselves if you think Game 4 had no effect on today.

    Good season.

    Just over two months until 7/1.

  218. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Stick a fork in us !!!"...says Greg L. on

    Blogmomma is the best , well put!!!

    Funny , funny place here …Ranger fans have a great sense of humour and are cool , every single one of you.

  219. I would be perfectly happy to see more Prusts and Cally type players, to see the team play tightchecking, hardworking, gritty games next year. I do NOT want to see them sign more longterm, multimillion $ contracts with heartless floaters like Gaborik. Let the youth be served, even if it takes several years to get on top


    LOL. Pierre talks about a bright future? What BRIGHT FUTURE? LMAO.

    Kreider is ur only decent prospect and until Sather commits to a rebuild and stops signing mediocre old farts, u guys are going to get eliminated every year!


  221. Tony, the hard life lessons come young :)

    mama love to (almost) all :) Til later….ta….:)

  222. I don’t think Washington embarrassed us. They were definitely the better team without a doubt, but we never got blown out.


    It would have been less embarrassing to get completely Blown Out in game 4 at MSG than what happened. NYR blew a 3-0 lead in the 3rd period on the biggest crowd energy night in years. Not just embarrassed, humiliated.

  223. It’s amazing that so many fans of teams know of this blog.

    I couldn’t name a single team blog on the internet, other than Fire & Ice, which I only know of because it was brought up on here.

    RR = Monster Blog

  224. Thanks Cape and Greg and all….:) you make it worth it ….off to be sad (and my final wicky for the early post season, not forever…:)

  225. Looks like it’s “go home time” now. Tough series that was played really well by our boys (maybe with the exception of today). No negatives for today. That is for the off season. I am really proud of our guys and this great effort they put forth this season. I take back every negative thing I ever said about [Joe] Girardi because….wow. He put forth one heck of an effort and left his knuckles (toes and fingers) on the ice today. Kudos.

    Am I sad? Devastated. But I look forwards to a great future for these kids and I can’t wait for guys like Artie-Partie to put on 20lbs in the off season.

    I will be here all summer. Live and Die by this team whether they are on the ice or not. Thanks to everybody around here who helped make this season surprisingly enjoyable.

  226. I will say this, it’s better to have your inexperienced young team eliminated early in the playoffs, as opposed to a star studded team like the Crapitals that get eliminated early each year.

    Much better.

  227. 1. Fire OLGA!…ROFL @blogmama telling olga to go folkhimself! you the best MAMA!

    2. Hank was stellar…Rangers played excellent with what they had. Capping a great year and a successful in what was supposed to be a horrid team and rebuilding year.

    3. The reason why the NHL is so amazing is the fervor and tenacity of the game, and yet they adhere to certain unwritten rules. The handshake is the ultimate traditional. Trying to sully it by fighting instead of shaking hands is something only a classless ignorant person would think of doing.

  228. Totally ORR!! I join you as the “voice of reason” crew around here for now. Can’t wait to see who crawls out of the woodwork and proclaims the Firing of BLANK. I am ready for it.

  229. JimboWoodside on

    Thank you, Cape – it was fun reminiscing about the “Old Days” with you….and stick around, this blog goes on all year long.

    I’m not going to be negative today – and my birthday (7/1) will be an interesting one again, I’m sure! One way or another, this team will not stand pat. I just hope we don’t give away any future stars that blossom for another team.

  230. It’s really good to see everybody holding it together. I guess all of us are excited for 50% off jerseys! just kidding……

    It is remarkable that no one responded to the garbage postings around here! nice job team.

  231. True Blue Mike on

    So who do the Rangers drop? Is Avery a goner? Will Brad Richards be a Ranger. Will the Rangers trade Marian Gaborik for the right to Zach Parise! Hehe i love the offseason

  232. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Stick a fork in us !!!"...says Greg L. on


    Nothing left in the tank

    No Goals from Gaborik

    Hank played like a beast.

    Rangers losing that 2nd last game of the season was the tell-tale of things to come. The boys were DRAINED emotionally and phisically .The game to game strain Torts puts on team. This team is full of rookies with a few Crappy vets . We will learn but who knows if TORTS puts Stepan in that “dog house” some day… We acted like a team DESPERATE in the middle/ start of the season , it drained us and it showed. Torts tried to get Gaborik going…he couldnt, Something has to give there. WE MISSED callahan really bad and it showed. He proves he is our Captain.

  233. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    The handshake line is probably my favorite tradition in all of sports.

    I loved the little mini hug exchanged between Ovechkin and Dubinsky. Those guys respect the hell out of each other, it’s great.

    As for the Caps, I really cannot see them going to the Finals. Outside of this game, they did not run the much less talented 8 seed out of the building. I think the East is wiiiiiiide open (which makes me upset that the Rangers couldn’t advance).

  234. My tv turned off when the Caps scored #3 and I threw the remote. I never saw Caber, Avery and Wolski combine for a goal. What an ironic combination of me.

  235. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Stick a fork in us !!!"...says Greg L. on

    ROFL @blogmama telling olga to go folkhimself! you the best MAMA! = Priceless!!!

  236. Time to stop blaming the refs, and come to reality.

    It took almost two periods before the Rangers registered a single shot on goal. The biggest problem that the Caps goal tender had to be concerned with was boredom.

    They did the best that they could, but their performance was
    mediocre at best. All you had to do was watch the accuracy and ease with which the Caps put passes on their team mate sticks, and then recall the constant passes attempted by Rangers which bounced off of theirs into no where land.

    Next year is well, another year.

  237. Olga Folkyerself on

    Priceless for you, Greg. You can’t even pay your bets off.

    You’ll have to hock your inhaler….

  238. Good season overall. Some guys played better than we expected some guys worse. Happens every season with every team. Most importantly there looks to be a bunch of players that we can see getting better. Add some talent if it makes sense otherwise stay the course and see what the young core can do.

  239. back from dads house when it was like a funeral over there with my whole family gathered.


    Im sad im frustrated and im upet because we win game 4 you never know

  240. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Stick a fork in us !!!"...says Greg L. on

    YES i do Olga , ask Salty if im a welcher…

  241. we are so offensively challenged that richards would be a mistake unless we get creative with cap space and fine some more skill on the wing

  242. Shoryuken on Glen Sather on

    Just not enough offense. We’ll get there. Too many easy saves for Neuvirth, coulda played in a lawn chair and won.

    But I thought we were louder. And we were actually at games pre-lockout, so we win.

  243. Feeling okay, jpg sister.

    Salty, you’re not only a joke of a hockey fan, you’re a joke of a human being :)

  244. Greg, do not let any irascible irritant stop that indefatigable spirit of yours! YOU the MAN, buddy!

  245. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    Girardi apparently dislocated his finger and played the rest of the game with it.


  246. jpg's sister on

    We have to remember the accomplishment of just making the playoffs on the last day this year. It still hurts though.

  247. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Jimbo, I will pop my head in over the summer for sure. This year’s team has regained my love and pride that has been lacking since Sather came along. Thank you Torts for not letting him continue to destroy this team. BTW for an allstar and future Norris Trophy winner?????? Stall sure looked foolish being beaten to the outside by Ovie, and then again on the two on one to seal the game.

  248. Girardi played with a dislocated AND frozen finger? What a byfuglien warrior he was, all year long.

  249. Cape, I think that knee injury Staal had (and his monster ice time) contributed to how bad he looked in OT the other night and today.

  250. The rangers definitely missed Callahan (future captain). Without Callahan Dubi and especially AA looked lost. That is the rangers best line when together, Callahan, Dubi and AA.

  251. Amen NOAH – see above where I said that i take back every bad thing I ever said about [Joe] Girardi! Everything. He really left it out there in the playoffs and I appreciate having him around.

  252. I have no problem losing this series.

    Losing game 4 in that fashion, I hope that haunts the young Rangers forever wherever they play.

    Worse than the Drury game. 100X worse in my opinion.

  253. AND a potential ankle injury for Girardi?

    We may second guess some of his decisons on the ice, but man oh man, is he tough tough tough.

  254. I will just say it again:

    I take back every negative thing I ever said about [Joe] Girardi because….*WOW*. He put forth one heck of an effort in this series and left his knuckles (toes and fingers) on the ice today. Kudos.

  255. Always 100x worse when the officials give a team 2 goals when they’re trailing 3-0 in the third period.

    I also have no problem losing this series, as long as the Capitals decide that’s important to them to go to the Cup Finals, rather than giving all their effort to “beat” us and then fizzling against another team, perhaps the ….

  256. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Mickey, I just am amazed that these Ranger defensemen don’t know how to defend a 2 on 1. Hank will not be beaten with a shot from a player coming down the side. Just prevent the pass, it’s that simple. Oh well.

  257. Im not giving up on Del Zotto, but it’s ashame that the Rangers passed on Carlson in the same draft The guy is a “kid” as many of you like to call young players, and he’s been great as part of their 1st D pairing all year long, as I’ve read and seen when they played the Caps.
    For now, this is just another example of poor drafting by Glenn Savior and crew. Hopefully, Del Zotto proves me wrong.

  258. Cape, I agree. It’s sad how they defend a 2 on 1. I never saw the 2 on 1 cause my local NBC affiliate decided it was more important to show the live governors press conference about the tornado at the airport during the third period, so I really can’t comment on today’s play. But overall, yeah, it’s bad.

  259. del zotto is 20 only stupid ranger fans would give up on a 20 yr old with 1.5 yrs of experience.

    prospal is gone. mccabe is gone.. that is a start. they need kreider to turn pro… hagelin will make the team. they need to keep gilroy… they need more forwards… boogard is a boat anchor contract of no benefit…

    avery sucks.. plays hard no hockey IQ and cannot hit the side of the barn…………..

  260. Stuart – I am not giving up on Del Zotto as I stated. My point is that Carlson is 20 or 21 and he’s already grown up, unlike Del Zotto, who obviously has a lot of growing and maturing to do.

  261. Hey guys….The Caps are good. Really good. They got #1 for a reason. I know the east is weak and a few teams kind of flopped down the stretch but we backed into the playoffs and despite the 4-1 game score we played this team (ranked #1 and picked by the one and only Berry Melrose (ooohhhh, aaaahhhhh) to win the cup) tough. Great job by our guys.

    Sure they have some trouble on the 2-on-1 but it happens quickly and they can’t “assume” Hank can stop any shot. They have to defend that the way their instincts take them. They are all learning and it will only get better from here.

  262. I am with Stuart – Del Zotto is *20*!!!! Remember when you were 20. Could you have handled the pressure of being a top line defenseman, PP quarterback and the other pressures of being a pro hockey player? Del Zotto is going to be *very* good. Ignore the sophomore slump and enjoy a whole season of him playing without the fear of being Prucha’d.

  263. I still think it would be a mistake letting Gilroy go…he was a very positive force out there to the best of his ability, and the marginal amount of ice time that he received. I think that this playoffs solidified him as a very accomplished combo defenseman ( can play up front as needed and with authority.) I know, I know, the usual nay sayers will disagree, but so what. This is my opinion and I’m
    just putting my two cents worth in.

  264. The future is bright. We have a lot to look forward to. The Rangers have pieces in place to make a trade or move up in the draft. There are impending changes coming and our top-6 next year will likely be younger and more skilled…

  265. THANK YOU FRAN. I really have come to be a huge Gilroy defender. I love the kid. Wow. What a defensive mind and what a great ability to jump in on the offense (which we saw really helped this team).

  266. It would be nice to get rid of EC, Avery, Dreary, and Wolski for next season. Obviously, Cally, MZA get those spots. and probably Booger if he still has a brain.

    Should be fun to see which rookie makes it out of camp next season. Shame it’s sooo far away

  267. the rangers gave 2 games. with this offense you cannot give anything away.

    i love ranger fans tha talways whine at the draft pick they did not get. how about all the dummies that did not pick henrik until I think the 7th round??? I can say that about callahan, sauer, and many guys….no team bats a 1000% on the draft.

    gaborik loves to shoot from 30 feet away.. he has been a huge disaapointment this year. we need stepan to improve and learn to win a faceoff along with anisimov. they need kreider to not go back to BC. they need some of there young forward talent to tak ethe next step. if it is grachev, weise, thomas, werek, hagelin, kreider, they need more skill and speed. prospal is 35, good guy but adios……….mccabe is toast…..boyle played a ton and plays hard but he should get paid $1.2 not a penny more he scored nothing down the stretch and in the playoffs… he should be on a 3rd or 4th line end the story…………..

    OFFENSE…………………………..there d is fine with valetenko, del zotto and others on the way and goltending is set…………………

    as i stated i have drury take the faceoff on the pp in the offensive zone………..

  268. This wasn’t all surprising as I think the Rangers were finished by the loss in Game 4 – I actually expected them to lose by at least three goals today and didn’t think they’d score.

    The young defensive core (Staal, Girardi, McDonagh and Sauer) is wonderful. if Del Zotto and Gilroy can get their heads screwed on straight, the Rangers will be set on the blue line for years. Hank was the best goaltender in the Eastern Conference and continues to improve. The fact that he isn’t a Vezina finalist is an absolute joke in a league that’s rapidly turned itself into a joke.

    Sean Avery is a superb player and reestablished his worth in this series. I blame any setbacks Avery’s experienced purely on John Tortorella, who far too often coaches with his ego ahead of his brains.

    As for the offense, I think Dubinsky and Callahan are nice players, and likely 25 goal scores. Good guys who’ll grind it out and give a good effort every night. They are not elite scorers, nor is it fair to expect them to be. Brian Boyle is similar (though less talented offensively than Dubes and Cally) but really needs to learn how to use his size. Stepan will get stronger and will likely be a 45-50 point a year player.

    But beyond that, the biggest problem with this team is the same it has been since forever: no big time scoring threats. For many of the years since the Cup win, the Rangers have consistently lacked guys who could finish. When they’ve had good playmaking centers, they seldom had a guy who could bury a pass. They lack both the creative playmaker(s) and finisher(s) now. Stepan may turn out to be one of those guys, it’s far too early to tell. I’d like to think guys like Del Zotto, Gilroy and McDonagh will blossom offensively down the line, too. But there’s no one else on this roster right now, however, who is remotely close to being the kind of playmaker and finisher the Rangers need, and that will relegate this organization to marginal contender status for the time being.

  269. Eddie – we slide into the loser’s bracket so I guess we play a consolation match with the Phlyers.

  270. i really do not think the caps are that good actually none of the teams are that good. the rangers gave away 2 games, game 4 is inexcusable… up 3 to 0 in the 3rd at home………………………


  271. avery stinks anyone who thinks differently either dates him or is blind.

    the guy scored 2 goals this year, is aturnover machine.

    skating fast does not equal a goal….it simply mean you are gene carr, rico fata, or many other guys who cannot finish…………

  272. eddie eddie eddie on

    while MDZ is only 20, allow me to say, I have lint in my navel older than that

  273. I thought Avery played a good series until today. He wasted a few chances by being the SECOND guy to take a point position behind the net. This isn’t lacrosse. Come on. That said, I am really fine with him playing our 4th line and getting an emotional spanking by Torts from time to time.

  274. they do nee kreider. he is the first round pick still not in the system. he is 1 of the few high end talents they have.

    they have a ton of plumbers and the softies; ec, gabby, and wolski..

    they need some studs..

    btw dubi played horrible today, he was clueless and did not control the puck at all.

  275. Anyone who thinks Avery isn’t a good player is so drunk on NHL Kool-Aid that he’s probably got his-and-hers Crosby jerseys in his closet. Unfair to judge any player when he’s browbeaten relentlessly for an entire season by Tortorella. I think much the same applies to guys like Drury and Del Zotto who were disrespected frequently by their coach to the point of walking/skating on egg shells.

  276. Should be fun to watch Thomas try to make the team, he is apparently a very special player. Maybe McIlrath makes the team?

    Obviously, Sauer and McD will be locked up…

    I’m not sure what happens with Flavah…

    I think that Drury will either get traded or retire…I can’t imagine him rotting on the 4th line again…maybe I’m wrong…

    Avery is fine for the 4th line…along with Booger and Prust…

    Wolski…I have no idea…Can’t they just bury him in the minors or trade him?

    EC should be playing in the ECHL on the taxi-squad…

  277. Proud of this team. We can only be better next year. Glad Uncle Glennie did’nt sell off the youth . We are better off than alot of teams for the next couple years. We will be a force in the next 2-3 yrs in my opinion. That said… disappointed…… but proud.

  278. What NYR needs is a 40-50 goal scorer

    I *highly* doubt Kreider does that in his rookie year. Doesn’t matter what he does, in my eyes. Fans are already putting way too much on his plate in his potential rookie year.

  279. at least Avery gave an honest effort. more than you can say for that floater and game choker #10

  280. Krieder needs another year in college. It will only help him.

    I just hope Darth doesn’t throw a 10 year, 70 million contract at Richards on 7/1 because of this.

  281. eddie eddie eddie on

    Lloyd – i agree…why are there so many Avery haters out there?….The guy busts his assen every shift he plays, sticks up for every teamate, and forechecks like a mad dog……..Is he the most skilled player?…Not by a long shot, but the NY fans have always been known for their love and appreciation of the guys that hustle and try…I just dont get it….

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