Game 5: Post-game quotes


Start with these. John Tortorella to follow soon. Marian Gaborik later on.

Marc Staal:

On the power play:

“It’s a big part of it. you need your power play to produce some offense. We were pretty stale all series long, so …

“They had a good start. We kind of expected them to come out hard. We weren’t really hanging on to the puck. They had it a lot in that period. They started taking momentum over. We took a couple of penalties.”

“It’s not for lack of effort. It’s just that … We were ready to go. It’s just, they made a couple of plays there and the crowd gets up, and they were all over us. We couldn’t figure out a way to weather that. They only got one goal in the period where they were all over us pretty much the whole time. So we thought we weathered it without getting hurt too much. But it wasn’t enough.”

Brandon Dubinsky:

“You’ve got to get our of your own zone first to play offense and they had us under siege there for the first half of the game. Tht was it.”


“I’m at a loss for words, I guess, You work pretty hard all year long, and to be out as quick as this is hard.”

Too soon to put things in perspective:



“They’ve got a good PK, but we didn’t win enough battles on thepower play and as far as I’m concerned that’s the difference in the series. You know, 1 for 7, 0 for 7, we’ve got to find a way to get that moving. Tonight we had some good chances, I thought tonigth was the best its been all series. We changed our look. But it was definitely a difference maker in the series.”

On the start:

“They come hard in their building and they had us on our heels. We came ready to play, they just kept coming and coming and coming. By the time we got settled in … I don’t know.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

“We had some opportunities we needed to grab and we didn’t. We had a coupleof chances to get some wins in Game 1 or Game 4. You can’t expect to win every night, but when you have that chance, that opportunity, you have to grab it. We didn’t do it. That’s not good enough.

“We had opportunities to get some wins, and you really need to grab that. We managed to find ways to win, like we did going down the stretch. Obviously we were facing a really good team. That’s the biggest difference in the playoffs. It’s going ot be tough for you to keep the lead, or when you get the lead they made it tough for us.”

How he’ll look back at this season:

“Too early to say. I need to, you know, sit down and reflect over the whole year. Playoffs, obviously, it really bugs me the way we didn’t f ind ways to win those games where we had a great opportunity. That bugs me a lot. It’s over. But definitely in the next couple of weeks I’ll think about my year, and talk to Benny, and then try to learn from a lot of things and try to get better.”

“I think, just being down 1-0 after that first period, it felt almost like a good result, the way they were playing. We just had a tough time getting in front and creating the big chances. I don’t think he had to make a lot of big saves in this game, until the end. Some games we got more traffic in front, it was a different story. We made it tough for their defense and their goalie. But tonight I felt they were very solid in their own end.”

“They came out flying. They probably … what do I know … but th eway they played in the third in New York and maybe they just kept going from there, a lot of energy. But it was just one goal in the second. It felt like we started to take over and got more confidence, but again we missed on a few opportunities in the series to get a couple of wins. Then it would be a differnt result, but we didn’t do it.”

Brian Boyle:

On establishing himself as an NHL player this season:

“That was a dream to play in the NHL. Any kind of competition you’re in you want to have an impact, and I was fortunate that I had a chance this year to try and do that.

“But now it’s tough. I want to make more of an impact, especially on a big stage like the playoffs. Everybody in here feels the same way. We all wish we could have done more. Tough to say the effort wasnt there. It certainly was, and that’s what you take away from it. You’re proud to be part of a team that’s going to give everything they have.”

On losing those games earlier in the series with third-period leads:

“Those are tough to come back from. We tried to. We didn’t give up We were positive, we were supportive of each other. Those certainly are missed opportunties. In a few days or a week, or over the summer, I’m sure we’ll look back and remember that and hopefully we’re all better for it.”

On the Capitals’ defense:

“They played pretty well. They were pretty stingy. They did a pretty good job in front of their net in (our) trying to get second and third opportunities. It’s difficult. But we still had some chances. Neuvirth played really well. That’s a good team over there. We could have capitalized.”

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  1. Carped myself there….

    Krieder needs another year in college. It will only help him.

    I just hope Darth doesn’t throw a 10 year, 70 million contract at Richards on 7/1 because of this.

  2. eddie eddie eddie on

    Lloyd – i agree…why are there so many Avery haters out there?….The guy busts his assen every shift he plays, sticks up for every teamate, and forechecks like a mad dog……..Is he the most skilled player?…Not by a long shot, but the NY fans have always been known for their love and appreciation of the guys that hustle and try…I just dont get it….

  3. JimboWoodside on

    Well, at least Carp got a chance to go on the road – this series wasn’t a total loss…

  4. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – i would say there are many others that need to go before avery does…starting with the root beer floater, ec

  5. TPTB at lodhud must be glad it was only ONE away game that Carp got sent to.

    (I’m kidding. Sorta. ;)

  6. JimboWoodside on

    Glen *didn’t* sign any big free agents last July, and we had a dearth of offense all season long. I suggest that this playoff result will compel him to get back into the free agent market in a couple of months.

  7. Checked all the sites and no one asked Staal about HIS play. Ovi OWNED him on the second goal. Ovi is good, but Staal is supposed to be an all star as well, and should have done SOMETHING there. Why not ATLEAST take Ovi down when you’re beat. Hank is great in the shootout, penalty shot IF they call it, is the same. On the 3rd goal, Staal played it the same way MDZ would have, and we know where MDZ is playing…

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