Yet another off-day … thanks again, NBC


I’m going to go to practice, though I may not be able to stay long. Taking the train to D.C. this afternoon … first road trip since Game 82 (Olli Jokinen) last season.

So I’ll blog from the Amtrak train.


Just a point on the whole Marian Gaborik argument — not about the play on the GWG in 2OT the other night. About whether they should deal him, even if they could (no-trade clause; huge salary, injury prone, coming off the worst year of his career).

There’s a much better chance that Gaborik comes back with a big offensive year next season than there is of replacing him with a guy who scores 40. Much, much better. If Gaborik is gone, the Rangers are going to have to trade some of their young players and prospects and draft picks to get another player like him. And they’ll probably sign Brad Richards, who now has a concussion history, and though he’s coming off a good season, he’s not going to be make a legit No. 1 out of Christensen and Prospal, for example; and who is going to get a ton of money and probably be unable to live up to his contract.

The Rangers need a No. 1 line. They can’t just kick to the curb their only No. 1 line player and not replace him. Indeed, they need to have at least two No. 1 line players next year.


I’m sure youse drew the comparison between Bruins-Habs and Rangers-Caps, right? One team down 2-0, wins Game 3, gets a wild Game 4 into overtime and wins it, the other team down 2-0, wins Game 3, gets a wild Game 4 into overtime and loses it. And how completely different the two series now seem because of that one OT goal.

The rest of these playoffs, boy, have they been vicious. And it will continue to get worse as long as the wishy-washy NHL suspends guys for — oh, my — one game.

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  1. Right on, Carp. They are, as many of us have said, a first-line center and huge point shot away from being a true contender, and dealing Gabby ain’t the answer. Instead of signing Brad Richards, I say they trade some yung assets – preferably ones in Hartford or college at the moment – and see if maybe a Pau Stastny is available, and maybe then, as Carp pointed out, see how he does with gabbt and Cally on his wings. The point shot may be in Hartford in valentenko, who’s got a great pill but I believe the rest of his game may not yet be NHL-ready. Then again, people said the same about McMonster.

  2. If Richards has a concussion history,then so does Gaborik who also missed games with a concussion.

    Yeah Stastny has lived up to his salary this season. If he was a Ranger,you guys would be running him out of town.

    The Rangers can not afford two first line players with their current commitments and needing to re-sign SIX group II free agents with 5 of them eligible for salary arbitration.

  3. onecupin71yearsand counting on

    I hate afternoon games..I’m going to Arthur ave for a late lunch…but then again, if i see the game, I may get agida for sure !

    I have doubts about them ever becoming a serious contender as long as sather is here.

  4. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    This Year:
    I do not think the OT game 4 loss is as huge as most. It would have only tied the series at 2
    I still like our chances

    Next Year: (what should happen)
    Gabby is coming back
    Richards is coming
    Drury, Eminger, McCabe, EC, Wolski, Frolov, gone

  5. i agree again with you carp

    have to keep gabby. rangers have to get a legit center for first line. richards is the obvious choice. he is a PP QB!!! and like you said is coming off a year that he put up great numbers and had a concussion.

    no worries about cap $ as long as dubi and cally don’t try to rob the team for a huge contract.
    rangers have about $19 million to spend under the current cap. take drury and wolski off the books thats another $10 million ($7million if drury gets bought out)

    sign dubi, cally, AA, sauer gilroy and feds for between $10-12 million?

    that leaves aboot $7-11 for free agents or trades

    dont be surprised if uncle glen pulls off a huge trade for offense this summer. just pray we dont loose too much.

    i apologize for all the numbers

  6. I can easily see Gaborik being an important piece on a team with a legitimate chance at contending for the Cup. With some better help on his line, offensively and defensively, he will look a whole lot better.

    There are not any realistic better options out there that we could get back for him in a trade anayway.

    Rangers in 7!

  7. just to add a little more that previous rambling post…

    how about erik cole (who is a UFA) on the opposite side of gabby. that could be the fastest to wings in the game on one line

  8. I wish I could post and get on more often, work is hell and I end up watchin DVR’d games from midnight to 3, but I said at the deadline this team needs a #1 center in the worst way. I cant get over the 2 insanely long whistles that went against Hank. the first goal in Game 1 is ok it happens, but then again in game 4, its bull beacuse the Rangers dont get it the other way. Im not into conspiracies or anything either but fair is fair. If all the best camera angles and zoom loose sight of the puck how the hell can these refs see if when they can’t even see Duby barreling over the red line headed to break in alone? Your 100% right Carpy, the leauge really needs to decide weather or not they give a carcillo about the rule book or not. I thought the Torres hit(s) has been the most glowing point. Please no Richards! I cant help but think what the series would be like if #24 was playing.

  9. Johnny LaRue on

    Sid, you’ve always been fond of Estelle… beautiful woman. Why don’t you ask her out?

  10. onecupin71yearsand counting on

    They don’t need richards..if there were no cap I’m sure he be a possibility.
    As far as concussion histories go , let’s add crosby to the list.I’m sure he’ll get banged some more in the year (s) to come , will the injuries make him a liability also?
    So gaborik gets a free pass this year , if he stinks next year then what?

  11. why wouldn’t they need richards? he is legit play maker and a PP QB? that is exactly what they need.

    i wouldn’t pay him more than $6.5 million per year. if someone wants to pay more for him then thats ok too. but you cannot say they don’t need him

  12. carp,

    im not sure there are any teams who will go much higher than 6.5…got to hope he wants to play in nyc for torts. i only see toronto as rangers main opponent in richards bidding war.

    who else do you see going after him?

  13. Nothing can really happen with Richards unless Drury comes off the books. If it’s retirement that obviously frees up more room. If it’s buy out then they’ll have to figure out something with a player like Wolski. Pure salary dumps don’t happen that often so they’d probably need to package Wolski and a prospect or a high pick to make him attractive.

  14. Buffalo has a ton of cap space (as well as a lot of roster spots to fill). In between emotionally displays, maybe their new owner might find time to write a large check.

  15. Oh, also if Marc Savard retires Boston will be in the market for a new center. Savard + Ryder (impending UFA) = enough cap room.

  16. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Prust needs to put the team on his back and knock out ovie, semen, backstrom, creamora, green, and Aretoo with one shot KO’s… Then wash rinse repeat in game 6… Game 7 – the king steals 1-0 in 5th OT stopping 243 shots.

  17. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If the Sabres can finish off filthy, rangers – Pittsburgh shaping up for rd. 2….. Guess we better get serious on these crosby updates…. Any word on how he has been sleeping? Is his noodle feeling better, will he skate today? Who cuts his meat for him?

  18. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nothing like 6 accordians, keibasa, cold beer, and Mirch miller to get me feeling good

  19. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – I am off this week too… Spring break…. Must have a win on Saturday, as on the third day, the rangers also rise from the dead…

  20. Eddie – I used to be program director at a Radio Station and one year I accidentally scheduled the Polka shows back-to-back. 6 hours of polka. People were NOT happy with me. But we grossed our most money that year.

  21. MZA broke his hand last night in Hartford. Terrific. This week is just getting better by the minute!

  22. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The rangers after scoring a goal, should polka back to the bench….EVERYBODY – let’s polka

  23. Chicago has won two in a row by huge margins to make it 3-2 after being down 3-0 and Vancouver is an awesome team…..maybe that will give the Rangers faith that they can come back as well!!

    Lets go Rangers…one game at a time!!!!!

  24. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Must games are the best games….raises a glass to toast our heroes.. Let’s go rangers

  25. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    While today is Good Friday, I much more prefer Better Saturday, if ya know what I mean.

  26. Point taken, I think the Rangers can make life tough for the Caps. None of the games have been blowouts, although game 4 certainly could have been. But once the game drew even and you can go to Blueshirt Banter to see how the teams scoring chances evolved, the Caps superior talent took over. I believe with all 3 OT periods they’ve played this series, the scoring chances have heavily favored the Caps.

  27. Eddie, Capital Center was imploded in 2002. I doubt you’ll hear anything from it at any point soon or down the road.

  28. That game took so much out of me, not because I think we are great, because the Garden was on fire, haven’t lost all year with the lead and looking @ 2-2. Wow even after a couple of days this is brutal. Torts is getting the most out of these guys, but we have a serious lack of talent up front. I’m ok with trying to win a cup with AA Prust,Dubi,Cally,Step, and 1 more yr of Feds but all the rest we are not wining with spool many holes. D got young and improved quickly and the team led the league in hitting and that’s great as a fan. Thank God, but it’s not nearly enough to get thru 4 rounds of these brutal playoffs, I’m proud of them but realistic that they are farther off then they appear. Turned down Sat tix down here shame on me, still sick

  29. Have to agree on the Gaborik point. Can’t see him having anything but a dynamite year:
    1. He’s older
    2. Even more injuries under his belt, including a concussion
    3. No more confidence
    4. Little work ethic

    Yeah it’s shaping up to be a remarkable 2011-2012 for our superstar forward.

  30. Brook’s article today is a bunch of BS. Ovechkin wasn’t all over the ice this other night, and either was Semin. Semin was still pouting from being knocked around all night.

    Every single Caps goal the other night was lame. Lucky one that dribbled through Henrik, One off Johannson’s glove and then the OT goal was nonsense.

    If this is the best the East has to offer, it’s pretty weak. The Capitals are whiners, led by their coach, they are hoping and praying to make it to another playoff round so they can say they didn’t blow it another year.

    Fact is I don’t think their game translates well to the post season.

    Ovechkin is a cheap player who leaves hit feet and runs at players. Sure he’s fast, has a wicked shot and has amazing hockey ability, doesn’t mean I have to respect the way he plays, which I think is dirty.

  31. Jeff,

    Valid points on 1 and 2. His injury history is the reason why he became available on the open market in the first place and why his contract was substantially shorter than other point per game caliber players that have recently hit UFA.

    As points 3 and 4. Well confidence can certainly turn around, especially if his 2011-12 starts more along the lines of his 2009-10. As for work ethic, I’m not exactly sure that without access to practice and training sessions that any of us can say whether he has or doesn’t have a good work ethic.

  32. Ference fined $2500 for middle finger? I would just assume take the fine after every goal and let the bird fly.

  33. amazing fans here are so astute they know how gaborik is going to do next year. gaborik is washed up according to them since he is 29.

    really clowns get a brain. again signing richards for more then 4 years to me is insane.

    stay the course build from witihin sign lower cost guys if anything. big $$ signings do not work ever; gomez, drury, gaborik, frolov, etc etc etc…………

  34. Carp – Dead on Correct –

    trading Gabrik at this point would be the WORST thing that the Rangers could do. Getting atop line centerman for him IS part of the answer – part. The other part is developing the younger players into the system. Gabby is a sniper – a pure goal scorer who, when has time and space available, can really fire the puck and put it into places no mere mortal could possibly dupilcate. In fact, the goal he got the other night, while great for the team, is a goal that Gabbby should be setting up and making that great pass – not necessarilly scoring on.

    He is not going to overpower D men or split the seam and get to a one on one. He is not that type of player. He is a crafty, shifty dangerous forward who needs to have a solid centerman who moves North – and splits the D and tries to get a two on one situation. If that can happen, he will put up big numbers again.

    This team will only get better if management Stays the Course – we are a team in transition to being better each and every year.

    Lets Go Rangers!!

  35. I also believe that Gaby will bounce back with an All-Star season next year. However, the idea that the Rangers need a center for Gaborik to produce is flawed. We need two lines that score and I think we need another sniper. We have enough centers. We need finishers.

    Gaby is not even a fraction of the player he was last year. But, I agree that he will put up 40+ goal seasons again in the future…

    Richards = Dreary part II


    I feel bad for MZA…poor kid…

  36. I love it, the Rangers are still not done in the playoffs and the conversation turns to next season.

    – I think Gabby will have a “bounce back” year.
    – I would love to get Brad Richards, who is only 30 years old – I don’t know if they can afford him however – It will take $6 million per to get him here and the Rangers still have to resign Boyle, Cally, Gilroy, Artie, Callahan and Sauer and hopefully Fedotenko for another year.

    That doesn’t leave any room unless people are dealt.

    I think the Rangers will be a much improved team with Richards as the #1 center and push AA, Dubi and Cally to the #2 line.

  37. amazing how fans are so perceptive..really

    Frolov is washed up after playing in just 43 games? What if he played the rest of the season? You dont know how many meaningful goals he could’ve scored… i bet more than Gaborik… maybe if he played, we wouldn’t have to count on other teams to make the playoffs

    brainless clowns… really :)

  38. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    FWIW, Frolov was not a bad signing in my eyes. It was a one year, modestly priced deal that was what it was: either Frolov plays great in hopes of earning a nice multi-year deal somewhere, or he tumbles (or sustains a terrible injury) and he’s off the books after a season…which is exactly what is going to happen.

  39. the problem is Brad Richards is the only UFA that is a 1st line player and he’s going to command a monster contract that will most likely hurt whatever team signs him down the line.

    The Rangers need to wait and hope that someone they draft becomes a top line player or trade prospects/picks for an already proven but young player.

  40. Frolov was a brilliant signing….low risk, high reward…it didn’t work out, no big deal….

  41. Agree, someone finally learned their lesson with signing marginal quality FAs. No more 3 year deals to the likes of Voros, Rissmiller or Kotalik.

  42. It’s not about signing a top free agent and saying “oh look we have two first line players so we have a first line now” There’s that little thing called chemistry to take into account as well.

    Richards can set up just about anyone in this game but you’d still have to have concerns with whether he and Gaby would mesh well.

    And honestly, even if Richards and Gaborik did play well I’d say they still need one more scoring forward on the team unless either A- Dubinsky can be consistent or B- we get a offense from a guy like Stepan or Kreider. Callahan should score around 30 if he’s healthy all of next season. No telling what’s going to happen with Boyle or Wolski or if Prospal will even be back. The offense isn’t a quick fix for this team.

  43. Get rid of Wolski, Prospal, Frolov, McCabe, Eminger, buy out Drury, somehow get rid of Avery if it means hiring a hit-man. Give Boyle and Dubinsky a raise, and make Anisimov sweep up MSG as part of his salary.

  44. I think when you look at teams like Chicago, Vancouver, and Detroit, the reason they have so much talent is they know how to draft. For years were were terrible and didn’t make the playoffs, and the kids we drafted in those high draft positions were not impact players.

    As far as Gaborik, what upsets me is that people seem to feel like the rangers haven’t given him enough “help”. Sorry, I don’t buy that one bit.

    Less talented players on the team have score about the same amount of goals as Gaborik. By that logic, acquiring a superstar playmaker would mean that the Dubinskys and Callahans would also would score 40+ goals?

    Gaborik has been tried with just about every combination of center/opposite winger on the team, and he hasn’t meshed with any of them. Brett Hull continued to score goals regardless of if it was Adam Oates or Craig Janney feeding him, and the same goes for other elite snipers like Selanne.

    Gaborik is skilled and has an amazing wrist shot and good legs, but that’s it. I don’t want to sound like an idiot by suggesting his hockey sense is average to below-average, but to me he doesn’t put -himself- in position to get the puck. Defensively, he’s a floater. He just doesn’t have that puck-pursuit mentality.

    For this system that Torts has installed and wants to play, I think you need an above-average / elite power forward, like a Cam Neely, John Leclair, or pre-coke / face transplant Kevin Stevens. We don’t have that power forward presence that is big and has great hands around the net. (Ya, I know they are available at a dime a dozen… just trying to make a point)

    Just my $0.02

  45. Not to take anything away from Hull because he was one of the best pure snipers in NHL history, but Hull also had another 600 goal scorer playing on the opposite side named Brendan Shanahan. In fact Hull never had another 50 goal season after Shanny was traded from the Blues. And he also had a very productive Pierre Turgeon after Oates and Janney in St. Louis and then had Mike Modano in Dallas.

  46. Wait!? The Hobbit Wizard broke his hand!? HOW!? Who did this to him? I will find this person and end them!

  47. CCCP..

    I was actually thinking the same thing about Frolov the other day. Now I don’t know how many meaningful goals he would have scored, but he was NEVER a liability on the ice. We would probably be able to roll four about now.

  48. Manny, it sucks. I was planing on going to CT to watch the Whale play…with him, MDZ, and Dale the Whale hurt…what’s the point?

    I hope MZA takes skating lessons from Ms. Underhill this summer, like the Brian “Flavah Beast” Boyle did last year. He sure could benefit from learning how to be a better skater…

  49. i personally have no problem trading Gaborik but without a player of his talent level we can’t win so unless we are getting that piece in return, whats the point of trading him?

  50. Weiss got injured too? This is so depressing. We better get Newbury up here just to protect him.

    haha Flavah Beast! That is amazing man. amazing. I hope he does because as you know I love the Hobbit Wizard. Much like you do.

  51. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    Henrik not in the top 3 of the Vezina voting (Thomas, Rinne, Luongo).

    Can’t blame the NY area “strike” because the GM’s vote on the Vezina.

    Oh well.

  52. As far as for Chicago, Vancouver and Detroit.

    Detroit kind of stands alone from any team because of how consistently low they’ve drafted. They’ve also been incredibly good at finding late round gems that very few other teams have been able to replicate. Not to mention their best all around player, Lidstrom, is ageless.

    Vancouver made some great picks with the Sedins and Kesler. And they also have a strong supporting cast of homegrown players. If there is a team the Rangers should try to model themselves after it’s either them or the Flyers.

    Chicago was being run into the ground by their former owner. Whether it was by design or by circumstance they were a bad team and certainly hit it big in a couple of their drafts.

    We all know that while Dolan runs the team they’ll never bottom out, at least on purpose. There’s a certain component of luck involved in drafting although I’d say the lack of scouting skill early in the 2000’s ensured the Rangers were diluting their luck with ill advised draft picks. There are very few slam dunk players in any draft and all #1 picks are not created equal.

  53. CTBlueshirt,

    The thing with calling the other playmakers productive is that they got assists when Hull put the puck in the net, so the question to be asked is did Hull make them more productive.

    Hull still managed to bury his chances, and most importantly, he got himself into position to shoot.

    I realize you aren’t taking anything away from Hull (who I’m not a huge fan of), but I don’t think it should be discounted that he still managed to put up very good goal numbers (high 30’s to 40+) regardless of his center.

  54. You guys remember when someone compared Hank to Luongo yesterday? These armchair GM’s that showup after a loss.

  55. No disagreement with you about why Van, Chi, and Det are where they are. I think with the cap, it’s imperative that a team finds impact players in the draft. Buying multiple tier 1 free agents can set you back.

    We had horrible scouting and chose poorly for too many consecutive years.

    It’s sad to think of the impact Cherpanov might have had on this team.

  56. 4generations 4 cups on

    Thought about that last night Matt L. Really sad indeed. A sniper with a nose for the net is exactly what we could have used by now. He was also working with King Jagr. Poor little guy..

  57. Matt L,

    Well for one thing, there aren’t many players like Hull in today’s game. Even if you want to account for different eras and such, pretty much Ovechkin and maybe Stamkos are the only players I can see having a similar career trajectory.

    My point was, Hull had some extremely talented players complimenting him almost his entire career. More than a few Hall of Fame caliber players either centering him or on the opposite wing. In Dallas he got to play with Modano and Nieuwendyk and I’m sure he benefited being on a PP that was QB’ed by Zubov. In Detroit he had about 7 future HOF players on his team.

    And I’m not excusing Gaborik’s drop in production this year, because it’s unacceptable when you’re committing a large chunk of the cap space to him. But his surrounding cast is certainly weaker than say the Sedins/Kesler or Kane/Toews/Sharp or Ovechkin/Backstrom. I don’t know if breaking the bank to sign Richards is the smartest move, in fact unless they can work some Jedi mind trick to get him to agree to like a 3 year deal at around $6M per year, his contract will probably be regrettable if it reaches the 6 or 6 year length, but Carp’s point is very valid that the Rangers need more 1st line quality players.

  58. Rangers dont have the depth to play 60 minutes. They get weaker as the game goes on. How can you win 3 in a row that way?

  59. One thing is for sure – they will either Win 3 in a row or win one or two and then lose one.

  60. Chicago is really good b/c they were terrible for 2 seasons and drafted Toews and Kane in consecutive years. Same with Pittsburgh with Crosby, Malkin and Staal.

    finishing in the bottom 5 for 2-3 straight years usually yields franchise players unless you are a team like Florida that is completely inept. As much as we joke about the Islanders in 3-4 years they are going to be really really good

  61. Again, no disagreement on any of your points! :)

    I do think we need more elite talent, but I’m not sure that will make Gaborik more elite. I just don’t think he fits into the style or system we play, as he is sort of a one dimensional player with an amazing wrist shot. Perhaps I’m being too harsh.

    I am sure he cares and wants to perform better, but I wouldn’t break the bank to try and get a player that would be compatible for Gaborik… I’d rather focus on an elite talent with some size who can create space and shots for himself.

    I guess what I am saying is that I wouldn’t build the team around Gaborik.

  62. Gaborik indeed does not fit into this system. He needs a line built around his talents. I still agree with Carp though – guys like the Hobbit Wizard can bring some more skill to his line and we can build something for him to start putting up 40+ again. I agree with Carp that the chances of him rebounding are better than the chances of us getting some great return on a nearly impossible trade involving him.

  63. It’s not about winning 3 in a row. It’s about taking things one step, one period, one game at a time. Just have to fight tomorrow.

  64. oleo,

    Chicago also drafted well by choosing Keith and Seabrook in 02 and 03. Whether they saw something in Sharp that the Flyers didn’t they certainly unearthed a huge hidden gem.

  65. therealmikeynj on

    You know why I know we will win tomorrow?

    Because Sam and douchelleti are not calling the game!!

    Rangers in 7.
    Let’s go rangers!!!

  66. Has a New Yorker attacked Mr. Devorski yet? How is the picture of him setting a pick on Dubinsky not plastered all over?

  67. Manny,

    The grinding system is put in place because that’s the best fit for the Rangers limited talent. I agree that it doesn’t fit Gaborik’s style but teams that rely on just grinding aren’t typically Cup winners. Every team needs that grinding element, but the Pens/Wings/Hawks certainly weren’t grinding teams, although they did have lines that added that element to their game.

  68. Keith is a monster. I love that guy. I love tough guys that get 3 root canals during a game and still come back to play hard.

  69. the primary reason the Blackhawks are where they are now is because they have 2 dynamic offensive players. Sure Keith and Seabrook and Sharp are good players as well but as I’ve been saying all season, stanley cups are won only by teams with dynamic offensive players.

    having one of those guys certainly doesn’t guarantee that but without those players you dont have a chance.

  70. The first few games of the series Keith played pretty poorly. Lots of blown coverages and some really poor passing, but man has he played great the last two games.

  71. CT – thanks for that. you’re right – not typically a cup winning team. I love grinding on a few lines and I think that building one line around Gaborik’s talents rather then building the whole team around his talent could have some positive stuff. I think if you get a Defender like Gilroy on the ice with him you have a combo for some strong point play and letting him drive the net and snipe.

    I agree that it’s more likely for him to rebound than for a trade to have any positive effect so we better do something and making him the scapegoat for a team that is low on top talent is not working.

  72. oleo,

    Obviously Kane and Toews are the engine that drive the Hawks offense, but having strong D that can transition the play is huge as well. The Wings have that in Lidstrom/Rafalski, the Pens had that in their year with Letang/Gonchar. And look at the 94 Rangers with Leetch and Zubov. Even the exception to the talented forward principal which you espouse (which I tend to agree with by the way), the Devils had Stevens/Niedermayer and of course Rafalski. As great as the two Scott were at shutdown D, they were very adept at transitioning the play from their end.

  73. We all should know that Devorski has always hated the Rangers, and the pick on Doob was as intentional as it gets. But, what are ya gonna do…. We’ve just gotta fight, one period at a time, against the Capitals and the referees. That’s the way it always has been, that’s the way it always be. That’s why we, New York, are always the underdogs.

  74. CTBlueshirt

    that is certainly correct although teams like Carolina, Tampa Bay come to mind that really didnt top defenseman

  75. Tampa at least had Dan Boyle for their transition game.

    Carolina is kind of the exception, but without having a real stud D or at least solid D pairing in the past few years they haven’t exactly done that well.

  76. These clowns are done. What a bunch of amateur-hour crap that was on Wednesday night. We’re dealing with bush-league, two-bit, Mickey-Mouse clowns who belong in the Ecuadorian suburban league.

  77. Carolina I also think was probably the weakest of the Cup winners since the lockout. Eric Staal was a beast and Cam Ward obviously had a great playoffs, but they weren’t exactly playing the strongest opponent.

    But it’s not their fault they had a weak opponent.

  78. PuckDaddy radio (todays episode – live) just mentioned that Crawford has OUTSCORED the Sedin twins in the last two games. Two Assists.

  79. Anyone remember the time we saw Thierry and Turiaf at a Rangers game at MSG? Apparently, they both have a TV Show on MSG, iirc. Pretty cool.

  80. They do!? I remember when they were there and we got slaughtered by the Thrashers and everyone was blaming them………good job fans.

  81. that is flat out untrue supposition. they do not need to trade any young players to get another 40 goal scorer, because they don’t have one now, and they made the playoffs without one, and they would be doing just fine inh the playoffs if they had Cally healthy and gaborik gone, and they will add young guys with some offensive skill in the coming yerars in Kreider, Thomas etc

    so, the premise is absolutely false. they do not ned to trade any young players if they got rid of their $37.5m loafer, as a matter of fact they would receive a young player or draft pick in return

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