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Will be back with more from the coach, and with some player quotes later.

My line of questioning today was about how different a 3-1 deficit is in today’s NHL than it was years ago. Because, though still rare, it does happen enough to make you think it’s possible. And because teams have figured out how this “win one game” approach works. And because that one win can shift the pressure to the team that’s now up 3-2. And because the teams are so even now, there’s no reason it can’t happen.

John Tortorella:

On Chicago winning two straight from Vancouver being an inspiration:

“I didn’t watch it. We’ll be ready to play. Whatever they need to do to get inspiration, that’s fine. I just know that we’re ready to play.”

“We’re preparing as it’s our next game.”

“I mean, years ago … and I’m not sure; you guys probably have all the stats, it just didn’t happen. But it’s happened. I wouldn’t say frequently, but you probably know how often it’s happened in the last few years. But, again, I think the game has changed a little bit, the rules have changed a little bit. But, honestly, I’m not looking at anything like that. I’m looking at our next game, and my gut tells me we’re going have a good game. We’re ready to play. I just have a really good feeling.”

Does he ever cite history as a motivator?

“Nah. Nah. First of all, I don’t remember some of it. But I just think this team here, especially this team here, doesn’t need to go to history, or far back. I think this team has, for the past few weeks, fought through a lot of different things in finding their way. I just sense … I’ll be honest with you, it took me until (Thursday) afternoon to swallow the loss. That was a tough one. It was one of the tougher ones I’ve lived through. But once you swallow it and you puke it out, I just have such a good feeling. I just feel good about our club.”

On Lundqvist’s mental toughness improving:

“I think he’s improved. I’ve watched his last quarter of the season and right on through. And I think he’s improved. All players need to improve if they want to get where they want to be. And certainly from that aspect, as far as the mental aspect, I see improving.”

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  1. But once you swallow it and you puke it out, I just have such a good feeling. I just feel good about our club.


    I think this describes how most of us feel.

  2. Am I the only person amused by the “Rangers in 6” prediction (in the poll on the right —–>) continues to grow?

  3. Hey Carp, out if shear curiosity, is there a chance Frolov or Callahan could come back if the Rangers advance? Is there ever any talk about Frolov? Is he even still considered part of this team? Also, do you know anything about Del Zotto’s injury? Is he back with the Pack yet?

  4. This is like Nigerian election fraud!!!

    What I like about Nigeria: Their president is named “Goodluck Jonathan”

  5. The gardener at the house I lived at in South Africa was named, “Gift.”

    That indonesian name is really fun to say.

  6. I wish that they didn’t vote on these until after the playoffs were over. Hank has easily been better in the playoffs then Luongo, Rinne, and Thomas have. And I’d say he was better in the regular season than Luongo too, considering the team Luongo’s on. Schneider also took a bunch of the starts there.


  7. Hawk captain Toews talking about the hit by Torres ………

    “We were frustrated enough when we went down three games in the series but that was one of those things that just reminded us we’re being too easy on this team,” Jonathan Toews said. “For a second maybe we forgot about the hatred with these two teams. That sparked it again. I’m not going to deny that that didn’t light a fire under our butts, I guess. And here we are. We’re fighting and clawing our way back into this one.”

    maybe the Rangers need a little more hatred of the Caps to get them going too. this series has been too nice, too lacking in physical battles for me. where is the fire?

  8. Orr,

    Yes, that’s why I said I wish they waited until after the playoffs were over. Not trying to sound like an asshat.


    I agree, even with all the hitting, I wish there were some more scrums and after the whistle stuff. The Rangers could definitely grab an edge there, hopefully without taking penalties. Or drawing them even, considering the power play is inept. Hopefully it would just throw the Caps off their game.

  9. Hank or Cam Ward definitely deserved a nomination over Luongo. It is a joke…a bad one too…

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