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First, three things. The NHL’s Vezina Trophy finalists are out, and Henrik Lundqvist isn’t one of them. The three are Tim Thomas, Roberto (Meltdown) Luongo and Pekka Rinne.

Also, did you see that Brad Ference got a small, slap-on-the-wrist fine for giving the finger to the fans in Montreal. What another joke league discipline has become. Imagine if Sean Avery did that? And, again, Matt Cooke has to be wondering why he has to sit out the whole first round when everybody else is getting one puny game for all these filthy hits and attacks during the playoffs.

I believe that the Rangers, down 3-1, have a better chance of winning their series than the Knicks, down 2-0, have. Over at our Knicks blog, we have an interview with Charles Oakley, for those of you who follow both teams.


More John Tortorella:

On whether he changes the way he prepares his team, and if it’s any different in this situation:

“I’m not going to get into a bunch of rhetoric about it, but I have thoughts how you handle this situation, how I like to prepare. But this team here, teams are always different as you coach them. I think as a coach you need to be careful what your personnel are, what you think will help them most in this type of situation. That’s what we’ve done. And we still have some steps to go before we step on the ice. But we’re ready to play. I don’t know how many different ways I can tell you. We’ll be ready to play.”

On whether he coaches differently, i.e. changing things up earlier if need be, in an elimination game:

“I go into every game that way. It depends on what situation you’re talking about. We can’t sit here and talk about ‘This is going to happen.’ I do that every game. So I don’t think  … This is a … I know if we lose we’re done, so there’s certainly certain situations that will be different, then starting early in a series, Game 1 in the first period. So, yes, I’ll give you that.”

On whether he’s been surprised that Washington has been able to rally against a team that’s been so good in third periods:

“Yeah, it’s been a big part of the series. Again, I thought in the first game we were playing our best hockey going with the lead going into the third period. We had a busted play in the neutral zone, they whack away at it, they score a goal. But this is what happens in playoff hockey. You see a lot of different things. But certainly that’s a situation we hope to improve as we keep on playing here because it has been one of our strengths throughout the year. But playoffs, regular season, it’s a whole different animal.

“I think some of it comes through experience, too, going through some of these things, learning and acting differently. I think that’s very important as a team tries to gain experience in those tight, pressure-type situations.”

On changing lines or personnel:

“I could be bouncing people around on lines, depending on how the game’s going, momentums of games. But as far as personnel, the personnel will stay the same. The lines, that could change as we go right on through.”

Same thing on the PP?

“It depends. I don’t have an answer. … It goes with everything. It depends on what I think is happening with certain players, how they’re going. As far as the power play, again, I think we’ll go into a game with units that we like and we’d like to give an opportunity to, then we’ll see as the game goes on.”

On a reason why all the games have been 0-0 after one period:

“I don’t have a reason. I don’t have one. … I don’t know. The games have been tight. There were obviously more scoring chances in the last game … I don’t have a reason. I don’t think it’s affected the games. The games have been tight. There were obviously more scoring chancess in the last game and we played quite a bit longer. I don’t have a reason. I think both teams have defened pretty well. Both teams have made some mistakes along the way. And so you keep on playing. We’re not changing our style or what we need to do to try to win our next game. I’m sure they’re going through the same thing. It’s been a pretty good series that way as far as teams going hard. It’s been a hard series to get some ice. So I’m sure it will be very similar for our next game.”

On Neuvirth controlling rebounds well:

“I’m not talking about anybody from Washington.”

Is there anything they can do to get more rebounds?

“Yeah, as always, you’re always trying to put the puck to the net, you always want to get people there, and for a number of minutes we’ve done a pretty good job of that. We’re going to continue to try.”

On Drury being good on faceoffs, and whether that will earn him PP time:

“I’m not sure. I’m note sure.”

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  1. i wish Torts would revise the power play system more than personnel
    or maybe it was you
    who mentioned the idea of him simply
    rolling out his regular lines for the power play
    rather than splitting things up.

  2. hey Carp
    in regards to fine on ference, found this from twitter:

    TSNBobMcKenzie Bob McKenzie
    Maximum fine (re: Andrew Ference giving fans the finger after his goal) permissible under CBA is $2,500.

  3. 1 reason the PP stinks is they lose every initial faceoff. put drury out for the faceoff and have him go to the front of the net after he wins it……..

  4. BroadwayBlues on

    What are the odds of the Rangers re-signing Frolov, Fedotenko and or Wolski? Personally I would let em all walk and find more skill for that money.

  5. eddie eddie eddie on

    The Prust is a must, the wind will gust, trust the rust will vanish like dust, pizza crust on the bust, tastes so good, the rangers should, win gave 5, i speak no jive, buzz like bees in their hive, garden will be alive – for game six, ref ron wicks, the seconds will tick…to game seven, we all think of heaven, remember bob nevin, rangers will win, rin tin tin, was a dog, crosby’s log, made a splash, gabby gets cash, to score some goals, smokin bowls, makes me smile, all the while, phone i dial, noah win your trial……boyeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Kind of BS that Luongo is voted in over Lundqvist…I bet my numbers would look good playing on the Canucks, for god’s sake. I’m not saying he’s not talented, because he is, but he’s always been over-rated in my book.

    Playing for the best team will make your numbers look great, obviously. I would bet anything his numbers wouldn’t be the same if he were in Hank’s position, definitely wouldn’t be leading the league in shutouts, because he can’t even do that on the best regular season team. When his team doesn’t play well, it seems that neither does he, as evidenced by his pummeling in the last 2 playoff games in which he was pulled. Henrik doesn’t go by that same system, because while of course he’s had off nights, he can still play amazingly when the team in front of him is getting beat up.

    Luongo has only FOUR shutouts (to Henrik’s ELEVEN, and just two more wins than Henrik) on the President’s Trophy winning team, while posting marginally better SV% and GAA when considering the difference in the teams the two play for.


  7. There’s absolutely no chance NYR re-signs Frolov. Even if he signs for less.

    His injury opened up the opportunity to play MZA, and MZA outplayed him. There’s tons of prospects who can outplay him. He just has no shot on this team.

    I’d like to bring Feds back, depending on the contract, and same with Prospal. They’re both solid players in my eyes.

  8. eddie eddie eddie on

    there is only ONE trophy that matters to any of them…and its name starts with an esssss

  9. And Luongo is Canadian :P

    All the Canadian GM’s had to vote Luongo in. I bet if the Devils made the playoffs, they would have voted Broduer in.

    Just *had* to have one. It wouldn’t surprise me if he won.

  10. here’s something else to get your blood boiling
    it’s a story in regards to baby buffaloes’ kaleta
    opening the bench door so zherdev could fall through it
    and all the bad blood happening in that series
    what gets me is the video has the tag
    Kaleta Wins the Avery Award

    yes, Avery has said a lot of nasty things but he hasn’t crippled another player
    ala bertuzzi or tried to ala cooke and others and i don’t even recall him
    doing anything else other than having a filthy mouth, particularly since he joined the

  11. Aves isn’t a cheap shot artist like him, Cooke, Tootoo, Rutuu, etc, but he does do a few similar things.

    Like whacking Clarkson’s face with his stick. Whacking Thomas’ head with his stick. Slashing both of Komisarek’s legs. etc.

  12. it is outrageous, I agree Carp. if Avery gets suspended and basically demonized by the league for saying “sloppy seconds” about another player’s gf off the ice, then how can a player DURING a game, in full defiant view of all the fans, including the kids, give the finger to them, and get away without a suspension. it is beyond dumb, because when you do that gesture, you are saying to the fans of the league who pay the bills, EFF you. and that must be dealt with by a suspension.

    just look at the tape of it. Ference clearly and for an extended and defiant time gives all the fans the F U gesture. And he is nothing but a 3rd pair journeyman player, he cannot be given any special treatment

  13. How can we have confidence in the big picture of this team if they go out and sign Richards for
    7-8 million? That’s exactly what they don’t need to do.
    This is why I have zero confidence in Sather running this franchise, and these are the type of moves that set your team back for years.

  14. I don’t know how you folks feel about this, but there is something within the bowels of that Montreal crowd that really gets in my craw.
    They have a standard noise pattern that is constantly in the ON switch and only has variations of movement. There is a rink wide snottiness to it that makes it very personal, and very elitist at the same time. For instance; let an opposing player simply brush by a Montreal skater and the crowd goes boo nuts. If the opponents scores that’s the only time you hear the noise of silence. But let a Montreal skater bang up against the opposition and the crowd goes ga ga ( with all due respect for the peculiar lady of same name.) It’s almost like a statement of entitlement, to cheer for their own when he commits a hard hit, but go into cataleptic shock when one hits their guy. And it has always been thus.From the 1940s til present time. Only the players have changed. Could it be that those old hab crowds somehow willed their venom to their offspring, and included the instructions on deportment at the games?

    I notice some partisan behavior from the Leaf crowds, but nothing like the crazed hysteria from the Montreal crowds. In fact I find that Leaf crowds are pretty fair in general while still rooting ( as they should) for their wearers of the blue and white.

  15. I guess this July, we’ll find out if Sather really has changed, or if he’s still the same dopey GM who doesn’t believe in his team, and has to keep spending big money to build (and fail) a winning team.

    Time will tell.

  16. (And didn’t iot warm the cockells of your heart to see that loverly
    double shot into the Montreal net that must have caught a number of Hab fans in mid gargle.)

    Boston was hardly able to keep up with those quick roaches of the Habs, but they laid on some wonderful body smash to the red shirts every chance, and I do believe that it really got to them.

  17. It is brilliantly hilarious that Luongo was nominated the day after being pulled for the SECOND time in as many games. He has given up 12 goals in 2 games right? Is that a goals allowed average of 6? Eddie? CT? Math guys? Olga? I think it is!

  18. Lundqvist for Luongo STRAIGHT UP!

    Make that offer to the Canucks and see if they take it. If they DO then Luongo should not get the Vezina…if they don’t then they are idiots and Luongo still does not deserve the Vezina.

  19. Like I said in the previous thread, the playoffs doesn’t factor into the voters decision. He could hive up a thousand goals in the series, but he still would get nominated.

    That’s the right thing to do. Still, Hank should have been nominated.

  20. Looks like the new TV deal does not financially preclude any teetering U.S. based franchises from relocating to Canada. the money factors in the risk for NBC


    “Any discount for the potential loss of NHL teams in Phoenix and Atlanta to Canadian markets has already been built into the league’s 10-year, $2-billion (U.S.) television deal with NBC and American cable giant Comcast Corp.

    According to sources, NBC/Comcast has no recourse for compensation should the Phoenix Coyotes, Atlanta Thrashers or any other troubled franchise decamp. The possibility of losing Phoenix (No. 12 media market in the U.S.) or Atlanta (No. 7) is an assumed risk in the deal.

    That means the need to placate U.S. network TV should not be a consideration as NHL commissioner Gary Bettman tries one final time to locate an investor with $170-million burning a hole in his/her pocket to save the bankrupt Coyotes.

    Of greater concern to Bettman is the impatience of large markets in his league for funding perennial sink holes such as Phoenix.

    While owners are content, if not ecstatic, over the broadcast deal brokered by Bettman, some of the teams paying (via revenue sharing) to prop up any one of a half-dozen troubled franchises are telling the commissioner it’s time to take the game to markets where there’s some expectation of profit.

    That includes Southern Ontario, where the Toronto Maple Leafs are battling

  21. eddie eddie eddie on

    i think things happen during a game, yes…but to say Avery is a dirty player is beyond absurd. If you get a chance, perhaps you could uncover any one of the, say, about 100,000,000 other episodes that other players have done similar or worse….

  22. I’m not saying Avery is a dirty player. I’m just saying he isn’t exactly innocent, but I’ve always said it’s unfair for him to be in that group just because he “talks”. But, like I said, he’s not innocent.

  23. BroadwayBlues on

    signing Wolski is a mistake. Skilled player who plays soft and isn’t worth $3.8 mill

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