Game 4: Tortorella post-game


John Tortorella:

“We turned one over. I mean, we give them two free ones. Mac turns one over and we lose our coverage on a back-door play.”

On the GWG:

“Hank’s ready to tie it up. It’s just a fluky goal.”

On Lundqvist stretching with cramps:

“He’s fine. He’s fine.”

On whether there should have been communication between Gaborik and Lundqvist:

“I just, yeah, I guess so. It’s just a nothing play that turns into something. Obviously something pretty big.”

On Lundqvist’s 49 saves, including the Ovechkin breakaway:

“Yeah, he played very well. He played very well.”

Did he sense that the Rangers tightened up after the first Capitals goal:

“Yeah, we did. We did. And, to McDonagh’s credit, after that, I thought he stood in there and played really well after it. It’s something that a young kid may struggle with. But I thought he played really well. Then they surged on us and we watched a little bit. It’s a play we’ve talked about the whole series, as far as they whipping pucks to the weak side. Michael (Sauer) leaves the front of the net and Dubi just isn’t ready for the play. On the third goal we do a really good job killing the penalty of and they get a shot through, and I think it hits Johansson in the chest.”

What was needed at that point? One big shift, two big shifts?

“I think we had plays, we could make some plays. We stopped making plays as it went on, when they’re there. And we did. We struggled a bit. We looked nervous and I thought we gathered ourselves but it’s one of those situations where, you know, we felt better after we got through it and got to the overtime. I think we gathered ourselves. But we still had chances to make plays and we didn’t make enough when they were there. And we get beat by a goal that, it’s really a nothing play. Hank’s ready to tie it up and Gabby pokes checks it.”

“We’ll be fine. We’ll be fine.”

On the 0-7 power play:

“Yeah, it’s a struggle. We killed their power plays off, too. If we can wash them out until our power play gets going, we’ve got to continue trying to kill their power plays off. It’s been a struggle. We’ve tried a lot of different people. It just hasn’t worked. So our penalty killing has to be that much better and stay with it until we find a way to score a power-play goal.”

“Losing an overtime game in the playoffs hurts all the time. But our team will bounce back. We can’t look at the hill. We’ve just got to look at the next game here. We’ve been right with them. And we’ve got to find a way to win one hockey game and we’ll see where it goes from there.”

“When they get the second goal we know it’s going to be a grind. They did. For a few minutes there they surged on us and we didn’t control ourselves.  The tough part, I just think we give them two free ones. You can’t give that team two free goals. We did and it cost us.”

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  1. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks for the great work, Carp – I heard you between periods on the radio coverage tonight before I got home…excellent job, as usual!

  2. JimboWoodside on

    It’s games like tonight that I really miss having a player like Jagr on the team – even at his age (when he last played for us) the other teams had to really watch out for him – we just don’t have that type of player on our team.

  3. Sheesh, I step away to take a shower and Carp turns into a posting monster. I know we say it all the time, but thanks for all your hard work. Carp. Sure does mean a lot to us boneheads.

  4. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Well the good news is that after tonight we will have a seventh team in Canada!

  5. Jimbo, that player, alas, is supposed to be Gaborik. But he’s playing more like Joe Schmoe than Jagr, sadly.

  6. JimboWoodside on

    Is that good news, CapeBreton? I know the Canadian fans want more teams in the country, but do you think that the fans will support the team in Winnipeg if that’s where they will go?

    If so, why did the team leave there in the first place?

  7. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah – but Gaborik couldn’t carry Jagr’s jockstrap, even when Jaromir was an old man on our team…he had a ton of talent, and you never knew when he was going to bust out.

    When has Gabby *ever* shown that ability?

  8. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Our Canadian dollar was selling at 60 cents to the American dollar. The Jets were trying to compete in the days prior to the cap. When you’re paying 40% extra for every player, it’s hard to put a competitive team on the ice.

  9. JimboWoodside on

    Well, I wish them luck, CapeB….they still don’t have a new, larger arena in the Peg, though – do they?

    I’d like to see a team back in Quebec – those Habs – Nords games were a pisser to watch!

  10. Not arguing with you on that, Jimbo. I actually agreed. Just stating that Gaborik is supposed to be this team’s Jagr, so to speak, in terms of being their top natural goal scorer.

  11. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    It will be sold out no question. Better than the lack of support in Atlanta and Florida.

  12. JimboWoodside on

    Well, if the Coyotes move back up to the Peg, that will make a lot of folks happy up there – I know that they’ve been hankering for a second chance at an NHL team.

  13. JimboWoodside on

    I know you were agreeing with me, Mickey – but Gabby isn’t the guy. He never was, and I fear that he never will be.

  14. >>Well the good news is that after tonight we will have a seventh team in Canada!

    Not so fast! Bettman might stick it to Canada and give Mexico its first franchise.

  15. JimboWoodside on

    Hahahaha!! yeah – or Kansas City, or Las Vegas……I think there are groups in both those cities that are trying to weasel a team out from somewhere else!

  16. Pretty obvious that the agenda is to get the Capitals and Penguins in a series just in time for the triumphant return of Sydney Crosby. The good news is that the moment the Rangers are knocked out by this extraordinarily overrated Capitals team, I’m done with hockey until October.

  17. JimboWoodside on

    This Caps team is no great shakes – I think Boston or Montreal could handle them, without question.

  18. JimboWoodside on

    CapeB, I remember watching games from Winnipeg – they had a big portrait of Queen Elizabeth in that arena, if I recall correctly…? That was kinda strange, since no other Canadian arena had anything similar to that…

  19. JimboWoodside on

    Atlanta shouldn’t have a team – Hockey has been a miserable failure there twice, for goodness sakes.

  20. There is an error in your stats. Gaborik should be credited with an assist on the game winning goal.

  21. Sadly, I think I might actually root for the (gasp) Pens if they played the Caps in the playoffs. Prolly cause right now I actually hate the Caps more than the Pens. It’s just not as much fun to hate the Pens when Liver Lips ain’t around.

    And on that note, I’m off to bed.

    Just remember, gang, despite what happened earlier, tomorrow (today) is another day, and the guys didn’t get swept.

  22. JimboWoodside on

    Goodnight, Mickey! Yeah, the sun will come up tomorrow….(God, I hate that byfuglien song!)

  23. JimboWoodside on

    I want to see the Caps flame out of the playoffs again……don’t particularly care which team does it to them, though….but I’d have a hard time rooting for the Pens to do it, I think.

  24. The Rangers need to get off their knees, they blew that game.

    It’s not over yet, but it’s really getting there.

  25. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    “Hockey in Atlanta, Miami, and Phoexnix is a joke.” Meaning what, hocky in Nashville and Columbus is gangbusters?

  26. jpg's sister on

    I couldn’t sleep. My head tells me that this team barely made it into the playoffs, I should be happy, but my heart says, it was 3-0 going into the 3rd, we never lost until tonight when winning going into the 3rd. Could have been 2-2 up for grabs. It’s like a kick in the heart. My heart also says other players wearing the same uniform colors in different years have kicked me in the heart before. I’m still a fan. Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow.

    Take one in DC!

  27. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Series isn’t over. Last year the caps blew a 3-1 lead… Rangers blew a 3-1 lead to this same team 2 years ago. Don’t give up. The fight goes on, the struggle continues, and we will prevail.

  28. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    One game at a time. Still need to win 4. There is mire hockey to be played.

  29. Hank,
    Please take responsibility for not communicating with your players on the final goal-that is your job in that situation. Especially with Gaborik who is not a defensive player but is being forced into it with his current team/coach/role. Up 3-0 into the 3rd, total choke job all around.

  30. onecupin71yearsand counting on

    The gwg : the puck was between and betwixt from hank , it looked kind of awkward and proved to be fatal..the ranger may win a game but not the series ,its not in their DNA..

  31. The Rangers freeken choked big time. Was at the game and I was stunned and in total disabelief with this loss. I been following this team since Bathgate, Prentice, Nevin etc. and this happens to be the worst loss I ‘ve ever experienced. Why didn’t they continue to play the way they played the first two periods when they checked aggressively and really took it to the Caps. WHY DID THEY COME OUT IN THE THIRD PERIOD AND TRY TO SIT ON THE LEAD???????? The Caps are a talented team and you can’t beat them unless you play a puck possession game. Was this Tort’s strategy????? This was awful. If they recover from this in this series I’d be very supprised. What a shame: so close and no cigar. It still seems so sureal.

  32. lone, i understand your frustration, but if you’ve been a fan that long, there is no way in hell this is the worst loss you’ve ever experienced.

  33. Before I doze off, I’ll just throw a few quick ones out there: The J.P. Parise game. The Ken Morrow game. Games 2,3,4,5 in the ’79 finals. Game 5 in the ’94 finals. Game 5 in the ’94 ECF. The James Patrick/Ray Scapinello game in ’86. The Drury game.

    good night.

  34. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    well…..guess my clever ploy with work was all for nada.

    I thought wolski played a very good game and took the body quite a bit.

    We quit hitting after the 3 goal lead and it cost us.

    I know everyone is in a surly mood and I’m not trying to provoke anyone, but many here way over value dubi’s defencive ability. He is bad defencively especially when transitioning into his own zone (he is quite honestly no better defencively than avery IMO). The other issue I have is how many goals were scored in close by the caps without a ranger putting a body on them….we need a crease clearer, end of story.

    I’m not going to blame gabby for this loss, just bad fluky goal all around (if we would have scored on any of our PPs, none of this would be an issue or if we had cleared the crease a couple of times, none of this would be an issue). That being said, I would still trade him for iggy in a heartbeat!!

    We only need to win one game three times in a row. One game at a time folks!! We can do this!


    Night assens!

  35. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    p.s. sorry for the laurel, but great work carp!

  36. It’s the same old story. You cannot be out shot the way they were and expect to compete in this league. No where near enough good shots on goal. But man that team gets some ungodly lucky breaks and bounces.

  37. JimboWoodside on

    Every possible good bounce and seen-unseen (by refs) puck has gone in the Caps favor in this series….absolutely every time something weird happened, they capitalized on it (no pun intended).

  38. JimboWoodside on

    Hank played his balls off, only to get beaten on ticky-tacky plays that look like they would be occurring in training camp in September.

  39. He jimbo. Winnipeg lost their team just like the North Stars…they had bad arena deals…it had nothing to do with fan support. The fan support was always there. The cost of the team in regards to its Arena deal and the Canadien dollars lack of value then (unlike preasent day value), and the high taxes in Canada, which players disliked, preventied the team from signing higher caliber players is what caused the team to shut down and move.

  40. Carp…I hate you for saying the Drury game because it is exactly the soul crushing moment I can still taste that I was hoping he would do to others on behalf of the Rangers.

    But I love ya for all the insight, comments, posts and positivity you serve up here – I can contribute nothing but my heartfelt thanks for all the hard work.

    Total collapse tonight..frustrating to see but perhaps a good smack in the face for a lot of the inexperienced guys — teach em to overcome adversity blah blah blah. MacMonster – essentially an own goal with a pass right to Semin – he gets a pass for being a badass rook who will most likely become a solid top line Dman. Dubi, blown coverage on the second….experienced enough to know better but I suppose a pass too since he got the flukey GW that probably saved us from losing in overtime on Sunday. Gabby’s gotta feel worse than everyone – huge letdown of a year….almost never the go to guy…must weigh on him to blow it like that especially after finally getting on the scoresheet. I have no idea but I suspect he isn’t the prima donna some claim….trading him sounds ridiculous, but he needs help and the Rangers clearly need upgrading.

    Question is…what is wrong with the powerplay? And why is it that when the Rangers do so,ething wetodded, it’s fatal? Why do superstar come here and completely disappear? Why do former Ranger bums have career games against the Rangers after being traded away? Why is Noidberg not getting completely fleeced every game? Where is our PP QB?

    So many ?s …. Ugh, Montreal did it….this team could do it, if it plays like it did in the 2nd period the same way for the next 9 periods

  41. Also i disliked Torts shortening of the bench through o/t…he should have spot played Christensen and Wolski more throughout the o/t periods. Some of the guys were real jelly legged. I know some of the caps were too, but a majority of the fowards looked fresh…out of all our fowards Gabby looked like he had the most jump in 2o/t, but look where that got him.

  42. Also McCabe is getting old right in front of eyes…I’m starting to lean towards Eminger in game 5 at least he can skate. The PP is going no where any time soon so i rather have the wheels in the lineup against these cap fowards. And thats my final comment of night.

  43. JimboWoodside on

    301Nut, I understand what you are saying – and in honesty, I didn’t follow the other teams in the league so closely back then (especially those in the Western Conference) so I did not know that attendance was not an issue with the Jets moving away.

    I’ve always assumed that any Canadian city would support an NHL team – but yet teams did move, from Winnipeg and Quebec City….I guess there were a lot of other issues with the ownership of the teams, and the economic aspects of the difference in currencies, etc…

  44. JimboWoodside on

    OK, 301 – stop by more often! I don’t think I’ve seen your name here in the last few months!

  45. Boudreau was right. MSG is quiet…shut it down for the year because it aint coming back. We also have th Knicks…which is sweeeeet.

  46. Stranger Nation on

    PP has a number of issues:

    1 – Caber as the QB – we brought him in for his shot. He cannot skate the puck into the zone so we spend 10-20 seconds trying to get possession of puck wasting valuable time. Every other team in NHL skates it in but us. He also has become tentative at point, afraid to cough it up and be forced to give up breakaway.

    2 – no strong Righty shot leaves us with an unbalanced Lineup. All of out top forwards are eighties save for step, who is not ready for prime time. Love his future, but the present is not there yet. Need to move gilly as main Dman on PP to skate in puck and play forward on left side with his righty shot. He has been our most consistent offensive player – forward or Dman – this series.

    3 – No movement in the offensive zone. There was a 3 week stretch in late Feb or early March when they started to cycle players up top in the zone which worked wonders. That has stopped – not sure why.

  47. onecupin71yearsand counting on

    It isn’t the worse loss in Ranger History , there have been lots: one of my favs is , in 67 Red berenson playing d throws a cross ice pass to the other side , Bobby Rousseau of Montreal intercepts and beats Villemure or giacomin for the OT winner.
    another was rangers up 2 games to zip against the hawks and lose 4 in row..

  48. Carp,

    NO way penalty should have beem called on Avery. Only because it was Avery on Ovi. I hate that slash on the stick call and it was not much of slash. They really don’t let players defend anymore. Also, Fedetenko was tripped on the shift before – more blatant and in the offensive zone.

    Dubi losses his coverage often in the defensive zone. He should have stayed with Johannson on that goal.

    It was still a good year. I know you expected them to beat the CAPS, but I did not. Gd analysis by Maloney that Rangers are so offensively challenged because of their lack of skill players that it is so hard for them to generate offense as we saw in the two overtimes.

    Don’t like Torts shortening of bench in OTs. Caps were clearly fresher. I guess Wolski and Christensen are the 2 who don’t compete. Is that right Carp?

  49. Enough!

    No more contemplating their respective navels, or feeling sorry for themselves, or looking for excuses. That’s already been done. That’s in the past. It’s dead..let it stay dead. The only thing that’s gonna bring them thru now is RAGE. They have to go to these games seething with anger…not at themselves, or the refs, or the system, or the unlucky bounces..just directed anger at anything wearing red.( I’m not referring to mindless stupid anger, but cold directed anger and that should be their galvanizing attribute for success. It can be done, and if they have the guts that we all believe they possess…display it! A lot of really dumb moves were made and they have to bury them with the former games that were played unsuccessfully. At every whistle the last man standing should be wearing white. This is Bull Run…Gettysburg,the Marne,
    Iwo, Chosin. Come out roaring and be still roaring over opponents when the last horn sounds.
    And I don’t mean Carcillo type stupidity…they all know the legal limits, but by gar go right to them, and stay within them. and Shoot shoot shoot from anywhere at any time, and pump rubber with every breath at that cage, forget the goaltender, put them on the cage. Take a page from the Canucks book.. bangbangbang…no fancy passes no looking for the ideal shot, who cares.If somebody wearing red has to do something extrraordinary to defend…make them do it! Time after time, till they’re out of legs.

    Now go and take that game.

  50. anyone who says they are not going to blame Gaborik is clueless. anyone who has actually played hockey knows that in that situation when you see your goalie about to freeze the puck, and no one in front of him, you DO NOT poke the puck away from him. period.

  51. Why doesn’t Torts try Drury on the PP … it cannot get any worse. The only forwards he has not used on the PP are Avery and Drury … time to use them. At this point I think Drury has more potential to score than Boyle … Boyle had a great 2 months but he is back to being Boyle offensively … time for Drury … they score a PP in 3rd it is over …

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