Game 4: The day after


I had to make a decision today. Take care of some personal stuff I’d been neglecting before going to Washington tomorrow … or go to the practice facility to hear all the cliches about winning one game, taking a shift at a time, etc.

And after sifting through some of the stuff, I made the right call by not going.

Jesse Spector had John Tortorella’s press conference video on his site. Jesse also mentioned that he asked a question comparing this must-win to the final regular-season game against the Devils and was told it was a “stupid question.”

I must say, also, that despite a couple of real jackwagons who have no perspective and no courage, and who decided to chime in after Game 86, you guys were pretty cool in the earlier thread. Very hurt, very disappointed, some anger, etc. But not much of the finger-pointing, fire-this-guy, trade-that-guy stuff. In fact, some really get the big picture with this club.

And I’ll repeat what I said in the wee hours of the morning … I will be the least-surprised person on here if there’s a Game 6 Monday night.


Here is my game story from The Journal News and today.

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  1. Well you picked something about the Rangers in 6 so it shouldn’t be a surprise.

  2. Here you go, Carp:

    As much as it hurt to lose last night, we still need to remember it isn’t about this year. There will be only one team happy in June- a SC winner. And the Rangers are still far away from being that team. But you can not deny that our young players and even rookies are getting a great experience. McD and Sauer are looking more and more solid, and are learning how to rebound after they make mistakes. Stepan has gotten better as this series progressed, AA continues to show that he could be trusted defensively against most of the elite players. And because of that I think this team is closer to competing at high level than most of us projected before the playoffs. If they can keep their core and add one more solid offensive threat in addition to Gaborik next year, MDZ keeps improving, we could be in a pretty good shape next year. Cap winners? Perhaps not. But we certainly won’t have to wait until the last game to make the playoffs. And after that, who knows?

    Having said that, Caps will have to show that they can close the series. And I can’t wait to see what the Rangers mindset will be Saturday. Knowing this team, I’m sure they will not go without a fight.

  3. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    The great part about this blog and the comments is that there is an entirely different vocabularly spoken. And Carp encourages it with his posts.

    I am waiting for the day when a colleague or friend gets the following response from me “That’s Carcillo!”

    (Agree that the dialogue on the previous post’s comments was pretty civilized. Maybe we’re all exhausted from that byfuglien OT/ending…)

  4. Morning Wood on

    The question is this. Can a team be built with 7 million in cap hit between the pipes.

    Out of the top 9 paid goalies, guess how many are in the playoffs? Only 3.

    I love you Hank, but you got to go..we need to spread your money around up front.

  5. Mama love to ilb :)
    See, that’s why I decided to stay away today (sorry Carp!). No need for jackwagons…….

    I guess this is a wicky…..

  6. yeah, we need Alex Auld in the net so we can sign the next Drury and Gomez contracts. yeah, that’s the ticket

  7. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    That is one of the more illogical arguments I have seen. Because several highly paid goalies aren’t in the playoffs, we should trade ours who is actually playing to his expectations (and beyond)?


  8. well I missed the entire regulation but got to see the overtimes. It still hurt pretty bad.

    I imagine poor Henrik wanted to kill Gabby for stopping his last save and whacking it right to the other team. I saw that one coming.

    We still don’t suck bad enough to get a draft pidck like Washington did, Pittsburgh did, etc. I am still hopeful for the future.

    Can’t wait for Saturday’s game. Go Rangers

  9. WOW, yeah thats the move-trade hank, we can just sign montoya or stick with chad johnson pickup maybe another wolski, resign drury, sign souray next year……i think the PP problem is due to hank as well

  10. If Caps had Hank instead of Neuvirth, the Rangers would playing golf at 8:30 am last Monday.
    Is that what you mean, Wood? Building a solid golf stroke?

  11. Yeah! Souray! I was wondering when his name would come up again!

    Totally rad! Chad Johnson? Get ya popcorn ready!

  12. I really do love this Rangers squad and am growing increasingly confident that they arent far off being a truly elite team.

    Carp – I’m with you. Wouldnt be surprised in the least with a Monday game and you’ve got to figure, winning one in DC sets us up nicely for a 7 game series (knocks on wood).

    If any Rangers DO read this post, Thank You. Character and Pride have been restored. Now lock that down and SILENCE THE CAPS ON SATURDAY!


  13. comment once a year on

    I agree with Morning that Hank has to go. He is a good goalie but IMO there are some cracks in his armor that prevent him from being a great goalie. One of them is his inability to hold on to the puck and control the rebounds. I know he made 49 saves last night but i would argue that 15-20 of them was due to his inability to hold on to the puck. While watching the game last night I kept pointing out each time a simple shot bounced of Hank and landed in the slot where a ranger defenseman had to get it away under pressure or a Caps player would have a chance for a rebound. At the same time I kept pointing out how the Caps goaltender would hold on to the puck to prevent the rebound opportunities. Now I know with our team more face-offs in the defensive zone can get a little scary due to the teams sometimes inability to win a face-off but Ill take that over Hank facing 53 shots in a game.

  14. wow watching rangers in 60 now and Matty Gilroy was flying last night-i know its going to be tough but I think we need to resign him for 2mm or so……

  15. I got hired today! Start May 2nd! Been keeping contact with a past client for the last year and hip hip Jorge! Going back to school to finish the last several classes for my bachelor’s too! Things are looking positive!

  16. Be nice, dudley…People are entitled to an opinion.
    Once a year- I’d like you to substantiate that number of 15-20 out of 49 due to his inability to handle the puck…

  17. trading henrik would be insanity. this team is 2 good forwards away from competing for the cup. that is it…..

    they will have 1 new d and svae or redistribute the mccabe $. they remove frolov from the books. see about drury.

    they have 4 good d men and dz, possible gilroy, valetenko and others can or may become the 4th line. maybe mdz comes back and the ysign gilroy at a good number and they split up mcdonagh and sauer and agai nthere d is loaded defensively and they need gilroy and mdz to add offense.

    on the forwards they are short but really how short? cally, dubi, aa, stepan, gaborik, prust, to start are ok. if they added 2 20 goal scorers all of a sudden they have 7 good forwards not counting what they do with Boyle, fedetenko, prospal, etc.

    you add parise and cally to this team and I stand by my statement they can compete with anyone in the east for the title…

    you have gabby, parise, and prospal
    \dubi, cally, and aa
    stepan boyle and prust and add fedetenko and others…

    plus they have a stud goalie…

    they need forwards only……….d can come from within only………

  18. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hank is the worst goalie in the world. I would be better in net… Prust saying

  19. that was a heart crushing loss for Rangers fans. Maybe this will ignite the Rangers and they can come back from the series deficit.

  20. comment once a year on

    Dudley lets make it as often as the Rangers have won the cup. Once in 70 years should do it, right?

  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Trade Hank….Hank and cally – we could a 7th rd pick for the two if them… Pull the trigger slats

  22. Stuart- you can forget about Parise. Lou will clear enough space before he becomes an RFA in order not to worry about an OS. Prospal is likely to retire. He is being paid $1.66M by Tampa through 2014-2015.

  23. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    hey -Comment once a year – I will say you comment more often than you use your brain… Prust saying.

  24. comment once a year on

    ilb, ill try to find time tonight to go home and watch the replay of the game and count how many shots were due to rebounds he should have held on to. But during the game on Saturday watch closely and tell me if I am wrong. Again I am not saying that Hank is a horrible goalie. I think he is a good goalie, at times a very very good goalie but not great. The first Caps goal is an example. That is a save he has to make. Any hockey player or fan knows that if you give up a goal in the first couple of minutes in a period to a team it does not matter how many goals they are down by it gives that team life. I hate to say it but “beat your wife” Marty from across the river would have had that in his prime ( I think we can all agree that Hank is in his prime now). So would have that goalie from the igloo and prob even the baby sabers tender.

  25. ilb and Once –

    Who wasn’t playing nice and if people are entitled to opinions, why should mine be any different?

    I’m not a masochist and I understand that the idea is to win. Being in my late 20’s, I realize we havent been the strongest franchise in recent years. I’ll even agree that our ownership/management has been damn near terrible.

    That being said, if I wanted to be surrounded by a bunch of band-wagoners (time to trade Hank, seriously?!) I’d start rooting for the Penguins or Yankees (no disrespect to their fans, just pointing out that not all fans are created equal).

    I stand by what I wrote earlier: This Rangers team restored my faith. This Ranger team convinced me that they are proud to wear the Blue Jersey. To anyone saying trade our perennial best player because he cant be great, I challenge your fandom. Yup. I challenge your fandom.

    Thanks for all the great work Carp.

  26. comment once a year on

    Eddie, I thought my comment was well thought out and explained my opinion very well. If you disagree dont just tell me I’m stupid tell me why I’m stupid.

  27. To clarify – Not calling out Yanks fans. Saying that some Yanks fans are nothing more than fans of the logo. Phew, avoided disaster there…

  28. comment once a year on

    I used to comment on this blog under the name yan. I have been following this blog prior to Carp taking over. If you can go back and look at some of my older posts I am 100% positive you will see this is not the first time I ever doubted Hank.

  29. I was kidding, Dudley. So was Orr, obviously…

    once a year- all of a sudden that last post started to look, and I hate to say it, smell, very familiar.

  30. We could always use a good agitator too! Cooke, perhaps??

    The Habs should trade Pyatt to NYR just because he’s friends with Stahl. Do it for friendship! We’ll give you a 7th round pick in return!

  31. Told ya…

    Simply put, this team would be still looking for that first elusive playoff appearance since 1997 if it wasn’t for Hank. And, therefore, we would not be able to rebuild the way we are now, if it wasn’t for him. Think about it.

  32. Comment,

    Internet fights are silly… so is holding what seems to be a longstanding vendetta against the undisputed leader of this squad.

    I’m sure you’ve got your reasons but then again, so did last year’s Darwin Award Winners.

    Suffice to say, there isn’t another former Gold Medal, still in his prime, self motivated, and humble goalie I’d rather have in the world lead our Rangers onto the ice.


  33. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Let me be the 1st to say how proud I am of this team. They don’t quit , & I don’t see them quitting on Saturday ! They will not go gently into that dark night. I had to take a break from reading all cooke being tossed here today. Ilb is right LOOK at the BIG picture. That means beyond this year

  34. Call me negative or a pessimist, thats fine, but I just don’t see this team being a true cup contender with Sather running the show. I really hope I am proved wrong, though, but it’s impossible to root for this guy whose really done nothing for this franchise since he was hired in 2000.
    I do look at the big picture, and this team is in really good shape on defense, and I would keep Gilroy too. He’s young, fits in with this team, and they need some defenseman who can carry the puck from red line to red line and create scoring chances. Hopefully, he’ll grow and be a mainstay on the PP for years to come. McCabe needs to be gone. He looks slow, and old, and I can’t stand when he skates up the ice on the PP, looking confused and immobile.
    As fas as the offense goes, I wouldn’t give up on Gaborik just yet. I know he’s had an awful year but he is really their only “true” goal scorer, and if you trade him, you’re not getting back a top goal scorer in return.
    Besides Gaborik, Cali, Dubi, Stepan, Anisimov, Prust, Boyle, and Fed look good IMO, but only if you have Prust, Boyle, and Fed as their 4th line, which they should be, gritty and hard working.
    IMO, they need 2 front end forwards to join Gaborik, and a good 2nd liner to play with Cali and Dubi. How they go about this through trades, the draft, and free agency all comes back to Sather, though, and I hope whoever is running this team can accomplish this before LQ gets to old:)

    As far as the present and game 6, nothing surprises me anymore in sports, so a Rangers victory won’t be a shock, but I don’t expect the Rangers to win in that building after game 5.

  35. Morning Wood on

    Im not saying Henrik isnt good. Im saying that a cheaper goalie plus two better positions players is a better use of 7 million.

    Plenty of teams do well with cheaper goalies.

  36. Hold on a second! What we all missed is the fact that Carp will TRAVEL WITH THE TEAM TO AN OUT OF TOWN GAME! When was the last time it happened. And don’t talk to me about LI and NJ, please…

  37. I’ve been skimming through today’s comments after posting earlier this morning. Not like I’m an important or huge contributor here, but it seems like the Boneheads are being infiltrated. Is this so?

    If yes, well, it looks like I’m gonna have to call Ulf Samuelsson now that Phoenix is out.

  38. Well, I’m headed home… this talk even touching on Hank being traded is equal parts comedy and embarrassing.

  39. Latona, everyone is a huge contributor. And we already have a designated blog goon. Problem is, he is working too much :-)

  40. comment once a year on


    I am a die hard fan. I have believed in this team from the start of the season. The way hard work they put in on a nightly basis makes me confident that they will only get better as they go along. You can challenge my fandom all you want but I just dont fully trust Hank. Now granted Hank is not the reason we are down 3-1 but im not complaining just because of 1 game or 1 series. My complaints with him started during his second year.

    Is he an upgrade over the Dunhams, the Gigiares, the Weeks, yes but is he as great as we make him out to be? In my opinion no but I would love for him to prove me wrong.

  41. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Comment once a year – ok, you are comparing the shots that annoywirth faced with those that Hank had to save and you wonder why the craps goalie didn’t allow rebounds??? You cannot be serious. The rangers shots for the most part were outside the circles. He had no screens, his own dmen put of range for bank shots, and the ranger shooters are hardly heavy shooters save mccabe. Do you know the difference between a heavy shot and those the ranger players put up? I would argue that many of the times that annoywirth stopped play, he was doing his team a dis-service. Stopping play when no ranger was in sight wasn’t smart hockey. Hank is facing some of the best skilled forwards in the game. His mates, while blocking many shots, also cause more pinball plays than you see at an arcade. Plus the bang bang nature of the caps offense is pure hell for a goalie. To compare what each goalie is facing is ridiculous.

  42. Thanks Carp! (even if you weren’t referring to me in any way) We love this team and really appreciate all you do to get us inside info and really great reviews and really great wrap-ups, pre-games, post-games and beard contests (among other things).

    Last night did hurt. A lot. A ton actually. My really good friends is a real Caps fan and he txted me this morning to see if I was ok. No trash talk. Just a concerned friend. That’s how bad it was. But this team has a really bright future and a lot of home grown talent.

    Remember – people said the Yankees had to get younger to win – and they did and they suffered a lot (for the Yankees) by missing the playoffs playing their youngsters and in 2009 it all paid off. I know you guys hate Yankees analogies but I think the message is clear – ride this out (and remember Round 1 is far from over as is the playoffs!) and we will be rewarded by a great and lovable team.

  43. lets not fire anyone here.
    the bottom line is when you have 2 overtime games in a series and you are always counterpunching and waiting for a chance or a bounce its hard to win. 80-85% of the ot in both games are played in our end. its about puck possesion and we never have it hence the reason we lead block shots every year.

    we are nowhere without hank however he is a very good goalie not a great goalie. remember hes lost 5 pt games in a row. i love hank and hes our rock so this nonsense about moving him is idiotic.

    gaborik hes lost and i wonder if he will be the new whipping boy for years to come. i dont think he could handle this stage but we are stuck with him and need more skill.

    that being said i am on the ledge

    what is worse

    ron francis goal from center ice rangers up 2-1 on pens in series and lose game 4

    drury goal for buff 7.7 sec left in game 5 about to go up 3-2

    or last night.

    chime in

  44. jpg's sister on

    Carp, I guess I’ll be glad to miss my yoga class if there is a Game 6 on Monday

  45. In my opinion, Dreary 7.7 is worse.

    We were undefeated at home, and seconds away from stealing a game, and potentially going home, where we’ve been dominant all year long, and finishing them off, and going to the Conference Final.

    Definitely Dreary 7.7! That was a heart breaker. Hank never recovered after that game. I think he gave up five goals in game 6.

  46. ilb, Game 82 last year … the Olli Jokinen game. Before that, it was either in Raleigh or Dallas during Bryan Trottier’s brief regime.

    ps, got two more packages today. Thank you again.

    jpg’s sister, should we try to reschedule Game 6?

  47. The worst has got to be when Drury scored with 7.7 seconds left….only becuase I really felt like that team would have been able to do some damage that year. We had a good shot and Drury ruined it all!!! This year, even if we won this series, i wouldn’t see the rangers getting that far but still hurts like hell!!

  48. JimboWoodside on

    Time-Warner Cable here in Queens has no audio on their Versus feed – I guess they want to spare us from hearing the obnoxious Habs fans…..

  49. simple. you don’t want to be a whipping boy, then don’t blow a game that would have turned the series around. of all the bad goals so far this playoff season for the 16 teams, that Buttchin blunder was BY FAR the worst. most inexcusable, and most avoidable.

  50. tgrn, not saying it was a good play by any means, but it sure wasn’t a horrible play. got a personal axe to grind there?

  51. Forgot about game 82 last year, Carp. Bet I’m not the only one who forgot about it…except maybe Greg.

  52. jpg's sister on

    thanks, ddbened for the photo. I can only do shoulder stand, have to work on my yoga head stand :)

  53. it wasn’t a horrible play? you are in a tiny minority in saying that. Go ahead and show me a worse one so far this playoff season.

  54. eddie eddie eddie on

    game 82 last year was another blow….given that jody shelly’s goal stood up till ot and the shootout when considering the ice was tilted virtually the entire game…did anyone else think Boucher beats hank in a SO?…i sure didnt….

  55. eddie eddie eddie on

    tgrn – the first kings goal in game 3 was as bad a play as any goalie could have…pure mr. softie goal for niemmi

  56. jpg's sister on

    Did anyone thingkthat Darren Pang’s comments during the game were very one-sided in his compliments of the Capitals? I don’t think he noticed that the Rangers exsisted until the first OT, just my opinion

  57. onecupin71yearsand counting on

    Enough of last night’s game… maybe there will be a game 6…

  58. eddie eddie eddie on

    tgrn – WW’s weak effort at securing the icing late in the 3rd or the first OT….lazyiness is far worse than hustle and effort….say what you will about gabby’s play…he was hustling his butt off…………pure luck it hits chimura in the chest…

  59. Just because it’s a horrible way to lose the game doesn’t mean it was a horrible play

  60. I think blowing a 3-0 lead in about 8 minutes was inexcusable. Had that not happened – Gaborik is not being killed for what was in fact a horrendous play. Let’s hope it was good experience and let’s hope Del Zotto was watching on Television or tape delay.

  61. OK. Dubinsky watching two goals in Washington (2!) from a foot away. Staal’s turnoved in D.C. The goal Neuvirth allowed to Christensen. There’s a few to chew on.

  62. hustle and effort? you mean stupid clueless play that was clearly expressed by Henrik in the look he gave him

    love the double standard. If it had been Avery would you be saying the same thing? hell no you wouldn’t. but i would.

  63. It was a moronic play, but so was McDonuts giveaway, and Stahl’s giveaway in game one.

    It’s just the fact that he’s doing nothing productive for this team. He’s not scoring goals, he’s not helping the PP, in fact he’s been pathetic on the PP. He hasn’t done anything smart with the puck. He’s soft, he rarely plays defense, and now he screws us in what could be the game that was probably our only shot at helping us win this series.

    This is not how a “superstar” is supposed to play. He’s been literally useless. Avery is the useless one, and even he is providing something for the team.

    That being said, most of the confidence that I’ve had in this team is nearly gone, but I still believe they can pull off the upset, just based on the fact that this team has choked in the past.

    Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to get back on top, and if last night wasn’t our rock bottom, then I’m scared to see what is.

  64. Bottom line is Caps scored on a fluky goal in OT.
    I’d be more inclined to talk about the blown 3-goal lead.

  65. Gaborik=whipping boy. he is useless right now. you know one time last night in ot he used the defender as a screen and that lethal wrist shot as joe micheletti would say couldnt beat neuvirth.

    after mcdonagh giveaway sitting in my seat i turned to my old man and said watch us pull a kings. sure enough a min later 3-2 and from there we were defeated

  66. jpg's sister on

    Eddie 3 x’s I did. Haven’t been home much today, so missed it. In 1994 I wrote to Bill Clement because I thought he was Bias towards the Devils during playoffs. He left a message on the machine saying he didn’t think he was bias and he wished the Rangers well. And we won! Maybe I should write to Darren..

  67. eddie eddie eddie on

    tgrn – i love avery to death…you will NEVER read anything I post bashing him…go back thru the blog’s history if you dont believe me…

  68. eddie eddie eddie on

    Far worse in my opinion is the sheer horror, the ranger PP has morphed into…7 PP’s and 4 shots?….i think the rangers have more shorthanded SOG than they do on the PP…

  69. Kind of topic, but, I still think the 1992, game 4 vs the Pens is worst of all…

    Watch the play Messier makes on the GWG in OT…

    For those that want to relive history:

    We won the President’s Trophy that year…Messier won the Hart…Leetch won the Norris and set the Ranger record with 80 assists that season (insane). The Cup was on everyone’s mind and for good reason…52 years and counting…

  70. Whose teaching this team offense and how to work the power play, Torts, Sullivan, a combo, etc?

    I’m not saying it will work, but just as Lundquist has a goalie coach, can’t they hire an offensive guru? It won’t count against the cap..haha

    I think it was only a matter of time before the Ranger’s disgusting PP came back to haunt them.
    That and the fact that Captain Drury and Dubinsky said they were on their heels and not ready to play in the 3rd….great, thanks captain. You’re a real inspiration for coming back to join your team for the playoffs.

  71. reginald dunlop on

    Was wondering…..was there any chatter on the awesome defensive play by paul devorski breaking up a clear 2 on 0 in the first OT???

  72. Thomas looks like he should be a back up goalie of amateur, above 65, hockey league in Turkey.

  73. JimboWoodside on

    I don’t think you can fault Thomas for those last 2 goals…the Habs were buzzing all around him like flies on carcillo…

  74. Not the goals per se, Jimbo. He isn’t controlling any rebounds, and seems to be fighting it all game long

  75. JimboWoodside on

    He does look very “scrambly” out there – but his defense isn’t helping matters any! He should sue for non-support!

  76. JimboWoodside on

    Just once I’d like to see a coach tell Pang or McGuire or whoever to bleep off, eat carcillo and die during one of those “during the play” interviews!

  77. eddie eddie eddie on

    i hate both teams…saturday is huge..we win….this series is far from over….i am convinced hank can steal 3 games 1-0 if need be….

  78. Eddie, no question. Hank can still steal this series…crazier things have happened…

  79. NYR_FAN: “Kind of topic, but, I still think the 1992, game 4 vs the Pens is worst of all…
    Watch the play Messier makes on the GWG in OT…
    For those that want to relive history:
    We won the President’s Trophy that year…Messier won the Hart…Leetch won the Norris and set the Ranger record with 80 assists that season (insane). The Cup was on everyone’s mind and for good reason…52 years and counting…”

    NYR, it’s funny how we fans are still sore about that series almost 20 years later! :) It was a weird series…we lost Graves and the Pens lost Lemieux, but losing Graves hurt the Rangers more.

  80. Whale lose 5-4.

    MZA was hurt in first period and didn’t return.

    Dale Weise didn’t play, was hurt in Tuesdays game.

  81. iWanna – Well, it’s just that…I feel like whatever happens this year will never be close to that type of disappointment…I was only 9 years old…LOL!

  82. eddie eddie eddie on

    Mtl blows 3-1 lead…this playoff season is the year of no lead is safe …

  83. Olga Folkyerself on

    Can’t get enough of watching that Kane goal to win the Cup.

    C’mon Boston! Score. The Black Hawks are on deck…

  84. Caps Fan…Are you still having nightmares of Halak?

    “….In the sixth game of the series, Halák stopped 53 shots to set a club record for a playoff game (in regulation-time),[1] leading the Canadiens to a 4-1 victory. Ultimately, the Canadiens overcame a 3-1 series deficit to win the series in seven games, marking one of the biggest upsets in NHL history.[2] The win was attributed largely to Halák’s play as he turned aside 131 of Washington’s 134 shots in games 5 through 7, frustrating the league’s top scoring team from the regular season.[3] “

  85. This is Tiki’s week from hell.

    The Knickerbockers blow a late lead in games 1 & 2. NYR blow a three goal lead, and lose in double OT, and the Bruins erase a 0-2 deficit to tie the series.

    Stressed yet??

  86. Wow. What’s with the hate on Lundqvist?

    He plays on a team that’s inconsistent at best in scoring, a defensive core with an average age of 15, and no backup for the playoff run. Without him, the Rangers are 12th in the Eastern Conference…if that. And in the playoffs, against one of the best scoring teams in the league. the Rangers giving up tons and tons of shots, his GAA is just north of 2. To me, that is elite. If he were on a better team he’d have 4 Vezinas right now.

    It has been mentioned that he gives up too many rebounds. But Noyverth(sp) gives up just as much – they just trickle in front of the net, where there are 3 big Capital bodies and 0 Rangers bodies to play it. So those aren’t noticed as much as Hanks’, which almost inevitably find a Capital player because they are better at getting positioning than we are.

    Getting rid of Hank would be disastrous. Give the Rangers another 1-2 years to develop, especially on D. Then all of the sudden his numbers would get better – not that there’s much room for improvement already.

  87. I guess Michael Ryder is still upset with Montreal for waiting until the 9th round to draft him.

  88. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!!"...says Greg L. on

    Tough times here but one thing for sure…


    not out by any means!! we win and keep winning!!! we can do it , i know we can!!!

  89. You like that ORR!!?? It’s pretty nice isn’t it. I like the movement, especially where they move towards the net!

  90. JimboWoodside on

    Incredible how it seems to be so easy for other teams to excel at the PP, while we look like lost souls…

  91. eddie eddie eddie on

    paying homage to one of eric L’s dui’s when he was a member of the flyers…

  92. JimboWoodside on

    Y’know, back in the day when the goal nets were not so easily dislodged from their moorings, players would *NEVER* go in on a goalie at such speed. The goalies union should lodge a protest!

  93. This was my assumption. I have only been around for one season but someone said it was “quiet in the offseason around here – we need subjects to talk about.”

    dreaded….3….goal…..lead ….eddie….dreaded.

  94. JimboWoodside on

    I’d love to see the Canucks eliminated in the first round – all the writers were coronating them as Cup winners before the playoffs started – just like the Senators a few years back!

  95. Good point ORR!! They even have the classic “Red and forest green” of the fredmeister.

  96. Do we keep this running in the summer? was that really your question?

    Well, hell, yeah.

    Sometimes we do guest bloggers. Sometimes I just come on and tell you “I got nothing” or about a big meeting with Mr. Titleist. But there’s something here pretty much every day … except when they force on of those byfuglien furlough (unpaid get-the-bryzgalov-outta-here) leaves.

    But we don’t shut down. And we’ll also do the countdown to opening night.

  97. eddie eddie eddie on

    no worries….i will here every day in that case ricardo…too many funny byfuliers here…i need humor

  98. JimboWoodside on

    And free-agent signing day is on my birthday!! Glennie always gets me some nice “presents”.

  99. JimboWoodside on

    Are both Sedins married? I wonder when one is going at it with his wife if the other one….

  100. eddie eddie eddie on

    i feel that the rangers still win this series…call me foolish, blind, naive, moron….it matters not…i knew they would make the playoffs and i know they will win at least a round….given the way things are shaping up in the east…any 1 of the 8 could make the final…even TB

  101. The answer to that question is always yes jimbo. Always. I bet they give the ladies the old switcharoo sometimes.

    “What? No I just have a cold honey. That’s why I sound different.”

  102. JimboWoodside on

    That was quite a spirited road period for a team that’s down 3-1 in a series – I hope our boys can do the same on Saturday!

  103. eddie eddie eddie on

    ricardo – i am always wlling to do a guest blog…..historical stuff….present day thoughts….anything, really…

  104. Yea let’s hope they are watching this and becoming inspired rather than sitting at home dying their mustaches black.

    You know Jimbo…Me too buddy. Me too. Just like that bud light commercial.

  105. eddie eddie eddie on

    carpinator – i should be getting that j.p. parise CD soon enough…when it comes in …i will holla at you…talk about a loud garden

  106. Carp – you mentioned you keep getting packages from people. What is this about? Are you trafficking human organs or are we supposed to send you gifts? I am out of the loop here.

  107. Eddie – I commend your steadfast belief in this team…

    you have consistently asked the question…”who do we face in the 2nd round?” I love it.

  108. Last summer I think we talked about Kovalschmuck once or twice, maybe.. I’m not quite sure but I think I remember that

  109. Is that in any way related to the Alexander technique that involves breathing and proper posture?

  110. Alright Cabezas. I am going to bed. I will talk to you all tomorrow as we get over the pain of Game 4 and get ready for Game 5 in this nation’s capital city (even though it should be NYC).

  111. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny et al. i sent away for the audio tape of the game 3 ranger/islander playoff series…the JP Parise game….Loudest crowd i ever witnessed as they came back from 3-0 deficit after 2 to tie it in regualtion….I could burn other copes for anyone else too…

  112. eddie eddie eddie on

    NYR_fan – i never get angry at the rangers….dont understand that emotion…get very sad and depressed…but never angry…and i am the eternal optimist on most days

  113. JimboWoodside on

    Carp is gonna put you in the penalty box for threatening to send him Alexander S—-!

  114. JimboWoodside on

    That was one of the most painful games I ever listened to on the radio, before we had cable-tv here in the lost borough of Queens…

  115. Oh, you don’t know the rules?

    At the end of every season I total up all your comments and you have to send me cash — small, unmarked bills — to pay for them.

    “And I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more …”

  116. eddie eddie eddie on

    this is not the same vancouver team of a few months ago, with all of their injuries….

  117. Olga Folkyerself on

    Kieth again!

    The not bad at all, It’s actually very comforting 5 goal lead…

  118. eddie eddie eddie on

    last night i saw carp with a chinese menu in his hand, walking thru the streets of soho in the rain…

  119. Marian Hossa, who scored 25 goals this season for all that big money? Who scored three goals in the whole Stanley Cup run last year? Who scored his first goal of these playoffs tonight?

    Sounds a lot like another Marian.

  120. Wow…Luongo is the biggest phony…it’s such a joke to call him an elite goaltender…

  121. eddie eddie eddie on

    olga – rangers once had a 5 goal lead against the red wings, Feb 2, 1975…NBC peter puck game of the week….final score 5-5 ….Prust sayin

  122. comment once a year on

    hawks have 12 goals in 3 periods. Rangers dont have 12 goals all series. its a shame.

  123. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – remember that game….sunday afternoon matinee at the garden…game of the week….

  124. comment once a year on

    good point eddie, too bad the rangers are facing a rookie goalie and cant rattle him. Not withstanding how good the Caps are and how good thier goalie was during the regular season I cant believe the Rangers cant knock him off his game.

  125. Jimbo – “Is that where the $1.50 per post rumor came from!?”

    You tell me if it’s a rumor when “Boogaard Smash” comes knocking on your door.

    I’m sure Carp can always set you up on a “payment plan” ;)

  126. JimboWoodside on

    I *wish* we had the GAG line to put out there on the PP! (as they were then, not now as old men)

  127. JimboWoodside on

    Yikes!!! Well, if I can reach up that high, I might get lucky with Boogaard if he comes to my door. After all, he’s still hearing the birdies sing – I might get in a lucky punch! ;-)

  128. Orr – In regards to sports, every week is a week from hell. But, what I’m currently working on is learning to put things in perspective. There’s more important things in life, like my health, and my puppies’ health. Speaking of, my princess was crying a couple days ago for no reason. Mother and brother took me and her to the vet yesterday. She has a lump on her chest, biopsy Monday. Things have been starting to look positive for me, and now this. I can’t afford to lose her, she means everything to me. I have faith that she’ll be okay, please keep her in your prayers. She is the most beautiful girl in the world and the most perfect creature in the world. :)

  129. Vets are carcillo-bags. Fuggin greedy thieves that pretend to give a shyte aboot animals, but are only in it for the money.

    Sort of like the players NYR signs in free agency.

    Hopefully all goes well with your dogs.

  130. JimboWoodside on

    Tiki, good luck with the pooch – veterinary medicine is very good nowadays. they probably will be able to help her.

  131. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Tiki, good to hear that you’re putting things in perspective. Sometimes we forget what our priorities are when we blow 3-0 leads in the 3rd period. The health of our loved ones always comes first.

  132. JimboWoodside on

    Yikes! Orr has had some bad experiences with vets, I take it? Like every other profession, there are good ones and bad ones.

  133. JimboWoodside on

    Oh, THAT hit! I thought he just got a penalty in this game for cheap-shotting someone – my bad!

  134. Olga Folkyerself on

    After Torres got off scot-free, I don’t expect the NHL to do anything anymore about deliberate hits to the head. Time to go back to the old method.

    Better to give than Receive…

  135. Yeah, Jimbo. I had a two year old Puggle. He couldn’t piss or shyte, so I took him to the Vet the next day, and it turned out he had bladder stones, and he needed surgery because it was life threatening. So, they took the dog away before I had a chance to say my goodbyes, and said they would perform the surgery tomorrow. But, he died overnight. His bladder ruptured, and he pretty much poisoned himself to death, and had an extremely painful death. If it was so life threatening, I don’t get why they waited.


    It happened on the day NYR played the Oilers, and destroyed them.

    2-0 Sharks! 4 minute PP! Game over! Damn it!

  136. Vanc is nothing but cheapshot artists. that is the biggest problem, getting out of town without losing more top players to Vanc goonery. glad to see Bieksa got a punch right in the mouth

  137. JimboWoodside on

    Wow, Orr – I must have missed reading about your poor dog. I’m sorry! Yeah, I can see where you would be justified in having hard feelings after something like that happens. Why *not* take care of the situation as soon as is possible?

  138. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – yes…those terms are interchangeble…olga – 73-74 and 74-75 were 2 wild ranger years….add to carp’s list game 7: rangers//flyers 73-74 semis…that one had me bummed all summer

  139. if Edler is not suspended, then you know the league has favoritism for Vanc because they just gave several suspensions in several series, but they refused to give one to Torres, and now Edler should get one for his blatant elbow

  140. eddie eddie eddie on

    correct me if i am wrong, but anaheim and the red winds are the only 2 teams in the western playoffs that we lost to….yes?

  141. JimboWoodside on

    And Vic Hadfield was laughing like a loon in the penalty box? It all is a blur to me now….

  142. Olga Folkyerself on

    74-75 had some good young rookies. Greshner, Maloney and Middleton.

    Ahhh, Nifty Middleton. Rot in Hell Ferguson…

  143. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – yep….every game that series was like friday night at the fights….

  144. Olga Folkyerself on

    73-74 Was Sather’s last year playing for NY

    Cut my tongue out for even mentioning it…

  145. JimboWoodside on

    That was a horrible series – that piece of carcillo Dave Schultz – I always wished he would get the “Deliverance” treatment someday after his attempt to kill Rolfe with his fists…what a friggin’ mismatch that was…

  146. Thanks guys. Sorry again about DP. He’s probably in doggy heaven looking down on you hoping you’ll cheer the Knicks, Jets, Red Bulls, Giants, Yankees, etc. :P

    Speaking of, Thierry scored twice in a big Red Bulls victory tonight!

  147. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo/olga – remember at the end of game that 73-74 game 7, the rangers were penalized for too many men late in the 3rd…down 1-0 or 2-0, i forget…and hatfield goes off….and yes, laughs like a loon….i have tears in my eyes…and that knucklehead is laughing…

  148. Olga Folkyerself on

    Worst trade in NHL history.

    Ferguson- worst GM in Ranger History.

    But Glen is working on it…

  149. JimboWoodside on

    Eddie, I felt exactly the same way…and the thing was, Hadfield had always been a “good guy”. But then he scored 50 goals that one season, and then he forgot how he had come up in the league – as somebody who liked to fight.

  150. JimboWoodside on

    Ken Hodge – fearsome player when he was with the Big, Bad Bruins – but an absolute nothing by the time the Rangers got him….

  151. eddie eddie eddie on

    i think its safe to say from the ruins of the Ambassador Hotel Ballroom, “….and its on to Chicago, and lets win there”…flashes peace sign

  152. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hodge wore #88 just like Eric FN Lindros.

    Rangers should ban anyone from wearing that number again.

  153. JimboWoodside on

    88! That’s right! And that nitwit Ferguson even changed the Ranger uniforms! Just like a guy who was a lifelong Hab player!

  154. JimboWoodside on

    This Schneider kid isn’t bad – I wonder if he’ll start their next game? He couldn’t be worse than Luongo was tonight.

  155. JimboWoodside on

    They certainly were, eddie – and when Ferguson finally got thrown out of New York, he took the lousy uniform design to Winnipeg!

  156. Olga Folkyerself on

    I shudder to think of the Ferguson years. Him and Jean Guy Talbot.

    Dumb and Dumber.

  157. eddie eddie eddie on

    funny shark story…at the shark/ranger game this year….waiting at the entrance where the players arrive….girardi/cally ride in on a taxi…say hello, wish-em good luck…then Gianome and don maloney…same thing…bit longer chat with the old captain…then a shark player drives up going about 45 mph…kids rush in to get autographs….the porsche or the benz, forget which, nearly hits one kid….the driver…none other than danny heatly…we all had a laugh after that one…

  158. JimboWoodside on

    Those certainly were some bad years – since I started being a Ranger fan when Emile was running things, I expected some competence to follow when he was replaced – but it got worse and worse after he was shown the door. At least Emile’s teams usually made the playoffs!

  159. eddie eddie eddie on

    i think only the cat’s 75-76 team missed the playoffs…could be wrong tho…

  160. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ferguson also forced Rod Gilbert into retirement. Thank God he only lasted two years. After that they started building youth again and got to my first finals in 1979.

  161. JimboWoodside on

    Emile had some pretty good teams, in retrospect. They never had enough talent or luck to win the Cup, since there was always at least one team better than they were, but they were respectable, and entertaining, and as I recall back then, they almost always played well at home!

  162. eddie eddie eddie on

    i had a few beers at charlie O’s with don murdoch during the 1980 playoff series against filthy…the game where duguay had his hattie…people were yelling out spooooon,,,,,i felt bad for the guy…i always loved his shot ,,,,,felt he got a raw deal….

  163. Olga Folkyerself on

    Jimbo- The Cat’s teams were contenders. A word Sather doesn’t even know how to spell.

  164. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – 72 was the year…ratelle breaks his ankle stepping of the curb…season over…even tho they lost in the finals to Boston and he came back…wasnt the same…

  165. JimboWoodside on

    He really did, eddie – and by today’s standards, he really wasn’t caught with much – but it was enough to ruin his career. He was a budding superstar, I thought – but he couldn’t rise above it all.

  166. Olga Folkyerself on

    You guys got me all bummed about Rangers history.

    Let’s Go Rangers!
    Let’s Go Black Hawks!

  167. JimboWoodside on

    Yes, eddie – exactly! I remember the Gallo cartoon in the Daily News when Ratelle broke his ankle – it basically said that the Ranger’s Cup dreams were over when that injury took place, and it turned out to be right.

  168. eddie eddie eddie on

    that 72 was a great team…ratelle, gilbert, hadfield, rousseau, MacGregor, seiling, neilsen, stemkowski, irvine, fairbairn, phil goyette, park, rolfe, tkaczuk, gene carr…missing some i am sure….eddie and giles

  169. JimboWoodside on

    Sorry, Olga – yes, they were contenders – every year, as a young fan, I thought they just needed a player here, a player there, and they would challenge for the Cup – but it never happened. Not until 94, after all those years of suffering…

  170. Olga Folkyerself on

    Murdoch was traded to Edmonton for Cam Conner. I heard a story that Shero got confused and thought he was getting Colin Campbell instead.

  171. eddie eddie eddie on

    sather #6, left wing…ok…player…nothing to write home about,,,,Bobby rousseau was one of my favorites from that team

  172. JimboWoodside on

    Arnie Brown – once billed as the poor man’s Bobby Orr – no byfuglien way that was true!

  173. eddie eddie eddie on

    he was with pittsburgh, i think…different bob kelly that later played for filthy, i think

  174. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Bill Fairbairn was my first hockey hero…got him in my first pack of hockey cards…the Bulldog.

  175. eddie eddie eddie on

    sather had cool hair when he played with the rangers…that was my impression of his playing days

  176. JimboWoodside on

    Bob “the hound” Kelly was with Philly, yes – not the same guy as “Battleship”…..

  177. JimboWoodside on

    Hockey cards – we never got them here in New York, I don’t think…..I was already too old to be collecting cards when I became a Ranger fan, though….

  178. Olga Folkyerself on

    My first hero was Gilbert, but after he retired, it was Ron Greshner for a loooong time.

    They should retire #4

  179. JimboWoodside on

    “Battleship” never became a Ranger? Maybe I just wished that he was one – tough SOB, as I recall…..

  180. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Fairbairn was the best player out of the 10 in my first pack of hockey cards…72/73 played 72 games, scored 30 goals, 33 assists to go along with only 10 minutes of penalties. Plus the card had a cute picture of a bulldog on it…I was a Ranger fan from then on.

  181. eddie eddie eddie on

    i liked rouuseau and macgregor…later …big steve vickers fan,,,,middleton…pat hickey…don murdock

  182. JimboWoodside on

    Cool story, Cape – surprised that you were not a fan of a Canadian team, though. I thought everyone in Canada was either a Leafs or a Habs fan back in those days!

  183. JimboWoodside on

    Pat Hickey – another favorite of mine – good scorer, but susceptible to dirty hits by Denis Potvin, the carcillo-head!

  184. Olga Folkyerself on

    They didn’t put hockey cards in the stores here until the late 70’s. I used to send away for sets from Western Canada somewhere. I even bought sets from the WHA. They were like 5 bucks or so for the 66 card set. I shoulda bought a hundred.

  185. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Jimbo, everyone still is…I was in my mid 20’s before I even met another Ranger fan…at Maple Leaf Gardens…he and I later celebrated the cup in 94 and drove from Toronto to N.Y. to celebrate the win.

  186. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    The cards cost 10 cents at the local store. And the hard as carcillo gum was an added treat.

  187. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, you’re right about battleship – I coveted him for the Rangers due to his fighting ability…who was I thinking of..? Bert Marshall? – he was a pretty good fighter for his size, which would be a midget by today’s player standards!

  188. JimboWoodside on

    Wow, Cape – good stuff! Well, at least now there are the Oilers and the Flames, not to mention Vancouver – and you had the Nordiques and the Jets for awhile there – but in the late 60’s it was only the Leafs or the Habs.

  189. Olga Folkyerself on

    Anybody remember Walt Poddubny? Two years in NY 40 and 38 goals then traded. Who trades a 40 goal scorer?

    Trader Phil, I guess.

  190. eddie eddie eddie on

    cape – i was in old maple leafs garden about 6 yrs ago over on church street…one of the goals was visible from the sidewalk if a curtain wasnt put up…i got to go in after talking the lacross team to let me in…that blew me away…also how vertical the seats were…

  191. JimboWoodside on

    I know I never saw hockey cards as a kid here in NYC – that’s why. By the late 70’s I was busy collecting dollar bills, not trading cards.

    Cape, we have had baseball cards here for ages – the ones with the crappy, hard bubble gum.

  192. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Maple Leaf Gardens is where I saw my first NHL game. I don’t remember the seats being so vertical, I remember the gondola. They said they were planning to turn that building into condos or flats.

  193. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah – Poddubny – one of the few goal scorers that we had in those years…who did Phil get in return for him?

  194. Olga Folkyerself on

    I was in MLG once around 1976 in the summer. Just walked right in- took my kids too, Got pics of them standing at center ice (cement). You’re right it looked like a canyon in there…

  195. JimboWoodside on

    Frankly, I’m surprised that they haven’t torn it down, Cape – I’m glad that they didn’t, but if you can tear down the Forum, *anything* is possible!

  196. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Only hockey cards up here until many years later. We used to put the cards in the spokes of our bikes. My sister took a shitload of them and put her initials in the corner of them, claiming them for herself. Years later I noticed that all these valuable cards were now worthless.

  197. Olga Folkyerself on

    Walt Poddubny

    1988-Aug-01 Traded from New York Rangers with Bruce Bell, Jari Gronstrand and round 4 pick in the 1989 draft (Eric Dubois) to Quebec Nordiques for Jason Lafreniere and Normand Rochefort

  198. JimboWoodside on

    Lafreniere and Rochefort – well, they didn’t help us much, did they!? Good one, Phil!

  199. how is that penner trade looking. talk about a soft player. they only gave up 3 picks and people for a total dogger. he floats like it is game 10 of the regular season. man lucky the ducks signed getzlaf and perry over him. what was there gm so made about when the oilers signed him.. he should send the oilers a thank you note.

    another player scouts and many of the pseudo fans love who really sucks and should give his paycheck back…

  200. JimboWoodside on

    A movie theatre? That’s even worse! I thought they tore it down altogether…..sad that all those old buildings couldn’t be saved for posterity. Real Estate is too expensive for that, though…

  201. JimboWoodside on

    We did the same thing with the baseball cards, Cape – in the spokes of bikes – I probably destroyed thousands of dollars worth of old baseball cards (at todays value) back then…oh, if we only knew!

  202. JimboWoodside on

    Well, maybe that’s not so bad, then – at least a fan can walk past the place and still see the building where all those games were played and where Cups were won….even if it has been “re-purposed” it is still standing…

  203. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    I still give my sister crap for putting her initials on them. Don’t know why she did that. I was the one who paid for them. Plus, she hated hockey!

  204. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, thanks for the stroll down memory back alley.

    Gotta go, have to sleep late and get up before noon. :)

    Rangers in 7
    Hawks in 7

  205. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    The Montreal Forum was the home of the Canadiens hockey team from 1926 until 1996, and it has been called “the most storied building in hockey history”. After the Habs moved to the Molson/Bell Centre in ‘96, the Forum’s interior was converted into a mall with shops, restaurants and a “multiplex” movie theatre.

  206. JimboWoodside on

    Hahaha!!! Because she was your sister, that’s why!! It was her job to aggravate you!

  207. JimboWoodside on

    Wow! So they did demolish it after all – OK, that makes sense, then..I saw something on Hockey Night in Canada not too long ago where they had a section of seats from the Forum – maybe it is in the Bell Centre? The announcer said that this was all that was left of the Forum, so that’s why I assumed that it had been torn down.

  208. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    I’m not sure Jimbo, I’m researching it as we chat. It was converted into a mall with a huge movie theatre.

  209. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Cape – I sure would have liked to take in a game in each of the Original Six arenas, but I never got a chance to do it, and then one by one they all were demolished or turned into something else. The “Old Garden” here in NYC was torn down right after I became a Ranger fan, within a year or less, anyway – I never saw a hockey game there (except on TV) but I did go to the circus as a child in the Garden, so I was inside it once or more times!

  210. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    After the Canadiens left the Forum, the building was used to film arena sequences for the Brian De Palma film Snake Eyes.[10] It was then completely gutted and converted into a downtown entertainment centre called the Pepsi Forum, consisting of an AMC multiplex theatre, shops and restaurants. Centre ice has been recreated in the centre of the complex complete with a small section of the grandstand, along with a statue of a fan leaning forward in delight, while original seats are used as benches throughout the complex. A statue of Maurice Richard can be found next to the grandstand. On the Saint Catherine Street entrance there is a Quebec Walk of Fame consisting of Richard and Celine Dion. Both were on hand for their bronze star’s respective unveiling. The Atwater street entrance has a large bronze Montreal Canadiens logo surrounded by 24 bronze Stanley Cup banners cemented into the sidewalk. Inscribed in French are the words “forever proud”. The entire building is themed after the Forum’s storied history with special emphasis on the Montreal Canadiens.

    The building was declared a National Historic Site of Canada in 1997 because:

    “it was arguably the country’s most famous sporting venue… it also serves as an icon for the role of hockey in Canada’s national culture… the Forum is the oldest of Canada’s large-scale arenas and has, throughout its history, been the country’s leading site for major indoor cultural, political and religious events.
    —Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, Minutes, June 1997

  211. JimboWoodside on

    Aha! Interesting site – I’ll check it out in more detail later on. So, it sounds as if the outer shell of the building is still there, with some reminders of the old days inside.

  212. JimboWoodside on

    Wow – a national historic site! Well, that means it won’t be messed with any more then! Very good – at least somebody respects the accomplishments of those in the past.

    Down here, everything that isn’t making money gets torn down and they build some new monstrosity on the site with no regard to the history of the place.

    I’m no NY Yankee fan, but I think that it’s a shame that they want to (or already have) torn down the original Yankee Stadium – where’s the sense of history!?

  213. JimboWoodside on

    I was thinking the same thing (about Celine) when I read that – but I didn’t want to say anything. Don’t want to insult a national treasure!

  214. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    We cherish our history. Any building with any history has cannot be touched without govt approval. Ok that’s it for me…Good Friday everyone.

  215. JimboWoodside on

    Sounds admirable, Cape! A good policy – one I wish we had.

    Goodnight -and have a blessed Easter!

  216. JimboWoodside on

    I’m sure they do, In Quebec, for certain. We got inundated with her and that Titanic (movie) theme song, which was played every 10 seconds on every broadcast outlet – kinda got repetitive after awhile!

    Goodnight, my friend!

  217. four hundred and forty FIRST!!

    There better be a game 6. I need a few extra days before what I am officially deeming “THE GREAT BRAD RICHARDS DEBATE OF THE 2011 OFFSEASON”!!

  218. Orr

    Go and stand in front of a mirror. Then repeat the following words to yourself, and watch your lips move. No…don’t raise your eyebrows…just speak to yourself in the quiet of your own bathroom…

    Ah one ah two ah( Little Lawrence Welk there),

    ” The Rangers do not have a PP.” Repeat this over and over til it gets thru. Then comes the glimmer of dawn. Believe me you’ll feel so much better afterwards.

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