Capitals 4, Rangers 3 (2OT): Game 4 in review


Here’s the bad news. Teams trailing 3-1 have won 23 of 240 series in history (9.6 percent). Here’s the good news: Twenty-one  of those have happened since 1987, including twice last year. And the Capitals did it to the Rangers in 2009, and had it done to them by Montreal in 2010, and have been involved in six (2-4) of those 23 comebacks.

Year Series  Result in Games
1942 F TOR – 4 DET – 3
1975 QF NYI – 4 PIT – 3
1987 DSF NYI – 4 WSH – 3
1987 DF DET – 4 TOR – 3
1988 DSF WSH – 4 PHI – 3
1989 DSF LA – 4 EDM – 3
1990 DSF EDM – 4 WPG – 3
1991 DSF STL – 4 DET – 3
1992 DSF DET – 4 MIN – 3
1992 DSF VAN – 4 WPG – 3
1992 DSF PIT – 4 WSH – 3
1994 CQF VAN – 4 CGY – 3
1995 CQF PIT – 4 WSH – 3
1998 CQF EDM – 4 COL – 3
1999 CQF STL – 4 PHX – 3
2000 CF NJ – 4 PHI – 3
2003 CQF MIN – 4 COL – 3
2003 CQF VAN – 4 STL – 3
2003 CSF MIN – 4 VAN – 3
2004 CQF MTL – 4 BOS – 3
2009 CQF WSH – 4 NYR – 3
2010 CQF MTL – 4 WSH – 3
2010 CF PHI – 4 BOS – 3



1) I can’t change my Rangers in 6 pick at this point, but I will say that I absolutely give them every chance in the world of winning Game 5 and getting it back to MSG. I don’t know or think that will be enough. But I will be the least-surprised person here if there’s a game on Monday.

2) It looked to me that the Capitals just said, “We’re going back to the way we used to play” after the second period, and why not. Down 3-0, most teams would, even those with a lot less firepower. And I thought, despite the three goals, the Rangers weren’t completely out-classed. But I did think they turned away from finishing a few checks that they’d been finishing for the first two periods, and the three periods on Sunday, and the third period in Game 2. And, in the end, it sure wasn’t the biggest Capitals stars who did in the Rangers.

3) Wow. I thought McDonagh and Sauer were so, so, so good in this game. What a shame that McDonagh’s turnover ended up in the game-changing goal. And, really, most times you get away with that turnover because you have guys back.

4) Fedotenko=Monster. Again. Chimera=Beast. Again.

5) Brian Boyle had the hat trick. Ended up barrelling into the net/goalie three times. Only got two penalties, though.

6) I wonder, if that Carlson shot doesn’t tick off of Johansson’s shirt or arm, if it doesn’t end up in Lundqvist’s glove and we’re all talking today about a 2-2 series.

7) Thanks to Bruce Boudreau, and that second-period explosion, the Garden was as good as I’ve seen/heard it in years. I think it could have been even louder if they didn’t give out those dumb towels that stop people from clapping their hands.

8) Speaking of which, how lame is it that teams still do that White Out thing even though the home team doesn’t wear white anymore? And has a White Out team ever won the Cup?

9) I left my house debating whether to take the train or drive into NYC. I looked at the schedule and saw the last train at 1:53 a.m. and thought, well, they’d have to go three OTs to threaten that, and well, the Rangers haven’t played a three-OT game in my career, not since the Pete Stemkowski game in 1971, I think it was. So what are the chances? And I took the train. And I must admit, I was freaking out a little bit in the second OT.

10) Speaking of freaking, the bathroom lines were unbelievably bad at the World’s Most Under-renovation Arena. People were seriously, um, better watch what word I use here … ticked.

11) How about the two refs stopping a pair of Rangers rushes with body checks? And they sure stopped calling any kind of stick/hook/trip penalties late in the game and through OT, only calling the two “no choice” penalties for delay of game and too many men. The Backstrom cross-check/boarding on Staal was called all year long, night after night, and wasn’t called this time. I also don’t like to make excuses or blame refs — and you know I’m not a conspiracy theorist — but I think the penalty on Avery was two minutes for being Avery, because I didn’t think it was much of a slash.

12) I thought there were a couple of guys on the Rangers who weren’t even as engaged as hard as Steve Eminger or Martin Biron were in this game. You can guess their names.

13) Boudreau admitted after the game that he shouldn’t have said what he said about the Garden. I also thought he messed up one time when the Rangers fourth line was stuck on the ice after an icing and a long shift, completely gassed, and he didn’t counter with the Ovechkin line. He did the Rangers a favor there.

14) This is exactly what I was talking about the other day, how we judge a game, how some of you guys deal with mood swings, and how you feel about players and the team and the coach, based on a fluke goal. Because, as I said earlier, and as I said after Game 3, if the Rangers get the goal in OT, the whole bryzgalov thing looks 180 degrees different, doesn’t it. At 2-2, you guys are thinking parade. Or at least, “who’s next?” Right?

15) Now who was that idiot barking about how momentum from one game has nothing to do with the next in a playoff series?


AP Photo/Kathy Willens, above.

Stats, above, from “Total Stanley Cup.”

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  1. bull dog line on

    Sauer and McDonagh are really the Rangers top pair. this series shows you that skill beats great goaltending. Hank has played the best I have ever seen him, and it does not matter. more skill is needed on the Rangers, or this is what you can expect season after season.

  2. Morning Wood on

    MSG was rocking. Boudreau is a jerk, but he did something that MSG and the Rangers had been dying for…which was a reason to get nuts. It’s just too bad that with chants of “losers, losers,” the MSG faithful were talking about themselves on the way out the door.

    This loss is so bad, and I blame Torts for playing 1/2 a team out there. They cant finish a game with no legs…WAKE UP TORTS!

  3. Tough loss last night. Hank played out of his mind. This team really needs to get some offense going! I feel bad for Henrik. He sure could use some help out there.

  4. If Staal and Girardi are not considered the #1 pair, you must be watching the games with a seeing eye dog. Staal is a warrior. A physical and honorable player. He REALLY gets up for games v. the Sids and OVs of the league.

    Anyway, Sauer and MacD are damned good, and with these kids playing key minutes, it is inevitable that you will have a play like MacD’s last night. But these guys lost focus in the 3rd. The only way the NYR win this series, is if they stay focused. May be too late now.

    And how well would Chimera fit on this Ranger team?

    Weren’t there rumors of him coming here a few years ago? Prust and Chimera on the forecheck? Yikes.

  5. Good morning, boneheads!
    This place is comedy gold after loss, geez folks…

    I don’t know about McD and Sauer being the Rangers top pair yet, but they certainly make our defense look very interesting next year.

  6. Morning Wood on

    This choke job ranks up there with every Yankee team since 2000 that doesnt win it all.

  7. I blame the linsesmen for ruining our chance. Dubinsky exploded at him and honestly, if that was I would have barreled them over.

    You know who I actually blame? Our heroes for completely losing focus I the third period. They gave up so much space on the ice. It was really fun being up 3-0 and thinking about the Caps panic. But guess what? Our heroes did what they do whoch is at a had 8-11 minutes at the worst time on the game and it cost them. Brutal loss. Brutal.

    I believe they can win game 5 but I’m startin to waiver in my confidence of them on 7. Our heroes must have slept less than we did. And they must be hurting today.

    And Gaborok. Oh Gaborok. He is not going to live that one down any time soon.

  8. onecupin71yearsand counting on

    Boudreau =Monster .Out coached Torts..
    Its over , they don’t have winning DNA to come back from 3-1.

  9. Everyone should chill out. While that loss was like a punch in the gut, remember, we are an 8 vs. 1 with half the skill players they have. I think we were just gassed by the end of the 2nd OT. There was no jump left. This will be great experience for these guys.

    On the McDonough give away, as soon as he stood there with the puck, I’m thinking, uh oh, this isn’t going to be good, he had someone up on the right wing and didn’t pass it that way and tried to take the long way out. Rookie mistake, but he’s made so many smart plays all season, it’s hard to imagine that he would do that. But after that they just lost focus.

  10. Steve – I am chill, brother. I am not even going to think about the OT. It never, ever should have gotten there. This team fell back on their heels in the third and gave up 3 goals in one period. Who does that? Oh yea, the Caps did in the second period, the Canucks did it two nights ago, the Kings and Sharks did it, the Sabres did it, etc….

    My point is, it happens. This team got away from what it does best and it cost us dearly.

    I take back *everything* i said about Joe (Dan) Girardi during the season. He has been unbelievably good and Smart to boot.

  11. Hey, we all saw what the Sharks did the other night…anything can happen in the playoffs.

    Towels = bush league…

  12. 1. No penalty shot for trip of Stepan.

    2. Avery being Avery, weak call.

    3. 0-7 on PP, Gaborik’s quick release wrist shot will not work from that high up near the point. Kid does not have an adequate slapshot nor does anyone besides over the hill McCabe. Pathetic.

    4. Best 2 periods of season, 29-0 protecting leads in the 3rd. Learning experience for the kids.

    5. Caps are the better team, but no team should lose a game like this with the King behind them.

    6. Dubinsky being taken out of the play by the ref (2 refs standing there as well), could not feed Gaborik for 1st OT breakaway. (Why do we need to have so many damn refs on the ice).

    7. Powerplay, again, just plain awful. Based on 4 shots on 7 of them, they don’t deserve the W.

    8. Gilroy joined the rush a few times, might earn him that contract that was in doubt this summer.

    9. Lack of veterans on D, hurts to play top 4 for 30 minutes each. McCabe/Gilroy 12 mins each. Could have used a vet on defense and one preferably not as slow as McCabe. Does Emminger get a shot next game?

    10. Hopefully the kids take this game as a huge playoff lesson and grow from it. Turn this negative into a future positive so it doesn’t happen again.

  13. Mr. Jam, Stepan didn’t deserve a penalty shot on the play. He never had 2 steps on the player. Remember the rule? That’s what it was before Bettman turned this league into a circus.

  14. Morning Wood on

    Gaborik didnt speak to the press…he was too busy running to the bank to cash his paycheck before it got blocked. What a waste…

  15. I don’t know what hurts more, this roller coaster ride of emotions as a Ranger fan or the inner satisfaction that Boo-dreau must have knowing that his team came back and silenced MSG?? Man, this is a tough one for sure but I’ve never heard a louder chant than “Can You Hear Us”. Just can’t understand how a professional coach would come out in the media, criticizing an opponents building? Never mind the crack about the noise and the fans, that’s gamesmanship, but to include MSG as a professional sporting arena, just show you how unprofessional Boo-dreau is!! He won’t win anything as a coach in this league. I mean, I’m sure many coaches may think those things aboot MSG but how do you put it out there on the airwaves? Classless, but his team got him a win

  16. And I also feel bad for Hank; the guy played a great game once again. That’s what makes this one tough to swallow, like all heart-breaking losses. With a 3-0 lead, going into the 3rd, on home ice, with Hank in nets, who saw this coming?

  17. Anyway, tough pill to swallow. Let’s see how this team reacts on Saturday. Will really show us a lot. Let’s win one at least here, do something nice for the loyal fans who care more about the games than the players.

  18. Pittsburgh was a White-Out team and they won a cup in 09.

    Also what do Jared Jeffries and Marian Gaborik have in common? They both better not be playing in NY next year. Two totally dumb plays mentally and now the Rangers and Knicks, both who have been the better team in their series (the Knicks especially) are down.

    Knicks should at least be 1-1 if not 2-0, Rangers should be 2-2 if not 3-1 (I say 3 because I thought they did enough to win that 1st game).

  19. hate to say it but the refs where really bush league last night
    everyone thought the game was over up by three
    im still shocked
    still not enough shots , the caps just shoot
    what where the shots on goal ?

  20. Morning Wood on

    Whats worse, what Boudreau said, or what Torts did spraying water at fans 2 years ago? What goes around comes around.

  21. Guys – stop thinking about the OT. Seriously. This Rangers team has about a 2% chance of beating the Caps in OT. They just don’t have the stamina, size and fire power. Even Jason Arnott at 55 or whatever his age is now looks better than most of our 20-somethings.

    The crucial disaster in this game is what it has been all season long. An 8 minute stretch where the Rangers play horrible hockey. Mentally weak, emotionally vacant, lifeless hockey with an emphasis on non-existent Defense.

    I know the Caps went back to their offensive-minded style of play in the third and we really had no counter for it. Our team was amp’d up to play against a defensive team that looks to CAPitalize on turnovers and takeaways. Our boys don’t have the experience to adjust on the fly and they showed that they had empty minds. Maybe some of them were telling jokes in the intermission rather than focusing on the task at hand.

    They woke up today (if they slept at all) knowing the actually difference between 2-2 and 3-1. Hopefully this experience learns them not to slack off in the future.

  22. yeah, Stevek, I thought that they expended all of their energy in that second period. From then on it looked like they were worn out.

    Even if they lose in 5 this Ranger team should be proud of themselves. They’ve gone toe-to-toe with the #1 seed and have played with them the whole way. With their youth on defense it makes you think that they are a couple of scorers away from being a legitimate Cup contender.

  23. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    What makes this loss so tough is they were up 3-0 going into the third and I actually said to myself “yes tied at 2 games apiece – we win on Saturday and go up 3-2.” that is why this loss hurts so much for me… I mailed the victory in.

  24. Morning Wood on

    Eddie…you and all of MSG. We were chanting “losers, losers.” You do something like that and blow’s a choke of epic porportions. Enough to make you never want to heckle the other team again until the game is over.

  25. Yup – you guys nailed it. Counting outs I call it. Red Sox fans did it in 2003 and it backfired. You simply CANNOT do that.

    Most impottantly – the guys on the ice were doing it. That is inexcusable.

  26. Even if they lose in 5 this Ranger team should be proud of themselves. They’ve gone toe-to-toe with the #1 seed and have played with them the whole way. With their youth on defense it makes you think that they are a couple of scorers away from being a legitimate Cup contender.


    Great call Cross Check Charlie! Amen. Totally. Amen. I keep trying to remember – this is a bonus for us. We backed into the playoffs and are contending with a #1. With the exception of last night I really feel like the other 3 games were evenly played.

  27. ” Mentally weak, emotionally vacant, lifeless hockey with an emphasis on non-existent Defense.”

    No offense Manny, but that’s got to be one of the dumbest statements that I’ve seen in a while. I understand being disappointed, but they were far from mentally weak and emotionally vacant. They worked hard. They ran out of gas against a team with superior skills. Still, it took two overtimes and a fluke goal to beat them. Despite blowing the 3-goal lead, they collected themselves after it was 3-3 and dug deep to play them even. They deserve respect for their effort, not ridicule.

  28. Not the time for this discussion (yet) but after last night’s game you have to wonder if trading our #1 for offensive ability isn’t a wise option.

  29. Shame on the Rangers for making their fans look like punks. The Blueshirt faithful showed up big time last night and did their part. Then the Rangers hung them out to dry.

    The Rangers are still a couple pieces away from being a real championship caliber team. Obviously they need a #1 center, but they also need a real shot from the blue line. If I’m GM, I make a big trade in the off season to get one too, even if it means trading a first rounder or more. Those guys don’t grow on trees, and all the good teams have one.

  30. Charlie – that statement applied to an 8 minute span in the 3rd period where the boys totally dropped the ball and left large amounts of open ice. It resulted in them giving up 3 goals. I am only talking about 8 minutes. Of lacksidasical hockey. Playing like 5 Gaboriks out there.

  31. You guys…

    My heart hurts after last night. Really, really hurts. I don’t know what to say. That was an emotional roller coaster ride that was so good and then ended in a train wreck.

    The most frustrating part of this series is that they could have one every single game. Every one was in their hands.

    Ugh, I still can’t believe what I witnessed!

  32. I agree that the team was not any of my descriptive words for the majority of the game and the games that have been played.

    But how can this team run out of gas? It’s skill level? These guys have to play so much better than their abilities just to keep up with the Caps. Again, Arnott, who is like 50 looked more energetic than our KIDS on the ice. I remember when I was 20 and I know I had a lot more energy back then compared to now.

    I agree that this season was a success, even by backing into the playoffs, and I never thought they would win a cup this year, and I still think they can win this series. I am just flabbergasted as to why they always “zone out” for about 8 minutes a game.

  33. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The fight goes on, the struggle continues, the cause remains, and our work will never end.

  34. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    ” Also what do Jared Jeffries and Marian Gaborik have in common? They both better not be playing in NY next year. Two totally dumb plays mentally and now the Rangers and Knicks, both who have been the better team in their series (the Knicks especially) are down. ”

    Thanks for the laugh this morning. I needed that.

  35. Now Eddie – can you explain this whole 3-1 thing to me? I remember talking about Goals with you but now we are talking about GAMES. Why is there an end to this madness? Why doesn’t the contest just go on and on and on.

  36. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Funny sidebar… Given we live out here, my wife has adopted the sharks as her second favorite team…and as we watched that crazy game 3 where the sharks were down 4-0 and won, she was estactic and I said that I felt bad for the kings and their fans… She then said, imagine if that was the rangers that collapsed… I then said something to the effect…. I cannot even fathom…well, now I can… and it isn’t pleasant.

  37. Carp,

    NO way penalty should have beem called on Avery. Only because it was Avery on Ovi. I hate that slash on the stick call and it was not much of slash. They really don?t let players defend anymore. Also, Fedetenko was tripped on the shift before ? more blatant and in the offensive zone.

    Dubi losses his coverage often in the defensive zone. He should have stayed with Johannson on that goal.

    It was still a good year. I know you expected them to beat the CAPS, but I did not. Gd analysis by Maloney that Rangers are so offensively challenged because of their lack of skill players that it is so hard for them to generate offense as we saw in the two overtimes.

    Don?t like Torts shortening of bench in OTs. Caps were clearly fresher. I guess Wolski and Christensen are the 2 who don?t compete. Is that right Carp?

  38. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    Bill Parcells said it best: “You’re as good as your record says you are.” As good as we’ve been in this series, we’re still down 3-1. Bottom line. BB said it best: Dont think about 3 in a row. Just win game 5.

  39. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – I am too depressed to make humor. I am really bummed. Silly I know, but I feel bad.

  40. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    You have to win 4 games, not 2 or 3 to win a 7 game series
    Winning the 4th game is the hardest thing to do in a best of 7 series

    Criticize this and that all you want…but then move on to the goal of winning 4 games in a best of 7 series

    History will be made

    Lets Go Rangers

  41. Eddie – ouch and ouch. I got yelled at over coffee this morning for:

    a. being upset;
    b. thinking this team could actually comeback; and
    c. talking about the positives of playoff experience for the young guys.

  42. Carp,

    Great points above and thank you for all your hard work this year-while I have not posted as much as I have in the past I do not miss reading a post you put out there and i truly appreciate it…..where to even start from all time high jumpin on my seat in section 309 when dubinsky buries the puck to a sickening depressing feeling when Avery is sent to the box and you just knew the CAPS would somehow figure out a way to make it 3-3….besides blowing the 3-0 lead which is totally unacceptable a few other main points

    1) THE PP is brutal we all know this and i know Torts is resting Staal for his defensive duties but he doesnt see any PP time until the final PP in regulation with 7 minutes to go in the game-is he more banged up than we think????

    2) KISS IT HOCKEY KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID-Especially in OT, we got dominated in OT i think we were outshot something like 16-7 maybe and i know we are tired but WE HAVE TO KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID THERE-we were exahausted from cycyling the dman have to shoot the puck-even if its a wrist shot attempt to get it through and hope for the best

    3) Why is Mccabe playing if he is not going to shoot the puck?????? i honestly think he has less than 5 shot attempts last night-he hit arnott i think in the foot and that lead to our best scoring chance on the PP all night when Gabby cut in-Mccabe has to shoot the puck in his final game(s) as a ranger….Boy do i HOPE MDZ comes back with a huge year after his sophomore slump because he has the talent, can skate, and sees the ice and hopefully is the QB for the next 10-12 years (yes he is not great defensively yet but lets live and die with that since the other 5 dman are very solid defensively

    4) How bad does everyone feel for Hank this morning….just playing his a– off and then to lose like that… wife, parents, in laws, sister, sister in laws texted me to send their condolences its like seth are u ok sitting shiva with ur beloved Rangers-im like it aint over yet-always believe always

    5) Our captain wins faceoffs and skate as quickly as possible to the bench…im sorry but if there is a game 6 and i see drury jerseys people watch ur back, strip that jersey and purchase a dubinsky, boyle, prust, stepan, sauer, mcmonster, henrik, girardi, staal, gilroy, even a wolski jersey…..if the Captain is back the C must be GONZO

  43. Good points Seth – post more often. Good stuff.

    I am also sitting shiva. My clothes are black and torn, i am unshaven and my mirrors are covered.

  44. As much as it stings, this is exactly the type of experience that the kids like Step, Artie, Boyle, Prust, Gilroy, Sauer, McD, and even MZA will benefit from…

    Now, they all know what it takes. This will make them mentally tougher for future series…

    Long term thinking is tough, but I think we have a lot things to look forward to as Rangers fans in the next few seasons that we really haven’t ever had.

  45. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    One game at a tome. First team to win 4 and order matters not. We lost to this same 2 years ago after being up 3-1. Stranger things have hapened. As I look back on the many disappointing ends to all of the ranger seasons, and my fandom goes back to 1968, I really wonder how the rangers managed to win game 7 against the devils after giving up that tying goal with 8 seconds left? Did the hockey gods forget that the rangers were supposed to lose after that? I recall after that Devil’s goal just thinking….unbelievable… Why does this always seem to happen to the rangers? Last night is just one more in a long line of similar heartbreak.

  46. They deserved to lose this game. I kept telling my friend Lundqvist is going to have to make 80 saves for the team to win after those 3 unanswered goals in the third.

    What a bleeping joke. How do you blow this lead with a shutdown defense in the third all year long in the PLAYOFFS? I am so angry I could go out and kill a worthless hobo just throw him off a bridge (JK).

    I never thought they could bring themselves to do it but they did. 3 goal lead being the most dangerous ugh that sucks when it rings like this in my hungover head

    Bring it next game. Then it’s a 3-2 series. This series is NOT OVER. This team never gives up.

    End of my rant =\

  47. Part of being a Ranger fan is heartache…we bleed for our team…

    Washington hasn’t won the series yet…I’d love to see a game 6 at MSG…

  48. 4generations 4 cups on

    It’s just that much more of a kick in the nuts that it was really GABORIK of all people who thought ‘ill finally get the bleeping puck at my net when my goalie wants it.’ Truly heartbreaking. Devastating. Miserable.

  49. Me too NYR – I even have tickets to said game 6 and I know i will bring positive energy to the matchup. Let’s get there boys!

    I actually have full confidence that they can win the next game. Then they win one game at home and it’s anybody’s series. My only sad notion is …. how many times this season have our boys won 3 in a row? twice?

    Re: faceoffs – wow. We have won a LOT of faceoffs. The Caps are either really bad without Steckel taking faceoffs or we are somehow just really good out of nowhere. I would still like to See Newbury and his jam up here (since Avery had a “down” game last night).

  50. Seth agreed about drury taking a faceoff and skating to the bench after 10 second shifts.

    Drury better hang up his skates after this season. Run that pizza parlor you just bought. It’s good pizza I’ve had it before and he’s going to make a lot of money.

    Be a class act like Naslund please. Rangers need that cap space. Imagine what we could do with that extra $. Certainly not even worry about signing all the RFAs and keeping the essential UFAs

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Let’s hope that the craps have a letdown of their own come game 5. One game at a time.

  52. Manny I’ve seen the Rangers “win” faceoffs in their own zone then get overpowered by this bigger, stronger, and quicker Capitals team.

    But I digress. This team needs a puck moving D-man or at least have the confidence to give it back to him deep in the zone instead of blindly throwing the puck around the boards hoping your guy can get to it.

    I cannot count how many times they have turned the puck over when they could just give it back to the D and let them move it and open up shooting and passing lanes.

  53. Noonan – all I can say is “yup.” I think we have a small solution in Gilroy – man he was skating well last night and pinching in.

    The Rangers play small. They need to play big. Take pucks away and dominate. Remember when Fedotenko did that last night? Untouched off the faceoff took it away from them? That was awesome.

  54. Seriously that WHAT TOTAL CLASS ACT BY NASLUND 2 years ago-hang them up he knew he was done….I am sure Chris is as good as a guy as they come and that he cares as much as anyone else and i have to assume he is a positive to have in the lockerroom… I in no way can disrespect him as a leader off the ice but as far as him lacing them up im sick of it….we cannot blame torts for shorting the bench if we lost the game because of a lazy backcheck by someone we would all be going after torts today for putting wolksi, drury, christensen out there at a critical time

  55. Morning all! My stomach hurts too much to say “good” so I’m just going with the fact that it’s morning. I’m taking a break today because reading some stuff here just makes my stomach hurt even more. Have a good day :)

  56. Tortorella please put McCabe in the stands and give Emminger a shot. I thought we got McCage for his shot but he doesn’t shoot, can’t skate and is not as good as any of our rookies. Come on already I don’t care if he resigns I’d prefer he didn’t!

  57. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    While one of the hardest things in sports is to win that final game to clinch the series, the most difficult thing in any game – hockey, tennis, and even chess – is to win a won game. And let me tell you, I mailed that one in last night. Let’s win game 5. And the pressure returns to the caps.

  58. Shoryuken on Glen Sather on

    Amidst all the calls for Gaborik to be shot, drawn and quartered, etc., people seem to have forgotten that it was an honest effort to make a defensive play. Bad on his part not to see LQ coming for it, but an honest defensive effort.

    But watch McCabe on the play. He just stands and stares. He gives up on Chimera, if he blocks him off, maybe the puck bounces harmlessly away. Although maybe he thought LQ had it and was just dog-tired in the 5th period. I don’t know.

  59. Carp,

    At what point does someone address the powerplay?? I mean seriously it is beyond ridiculous at this point. 0-7 last nite, 1-18 in the series and 2-45 in last 13 games!!!!!!! The power play not only kills any momentum the team has but gives a small spark to the opposition. At this point I seriously think it makes sense to take a penalty if one is about to be called to make it 4 on 4. They could not be more inept.

  60. If I am a Craps fan, I am not confident in my team right now…Ovechkin hasn’t looked that great…

  61. My son and I went last night and had a great time. We were the two sitting right up against the glass during warmups with fake mustaches on. Dubi skated by, looked straight at my son (he’s 10 and also shaved his head for St Baldrick’s 2 weeks ago so he loooked awesome) and cracked a big smile. Someone next to us managed to catch 2 practice pucks and gave one of them to my son (whoever you are, thanks again!!). The game was vintage MSG the whole way, felt like the 70’s in there again. The “Can You Hear Us” chant was insane.

    The outcome blew, more because they blew a 3-goal lead. The Caps have much, much more skill offensively than the Rangers. we are still 2 players away (yep, a #1 center and a point shot on the PP). McDonagh, Sauer, Staal, Girardi are all monsters and with Henk we are set back there for years.The Tampa team Tortorella refernces as having been so young and gone on a run – that is all true but our team has nobody even close to the talent level of Vinnie, St. Louis or Richards. As great as it was that the Rangers had 3 goals, the Caps despite their system are not that good defensively and a more offensively gifted team will light up Bebe Neuvirth. Rangers should have had 5 or 6 last night.

    Tough series but I really see these guys as playing with house money. Are we really going to get on McDonagh for a turnover that changed the whole game? The kid has been one of the best defensive players in this series and has a whole what, 40 games at the NHL level? And they miss Cally woefully not only because of him but because he makes Anisimov a much more effective player and shifts the Caps’ burden to 2 lines.

  62. A few thoughts from a sad but optimistic fan:

    * I always USED to feel bad for Hank. Not this time. While he played incredibly, he knows he isn’t likely to win if he gives up 4 goals. He’s got a hard working team that had opportunities to win the game and thats that. His stop on the Ovie breakaway was the stuff of legend and I know THAT is in Ovie’s head.

    * Gotta run more lines in the OT. How many pucks went idly sliding by our bench while we changed? How short and gased were the late shifts (especially at the end of the 1st OT)?

    * MORE SHOTS TOWARDS THE NET. Not even shots on goal, just towards the net.

    * Neuvirth isnt a bad goalie… not a bad goalie at all

    * Anyone else love the street paver named Boyle? LOVED his effort.

    * Speaking of effort, Dubi and Gab’s were both skating great straight through the game… Dubi was certainly channeling his inner Callahan for this on.

    * Our top two defensive pairings are awesome. How many great plays did they have last night?

    *** I think we win game 5. I think anything can happen in a 3-2 Series with game 6 in NYC. LETS GO RANGERS! If watching your team go balls to the wall with the #1 seed is so miserable, stop being a fan. Last nights loss hurt, but our team is IN IT. LETS GO RANGERS!

  63. NYR – agreed. My buddy is still worried. They have Semin though….look what happens. We contain Ovie and Semin decides to step up. We aren’t ready for it and Game over.

    I blame this all on Leetch because he said (going into the 3rd) “man I thought we would see an OT game but the Rangers got a few there – that third goal is going to be huge for them. Watch”

  64. Good point, Shor…Gaby did make an honest effort…it was a brain fart…the loss isn’t just on him…

  65. And the other thing people need to do is forget about the game winner. It never should have come to that. At that point, stuff just happens and its not fair to start pointing fingers. Should never have been an OT game.

  66. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    Have to weigh in with all youse regulars.

    -On Drury: I don’t know what you guys are watching, but the guy wins big faceoffs and plays solid two-way hockey. Sure, he’s not scoring (but who is) and is not worth his big contract, but he’d probably do a bit more if (1) he’d been healthy most of the season, and (2) there were more skill players around him.

    -On McCabe: Couldn’t agree with Seth (above) more. He’s been disappointing, and his defense is pretty lacking. MDZ should be ready to go next year. I would consider putting Eminger back in, but do you think he’s rusty.

    -On Wolski: This guy gave us some glimpses last night, right? Sam & Joe commented that he was playing with an edge in the 2nd period and Torts put him out there on the pp and other times. Now if he could only be more consistent on that.

    -On Fedentenko: Has really picked it up, and worthy of the articles written about him. I would definitely bring him back next year (I assume his 1 year deal expires, right?) and you can see that he is a playoff performer.

    -On Gaborik: OK, I give him a pass on the OT goal– his intentions were good. Also, the dude was buzzing around the net all night. He was in the same place by the goal mouth towards the end of the second period that he was when he scored the second goal. I think a Cap deflected it or something, otherwise it would have been 4-0.

    –On Staal: If he’s not a top 6-8 defensemen in this league, now, who is? I mean come on, that hip check on Ovi was devastating…. If we didn’t play him so much against Ovi, I also think Staal would get more PP time at the point. After Game 1, Torts has clearly been watching his minutes…

    -On Girardi: Love the Block Ness monster.

    -On OT: Oh boy, great hocket but can’t stand the idea that a bad bounce can win an OT game. Sam Rosen sounded completely gassed and horse at the end. I don’t know how these players do it.

    I am worried about the next game. I think the Caps ditch the defense and try and pour it on and get out ahead early. If we can withstand it, I think we get an opportunity or two to get ahead. I do believe this is going 6 or 7.

  67. Yea NYR – i mean the scoring on your own net thing is brutal but the game never should have gone to OT. The Rangers have to know how crucial that lead is against a team like this and they have to maintain it. As I said earlier – better teams than us have given up 3 in a period. Too bad it happened while we were down 2-1. Gotta rebound and keep playing. I would like to see one more great effort out of our heroes.

  68. I expected more from McCabe

    IDK if he’s injured and/or not being used in the right way but dang I feel sorry for any team that is going to overpay him next season

  69. I’m just in shock.

    I could have sworn I saw a ref wearing a #8 jersey last night as well

  70. The previous time the Rangers actually won a game on my birthday was the 97 playoffs vs Florida. You’d think after “26” years I’d start wishing for something else.

    If memory serves, Rangers have not won a playoff OT game since Rozsival beat Miller in 2007. Since then they’ve lost against Buffalo (07), NJ (08), Pitt (08) and now twice against the Caps.

  71. staal and girardi are playing to many minutes period.

    drury should take the faceoff on the PP in the offensive zone, dubi loses everyone and they get a easy clear.

    christensen did not see the ice almost at all in OT.

    the rangers are battling and just getting less breaks. this team is competing at a higher level then the series 2 years ago.

    the future is bright……

  72. Have nothing to add about the loss… pretty depressing. BUT I STILL BELIEVE!

    Carp mentioned Chimera being a beast and according to wiki, he (she) is! And his mythological parents are parents of all monsters! And his (her) siblings are pretty bad a$$ monsters too!

    From wiki (just to raise our mood a little :) )

    The Chimera or Chimaera (khimaros, “she-goat”) was, according to Greek mythology, a monstrous fire-breathing female creature of Lycia in Asia Minor, composed of the parts of multiple animals: upon the body of a lioness with a tail that ended in a snake’s head, the head of a goat arose on her back at the center of her spine. The Chimera was one of the offspring of Typhon (the most deadly monster of Greek mythology. Typhon was known as the “Father of all monsters”) and Echidna (half woman half snake, “Mother of All Monsters”) and a sibling of such monsters as Cerberus (multi-headed hound (usually three-headed) which guards the gates of The Underworld) and the Lernaean Hydra (was an ancient nameless serpent-like chthonic water beast (as its name evinces) that possessed many heads — the poets mention more heads than the vase-painters could paint, and for each head cut off it grew two more — and poisonous breath so virulent even her tracks were deadly.) The term chimera has also come to mean, more generally, an impossible or foolish fantasy, hard to believe.

  73. Stranger Nation on

    Stopped hitting and stopped winning. First period was the best hitting all year. Feds is their PO MVP so far (Hank included!)

    Need more Gilly on PP, especially on Right side and to carry puck into zone. Caber does not have wheels to motor it in and just rifles puck into corner and we spend 20 seconds trying to gain possession.

    Our 3rd goal was a killer. We exhaled and played soft the rest of the game. Gabby’s goal could have been scored by Boogie. Nobody does less with so much talent?

    Was EZ hurt? Menstrual cramps??

    Man, McD and Sauer are very good and so are the Caps 2 young Dmen as well.

  74. Amen Stranger – good stuff – get Gilroy on the PP – use this kid more. I was hoping he would be thrown on the wing in OT because we needed Defense and he was skating well.

  75. I’m crushed like the rest of you.

    Why is it that THE basic tenet of playing 60 minutes is so frequently forgotten or overlooked? I knew in the first minute of the third period that this game was far from over. We stopped hitting and forechecking. Then we stopped playing tight defensively in our own zone. The Capitals didn’t win this game, the Rangers lost it. Let’s hope our youngsters burn this experience into their brains and vow to never, ever stop doing what works. Losing requires change, winning requires perseverance.

  76. Stranger Nation on

    In the 3rd period the floaters floated (Artie, wolly bear, EZ, gabby) and we were playing a man down when at even strength it seemed.

    Was hoping Aves would score OT winner just to see the reaction on the boards today!

  77. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The key to a game 5 victory is Score more goals than the caps…there, ive said it, now go and do it….. This post is from one of eddies….. One is still passed out… And the other is up on the roof ready to jump.

  78. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    I’m still planning to eat my beard if Sean scores in this series.

  79. Seriously people, like Carp says, you are so fickle.

    Just imagine if instead of almost two decades of dismal disappointment the Rangers had won the Stanley Cup all those years? Just imagine if instead of the Rangers being down in the series 3-1 they had swept? Then what? You’d be happy!

    Just imagine if instead of being 37 and climbing your way to assistant managership at Wendy’s you were a multi-billionaire with a harem of exotic girlfriends. You certainly wouldn’t be complaining about not being able to afford car insurance then! So fickle.

    Look people, professional sports is NOT a results-driven business. It doesn’t matter that you make your living playing a game you’ve player pretty much every day for the vast majority of your life and have only scored one goal in a dozen games. What matters is that you’re working so hard! You’re a great team guy!! You totally lift weights! You score a ton in practice against no goalie. You’re looking great!

    That’s what real sports is. Being the team guy. Production is for fickle, simple minded idiots. The excitement comes from the chase and the failure to attain, not the hollow blackness of victory.

    +1 for me Carp! Keep these silly people honest. In our hearts the Rangers are 85 time defending Stanley Cup champs! LET’S GO RANGERS!!!! POTVIN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    So, I was there last night. Here are my Carp-esque thoughts:

    1) Well, first things first. Carp, it was a pleasure meeting you and thanks for taking the time! Sorry I had to jet so fast, but I had to meet my brother to figure out the “how to eat at MSG without breaking Passover” situation.

    2) The renovations at MSG are a JOKE. The line for the bathrooms was practically wrapped around half the arena. And the food options are so much more limited now. I cannot fathom how they did not plan contingencies better than this. My brother said it best, “Boudreau was right…this place is a dump.”

    3) That said, the crowd…I mean, wow. While the game turned out to be likely the worst memory of sporting life, that was probably the best crowd I’ve been a part of at any sporting event (and I was at the Giants-Pats Super Bowl). The “Can You Hear Us?!” chant late in the 2nd period was the loudest synchronized chant I have ever heard. Classic stuff. And, to the credit of the crowd, while the air left the building when it became 3-3, the crowd soon after started picking up the “Let’s Go Rangers!” chants to try and lift the team. Not used to seeing that. But man, after that OT goal went in, it was a full-out funeral. And the renovations made it take forever to get out of the building.

    4) I know it’s been said…but Fedotenko was an absolute monster last night. Those were two ridiculous passes. He really is the perfect guy to have on this team full of bright-eyed youngsters: a pro’s pro who has been there before. I hope he’s brought back.

    5) The PP…nothing needs to be said.

    6) I cannot get on Gaborik for that final play that led to the OT goal. 99 times out of 100, that puck misses Chimera or deflects to the side and any crisis is averted. That is just incredibly bad luck and Henrik deserved way better. It’s one thing to give up a goal in OT…it’s another to have a puck deflect behind you and lay on the goal line for the opposition to tap in to end the game.

    7) I saw somewhere in the thread last night that Messier said that this game will be so important to the development of the young guys. It was hard to support that at the time but he’s almost certainly right. This experience will definitely shape them in the years to come. But man…20 minutes away from 2-2. I still can’t swallow.

    8) I came into work late this morning and Joe Beningo, who I normally enjoy on WFAN, said that Henrik is not an elite goalie because elite goalies “shut it down” when up 3-0. Uhh okay.

    After all that, and a night to sleep on it, I STILL LOVE THIS TEAM.

  81. 2 things- 1- even if/when they lose this is the kind of series you want your young guys to use as a first taste of the playoffs. To let them know exactly how heart breaking things can be and how hard you have to work. how good it feels to win and how awful it feels to lose. the lessons learned through these first 4 games are invaluable and will help mold our team.

    2- Caps fans were feeling just as crappy being down 3-1 in 09 so lets not pack anything in until theyre all shaking hands ok? that’s why they play the games.. :)

  82. It’s already been said, but the main reason the Rangers are in the situation they are in is the power-play. It is horrid, horrid, horrid. If they would have scored on a reasonable number of power-plays, Washington would be where the Rangers are, if not already eliminated.

    They better address this problem head-on during the off-season, starting with hiring an assistant coach who knows how plan and execute the power play. They will never be a legitimate cup contender until they can consistently score on the power play. Just standing around and passing the puck back and forth has not worked and will NEVER work. They must shoot the puck off the pass, and not just tee it up, hesitate, and wait for the defense to close down the lanes.

    Will it happen? Time will tell.

  83. Carp: “I thought there were a couple of guys on the Rangers who weren’t even as engaged as hard as Steve Eminger or Martin Biron were in this game. You can guess their names.”

    To be honest, no names are blatantly obvious to me but I’m going to guess “Capt. Clutch” Chris Dreary and Bryan McCabe? Maybe Christensen? Help a brother out here.

    Championship teams do not go up 3-0 and then surrender 4 straight goals to lose the game.

    On the last goal, just yell “I got it!”, Hank!

    The game probably should have ended on the Ovechkin breakaway in OT.

    The Rangers looked really good during the first half of the first OT, but afterwards they played like their tanks were on ‘E’.

    The Rangers have been playing their a$$es off, hustling, taking the body, blocking shots, you name it. But it’s just not enough against this highly skilled Caps team that is playing like it’s on a do-or-die mission to win the Cup. Their forwards – Ovechkin, Backstrom, Johansson, Chimera, Sturm, Knuble, and Semin – are just better offensively than our forwards.

  84. Joe Beningo needs to go back to being hysteric about the Mets. I hate it when the NY sports “pundiots” that ignore hockey for 360+ days a year talk about it.

  85. Carp,

    Any quotes from gaborik (no upper-case letter deserved) or did he not talk to the media? I’ve been looking for some post-game quotes and can’t seem to find any. Do you have anything from him? Thanks.

  86. From Andrew Gross:

    Marian Gaborik came out late in the Rangers’ dressing room but he did answer a couple of questions of the devastating loss in Game 4.

    Gaborik, of course, had the first of the Rangers’ two goals within seven seconds in the second period but was also stopped on a breakaway in the second overtime and poked his stick toward the puck on Jason Chimera’s winner. Goalie Henrik Lundqvist said there was bad communication between the two on the goal and coach John Tortorella called it a nothing play that turned into something.

    “I saw the puck,” Gaborik told a handful of media. “I don’t know if it was a rebound or something, I just saw it in front. I just tried to clear it. I didn’t see that Hank went for it. I just saw him that second when I tried to clear it. I didn’t see Chimera obviously so I guess it hit him in the stomach and he was right there. I wish I would have seen Hank quicker go for it. I just tried to clear maybe I should have seen Hank earlier, obviously if I would have seen him go for it, I would have left it, right?. It’s one of those bad bounces.”

    On his goal, Gaborik said, “It’s always nice to score, 2-0, right after we scored the third goal, momentum was on our side. In the third period, they came out and scored first, second and tied it late. We talked we have to keep going, had a couple of chances in OT, then just a bad goal there.”

    Gaborik finished with four shots in 28:21 but it just seems like his karma this season that even when he contributes with a goal, he’ll be remembered for something else in the game.

  87. I hope everyone on the Rangers team avoids thinking about hockey until tomorrow, and hope they go out and have fun, or relax, or sleep, or play xbox or whatever – anything but going near a rink

  88. oh i SEE what the problem is with Gaborik… he need glasses because he can’t SEE well! DUH! Everything makes sense now!

  89. Gabby did speak to a few media members afterwards – Andrew Gross caught him coming out of the locker room later:

    “I saw the puck,” Gaborik told a handful of media. “I don’t know if it was a rebound or something, I just saw it in front. I just tried to clear it. I didn’t see that Hank went for it. I just saw him that second when I tried to clear it. I didn’t see Chimera obviously so I guess it hit him in the stomach and he was right there. I wish I would have seen Hank quicker go for it. I just tried to clear maybe I should have seen Hank earlier, obviously if I would have seen him go for it, I would have left it, right?. It’s one of those bad bounces.”

    On his goal, Gaborik said, “It’s always nice to score, 2-0, right after we scored the third goal, momentum was on our side. In the third period, they came out and scored first, second and tied it late. We talked we have to keep going, had a couple of chances in OT, then just a bad goal there.”

  90. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    While I think this team has shown a lot in the face of adversity all year, I am not sure any team can come back from a loss like that.

    See: 2007 series against Buffalo

  91. Noah: “3) That said, the crowd…I mean, wow. While the game turned out to be likely the worst memory of sporting life, that was probably the best crowd I’ve been a part of at any sporting event (and I was at the Giants-Pats Super Bowl). The “Can You Hear Us?!” chant late in the 2nd period was the loudest synchronized chant I have ever heard. Classic stuff. And, to the credit of the crowd, while the air left the building when it became 3-3, the crowd soon after started picking up the “Let’s Go Rangers!” chants to try and lift the team. Not used to seeing that. But man, after that OT goal went in, it was a full-out funeral. And the renovations made it take forever to get out of the building.”

    I could not have put it better myself. Felt great in there last night and I’m proud of our fans. Even though it kills me that Humpty Dumpty walked out with a win, I think we should be proud of ourselves and our team.

  92. Honestly, if Torts insists on having McCabe in there, why doesn’t he just dress 7 D including Eminger? McCabe can just play on the power play, and Gilroy can skate fourth line shifts if you need him to. That will alleviate some of the defensive woes of that line as well, especially if you put Drury there. I would be fine with a fourth line of Gilroy-Drury-Wolski. I don’t think there would be too many defensive zone errors. I don’t think Wolski is as bad in the D-zone as Christensen is; he played under Dave Tippett last year, so I’m sure he was taught a thing or two.

  93. I usually agree with Torts’ calls on the lines. During the regular season, I don’t mind rolling three. But you could tell how gassed everyone looked last night. They had nothing left. I even saw it in Feds.

  94. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    Agreed Latona. And Staal, the beast that he is, could barely move in the 2nd OT. He was skating in quicksand and reaching a lot. I can’t really blame him.

  95. Noah – all great points today! As always….The guys were gassed. They cannot keep up with this team in OT. The Caps are bigger, faster and stronger. The only guys that could skate in OT were Gaborik, Gilroy and a bit of Avery’s ice time looked jumpy. Our d-men have to work SO hard just to keep up during the game that they are totally gassed by OT let alone 2OT.

    In the legal world – I am interviewing with a matrimonial firm tomorrow. Legal career change.

  96. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    Wow…best of luck. I never took a liking to matrimonial/family law because it would depress me…much like giving up a 3-0 lead in the 3rd period of Game 4 of a playoff series.

  97. Ha – yeah. I am looking to make more money. I will really do that anywhere. At least in matrimonial I will get a lot of litigation experience under the belt. Real experience. I also interviewed with an executive search/financial thing. Hoping either one pulls through.

    Also hoping our boys can pull through! Laying a great foundation for the future here…I have to keep remembering that.

  98. Mister Delaware on

    “See: 2007 series against Buffalo”

    I wish I’d commissioned someone to paint me at that moment. At On Deck in Portland, OR, the only Rangers fan versus 2 (very nice) Sabres fans who all showed up solo but everyone there was watching since it was an “early” game out there. Drury scores, I put my head on the bar for 5 minutes while the other 2 celebrate. The painting would be mostly black and white, only my Rangers hat and the tears pooling on the bar would be shades of blue. It would be titled “Despair”.

  99. haven’t gone through all the comments yet, but I have to say this:

    It’s asinine to blame Gaborik in hindsight. He’s trying to clear a loose puck from the crease with a very large opponent bearing down on him. If he pulls up and Chimera gets there first you guys are crucifying him. It’s a classic second guess. The guy was trying to do the right thing and it backfired.

    It’s also asinine to call the McDonagh turnover a rookie mistake or any indication of anything. That kind of turnover is committed by just about every defenseman on every team in every game. First, that turnover didn’t need to end up in the net. The Rangers had players back. (also McDonagh-Sauer played a GREAT game otherwise). Girardi made a much worse pass during the game and Lundqvist bailed him out. Staal’s clearing pass in the D.C. loss was 10 times worse than McDonagh’s pass. I’m just saying, he’s getting all this blame because it ended up in the net.

    And, finally, (for now) Tortorella can’t play his fourth line when Wolski and Christensen are playing like that, and has to do his best to get matchups against a more skilled team. You guys kill me with this idea that he got outcoached or did a bad job. Was he doing a bad job at 3-0?

  100. great point on whoever said dressing a 7th defenseman….you can mix and match a bit towards the beginning and end of the game and then staal and girardi can maybe have a second to breathe….

    I mean when the season comes to an end I will be proud of this team-The PK in OT with Girardi blocking three shots and trying to pass the puck (from his knees)to Drury to clear the puck is a microcosm of this season to me and makes me proud to root for these Guys-these Guys do Care….Absolute monster shift by Girardi there-block ovechkin shot, block ovechkin shot dive and block another shot and from his knees tries to move back to Captain Clutch-that is RANGER HOCKEY people GUTS!

  101. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    I will pose this to you Boneheads:

    Which loss was worse? Game 5 against Buffalo in 2007 or Game 4 against Washington in 2011?

    While the scar is still fresh from last night, I would have to say the Buffalo games for a few reasons: (1) that was to take a 3-2 lead in the series with Game 6 at MSG; (2) we had the lead after 59 minutes and 52 seconds; (3) that Rangers team was simply better than the current team we have (though probably not as gritty); and (4) that game essentially led to the inevitable Glen Sather bloated, cap-killing contract for Captain Clutch!

  102. Hey Carp –

    I can’t blame Gaborik because we never should have been in that situation in the first place. It’s just crushing to everybody that Gaborik, of all people, finally hustled back on Defense and ended up putting the biscuit in the wrong basket. It’s emotional.

    McMonster = Great. No complaints about the turnover or anything like that.

    Torts is the man. Boudreau is good too though – when they lost he put all the focus on himself. The minute they won he put it back on the players and what a great job they did. Way to handle the media. Really.

    *Dress 7 D-Men* we have nothing to lose. Give it a shot. Please!

  103. Carp,
    Thanks for mentioning the Avery call. No journalist has mentioned anything about it, nor did MSG last night. That was an absolutely horrible call, made by a ref in the far corner. How do you even begin to blow the whistle for that one?

    Then you have something even weirder: the refs NOT blowing a quick whistle when Henrik seemed to pull the puck in for that Caps goal. I’ve seen countless times this season and in seasons past the refs being quick to the whistle, sometimes even negating a Rangers goal. Where were they here? The ref skates all the way from the corner to just STARE at the net.

    It’s times like these I don’t blame Mario Lemieux for not wanting to be part of the NHL. This league is a joke.

  104. Very sad day today. If Gaborik was going to try sticking the puck behind the net, how about not giving the attempt a half-hearted effort. He barely poked his stick at it. Simply put, lazy.

    But maybe we’ll come back from down 3-1 as they did a couple years ago.

  105. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    That was 2009. And for some reason, that doesn’t sting me as much. That was probably the worst Rangers team we had since the lockout. Henrik willed them to that 3-1 lead. That was basically just the other shoe dropping.

    You’re right though, that was still very tough to take.

  106. You’re totally right – this hurts MUCH more. Maybe because I have a huge bro-style, bromance, dude-crush on this team? I love these guys. I really want them to win.

    I was talking to my friend who is a Caps fan this morning about why it’s so much worse to watch your team lose than to lose yourself. I never felt this awful after losing in High School.

  107. Buffalo was far worse. They had a lead later in the game and it was further along in the playoffs. Also that was a team that had a better chance of making the finals.

    This year’s team needs to look at last night’s loss and whatever else happens in the playoffs as a learning experience. It usually takes young and developing teams a couple of playoff runs to finally break through.

  108. Good point CT. I keep trying to remember that I said this is a “bonus round” for our boys. They need the experience and they are certainly getting it. Let’s milk this and I will try and calm down.

  109. Yergz, I didn’t think Lundqvist ever had that puck under control.

    The hilarious part of that goal was the replay on the big board. When they showed the puck stopped on the goal line the whole arena booed … and then they showed it in the back of the net and the place groaned. Guess you couldn’t be a Rangers fan and appreciate that.

  110. Yeah I agree he never had control, and yeah, you gotta love the Garden faithful. They know their hockey. But my point is, many goalies have never had control, and the refs blow the whistle anyway. I think they should rename this league the NIL: National Inconsistency League.

  111. Had no business even having to play in OT. We should have won that game in regulation. To me, that might just be the worst loss I have ever witnessed. Worse than the Buffalo loss, and worse than losing in the shootout to not make the playoffs last year. It was completely demoralizing. It showed 2 things.

    1. That the caps can stick to their new defensive system and play with us, and as seen in games 1 and 2, beat us.

    2. That if they are behind, then can flip the switch, and play like last years caps, and score goals at will.

    And a bonus 3. This caps team has choked plenty of times, but they have practice at choking. More so than we do. So if this is a battle of the chokers series, I have to give them the advantage.

    We have played them every step of the way here, and although we are down 3-1, this series is much closer than those numbers indicate. In fact, I dare say that if we had anything that even resembled a PP, we could very well have been up 3-1 or even swept this series. We know it, and the caps know it too.

    All things being said, let’s go out there Saturday and throw carcillo to the wall and see what sticks, because that is all we really can do at this point.


  112. Very, very late last night somebody — a fan since the ’60s or ’70s — said this is the worst loss he’s ever experienced.

    Which I believe is not possible.

    I threw out this, and please join in:

    The J.P. Parise game. The Ken Morrow game. Games 2,3,4,5 in the ‘79 finals. Game 5 in the ‘94 finals. Game 5 in the ‘94 ECF. The James Patrick/Ray Scapinello game in ‘86. The Drury game. The Ron Francis game.

  113. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    Carp, I was admittely one that booed because I had no idea the puck ended up in the back of the net during the live action. I thought they ruled it a goal based on the initial video of the puck sitting on the goal line before being swept away (albeit briefly).

    And then when I saw in the back of the net, I just said, “Oh…well I’m pretty sure that crossed the line.”

    Not quite sure why it was even reviewed.

  114. Yergz and Carp – I will say what I said yesterday –

    Boyle had a similar incident in the last game – and Oy-Vey never had the puck under control… fact it was on Boyle’s stick when the ref blew the whistle and Boyle was yelling at the ref..”.come on….i have it!” but to no avail. Last night Hank at least was touching the puck and BAM knocked out and into the goal.

    I don’t think a whistle was necessary in either situation but hey…come on. Be consistent.

  115. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    I would add Game 4 of the 1997 ECF series against the Flyers. That Lindros goal was a DAGGER.

  116. Speaking of Drury and playoff heroics….

    I would have liked to see Drury get more ice time in periods 4 and 5…I mean, that is why he was signed originally, right? He has a knack for big, clutch OT playoff goals…

    Steve Levy of ESPN even tweeted last night: “This is Drury time.”

    I realize the game should have never even went to 2 overtimes…I’m not placing blame, I thought it was awesome game, not an epic collapse…I just would have liked the Rangers to have the hero in OT…

  117. Hey Carp! Thanks man! Pile on the pain! That’s awesome. (joking).

    Seriously though, this is clearly not the *worst* loss ever. It is, however, the most *recent* loss in history and therefore it feels painful right now.

    Noah – I think it was reviewed albeit briefly to see if a whistle was blown.

  118. Noah. Yup. When Lindros threw Messier like a rag doll.

    Manny, if they were consistent … that McDonagh penalty early in the series would never have been called … the Backstrom boarding on Staal last night would have been called … woulda, woulda, woulda …

    They’re not consistent, never have been, never will be.

    But Lundqvist, there, didn’t even know where the puck was, and he didn’t have it.

  119. I would say the most annoying part of last night was Dubinsky getting stonewalled by not one, but two linesman completely out of position and in his way. TWO! Why were two linesman even there. His yelling was making ME agitated. I can’t believe how he felt… was a TWO on NO ONE and it was completely messed up by idiot linesman.

    I know it happens. Not blaming….just reminiscing about last night and all the horrible, unlucky bounces we got from the 3rd period on…

  120. I am too young for the games in 79 and 86 but obviously the games in 94 are much worse than this one…This is game 4 of the Eastern conference QUARTERFINALS -we win and its still only 2-2 heading on the road-still not great…..with that being said this is a worse loss than the game 6 in buffalo IMO-we are AT HOME and we LEAD 3-0 after 2 with a record of 29-0 THIS SEASON…..I know Drury burns us with 7.7 seconds to go but that game was 0-0 until Straka scores with 7-8 minutes to go-this one IMO is much worse than the buffalo lose….3-0 20 MINUTES TO GO….in the first 238 minutes of Hockey the Caps had a total of 6 goals, they then SCORE 3 in 11 minutes-thats JUST PAINFUL

  121. I think it was reviewed because the guys in Toronto saw what we saw … Lundqvist pinning the puck to the goal line … and until they got the other replay, they didn’t know the puck ended up in the back of the net. Just as we didn’t.

  122. Still trying to sort out last night’s game. I was wondering one thing. Why did the NHL review (i.e. an official announcement is made) the first Caps goal, but not on Johansson’s second goal? It made more sense to check if it was a high stick or possibly deflected in off his hands. I didn’t think there was any reason to change it, but I was hoping the review might slow the Capsa down a bit – or is that why the NHL didn’t bother to do it (he said making a joke)?

  123. You’re right Carp. Why I said – don’t blow the whistle in either situation. You’re totally right of course that they never have been and never will be consistent.

    If they were consistent you’re right Backstrom should be on the phone with Toronto right now finding out how many games he is missing due to suspension….didn’t he also cross check the crap out of Staal at one point also? During a Rangers PP?

  124. Manny,

    Dubi has to be aware of the situation there-he needed to one touch the puck to Stepan and then it would have been a clean breakaway-he gets off the bench and has to be aware of the situation-this kid plays hockey as a living-when you are working all day long he is on the ICE-situational play and he knows the linesman is doing his job to ensure they are ON SIDES-has to be mentally in it there!

  125. Even the Drury goal was more devastating. 7 seconds left to be on the brink of the EC Finals, with Jaromir, a bona fide leader/scorer, and Henrik. Against the annual flop Senators with a chance at the Cup Finals.

  126. Fair enough Seth. I thought he would have one touched but then he carried in. Just a bad break. He should have seen them. But why were there two linesman in the same spot? Aren’t they supposed to be aware also of where the other linesman are? Also, where the puck is?

    Maybe the confusion shows what a good and surprising chance it was.

  127. Game 5 in the 94 finals was such a huge swing of emotion. Down 3, tied, then down 3 again? Game 6 is wasn’t crushing as blowing a lead as much as it was “are they going to completely fall apart” feeling of dread.

    The Lindros goal in 97 hurt, but already losing to the Flyers in 95 and knowing that they didn’t have the type of team to compete against them anyway dulled that sting a bit.

  128. You know what really hurt? Being a Whalers fan from 1981 – 1997. 1986-87 was OK but that was the year I got my first pacemaker so the excitement was tempered….and oh yea…they lost.

  129. I just dont see how you see the Captain having a good series…Forget that he is the Captain-he is just as responsible for the loss in Game 1 IMO as Staal is-he had a chance to clear the puck and failed the moment before Staal did…..take the pressure off him as the captain (as everyone knows he is not the captain of this team on the ice) but I just dont see how you can say he has had a good series-he wins faceoffs and thats it-is he a better man on the PK than dubi, boyle, prust, fedotenko, stepan, anisimov???????? IMO NO…..the one thing he has left is a very underrated slap shot and blasted one a bit high last night but besides that u rarely see him take a shot anymore-i just see ZERO VALUE ADDED besides the faceoffs….he is slow and weak IMO – i know he cares i give him credit for returning from the knee injury but he is donzo

  130. The Ron Francis game in ’92 may be the worst. 1940 was still being chanted. We couldn’t beat the Pens without Mario…The curse was alive and well

    I remember being a little kid watching it with my Dad…lots of byfugliens and bryzgalovs…

  131. Oh yeah….

    *Trade Gaborik*

    I’m done with Butt-Chin. Useless piece of carcillo.

    I hope another goon beats the piss out of him, and none of the Rangers step in for him.

    How many players have more goals than Butt-Chin? Who are they? Kennedy, Asham, Chimera, Clifford, Eaves??

    Fuggin joke!

  132. gee, there seems to be something missing from the review at the top of this page. sorry but if anyone has actually played hockey they know that you DO NOT poke the puck away from your goalie with no one in front of him as he is freezing the puck.

    can’t hide the facts. Buttchin blew the game and likely the series with a stupid bonehead move. period.

  133. Geez…will folks stop blaming Gaby for the OT goal? I mean, he’s not scoring, that’s one thing….but it was an honest effort to make a defensive play…he sucks on defense…get over it…be more upset that he hasn’t scored more goals…

  134. It was a poor decision on Gaborik’s part on the OT goal, but the game should never have gone to OT in the first place.

    Just like Staal’s turnover in game 1, bad decision, but he probably shouldn’t have been left 1 on 3 in his own end.

  135. In Game 5 of the 94 Finals, we got the first goal taken off the board cheaply on a late and incorrect offsides call. LOL

  136. see what I mean. the coverup continues. honest effort my arse. it was plain beginner level incompetence by a supposed top veteran player. when he does not score, they blame his linemates. and when he blows games defensively, it is a “honest effort”


  137. I wont ever get over it. Fugg him!

    LOL! He’s trying to help Hank. You want to help him, play some god damn defense for more than one play, score some fuggin goals, or at least help your linemates out.

    That play goes hand in hand with Hollweg’s boarding penalty in Game 3 of the semis against Pissburgh. Down 3-1, Jagr battles back to get us back into the game, and Hollweg takes his usual boarding penalty, and Malkin scores the go-ahead goal. We were never able to recover.

    Sickens me!

  138. Yeah I think it was Nemchinov and Tikkanen coming across the blueline when Tikk rifled a shot that went in but was called back.

  139. Orr,

    Don’t know what else to say. The reality is that he’ll probably be on the team for at least another season if not two for a variety of reasons. Most of them related to his contract.

  140. Here’s Butt-Chin’s explanation…

    “I should’ve seen Hank earlier,” Gaborik told “I saw the puck. I don’t know if it was a rebound or something, but I saw it in front and just tried to clear it. I didn’t see Hank went for it and when I just cleared it, I saw him at the last second. I tried to clear it, but I didn’t see Chimera. I guess it hit him in the stomach because he was right there.

    Fugg you!

  141. I don’t expect him to get traded, like I’ve been saying. It’s just wishful thinking. Maybe Maloney can do us another favor

    I just can’t see Slats moving him. He never does anything the fans want, like retiring :P

  142. Maybe Gaborik will be better next year. Like Carp always says, our team is very good and is very promising, but we’re in need of a first line, and at least one first liner to complement Gaborik.

  143. so, by his phony explanation, we are to believe that he plays strictly with his head down,and he does not see anybody else, his own goalie, the opponent, no one. he just skates around with his head you know where. nice try covering your butt, chin.

  144. He’s got a no trade clause, so that’s the first obstacle.

    And players with his multiple years at his cap hit almost never get moved. Gomez was one of them, and by most accounts that was a terrible trade for Montreal. The other was Heatley who forced his way out of Ottawa.

    Plus trading him in a down year where his injury issues are again brought into question is going to get them taken to the woodshed in terms of trade value.

  145. I’ve been saying this all season. Sather needs to find a way like he did with Gomez and trade Gaborik in the off season. Gaborik is just another bad free agent signing by the old fart. I wish sather would stop with the insanity free agent signings because that is not the way to build a contender for a cup. Unfortunately I have come to the realization that as long as Dolan is the owner of the rangers and knicks they will never sniff a championship never mind actually winning a championship.

  146. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Looking forward to Saturday’s game. As many have noted, the Rangers would have had to win at least one in DC to take the series anyway. The longer they stay in this next game, the more the pressure builds on the Caps.

    Strangely, I hope Boudreau gets his side back on the short defensive leash. The Rangers can play with the conservative Caps. Unleashed and attacking instinctively, they seem much more dangerous to our low-scoring team.


  147. OK that game should NEVER ever have made it to OT but Gaborik, who stink on defense and normally floats back with a player assuming he will make a great play with his stick, hustles back – beats everyone to the puck and…puts it in his own net? what is he thinking there? Caber also? Those two guys crashed their OWN net.

  148. for those wondering if i jumped off the ledge since i havent posted much since getting home at 1230 last night and having to be at work at 5 i am on the ledge today. i cant think straight as all i think about is walking out of the garden(which by the way is a disaster these days) and feeling like someone took out my guts.

    please can we get some sustained offense and play in there end for once. i mean hockey is about puck possession and the rangers lead league in blocked shots because they are always counter punching.

    rangers zero skill

  149. Call it what you want a give away is just that. One is no worse or better than the other. Mcdonagh’s turn over just happened to be the one that landed in the net , and woke up a cap team that seemed to be sleep walking through the third period. I’m sure that McD feels real bad, and he should that was a stupid mistake, but the guy played a very good game, as did his partner. I doubt they feel real proud today, but they should.
    Three quarters of this team is as tough and strong minded as a bull with a high IQ, but there have to be some guys dropped from this lineup. There were a few guys that just did not stay engaged with the play all shift, coasting in a game like that last night is just not acceptable.
    I don’t count this team out, I expect they will not go down easy, but either way they have learned some great lessons during these playoffs, that will be valuable next time around. I also don’t expect they will be waiting til the last games to see if they got in next year.

  150. Manny,

    Believe me, I agree it was a bad play. But I blame most of the team (including Gaborik for some pretty poor choices on the PP) for blowing a 3-0 lead in one period.

  151. Can’t blame McCabe. Looking at the video, he looked like he thought Hank was going to stop the play.

    Nobody’s fault but Butt-Chin.

    But yeah, the game should have never went to OT. Pathetic performance, and likely the nail in NYR’s coffin.

    Butt-Chin only shows up for Team Slovakia, not for NYR

  152. Heh. If Gaborik had scored 10 goals last night you’d all be praising him.

    Such hypocrites.

  153. CT – I agree with you 100%. This game never should be in OT. Never. It was a horrendous performance to blow that lead. Especially when you had looked dominant doing it!

    If we are going to talk about Gaborik’s goal on his own net….I never played hockey and as he rushed for that puck I was screaming “Same Team A–Hole! SAME TEAM!”

  154. Hey Jeff – if you read this blog rather frequently I think you know that no one around here would be praising him. The most he would get is an “it’s about time!” from the crowd.

  155. Blowzy was the last Ranger to score in an OT playoff game…I think the Rangers have lost 5 straight OT playoff games…

  156. Hilarious stat right NYR? Hilarious. It does go to show how important it is to get the D-Men involved in the play – especially in OT. Get the puck to the net and take advantage of a tired goaltender.

  157. “I threw out this, and please join in:
    The J.P. Parise game. The Ken Morrow game. Games 2,3,4,5 in the ‘79 finals. Game 5 in the ‘94 finals. Game 5 in the ‘94 ECF. The James Patrick/Ray Scapinello game in ‘86. The Drury game. The Ron Francis game.”

    Game 1 vs. NJ in April 2006. Why? Because I was there in Brendan Byrne Arena and it was not a good day to wear a Rangers jersey. 6-1 loss. The Devils’ fans were unbelievably crass and obnoxious.

  158. I think it’s a REALLY hard matchup for this team, obviously in general even though it plays out well, but in OT. I think they have almost no chance against these horses in OT.

    Thanks ORR!! My degrading opinion of Gaborik will now have substantive review. Thanks.

  159. Yup – watched it again. What in god’s name is he thinking? Caber even points out what man to watch…..Gaborik ignores him (arrogance?) and decides to crash our net for the purpose of……………..I have no idea actually. What good could come out of that play?

    Hank’s reaction says it all. A puck he would have EASILY gloved. Instead of a faceoff it’s GAME OVER. Goodnight. I doubt Hank sits next to Gaborik on the bus to DC…

  160. Some Young players I would really want on this team not counting the realistic impossibility of it happening:

    1. Patrick Kane
    2. Zach Parise
    3. Ryan Kesler
    4. Jeff Skinner

  161. Maybe if we get more Slovaks to play for NYR, Gaby will focus…

    I think these guys are available: Marcel Hossa, Pavel Dimitra, Miroslav Satan, Ziggy Palfy, Lubos Bartecko :P

  162. With Kane and Kesler it would be interesting to see them play on a team that doesn’t have a couple of other star players.

    They’re certainly stars in their own right, although I think Kesler benefits tremendously from playing against weaker competition due to the Sedin^2 drawing the other team’s best checkers. I think Kane is one of the most dazzling players out there, but if you have problems with Gaborik’s defense then Kane will have you putting your foot through the TV even quicker.

    Despite his knee injury, there’s a slight chance that a team is willing to throw an offer sheet at Parise that the Devils simply can’t match.

    Skinner certainly has star quality, but after seeing how MDZ did this year there’s always a chance of sophomore slump.

  163. Good points CT. Kesler alone might be a whole new world…and yes….Kane spends more time on his mullet than he does playing defense. And he does have Toews with him.

    You’re probably right about Skinner too. Maybe he and Boyle can remake Blades of Glory because they both figure skate now.

  164. Um, no. If Gaborik scores 10 goals last night, it doesn’t negate the lazy and ill-informed play that ended the game. You can praise his goal last night (though in reality, it is Fedo that deserves the praise) while still having a problem with the final play.

  165. So, Dubi should have one timed the pass to prevent the linesmen from getting in the way?

    This second guessing stuff is an art form.

    That goes for the OT goal as well. Like Carp said if Chimera gets to the puck first you’re all over him for that.
    It tastes like dog carcillo but come on.
    And LQ has said before he doesn’t talk much, a little communication there could have made the difference.

    I love watching the pile on mob mentality that develops here at times.

  166. billybleedsblue on

    Hang in there Rangers fans! We’ve got a lot of great hockey to look forward to with this team! Tough breaks are tough breaks. Our guys can rebound from this! Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!

  167. You guys can blame Gaborik all you want, but there was no way we were going to win that game in OT. We were totally outplayed and outshot, it was only a matter of time before they got a goal. And, of course, as has been pointed out, we should have won in regulation, and would have, if the power play had any power.

  168. Too bad the Make Believes, Senators or any other useless team didn’t make the playoffs because Gaborik could have scored 10 in that situation.

    Honestly – he would get killed around here no matter what. The Most he gets from us is an “it’s about time” or a “he can skate well” or other exasperation exclamations because he is certainly an enigma and we would like the other end of the enigma to show up right now.

  169. Stranger Nation on

    Goose Fraba strangers – we got what we wanted – some PO experience for the pups and more reinforcement of what is needed and who not to sign for next year.

    Calling out the faults of various players is like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500. These guys are what they are which makes the play of those who are driving the bus more impressive as the bus riders are happy to float along.

    One quick thought – instead of Torts yelling at Boyle or Vinny or even MDZ or MZA (when they were here) – how about getting in the face of Wolly Bear or EZ or Gabby. Enough of this soft shoe number on the floaters. I know he yells at those who can take it and the floaters will probably pee their pants, but he needs try and motivate these guys in a different way. If he doesn’t want to do it, I am happy to step in!

    I still say bring up Newbury. Rather die with a warrior than watch EZ float around like a figure skater in another hockey game. Move Artie between Gabby and Wolly Bear and put Vinny with Dubi and Feds.

  170. Yes! Stranger – Bring up Newbury! Dress 7 D-Men!

    Great points. Really. You’re right about getting in people’s faces and you are certainly right about this young core. Gilroy has played like his contract depends on it (which it does) and that has been really impressive.

  171. EC had 19 shifts for 12:55 of TOI
    Wolski had 15 shifts for 9:40 of TOI

    I think Torts is recognizing that these guys aren’t doing much.

  172. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I’d take gabby over jagr any day. At least gabby doesn’t pretend to be a leader!

    carp and noah
    oh, that messier lindros memory, NOT good!!!

    jagr=refresh refresh refresh…PLEASE!!

  173. All this “trade Gaborik” nonsense is ridiculous. Yes, he had a bad season. It happened. But everyone is going to live. This team would not be in a different position in the standings or the current series if he scored 40 goals this year.

    And as for last night, I would saying that blowing a 3-0 lead in a single period MIGHT have a little more to do with losing the game the fluky goal in the 2nd OT.

  174. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    agree with stranger about newbury.

  175. “For those who are interested, Saturday is International Nose Picking Day.”

    Sally, are you sure? I thought it started about the 3rd period last night.

  176. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I think the one telling stat about gabby is the playoff games played and the playoff goals scored..

  177. torts needs to use wolski and christensen more somehow and someway in the OT’s.

    how about Bieksa signed in the offseason. I think he is a very good skater and plays with an edge…

    the rangers are moving in the right direction sportsfans… they simply need to add 2 or 3 forwards, non superstars but 20 goals guys……………

  178. NYRanger4Life on

    Bottom line guys – we lost. We have to move on and accept defeat. Gaborik IMO was actually doing his job and backchecking and trying to avert danger from Hank’s crease. It was a bang bang play, and it happens. You can bet that there will be better communication between forwards and Hank from hear on out.

    As the rodent points out, this game (and more importantly, the series) was lost in the 3rd period. Had the Rangers come out of the locker room into period 3 with the mentality that it was a 0-0 game, or that they were trailing, we wouldnt all be bemoaning Gaborik, Mac, or any other player. The Rangers let up, the crowd let up…. and the power-play failed to show up for the 86th consecutive game.

    Torts did a great job getting every last ounce of effort from this team during the season, but, he is ultimately responsible for the failures on the power-play. He tried nothing innovative at all. Why not try 5 forwards? Clearly 3f 2d ain’t working. No movement, no creativity…. nothing.

  179. NYRanger4Life on

    Stuart – the rangers havent had much success in signing / acquiring 20 goal scorers recently (see: Higgins, Kotalik, Frolov, Wolski….) What this team clearly needs is a bonafide # 1 center (allowing the rest of the team to move down a line where they belong) and their own 20 goal scorers to step up. But most importantly, this team needs a confident, capable puck moving defensemen (Paging Mikey Del Zotto) to bring some sort of stability to the PP.

  180. Stranger Nation on

    Nice Wicky – can’t hide from the truth. Does Gabby need a playmaking center – yes – every winger would like one. When he decides to bust his fanny and move east west in the zone he creates a lot of opps. When he drives down the boards north south….eh, not so much.

    I am not getting on Gabby for the OT goal but your comment on the 40 goals is, frankly, asinine. On a team starved for goal scoring which finished 4th in goals allowed – the increase of 40 more goals would matter a lot!!

    But not as much if they were all against the Isles, Maple Loafs, and Oilers (sound familiar)


  181. stuart, I actually think the opposite. The Rangers have plenty of 20 goal guys but not enough talented goal scorers. Even if Gaborik returns to 40 goal form they need at least one more threat out there. Either for his line or another one. A guy where 30 goals is expected, not a “if everything goes right he could hit 30”. I’d be intrigued more with Patrick Sharp, but you have to wonder whether he’d do as well without Toews and Kane feeding him the puck.

  182. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I’m absolutely bi-polar about torts. I think he has done a very good job with teaching and a system, but he is absolutely horrible with personnel decisions, ice time distribution, and handing out across the board fair benchings.

    if you go by ice times that are given to players by the coach, this team needs 3 more forwards and two more d men before the coach is comfortable with the what he has. Meaning 3 forwards on this current roster and 2 d men need to be gone and replaced with players the coach is more comfortable with. If this is not done, he will absolutely gas the better players we have by the playoffs and they will be so burned out, we will never have the energy to compete deep into the playoffs.


  183. the gaborik koolaid drinkers are laughable. if, if if. they don’t want to talk about the facts, they want to change the subject and talk about what ifs

    then try this one. IF that pos was not on the ice at the time, the Rangers would still be playing with a chance to win that game

  184. NYR shouldn’t sign any defense in the off-season. Defense is not the problem, and we have too much depth on D to sign a guy long term to get in their way.

    Stick with what we have. Del Z replaces McCabe next season. Maybe we re-sign Gilroy, maybe not.

  185. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    bieksa=no brainer

    I also am not on gabby for the OT thing. That being said, long before the OT thing, I was all for trading him for iggy and I’m sticking with that!!

  186. NYRanger4Life on

    CT – Sather missed out on his chance to try and acquire Sharp last season when Chicago had it’s back against the cap wall. Sharps value couldnt be higher right now…..he’s a stud w or w/o the other two.

  187. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    only when he felt like it.

    if we don’t sign d, then the coach needs to change his coaching style, because he has no faith in #5 or #6 or #7 (for that matter) d men right now and he is burning out his top 4. Why keep guys who won’t play?

  188. Stranger,

    It wasn’t wicky that made the 40 goal comment. But I agree with the assessment. The advanced stat geeks that have started to introduce the stats like Corsi, Fenwick, GVT and the like have determined that 6 player goals = approximately 1 win. Add on 15-20 goals on top of Gaborik’s 20+ this year and you’re looking at 3-4 extra wins meaning they don’t face the Caps in the 1st round.

  189. CT – then we are stuck with the Bruins. So what you’re saying is……Gaborik did us a favor by not scoring to get us a better matchup? (sarcasm)

    “Alllllright! Way to go Gaby! if you will it … it is no dream”

  190. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    sharp would have been nice, as well as numerous other players we all can mention…..

  191. I didn’t know that Sharp was one of the players that was available. I took the fact that they traded Versteeg and Byfuglien (who both made similar salaries) to mean that the Hawks identified Sharp as a player they wanted to keep.

  192. Gaborik Quote:

    GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT: Marian Gaborik, who broke a month-long goal drought last night before fatefully knocking the puck away from Henrik Lundqvist to allow Jason Chimera to score in the second overtime, said that when he went home after the game, he watched the replay on television.

    Asked to dissect the decisive play, Gaborik said, “It was 2-on-2, and I just tried to look for a third guy, and tried to collapse. The puck got deflected, kind of came out in front of Hank. I tried to clear it. I didn’t know that Hank was going to go for it. I saw him reach, and Chimera just got in there out of the blue, and *it’s just bad luck. I should have seen Hank going for it, I guess. It was just kind of a fluky, fluky goal.”*


    Have fun with that guys!

  193. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it a referee and a linesman that ‘interfered’ with Dubi on that two on none play? The point being that the linesman was in the proper position but the referee should not have been there. As the play continued it’s clear Dubi was screaming at the ref. This guy shouldn’t be calling regular season games in the NHL but might be good enough for high school games in Siberia.

  194. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I still think the bruins were a better match up than the caps for us (still hope I was wrong).

  195. The Ref that was out of position maybe is the replacement for the guy with the broken ankle? I know nothing about the ref’s and their personalities…just asking.

  196. Girardi and Staal have been playing too much. I’d split them up in the offseason to be honest. Have Girardi be the blockshotting puckmoving blueline slapper and try and make Staalzy a jump the rush on the offense 2-way guy.

    They def need to spread out minutes among their dmen. Staal got BURNED in game one or two a few times badly that lead to a goal(s). Girardi can’t block every shot and get up like he’s superman.

    Him and Girardi are young and tight but you can only ride them for so long and we have more than serviceable d-men. Fatigue leads to weakness

    If the Rangers want to bring this series to a game seven they have to finish every single check and play like it is their last shift every shift

  197. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I don’t really have any problem with the dubi ref thing simply because IMO they are part of the rink just like the boards etc. It would be just like a goal being score against us due to a crazy bounce off of a partition or something. It sucks, but part of it.

  198. Manny, it depends who those wins were against. For instance, it could have been against Tampa, and assuming those 4 wins were in regulation you get the Rangers 8 extra points and deny Tampa 8 points in which case the Rangers would be facing the Pens. I’m not sure if they have a probability of distribution chart to figure out who those 15-20 goals would have come against and then apply that to the standings with caveat that you hold all other outcomes across the rest of the league the same (ceteris paribus).

  199. “Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it a referee and a linesman that ‘interfered’ with Dubi on that two on none play? The point being that the linesman was in the proper position but the referee should not have been there. As the play continued it’s clear Dubi was screaming at the ref. This guy shouldn’t be calling regular season games in the NHL but might be good enough for high school games in Siberia.”

    I honestly have no idea what the hell that guy was doing there. Was he the one wearing a #8?

  200. the linesman was not in the way. the ref was. it was Devorski, and he had no friggin business being in that spot on the ice. he blocked Dubi from taking the puck to the net with no Cap around that area.

  201. CT – Right – that’s a good point. So if you are adding 15 to Gaborik we can just add those goals into games against bad teams.

  202. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    noonan, I’d love to see these D-pairs next season:

    Staal – Sauer
    DZ – Girardi
    McD – Gilroy

    IMO the minutes can be spread out a little more between all 3 pairs.

  203. “:I don’t really have any problem with the dubi ref thing simply because IMO they are part of the rink just like the boards etc. It would be just like a goal being score against us due to a crazy bounce off of a partition or something. It sucks, but part of it.”

    Dude there is no excuse for two zebras behind the net blocking Dubinsky when he’s the first in on a rush. One? Sure it happens.

    Two? I’ve been watching hockey a long time and have never seen two zebras block a Ranger behind the net like that.


  204. I don’t post on here a lot but I just wanted to comment on the Gaborik talk. People have their right to get on him and that is fine because he has not been good this season. However, this is a guy that you should not give up on IMO. They need MORE front line/elite players to go with him, not to get rid of him. If you get rid of him what is their 1st line going to be? In 142 games as a Ranger he has 136 points. This guy is not some garbage player. People can talk about the Rangers and them having a good future but if they are ever going to be a legit cup contender you need guys like Gaborik plus others on your team. Guys like Callahan and Stepan are nice, and the fans love them, but they are not front line players.

  205. Noonan –

    a. you said “young and tight” before an dthat made me laugh; and
    b. i have also never seen to foot locker employees in the same area of the ice. Never have I seen anything like that.

    Not the reason we lost the game but certainly insanely “fluky”

  206. Manny, that’s one outcome. Probably somewhat close to the result of a monte carlo type simulation. It’s only a guess based on a stochastic methodology.

  207. Adam… please. Callahan is the closest thing the Rangers have to a power forward. He can do anything. He could score 50 goals if he wanted to be a floater like Kovalchoke. He is a front line anytime player.

    Never post again with that garbage.

  208. Adam, you are the new voice of reason. Thank you. A tough loss like the one last night makes everyone crabby.

  209. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    maybe we are thinking about different plays, I was talking about when dubi entered the offencive zone and there was a correctly positioned linesman and then a ref dubi bumped into. Not sure about anything behind the net.

    Either way though, seems like sour grapes. It is what it is, if ovi runs into a guy the way dubi does, we are all probably like “oh well”.

  210. thank you noonan. well said. that was just more of the typical gaborik koolaid garbage. Cally is the PP goal leader of the rangers, so it looks like game-blower is the one who is not a first line player. and they did not make the playoffs when he did score 42, so his offensive output is obviously not that key to winning. defense is, and he does not fit into a tight checking shot blocking gritty team. they made the playoffs in spite of him.

  211. We can learn a lot from the referee and linesman there – that is great defense. Really. Not only did they pinch over to the wing to cut off Dubinsky but they stripped him of the puck. Also, they upset him which clearly flustered him and effected his play.

    That was textbook defense there.

  212. noonan, I think everyone here loves Callahan but there’s a handful of 50 goal scorers these days in the league and Callahan isn’t one of them. He’s not really at the same skill level of Stamkos, Crosby, Perry or Ovechkin.

  213. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    In all honestly, how truly sad is this statement…”Callahan is the closest thing the Rangers have to a power forward”. No disrespect to cally whatsoever meant!

    I am all for trading gabby, but as I said many months ago, I would happily trade a guy that could POTENTIALLY score 50 for a guy who CONTINUALLY scores 30 to 35. Meaning you still have to get scoring back in the a gabby for iggy (just as an example).

  214. crabby,

    When he scored 42 and had 86 points he accounted for nearly 40% of the team’s offense. He was about 20 goals and 30 points ahead of the team’s next leading scorer. The problem wasn’t him last year. Get on him all you want for this year, but there was minimal secondary scoring last year and that’s a big reason why they didn’t make it.

  215. Adam – I agree with you that this team is not built around Gaborik and not geared towards his skill-set. This is a grinding team that has a leader like Captain Crutch (Callahan). I just don’t think we can go add a bunch of elite players because that’s what most teams are trying to do and it’s not easy. It’s also expensive and we don’t have the cap space right now to do it. We have to develop players. We developed hard hitting, grind it out type guys and that is the direction we have to stay with.

  216. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    well said, we should definitely be standing up at the blueline far more than backing up way to far and then stick checking!

    bieksa and staal would be a very nice d pair.

  217. Thanks Wicky – I also might agree with their uniform choice. If our guys were wearing Foot Locker Uniforms (as I did for years in high school – part of my parents plan to humiliate me into listening to them) the other team wouldn’t be able to tell our guys apart from the actual refs. Very deceiving.


  219. noonan

    I’m sorry but Callahan will never be a 50 goal scorer or a true front line player. He is not in the class of an Ovechkin, Crosby, Malkin, D. Sedin, H. Sedin, Stamkos, Iginla, Perry, Kovlachuck and others. In the last 2 years four guys have had 50 goal seasons: Perry, Ovechkin, Crosby, Stamkos. Callahan is NOT on their level, please.

  220. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I like where your head is at on this, very very clever!

  221. he was a no-show in key games after the olympics, more interested in the slovak team than the Rangers. don’t try to tell me he was not a big part of them not making the playoffs. when the going got tough, he ducked out

  222. as though scoring goals is the only skill. PREVENTING them is equally a skill, and I will take the well rounded player anyday over the perimeter floater who only plays in one zone, not 3

  223. Gaborik played 18 games combined between March and April last year. He had 17 points. Getting on him for this year is fine but last year is a little unfair I think. They would not have evened sniffed the playoff chase last year if they did not have Gaborik’s 86 points in 76 games.

  224. Crabby, he also had a number of games where he provided 100% of their offense. Perhaps maybe if another player scored an extra goal or two at some point in the middle of the season game 82 wouldn’t have meant making the playoffs or not?

  225. Adam you obviously don’t get what I posted. Callahan could be a 40+ goal scorer. He doesn’t need to be. Does Ovechkin as a forward lead the league in hits and blocked shots and kill PPs nearly every season?

    Callahan lead the team in goals and was out for 22 or so games show the kid some respect. He’s the next Rangers captain.

  226. JimboWoodside on

    “the linesman was not in the way. the ref was. it was Devorski, and he had no friggin business being in that spot on the ice. he blocked Dubi from taking the puck to the net with no Cap around that area.”

    Devorski’s x-ray specs were still focused on the area behind Hank’s net – he had to make sure he was watching for any loose (or hidden) pucks – that’s why he didn’t see Dubi….

  227. ther rangers had 95 pts and were in the playoffs the season before they got him. they dropped 8 pts to 87 and were out of the playoffs with him

  228. Captain Crutch!

    I will order my Callahan jersey with a fat “C” on it before next season and before he is named Captain. I believe in that man.

  229. And they were back to 93 points and in the playoffs with him this season. What’s your point?

  230. why is hank nicknamed the king? he hasn’t won anything at the NHL level, great regular season stats and play but can’t get past the 2nd round, and all great goalies are able to do that without too much help up front

    we all know how much ranger fans like to beat on brodeur, but everyone must respect him for being the best or arguable top 5 goalie of all time and showing that he can take a team and beat the detroit redwings and not only that but sweep them in the finals, and there is a reason why he has 3 stanley cups and several vezinas (he should have won the conn smyth in 03, played great in the first 3 rounds and in the finals he was the winning goalie, and had 3 shut outs)

    Id rank henrik in the same class as luongo, great regular season but cant perform in the post season……..yes he may keep the team in and have great save % but the fact is he still hasnt won when it counts

    onto the game last night

    no need for excuses and blaming the refs for getting in the way, non-calls and calls

    it was pretty obvious that the “trip” in OT before avery’s penalty was not a penalty as it was clear he was going down from losing an edge and the avery penalty was actually pretty clear, it was a slash that had to be called

    there was one call the should have been made but wasn’t, but the way the PP was playing it wouldnt have mattered

  231. Gabby should have just let Hank have the puck, instead he decided to take it away and he misplayed it. It wasn’t a great idea, but you can’t really fault him for that. You can fault him for not showing up for games on end, and his lack of production. They could have the best playmaker in the league feeding him this year and he likely wouldn’t have produced much more. He also has been bad defencively right along. The thing that bothers me most about him, is that he playes on auto pilot all the time. He does not seem to think the game very well. You would think a guy that has had the success that he’s had in the past would be smarter with the puck. With or without the puck he is just to soft to fit into this teams style. There has to be problems with him and Torts, it’s possible that he might want to move after this season.

  232. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I think cally should have the C next season as well.

    modesty is a great quality

  233. You know wicky – I find myself to be really modest. I never brag about how smart I am. In fact I should brag about how modest and humble I am! (this was a joke).

  234. we all know how much ranger fans like to beat on brodeur, but everyone must respect him for being the best or arguable top 5 goalie of all time and showing that he can take a team and beat the detroit redwings and not only that but sweep them in the finals, and there is a reason why he has 3 stanley cups and several vezinas (he should have won the conn smyth in 03, played great in the first 3 rounds and in the finals he was the winning goalie, and had 3 shut outs)

    Funny how after Stevens/Niedermayer/Rafalski either retire or leave the Devils they haven’t made it past the 2nd round.

  235. RE: “Adam you obviously don’t get what I posted. Callahan could be a 40+ goal scorer. He doesn’t need to be. Does Ovechkin as a forward lead the league in hits and blocked shots and kill PPs nearly every season?

    Callahan lead the team in goals and was out for 22 or so games show the kid some respect. He’s the next Rangers captain.”

    I’m sorry I just don’t believe that he can be a 40+ goal scorer. Part of the reason why he does have a lot of hits, blocked shots, and kill a lot of PP’s is because he is not a 40+ goal scorer and that has to be part of his game to contribute. He would be a 40+ goal scorer as you said, if he had the talent to do so. He does not, plain and simple. D. Sedin, Kesler, Iginla, Stamkos, Perry, Semin, Kovalchuck, Gaborik, Semin, Marleau, Ovechkin, and Crosby have had 40+ goal seasons in at least 1 of the last 2 years. Callahan is not on that level… even if he did not block shots, hit, and play the PK. As for showing the kid respect. I like the guy and he is easy to root for, I just don’t think he is an elite offensive player.

  236. unbelievable. now it’s Henrik’s fault that his teammate is a clueless idiot who lies about the bonehead play he made. because anyone who has played hockey knows that you see the players around you, you recognize situations, you do not just poke the puck away from your goalie when there is no one in front of him and he is clearly moving forward to freeze the puck.

  237. Boobsnsausage on

    Carp Chimera is a scrub who plays 7 mins a game… He couldn’t have gotten more help from Gabby on that last goal. Stop suckin his ass hes a loser not a beast.

  238. its also funny how rangers fans keep going on about ’94 like it happened yesterday, its time to move on

    the devils have made the playoffs 21 out of the last 23 seasons, and were in the playoffs for 15consec seasons till this year giving them a chance, but they had the same issues as the rangers, no offense

  239. David, are you a Devils fan? We’re normally receptive to opposing fans if they’re respectful, but at this point what exactly do the Devils have to do with the Rangers-Capitals series?

  240. it is obviously useless to try to convince fantasy draft posters who are only interested in points and individual stats as the measure of a nhl hockey player. the fact that they poo-poo shotblocking, backchecking, bodychecking,hustle, drive, desire and leadership shows they see hockey as nothing but individual scoring like a selfish basketball player, an Iverson mentality

  241. I know – remember when Hank was CLEARLY the MVP. Clearly. The only reason they got so far. Remember how he played 900,000 games in a row? Poor Hank. He’s so great.

  242. When people blame Hank and Torts, I just laugh…it’s a knee-jerk reaction from Internet GMs…it’s funny, not all NYR fans are that dumb…

    I certainly can understand people fed up with Gaby…and, not just because of last night either…

  243. Yeah, the “internet GM’s” would do a great job of getting us a few 1st overall picks.

    They’d also do a great job coaching. If these dopes were coaching, we’d probably have aboot 15 “too many men on the ice” penalties.

    They know absolutely nothing.

  244. the 20 goal scorer the rangers aquire might be carl hagelin, kreider, grachev or MDZ. previously all the 20 goal scorers ie; higgins, kotalik, zherdev, etc where guys that outlived there stay at another team…..

    none of them worked out from frolov to higgins to whomever. wolski has not worked out but the move has been good. they got rid of roszival, therefore found out staal and mcdonagh are big time and wolski is a talented enigmatic softie. that is allright but only if you have 1 of them in the lineup the problem is they have 2 with christensen.

    stepan, aa, dubi, cally etc are all going to improve. the problem is they are thin. they need 9 of those guys not 6……………………

  245. Well I think the interesting thing about this forum is that some of us sit here all day posting and chatting about all sorts of topics. Most of us that do that are completely sane and rational. Then people jump into the conversation without reading what we have said and knowing people’s “personalities” and starts calling us out for saying stuff.

    I am not mad at people that come in and out. Not everybody can sit at work all day and talk about hockey. Not all are so lucky. But like….to get in here and start saying we are all “crazy” without reading the positive stuff that began the day….it gets us off topic or at least is probably annoying to some people.

    And the people that are here constantly never blame Hank and Torts. It’s only people that hop in and hop out.

  246. So, everyone agrees that this team is lacking top echelon offensive talent. And the next phrase you see- trade Gaborik. And who, exactly, are we getting instead?

  247. meant to say sauer not staal we have known staal is big time for 2 years….

    the rangers just need more depth all around , hopefully there prospects will provide that….

  248. “They’d also do a great job coaching. If these dopes were coaching, we’d probably have aboot 15 “too many men on the ice” penalties. ”


    Hilarious. Good job ORR!!

    I think the reverse might be true – Callahan begging for a rest after a rare 16 minute shift…..

    Coach: “Come on gabby – Lead! You got another 4 in you.”

  249. keep gaborik and add addtl young talent with speed around him.

    they are not trading gabby i assume… i would not be against trading as long as what they got back is younger and cheaper else no thanks….

  250. Manny- I’m tired defending Torts and Hank. People who do not see what these two did, and keep doing for our team, will simply never be convinced.

  251. ilb – We are trading Gaborik to the Canucks for the Sedin twins. We fleeced them in a trade by confusing them by using “Sedin” to mean “The Sedin Brothers”

  252. Orr, remember all the Too Many Men penalties they got under Renney in his last year? You think he posts on here?

  253. Exactly, Manny. Let’s just see if the ‘Nucks can throw in Kessler for Matt Zabba

  254. Ah! NYR! No! I am not upset or saying anything. I was just noting in general what has been happening today. David or other posters like that hop in here and start ripping everybody for what was just said without getting the back story.

    Dude – We are VIBIN’!

  255. if the ranger team as is simply for example added parise and a healthy callahan they absolutely can compete for the cup. they are not that far off. yes parise is a damn good player and they have no one like him as far as I can see in the system but they are not that far off.

    the thing about a guy like parise is he plays hard all the time and does it all, just like most of the ranger kids just Parise does it better. gabby is just sfot and that is who he is, he does not exactly have a playoff type game.. goin gto the net, mucking it up, etc. but boyle has about 25 shots in the series and plays hard but he got zero goal.. boyle is a good player at $1 mill a yr. at $3 mill per you will hate him big is all about expectations and pay….

  256. ilb – I am sure we could get that entire line. Let’s get their top line D-Men also. Screw it. They are Canadian – we definitely could confuse them! How could they not want Gaborik? Can we give them Kovalev also? Do we still retain those rights? The Mets still have the right to Bobby Bonilla – maybe we can get them to throw him in too.

  257. no, i do not agree that the team lacks top level offensive talent. they scored more than all but 6 teams in the east. it was the rangers who blew out the Caps 6-0 and 7-0, not the other way around. they will continue to play tight checking hockey as they add more young guys like Kreider and Thomas over the coming years to increase their scoring a bit. but they could score more if they played a wide open style, but a lot more would end up in their net. so they play their system and they don’t need freelancers who don’t fit in.

  258. I’d trade Butt-Chin for prospects and picks.

    I’m in favor of playing nothing but kids, from here on out. Always have been.

    Not that I’m complaining Slats and Torts haven’t done that. They’ve been regular Michael Jackson’s. I’m proud of them [mostly Torts]

  259. Parise is staying in NJ, Stuart. But I happen to agree with you, this team is closer than I thought before they got into the playoffs. But for different reasons.

  260. Orr, I guess the issue would be whether you think Sather would just allow the salary cap room that trading Gaborik would free up to sit idle?

  261. Boy, we’ve sure got a lot of first-time-callers/long-time experts (and lifelong jackwagons) jumping on here today. Very brave, too. Asshats.

  262. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – the JP Parise game really hurt. Rangers down by 3 going into the third, come roaring back to tie, only to lose right off the opening faceoff in OT in the deciding game, which by the way, ended those great 70’s teams for good. The montreal final game 2 was tough… Up by a game and a 2-0 lead in game 2 in the first period… But still they got the split, and after the great islander semi – the finals were against 18 hall of fame players. Games 3 and 4 were tough losses especially the ot loss, but good god – that Montreal team was beyond the beyond in talent. The Morrow goal put tears in my eyes. Rangers played a great series against a very good islander team. The pens series in 92 was crushing especially that shot from the red line that beats richter. The drury goal for the sabres did make me cry as they would have taken a commanding 3-2 lead with game 6 at the garden. This game, simply due to it was yesterday, and the pain so fresh – and because I just didn’t believe that this would be the game that they lose after being up after 2, and Hank playing so well definitely ranks up there.

  263. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    I have also seen an inordinate amount of “hardcore” Caps fans come out of woodwork recently. Found that a bit weird.

  264. All you have to do is look at Prust and guys like Wolski and EC. Prust does not have the fancy talent of those 2, but he is far more valuable than either of them. Is there one poster here who would rather see Wolski Or EC playing and Prust traded? I thought not. that is why I would be happy with more Prusts and Callahans. forget the fancy dans.

  265. Carp, bet you some of them happen to have the same IP address.

    Orr, prospects and picks are hit or miss. And we already have plenty of good blue chip prospects. None of them, however, is projected to be a point per game player. the closest we have now is Gaborik. There is no reason to think he will not rebound next year.

  266. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    off to work!

    All we need is a win on saturday, so LGR!!

    later assens!!

  267. beuk, no one is discounting the value of guys that lay it on the line every shift. Every team needs that, but Cup winners also have the talented guys that don’t necessarily get dirty. Patrick Kane is a good example, the guy is a wizard with the puck but mostly because of his size and frame pretty much hangs out at the top of the defensive zone and sort of puts his body in the way of players for defense. I wouldn’t trade Prust, Cally or any of those guys right now, but they do need more premium talent. The Caps dominated the third period and the two OTs mostly because they have more weapons to throw out there.

  268. Yeah, if he clears all that room, well, lets just say his viagra prescription will become pretty useless.

    I’m just done with Butt-Chin. I can care less aboot him. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt going into this season, and try to forget the BS he pulled the previous year. But, he’s been worse.

  269. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eff the caps, we win game 5, the have all the pressure. Rangers need to have fun. They have played a phenominal series. Not many breaks, not many bounces, yet they have played their hearts out. I am loving it. A huge win on Saturday…and oh baby… We could see a game 7… Then let’s roll the dice.

  270. ilb – I can see Gaborik rebounding. My fear is that you have to build a line around him. You have to get some guys that know how to feed him the puck in the right places……That would be easy to defend if it was our only line like that. Maybe.

  271. and how did that “premium talent”, those “weapons”, do against offensively weaker Montreal in the playoffs last year, huh???

  272. It could not be clearer than by watching the Pitt Penguins this season. they are missing their top 2 offensive stars, their offensive weapons, and yet they continue to win by playing a tight checking system, a score by committee approach, winning ugly and winning close games.

  273. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts says the rangers will be ready come Saturday. I gurantee there will be a game 6. Write it down and bank on it. I will be putting money on it.

  274. As much as it hurt to lose last night, we still need to remember it isn’t about this year. There will be only one team happy in June- a SC winner. And the Rangers are still far away from being that team. But you can not deny that our young players and even rookies are getting a great experience. McD and Sauer are looking more and more solid, and are learning how to rebound after they make mistakes. Stepan has gotten better as this series progressed, AA continues to show that he could be trusted defensively against most of the elite players. And because of that I think this team is closer to competing at high level than most of us projected before the playoffs. If they can keep their core and add one more solid offensive threat in addition to Gaborik next year, MDZ keeps improving, we could be in a pretty good shape next year. Cap winners? Perhaps not. But we certainly won’t have to wait until the last game to make the playoffs. And after that, who knows?

    Having said that, Caps will have to show that they can close the series. And I can’t wait to see what the Rangers mindset will be Saturday. Knowing this team, I’m sure they will not go without a fight.

  275. Adam, no. Unless you want to be one.

    On Callahan, I agree that he won’t be a 50-goal scorer, but he could be high 30s, and if you put him on a line with a playmaking center and a sniper, he could definitely play on a legit first line.

    At worst, he’s a pretty awesome second-line player.

  276. CT has a point – actually beuk and CT have points.

    The weakest the Rangers have looked in these playoffs is overtime. They have no horses or thoroughbreds or whatever you want to call them. Guys that can skate like crazy and rip shots in those late and tense situations. I would like to see someone be that guy. Gilroy and Gaborik looked the best and I don’t think Gaborik fits this team. Reminds me too much of Kovalev.

  277. ilb – totally – our D is great. A real foundation. With experience we have 7 or 8 years of quality Defense on our team right now. That’s a comfortable spot to be in.

  278. Carp, I’m very happy with Orr retaining the title. But I haven’t change my opinion since around game 10 of this season.

  279. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Nice effing defense Devorski. No business being in that position. What is he trying to accomplish? 1st goal should have been blown dead as well. 2 massive screw ups in a big game. One of the main reasons the NHL is a tiny blip on the NHL landscape. A mickey mouse run league with poorly officiated games, bizarre and random justice from the league office, and thinly veiled biases against certain players.

    I am also a little disappointed in Torts. You just can’t staple certain players to the bench like that once you go into a 2nd OT. The Rangers were completely gassed, a little more even distribution of ice time would have helped.

    You didn’t see Lundy Gabs? Nice on ice awareness. He’s only the big guy in goalie pads 5 feet directly in front of you and 1 foot away from the puck you were swatting at. So easy to miss.

  280. Haha, no thanks Carp. I just thought because I don’t post on here too often (read more than I post usually) that maybe I was one of the guys you were referring to. BTW, I agree with what you said on Callahan.

  281. beuk, Ovechkin and Backstrom had good series. Semin didn’t. But even beyond the Caps, look at the teams who have won the Cup in recent years and they all have at least 2 or 3 all star caliber players. Kane/Toews/Keith, Crosby/Malkin/Gonchar, Datsyuk/Zetterberg/Lidstrom, Perry/Getzlaf/Niedermayer.

    As for the Pens, I’m sure they’d trade in their hard working success if they got Crosby and Malkin back in the lineup. They aren’t exactly bereft of overall talent. Letang/Orpick and Martin/Michalek along with MA Fleury (overrated perhaps but still a quality goalie) form a very strong defensive core.

    Again, the winning teams tend to have the total package. For instance Malkin and Crosby might have led the Pens in scoring in their Cup year, but it was Talbot that scored both goals in game 7. Sort of like the Rangers in 94, Messier and Leetch played great, but Matteau scored 2 of the biggest goals in team history.

  282. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Best post of the day goes to ilb…he sees the full picture. Listen folks, I have been a diehard Ranger fan since I was a kid…we’re going back to 1972 here. Last month I drove 15 hours through a snowstorm in Maine to see this team play, something I haven’t done since the mid 90’s. That should tell you something. This team IS something special. It is built alround a spectacular goaltender who aches to have a championship with this group, a core of young defensemen who any other team would die to have, as well as a solid core group of forwards who work their assens off. Relax everyone, we have something really good going on here.

  283. Amen Cape- Amen. This team *is* something special and will develop into something really special that everyone in this league takes notice of.

    The emotional ups and downs are really a beautiful thing at the end of the season. Being able to care this much is terrific – and with NHL and NBA lockouts looming the Rangers could take NY by storm next year and really get a huge following. Could be GREAT for hockey. They are a lovable bunch.

  284. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Agreed, the Rangers have a bright future. But, to be honest, I am not ready to concede the present… Prust saying

  285. onecupin71yearsand counting on

    I like this team ,but no matter what ranger team you speak of with the exception of 94, they always find a way to lose..

  286. Onecup- apparently this year they’ve found a way to win more times than to lose…

  287. I think what bums me out the most about last night is that as a night for the Rangers and their fans it just had the potential to be such a great night. I will not sit here and pretend that if this thing was 2-2 the Rangers should be getting ready to move to the next round, they could just as easily have gone down in six. And the more long-term view of experience for the younger players and how much we all love this group, sure, I get it. But last night was a game they needed, the opposition’s coach basically dared the fans to show up and that we did, and they had it. Up 3-0, going into the third, Garden full throttle, who cares who wins the series, let’s win this game so that everyone in the building remembers this night and what an awesome time it was. And in many ways it was still a great night – I had a great time, and if this is all about results then really very few people would enjoy sports and rooting for teams. But what bugs me is that now this game gets hung around the franchise’s neck along with the Drury game and the Hollweg game and the Parise game, and that blows because it should have been a night the team and their fans wore around their necks like a medal.

  288. earlier i was just using the devils due to the proximity and easier reference, could have used other teams but rivalry in such a close location is the easiest to show

    dr odrodnick the semin goal (caps first one) was called correctly, it was never covered and play never stopped, it is clear and the ref had a great view of the puck laying on the line, so if you really think that goal shouldnt have counted then you should get a better understanding of the game, even the tv announcers were saying it was a good goal and the refs called it right

    paul devorski was not intentionally in the way and was doing his job of trying to be in position to see if the puck goes in the net, its not like he went out of his way to get in the way, its hockey play on

  289. Call me negative or a pessimist, thats fine, but I just don’t see this team being a true cup contender with Sather running the show. I really hope I am proved wrong, though, but it’s impossible to root for this guy whose really done nothing for this franchise since he was hired in 2000.

  290. ilb

    I agree that it gets old trying to convince those who will not be convinced about the value of certain players. I’m astonished that Gilroy is so consistently downgraded by many people who cannot accept the level of his play that has improved dramatically prior to and on into the playoffs. In all areas of the game.

  291. boobsnsausage on

    Give me a break Larp….the only moron is you for thinking that Jason Chimera is a beast hockey player.. He scored two of the luckiest goals in the history of the NHL. Cockhat!

  292. boobsnsausage on


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