Some pre-game stuff


There’s no pre-game availability tonight, so we won’t have much for youse.

So to hold you over:

Here’s John Tortorella’s press conference from this morning’s optional skate.

Here’s my column on Ruslan Fedotenko from The Journal News and today. I know, I know. He’s 32, not 31. I even looked up his birthday and still wrote it incorrectly. Whenever there’s numbers involved I should run it by my copy editors/saviors Jim Barry and John Scuderi.

A couple of days ago The Washington Post’s Tariq El-Bashir wrote  a column about how it’s smelling like another Capitals collapse, even while they’re up 2-1. It caused a stir on the Beltway.

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  1. Isn’t it amazing that Torts hasn’t been thrown out a game at all since taking over as head coach??

    I remember him taking unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, and getting thrown out of games while coaching Tampa. One was at the Garden, actually.

  2. fug the beltway :)

    Krisy, LMAO!!!!! That’s Wince Waughn….:)

    Doodie and ORR, take you Nancyness elsewhere!!!

  3. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    I was carped, carped I tell you!

    If Avery scores tonight, I may be forced to EAT my beard. Too bad I have to cut it after the game….BUT THE MUSTACHE STAYS!

  4. Here’s to hoping the infamously bad MSG ice helps out the Rangers tonight. I think it hurts the Caps more than it does the Rangers anyway. On the flipside there haven’t been any Knicks game there for a while so the ice might not be so bad.

  5. LGR!

    Good vibes! Good vibes!

    Here’s to hoping the Rangers don’t PASSOVER any open shots or hits!

  6. Ok, getting ready to knock off work and heading up to MSG. Let’s Go Rangers!!!

  7. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Okay i’m back from buying my Rangers gear. Bought 2 t-shirts for me & my sister & I picked up one that says ” I am a Ranger ” for my granddaughter. Can’t wait to give it to her

  8. Carp, Jim and John…..(sorry all, inside baseball here) Once the night sports desk got moved into the main room the only good thing about working nights was hanging/listening to them all

  9. If Avery scores a goal tonight, I’ll drink nothing but water for a whole week.

    That might seem like nothing to you, but it horrible for me. I *hate* water. I literally gag when I drink water.

    So, this seems appropriate.

  10. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Mama get some rest before the game we all need you to feel better!!!

  11. Ria, I like those shirts even more than the jerseys :) Were you at NHL store or in Garden store? Cause Garden store is having a year-end blow out sale…..not the stuff they sell in entrance but on 200s level……Krisy, Fozzy, Anne and I got bargains galore!!!

  12. ORR, if Aves scores a goal tonight, I’d rather you drink beer and post, everyday til next game, I love Sweet 16…..feel up to it?! And, also, shaddup with your Nancy sarcasm….!

    Ria, working on it……off for nutrition soon pre-game, but you guys keep bringing me back!

  13. As I have been predicting, Gaby will join in on the party tonight…

    He’ll score, at least, 4 goals! He’s due! It’s all aboot the quick release and staying within yourself…

    Less GO Rangers!!

  14. i cant believe this game is blacked out in the albany ny area.. the nhl should be ashamed of itself.. so, I, as a diehard ranger fan has to find a way to listen to the game.. an absolute travesty

  15. nope it gets blacked out on versus and for some ungodly reason their showing the sabres game on msg here… INCREDIBLE… such a bunch of carcillo

  16. Yeah, Really, I was a bit ticked off when I put on MSG to find that the game was going to be blacked out. It’s supposed to be on Versus, so I’m hoping we can see it there. I don’t know why they always have to show the Sabres over the Rangers. It’s nuts!

  17. Really?? If you need a way to watch the game, email

    Good for Madrid. Looks like The Special One has figured out to limit Barca’s scoring chances and compete with Barca. Gonna be a hard-fought 2 legs in the CL.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    That sucks. Online stream it is for you.

    Who is your cable/satellite provider?

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    Tiki, they didn’t limit the chances too well in the 2nd half. Casillas was forced to make a couple of amazing saves.

  20. time warner is the provider.. the crazy part is that they consider albany which is about 2 hours 15 minutes from the garden, a sabres home area when buffalo is about six hours from albany.. somebody please show me the logic in that..

  21. There is absolutely no logic in it Really! I can’t believe Time Warner is doing this to us everytime the Rangers and Sabres play on the same night. It’s crazy.

  22. Wow, the media has the Caps on the ropes, you would think they are down 2-1. Does anyone think the Rangers rattle off 3 straight if they lose tonight?

  23. well Julie the really stupid part is that it is only when the sabres play at home.. whenever the sabres play on the road and the rangers play we will receive the rangers game… DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!! biggest game of the year and not on television is a joke

  24. Thanks, Doodie. Im doing okay. Only saw the extra time today and the 2nd half of the essentially meaningless most recent La Liga matchup. Good for Casillas, one of the best in the world.

  25. It makes me so mad Really! We pay good money for Time Warner too!
    Hey Tiki, how ya feeling?

  26. and the reason i cant go to a bar?? because they dont have the rights to show it either?? really?!!?!?!?!? questions must be answered

  27. Carp – you know “crazy eddie eddie eddie” is a math Prof. Maybe he shoudl be the numbers guy? CT is a stat whiz? What about him!

    just kidding. Don’t sweat the age. I am sure Mr. Fedotenko would appreciate being 31.

  28. If you guys are watching the pre-game here…….Boyle had a legitimate beef with the ref about blowing the whistle there. The Caps scored (and basically won) a game on a “no whistle” and there Boyle was in possession of the puck – not Neuvirth.

  29. Doodie & Tiki, I spit out my drink when Ray Hudson said in extra time “The fans have tingles in their trousers!”

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