Game 4: Post-game quotes


Henrik Lundqvist was understandably crushed after tonight’s 4-3, double-OT loss by the Rangers. He said he didn’t expect to sleep tonight, and that he’d probably stay up wondering what he could have done better.

Here’s what he had to say…

On the final goal being a freak play:

“I don’t know what to say. I have to look at it. Like I said, I tried to just freeze it and nobody’s there. Gaby, I think, tried to put it behind the net and it hit their guy. I don’t know what to say. It’s just really frustrating.”

On his leg cramps:

“Yeah, my calves (were cramping). It was so warm and it was a pretty tiring game actually. The toughest part is to stay focused. It’s definitely a tough sport when you’re playing a long game and an intense game.”

On whether he and Gaborik tried to communicate with each other:

“No. It all happened so fast. I thought he saw me coming, but he probably didn’t see me. He just tried to put it behind the net I think. It’s just a really tough bounce for us.”

On putting the game behind them:

“It’s going to be tough until tomorrow. Then you just have to move on. You can’t get stuck here. I don’t know how much I’m going to sleep tonight. I’m going to think about what happened and what I could’ve done differently. Then I’m going to have to move on.”

On what he did between periods to re-hydrate himself:

“Salt. A lot of salt. And I drank a lot. But it’s just really tough right now.”

On the inability to close in the third period:

“We just had a tough time getting pucks out. A couple of times we had the puck and gave it away and they capitalized on it pretty easily. I don’t know the reason for it. We just have to correct that.”

On if Semin’s shot fooled him:

“It’s was just so close. It hit my arm here. I honestly thought I had it under my arm. I could feel the puck. Then he came and chopped it underneath me. I was hoping for a whistle, but no.”

On the final goal:

“It was a miscommunication. It all happened pretty fast. Unfortunately, when he played the puck it hit their guy and game over.”

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  1. not first and still very very sad.. only the rangers know how to deliver the heart punch like that

  2. Jimbo, Dickey’s been with the Mets for about a year now. Very smart, articulate and honest guy.

    Hank sounds likes he wants to cry.. or maybe he did. And this loss is NOT on him. He was fantasic tonight. If only his teammates could have scored a PP goal, or a goal of any other kind, we’d all be flying high right now.

  3. That play will be Marian Gaborik’s legacy as a Ranger.

    As much of a disgrace as blowing a 3-0 lead in the final period was, I think a lot of really great efforts were wasted tonight but the Rangers defensemen who’ve take a major collective into being among the best in the league. And theres Hank, who, like Mike Richter in all of the years he played after 1994, is such a special player but ends up on the short end of the stick.

    Offensively, however, there’s still no goal scoring on this team. After that fantastic second, the Rangers reverted to their typical form, and mustered basically no offense for the better part of the three full periods of hockey. Oh, well. Better luck next year, I guess.

  4. The worst part might be knowing that Boudreau is smirking right now, thinking he’s the best coach ever for calling his comments and how just awesome he is and how his team is the most awesomest ever and…

    oh god, I wanna puke after typing that

  5. MD Ranger Fan on

    All year, they go undefeated when winning after 2. The worst time to change that. Agree with you Orr that Hank deserves so much more. Great teammate too not throwing Gaborik under the bus.

  6. Hank’s a class act, so I’m not surprised he stood up for his teammate.

    It is time, however, for the NY Rangers organization to hurl Marian Gaborik under a bus.

  7. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    MD the difference is no shootout. This team is not built for “real” overtime.

  8. That *was* a natural hat trick!!

    Butt-Chin has been useless in this series. If not for a *great* pass by Fedetenko, he’d still not have a goal.

    I’m sick of seeing him gain the zone, skate behind the net, and do fuggin nothing.

    He’s such a piece of shyte! I hate him! I can’t wait till his contract is over! I hope he pulls that fragile little groin of his, yet again. Fugger! Go to hell!

  9. MD Ranger Fan on

    Even though the shootout helped the record, it was a pretty good stat. Until today, that is.

  10. The worst thing tonight is the fact that I have to tell my son who was jumping all over me when they were up three zero who went to bed at three thre and looked at me and said “daddy please tell me they win in overtime” that no Jack they lost in double or after their goalie played out of his mind and saves an ovechkin breakaway in ot that they lost. And they broke evryrones heart again. Ken morrow it was for me. Glen hanlon with the vacant look once again after mikko leinolen flubbed it from the slot. And yes it was the first round. He said hat they would win. My six year old just doesn’t know yet whAt a life of misery this will bring. I want to look on the bright side about how hard they plAyed against a superior team and all I keep coming back to is heartache. Ken morrow over and over again. I will have to break his heart tomorrrow morning. I won’t even turn the tv on Saturday. Thanks rangers.

  11. As great as the Garden was tonight, as a fan, I’m extremely embarrassed that *this* is what it took to get them to show some emotion for the *entire* game.

    Shame on the “Garden faithful”

    Seriously, I can’t remember a time where we blew a lead, and right after the goal, the fans chanted “Lets Go Rangers”

    I’m not expecting that to last though.

  12. Why is every one of their PPs a total clusterduck? This whole get it in the corner cooke is ridiculous. God that was heartbreaking. But the Rangers seemed completely overwhelmed after the 2nd. Guess they didn’t see the Kings game last night.

  13. tough loss. put things in perspective they are battling and should be at least 2 to 2…

    but they are not… mcdonaghs first booboo opened the floodgates………

    gaboriks mistake was classic thsi guy cannot do anything right. he could have scored 2 more goals at least….

    the young guys are getting a lot of experience, and this team is 2 players away from being a legit contender.

    torts needs to distribute the minutes better staal and girardi are dieing out there….

    btw Penner sucks, all king fans hate him and he did not give the effort you should in a playoff game… I live in LA king fans despise him worse the ranger fans despise roszival or others because they perceive Penner does not try…….

  14. Mister Delaware on

    I’m leaving tonight on a haiku …

    Deflection, so cruel.
    Marian! Hank trusted you!
    That’s a girl’s name. Sigh.

  15. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks for the clarification, Mickey – I usually learn the names of the Mets players from hearing them repeated on the sports news shows (I live in Queens, after all!), but I can’t recall ever hearing his name…..

    Mickey, don’t kid yourself – Boudreau knows that his team got a very lucky break tonight – *several* of them, actually. I honestly don’t think he expected his team to bounce back from the 3 goal deficit, but they got a few lucky breaks. And that final overtime play was as big a gift as they’ve gotten all season long.

  16. MD Ranger Fan on

    The crowd at the Garden has been quieted by the high prices. The vocal fans cannot afford to go consistently, so the non-vocal suits are a greater portion of the crowd than in the past.

  17. And by superior I mean talent not play on the ice. New york has more heart than the caps will ever have. That’s why this loss hurts so badly. They lost to a bunch of aasens who don’t deserve their series lead. Next year will be different.

  18. absolutely correct. that is the situation in most rinks now. it is the high prices. the blue collar crowd of the old days have been replaced by the wine sippers. that is the biggest reason for the change, the lack of consistent and prolonged crowd fervor

  19. John,

    Most of the Rangers have heart. The problem is that their supposed elite goal scorer is absolutely gutless and hasn’t skated more than about 30 total seconds in a game since some time in November.

  20. Great point John. This team has more heart than any Ranger team since the mid 90’s. They have battled and been close in every single game against a far superior team. Wouldn’t surprise me to see more of the same on Saturday. GREAT EFFORT Boys!!!

  21. They will play hard on Saturday I am sure of if. Result will be similar. Sucks to be his close to the caps yet end up on the losing end of the stick three of the first four most likely next one as well.

  22. Its sounds too simple, because it is, because we all know the Rangers have so many deficiencies, but they NEVER play 60 minutes of hockey, before whatever OT there is.
    It’s amazing that Dubinsky in the post game locker room said yet again, “Maybe we weren’t ready, playing on our heels in the 3rd period.”. For real, they weren’t ready? That sums it up right there. They should blame themselves for not being ready, no one else. What a disgrace.
    Maloney in the post game also made a good point that’s not new, but hits. As a team, they lack so much top talent, that every goal has to be grinded out, and they expend more energy than the Caps, who can score on the rush and with ease.
    Their forwards also expend so much energy playing defense against those 2 big lines 5 on 5 and especially defending the Caps PP.
    The Caps looked so much fresher in the OTs.

    Whose teaching them offense? Can’t they bring in an offensive guru to help this team until they hopefully develop some top end talent like the Caps, Flyers, and Penguns.

    Stuart – This has what sports has come to in NY, you’re right. Less and less real fans, and more socialites treating these games as social events, and another excuse to drink. As a NY Giant’s season ticket holder for many years, I see this all the time.

  23. Can someone explain why Brian Boyle was being so heavily relied upon? The guy has 0 offensive ability, cant stick handle and he cant skate. Yet hes being shifted like he’s Doug Gilmour or something.

    A few other points;

    * Stepan looks way over his head
    * Prospal is playing like he’s 50 years old
    * Drury looks like he belongs in a mens league
    * Dubinsky, McCabe and everyone else that plays on the PP look extremely indecisive
    * Anisimov is over matched
    * Gabroik and Avery have created the most offensive opportunities so far in this series for this team

    This team is way done. Lets say that they pull off this series, they DO NOT have enough offensive talent to advance past the 2nd round. And I know, “Cally’s injured, bro”! Yes he is, but Callahan is not Brett Hull folks.

    They do not have ANYONE that can move the puck through the neutral zone and they also do not have anyone that can pass the puck cleanly.

    Sather needs to make some serious adjustments to this team in the off season.

  24. Barry – They don’t need Sather to make anymore moves. They need a real GM, and until Dolan gets his head out of his ass or sells the team (which he won’t), I have a real tough time having a lot of confidence in this organization.
    Ranger’s fans like myself say this is a good learning experience, which it is, and that it will help us grow next year in the playoffs. But whose to say the Rangers even make the playoffs next year? Its time to grow up fast, because you never know how many chances you’re gong to have.

  25. It’s been a long time since the Rangers lost a game this bad. I’m sorry – but up 3-0 in the 3rd, with the Garden rocking as loudly as it ever has…you have to win that game. Have to.

    This one hurts.

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