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Here is my column about Bruce Boudreau’s whining, etc., from The Journal News and today.

John Tortorella:

I asked him about what Fedotenko means to the team, for the column I’m writing:

“He is a guy that, he’s been good. He’s been good in the series. He does all the little things and he’s very underrated as far as his hitting, how stiff he is as a player. He does the little things on the boards. We’d like to see him score some more and that’s in him. But he’s very similar, for me on the bench, when I’m looking for someone because Cally isn’t there, he’s kind of turned into my Cally. I’m looking for him in all situations and he’s played very well.”

On coaches meeting with the director of officiating before each playoff game:

“I stay away from (the meeting). Glen does that. I’ve just got too many things going on in my mind. Glen handles all that stuff.

“(those meetings are about) points of emphasis, I think, of what’s going on in the series, this, that and the other thing. But Glen’s handling it.”

On Bruce Boudreau’s charge that the Rangers are targeting Mike Green’s head:

“Well, I guess, our mindset is just focusing on what we need to do, how we play, play the right way, and get ready for Game 4. That’s our main focus. We have confidence in the league, we have confidence in the officials, that they won’t be influenced by all the whining going on here right now. So, we’re staying away from it. We’re focused on what we need to do. And like I said, we have confidence in the league that this doesn’t affect the series. It’s a pretty good series, two pretty good teams going at it pretty hard.”

On the anxiety over one-goal games, and the two leads that evaporated in Game 3:

“We’ve handled ourselves well. We’ve been in a lot of one-goal games this year. It’s a different situation in the playoffs. But again, we had, especially in one game, we had a lot of obstacles to overcome as far as our mindset. And we’re just going to go about our business. That is our mindset. We’re not going to get into any type of convoluted thinking. We’ll worry about playing and handling the surges and the ups and downs of what goes on in games and we’ll try to find our way.”

On the physical play:

“That’s part of playing. That’s a big part of playoff hockey. But you have to be really careful that you don’t lose your emotions, you stay within it, play between the whistles, go about your business the right way.

“Two days … we got asked the question the other day, two days between games. I’m sure both teams are chomping on the bit. I know we are. We just want to play.”

On how Sean Avery’s play contributed to Mats Zuccarello’s demotion to Connecticut for the AHL playoffs:

“We’re pretty confident with our lineup here. And, again, you still have to shuffle around in your mind as far as developing players, too. They’re in the playoffs down there. To bag skate Zucc every day here is kind of counterproductive to him, where he could be playing in the American League playoffs. And that’s part of the process for him. He’s done some really good things for us here. But we have to find exactly what he is as we continue growing as a hockey club here. So this is good for him.

“And it is, it’s two-fold thing. It’s for him, for development, and we’re pretty comfortable with our lineup right now.”

On the new look on the club:

“Those silly moustaches?”

Are you not going to follow suit?

“No. no. I … what are you trying to talk about, that I’m gray? No, I’m not. I … no.”

On the decision to skate at MSG tomorrow instead of at Greenburgh — he was reminded that he did it in the 2009 playoffs, too, but didn’t remember:

“New York is a different animal from other places that we’ve coached in. It’s a dynamic that, I still have a lot to learn in what is best. But in playoffs, we’re not sequestering our players in the hotel. We’re trying to do the best for them. We’ve had meetings on that. But as far as game-day, three-quarters of the team is down there. We will have meetings on game day during playoffs, there will be an optional skate. So four or five guys from Westchester will be in the city tomorrow. That’s the way we’re going to go about it.”

On going with Stepan and Anisimov during the remaining 4-on-4 after Dubinsky’s go-ahead goal late in Game 3:

“Well, they weren’t playing that bad at that time. I thought with Artie — it has been a little bit of a struggle for both of them. I don’t think Step was bad at all during the game. I thought Artie came on as the game went on, made a couple of offensive plays around the net. I have faith in him, and honestly in the 4-on-4, it worried me as far as, I wanted to make sure we got through it without getting scored on, because I respect some of the people that they can throw out there. They’re two pretty good defensive players, and we came back with them. I just didn’t feel comfortable at that time putting anybody else out there. I felt they were our two best at that point in time. I had just finished Dubi and Feds.”

On what he wants his team to carry over from Game 3:

“Focus. Focus. I have full faith in the club that they’re not going to get involved in anything around us and just focus on the job at hand. And they’re focused in practice. As I said, they’ll be ready to play. Whether it comes into a win or a loss … there’s so many things that determine winning and losing, but I know these guys will be ready to play. That is the key. Stay focused on the job.”

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  1. “We have confidence in the league, we have confidence in the officials, that they won’t be influenced by all the whining going on here right now. So, we’re staying away from it.”


    I love our coach.

  2. Carp, read your whining article. Spot on. I think he may be surprised how loud the garden will be Wednesday. I think Boudreau is going to get very little milage out of his strategy.

  3. One thing is for certain:

    If the Rangers win tomorrow, ALL the talk is gonna be about the Caps’ playoff history of collapsing and how their coach panicked way too early in the series.

    And with the extra day off, that’s an extra day for Humpty Dumpty to do more whining.

    C’mon…Do The Humpty Hump!!!

  4. I apologize if it’s been mentioned already:

    Downie and Kunitz both got one game suspensions for their hits last night.

    There’s some equity for ya

  5. One game? Downie got one game? I guess he isn’t a repeat offender because the identical hit he was suspended for in 2007 (20 games) was more than 18 months ago. That’s nice. Guess the NHL really wants the Lightning to win!

  6. lol @ the Verizon Center, where the Capitals play — and where, ironically, some reporters couldn’t get a wireless signal for their phones or laptops

  7. To me, the Kunitz hit was identical to cooke’s hit on McDonagh, he went out of his way to target his opponent’s head with his elbow, and that was the only point of contact in the hit.

    One game is a joke.

  8. “To bag skate Zucc every day here is kind of counterproductive to him, where he could be playing in the American League playoffs. And that?s part of the process for him. He?s done some really good things for us here. But we have to find exactly what he is as we continue growing as a hockey club here. So this is good for him.”

    All smiles :)

  9. We all know why Boudreau REALLY loves Verizon Center…

    Is there a Krispy Kreme stand outside the locker room?

  10. Nice comparison to Murray, Carp. I hope tomorrow the MSG totally ignores Bruce, but, instead, is so loud that he can’t hear his own voice…

  11. People should bring air horns and bullhorns and vuvuzelas and other loud making devices.

  12. Yea Winston- I just saw the Kunitz hit. I don’t know why I didn’t bother before. What a joke. I can’t believe he got 1 game! 1!? That’s pretty blatant. Totally out of his way to elbow someone in the head.

  13. Scratch ignoring him. Maybe people behind his bench could bring some fake Dunkin Donuts bags and some Parmesan Cheese with signs:” You want THAT with your whine?”

  14. ilb

    dont worry i will bring the noise. i am making sure i get there when the caps bus arrives. what a piece of carcillo he is.

  15. Very clever ilb.

    Maybe a picture of a rat (a fat one) with Bruce’s face…..”How about a little Cheese with your Whine”

  16. what did i tell you. Seabrook is out with a concussion, and that pos punk Torres gets nothing, he is playing tonight. he accomplished exactly what he set out to do. the nhl is a disgrace. they claim that blindside targeting the head with the shoulder behind the net is fine and legal.

    so the Hawks should not bother with that 3rd line piece of crap, they have to go after the Sedins and Ehrhoff etc. go after their pansies who rack up the points for them, and get them out of the playoffs. if the league won’t protect your players, then you have to take matters into your own hands with retribution.

  17. the REALLY odd thing about
    boudreau stirring things up
    is that he’s either ignorant
    to 21st century media picking up on
    such things and thinking that his comments
    wouldn’t stir things up
    that it’s a complete mess if he and his team
    are sooooooooooooooo sensitive after losing just
    ONE game so far in the series.

    i’ve watched other games (other than pens/lightning)
    but i haven’t spent countless hours on media coverage
    but it doesn’t sound like any other team or coach has turned
    as quickly into a whiner….and for no good reason….as boudreau

    REALLY odd-reau

  18. the NHL signed a new $2 billion TV deal with NBC and Versus. quite a jump from the $75mill per year which is all they were getting these last few years. that was from Versus, NBC was paying zero rights fee, just sharing ad revenues. that all changes now. they both pay rights fees, and it represents an increase of 167% per year.

  19. Great column Carp! I hope the Garden “faithful” read it and make some noise!!!!!

  20. I am outtie 5000 folks. I know you will miss my color commentary. See you all later.

  21. Rangers in 6 on

    good for Boudreau. the league needs the people in it to promote the games. I am a big Ranger fan, but I like what he is doing. instead of the vanilla cliches, he is stirring it up. that is good. it brings attention to the league, it makes the crowd more boisterous and into the next game, with anger at the Caps in their minds. that is all good. and if all that riles up the Ranger players, and stirs them to a comeback series victory, then it is all good for the Rangers too.

  22. Carp,
    I’m so glad you decided to write about Fedotenko. Always liked him, even when he started in Flyers. All this season long I was saying that he is unsung hero in this team, who understands Torts the best and shows by example what is needed from the players to create this team so admirable ID. Just in case, for you to use if needed, few facts (from “russian” side) about him: First game in NHL was against (guess!), right, – Rangers, at Oct.,24 2000, First goal against Dominic Hashek at Nov.,2000. Best English among all Russian speaking players in NHL, probably because his wife Debbie is American. Has tattoos on right shoulder blade with 2 SC on Lightings and Pits logos, but doubts that will use left one for the same purpose even if wins it with Rangers. This year set the record scored goals (5), which wasn’t counted, for what he is complaining bitterly. Has great sense of humor and lion heart. Very generous.

  23. It is great to talk about #19 (R. Fedotenko) on April 19, 2011. He is such a key piece of our puzzle and I am so happy to have him around.

    Tomorrow, April 20, 2011 we can talk about #20 (V. Prospal).

  24. eddie eddie eddie on

    ricardo – great interview…coach torts is a real character…quite the personality and it shows thru in your Q & A with him….LETS GO RANGERS

  25. If Buttman really thinks VS. is better for the game’s image and its reputation, he’s out of his mind. Ten more years of Edzo? C’mon. When I tell most of my friends a game is on VS. they almost always ask me if they get it. Pathetic.

  26. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – i am doing great….just got back from a day up at Stanford University…gorgeous campus….getting nervous already for the big game 4 tomorrow…

  27. Yea – it’s natural to get nervous about these games. It’s good though – it’s the emotion that draws us men into the game. We have to quash our emotions and let them out in this manner.

  28. eddie eddie eddie on

    ricardo – your posts have been brilliant lately…..what are YOUR thoughts on game 4?…what do you think the score will be?….I say 2-1 rangers…hopefully, not OT

  29. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – as always, the key centers around scoring more goals than the caps….thoughts?

  30. That’s right Eddie. It’s all about fundamentals. Stats are really not that important once the game is over. You don’t win by having more penalty minutes or more hits or even more blocked shots (unfortunately). The only stat that matters is the one called “Goals.” Whoever leads in that statistical category following the conclusion of play will probably emerge the winner.

  31. eddie eddie eddie on

    sunday would have been my father’s 75th B-day…as a huge rangers’ fan……I think he helped airlift Dubi’s shot into that net

  32. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – are there ever any exceptions?…or can i take that to the bank?

  33. eddie eddie eddie on

    The rangers need to come to play tomorrow….for one thing, two teams ARE required

  34. You know eddie it’s interesting and I had Martha looking into this last week, it seems that there are no instances of a person leading in the Goals category and not winning the game. It’s really remarkable. I am surprised more teams haven’t figured this out. you would think that the coaches would notice this statistical oddity and coach accordingly. If I were coaching I would just tell my players – don’t worry about any other stats. Just get a higher number in the G category.

    I would also implore my goaltenders to keep the GA category low. Because the lower the GA category the better the chances of winning in the G category.

  35. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – exactly, i have been saying this for years….the rangers must simply institute the practice of scoring more goals than the other team, during practice, to the point where it becomes subconscious….if more teams practiced this, they would be much more successful

  36. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – let me get this straight, are you saying that if the rangers score more than the caps, and the caps score less than the rangers….the rangers have a good shot of winning game 4?…interesting analysis…not sure i totally agree….

  37. Great point Eddie – and remember listeners – this is simple stuff. This isn’t rocket science – so it’s kind of shocking to me that more Hockey minds haven’t noticed this anomaly. Once again eddie – you made a difficult point simple for the listeners – great hockey analysis.

  38. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – maybe the carpmiester should ask torts during his next interview whether or not it is true as to the rangers winning by scoring more goals than their opposition….

  39. Remember Eddie – there is a flip side here. You don’t have to always score more goals than the opposition. Sometimes you could just let in fewer goals than the other team. If you let in 1 goal and the other team lets in 2 goals – you have probably scored those two goals (unless a third team is invited to play). Really each team has to worry about what is best for them – strategy wise.

  40. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – that is one reason why torts MUST be considered for the Jack Adams….he knows his hockey

  41. Yo BANJ, Happy 26!

    eddie – coming out party for #10…indeed…Gaby is due to score some goals in tomorrow’s game…I’m thinking at least 4…

  42. For everybody going to the game tonight…let’s dedicate this to budreau: Can you hear us?! Clap Clap ClapClapClap! Can you hear us?! Clap Clap ClapClapClap!

  43. Izzy Mandlebaum on


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