Zuccarello demoted; Another Gretzky anniversary


You guys know me. I’m big on anniversaries.

Is it really 12 years since The Great One’s farewell game at Madison Square Garden, April 18, 1999?

Holy smokes.


Here’s the official announcement on Zuccarello:


New York, April 18, 2011 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that forward Mats Zuccarello has been assigned to the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL).

Zuccarello, 23, made his NHL playoff debut in Game One of the Rangers Eastern Conference Quartefinal match-up vs. the Washington Capitals on Wednesday.  He also tallied an assist in New York’s season finale win vs. New Jersey on April 9, following his recall from Connecticut on April 8.  Zuccarello has registered six goals and 17 assists for 23 points, along with four penalty minutes in 42 games this season.  He tied for the team lead with nine power play assists, ranked seventh with nine power play points and tied for fifth with 13 assists at MSG.  He also tied for first on the Rangers and fifth and second in the NHL, respectively, with five shootout goals and three shootout game-deciding goals, and ranked second on the team with a 55.6% shootout percentage.  Zuccarello made his NHL debut on December 23 vs. Tampa Bay, tallying a shootout goal in the contest.  He recorded his first NHL point with a power play assist on December 27 vs. the New York Islanders, and notched his first career goal with the overtime game-winner on January 5 vs. Carolina.

Zuccarello returns to Connecticut where he registered 13 goals and 16 assists for 29 points, along with 16 penalty minutes in 36 games this season.  He recorded 27 points (11 goals, 16 assists) in his last 24 AHL games with four goals and nine assists in his last 10 contests.  He led all Connecticut rookies in goals, points, shots on goal (107), and power play goals (three), and ranked second in assists.  Zuccarello posted an AHL career-high, four points, including his first career hat trick in a 7-1 win vs. Bridgeport on November 7.  He made his AHL debut on October 9 vs. Charlotte, and tallied his first career point with a goal on October 15 at Albany.

The Oslo, Norway native signed with the Rangers as a free agent on May 26, 2010.

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  1. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    I still have that game on videotape (if only I had a VCR!).

    Who knew how fitting it was for Jagr to score the OT goal in that game?

  2. “He tied for the team lead with nine power play assists”

    And he only played 42 games!!

    Zucco – you will be missed. I’ll be watching you in CT…

  3. Jagr ended Gretzky’s career with that OT goal! lol

    Freaking Rangers…couldn’t even win one for The Great One!

  4. Holy Hartnell Carp…..I was in Rockland at the time of his retirement speech and was the person who convinced the powers that be it needed to be covered off sports….I did the man on the street….:( You all can i look it up….was it really not that long ago!!!


  5. ddeb, byfuglien awesome!!! Thanks for the memories and the ear worm :)
    Gotta run…TA!

  6. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Have I mentioned how much I LOV this place!!!!I can always count on the boneheads to bring a smile to my face even on the worst of days . Thank you all especially you Carp ! And a Happy Passover to all the boneheads who celebrate

  7. In Forrest Gump, anyone ever catch that Jenny’s last name is Curran?

    C U Ran or See you ran

  8. ddeb,loved your inspirational speech vid link..and you are right about my battle with Jose,dude packs a wallop for his size(750ml)
    CCCP,glad you liked my “Alex” clip,thats you in my mind since ive never seen you.
    you are a track suit ninja!

  9. Gonzo Grabby on

    ccccp- i was just checkin out infected mushroom. they are an israeli band? i couldnt understand them!! haha anyway, good stuff.

  10. Grabby!ORR!Blogmama! Carp!….hi,howyoudoin?
    noone took me up on my free clams offer today.too bad..no clams for you!

  11. who wants to grow a cheesy mustache with me?…contest?…good way to post face photos..
    really i just want you all to see how handsome I am(just ask my mom).

  12. lol Morg – Jose stepped up in weight class but the longer he goes the stronger he gets,so taking him 17 rounds is pretty impressive, you two might need to schedule a rematch

  13. If been in meetings all day, so forgive me for being late. Someone told me that Bruce Boudreau called MSG a dump, and our a quiet bunch of Jews, and that Lou Gehrig was a wuss? Wednesday is a blood bath.

  14. JimboWoodside on

    I dislike the Habs intensely, but they just had the singer do the American National Anthem, and the crowd announcer basically dedicated it out of respect to the American players on the Canadiens roster.

    That was a nice touch….

  15. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Joe girardi should swing his giant, building- like, sack and plop them on boudreau’ shiny bald head

  16. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Morg, that is a really tough call on that one, as they are very similar players. My kinda player, Adam Graves mold.

  17. Love Dubi,so much potential ,but that and $4.05 gets you a gallon of gas.
    Looch can throw hammers.
    bah,im takin Dubi.

  18. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Real dirty play there by Gomez. Last time somebody did that to me, he left the rink with a bloody nose.

  19. Gonzo Grabby

    Well, the original Infected Mushroom is two Israeli guys (Erez – keyboard, and Amit -mixboard, now singer of the band) who are basically gods of Psychedelic Trance music. Very unique sound. Since around 2005, they formed a band. They added two guitar players (American and Israeli) and live percussion (Brazilian). They are pretty popular around the world now and have killer live shows. Their new direction is a mix between rock and electronic music that has no boundaries! To me, these guys are very unique because their production level and ability to create new sound from album to album is unmatched by anyone in music business today.

    I know them personally for many years and seen their shows many many times all over the world. :)

    They sing in English and all live in LA now…so i am not sure what you meant by saying you didn’t understand them!

    here is a link from their recent full concert in Tel Aviv. Has plenty of new material, though the sound quality of the recording does not do justice to their music. But still, you should check them out.


  20. hey morg! yes it is private, in my private collection since i was the one who recorded it! you cannot view it?

  21. yeah cant see it,CCCP,link another,love to hear something ive never heard,big music fan.

  22. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Where is ToMG of late? Figured he would be gloating since the rangers didn’t make the playoffs.

  23. “Zherdev has done nothing in game so far” -Panger

    “He’s an enigma.” -Kenny


  24. yeah CCCP!sounds good,nice guitar sound in the Tel Aviv show,would like to hear the Sweden show minus the crowd sounds.i find hoots and cheers annoying.

  25. Great- Bruce Boudreau’s infantile fan comparison helps validate the Dolan’s pointless arena renovation.

  26. Piksburg sux.my girls friend came over the other day in a Rothlisraper jersey,WTB?how can any woman support that bouchbag.

  27. morg

    If you have email that you can share on here, I’ll email you bunch of good Infected stuff!

    Nothing makes me happier than “Infecting” people. ;)

  28. CCCP,i drunkinly gave my email on saturday night,but ill put it again if youll burn some disks and mail them to CT,not trying to blackmail you but i have no burning capabilty for the foreseeable future.
    fugg it
    definatly good work music for the boat.

  29. Boudreau Whining on

    ‘Don’t come. If you don’t like it, don’t come to the games.’ Boudreau said ‘I think the players realize they could get hurt. They don’t want to do it, but unless you’ve played and see what goes on at the speed of the game, you’re not gonna be able to argue with it.’ talk about your own words coming back to haunt you. I’m hoping Bruce takes his own advice and decides not to show up for any more games…ever. Who isn’t tired of hearing this guy’s hypocritical opinions and constant whining.

  30. BTW hackers fugg off,hack me,im a commercial fisherman,you know how bad my credit is?lol.
    Cant afford to pay attention.

  31. 2 months ago someone hacked my C/C,tryed to buy a Duxiana bed @5000$,lmao,nice try dingleberries!

  32. You guys dont think that Torts is destroying Zuc´s confidence in demoting him during a play off series ???????

  33. Did anyone else just hear the Bruins announcer scream “GET UP!”

    I couldn’t help laughing uncontrollably afterward.

    This game has eerie similarities to the Rangers great comeback against Boston.

  34. Carp, I saw you in the middle of things during Gaborik Interview on the Rangers Website..
    Right in the battle of the best spot, sticking the microphone in the players face :)
    Its always important to be at the pulse of the team, smell the sweat of those powerful athletes :)

  35. goodnight Austin Texas wherever you are!!….

    fuggin 4am alarm.

    thanks for the mind expansion CCCP.

    Go Bolts!

    Go Kai oates!

    Go…to sleep.

  36. NYR! I am SO sorry – this is totally my fault for mistakenly saying Hobbit Wizard was with the AHL. I predetermined it.

    I am so sorry my friend.

  37. The Hobbit Wizard will be fine. Confidence is not an issue when you have ^magic powers^.

  38. Manny, LOL! Not your fault, dude…

    AHL is where he belongs right now, he needs minutes…didn’t you see my post from earlier today?

    And Orr’s right, if MZA doesn’t rip it up in the AHL and play with confidence, he doesn’t deserve to be in the NHL.

  39. NYR – is that you? are you on pills? That does NOT (wish I could do italics there like others….) sound like you!

  40. I was just pushing the MC5 and then a little Iggy and the Stooges. Pick it up eddie…..I live 2 blocks from Montague street but it’s a rock n roll night.

  41. well…I’m rooting for Nucks…so that series I’m cool with

    But I am kind of sick of Detroit dominating every year

  42. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pronger may have suffered a second break in his hand… Talk about lucky breaks

  43. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    All 4 road teams won tonight… Home ice is major advantage. Let’s hope for a reversal of trends come wednesday.

  44. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Must be a much different feeling being a red wing fan, last 15 years or so compared to the anxiety we have to deal with….

  45. Has anyone seen Nathan Gerbe play lately? I don’t know when he was drafted, but this guy can really play. His wrist shot against the grain to beat Boicher last night was a thing of beauty.
    I’m only bringing him up because if you think MZA is tiny, take a look at Gerber.
    Zuccarello has shown rare flashes this year, so I don’t know if Gerbe is just more talented, or if it’s a confidence thing playing at this level.
    Gerbe can fly, and should be able to at his height, but I don’t see that speed and explosiveness from MZA, whose not much taller.

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