Rangers 3, Capitals 2: Game 3 in review


I just wonder what we’d all be saying today if the Rangers hadn’t gotten two fluky goals.

I’m just saying, sometimes we judge a game and how it’s played only by the score. More to the point, I’m not taking anything away from the way the Rangers played yesterday. I thought they were fierce, I thought they fulfilled their promise to get in Michal Neuvirth’s grill, I thought they pushed back and punished.

But I don’t think they played a lot different than the way they played in Games 1 and 2. I really don’t.


1) Best Ranger in this series, in each game, not named Henrik … is Ruslan Fedotenko.

2) Power of the ‘stache: On Saturday, Brandon Dubinsky sat in his stall and told reporter after reporter that the Rangers, and he, needed to get to the net, needed to make life more difficult for the Capitals defensemen, and more importantly, for Neuvirth. Then he went out and did it.

3) It’s funny how this team works sometimes. John Tortorella insists that Dubinsky is a winger and he had his best season as a winger this year. But the injury tp Ryan Callahan destroyed their top line, and since nobody else can get Marian Gaborik going consistently, Dubinsky and Fedotenko ended up on the No. 1 line And, man, did they make a difference. Honestly, though, Dubinsky was lacking in Games 1 and 2, especially two Washington goals for which he had the best seat in the house.

4) Erik Christensen. If I could shoot the puck like that kid, I’d be making tons more money than he is, and I’d be putting up Phil Esposito-like shot totals. Shoot the puck, son. Did you see what happens?

5) Said it before, I love the Tortorella-Vinny Prospal relationship. Tortorella was quick to praise him for his huge goal in this game, and just as quick to point out a turnover Prospal committed that led to the Capitals tying it.

6) If I was an NHL coach, I would tell my players to no longer bust it back to try to negate an icing. The reason: The player who does that is then gassed and can’t change for the next defensive-zone faceoff. It’s really an issue in the game today, the way these icings create offensive chances for the opponent.

7) As good as Dubinsky and Fedotenko were, so were Brian Boyle, Brandon Prust and, yes, I’m typing these two words: Sean Avery. So physical, so involved, so engaged. Prust is playing with an edge — he tried to tip over the goalie a few times, challenged two Capitals to fights, and he speared Ovechkin behind the leg after crosschecking him in the back following an Ovechkin crosscheck on Fedotenko. Boyle’s been a beast near the net and along the wall. And Avery’s been the old Avery — hard, annoying, and arriving in ill humor.

8) Big, big, big play in this game: Dan Girardi, the Block Ness Monster, laying out and eating that big, painful shot on a 3-on-2 break. I get on him a lot for leaving his man open in front sometimes, and for trying to do too much, but, man, you cannot question his courage.

9) The Rangers should bring in a lacrosse coach or a basketball coach to teach their power play how to move without the puck, some back-door stuff, or some criss-crossing. All I know is, it’s obvious the Rangers don’t have a legit PP quarterback, and they don’t have the high-end skill other teams have. But they also don’t move much at all with the man advantage, which got the Christensen goal and was blanked otherwise as the Capitals marched to the box all day.

10) Alex Ovechkin had a great goal, when Prust gave him just a little room, but he made a few blunders throughout the day, too.

11) The Prospal goal was some bunch of plays. Dubinsky carried it in and did the dirty work. Gaborik put a dangerous angle shot on goal. Dubinsky got it back and found Marc Staal. And Staal made a great shot, over a sliding Capital and high on Neuvirth, handcuffing the kid goalie and allowing a big rebound for Prospal. That’s the way you do it (money for nothing).

12) Remember what I said about momentum from one game to the next? See?

13) Capt. Drury is 27-8 on faceoffs in this series, after a 15-4 game yesterday.

14) Henrik Lundqvist is so easy to overlook in all of this. But he has been absolutely spectacular, hasn’t he?

15) I can’t get past this ‘stache — which Boyle started, but Dubinsky took to a new low, ’70s level. I can’t believe I used to have one of those and can’t believe nobody told me I looked like a jackwagon.

16) Before everybody goes too far overboard, the Rangers still need to win Game 4 (the only game in the next five days) … and they may need to win Game 5, too.


AP photo/Kathy Willens, above.

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  1. Good morning, everyone!
    Feels good, doesn’t it?

    And Happy Passover to my fellow Jewish boneheads!

  2. Great review Carp!
    Goood morning everyone. It sure feels good after that terrific win yesterday!

  3. Great review, Carp.

    Interesting point#6. Makes sense, never thought of it this way…True, it’s very seldom that they can negate it….And very often the coach has to use his TO.

    To me, those three games- they played exactly like they’ve played all season long. Hank looks more focused. But otherwise, they are scoring by committee, block the shots, hit, play hard, and never give up. Can’t complain. LGR!

  4. Stranger Nation on

    Great write-up

    While the overall approach and line up has not changed much, they were skating much better yesterday. Specifically aves, prust, boyle, Feds, and also McD and Sauer.

    One play stands out, Gabby gathers loose puck on back check enforced turnover on side boards in neutral zone. He looks up, with nobody open, he then decides to start pumping his legs to move the puck. Ovi starts slashing/hooking him from behind. We get a PP.

    You put pressure on a team when you skate hard, you put pressure on a team when you shoot the puck. That is why gabby and EZ are so frustrating to watch. They have the talent, but at times it does not seem they are giving 100%.

    #11 – great, great pass by Dubi to Staal and an even better shot. Hard and low blast resulted in juicy rebound. Vinny banged it home – oh baby!!

    Remember Caps psyche is very fragile…

  5. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    I was thinking this post should start with…”I just wonder what we’d all be saying today if the Capitals had not scored that fluky goal in game 1″

    By the way, as you walked by us toward your seat before the game started, we called out to you but you couldn’t hear us (or ignored us)

    Pretty cool that there were some NYR family members (a father, a mother and father) sitting right to our left, just two or three seats over.

    I normally never opine on personnel issues, ever, but jeezsch, Caber is done. Just too slow and can’t handle the pressure. No improvement on his QBing the PP. I think Torts should scratch him for sure, are you telling me the coaching staff can’t see that ? Everyone else is playing really well.

  6. Joekuh - Can I have the next question please? Ptooey! on

    LOL @ #15. The only thing that changed about game 3 is, they got more pucks on net. Could still use more though. Gabby’s gotta do it in game 4.

  7. McCabe is afraid to shoot from the point. It’s becoming a trend with this team. This time, he is afraid because if someone blocks his shot, he will not be able to catch them with his foot speed. Too bad, he was shooting better when he first came up.

  8. Good morning all! And Happy Passover indeed. At least I’m mostly looking forward to Wednesday instead of dreading it in fear. LGR!!! Can I go back to sleep now?

  9. Carp, I am sure it was beaten to death during the game but I thought NBC did a poor job with the review at the end of the 2nd period on the Ranger Non goal. We should have been able to see the overhead shot at the same time as Toronto.

    Wednesday is a long way away and I hope we can keep the momentum up.


  10. ThisYearsModel on

    That ‘stache…………Somebody needs to photoshop a Dubinsky jersey and change the name on the back to Wadd.

  11. Hey Carp,

    I am starting to agree with you on this momentum thing. It doesn’t add up to much. It’s about skill, confidence, and who wants to win more. Momentum from game to game just doesn’t exist. The last 2 games prove that. I don’t believe in momentum during the game either. Team’s take penalties, go to the box, but then score a shorty. Did they gain momentum by taking a penalty? Momentum believers (RIR) will argue the momentum shifted. Bunch of Carcillo. Teams make mistakes and other teams capitalize on that mistake and put the puck in the nets. I know the athletes talk about momentum and so do coaches, but it’s simple and easy to say they have momentum; it’s a canned sports cliché. Much easier to say we have some momentum than dissect the detailed reasons why the series changed. And very often, the goals came because the other team played down a level and the winning team played up, or someone made a gaffe, hot or cold goalie, etc.

    Rangers in 7!

  12. Carp, thanks as always for your game reviews!! I look so much forward to them because you make such great points!!!! And I agree with most all of them. Great insight. Not sure I agree with your 1st sentence that the boys got 2 fluky goals. Dubi-stache’s certainly was but EC’s was a laser beam to the top of the net and Vinnie’s was a typical Ranger goal; hard work & pot the rebound.

    Carp, do you know why the NHL has left 3 days between games in this series? And the whole series, several days in between games?

  13. How can one not be a star in this league with this type of shot. No one saw this puck until it came out of the net. I’m sure Neuvirth heard it while it was whistling above his shoulder. wasn’t a pretty sound, bet you….

  14. Re no movement on the PP – I’m been complaining about that all season.

    Next time you get a chance, watch a Red Wing or a Canuck PP – on a continual basis, when the puck is being controlled by a Wing/Canuck, at least 3 of his mates are in motion. It creates havoc for the opposition and the result oftentimes is having the box collapse because someone gets sucked into following the moving players.

    On the Rangers extended 5 on 3 yesterday the Rangers must have lost 20 to 30 seconds as Gaborik on the point and Stepan down low in front of him passed the puck back and forth, back and forth, with the hope, I assume, that someone would get open on the other side of the net for Stepan to pass to. Meanwhile, the 3 other players just stood there watching the puck being passed back and forth.

    Obviously, so did the Cap PKers.

    This is a fundamental tactic – I truly don’t understand why the Rangers don’t seem to grasp that.

    The other thing about their PP that irks me is the fact that they traded a 3rd round pick essentially for a guy who can blast the puck from the point, yet it seems rarely does anyone try to get it to McCabe for that blast.

    It defies logic…

  15. Carp – As always a great recap. Definitely my first stop in the morning. All hail The Power of the Moustache (which exactly what I thought of when I first saw “Dirk” Dubinsky). :-)

    I do have one request. I have not had the chance to read all of the comments so I apologize if this has been asked and addressed. Carp could you please find out who the the piece of carcillo-cooke who decided we need two channels of wall-to-wall Knicks coverage last night. It is beyond me to fathom how MSG could not have had the Rangers post-game on MSG+ and then, if they really wanted/needed to show the Knicks, switch to the game in progress.

    It is bad enough that the Rangers get short end of the stick from the media, but when their own byfuglien network screws them, then we have more to worry about then the NHL’s obvious vendetta to get the Rangers (said with tongue firmly planted in cheek).

  16. I hope NHL does the right thing today and suspends Torres for the rest of the playoffs. That was a prototypical blindsided head shot by a repeat offender who just came back from 4 game suspension. It shouldn’t matter that Seabrook came back, the whole point is to eliminate that type of play before someone gets injured.

  17. carp

    greta seeing you yesterday. i will check in with you at end of 1st per on wednesday. nice recap. agree with all your points. fedentenko as been big on the forecheck and his sliding play on the 2 on 1 was huge.

  18. Joekuh - Can I have the next question please? Ptooey! on

    Anthony, the Knicks are the money-makers with Stoudamire/Melo.

  19. Man-E-Fried being Manny on

    Carp: Great review as always man. Really. I cannot agree more that Fedotenko has been literally invaluable. I have been saying this since his leg and appendix fell apart. This guy is incredible. His energy and ability to use his mediocre size to push the puck ahead is really remarkable. Also – he takes shots!

    That staal shot and rebound by Prospal was the “prettiest” goal these guys have scored in a long time. Enough of the dirty ones, Christensen, the disallowed goal and Prospal’s goal were all pretty. I have no idea how Luigi’s goal went in. I watched it a ton of times…guess it his a Caps player (I guess Alzner) and bounced in but boy oh boy that goal made me think of the word “fate.”

    Luigi – man that guy can play when he wills himself to. Wow.

    I really agree with you Carp (a/k/a Ca$hflow) that this series is relatively even on how it’s been played. Really could go any way.

  20. Good write-up, Carp. I thought Tortarella made a good point when he said that this series could easily be 2-1 the other way, and he’s right. It’s not about fluky goals, it’s about getting to the net and making the goalie’s life hell. Crazy stuff happens when you get in there, and yesterday was no exception. The Rangers made their luck. This series has been as tight a series as I’ve seen recently, and the Rangers are right there with one of the best teams in the East. Their best bet would be to stick with it and stay the course, just tweak a few things like the PP going forward. Keep the intensity up and things will work out.

    And for Chrissakes, Gabby’s gotta hit the net

  21. The Knicks may be moneymakers, but what do they achieve by putting them on both networks – especially when the game is also on TNT with Marv Albert doing the game?

    Actually, they lose money because Ranger fans are going to leave MSG and head over to the NHL Network for highlights or go and seek out other playoff games as opposed to watching a Knicks pre-game show on two networks. They could very easily have aired the Rangers post-game on MSG+ and then joined the Knicks in progress on the second channel. Heck, they also could have opened up MSG2 for the Rangers post-game.

  22. Joekuh - Can I have the next question please? Ptooey! on

    Heh, Marv was doing play by play on TNT? Even more reason for Dolan to try to screw Marv over. I agree with you btw, I’m just playing devil’s advocate.

  23. I’m surprised by the number of suspensions that have been handed out in the west so far in the playoffs. Im assuming that Torres will be suspended for his hit last night, and if he is suspended I think that will be the third suspension so far (Ryan and Stoll being the other two).

    Is it unusual to have that many playoff suspensions, and if so, does anyone have thoughts about why/what’s going on?

  24. >>That’s the way you do it (money for nothing).

    “I want my MT…” Actually, never mind, I don’t.

    Oh and, fluky goals count the same as highlight reel ones. I only care about how many, not how pretty.

  25. Of course they’ll have to win games 4 and 5, you know how many people picked the Rangers in 6?

  26. Man-E-Fried being Manny on

    Rafi Torres is going to get a significant penalty for that hit. Significant. I would guess 5 games or more? I mean he just returned from a suspension and did that – and that hit was inexcusable. Led with the elbow to the head, no intent to play the puck, ya de ya de.

  27. Carp: “Erik Christensen. If I could shoot the puck like that kid, I’d be making tons more money than he is, and I’d be putting up Phil Esposito-like shot totals. Shoot the puck, son. Did you see what happens?”

    Shoot the puck, Barry! I mean, Erik!

  28. Man-E-Fried being Manny on

    Winston – I forgot to add my thoughts – I think the NHL is concerned about hits-to-the-head ever since their golden child, Mrs. Cindy Crawford-Crosby was injured by one. I think they want to be “serious” about these suspensions. The problem is that they are completely hypocritical. They know that the playoffs have slightly more viewers than the regular season and they probably want to send a message and Rafi Torres is the perfect guy to do it with because he isn’t a valuable player to the ‘Nucks (given their depth) and he isn’t a guy that people adore. Thus, he will get a show-off suspension (which he deserves) and then the NHL will go back to determining how important each player is to revenue before they suspend him/her.

  29. >>And for Chrissakes, Gabby’s gotta hit the net

    I think he brushes against the net when he skates behind it with the puck. Is that the kind of hitting you’re referring to?

  30. >>Is it unusual to have that many playoff suspensions, and if so, does anyone have thoughts about
    >>why/what’s going on?

    Oh, one could only GUESS it’s because the rules of engagement have changed.

  31. Man-E-Fried being Manny on

    I was yelling “Conspiracy!” even though I don’t really believe it. I am sure the NHL is pulling for Ovechkin to move on with the elimination of Mrs. Cindy Crawford-Crosby. So maybe…..I mean the game clock clearly showed that it was in so I was a bit confused why it didn’t count – and NBC had no replay for about 35 minutes. All very suspicious.

  32. Fedotenko is really one of those players you don’t appreciate until you watch him game in and game out. Most people forget about Greg Gilbert on the 94 team and he was the same way. Nothing bad ever happened while he was out there and he would just help eat another minute off the clock until the big boys got back on the ice. These guys are just consummate professional hockey role players and every good team has at least one. Seeing them occasionally on TV doesn’t do them justice until you can see them every game.

  33. Great job as usual Carp. But why were 2 of the goals flukey? Dubi’s was, and the disallowed one was, but the other 2 Ranger goals don’t strike me as flukey at all. Just sayin’.

    Also with the momentum stuff – I think series are long, and especially this one, and so whether a team has a short memory or not, by virtue of the fact that there is so much time between games, it makes it difficult for that to carry. But certainly the Rangers have to feel better about themselves now than they did 24 hours ago. And within a game, there certainly is. I also think that the natuire of the way both of these teams play and the emphasis on defense and execution makes it hard to build momentum, which is more of an emotional thing. This series is a war of attrition – whoever makes the most mistakes will lose, but not by very much. In that type of setting there isn’t alot of room for emotion because that’s how you get burned.

  34. Man-E-Fried:
    Believe me that I wanted that goal to count. However, you can clearly see that while the NBC clock still said 0.1, the green light was on. So, without a doubt, the NBC clock and the official game clock were not in synch.
    Carp was the only one giving the explanation that the NBC clock and the official game clock were not the same. I know that helped me comprehend clearer when I saw the green light and was confused. If you didn’t see what Carp was saying between periods, I can see where anyone would be adamant that they saw 0.1 because that is what NBC showed and never gave an explanation. NBC kept saying that the official game clock was 0.0 but never informed that it was different than their clock.

  35. Scott, agree with that post but I also think Feds has a larger role on this team than Gilbert had on the 94 team. To me, Feds is kind of like a Nemchinov.

  36. Man-E-Fried being Manny on

    Scott- I agree. I was just saying at the time I was jokingly yelling conspiracy! and that was enforced by NBC’s lack of an explanation. It’s too bad because those last second goals have been fun for us before………

  37. Well I clearly saw the puck go in just before the buzzer sounded. So the buzzer is not official and not connected to the official game clock either?

  38. Stan…Please. Enough. Like Scott said, if you have the game on Tivo, you clearly see the green light on, even though NBC’s clock still has .2 seconds left. I can’t imagine what would be going on here if we actually lost this game.

  39. I’d just like to say, with all intended enthusiasm, IT FEELS GREAT TO BE A RANGER FAN. Hard work paying off? Winning at home? Consistently regaining the lead? Hank playing fierce? Dubi with the best facial hair since Mara’s beard? A shot at evening the series and sending the Craps into panic mode….


    Other notes of interest – I maintain that we’ll get a big goal out of Dru and Step this series. In the interim, I’m enjoying the heck out of Dru’s face-off dominance.

    Fed’s is a stud and I love Prospal’s hustle and enthusiasm. McCabe looks slow, yes… but I think he’ll tap into his “old man strength” and make a big play yet as well. Where is Anisimov? Girardi showing his back was FIERCE on that blocked shot. Ovie is a dirty bastard… for all the talk from Bruce B about the little pushing and overall fiestyness, you cant help but notice that #8 (Washingtons) takes a cheap shot after every whistle. Ave’s looked good…. anddddd, Im spent. LOOKING FORWARD TO WEDS!

  40. Totally Agree Dudley! Totally! It does feel great. I really believe that this series has been evenly played. We should be proud of our boys.

    I am loving this Defenders joining the offensive rush thing! Where was this all year? Paging Mr. Gilroy…..

  41. Carp: “Tortorella was quick to praise him for his huge goal in this game, and just as quick to point out a turnover Prospal committed that led to the Capitals tying it”.

    Here’s another example of the very refreshing honesty and candor coming from Coach Tortorella. Referring to his team scoring ‘ugly goals’ he said:

    “That’s the way we have to do it,” Rangers coach John Tortorella said. “We don’t play any other way. We’re just not good enough. We have to grind.”

    What other coach out there would be frank and truthfully admit his team isn’t “good” enough to generate a high-powered offensive attack? With Marian Gaborik pulling a disappearing act for most of this season, Coach’s statement is very true.

    I’m really liking Torts as the Rangers’ coach, even though I think the team should have placed higher (fifth or sixth seed) and shouldn’t have yet again been struggling for its playoff life in the 82nd game of the regular season.

  42. Carp,

    If a Capital snaps his stick to get some extra rest like Avery did, will it be a penalty?

    Im thinking the ref’s point it out, and let both coaches know it will be a delay of game next time.

  43. Oh by the way – Torts = Winningest American Coach in Hockey history. Nice stat for the Haters…

  44. Stranger, Staal’s shot was actually high, because of the sliding forward. It handcuffed Neuvirth, hence the rebound.

    AndThisOne, Sorry. I must have not heard you. I would never ignore somebody … let me rephrase that, I might ignore somebody, but not you.

    Artie, NBC wanted Rangers-Capitals, two large U.S. markets, for two weekend games. That’s why one game in five days.

    I thought NBC eventually did, long after the decision, get the replay with the official clock burned into the screen, which was used by Toronto to CORRECTLY disallow the goal.

    The point about the two flukey goals was obviously missed. Christensen should never score from there, no matter how good the shot was; that opening shouldn’t even exist and if Lundqvist allowed it there’d be bloody-murder screams about giving up a softie; and Dubinsky’s was a billiards shot at about two MPH.

    That’s not the point. The point is, we judge how the team played because those two went in. If they hadn’t gone in, most of the comments on here would be how much Christensen and Dubinsky stink and how it’s Game over, Series over, and Trade Everybody! When they played pretty much the same game as Game 1 and Game 2, only the puck went in.

  45. Mike, I’m just commenting on what I saw and heard at the time. Not suggesting there’s any conspiracy, just that it might be nice to be able to see the ‘official’ time while watching the game so we know what’s going on. That can’t be too technologically difficult.

  46. Good morning, Sally!

    I’m off to the practice rink in a bit. No practice today, just off-ice meetings and stuff.

  47. Joe, Avery sure got away with one there … and the fans thought he was knocked down and started booing the officials.

  48. I loved that move by Avery. It was hilarious….and the Caps are certainly going to be annoyed by it when they see tape and think about it for a few days (if). Then they can come out and focus on Avery rather than beating the snot out of us.

    It seems that two things determine who wins these games:
    1. Who scores more goals (this is a joke obv.); and
    2. Who hits harder, more frequently and more consistently.

  49. Series will be about Dubinsky. He shows up, we win. He is aloof, we lose. Gabby could do a little more too, btw.

    Drury…say what you want about his history, but my brother and I were talking about his faceoffs all game. Any important faceoff where Torts had the last change, Drury was in there. I would say to my bro everytime, “There is Drury in for the draw…and he wins it.” DO NOT OVERLOOK HOW IMPORTANT THAT WAS.

    Overall, I think we held our own. Just think if we had one break go our way in game 1 OT? We definitely played to them physically. I think the Caps have to be scared now to a degree.

    Also, Anisimov needs to show up. He is the holdout non-show up guy now in the series.

    And, McCabe is slow. He is so-so on the PP, but that is where it ends. He is a step slow everywhere. You know he won’t be coming back in the fall.

    The PP….please for the love of the man, please stop being stationary. These guys sat around in the 5 on 3 like a bunch of pilons. Really. How hard is it to move through the middle, follow your pass, skate to the goalie’s doorstep, or pull the defensive triangle apart with quicker moving passes. I mean wtf? We in the 85th game of the season and the best we can do in a 5 on 3 is to stand around and push the puck between Gabby and Step like 10x. Who’s the brainchild behind that?

    3 nights is tough to wait…but I am so pumped. Was threatening to cut off the beard if we went down 3-0 btw.


  50. Oh yes and that little whack by Prust to Ovechkin’s leg…classic. I saw one of the zebras go over to Prust and say something like, “If you do that again it’s your ass….” I am paraphrasing but it was hilarious. This was right after Ovech x-checked the Tank in the back.

    Also, when Erskine was splayed by Prust in the O-zone and then Prust went to the front of the net and was x-checked, he should have gone down. Not Prust’s style, but it was a blatant x-check. A lot of the Caps were pulling those shenanigans.

  51. Good point Newman (and Carp) – I have been freaking out about faceoffs and yesterday I was just amazed at all the faceoffs that the boys were winning. And have been winning throughout this series. Pretty remarkable. Bet the Caps miss Steckel right about now…

  52. One more thing, goal 2 gets scored because Staal actually shot the puck in the air over the sliding defender and….ummm….it was ON GOAL!

  53. Hmm…who was it who said Fedetenko was garbage???

    Could it be the same guy who said Erforeskin has a great shot???

    It sucks that we finally win a game, and now we have two days off. I can’t wait for game 4.

    Go Sabs, Go Bolts, Go Yotes!

    Don’t care aboot Habs/B’s

  54. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    Happy Pesach to all the tribesmen and women out there. No bread for 8 days is going to make me extra cranky so the boys better bring it!

  55. “The PP….please for the love of the man, please stop being stationary. These guys sat around in the 5 on 3 like a bunch of pilons. Really. How hard is it to move through the middle, follow your pass, skate to the goalie’s doorstep, or pull the defensive triangle apart with quicker moving passes. I mean wtf? We in the 85th game of the season and the best we can do in a 5 on 3 is to stand around and push the puck between Gabby and Step like 10x. Who’s the brainchild behind that?”


    Newman – brilliant. It’s really true. That was making me deliriously angry….just that 5 point star around the net and passing, passing, passing….oh no lanes? I will pass over there…no lane? I will pass over here. Here’s an idea – THEY HAVE 3 DEFENDERS! And they had Forwards on the ice! 2 of them! They were daring us to try and score using the body and we didn’t make a move….pass…pass….pass………blocked shot……passs……aw…it’s over!

  56. That stick snap shouldn’t be a penalty – if/when it happens again, simply drop the puck and make the offending player play stickless.

    It was pretty funny tho!

  57. BTW, one of the versus guys mentioned, after watching him blow another shot, that Gabbie looks nervous and hesitant about getting his shot off and wondered about his confidence.

    Well, yeah! We’ve been saying it on here for a while now – last year pucks would be off his stick in milliseconds. This year he hangs on endlessly waiting for a better opportunity to shoot.

    I will say this, however: Yesterday he let 2 or 3 shots go in a manner as quickly as last year; unfortunately he kept missing the net. I say keep that up because sooner or later they will hit the net and go in.

  58. By the time Avery leaves this league, there could a couple of penalties named after him. lol!

  59. Rangers need to move the puck and their feet on the power play – especially on the 5-on-3. It is waaay too easy to defend when you have five Rangers basically standing around and passing the puck around the perimeter. Moving bodies in and out while moving the puck will get the Caps defenders moving and thus opening up shooting lanes. To me that is the key. Forget the complaining about no QB on the PP. Sometimes having a system or an idea is all it takes.

    In the second period, the Rangers kept trying to set Bryan McCabe up for a one-timer but the passes were coming from the right wing. To set up a lefty shooter, you have to put him at the right point and the passes have to come from the left wing.

    As for QBs on the PP, the Caps have Mike Green and Alex Ovechkin and their power play has struggled all year long.

  60. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    That stick snap is Byfuglien hilarious! I remember taking the under/over on penalty minutes for Avery in game 2 at 5…I dont think he’s been called for one yet. And he’s starting to get under the Capitals’ skin…Alzner/Carlson particularly. Keep it up Sean!!!

  61. Nice review, Carp!

    Agree 100% on Fedotenko! He is a monster…I was so impressed how effective he played and how many minutes he got…He’s been consistent all year.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I would be all over Dubi and EC if they didn’t step up yesterday! Dubi needed to score, and it didn’t have to be pretty. Dubi lead by example yesterday. I am proud of him. ‘Stache Power! That said, I know he can still play better and hope turns it up even more…

    EC’s wristshot is unreal. There is no reason he can’t be at least a 30-goal guy with a shot like that. That is why I am frustrated watching him. He does something once every 10 games that is truly remarkable. The rest of the time he’s useless, unless there’s a shootout.

    Gaby is close. His shot was zipping yesterday. That is positive. Only a matter of time before he scores in this series!

    I actually think that these days off will hurt the Craps and help the Rangers….

  62. Good call Jim,

    They would have to tell Avery to hold his position…and make him play with no stick. That would work just as well.

  63. Did anybody else think that Vinny was way overdue for that goal? Man, has he been playing hard.

    Carpie, thanks for pointing out Girardi’s block. He gets a bad rap on this site. I know he makes some bonehead plays sometimes, but he never hesitates throwing his body in front of a slapshot. That one hurt, for sure, but he was right back in the game.

    I am not a conspiracy theory type of person, and I know the NHL didn’t make that explanation up, but when NBC failed to show the overhead with the time stamp it most certainly ran through my head.

    As for Avery, I thought he had a horrible game two, despite what was said here. He was almost ALWAYS off side, which I blame on lack of focus. However, he was in his element game three and was VERY effective.

    Very excited about Wednesday… I will finally be in attendance and I can’t wait to scream my lungs out for the blueshirts!

  64. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    One thing about McCabe…he wasn’t brought in to QB the PP. He’s in because of his big shot that defenders have to respect back there. That said, I don’t see him being back here next year either. Remember, DZ’s our PP QB. He wasn’t sent down because of his PP work. He was sent down because his 5 on 5 play was regressing.

  65. Sometimes PP tend to overthink themselves which result in overpassing. Last night during the Hawks-Nucks game the Hawks PP goals came early in the PP where a few quick passes and then a shot resulted in a goal rather than their opportunities where they worked the puck around at blinding speed but started to fall into a trap of looking for the perfect seem.

    I don’t know what the Rangers “work on” when they practice the PP, but it wouldn’t hurt for them to have a few set plays drawn up, particularly from the faceoff. A small silver lining that I noticed however was that when they opted to dump the puck in after the Caps clearances they were doing a better job of overloading the dump in side. Too many times I think we’ve seen them firing the puck in deep and not use their extras numbers to their advantage on the pursuit.

  66. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The story I am hearing about the disallowed goal is – the war room simply took a guess… All of their cameras were actually in Pittsburg watching behind the scenes shots of Crosby stroking his stache…

  67. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers should hire Marv to interview Ovie and afterwards have him bite ovie on the leg a few times..

  68. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: the Rangers don’t seem to realize the man advantage gives them room. They often bunch up and negate the advantage. Frustrating to watch. And, clearly, not a good way to score on the PP.

    They should watch some tape. Of other teams.

  69. Eddie and I learned everything we know about broadcasting and biting from Marv Alpert.

  70. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Let’s go rangers…. Broadway roe – I have to completely disagree with your assesmemt regarding Avery’s play in game 2… Sure he went offsides a few times but he played with as much passion and energy asvany ranger that game… No penalties… No horrible defensive lapses… Get a new whipping boy.

  71. They should spend all of today working on the PP – they should bring in a meditation expert and an energist and they should get their CHI in line because …. come on guys. The PP – the Caps took a lot of unnecessary and bad penalties and we need to capitalize should we be so fortunate for that to happen again.

    This series is awesome guys. Really awesome. Hard hitting and low scoring. Loving it.

  72. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    Something mentioned in the broadcast yesterday: When we dumped the puck in on the PP, Neuvirth was NOT coming out of his net to play the puck at all. Little thing I noticed.

  73. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – I like to leave a lot if marks when I bite…it’s my way of saying Eddie Eddie Eddie was here…

  74. bruce boudreau went on local washington radio and called out ranger fans saying the garden is nothing special and the fans arent loud at all. its the aura of the garden but in reality its one of the worst arenas

    lets bring on wed whoever going

  75. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    Another thing: Drury went 15-3 in defensive zone draws, and 15-4 overall. He may be slow, he may have a terrible shot, BUT…….he’s the best we have on that dot.

  76. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    Zipay’s Twitter was blowing up today about what Boudreau said. Everyone is all jacked up now.

  77. My friend is a bandwagon Caps fan and he told me that yesterday’s game was sloppy and almost unwatchable. Can I drive to where he is and beat him up yet?

  78. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    Did the Caps go back home to rest until Wednesday? Hmm.

  79. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hey boudrreau – I didn’t hear you cimplaining about the Ricky tacky calls that went your way in games 1 and 2…. Go eat another 5 dozens doughnuts you fat byfuglien piece of carcillo…

  80. Bruce B came off as a fool on HBO.

    He came off like a fool calling out the Garden Fans after a loss by his club as well. While I agree, we can be a fickle bunch, the Garden (and its faithful) needs to respond in kind on Weds.

  81. Humpt Dumpty Boudreau is right. The Garden is overrated. The fans have no real passion. They get excited, but once things don’t go their way, they’re as quiet as a mouse pissing on cotton. That is until you do something to make them boo.

    Highly disappointing. Granted a large majority of the fans are probably bandwagoners.

  82. DC is one of the worst towns for professional sports in the country (Atlanta being another one).

    I think a vast majority of the casual Caps fanbase would easily trade a Stanley Cup for a Redskins Super Bowl.

  83. Boudreau has a big mouth, that’s for sure, but his words are strictly meant to calm his players.

    What he needs to be wary of, however, is having those words backfire.

  84. MSG is definitely overrated but Boudreau has no idea what he’s talking about…

    Maybe we can get his opinion on the food court? That counts…

    I thought it was was really loud yesterday, I was there. IMO, loudest it’s been all season and I was at 10 other games this year (including the Vacouver game)…could it be louder, absolutely…and it will be Wednesday…

    I wasn’t a big fan of the towel waving yesterday…that is un-Ranger like…that is “nothing special”…

  85. So, what do you think the NHL does first: suspends Torres or comes up with a new “Avery stick” rule?

    Manny- to me, the more they practice their PP, the worse it gets. I say, forget about it, don’t practice any PP ’til Wednesday.

    Kidding aside, I’m surprised the Rangers haven’t been using what a lot of playoff teams have- instead of dumping it in on PP, use the late man carry it in type of play.

  86. The Caps got to go home, which is a nice perk for them. They have their own facilities, set their own practice schedule, and guys can sleep in their own beds instead of a hotel.

    In the end, it shouldnt make a lick of difference on the game outcome on Wed, but if you asked either team if they would stay, or go home in that situation, they would all say go home…

  87. Ilb – I am fine with that. I mean my suggestions were silly – I guess practicing it at this point is equally silly. Forget about it and when they get a PP just tell the guys to get out there and ATTACK THE NET. Scare the goalie. Score a goal.

  88. “”I think after every time after there was a scrum or something in front of the net, they were hitting our goalie,” Boudreau said. “It just got to a point, you know. They kept warning them not to do it, not to do it, and they kept doing it and nothing was done so they kept doing it. Pretty simple.””


    What a whiner!

  89. This ESPN article about the game just shows what whiny babies the Caps are being. They have a 1-4 record when leading 2-0. I can’t imagine that record changes much in a 2-1 series. Feeling badly for yourselves is not going to help. I hope they continue to blame others. Here are a few quotes:

    As for the flow being disrupted by the constant parade to the penalty box Backstrom said, “that wasn’t me, that was the ref.”

    “”I don’t know. Some of those calls wasn’t a penalty I think.” – Backstrom

  90. Lets be honest here. Wed is a MUST win, and even though the team scored 3 (4 on the call-back), they have to feel that anything but a shutout on Wed will end in a loss.

    Caps are gonna be gunning on Wed…hopefully they take more dump penalties, and the refs give em hell again. We need a few more 5 on 3’s.

  91. Yeah, game 4 is a must win. We’re 0-2 in Washington. Can’t go back there facing elimination.

    It’s funny what Boudreau is complaining aboot. Hasn’t it always been the game plan to run Hank? The Craps do it every season, and get away with it.

    Get over it.

  92. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    Manny, you should’ve included the next line by the ESPN writer:

    “You know what? Even if you think the officials jobbed you, it hardly comes off as anything but petulant to complain about it, especially in the playoffs. Suck it up.”

  93. You’re right! I loved that line.

    It’s so true. I hope they keep this attitude – because it helps us out.

  94. You thought the above was bad, how about this:

    Posted at 11:08 AM ET, 04/18/2011
    Boudreau insults Madison Square Garden
    By Dan Steinberg

    If Bruce Boudreau was hoping to endear himself to Rangers fans during this break in the Caps’ first-round series, he chose an odd way to do it. Here’s Boudreau, when asked to talk about Madison Square Garden during a Monday morning appearance on 105.9 The Edge’s Kirk and Mike Show.

    “Well, the one thing, its reputation is far better than the actual building,” the coach said. “I mean, it’s nothing. The locker rooms are horrible. The benches are horrible. There’s no room for anything. But the reputation of being in Madison Square Garden is what makes it famous. Also, our building’s a lot louder, too. So I mean, they can say what they want, but it’s not that loud in there.”

    Not that loud in there, eh? This is the kind of quote opposing game-ops people put on scoreboards in an attempt to make home fans delirious and particularly mouthy. My own experience in MSG is that the noise is pretty intense — especially during the National Anthem — but that the in-game profanity is the most memorable part of a Rangers game.

    Speaking of profanity, Boudreau appeared to curse at the refs at least once on Sunday, and his in-game interview with NBC was fairly pointed. He was a lot less exercised when asked about the officiating Monday morning.

    “During the playoffs you have a supervisor at every game, so if you have a complaint or something that you want to lodge, you talk to the supervisor and then he’ll talk to the referees and he’ll talk to the powers that be,” Boudreau explained. “But the trick about that is it’s usually closing the door and the horse has left the barn, it’s an over-and-done fact, because the referees are different every game in the first series. .?.?. So what they do is they can warn the other guys that this is what the other team’s talking about and look out for it, but that’s pretty well what you can do. I mean, the refs are very serious about this too, this is their playoffs too, their Stanley Cup, so they don’t want to make any mistakes. But it happens.”

    In one final nugget, Boudreau was asked about the criticism — voiced several times during NBC’s Sunday broadcast — of Michal Neuvirth for staying too far inside his net and not helping out his defensemen enough.

    “Well, Neuvirth’s allowed four goals in over three games, three games and a period,” Boudreau said. “Whatever he’s doing, I don’t want him to stop doing it. Unless it was Darren Pang [talking], who was a goaltender, Eddie Olczyk was never a goaltender, and I know Doc Emrick was never a goaltender. So I would much prefer to listen to what Arturs Irbe has to say, and he has not brought that up as a problem. So I’ve got to believe that what he was doing was a good thing.”

    By Dan Steinberg | 11:08 AM ET, 04/18/2011

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/dc-s….QNzD_bl og.html

  95. By the way, Orr, I think the guy who said Feds was garbage is the same guy that said Mikael Samuelsson is essentially the same type of player as Lisin and Zherdev! LOL!

  96. Whatever. Typical playoffs type of g(j)ibberish by a coach. Who cares? Bet you if they ask Torts to comment, he’d say he could care less, let’s concentrate on the game etc….

  97. I still think until they close out the series, the pressure will always be on the Caps. If they lose game 4 and the series is tied instead of a commanding 3-1 lead then you can expect the scribes to bring up their failures in the past few playoffs. They were even tossing around the little factoid about how 4 of the 5 times in their history the Caps have gone up 2-0 they’ve ended up blowing the lead. Which my friend noted yesterday, that means the Caps have only swept one playoff series in their entire history?

  98. Rangers also have to be upset that the game could of gone to OT, when then Caps tried to hand them the game. I thought the Caps were awful, and played a stupid game…it should not of gone to the wire.

  99. Someone said Samuelson was the same type of player as Lisin and Zherdev? Geez…We should have never let him go. He was instrumental in Detroit and helped them to win the Cup in 2008. He’s been playing great in Vancouver. He elevates his game every postseason…

  100. ilb – Just another reason why Torts is great. It is typical playoff gibberish. It is bad. But Bruce’s job is on the line (from what I hear people saying) and this team has a history of bad performances…so complaining does not seem like a great attitude to take. It’s like…in law school they teach you to get a jury on your side by hammering home your point and sticking to the one thing which if I was Brucey would be “This is a different team than the last couple years, we have a better style of play and we can and will write a new future.” Bang that point home over and over.

    Backstrom and Brucey complaining means other people are probably complaining in the locker room and if the Caps want to take that attitude – to blame others and feel like they should win because they are #1 – then I am more than happy to encourage that attitude in them. Slump those shoulders Caps – the world is against you.

  101. LOL! Yeah, couldn’t have been the same guy!

    I know, ilb, he’s definitely a guy that we should have kept. Clutch performer, no doubt.

  102. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    I hope the people that are bashing Boudreau and Backstrom are not the same people that cried “NHL CONSPIRACY!” when the late 2nd period “goal” was disallowed (correctly).

    Many of the comments on this site during the second intermission were way worse than what Boudreau said about the refs. Just some perspective.


    And Manny…that wasn’t directed at you. Just reminded me of it.

  103. Haha thanks Noah – My conspiracy shouts were a mocking joke of those that would seriously consider it. Just a nod to the Kings.

  104. Carp, you are so right. Momentum changes in series from period to period and game to game. They always talk about forgetting what happened in the game you just played and concentrate on the next one. In the history of playoffs, it’s the same thing, over and over again. Many momentum swings so we all can’t say , “Season’s over, trade everybody”. They played better in Game 2 than in Game 1, in my opinion and I feel a little better still in Game 3. Biggest difference, obviously, they got a lucky bounce and scored more goals. It can’t be “the sky is falling” mentality. Until they lose 4 games, this team is always in the game!!! It may not look pretty, but they seem to get the job done!!!

    Bruce B whining a bit but there were early tickey tack calls, yet, what does he say when his best player cross checks Feds in the back and doesn’t get called?

  105. Anyone see the shot Staal gave Green to the back of the head right before the Ovechkin goal? That was pretty brutal with the butt end of his stick. I dont think they are going to look at it are they?

  106. Stranger Nation on

    Rangers are overweight Lefty shooters so PP is not balanced – part of the reason Step is there on lower left side but McCabe, Dubi, Gabby, Vinny, EZ (and Staal) are all lefties.

    Gilly (Righty shot) needs more PP time – he is our best D and carrying the puck in the zone and easily our best hands on the back line.

    D needs to jump into play as Caps forwards are horrible in their D zone. Watch Vinny goal and Ovi is standing still in slot when Dubi cycles around and finds Staal for blast from the point.

    When PP was clicking back in March we were moving, moving, moving – very simple yet effective approach.

  107. Anybody have any complaints about this team’s choices in line? Anybody want Eminger in next game? Anybody want to bench Christensen? Where is all the armchair managing!?

    I still say dress 7 D-Men. I still want it done.

  108. Seriously Mama, this schedule is Carcillo. Way too much time in between games! And why? So they can be broadcast on NBC, without an official clock?

  109. Stranger Nation on

    I would sit Caber and play Em. Caber is done. Love the heart, fear the legs…

  110. Stranger – that is what I am talking about! I agree – get Gilroy in on the PP. Please. Let him play forward even. He can be like a “midfielder” on the PP – pinch in for shots when he needs to and jump back out for extra D if we need it. The Caps got a few odd man rushes shorthnaded so I would like some more PP force.

  111. “I just wonder what we’d all be saying today if the Rangers hadn’t gotten two fluky goals.”

    But what if Neurwith (spelling) isn’t playing out of his mind? And the Rangers keep testing his glove like he’s Lundqvist. Need to get that shot hard and low to the pads for those rebounds?

    Capitals look so much faster and bigger than the Rangers. And they are. But this team has heart.
    Good thing they don’t play til Wednesday.



  112. Manny, to be honest. I do miss MZA . But, I’m not worried about him. I think he’s got a good head on his shoulders and will handle not playing in the playoffs the right way. He’ll come back next year even more ready for the NHL. He had a nice rookie year, considering all that he went through in learning the new game in CT and filling in on the big club where he was asked.

    People that think he’s played poorly or is a bust need to get a clue…he’s only 23…

    There just isn’t a spot for him to play meaningful minutes now…not his fault…

  113. – In re schedule, wouldn’t have surprised me if MSG asked for Sunday-Wed to avoid the two passover seder nights as I’d venture to guess that a solid % of their season ticket holders (at least 10% are Jewish.

    For one, I’m thrilled I didn’t have to pick between Game 4 and my family seder.

    Obviously NBC wanted two NYR-WAS games and perhaps wanted Saturday because there was a better chance of a game 5 than going wed, fri, sun and having a game 6 on Sun…

    – In re Boudreau…what a whiner! Though I suspect he’s trying to deflect whatever pressure his players are feeling on to him which is SOP come playoff time.

  114. NYR – I am with you man. I miss the hobbit wizard. He brings skill and he brings a bit of hop to the game. I just think his body would possible be broken at this point in the series. He is not very big and he hasn’t matured to a St. Louis type yet so you know…..I guess it’s safer for him in the AHL right now. Also – he would be taking away time from Avery if he was up here and I don’t think the Rangers can afford to have the genius that is Sean Avery on the bench right now (sarcasm sign).

    I am looking forward to rooting the guy on next year.

  115. Fk I hate that Russian c..ks..ker Ovechkin. Its all about timely goals.

    Rangers need to eliminate these pricks from DC.

    Ranger Joe, you said Rangers in 6, I know its one game but hey I will believe too.

  116. Is that true? Raffi Torres is getting NOTHING? That’s horrible. I hope none of our players get hurt from crazy plays during the playoffs because the league has NO ballz to protect any of these players. Poor Brent Seabrook – he must feel a bit vulnerable right now. I mean Torres had the cajones to drill him (albeit legally) again in the same game. Not OK NHL. Not OK.

  117. MZA’s not in the AHL now…he’s with the Rangers…he is on the roster…If someone goes down with an injury, he’s probably going in…

    Btw, did anyone see that Hagelin is starting for the Whale now? Pretty awesome for a guy that just got signed!

  118. NYR – you’re right. He is on the roster – sorry. I meant something unthinkable …that he would start next year in the AHL.

  119. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    Gilroy could be a “roamer” like Byfuglien is for Atlanta. That seems more suited for his skill set.

  120. Great point Noah! totally. In my opinion Gilroy is answering our question of “will his play make his cap hit worth it” and I am starting to think…….yes?

  121. Franklin Kistner on

    How many of Carp’s Legion are old enough to recognize that Boudreau looks exactly like Alfred Hitchcock after many martinis?

  122. Boudreau is a classless mofo… didn’t expect anything good to come out of his fat mouth.

    btw Carp (not sure if this was talked about but)

    have you heard anything about a concession fire inside the MSG yesterday before the game? I’ve heard there was a fire and that is why the game started later than expected.

  123. Gilroy isn’t anywhere close to the type of player Byfuglien is. Byfuglien is a pretty unique player, heavily attributed to his size.

    The Rangers do retain his rights but it’s a matter of whether they want to qualify him at his current salary (not cap hit) or extend him at a multiyear deal with presumably a lower cap hit.

    Gilroy has some skill, but I don’t know see him as being anything more than a 5th or 6th D in the league. Physically he’s fairly close to his peak so I don’t think he’s got a huge amount of upside from what we’ve already seen. I do think he’s improved with his understanding of the NHL game which will help with his productivity but I don’t think he’s the next Brian Rafalski.

  124. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    I honestly like boudreau, (no not rooting for him or the caps) but he has been able to get a team of offencive guys to play team D and I thought he looked passionate in 24/7.

    That avery stick break was gold, pure gold!!

    I didn’t thank that torres hit was anything dirty!

  125. This Torres thing is BS…wow…There is no clarity on rule 48…I’m confused as all hell…

  126. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I agree with CTB about gilroy

  127. I think Gilroy has a lot of potential on this team to really add to the offense. The Rangers are lacking that sort of a player and I haven’t seen enough out of Del Zotto to think that he is going to be that guy. Maybe you carry Gilroy next year and see what he can give you. I like the idea of having a versatile player that can play D or Forward a lot. A LOT.

    I agree that he isn’t in the same league as Byfuglien. But the term roamer is a good term for Gilroy. He can really skate.

  128. Wow, wicky and I agree about a defenseman…spend all your money now folks the world is coming to an end!!!

    J/K, nothing but love for ya wicky

  129. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    I by no means was saying Gilroy was close to Byfuglien’s level, just to clarify. As Manny reiterated, I just think that is something he could get accustomed to. It would also justify carrying a 7th defenseman.

  130. Good result for Rangers, but, but Capitals were better in most of the game elements, especially in power play. Rangers cannot be a good team without to improve power play. I like Avery, but every time I heard his name Rangers were in offside. But, but again future is bright.

    Happy Pesach to everybody who celebrate it! Let my Rangers go to the Stanley Cup.

  131. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    It is tough to see at full speed Im sure, but a slow down of the hit, it was not blindside and he hit shoulder first..good hit

  132. Manny, I think MDZ has a lot more upside than Gilroy on the offensive side of the game. It appears he’s got some maturity issues as well as an unrefined understanding of the defensive side of the game but registering nearly 40 points from the blueline as a 19 year old rookie is a talent the Rangers should do their best to develop even with hiccups along the way.

  133. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    lmfao……yes folks spend your money now 2012 early!!

  134. CT – agree about Del Zotto in the long run but he is not there yet. Until he is we need something similar and Caber will be gone…so………we need some help here.

  135. Can’t win with offensive system can’t win with defensive system… Boudreau is feeling the pressure… he’s about to lose his job right after we kick his team to the curb!

  136. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey folks. Been busy over the weekend, but I watched game 2 and was at game 3. I actually watched game 2 at Cafe 31 across the street from the Garden and Nicky Fotiu was there. Very nice guy, very approachable, although we didn’t take more than 15 seconds of his time since he looked busy with his two dinner guests.

    I disagree with those (including Torts) who feel that the team played about the same as it did in Games 1 and 2. I thought this was a much more complete effort, both in terms of quality and in terms of time. The Rangers played a full 60 minutes yesterday, which I cannot say about games 1 or 2. Game 1 was almost 80 minutes long and I still don’t think they played anywhere close to 60. They deserved the win yesterday, which is not something I can say about games 1 or 2.

    I was pretty proud of the Garden. Aside from a few large pockets of red (which I noted here prior to the game), it was a good crowd. The Garden energy started strong, but it was tired during the early half of the third period. It was such a long game, both with the delayed start, the extra long TV timeouts (so I’m sure there could be a lot of EDZOs), and the ref injury. Add to that the (correctly) disallowed goal, for which we spoke to all of our friends/family watching at home (and as I read in comments on the blog) that it should be a goal, it was a big emotional blow that took a lot of the air out of the place. But with about 10 minutes to go, we got our second wind and were strong through the finish, and the roof came off on Dubi’s goal.

    The PP is terrible. On the 5 on 3, they tried this give and go/backdoor play to Gaborik twice early on, and both times, the return pass to Gaborik failed. After that it became Brian McCabe holding the puck for 15 seconds at a time with his stick in the air before taking a shot that gets blocked or making a short pass. At no point did anyone send McCabe a pass in a position to be one-timed, and at no time did anyone move while McCabe had the puck up top (including McCabe) to open up a lane for a better pass/shot. It was honestly dreadful, and so was McCabe throughout the game, especially on the PP and especially early on when he made some panicked turnover that almost ended up in our net. He also made another boneheaded play on the PP when he started carrying the puck out of the zone, only to drop it to Dubi just past our blue line, only Dubi didn’t expect such an idiotic play and it turned into a strong shorthanded opportunity. Honestly, I’d sit McCabe for Eminger.

    Part of the reason why I would do that is because of how good Matt Gilroy has been. He should be given a legitimate chance to be our PP QB for game 4. He carried the puck well, makes good outlet passes, has been pretty good defensively, and knows exactly when to join the attack. Honestly, I’ve been impressed enough that I would like to see him retained for next season, if the price isn’t too high, which, because of his current deal and RFA status, it may be.

    And it wouldn’t be a blog post if there wasn’t some discussion of Sean Avery. I think he’s been very good at being a 4th liner. I don’t think he’s looked like a threat to score, or made any real offensive play, and he still has offsides issues (especially in game 2), but he’s been grinding, forechecking, and agitating well. Before they had both benches warm up during the ref injury, he just stayed right near Neuvirth, chirping away until a ref came over… only to go right back to it once the ref skated away. Then Mike Green skated over, and he gave Green an earful as well. Overall, a valuable contribution.

    Ruslan Fedotenko’s dive to break up that 2 on 1 was amazing. He’s been amazing. Lord of the Dance.

    Prospal’s legs aren’t what they used to be but his heart and will are bigger than ever.

    Dubinsky finally showed up, and that strong move to the net is something I haven’t seen out of him nearly enough this season. Boyle made a couple of similar moves as well.

  137. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I wonder if slats might go after bogosian? Not sure if he is the point guy we covet. Richards can run a powerplay and vtank has a cannon, I think it will be sorted out one way or another in the off season!

  138. Dubi’s helmet chinstrap also adds an interesting look to his “future Megan’s law registrant” stache.

    Girardi looks like he’s in the middle of a power rock ballad and hitting an exaggerated note into the mic.

  139. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I’m not up on religion (no disrespect intended for those of you who are) but happy whatever holiday for whoever!

  140. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    thanks! I honestly have no idea what that means, but happy passover everyone!

  141. Doodie Machetto on

    wicky, it means that God passed over the homes of the Jews in Egypt while killing all of the the first born sons of their Egyptian slave masters.

  142. wicky

    do you celebrate Easter?

    well Jewish people celebrate Passover. Though, on Passover nobody rose from the dead :P

    Back in the day…way way waaayyy back in the day Jews (ancient Israelites) were freed from slavery in Egypt. Also known as a story of Exodus :)

  143. Thanks Doodie- Good stuff. I totally agree about the lack of one-timer on the PP. It’s kind of brutal at this point.

    Lord of the Dance-a-tenko has been amazing. Super amazing. Now people get what makes a winner. Because he has two Cups on his resume and boy-oh-boy does he show up.

    Boyle and Dubinsky are monsters WHEN they decide to make strong, hard moves to the net.

  144. ORR!! The Voice Of Reason!! April 18th, 2011 at 2:18 pm

    Dreary won’t let his kids Easter vacation ruin his Passover.



  145. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    vinny Lecav is one hell of a human being, just saying!

  146. vinny Lecav is one hell of a human being, just saying!


    yeah but does he celebrate Passover?

  147. Passover is basically a story that makes people think the Jews built the pyramids which is historically impossible. Also, there are some incredible stories of crazy stuff that happened to a lot of people who were too primitive to understand it at the time so they thought a mountain was God and then they thought a sea parted and then some other crap.

    It all works out in the end because now Jews are forced to get drunk a few more nights out of the year. Yay!

    Chag Sameach to Jews and Non-Jews alike. Either you celebrate the holiday yourself or you celebrate having some annoying person in your office out for the week. In my case….BOTH!

  148. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    doodie and cccp
    thanks guys, but I’m kinda a lost cause on the whole religious thing over all (my mum hates it being French Canadien and all), but god basically buzzed the tower (no disrespect intended again), got it.

    No cccp, we don’t celebrate (my mum and the rest of the family does, but the mrs, wicksters, and I do not)

    cccp and ilb
    either one of you guys seen “as far as my feet will carry me”? About the guy that escaped from siberian work camp?

  149. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    thank you also!!

    re: vinny L
    he shaved his head along with some other ning players to support pediatric cancer patients

  150. Wicky – I grew up mildly religious, Jewish for the sake of community. At one point in my life I got sucked into being religious. No disrespect to those who enjoy it but it is *not* for me. I stay far-far away from religion but luckily I spent enough time entrenched in it to understand it and have good arguing points.

    Keep it real. We can go out and drink wheat/bread filled beer on Sunday and not care about resurrection.

  151. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    just watched it last night. It was great!

  152. here is a quote for Ron Greschner on Boudreau comments..i thought this what pretty funny

    “they only place louder than MSG is where he gets his hair cut from laughter and his where he buys his donuts…”

  153. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I’m with ya bro!!

  154. “they only place louder than MSG is where he gets his hair cut from laughter and his where he buys his donuts…”


    You planting more threes with the iphone?

  155. Is this # 183?

    OK Any how, I’m gonna rain on the parade a bit about something that has bothered me for YEARS with this club…the incessant ( possibly congenital) need to get the puck in the attacking zone on a PP and then start the merry go round of useless passing which leaves everyone prepared for the shot, when it comes. It also uses up valuable seconds ( and this game was a primer for wasted seconds). But they do it they do it and they do it. Never changes. Big boys ( Hawks Wings, Canucks, etc.) They get the puck and they could be in the Men;s room and they’d unload a shot on goal.

    And they don’t wait for the right angle or opening…that’s 1975-85 playing…this is ethereal hockey when you DIVINE where the puck is gonna be, and start shooting it the minute your butt leaves the bench and your feet hit the ice. All you had to do was watch Hawks and Nucks, and that would be your answer.Why give goalie a chance to draw a deep breath, or the D to figure out the line of action, or the forechecker to make a fool of you? Shoot shoot shoot.
    (,,,,because if you don’t the other guys will.

    And stop calling it a Ranger POWER PLAY. They poke and pass, and dump and chase, and scrum and poke and then every once in a while…someone shoots. (I haven;t noticed if the shooter blushes or not for violating the standard procedure.

  156. The best line about Boudreau came from Sean Avery. This is what TSN wrote in October 2009 when the Round Mound of Hockey Coaches wrote his book:

    According to an excerpt of Boudreau’s new book, Gabby: Confessions of a Hockey Lifer, obtained by The Washington Times, Avery made disparaging comments about the weight of the Capitals’ coach during Game 7.

    “He told me I was the biggest, fattest bleeping pig he had ever seen,” recounted Boudreau in his book. “He told me I was fatter than bleeping Ken Hitchcock. He told me I was going to die because I was such a fat bleep.”

  157. Not religious at all. In my family, it’s a tradition to spend some time together. Going to have our first Seder tonight with my parents. I’m very lucky to have them around. Well, this weekend we are going to celebrate Easter with my wife’s family. Same story, they are not very religious, but it’s more a tradition to spend some time together.

  158. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Happy every day to everybody. Peace on earth, good will to all…and oh yeah to Bruce Broudeau -go byfuglien yourself and your team…. Let’s go rangers

  159. I believe the Rangers haven’t had a PP convert at 20% since Leetch and Gretzky were on the team.

  160. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    time with the fam is AWESOME, I’m all for that!! Watch that movie if you haven’t seen it, great!

  161. I love having Avery on my team.

    In honor of Pesach we shall sing “Let My People Go” every time a Ranger is in the penalty box (which hopefully will NEVER happen for our boys.

  162. Happy every day to everybody. Peace on earth, good will to all…and oh yeah to Bruce Broudeau -go byfuglien yourself and your team….


    Well the “good will to all” sentiment didn’t last too long, did it?

  163. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I think if the rangers win 4 games vs the caps, they will win the series

  164. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I was raised catholic, alter boy for 7 years… Just happy no priest ever touched my pee-pee

  165. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    eddie x3 and manny

  166. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    one of the many reasons I love this blog, the diversity!

  167. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky – I have to think if the rangers can win 4 games, there is a very good chance they COULD win the series… Just not positive about it.

  168. I want to make so many more jokes but they make me look pretty homosexual (not that there is anything wrong with that…)

    Here is one: “I guess I will just have to get “ordained” online and make a trip to Monterey…..copious amounts of wine tasting, “holy wine” mind you, should get the job done.”

  169. Are there any other bars in Manhattan besides Stout that will have Game 4 on, with sound? Thanks.

  170. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    No doubt manny – I wear a pee-pee protector these days… It turns a priest’s hand bright orange if he go anywhere near my pee-pee

  171. WOW eddie – that is genius. You should make your students do some stat research on this stuff.

  172. You guys are making me need a tv-pee out here today!

    Prust freed the Jews from Egypt. It used to called Prustover but it got lost in translation.

  173. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    eddie, manny, mama=LMFAO triplets

  174. Um, Manny, Ed, warren doesn’t always have the sound on….just fyi. But the crowd sure rocks :) Never been, but I hear Molly Wee has sound on, as does Blarney Rock (right next door to Stout, which shows games too, but doesn’t always have sound)

  175. Yes – let’s get a radio show! All of us! That would be perfect. I used to be a DJ on-air guy in College. I also was a director for the station. I have the resume. Hire me!

  176. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    Manny, I would definitely be at Flying Puck Wednesday (and yes they will have sound)…but I actually am going to the game (work permitting…got a big trial starting next week [sigh]).

  177. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    …back to marv Albert….. You can imagine life growing up in the Albert household

    Kenny: mom, tell marv to stop biting me

    marv: stop calling mom or I won’t let you play with my microphone.

  178. Mama – you have to be the host. You really do because the rest of us are not stable enough!

  179. wicky

    one of the many reasons I love this blog, the diversity!



    CT, get a dictionary. Find out what this “diversity” thing is. If that’s what he’s going to hit us with, I want to be ready. :P

  180. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Moma : Eddie, what are the keys to today’s game

    eddies: one key for the rangers is to score more goals than the caps.

    Manny – indeed moma, it’s almost impossible to lose if you score more than the other team… Stats bear this out… This year at least.

  181. It’s true – if we score more goals – we probably win. If we do that 4 times we probably clinch the series. It’s interesting though because right now 3 games have been played and the Rangers only have 1 Win to their credit…..how could that be?

  182. “Hello and welcome to the Thunder Dome. ….. We talk hockey and you listen…er…hockey.”

  183. Marji- it’s been too long already….They’ve all already lost it, can’t you see it? :-)

  184. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Noah – plead guilty and be done with it… That way you don’t need to prepare.

  185. Hey Noah – at least you have trial. I mostly make copies for people and await those “business cards” they promised me….

  186. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The final score is usually indictative of who won and who lost… Most games anyway…

  187. Marji! – Drink the Kooooool-Aid. Get in on this. You have more fun if you just go with it.

  188. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    Eddie, it’s not a criminal trial (though it probably should be with the hell this plaintiff has put us through).

    But, in the same vein, I do keep pushing to settle so we can all go home and enjoy our holidays/Rangers playoff hockey.

  189. Ilb

    Man am I ever with you on that Carry it In style, rather than the dump. They’ve made a career of dumping and where has it gotten them,…a steady diet of face pushing and scrambling behind the nets and along the boards while the clock ticks away and exhaustion sets in, and leaves them vulnerable to a quick pass out and breakaway by the opponent. I used to cringe watching Gomez go sailing around his net and fly up ice and pull up short and dump it at the blue line, and then watch the other team charge right back out with it.Brain dead activity.

    Hey folks…..I’m getting sick of my dyslexycal hands typing baord for board…from now on it’s BORDS, and that’s gonna be it.

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