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Game 3: Tortorella post-game

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Sorry for the delay. Had a lot of work to do.

First, it was learned that referee Chris Rooney, who left the game early in the second period, suffered a broken ankle.

John Tortorella:

“We scored some goals. I don’t think we did much different. I thought we got to the blue a little better today. Again, it’s a tight-checking game. The chances are hard to come by by both teams. We found a way to score a goal, a couple of goals here. There’s no magic potion. We played the same way we want to play. We just scored three, they scored two.”

More agrressive:

“No, I don’t think so. I thought we were really aggressive out there in Washington. Like I said prior, the series is 2-0, but we’re not far off. Now it’s 2-1 and it could be reversed; it could be us 2-1. It’s just that close of a series, and close-checking. So we certainly haven’t gone about our business in any different manner. We’re just trying to play our game.”

On Boudreau complaining about the extra pushing and shoving, i.e. Boyle in front late in the game:

“That’s OK. That’s OK.”

On worry about the late 4-on-4:

“Yeah, it’s, again, they have — I’m honest — they have a few more weapons than we do ┬áin those type of situations. I think we’ve been better this year 4-on-4 but they can put out two or three groups there where they have more people. But I wanted Dubi and Fedotenko when Ovechkin was out there and Dubi made a helluva play. You know, you ask what the difference. That one bounces in. It bounces in and we’re very fortunate to win a hockey game.”

“Good things happen — they score a tying goal because they’re around our net, and that’s just the way the series is. It’s tough to maneuver and get scoring chances.”

On Christensen’s goal:

“I think he shot it down by the goal line. Again, shots to the net. They didn’t block it and we score a pretty big goal there.”

On the disallowed goal:

“No, we were fine. Once they said it wasn’t (a goal), I just said, ‘Let’s get in the room and let’s get about our business.’ There’s nothing you can do about that. It’s not the refs making the call. It’s Toronto making the call. They make the call, we go about our business and keep on playing. And I thought we were really good even getting scored on on the last minute of the period .We just lose our backcheck and I thought we handled ourselves well there, too. The team has just gone about its business here, when we’re down 1-0, down 2-0 in the series, we’ve just tried to stay steady and gone about our business.”

On Dubinsky:

“Dubi is a very important guy for us, and the first couple of games it hasn’t been the game we need out of him in this type of situation, and jeez, I think I played him 25-26 minutes. Not just scoring a goal, he did a lot of the dirty stuff, too. He came up with a lot of big plays defensively and also forechecking.”

On moving him to center:

“Well, we’re not scoring. Our middle of the ice — I think Artie’s been fighting it a little bit, Step’s been fighting it a little bit, and so … he’s still a left-winger. He’s a left-winger. But I needed to use him in the middle and he did a good job. He’s been taking a lot of faceoffs. He does a lot of work as a center-iceman even when he plays the wing. But I wanted to get him and Gabby together. We had Feds there a bit and then we put Vinny Prospal there and Vinny ends up scoring a goal. He turns the God damn thing over after that that causes the penalty that tied it up. But they scored a big goal for us, so he’ll probably stay there.”

On the resilience:

“Not (surprising) anymore … My gut has had that feeling right from the get-go early in the year. We’ve gone through a lot of injuries during the year, we’ve had situations, ups and downs, where we just end up finding ourselves. No one was down. They just continue to try to go about their business I think we have played at a level, or a type of style we need to play at, as each game has gone by we’ve gotten better there. And we’ll have to be better in Game 4 because Washington’s going to be better. So it doesn’t surprise me anymore. It’s a good group of men and we’re going to keep on fighting along here.”

On the traffic to the net:

“Well, they’re goalie’s playing very well. I told Sully I think after the first period, I watched their goalie, I watched, and you just don’t see anything. So we have to. And they’re doing the same thing, trying to get pucks to the paint and people to the blue and I thought we were more ready to shoot the puck today. But a lot of the good stuff I think we played better at was the grinding underneath the hashmarks. Dubi’s goal, the winning goal, that’s the way we have to do it. We don’t play any other way. We’re just not good enough. We have to grind. So it’s good.”

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