Game 3: Post-game quotes


Brandon Dubinsky:

“We just battled in the corner there and we converged there and I just was able to get the puck to myself. I was trying to bring it hard to the net and I saw Danny coming in the back door. I just thought if I jammed, he’d come in and help it. A fortunate bounce over the goalie and into the net.”

On the disallowed goal:

“Obviously it’s a tough call. But we felt we played a pretty strong game to that point, so we just had to come out and have a strong 20 in the third there and we knew we’d find a way to get it done. So we just stuck with it and kept playing hard.”

“That’s the way our team’s going to win, is to stick with it and continue to grind and play hard and forecheck. So we didn’t have time to get down. We had to pick ourselves up and keep pushing forward and we were able to get it done.”

On getting to Neuvirth:

“Yeah, we certainly got shots and we certainly brought some more pucks to the net. Obviously we got a little bit lucky with the third one, but, you know, with the disallowed one, with another tenth of a second, there’s another goal there. And the one I brought to the net just shows if we continue to crash the net there and get some traffic good things will happen.”

“I think that was certainly better, but I thought we were pretty hard tonight, and we had a lot of energy and obviously the fans helped us out there, being in our own building. It was a good effort.”

“It’s nice to get (a bounce) finally, sure. Like I said, all year we tried to stick with it and keep going and we were fortunate to get that bounce. I don’t want to take anything away from the game, because I thought we played a great game and the guys really showed up to play, but it’s playoff time — everything’s tightened up and you need a couple of bounces to go your way to get some wins.”

“I thought we were better than we were in the first two games. We took the body and were physical all night. We got our forecheck going. We were able to make more plays, I thought, and get more shots and bring more pucks to the net than we have in the first two games.”

Ruslan Fedotenko:

On the disallowed goal:

“We didn’t put our heads down. Just, ‘Let’s go get another one.’ I thought we had pretty good life in the lockerroom.”

Brian Boyle:

“That’s big. As angry as you were after Games 1 and 2, and all those redundant questions we had to answer, it’s good that we can be happy with this one. But it’s the same mindset. We’re going to focus on Game 4. We’ll enjoy this, just like we were angry about the other ones, but Game 4 now.”

I asked him if there was a little more “ill-humor” (to borrow a Fred Shero-ism) and a little more push-back around the net:

“We tried to. We said that after Game 1 and 2. We needed more of that. And I think we got it. We got guys in front for some goals and some close-call goals and one that got waved off. That was a bad bounce, but we kept doing that, we kept getting chances.”

“We were all there. We had Prustie going to the net, bringing half the Caps with him at one point. That’s the attitude we have to have and I’m sure they’re going to try and box us out in Game 4. Every game it seems to ramp up a little bit.”

On the disallowed goal:

“We wanted a break. I didn’t see the replay.  (The referee) called it a goal. I didn’t see the replay. But things like that happen. When we’re up 2-1 with five minutes left and we gave up a goal; they tied it. We’re a pretty resilient group, and I think that was tougher to come back from than the no-goal because we came in here and settled down and got ramped up for the next period. When you get a lead, you’re all excited, but you can’t get too excited. You’ve got to keep playing. Just like when they get a goal to get the momentum. You’ve got to keep playing. You can’t get too down. And we did a good job of that.”

On that disallowed goal being preceeded by the Ovechkin goal to make it 1-1.

“It was a swing of emotions. But you get the intermission to regroup and get back to what we needed to do. That was just what Feds did, and Dubi’s going to the net. That’s what we needed to do.”

On the shoving match that created a 4-on-4:

“I probably shouldn’t have done that. You want to play whistle to whistle. It’s the playoffs, and it’s pretty high intensity. It worked out for us.”

Vinny Prospal:

“What can you do? They disallowed the goal,they didn’t count it. So you have to keep going.”

“We only scored one goal in the previous two games combined, so you have to do something to manufacture offense. I mean, the overall team effort is always good, and Hank gave us a chance every night. We just have to manufacture some offense as well.”

Dan Girardi:

“It’s huge for us to handle those momentum swings when they go our way and when they don’t go our way. I thought we did a great job of that tonight and got the win.”

“I just think we played a better overall game. We played our game. Getting on bodies, cycling down low, using behind the net there to create some offense. When we do all those things right we have a chance to win every night, and it helped us win tonight.”

Henrik Lundqvist

“We’re definitey in this. We have a chance. We’re still down 2-1 but I think a big thing for us is that we can believe we can do it. We believe in each other and that’s where it starts.”

On feeding off the crowd:

“Absolutely. It’s just a great feeling to be back here and play playoff hockey in front of our own fans. It’s been two years. That’s why you work hard all year. You want to be here and feel ghat excitement, atmosphere. I love it.”

“I feel a lot of pride to be here right now. You work hard all year to be here. I took it very personal last year when we didn’t make it. I felt I could have helped the team more.”

Asked about his five-game playoff losing streak:

“Thanks for reminding me. (laughs). I actually didn’t think about it. Now I know. … I try not to get too involved if we’re winning or losing or how we’re playing. I just have to focus on my job. Because it’s hard for me if I get too involved if we’re scoring or not scoring, winning or losing. I get too emotional and I start making bad decisions. I need to focus on just stopping the puck and hopefully that will be enough to help the team win. So I try to break it down and not focus too much on my past or current game. The game is too tough for me to think about, what are we going to do?”

“I know I have to play well, and I know I have to be on top of my game to help the team win, especially against this team. They don’t give up much. It’s not a surprise to me that I need to be sharp. But it feels a lot better, though, I’ll tell you that, when you win, and you feel the support from everyone.”

On if there’s a feeling of  fear of a letdown when the Caps tied it 2-2 late:

“You might get that feeling for a couple of seconds, then you just have to get it out of your head. My thought was to get it to overtime. When they tied it, ‘OK, let’s get it to overtime, regroup before we go out there.’ That was my focus. … When they tied it, they got a lot of confidence and got going. So for me personally, I said, ‘Calm down, get it to OT, and we’ll regroup and go out and win it.'”

“It definitely was a test for us. A couple of things went against us tonight. They got that late goal in the second, and then we felt we were up 2-1 and didn’t get it. So mentally it was a test for us. But we passed. We did a good job of staying focused and in control and fighting. That’s so important in these games, that you don’t lose focus and get too frustrated or too excited. You need to be cool.”

“I think it was a similar feeling after the first. We had a big opportunity 5-on-3 and didn’t get a goal, so it was important for everybody to say, ‘Let’s stay together and be positive and play even better in the next period. There’s a lot of pressure in these games. It’s important you stay together and stay positive. We pretty much talked about the same things after the first and the second: ‘We got this. Keep going and we’ll get a chance or two.'”

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  1. billybleedsblue on

    ORR don’t think for a minute I’m excited about Dubinsky’s lack of production in the first 2 games. What I’m saying though is that after a game like today, maybe the haters can take the day off. It’s a war out there and everyone has struggled to perform. Today, he got the job done. How ’bout an atta boy?!


  2. listening now
    trying to figure it out.
    they’re mentioning all these names
    including CCCP

    don’t know if they’re coming up on the program
    or what…

  3. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    I love how positive these guys seem to be in the face of adversity (the disallowed goal, et als.).

    That must filter from Torts on down to the grizzled vets (Feds, Fankist, etc.). Let’s even this up!

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