Tortorella post-practice


John Tortorella:

“Going in today, I know that they don’t have any doubt. They’re fine there.  Today was just move the blood and get ready to play. It’s a quick turn here, playing a 3 o’clock game tomorrow and we go right back at it.”

“We hope (the home crowd) helps. We need a good start and hopefully we get the building behind us and some guys relax a little bit and we find our way.”

“It’s not so much (correcting) mistakes. It’s trying to get ourselves untracked offensively and trying to release some of the pressure there. I think we have defended pretty well. We defended last night pretty well, better than the first game. But we’re just not creating enough offensively. So it’s not so much mistakes, it’s playing the complete game and allowing yourself to get going offensively. So we’ll see where we go.”

“We’re trying to help them through it here. If you think you have some players that don’t care, I think you go in a different direction. I know the team cares. I know they’re trying. I think other than probably an eight-nine minute span there in the second period, I think we played more to our identity last night. But still, we still need to create more offense. A big part of the game is we play a first period, have some chances especially early in the game, we don’t score. And they end up getting untracked a little bit. I think we got a little sloppy our first couple shifts in the second period, the momentum changes, ends up being an icing call, we have a defensive lapse and they score. And that’s a fine line of gaining momentum and winning hockey games, and they did that last night. We didn’t.”

“There were some plays last night — Brian Boyle had a chance to bring the puck to the net, there were opportunities in the blue. We didn’t score. So we’re going to continue trying.”

Asked what the team could do better …

“Score a goal.”

… on the power play?

“Score a goal. (laughs).”

On struggling through the neutral zone on the PP:

“I think sometimes we’ve struggled there. Let’s face … it’s not working. We’re going to try some different things there tomorrow, maybe some different personnel. And I think that’s a little bit of … your power play is always a microcosm of what your offense is as it’s going. I think there it is there. We’re struggling there. We haven’t had many. I think we had four in the series. But those type, even the two we’ve had in each game, it can create momentum for you, too, or hurt you another way.  It’s not so much scoring a goal or not, it’s how it’s presented, how you get your work done there. And I think that’s hurt us a little bit momentum-wise. So, we may try a different couple of looks. But again, it’s a matter of confidence. It’s spread right through our offense. We’ve been down this road before, where we’ve struggled scoring goals, and we’ve bounced out of it. Hopefully tomorrow we find a way.”

“I can remember these, and we’ve only had a few of them, but the second one in  Game 1 I thought we had really good puck movement. We’ve struggled getting shots through. Part of that is due to them blocking shots. Part of that is due to us … I think pucks have bobbled on (McCabe) a little bit. We haven’t made right decisions as far as our quickness in shooting. Again, I don’t want to get into dissecting the whole thing. But it mounts on you a little bit. I think our guys have to continue trying to play the way we play, continue defending the way we need to defend, and hopefully our offense gets untracked a little bit. If we get something good to happen to us, hopefully it goes through the team and allows them to play and feel good about themselves.”

Can one break the seal?

“Yeah, yeah. You never know. If you get a lead, you get a lead in your own building, and maybe that helps. It’s something that you don’t map out because it’s here (points to his head). It’s here. And no one knows what goes on there, not only individually but collectively. We’ve just got to stay within ourselves and collectively stay with each other and try to get some good things to happen for us.”

Lineup or PP changes?

“Contemplating, yearh. I haven’t come up with any. I have an idea. So we’ll see … I don’t think the personnel will change. I think we may try some different things as far as lines, but we’ll wait until tomorrow and go with that.”

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  1. Rhode Island Ranger on



    Thanks for those stats. Where’d you find them?

    Did you see anything on how often teams win SERIES after particular starts over the first two games? These numbers might be more useful in trying to determine the extent of the momentum factor.

  2. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Torts dropping momentum-bombs all over his comments !!

    I might have to reconsider this whole concept…

  3. Yeah, momentum is going to score a bunch of goals. The home crowd will pitch in with a couple of assists. And, I guess Christensen will play like an NHL caliber player too. Plus, he’s expecting to get a call from the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. Gotta keep thinking positively.

  4. Adorer of Blogmama on

    I hope Avery scores 2 goals tomorrow and then, after the game, whisks our extraordinary Mama off her feet, thus scoring the hat trick. :)

    Mama > Hilary Rhoda, Mama > Miranda Kerr, Mama > Scarlett Johannson, Mama > Jessica Alba, Mama > Jessica Biel, Mama > Grace Kelly, Mama > Elisha Cuthbert

  5. You can cut and paste these quotes on Tuesday as well when the series is 3-0. Bunch of broken records….

    How about we are not getting it done and need to play better? How about it’s a joke we have 1 goal in two games? How about Hank saying that he has to be better then Neuvirth and he is not right now?

  6. Stranger Nation on

    Need righty shot on left side of PP for better shooting angles and quicker passing. Miss callyman a lot on PP. Let gilly skate it in as caber does not have wheels to bring it in and plays dump-n-chase – a 50/50 proposition. Need to come into zone with puck.

    Why would they not work on it in practice or even new lines? Weird.

  7. onecupin71yearsand counting on

    Torts sounds like a man who is making his vacation plans very soon,

    “score a goal”“Yeah, yeah. You never know. If you get a lead, you get a lead in your own building, and maybe that helps. It’s something that you don’t map out because it’s here (points to his head). It’s here. And no one knows what goes on there, not only individually but collectively. We’ve just got to stay within ourselves and collectively stay with each other and try to get some good things to happen for us.”

    Not too confident is he?

  8. Crappy MSG ice will be the difference….Just got to keep playing our game and expect The Statue of Liberty to get in front of the net.

  9. “Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must first set yourself on fire.” -Fred Shero

  10. This team has been resilient all year, I have no reason to believe that has changed.

  11. Well, it seems that every time I get down on the team and think they don’t have a chance to win they respond with a 6-0 or 7-0 win. I hope this is another of those times.

  12. hoping to see a scrap or two(some Rangers goals too?),maybe Aves and the Bradley the Bleeder.

  13. Maybe someone can show the Rangers a few Holmstrom hilights from today.guy is uncanny with his screening skills

  14. Fun first period. It’s a shame NYR playoff games can’t be like this.

    Hopefully that changes. If these are the last games of the season, I’d like to enjoy them, instead of falling in and out of sleep with each passing minute.

  15. Chara is suffering from dehydration,he drank three gallons of water but it takes two days to travel down his 10 foot giraffe neck,into his stomach

  16. Thanks ORR!!

    So sad yearly that we can’t get Hockey games on cable. Mets vs. Braves is on Fox….two struggling teams….no playoff hockey though. That couldn’t bring ratings could it….

  17. wanna hear sad,went into my local modells before game one,was gonna get my son and wife and me some fresh Rangers gear,they had six racks of mets yanks and redsucks shhtuff,and ONE Gaborik jersey and ONE rangers t,not ONE style but ONE item!,isnt ther like 180 regular season games left in basebore?WTF!

  18. TheMessiah94 on

    So the Bob is already out in Philly?! Hahaha…. You’d think after 35 years they could finally find ONE who can do it!! lol

  19. Morg – Had the same problem. I decided my Rangers hat was cursed from last season so I decided to pick up a new one (there was a Mitchell and Ness one I specifically wanted). I work in Times Square so first stop was the NHL store…..nothing. I mean nothing – like two hideous Rangers things. That’s OK because the Garden is close so I could just go there when I am at a playoff game. Headed to Modells – NOTHING. I went to 3 modell’s. They had nothing. Macy’s had a Gaborik jersey in the window but no Rangers anything inside.

  20. Norm did a podcast – The BS Report with Bill Simmons – you can get it on Podcast. Great stuff. Love that guy.

  21. TheMessiah94 on

    Serious question: Does MSG advertise the Rangers during Knick games?

    I’ve never been able to watch a basketball game in my life, it really is the dumbest sport ever. Give each team 100 points have a jump-ball, first basket wins. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to play the first 47+ minutes of that sport. Can’t figure out what people like about it!

  22. like how they pass the banner in Boston,love the anthem guy,he starts fist pumping and screaming after he sings..playoff hockey RULES!

  23. JimboWoodside on

    What’s with the Sabres!? I was out today, and just got in….is Miller hurt or something?

  24. billybleedsblue on

    wtb…norm macdonald is a bruins fan?! haha, nobody’s perfect. thanks for podcast head’s up manny. norm mac is hilarious.

  25. JimboWoodside on

    Boy, the Beantown fans must be really thrilled about this chain of events…..

  26. JimboWoodside on

    I agree with Morg – between Arnott (against Rangers), Gionta, Gomez, etc., I wish they all were playing in the KHL…

  27. JimboWoodside on

    I wanna see some Bruins player coax Slewban into a scrap…..I’d like to see him get lit up….

  28. This game went from fast pace and hard hitting to sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. HOpe the second period is more intense.

  29. four shots of Tradicional(and counting),i cant be held responsible for the nonsense that pops outa my brain,that my story,im sticking with it.

  30. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    I agree I had been saying bruins all along,

  31. Did anyone read the pansy quotes? This team is cooked.

    And not to state the obvious again, but … Gaborik is Amtrak-league

  32. billybleedsblue on

    Miami, what u gonna do when the Rangers win tomorrow? Is that when you say, “Oh cutting them down is just how I root for them, I actually want them to win”?

  33. Morg –

    Just as tough … on either one, you have to deal with 50/50 odds of derailment while trying to get to matches.

  34. this is the only time I respond to billybleedsflyers:

    If – at this point – you still don’t understand my humor, you need to jump on the next Amtrak.

  35. Morg:

    Don’t disrespect the Southern Mexico League like that – you know very well that they only ride on the roof in the Guatemalan League

  36. billybleedsblue on

    Miami, I thought we could be pals, wtb? I think you are funny, why don’t you want to play with me? lol, and now I bleed flyers? lolz You know how I know the Rangers aren’t in some farce amtrack league? Just look at their ticket prices! They MUST be professional! SO there!

  37. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, Orr – B’s had an excellent chance to tie it up right after that first goal – the B’s player looked like he was handcuffed by the puck, and couldn’t deal with the opportunity to put it home…

  38. lol billybleedsdevils

    ok truce …

    But there’s no denying they’re in the A(mateur)H(our)League

  39. JimboWoodside on

    Truthfully, I want both these teams to kill each other – but I’d rather see the Habs lose the series….

  40. eddie eddie eddie on

    just had a delicious tri-tip, corn on the cob, bacon crips/mashed taters……..couple of bottles of some Sterling Syrah…life is good

  41. billybleedsblue on

    Miami, you are a silly individual. as for this habs/bruins, I have no problem with seeing the bruins lose and Thomas getting humbled a little (and without Chara) and also the Habs being a lower seed underdog with early round success again. Why not? heh, as I was typing they got the 2 goal lead back.

  42. eddie treetimes,throw Holmstrom and lidstrom and Franzen and Rafalski,and you might have the best 5 man unit goin

  43. True ORRsy,then you have Thomas who might have the coolest mask goin…the Habs lose just for that alone(12 shots)

  44. eddie eddie eddie on

    morg – agreed re: red wings….amazing team….moe howard in goal only drawback

  45. eddie eddie eddie on

    my hatred of bruins/habs about equal…shame both cant lose this series…

  46. i drank 148 ounces of water today Ed,plus carb loaded,plus im 225lbs,ill be alright,but just in case,call me at 230pm so i dont miss the the pregame.

  47. the rangers ineptitude falls solely on Gaborik’s propensity to play like he’s had 20 pre-game shots of absinthe

  48. kidding,im a sick freak,ill be at the gym @ 7am running 5k.sweating like a fat chick in the sauna,lol.

  49. the girls? … oh, you mean the Rangers … they’re up to their usual bag of tricks

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just Score !!!"...says Greg L. on

    All eyes on Gaborik tomorrow , sure hope hes up for the task . He gonna get a ton of ice time.

  51. sup, morg!

    I can’t believe Habs are about to put Boston down 2 games to none!

    Montreal is an interesting team… they have 2 Jewish players, one Mexican and one African American! United Colors of Montreal!

  52. GREG! dude you are the best!you and Grabby and wicky and ilb and ORRand CCCP,the rest of you dudes are aight too! Blogmama,yowza!and Lin and Sally.oh im drunk so i love everyone,even that drama queen Tiki,lol,i kid i kid!

  53. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    you guys suck, Im working

    I liked biron’s mask with the lion on it

  54. gonna hit 200 posts on a non Ranger game night!Carps at home counting his 1.50 a post,cha-ching!

  55. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    nothing great at this point, retail management @ lowes

  56. that sounds stable,i catch Clams,(anyone want some clams?)super weather dependent.BTW the weather sucks this week.

  57. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    it is, could be worse. And it works out well with mrs wicky going back to college for another degree. So, no complaints!

  58. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just Score !!!"...says Greg L. on

    MSG is gonna explode when score that first goal!!!! Its gonna be the loudest crowd of the year!!!!

  59. Billy come to Bonds Dock (stratford CT)monday @430,ill have 100 count of the frshest littlenecks you have ever tasted .no charge.

  60. billybleedsblue on

    Morg that’s really generous of you! If I had the time, I would totally drive out there! do you rake them up? I went (clamming) once years ago in the sound, and basically used my feet to feel where they were and just picked them up. I remember getting lots of big ones which were better for chowder, and even shucked a few right out of the water. :D

  61. OK few things.

    a) I’m watching the Kings-Sharks game. You could tell that these players have some sort of skill and confidence in their possession of the puck. Rangers? Let’s be real. Do any of our players have “skill”? No one is a threat. Gaborik is not a superstar, he is not a star, he is just a player with good hands. He should be on the second line or on the wing with 2 superstars.

    b) I’m interested in hearing what the coaches yell/say during the game to the players and whatnot. Are there recordings somewhere out there?

  62. NYR are a team 8th seed in the conference playing a #1 seed team, and its showing in spades. Caps are physically manhandling the Rangers. Keep in mind, we do have a bunch of kids getting their first taste of play-off hockey & I’m content with the mindset that this series will be a learning experience for the kids. However, our vets have not been a good influence on how play-off hockey should be played.

    Prospal looks as though he’s on his last leg, literally. Gabby’s shoulder injurie from earlier in the season (thank you Colbie Armstrong) has him out of sorts. His wicked shot that was on display for much of last season is now non-existent. Lecavalier suffered the same injury, and look how long it took him to rediscover his game.

    For me, I’m chalking this series up as valuable experience for the kids.

    I’m almost 90% sure that when NYR are officially eliminated, we’ll come to find out Dubinsky has been nursing an injury for the past few months. Its possible the stress fracture never fully healed. These types of injuries can be tricky.

  63. Stranger Nation on

    A lot of talk of Ranger Youth. But save for Artie, our youth has played well (McD, Sauer) or OK (Step). The real youth movement is still 2 to 3 years away.

    This series is about what you do with Dubi, Boyle, Vinny, Feds, etc next year. I believe all are UFAs or RFAs.

  64. morg

    Your post at 10:05 is awesome!

    I happen to be born in Odessa, Ukraine! And that movie happen to be one of my favorites!

    Thanks for a smile :)

  65. I love Datsyuk but damn..ten years in the league and still speaks English as if he just got off the boat! As a Russian person I find this embarrassing!

  66. here is the scoop on your next Ranger UFA from Edm longtime beat writer Jim Matheson……….

    “Reading between the lines, unrestricted free-agent centre Brad Richards likes solid ownership — he didn’t have it at the end in Tampa Bay and got traded, and the Stars are now being run by the league, with no white knight in sight — so he’s out of Dallas on July 1. He’ll sign with former Lightning coach John Tortorella’s New York Rangers. If it’s for $6.5 million a year, it could be a six- or seven-year deal. The Rangers have to also sign their Group 2 guys Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Callahan, Artem Anisimov and Brian Boyle. That’s probably another $10 million.”

  67. loneranger April 17th, 2011 at 1:53 am
    ORR!! The Voice Of Reason!! April 15th, 2011 at 9:41 pm
    “This MSG summer commercial makes me want to break the windows on every fancy car I see, and piss inside it.” Orr or Charlie Sheens’s brother. If this is any indication of what you’re about you need to seriously get a life. What is the color of the sky in your world??? Nearly all of your posts make little or no sense. Why is it you pick on Avery all the time. In game two playing hardly any minutes at all in the first two periods and after our asshole coach played him for over 10 minutes in the last period he was clearly the best Ranger on the ice. Torts, says he been pleased with the way the team has been playing. What the freek game has he been watching. He’s on the same smack you’re on Orr. And, Carp, how come you didn’t report on Mr. Sunshine’s recent battle with the press prior to Friday’s night game as reported by Jessie Spector in the New York Daily News. I read that up here in Stockbridge , Mass where I’ve been saying for the weekend. I’ve been an avid Ranger Fan for nearly three decades and at times I really get upset at the bias and inequity. Blog sites do tend to become forms of social clubs after a while and that’s a shame. Carp, will you be at the game Wednesday night. I’ll be at the game with my wife and would love to meet you. Avery’s brother


  68. I only said “as a Russian person” because being born in the former USSR, that’s how we refer to ourselves…mostly, anyway

  69. JimboWoodside on

    Oh, I see – I understand what you’re saying.

    Forgive me for asking this, but can’t a Jewish person be “Ukrainian” or “Russian”? I don’t understand how a religion can negate your nationality.

  70. JimboWoodside on

    But I admit that I don’t know much about how natives of other countries categorize people within their nations.

  71. i do not sign richards for 6 years..

    did know we had so many doctors that go to the site.

    the rangers are not being manhandled physically, they are hitting back and then some. they are less skilled. as carp said the rangers line 2,3,4 are equal to the caps the rangers just do not have a first line…..

  72. many jewish people are ukrainian and russian… USSR had over 2 mill. jews before the berlin wall fell. many russian jews enigrated to israel about 20 years ago……….

  73. JimboWoodside on

    Well, that was my understanding, stuart – from my point of view, if you are born in Russia or the Ukraine, you are Russian or Ukrainian, regardless of what your religion is…but that is your “nationality”. Maybe there’s more to it than I’m considering.

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