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Post-practice quotes

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John Tortorella said he doesn’t anticipate lineup changes in terms of the 18 skaters … but that he’s contemplating his lines and his power-play personnel. If I don’t have time to transcribe his presser I’ll link to video from it.

From a room with far, far too many empty lockers — and from what I understand it was worse post-game Friday night:

Chris Drury:

“We feel, especially in Game 2 we played a better game, we played harder, and we know we’re going to have to continue to grind it out. It would certainly be nice to get one early for our fans in our building.”

“It’s a special place in any game, but a playoff game — we weren’t in last year — I think the fans are going to be pretty excited.”

“It’s be important. I don’t think if we don’t get the first one, it’s over. But certainly we’d like to get the first one, especially being at home and being down 2-0.”

“I think at the right time we’ve just got to get a big play, a big goal. I thought in Game 2 we played a lot harder. I think we played smarter, we certainly have ourselves a better chance to win by playing that way. We just have to keep grinding it out. Maybe we’ll get a bounce early, a break early, and make it stick.”

Brian Boyle:

“We’re trying to win a game, trying to get some momentum. Come back to home, play in front of our fans, use that energy and feed off of it. Trying to get a game. That’s what we’re focused on. We’re focused on Game 3.”

“We need to score. We need a bounce to go in. We need to force that bounce. We need  to make it really tough on them. It’s coming. We had some flurries, and outside of a little bit in the second period of last game. We know the way we have to play. We have to sustain it. There’s going to be ups and downs. We need to be deal with some of the momentum shifts, create traffic and put the puck on net.”

“In a series, every hit’s an investment. It can go a long way  as we go on in the series. That’s what they’re trying to do, and we’re trying to do it, too. We’re pushing back. They’re D know we’re coming, Sometimes when we’re forechecking you can kind of sense it. They’re trying to do the same. That’s playoff hockey, I guess. You see it every year.”

“(Sean Avery) was buzzing. He was getting pucks. He was getting on their D and forcing turnovers. They weren’t breaking out easy. We were giving them a hard time doing that. We were coming back in waves, and that’s where it starts. When you get another chance like that to get excited and throw some pucks at the net and get rebounds. We got some chances there and that’s what we want to do. That’s probably … if we’re together again tomorrow, that’s what our line’s going to focus on for sure.”

“I had fun at the rink today. I was happy to be here with the guys. It was fun to be here. We’re ready to win Game 3. We’re down 0-2 and those are over and done with. We need to win Game 3.

“Dru’s a great leader and he was telling us that. We need to get momentum on our side. In series … stuff can shift. We need to come out, we need to neutralize them, we need to play physical on them. And then we need to score some goals.”

Brandon Dubinsky:

“We’re trying to create chances and funnel everything to the blue and try and get in this guy’s face. He’s a young guy and we’ve got to try to put some more pressure on him.”

“We played a good (third) period. I thought we played a pretty good game with the exception of what happened in the second period there. But at the end of the day you’ve got to win, and you’ve got to win games in the playoffs, and that’s the most important thing. We’ve got to find a way to get it done no matter what it takes tomorrow. I think our guys are going to be ready and we feel good.”

“I think we just stick to what works for us, staying aggressive, getting in on the forecheck and I keep saying it, but bringing pucks to the net and try and get some ugly ones, because I think once it goes in for you there, then some of the other stuff starts to open up. So, we’ve just got to try and get some ugly ones. … We’ll find a way to break through here.”

“He’s certainly made some good saves for them, but with that being said, I don’t think he’s seen enough rubber and I don’t think he’s seen enough traffic, so I think those are two things that we’re going to really focus on going into tommorow’s game.”

“This is the greatest place to play, but in the playoffs — I’ve had the opportunity to have played here — it’s really special. The fans are exciting, going crazy. So hopefully we can use that energy and win a big game here at home and change the tide of the series.”

“I’ve just got to make sure I’m hard on the puck, I’ve got to make sure I have the puck more, and continue to try and be aggressive personally and finish my checks and play in the dirty areas, and all those things that have helped make me successful during the season, I’ve got to make sure I bring tomorrow.”

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