It’s Go Time!


All those who wanted Sean Avery in the lineup get their wish (FYI, I suggested he should play after Game 1, too).

Game 2. I don’t think much else needs to be said.

So I won’t.

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Washington is full of Carsillyo!!"...says Greg L. on


    Shut up with your Fire Sather you negative tool!! This is our time to shine , NOT OLGAS Time to bash Sather. OLga you are SELFISH!! So STFU plz.


  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Washington is full of Carsillyo!!"...says Greg L. on




  3. EC ready to be physical tonight…Caps better keep their heads up! {giggling as i type}

  4. wow. about to watch my first playoff game this season. i’m so behind…
    was at AHL game other night, Houston Aeros vs Peoria. Former ranger Jed Ortmeyer was flyin’, scored a nice goal too.

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Washington is full of Carsillyo!!"...says Greg L. on

    OLGA SUCKS!!! COME TO A RANGER BLOG and constantly cheering Chicago!!!??? Tamp bay is cool to cheer for cuz they helped us out. Chicago is for CHUmPS!! If fact the hawks are getting swept so there!!!!

    ALL RANGERS baby , all day everyday!!!!!


  6. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    {{{{OLGA}}}} sorry i forgot our super secret hug that goes with out super secret greeting!

    I’m sensing a Rangers victory tonight! Gonna be another nail biter (i already have none left), but they’ll get the W!!!

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Washington is full of Carsillyo!!"...says Greg L. on

    Repost to Momma:

    Momma may have to get a picture of her silky smooth legs sent to Carp , then unleash these hairy girlilla legs after a few months hahahaa. I Say the ladies have to use thier legs?.Yo Carp give the ladies an extra few days to submit ( Orr probally would agree) Guy do beards , gals do legs ..beuty!!


  8. The Rangers need to play within themselves…

    Avery is weird cat but he can help our forecheck! Get in Noy-Vair’s face!!!

    NYR need to play with jam, bite, and of course, *BALLS*.

    Let’s GO RANGERS!!! Let’s GO NY!

  9. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Crap on the caps, crap on the caps, crap on the caps, oh yeah oh oh… Let’s go rangers… Avery shoots and scorrrrrrrres

  10. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Huge first period…lots of forechecking, hits and of course goals! Be afraid Caps, be very afraid!

  11. This controversy about the octopi being thrown in Detroit is the first time the NHL has cracked down on eight animal legs hitting the ice surface since Avery purposely spilled the contents of Brodeur’s KFC Bargain Bucket in ’08.

  12. Hope the Rangers are as pumped as I am !
    Gotta go – only 4:20 in AZ & work till 6. gonna watch on my DVR.
    Can’t take my pants off at work – I need my customers !!

  13. ORR!!!
    (sorry, got a phone call)

    vs. played the clip of Torts and Brooks going at it
    and then Roenick just ripped on Brooks
    saying that he’s just a negative guy and
    that he never liked him when he was a player
    and that this is the playoffs
    not regular season
    and it’s only game one of a series

    Jones kept laughing, and slightly defended Brooks
    which caused Roenick to go off on him some more.

  14. Greg, thanks for supporting the better half!

    Gotta say, I respect Torts more and more this year. And I agree with him, an important part about Aves is his legs :)

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Washington is full of Carsillyo!!"...says Greg L. on

    Eddie , you know something I dont?

  16. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Eddie , you know something I dont?”

    Fer Sure Greg, cause you don’t know Carcillo…

  17. Adorer of Blogmama on

    Blogmama, thanks for sharing your awesome, beautiful, extraordinary self with the rest of us.

  18. jpg, Roenick’s comments are all fine and good, but also all so much inside baseball and has nothing to do with the game. Trust me, most fans, especially outside of NY, wouldn’t know Brooks if he tripped over them at a bus stop……..

  19. I put a bet on “Sean Avery” the other day but he ended up being scratched, go figure.

  20. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Greg – game was played earlier.. Youse guys are getting the tape delayed version.. Rangers win 2-1

  21. Did youse guys know that they are showing the Penguins-Lightning game on Versus in the local markets of Caps and Rangers? I’m impressed with the new direction of the NBC hockey guys once they took over. Better than MMA or bull riding in the blackout zones! No Hockey Central pregame either! :)

  22. i think vs. showed the clip in one of those
    “look at Torts and his temper again”
    they had a good laugh
    i’m sure the tsn guys will show it and do the same.

  23. I don’t have a good feeling about Game Two. Washington has the game breakers; we do not.

  24. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I bet on a horse the other day. He didn’t win but it took seven other horses to beat him!

  25. Eddie is three hours behind us, but has friends in Europe so he knows the outcome. Does that make sense? I am gonna be soooooooo mad if there is not pure Rangers love tonight and not other carcillo. Sunday paper arrives tomorrow, fyi….gimme a break!!!

  26. Adorer of Blogmama on

    Blogmama, if you enter the unshaven leg contest, I will be forced to quit dreaming about what your long, sexy, beautiful legs look like.

  27. ….plays it cross-ice, into the far corner. Avery swoops in to intercept. Avery behind the net, swings it in front. He scores! Avery! Avery! Avery! Stephane Avery! and the Rangers have one more hill to climb, baby, and it’s Mount Vancouver! The Rangers are headed to the Finals!

  28. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If the rangers play as well equal to my pregame buzz, this game is in the bag….

  29. Gosh, these guys talk too much! After an eighty-two game season, what can they possibly say that we haven’t already heard? Drop the darn puck!

  30. I have many adorers from around the world, so I can’t say :) Off to watch game….see ya at breaks!

  31. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I thought you had to say his name three times in front of a mirror for him to appear…

  32. LOL! “A little veteran slew-foot on the draw from Fedotenko” LMAO! Dave Maloney is great….

  33. {{{{{LINDA}}}}}


    Ken Daniels from the Red Wings games is on Rangers game on Versus. His second or third Versus telecast this year, along with an NBC game on Hockey Day in America.

  34. watching on center ice.
    who are these announcers?!?!?!?!

    does it look like they didn’t turn on the lights for this game?

  35. Adorer of Blogmama on

    Yes. Thank you to all for all the well wishes. Im supposed to be resting, but I think we all know that the Rangers are more important. Let’s focus on the game. Like CCCP said, let’s take what’s rightfully ours.

  36. Welcome back Tiki!!! Aw, and I though Sean was sending me messages from the bench :) So glad to have you back!

  37. jpg, you should be an Adorer too :) My intestines are in knots. I need a Rangers goal!

  38. Our forwards need to give Green a couple of, um, jolts to make sure he’s fully recovered from concussion.

  39. Adorer of Blogmama on

    Thanks all. I’m about to cry here. Let’s just focus on the game, please. We need a win.

  40. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    welcome back!!

    FIRE HOLLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  41. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Great start…. Good physical play… Prospal making some nice plays… Glad Avery is in

  42. Speaking of ties, Torts’ does not stink at all! and goes well with the shirt….we will win!!!!!!

  43. Hey last time the Rangers were in the playoffs, Dubi and Staal couldn’t grow beards!!!

  44. Spider, ha! must remember that line. So many people I’d like to face wash with a stinky leather glove :)

  45. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao Headzo

    imagine running into him, Barry Trots and ken hitchcock in a dark alley

  46. Gonzo Grabby on

    id be surprised if boyle isnt very sore in teh nether regions. he might have gabby groins tonight

  47. Remind me again why Torts dressed EC? Every time he’s touched the puck this game, he’s given it away.

  48. Gonzo Grabby on

    haha mama. i sometimes wait for intermission to pee after drinkin cuz tv timeouts arent long enough for my elephant bladder

  49. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Switched it up tonight & drinkin wine. Beer didn’t work Wednesday night!

  50. Gonzo Grabby on

    key to this game is to not score until 19:59 of teh 3rd period. they shouldnt be able to come back and tie it then

  51. Joekuh - Can I have the next question please? Ptooey! on

    I like the energy early. Gabby, no more defensive giveaways plz. thanks.

  52. Joekuh - Can I have the next question please? Ptooey! on

    bull dog is somewhere poking the HEATLEY out of his avery voodoo doll right now, lol

  53. And Grabby with the second diet plan line of the night……..

    ilb, you make a mean cocktail….finals at your house for me. I’ll even walk Leo in the morning :)

  54. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Avery fired up!!! Love it!! I wish he would hive some fire up lessons to Dru & Gabo

  55. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    My apologies to Dubi for thinking you were a bit invisible last game. Now I see the light…you’re on Ovechkin duty. Keep up the good defensive work man!

  56. Gonzo Grabby on

    and its seagrams vodka so im not drinkin nothin straight unless its high quality

  57. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Nice eddie x 3! Glad to see i’m not the only one with a drinking problem during Rangers games!

  58. Adorer of Blogmama on

    We’re playing well and determined. There is no quit in this team. Expect Gabbo to step up big this game.

  59. notice how the caps guy stopped in our zone
    to get room to shoot.

    we rarely do that
    need to do that

  60. Hmm, I’ve got some Penn Station wine chilling in my fridge! Now all I need is the guy with the piccolo

  61. If EC keeps being the only D on 2 on 1, I’ll give you my liver CTB..I won’t be needing one…

  62. Joekuh - Can I have the next question please? Ptooey! on

    who did avery just bury in the corner?

  63. I like the energy level thus far… definitely trying to take the game to Washington.

    Gotta score on this powerplay…

  64. Anybody else think Gabby looks like a totally different player tonight? For the better.

  65. Cape, no, a mini bottle, like on planes…..I’ve lived here all my life, but only from Fozzy did I learn where to get late night sips at Penn Station….:) should be in the NYC brochures…grab em, bag em, have em at hotel……..

  66. can’t we just deny the power play?

    we looked better no being a man up

    call me a negative nanc, friday, jasper, whatever CARP
    it is

  67. Joekuh - Can I have the next question please? Ptooey! on

    Definitely a better 1st period in this game. Can we keep up this energy level though?

  68. Gonzo Grabby on

    hey tomb, wasnt that fun on hockeystreams wednesday? lol thank god the games on tv today.

  69. Yes we can Joe!!! Hey, Caps got their caps kicked by us in reg season, but there’s a reason they’re number 1. But we are the Rangers!!!!!! We will persevere!!!!

  70. The PP’s problem, besides a lack of skill and no point man, is that they’ve lost every faceoff during it … and because McCabe banked a pass off his own man that resulted in a near breakaway.

  71. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Every time Joe m. says groin… Do a shot…. About to check out billa-bong.

  72. Czechthemout!!! on

    Better first than last game. Still not getting anything from Dubi on the offense.

    Staal still not playing a sharp game in my opinion. Has not been the same since that head shot by his a….le brother!

    Gabby is a fraud! Again had a good chance near the slot area but still nothing.

    Avery playing an active game so far.

    EC simply sucks! We also need more from AA.

  73. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    I love that you ladies are drinkers, now can I ask one thing? DO NOT start a hairy legs competition…there’s some things that just need to be avoided, and that’s one of them.

  74. Joekuh - Can I have the next question please? Ptooey! on

    Mama, i ptooey on the caps skates in the 2nd!!!

  75. hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brooks must have heard what Roenick said
    and tweeted

    Thanks, Jere-ME

  76. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    if this game doesnt turn out in our favor, i’ll be buyin some Jack Daniels tomorrow

  77. Gonzo Grabby on

    roenick is right on with ec, but gabby was really trying hard. roenick is too hard on gabby sometimes. hes been on him every chance he gets. its not a 1 man team. guy has ec on his line!! i actually liked gabbys play. his shot was too easy for bebe neuvirth though

  78. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    I have a feeling you will still be shopping for those coolers Linda…nothing wrong with a cheap drunk.

  79. Has anyone mixed Sauvignon with Vodka? Should I give a try? I hope I don’t ptooey after this one…

  80. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ahhhhh mind is right now…time for another drink….rangers, in addition to their inability to win face-offs during pp, need to slow things down… Their pp has a very rushed feel… Some horrid passing too

  81. btw Christian Thomas is on the verge of being eliminated so he probably joins the Whale for game 2 of their playoffs and who knows maybe we see him in NY when/if the Rangers are on the verge of elimination.

  82. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Think I will switch to white Russians… or as I like to call them, a fedtank.

  83. Czechthemout!!! on


    Totally agree on Gabby. He is not scoring and that is what he gets paid to do!

  84. Gonzo Grabby on

    ilb, you know those cheap icepops you buy in a box? the ones you get like a hundred in a box that come unfrozen? yea well last game i mixed half vodka, little bit of ice water, and about 4 or 5 of those things. it was delish!!!!

  85. Joe, double ptooey!

    Cape, no worries. If I do post that it wouldn’t be mine :) but hey, some of you are gross in your beards.

    ilb, that drink is beyond ptooey……it’s vomitous.

  86. Gonzo Grabby on

    yea but orr, gabbys effort was in question for alot of teh season. so to me, if hes skating liek this, i will take it. he will score. hes too good to keep down this long. he will get a few watch

  87. Gonzo Grabby on

    oleo, thomas has alot of potential. i hope to see him by next year too. and hagelina nd kreider. cmon kreider, you need to join teh blueshirt brotherhood!!

  88. Gonzo Grabby on

    we need goals!!! somebody tie this up damnit. we scored at will on them in the reg season. wtf?

  89. surprised that score
    happened with that
    and thought things were
    going to be better
    with the knockdown
    by Gilroy and no call

  90. Game NOT over….Season NOT over……!!!

    Grabby, everything works with OJ..but that was very inventive. Still, why you have those pops is another question altogether.

  91. Adorer of Blogmama on

    That was a penalty for defending our goalie?

    Mama, you’re still “Ptooeying?” :)

  92. are you effin kidding me?!?!?!?!?!?!

    a penalty for that.
    there were a hundred things worse
    that already happened.


  93. Olga Folkyerself on

    More bull carcillo penalty calls. The flyers made a career with hitting people after the whistle

  94. Grabby, I figured, but love how you steal them for papa pops…..don’t you leave! There is lots time left!!!!

  95. Gonzo Grabby on

    guys, we do realize this was just a bonus for this team right? i honestly thought we could steal one of these games, but hey, they are a much much better team. we will get there very soon heads. we will be as good as them in 2 years. watch

  96. Gonzo Grabby on

    did anybody really think aves was an answer? haha. hes no good. we need stamkos and daniel sedin to compete with teh caps

  97. Whatever the outcome in this game, let’s just hope and pray for Boyd Gordon to make a full recovery from what must be career, if not life-threatening injuries after that devastating hit by McDonagh that got penalised.

  98. Gonzo Grabby on

    im not going mama. i will to stay with the sinking ship. are there enough lifeboats for all us heads though?

  99. only positive is the kids got the experience of playoffs. all i ask is dont get swept. dont want to see 2 loss when im at garden

  100. A playoff series doesn’t start until a team loses a game at home, heads. I have a feeling MSG will be very different than the regular season…

  101. JimboWoodside on

    That’s what happens when a defenseman “clears the crease” under the new rules….

  102. Gonzo Grabby on

    well, u cant score when youre just throwing the puck around the boards all the time. they arent driving the net. were losin this series 4-1. and i think we will have to go to 4 ot to win the one game. but its about teh future!! 2044 right olga?? thats our year baby!!!

  103. Grabby, great post, which I’m sure all will forget this week. I still think we’re in it to win this, but playoffs being what they are…’s still frustrating, you want to go as far as you can go and be excited…But, may I requote you: “but hey, they are a much much better team. we will get there very soon heads. we will be as good as them in 2 years. watch.”

    even Torts knows that. May Brooks shut up in peace.

    I Bleed Blue! LGR!!!!

  104. ya know!!

    i’m probably one of the most negative
    people in the world
    unless some of you are just chiming
    in because you’re joking around
    just stop it.

    it’s a freeeeeeeeeeeekin series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we don’t look so good now
    and yes the caps are better skilled
    and have more to play for due to pressure
    of it all
    and living up to expectations, etc.
    but we’ve beaten them in the past
    and there’s a period and such to play

  105. Slurp…..mama love to Grabby…and fyi Olga, it’s Grabby….Gabby ain’t here tonight (dang him)

  106. Gonzo Grabby on

    caps are bigger, stronger, faster, more talented. they can have tiki on a guerney in net and theyd get shutout!

  107. Gonzo Grabby on

    im just joking with my negative stuff jpg!! grabbylove to mama !! and to all of you!!

  108. Czechthemout!!! on

    We cannot generate any offense at all. It really is embarrassing! And now a dumb period.

    Very pathetic performance in this period.

  109. Grabby, no way….Tiki would stop the puck and throw it so far it would hit the Pru (you either get that or you don’t :)

  110. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    And here we go again…thank you Gary Bettman. One question, why do you hate us so much?

  111. N.CountryNYRFan on

    fugg!!!!!!!!!!! Just got home from dinner with friends, not what i wanted to see when I got home.

    C’mon! LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. the talent level between the two teams is just too great for the Rangers to overcome. Unless the Rangers manage to somehow win both games at MSG, this might even be a sweep.

  113. Gonzo Grabby on

    tiki- we can comeback. but we will have to dig deep and do the impossible!!! we will actually have to shoot a puck at the other net!!!! neuvirth must be shaking in his booties scared for the 3rd period!!

  114. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i can’t beleive how much we are getting out hit by the Craps. I miss Cally!!

  115. E3 (brother from another C3 mother :)

    I don’t expect refs at MSG to be any better. Is McDreary still in? OY

  116. oh no!!!!!!!!!!!
    not a power play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and we were just starting to get it together.

  117. Terrible period, hopefully a PP goal can redeem it. Saw a few things that could have been called penalties, like Anisimov boarded, Prospal interfered with, now we get a hook lol

  118. Adorer of Blogmama on

    Mama, haiku is 5, 7, 5, like so

    Beautiful Mama
    More than extraordinary
    The Queen of New York

  119. Czechthemout!!! on

    I don’t give a rats ass how young they are, there is no excuse for this type of period in a playoff game. The funny thing is that it’s not the kids stinking it up, it is the vets like gabby,dubi,ec,ww,and the the d like Staal,girardi, and mccabe. Terrible

  120. >>PP goal? Too much to ask?

    Yes, way too much! Let’s ask for some offensive talent first.

  121. it’s amazing how we always act
    as if the other team
    has one more guy on the ice
    than we do.

    sullivan should be sent packing just for
    being in charge of this ongoing debacle.

  122. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers PP is as good as their PK.

    They are both good at killing the man advantage.

  123. Gonzo Grabby on

    i really thought we would be better than this especially in game 2. just not a very exciting or inspiring performance from our boys in either game. but this is so important for all our players. they have to know this is the level they have to compete at every single shift in the playoffs. these 4 games will help alot.

  124. nice to know we practiced the power play
    and nice to know that we traded
    for McCabe because of his abilities
    on the power play.

  125. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Caps are a class higher – simple as that. Could be us in a couple years.

  126. Czechthemout!!! on

    That was one of the worst periods I have ever seen in the playoffs by a rangers team in my life.

  127. No, Sam, the Capitals did NOT have an outstanding penalty kill. It isn’t hard to kill a penalty against a rabble of blind tamarins.

  128. wow the Caps are really really good. They play like this and they will surely come out of the East.

  129. AoD, LMAO! I know, and thanks….I was doing jpg RR haiku, but you are right and rocked :)

  130. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Isn’t Torts supposed to be an expert at developing a power play?? Oh never mind, we don’t have Vinnie or Martie here. Maybe it WAS the skill of the players he had in Tampa Bay.

  131. >>Gaborik had Semin all over his hands there.

    Yeah, Semin was also stuck on Gaborik’s pants at one point.

  132. GoNYRangers11 on

    I bet its driving the Canes nuts knowing they could do way better then the rangers in this series

  133. >> Gaborik had Semin all over his hands there.

    Hey, look! Tom Cruise has Sea Man on his back!

  134. Mmmm…1/2 dozen years of bottoming out and trading away players for picks and you get talent like Semin, OV, Backstrom, Green, etc, etc and look what you get.

    But you can build Glen Sather style and be mired in mediocrity.

    Mmmmm…lots of short pain for lots of long term gain OR endless mindnumbing crap.

    I know which I prefer….

  135. >>nice to know we practiced the power play

    They can practice it all they want; it’s just not going to be successful with the current personnel.

  136. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i am sick of all the play the rangers do on the boards and behind the net, they need to drive to the fuggin net and shoot the damn puck.

    All the puck possession along the boards in the world doesn’t mean jack carcillo if it doesn’t develop into offense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So frustrating!!!!!!!!!!

  137. Gonzo Grabby on

    gilroy is gonna be our leading goal scorer after 2 games!! wowowowowwowow!!! they sure got the boys ready!!!

  138. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    I’m a huge Dubinsky guy and, you’re right, he’s been invisible. That can’t happen.

    Also, a judgment call. After the 2nd goal, I wound up and spiked my cell phone (on the bed, I’m not that dumb). By virtue of that action, have I expended more energy tonight than Christensen?

  139. Callahan played with heart; I question the effort on the part of a lot of Rangers tonight…they should be embarrassed.

  140. And geeesh, all this talk about how the Rangers key is to physically handle the Caps – meanwhile the Caps, like they did in game 1, are physically pounding the Rangers.

    Kinda embarassing…not to mention painful to watch.

  141. “I can’t believe we scored so many fuggin goals on Noy-Vair, but now he’s a future Hall Of Famer”

    has he had to work much? Even in first period most of the saves were not to tough.

  142. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    I know Orr, but Torts is the head coach. If he was so amazing at developing the pp, wouldn’t he have made some suggestions along the way?

  143. Dam..What did the Rangers get in their drinks in the first intermission break ?: They almost felt asleep allowing the Caps take over and put a lot of pressure on Lundqvist..They dont get anything going offensive wise..Its just a mass…best yu saw it at the end, they dont even can find the powerplay position barely can enter the caps half….

    The Rangers are just average at best offensively..once again Marian Gaborik where are you ??
    The Caps are not at their best either but its enough against the Rangers…
    I have seen Ovechkin way better than this ….

  144. BML! I just got home from work and they’re down 2-0?!

    What in the hell is going on!!

  145. Washington is overly aggressive on the penalty kill because they know the Rangers cannot burn them with quick accurate passes.

  146. Dubinsky....???! on

    Okay… It better be revealed after the game that he has the flu, or re-aggrevated the stress fracture in his leg, because he’s been UNACCEPTABLE and DISENGAGED the entire game.

    PS… these refs can eat a d–k.

  147. Dubi is playing the way I expected…he’s been mired in inconsistency since that stress fracture injury…soft on the puck and losing battles along the wall…hesitant to shoot…Callahan is so much better than Dubi, IMO

    I thought Dubi turned the page this year and matured into man and a pro…I’m afraid not, the problem is between the ears, my cyber friends…

  148. Gash its. 3.20 and tomorrow I will be in a car for 2.5 hours..better switch it off now, because there probably willl be never be a comeback by the Blueshirts..

  149. N.CountryNYRFan on

    at this point if the rangers just don’t get swept i’ll be happy with the year they had.

  150. Then again, I got a very special present while on lunch, so THANKS, TIKI! I LOVE IT!!! :D

  151. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    I know Orr, that’s me point buddy…he got credit in Tampa but didn’t deserve it.

  152. buttchin and butthead, aka EC, the perimeter pansies… that combo is a real loser when those guys dog it like they have in most of the last few weeks. letting Schultz and Erskine etc shut them down. they set a real downer tone for the forwards

  153. Rhode Island Ranger on

    McD took an aggressive penalty after the whistle. The Caps score.

    Torts demands accountability. No exceptions. So…

    Avery must sit !

  154. N.CountryNYRFan on

    it is unacceptable to only get 5 shots in a period during a playoff game. Just shoot from anywhere for Messier’s sake!!

  155. Rhode, are you saying McDonut should sit? He’s been pretty good, aside from a bad penalty, which shouldn’t have even been called.

    You really want McCabe, or Gilroy to get his minutes? Or Stahl to work even more than he has? Or Girardi?

  156. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Avery has played with a lot of spirit…one of the few.. The zebras suck carcillo…

  157. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    “McD took an aggressive penalty after the whistle. The Caps score.”

    He dumped a guy who ran Henrik, I have a much bigger problem only calling the retaliation than I do with the retaliation.

  158. N.CountryNYRFan on

    quick go and the game changes, lets GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. Well, knowing Slats, that wouldn’t be the case…obviously, there would have to be solid assets coming our way…

  160. my 2 cents lines should be

    Prospal Christensen Gaborik

    Dubinsky Anisimov Drury

    Prust Boyle Avery

    Stephan Feds Fedotenko

  161. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    “Stephan Feds Fedotenko”

    I like this one best.

  162. E3, thank you.

    I can not stand all of this negative nancying!!!!! grrrrrrrrrr. I’m frustrated too, but really!

  163. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Hey Orr and Delaware:

    “Rhode, are you saying McDonut should sit? He’s been pretty good, aside from a bad penalty, which shouldn’t have even been called.

    You really want McCabe, or Gilroy to get his minutes? Or Stahl to work even more than he has? Or Girardi?”

    It’s called SARCASM !!!! It’s your metier, right?!

  164. Hi Blogama..i dont want to be negative nancying but they dont generate anything right i have no hope right now.. please dont be angry about me :)

  165. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    My metier is off right now. Combination of anger and a few beers.

  166. Gonzo Grabby on

    this is some weak stuff. we spend so much time along teh boards but when the puck comes out we cant shoot it or it gets blocked. girardi has ahorrible shot. somebody has to start rippin them and from everywhere.

  167. opps….. lol i put feds on the 4th line 2x point was putting anisimov w dubinsky and habe dru rty to fill Callys spot and the other lies would have been more consistent with what had been working during the season

  168. I’ll tell you what, I think I’d rather have Eminger in this kind of game instead of McCabe. At least Eminger plays physical, and I think he is a better skater than McCabe. Since we aren’t scoring on the powerplay…

  169. Matthias, I have nothing but mama love for you, heck I’ll see you in Sweden in the fall!
    But I can’t stand negativity til the party is over, and it ain’t yet….

  170. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Avery Haters:

    Your nemesis is playing hard. Others are not.

    If Aves took McD’s aggressive penalty and the Caps scored you’d be building the scaffold for his hangin’.

    McD playing tough. Avery playing tough.

    Find another whipping boy.

  171. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on


  172. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hey mama – it’s you and me baby… Let’s go rangers…AVERY playing great

  173. actually i’m not ripping on Avery

    i’m just being a sarcastic little s.o.b.

    keeps me calm at this point.

    that and i’m now drinkin’

  174. Olga Folkyerself on

    My advice? Drink heavily. Another Depth Charge.



  175. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    If Ovechkin either leaves his feet or gets his arms up once more, I’m fine taking a 5 minute major to destroy him.

  176. ok, be honest, how many of you stacked your battleships one on top of the other in an all or nothing move? i’m talking pre-electronic battleship of course.

  177. 4generations 4 cups on

    I dont understand, why can we not put a single puck in the net? We have one goal scorer the entire series and he was somebody who was tentative to be on the roster? The net isnt that small, they make it look microscopic.

  178. Blogmama you probably have missed it but i cant go to Sweden because of my working colleague doesnst allow me to travel in the fall due to school children holidays….

    shame on it because I had such a good time the first two times I was in Stockholm couple years back…:)

  179. Mao, real battleship was the best. Played it all the time with my brother….you are proving that you are not really 26!

  180. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Get off avery’s case… The dude is playing harder and with more grit than anyone else on the team right now.

  181. Matthias, dang, you’re right, but you’re coming to NY right!??? If I read correctly….

  182. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    “is Avery dry humping that caps player?

    No, there was Semin under him…”


  183. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Avery is the hardest working Ranger on the ice at least….has the most fire going.

  184. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    I bet Avery has nailed the Blackberry blonde.

  185. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Please tell me that Torts sees Avery as the answer to not having Cally in the lineup!

  186. I try to do some time in the new season…

    See you Sunday afternoon your time evening my time :)

  187. At this point.... on

    I’d settle for seeing someone… ANYONE dumping Ovechkin over the boards just to send a message.

  188. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I am happy with this 3rd period. That second was an aberation. Even if we lose this…game 3 game at a time.

  189. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    Staal isn’t looking like Staal. I’d love to see him get Ovechkin to drop ’em and get his spunk back.

  190. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Remember, the final score doesn’t matter.

    If Avery doesn’t take an aggressive penalty, Torts will call it a victory !!!

    Priorities. Submission to Torts’ will. All will submit.

  191. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    “I think we’ve seen the last of MZA this year.”

    After last game, it was either for the year or for the rest of the Torts regime. No chance he’s back w/out an injury.

  192. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I wish ANY ranger would elbow the byfuglien out of ovechdik’s ugly mug.. Knoock a few more of his teeth out

  193. You’re right, Orr. Why hasn’t he gone to CT? I guess they are giving him the year off…he has played a ton of games, more than anymore in his career…he’s not used to it, plus it is a new game to him…

  194. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    Why? Why is Gaborik double shifting to be w/ Boyle and Avery?

  195. Probably, Orr. Avery deserves to be in the lineup. Relax, this series is far from over.

  196. Dubinsky misses Callahan…

    thanks announcer dude, been saying that for a few days now

  197. Actually, it was a brilliant move sitting Avery in the first game.

    Maybe it lit a fire under his ass. Or maybe not. Who cares, we’re still 0-2, regardless.

    NYR better get the shyte together or this will be a quick sweep

  198. GAME 1 was our shot to make this series. blow a late lead cant get any offense in ot going and that was our chance

  199. anybody tell the rangers they need to score goals to have a chance to win. I’m not surprised, didn’t think this team was going to make the playoffs, they got lucky when Carolina choked the last game. Dolan is happy, he gets two games at the garden. Hank will never smell a chance to win a cup, what a shame.

  200. GAME 1 was our shot to make this series. blow a late lead cant get any offense in ot going and that was our chance


  201. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    “anybody tell the rangers they need to score goals to have a chance to win. I’m not surprised, didn’t think this team was going to make the playoffs, they got lucky when Carolina choked the last game. Dolan is happy, he gets two games at the garden. Hank will never smell a chance to win a cup, what a shame.”

    Yea, you win at giving up!

  202. Adorer of Blogmama on

    Series is not over. IF we take care of business at home, it’s a series again.

  203. Ok, down 2-0 in the series isn’t so bad. We win Sunday and we are back in this series.

    Christ sakes, can we get ONE BOUNCE this game?

  204. doesn’t matter who is in net for caps. it was varmalov last time and now neuvirth. we can’t score on them in playoffs

  205. Olga Folkyerself on

    No sense getting down after game 2. Rangers are going back home. That’s 2 more chances at least. After all, Rome wasn’t burned in a day, you know…

  206. wow!
    how are you people
    torturing yourselves by listening
    watching this game.

    jpg’s sister thinks Artie has yellow jaundice
    give that man an orange!

  207. if only Stepan would have elbowed
    green or ovi in the chin and knocked ’em
    out this game would have been much different

  208. Olga Folkyerself on

    At least the Rangers improved over game 1. It took them 18 minutes longer to lose that one…

  209. Ya, I think a brawl was going to happen… prob telling his guys not to get involved.

    Nice security… fan threw cup of something on coach Sullivan.

  210. well
    at least tampa beat the pens

    i’m accentuating the positive
    even though i just found out that
    i’m still laid off and some other writer
    who scabbed at some other place i used to
    write for is still being used
    and paid.

    whatta night!!!

  211. >>and the rangers are paying Gaborik 7.5 million to do what?

    To tuck the left side of his jersey inside his pants.

  212. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    I hope Prust punches Ovechkin sometime between now and Game 3.

  213. too bad the 5 day
    break doesn’t happen now.

    once again
    we make a second rate goalie
    look like an allstar.

    thanks Rangers!

  214. ToMG after every defeat since about December: “I’m telling you, the Rangers are missing the playoffs.”

    ToMG after the Rangers slip out of playoff position: “I told you since December that the Rangers would miss the playoffs.”

    ToMG after the Rangers make the playoffs: Crickets…

    ToMG after the Rangers go 2-0 down against the #1 seed: “I didn’t think the Rangers were going to make the playoffs and they got lucky.”

  215. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Sorry for the job news jpg…going through a battle to keep my job as we speak.

  216. listening to tampa coach on
    nhl network

    his voice sounds like
    canes coach
    paul maurice
    puffs on the cigarette
    and then
    shotguns it to this guy’s mouth

    heading toward nick nolte town!

  217. gaborki is getting paid 7.5 million to sell jerseys to all the corporate suits who come to the games and who need to buy souvenirs for their kids. “hey uh, who is good on this team? Gaborik? Ok, i’ll take 2!”

  218. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Headzo – that was funny :)…this series is FAR from over… The team that wins 4 moves on… No prizes for winning 2.

  219. Czechthemout!!! on

    The capt really led tonight too huh?

    This what happens when you only have one first round pick in your lineup and have had thirteen picks!

    Sather sucks

  220. JimboWoodside on

    Have the Caps learned the Devils style of boring shutdown play, or are these Ranger players just totally inept at generating ANYTHING on the offense!?

  221. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Hell of a move putting Christensonwith Gaborik and giving him over 18 minutes of playing time there Torts. Way to give someone who was invisible in game one leading minutes in the following game. Time to give up on this guy already.

  222. amazingly i am not too bent out of shape about these results. i was too adamant about them getting into playoffs to me blowing that lead at end of the season would have been a disaster.

    at least the kids got expereince.

    artie dubi gabby drury all the vets are miserable. there to blame not the stepan sauer mcdonagh

  223. The effort was there for 2 periods… can they still call people up from the AHL?

    I’m thinking some of these guys just aren’t putting in the effort… if you are going to float, you are going to sit.

  224. well, that sucked, but there is another game on Sunday. Maybe my new present will bring them luck and lots of goals.

    In the meantime, I’m not in the mood for the negativity, and I’m starving and exhausted, so it was fun while it lasted.

    Don’t be too hard on each other.. or the team.

  225. good thing the suits got another tax cut today so they can
    afford all those heritage jerseys and whatnot….

  226. mama love to ilb and E3….I gotta not run, but go niters. Til Carp’s morning review all :) ta….:(

  227. Adorer of Blogmama on

    Sorry we lost. Series is not over. Game 3 is a must win. If we keep believing, the Rangers will reward our faith. Thanks for all the positive thoughts you sent my way the past week and thanks for tonight. You all are like one big family to me, and it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, Mama is the Queen. She is such an extraordinary, caring, and awesome woman, I cannot say enough positive things about her. Even words such as extraordinary do not do her justice. ♥ Laurel

  228. yeah but ORR!!
    a bigger question will be
    what will happen to Christensen

  229. Olga Folkyerself on

    And in 3 years we will be complaining that Richards stinks and still has 4 years left on HIS contract.

    It’s the Sather Way…

  230. >>Gaborik was flying through first 20 min, best player on the ice…then disappeared…

    Frankly, I don’t care how well he’s skating, how high he’s flying, or how hard he’s playing. He gets paid to put the puck past the other team’s goalie; that’s what he needs to do.

  231. onecupin71yearsand counting on

    One of the major flaws of this team is the lack of a least i don’t see one.. They paid gaborik the big money thinking he’d be the leader on offense ,,, not on this team ,, he’s out of place.

  232. one last thing… this team looks exhausted… Boyle, Prust, the top 4 Dmen, Feds, Dubi (I think that stress fracture took a TON out of him. He does look lost with Callahan though), etc

  233. JBytes

    you’re right that Gabby is paid to score
    and he is surely not doing that.
    if his confidence is so messed then
    get him to a hypnotist or something.

    and as far as after the first period.

  234. did anyone else think that call on mcdonagh was pathetic for a playoff game? it was a shoving match infront of the crease. Plus, sauer had just been tossed on top of lundqvist. I understand the fedotenko penalty, he got a stick in green’s face.

    this thing is not over. caps are devout choke artists and still can be had. im rarely optimistic and im drawing optimism from the caps’ playoff track record not the rangers. I really thought the rangers would win tonight though.

  235. I like Flavah Beast too. He had an amazing first half of the season and *was* one of the best 2-way players in the League during that stretch…that’s a fact…

  236. TIKI! ZOMG, I need to email cause your package arrived today :D

    I will, after I finally have dinner.

  237. agree ORR!!

    ya never know about Girardi and Gabby
    sather has performed trade miracles before

    as for Boyle
    i like him but
    c’mon he’s got to score a little bit
    and he hasn’t shown squat in that department in
    one or two dozen games.
    i mean,
    he needs to show something now.
    yes, i commend him for putting his cojones on the line
    but we need him in front of the net too
    or moving in on a rebound.

  238. I can’t see Slats even considering trading him unless he’s offered a great deal.

    One bad season out of two. He’s not going to be so quick to give up on him. They didn’t do it with Dreary, Blowmez, etc, I can’t see them doing it with someone who’s way more talented than either.

  239. Billy C I agree with you. That call was extremely soft, as well as the one on Fedo when everyone was fighting in that scrum. Such BS! It’s games like these that we have seen WAY too many times in recent years, and exemplifies why our team will NEVER make the Stanley Cup Finals. I hope I’m wrong though, but come on, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

  240. Here's The Reality.... on

    In order to win this series….. we’d have to go 4-1 now. Ain’t happening. Sorry to be a negative nancy…. but, I think I’m more along the lines of a realistic ronnie.

  241. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Disappointing loss. But with all our collective hockey wisdom here, we’ll figure it out and Carp can pass on our recommendations to Torts.

    Here’s some insightful analysis that will appeal to the coach:

    # Carp April 14th, 2011 at 11:36 am

    “Avery also has a history of playing terribly in the playoffs … and, yeah, Tortorella has it in for him. C’mon. Do you think he’d purposely not play a guy because he doesn’t like him? That’s ridiculous.”

    Here’s another pearl of hockey wisdom from Carp a bit later that Torts will thank us for:

    “Avery stinks.”

    Seriously, the Haters know playoff hockey like nobody’s business !!!

  242. Can’t cry about the refs… the call on Semin was soft too… and even when we get powerplays, we aren’t doing anything with them. If the Capitals were a dirty team like the flyers, they would be licking their chops because there is no retribution provided by our powerplay!

  243. Here’s the reality – “realistic ronnie” is a great alliterative name i will still but you can’t think like that.

    I know basketball is a different sport, one i dont like too much, but to paraphrase…

    “You’re never down in a playoff series until you lose a home game.”
    – Pat Riley

  244. Yeah, Avery played well, but last I checked, we still got shut out. So, God didn’t make much of a difference in the end :P

    Like I said, Avery played well? It’s not rare for him to play well, then disappear.

  245. Rangers post-game press conference:

    Brooks: so, now are your backs against the wall?

    Torts: Byfuglien you! (walks out)

  246. Vancouver just looks 10 times faster than the Rangers and even Washington. They are FLYING.

  247. RIR- I’m sure there is a point in there somewhere in your rant. It’s just appears to be well hidden.

  248. I can’t imagine that the loss of Cally is THAT devastating. Honestly, this series is far from over, but if Gaborik continues to play like pooh on a stick, trade him. I don’t care. He doesn’t have to go home but he’s gotta get the F outta here!

  249. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Then I guess it’s the coach’s job to support Avery and encourage him to continue to play well. It sure wouldn’t hurt for him to finally be told that he is an important part of the team.

  250. Here's The Reality.... on

    BillyC- The ONLY way we get back in this series… in my personal opinion…is by absolutely demoralizing/obliterating them on our home ice. If we win a close one… they chalk it up to “that’s playoff hockey”. If we blow them out of the building and the Garden is deafening, that’ll rattle just about anyone.

  251. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Pretty obvious point. The Haters and the Boss were dead wrong about sitting #16 in Game 1.

  252. Wiggy asking Keenan how he relaxed the team… LOL

    “I caused a near mutiny by talk to the Red Wings in the Cup Finals!”
    “I told Messier to go out and score a hat trick”


  253. Rhode Island Ranger on


    a la Love Story: Being coach (or a Hater) means never having to say you’re sorry.

  254. Avery was great. The best he’s been in months, and the kind of player he can be when he’s not the favorite target of an egomaniacal coach’s endless mind games. That being said, I full expect Tortorella the taskmaster to scratch him in game 3 so he can “inject more offense” with Matt Zuccarello.

    Erik Christiansen barely belongs in the NHL, let alone on the first line.

    Marc Staal could hardly move in the 3rd period. You can blame that one on the coach, too.

    When you give up a game winning goal to Jason Chimera and get shout out by Michael Neuvirth, you’re not going to beat anybody in a series.

    Finally, we learned why Marian Gaborik has been completely inept for the past several months: he doesn’t give a carcillo.

  255. Here’s the reality – i meant to say a phrase i will steal. I agree with most of what you said but it they eek one out on sunday and then do the same on wednesday, the series is tied. easier said than done by a mile, but that would bring us to a point where its a best 2 out of 3. one game at a time

  256. It’s an assumption, RIR. He could’ve been as likely to be invisible during the first game, as he was playing hard tonight. He’s had many good games mixed with plenty of bad games during the season. He was good in this specific situation. And I like Avery when he is playing his game and not trying to get out of his comfort level…

  257. Did Avery have one shift where he didn’t go offside? They would have lost with or without him, but he added nothing.

  258. They need some guys who are critical of their play in the post games. Keenan has the ability but they don’t let him talk enough. Duguay’s hair coloring and hair style is better than his analysis. He’s way too nice to the Rangers after the game – no offense to any Duguay fans.

  259. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    “Rhode, so basically you’re saying if Avery (one man who has three goals) was playing, NYR wins game 1???”

    If Avery plays Game 1, not only do they win that game, but they get MOMENTUM and win tonight as well. 2 game swing.

  260. I’ll bet I’m one of the biggest Avery fans out there and I wouldn’t go as far as to say they’d win game 1 if he played, but you’d certainly get more out of him than you got out of Erik Christiansen. On a team plagued to the point of death by forwards with no scoring touch, trying to catalyze offense by using a guy who can’t playmake, can’t shoot and has absolutely no physical presence is an epic fail.

  261. Rhode Island Ranger on


    You think Avery’s grit and energy and commitment (his established playoff m.o. as all of us with clear memories have been reminding you Haters) might have made a little difference on Wednesday night? Just maybe sparked one or two more good shifts? Rattled the Caps just a teensy bit allowing one of our “skill” guys to put in a loose one off a scramble?

    Don’t play dumb. Stick to your legendary “sarcasm.”

    And get a new whipping boy. You’ve been very, very wrong… though consistent.

  262. Here's The Reality.... on

    BillyC- I guess my overall point is this…. Remember how weak the mental psyche of the Caps was during HBO’s 24/7 where they couldn’t buy a win….? Two CONVINCING wins would more than likely make em’ think a bit. The only way we get past this team is by filling their fragile minds with doubt.

    P.S.- Someone needs to “cleanly” put Ovechkin on his ass to send a stern message because he’s having his way w/ us.

  263. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    “Don’t play dumb. Stick to your legendary “sarcasm.””

    Think you quoted the wrong word, champ.

  264. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    “P.S.- Someone needs to “cleanly” put Ovechkin on his ass to send a stern message because he’s having his way w/ us.”

    Hockey clean or Ovechkin clean? Because the latter allows for some launching and I bet Prust could do even more damage as a missile.

  265. ORR – I am trying to bring some levity to this miserable game. I know the analysts are not going to slam the Rangers, but it would be nice to hear some thoughts/suggestions that are not all cliche. But, no, the post game is not a big deal to me. I have it on for some reason instead of the Canucks…not good.

  266. Rangers aren’t down 0-2 because of Ovechkin. He’s not doing anything in this series other than revealing himself to be a colossally stupid player. I’m sure some of you guys watch him a lot more than I have, but based on the sample of 10 or so games I’ve seen of him this year, his game looks like it’s regressed substantially.

  267. If Kopitar was healthy and plays for the Kings in game 1, maybe they win in OT

    If Crosby and/or Malkin were healthy and played in game 2, maybe they would have won

    If Hiller was healthy, maybe the Ducks win game 1

    If Pronger was healthy, maybe the Flyers win game 1

    Avery is *NOT* Kopitar, Crosby, Malkin, Hiller, or Pronger. Those guys are difference makers, Avery is *NOT*

    Point being, they *still* lose game 1. Anybody who thinks otherwise is just delusional.

  268. Olga, I like the Blackhawks too, so if it is not us, then the West? Is that what you’re saying or is it the Mike’s Hard Lemonade talking to me

  269. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Mister Delaware:

    No, I quoted the right word. See, when you finally call Orr on his incessant, reflexive Avery Hate, he retreats to his “It’s all just sarcasm” defense.

    Orr’s one-note anti-Avery song ain’t sarcasm or any other kind of humor. Just wrong and sour.

  270. Reality – I think we agree. Winning two game in a row, in any matter will plant seeds of doubt. They may have success with this defensive style, but their defensemen and goalie are not that good, or at least unproven.

  271. Here's The Reality.... on


    While it’s suffice to say Ovechkin is better than his play this series, it’s undeniable that he’s getting good looks and running our guys every chance he gets without paying a price. Someone needs to put him over the bench…. get him off his game.

  272. They lose 2-1 without Avery, they lose 2-0 with Avery. I guess he didn’t make that big a differance. The way I see though Avery was one of the only guys that played like he had to win. Almost the entire team with few exceptions played like they thought it was good enough to win. The Caps are playing tough, the Rangers are playing soft. If I didn’t know better, and all I had to go by was the last two games. I would suggest the Rangers should invest in some weights, maybe get some of these guys into a program. It was embarrassing just watching them get pushed around. These guys can be had , but the Rangers have to decide they want it bad enough. Boy do they miss Callihan.

  273. Rhode Island Ranger on


    The Rangers have NO top-flight offensive difference makers. We all already knew that.

    Avery has been (and still is) an above-average playoff energy maker. Honest Rangers fans already knew this.

    Your boring Hatefest has blinded you.

  274. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Ovechkin can’t stay out too late tonight – his parents will ground him.
    And I can’t believe I just heard Boo-drow talk for 5 minutes without an F-bomb.
    Rangers are lacking leadership, pure & simple. Would Mess tolerate all these deviation in efforts? I think not.

  275. I, unfortunately, was forced to accept that Santa didn’t exist when my mom asked me to help put the presents under the tree after midnight mass.

  276. Olga Folkyerself on

    jpg’s sister

    I’ve liked the Hawks almost as much as the Rangers over the years. But I had to wait until old man Wirtz dropped dead for things to change in Chicago. And they finally did. Now I seem to be waiting for old man Sather to drop dead too until NY improves to become a contender. So I root for both teams, and there will never be a conflict unless the happen to meet in the finals.

    And if the Mike’s is talking to you set it on the shelf for five minutes or so, until it shuts up. ;)

  277. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Pick a new player for us all to hate until the season ends. Diversify the portfolio.

  278. Olga, Thanks for the advice about Mike. I have a Blackhawks hat and saw them play in Chicago once about 10 years ago. Except for red, white and blue, Red and Black are my favorite color combination

  279. Olga Folkyerself on

    I showed my kids a picture of Santa run over by a car. Told them he was dead and there won’t be any more gifts from him.

    It worked for one Christmas, Then I needed a new idea.

  280. Here’s The Reality,

    While I’ll agree that someone needs to send a message, it’s worth pointing out that when you’ve got a top tier player in the NHL reduced to taking runs at opposing players because he basically can’t do anything else, you’re doing something right. The Rangers gave up goals tonight to a borderline minor leaguer and a fossil. They got shut out by an AHL goalie. The Rangers generated practically no legitimate offense for 95% of the game. The Rangers supposed superstar is playing like he’d rather be on the golf course.

    The biggest problems in this series have nothing to do with Alex Ovechkin.

  281. Olga Folkyerself on

    jpg’s sister

    The Black Hawks jersey is the best in the league. I just bought a Black third jersey to celebrate the Cup win. I was just as excited last year as I was in 1994.

  282. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Simple. Every time you bash a player who plays a gutsy, physical, committed game for the Rangers, Sean Avery or anyone else, I’m going to call you on your negativity and foolishness.

    Don’t worry about wearing me out. I’m fresh.

  283. I like when the chips are stacked against this Rangers team…they always seem to come through…this series is far from over

    No NYR team has *ever* come back from being down 2-0 in a playoff series

    Rangers in Six! (Maybe 7!)

  284. Olga Folkyerself on

    I think Hawks last longer, because even if they both go out in 4, the Hawks games start an hour later…

  285. I’m more on the pro side of the Avery ledger than anti, and he was reasonably effective tonight (at least in the third, when – shock horror – the coach who supposedly hates him kept putting him out there), but to claim his presence alone is swinging this series is nuts.

    And to everyone saying Ovechkin needs to be dumped to get him off his game – you think maybe a few teams and players might have tried that over the last six years? Easier said than done. And I don’t think the way the Rangers have played Ovechkin and the other top offensive guys on the Caps has been much of a problem so far, other than perhaps the consequent sacrifice of any offense.

  286. Rhode Island Ranger –
    It’s ridiculous shat like 10:27 that has much to do with some peoples feelings towards Avery IMO.
    You act like he had a hattie to win the game, Stat sheet has him with no goals, no assists – 1 hit.
    Yeah he gets 6th star in a loss. While I think he played pretty well, you’re giddiness over his performance kills me.

  287. Rhode, learn how to read, I’ve said three-four times that Avery played well, and played better than most, if not all players on this team.

    My only problem is that you seem to think having Avery in game 1 results in a win, which is so moronic, and laughable. That’s my argument. You seem to think he’s an important enough player to change the outcome of a game, and I think, and any *smart* hockey fan would agree, that he’s not good enough to do so.

    Maybe you’re getting my posts mixed up with someone else. Who knows.

  288. I don’t hate Butt-Chin. He is an elite player having a down year…He has a butt for a chin, it’s not his fault…

    Gaby was the best player in the game tonight in the 1st, just sayin’

    I do dislike EC. He brings no heart. He has world class skill and no team concept…

  289. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Your Hate is even more boring than Orr’s and your hockey judgement is no better. At least Orr uses those cute little emoticon thingees now and then !

    Avery played well tonight. It’s official. Dave Maloney said so. He would have helped in Game 1. He will help in Game 3.

    You’re not helping. Pick another whipping boy.

  290. >>Vancouver just looks 10 times faster than the Rangers

    Why bother with the comparison? The two teams play in different leagues.

  291. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Congratulations on recognizing the obvious- that Avery played well. You’re coming along now.

    Next logical baby step? Player who played well in Game 2 just might have played well in Game 1. Replacing an invisible player with one who plays well just might help the team in a one-goal game.

    Hope these leaps of logic didn’t strain your groins or anything.

  292. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If dubi, step, AA, gabby, EC, and dreary brought the same amount of effort in game 1 and tonight as Avery did…. We would all be singing a different tune. Dubi has been horrible. Step is softer than 2 ply, and EC is utterly useless.

  293. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    “Delusional Avery fans. It’s like trying to tell a six year old that Santa doesn’t exist. They just wont accept it.”

    Alright, this is just stupid. Avery most certainly does exist.

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