Lots of eyeballs on Game 1 on MSG Plus


Just in the nick of time, when we needed a new thread because the last one was getting too long, comes this from MSG Network:


Household Rating of 3.45 is Highest-Rated Rangers Game Since 1997

New York, NY – April 14, 2011 – MSG Plus’ Wednesday night telecast of the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals in Game 1 of the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs garnered a 3.45 household Nielson rating, making it the highest-rated Rangers game since May 8, 1997 when the Rangers faced the New Jersey Devils in the Conference Semifinals.

The game was also the highest-rated event on MSG Plus since 2004.

Compared to the 2009 Playoffs, when the Rangers also faced the Capitals in the first round, the game was up 40% in the household (3.45 HH vs. 2.47 HH).

In the young M18-34 demographic the game scored a 3.75 rating, which was second overall when compared to all other programs in the New York region that aired last night during primetime, falling just behind Modern Family (3.76 M18-34), but ahead of American Idol (2.85 M18-34).

The Rangers and Capitals square-off in Game 2 Friday night on MSG Network starting at 7:30 p.m. Coverage of the game on MSG Network starts with the pre-game show at 7:00 p.m. and concludes immediately following the game with a 60-minute post game show.


Still about 24 hours to join our playoff beard contest … Send me your “before” photo along with your actual name and your screen name (the one we’ll use to identify you) and your email address (in case we have questions). Send them to rcarpini@Lohud.com.


You may now continue your discussion of whether Sean Avery should replace one of the other fourth-liners, or whether fourth-liner Erik Christensen should be promoted to the first line — which usually works for about 10 minutes then goes to hell.

Here is John Tortorella’s press conference from today.

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  1. i think Carp did this
    under instructions from CCCP
    and ORR!!
    to put this up in order to
    submerge my long rants on
    the previous thread
    because it confused them
    and they thought it was
    b person i don’t even know
    who has everyone peeved off

  2. I’m headed home… But let me leave on a high note:

    Tortorella is a heck of a Coach for our New York Rangers

    Hank might just reach new levels of play in this series, you heard it here first

    Drury will have another clutch moment in this series, which is more than most players (on any team) can claim

    Stepan will score a game winner

    Our Defensive pairs will continue to impress… holding the Caps to TWO goals in nearly 4 Quarters of Hockey? SICK.

    We win in 6.

  3. again… people putting words in my mouth…i’ve NEVER said put Avery in for Drury

    all i was trying to say is that Avery has a lot more to show for his time in NY than Drury and yet he is so hated.

    Also, Carp said that Avery stinks than pointed out that he’d be better than some players in game one… so we had players who stink even more than Avery and yet they played in game one? i’m lost!

    and btw, no Drury bashing…just facts. And i KNOW i cannot win this argument because there are too many of you on here who dislike Avery… so i am just going to leave this alone…for now :)

  4. None of the above mentioned players will win us this series. None will lose it. Avery may be better suited for this series than MZA. Or it may last only one game. Not a bad idea to try.

    Let’s go see the Boston-Montreal game, should fun…

  5. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Time for Gomez to “step up” and show that he’s worth all those millions. LOL

  6. LOL. NHL has a “Fleury Stops Everything” History Will Be Made ad. Like a playoff shutout never happened before. And Luongo got one last night as well!

    Communists, I say.

  7. Lol, BANJ. Got to root for someone. Actually, PK playing for the Habs makes it even easier

  8. CCCP- Are you putting words in my mouth?…I NEVER said you said put Avery in for Drury
    and I don’t hate Avery in fact I say give him a shot maybe we catch lightning in a very small bottle :)

  9. Nice to see bybytorts can take a mild joke so well.

    Nobody was saying your opinion was unwelcome. But if the consensus finds your fairly regular dose of “blame Torts for everything” opinion faintly ridiculous, hugely reactionary and flying in the face of most observable evidence, then we are equally free to say so.

    More scintillating for you?

  10. I want Rangers-Boston. Can that happen?

    guys, seriously, we shouldn’t gang up on somebody because of a difference of opinion.

    Gomez is worth Prust, Gaborik, McDonagh and Valentenko (am I missing anybody?).

  11. ddebened

    it wasn’t you this time…it was Dudley…i guess i should’ve made it clear :)

    next time, please…choose good words to put in my mouth :)

  12. Gomez is worth Prust, Gaborik, McDonagh and Valentenko (am I missing anybody?).


    yeah but can he play harmonica?

  13. I have a feeling both coaches will be in ER with heart attacks by the end of second period….

  14. Kostytsin blocked Chara’s shot on his first shift. Hasn’t played since. He was seen in the locker room texting to Callahan and asking the phone number of orthopedic surgeon he’s been using…

  15. Who are those commentators for Philadelphia? Their voices and emotions are better suited for reading obituaries than for hockey

  16. rooting for bruins and sabres for the series.

    these games are great. relaxing when your team has night off

  17. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Go Buffalo- Philly is last on my list of Favorite NHL Teams
    Go Boston- Montreal is next to last…

  18. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Biggest news of the day…Eric does know how to relax….who woulda thunk it?

  19. yes indeed i am relaxed put my son to sleep.

    wife in bedroom watching idol

    me on the couch with both games and a glass of red wine

    tom will be diff story.

    panic time

  20. I miss Marcel Hossa. He would’ve been a great forward for Tortorella to Christensenize.

  21. anyone watching the flyer/sabres game

    wasn’t that an interesting and effective way
    the sabres guy approached the 2 on 1?

  22. also
    flyers van rymsdyk (however you spell his name)
    wow!! impressive.
    never noticed him as much when we played ’em.

  23. btw
    on 2 on 1

    sabres player was on one knee
    with stick in front of him and drifted
    towards the flyer without the puck
    in order to prevent the pass
    and allow miller to see the shot.

    liked it better than the spread out on the ice
    flailing about approach

  24. hey LW, definitely more scintillating.

    im not blaming torts for everything, i know what he is working with.

    but again, please please please tell me and explain to me what he has done.

    he came here, there was a pile of s%^%t, a few gems, and an amazing goalie.

    now there is less of a pile of s^&^t , the same gems, and the same amazing goalie.

    they were in the playoffs when he got here

    they missed the playoffs

    now they are back.

    some great new talent this year, stepan, mcdonagh, sauer, but if you watch college hockey, the success of the first two is not a surprise

    what has he done?

    the power play blows, still.

    what has he done?

    he continues to change lines, very night, i can do that. hell even this Orr guy posting here can do THAT!

    if you are changing lines so often, how can you say there is a plan?

    im not blaming him for everything, i just think he is a tererible coach

    thats all!!

  25. Precisely, Carp…..hope you get it now. Next time “avery is garbage”, ” nose picker”, “by by”, “what”, and I forget what else is on his drop down menu, shows up- take a look at IP address or geographic location. You’ll realize it’s the same troll who comes in and try to stir a discussion just to rile us up. Goes away, comes back with a different name. I think he’s used about 10 of them.

  26. hey genius ilb2001, im not the same troll as others, ive only posted here as bybytorts

    fletch you arent.

  27. Price is playing great.

    Eric- by the time Kings/Sharks is over, you’ll have to feed your son….Sleep is overrated anyway…

  28. Was really looking forward to the Kings this year but no Kopitar and a less than 100% Williams = Chum

  29. Funny, CTB…How many GMs and coaches changed in Montreal over so many years. One thing doesn’t change- if you can’t skate, you don’t play for Montreal.

  30. ilb

    hopefully he wakes up late third per so i feed him during game then we both go to bed after

  31. Plekanec had to readjust his helmet. He is lucky he didnt have to readjust his nose…

  32. I have no doubt the Rangers would beat the Bruins in 6 games at most. I’d take that matchup any day over Washington

  33. Kaleta makes it 1-0. He is now official leading goal scorer in Buffalo this postseason.

  34. Anyone else just catch the Philly announcer say “takes a shot with the stick?”

    I didn’t know that you shoot with the stick. Thank you play-by-play man for your vast wealth of knowledge and for imparting it unto me.

  35. Reginald Dunlop on

    well first of all……put 36 and 26 in the press box………put 16 and recall 45 and put him in lineup to improve forecheck………put 20 into the center slot with 10………so lines would look like this……

    avery- prospal- gaborik
    dubinsky- anisimov- wolski
    fedotenko- boyle- prust
    drury-stepan- newbury………

    improves the forecheck with a corner person on each line with some snarl on each line…….ahhhhhh but what do I know???????

  36. seriously though, ddeb…that should have been a major, IMO. Looked like he got the elbow up and boarded him…

  37. Not sure if it’s worthy of a suspension…EC is partly to blame because he had his head down…but Erskine followed through with his elbow and pushed EC into the boards…

    Is it a head shot? Hard to tell…not sure it is…

    I think an elbowing minor, or even a major, would have been the right call…

  38. Erskine sees him the whole way, yeah EC’s leaning forward but his head is at about the same level the whole time and the contact is solely to EC’s head with the elbow. WTF

  39. Well, in any event, Erskine is a dope and his shot is terrible. I agree that it was a dirty play, ddeb…I just don’t see the guys in Toronto reviewing it…

  40. HMMMM. After a very quick skim, kinda glad I missed today’s earlier posts :)

    FYI Carp, I like Torts and Aves….so there! A smart person can be fans of both…As for the rest…whatever…..I am blind exhausted. Off to sleep. See you tomorrow for Game 2 win!!!!


  41. I don’t speak Russian but I think he said “Rangers playoff hero Sean Avery should be playing” :P

  42. WTF was that??? Player interview on the bench during the game?? Only in NHL!

    Can you imagine a reporter interviewing LeBron during the game while his on the bench? This is stupid

  43. ddebened

    He actually did say that! You guessed it right! He also said that Drury is clutch…it just hasnt happen for NY yet ;)

  44. I wish I was that kid gettin the stick!

    Stupid questions continue…you gotta let the player go celebrate with the team! So annoying!

  45. It was funny to watch Suppan bang into a cluster of Bruins, and then realize that Lucic was one of them, and you could almost read his mind ( as he practically tip toed away from the group) Lordy Lordy what have I DONE! I hope none of these bad guys recognize me.

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