Capitals 2, Rangers 1 (OT): Game 1 in review


Wow. Pretty good Game 1. I’m sure you weren’t thrilled with the outcome, and sure you weren’t thrilled with the play that decided it.


1) I thought Marc Staal and Dan Girardi had some strong game, with loads of minutes, taking and doling out lots of punishment. Alex Ovechkin said he thought they were getting tired in OT from the hits they took.

2) That said, they made a dreadful play on the bad change that led to the Backstrom breakaway, and got bailed out. And Staal coughed up the puck that lost the game in OT. Girardi got knocked on his can by Ovechkin on the tying goal — although I thought one of the forwards — Dubinsky, Stepan and Fedotenko — standing a few feet away might have made a difference on that play. But all six feet were stuck in quicksand or something.

3) And I’m not defending the hairball Staal coughed up at the end, but Chris Drury had a chance under more pressure and also coughed it up. Staal’s was worse, but Drury’s was the one that had the other forwards flying out of the zone. And the only reason Drury was on the ice was because Boyle blocked that shot — and appeared to get hit in the onions — just before the winning goal. And if Staal is getting worn down in these games, they might just have to keep him away from the power play to limit his minutes.

4) This argument that the Ovechkin goal should have been blown dead … Please.

5) I thought Lundqvist was great, and he was a little lucky early on, and the Capitals sure targeted high on him and his glove had to be good, and was. But the Rangers helped Michal Neuvirth settle in, and that might make the Rangers’ main advantage in this series a wash.

6) Boyle and Brandon Prust=Monsters. They really were. Boyle was 12-12 on faceoffs, in a game where the Rangers were awful in that department, and just good all over the ice. And Prust sure reminded me of Adam Graves getting in on the forecheck on the Gilroy goal.

7) I swear, I was just writing in my notebook that the Rangers’ D had to start getting involved in the offensive zone because the Rangers were establishing a forecheck, but the Caps were doing such a good man-on-man job on them in front of the net. Then Ryan McMonster went in deep and had a chance off a cycle, and moments later, Matt Gilroy scored on two good plays by Wolski, and one each by Prust and Boyle.

8) I knew the Capitals had changed the way they played, but I had no idea they would be the more physical team in this series. That guy Chimera is a beast.

9) Because of that, I think Sean Avery has to find his way back into the lineup. Don’t know if he’d go in for Erik Christensen, who was on the perimeter again, or for Mats Zuccarello, who took the early penalty and barely played thereafter. That call, by the way, might have been the first boarding call I’ve ever seen where the guy who was boarded didn’t touch the boards. Wojtek Wolski looked interested in competing, though. So leave him in.

10) By the way, I liked the old-school officiating. Let some of the post-whistle pokes and facewashes go. That’s playoff hockey.

11) All the talk about the kids in their first playoff game. They did just fine — the young D-men, who were terrific, and Stepan (first Washington goal excluded). Zuccarello was willing, too.

12) Marian Gaborik. He sure had a couple of chances.  I thought he played hard. I thought that one great save Neuvirth made on him was helped by Boyle’s pass being a little bit in Gaborik’s skates. But he’s got to find a way now. He’s got to produce something. There’s no “nice try” in the playoffs.

13) I should have put this in my “intangibles” category in the matchups before the series, and maybe it would have made the Edge: Rangers an Even instead. Faceoffs. The Rangers were 37-43, not horrible. But they lost a lot of important ones, after Washington icings with their players gassed, and on the special teams … Dubinsky was 7-13. Brooks Laich was 13-5. Drury was 6-2, but they couldn’t get him on the ice in big situations.

14) I thought it was hilarious that a bunch of fans behind the Rangers bench wore ponchos to mock John Tortorella and his little water-bottle tantrum the last time these teams met in the playoffs.

15) Was that John Druce?


AP photo, above.

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  1. Tough Loss. Lots of bounces our way in the first, good second, mostly good third, god we looked tired in OT.

  2. onecupin71yearsand counting on

    Goals , goals , goals .. need some goals. and anyone pounding hank should be laid flat on their back. Don’t play nice.

  3. bull dog line on

    watching the OT last night I thought 2 things. if the Rangers score it is going to be Prospal, and if they give 1 up, it was going to against Staal, and Girardi. I felt Prospal was flying in the OT, and I did not think Staal and Girardi were playing all that well to begin with.

  4. bull dog line on

    I have no problem with Avery playing in the next game, but somebody please tell me what it is he does that would make a difference.

  5. bull dog line on

    I did not think Gabby played badly at all. he and his line battled all night long. if they continue to play like that they will eventually get rewarded.

  6. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Yup Drury flew the zone too early and left Staal with no support facing 3 cap players. Still needs to make the simple play and get it out.

    If Gabby played with half the desire and will to compete as Ovie does it would be scary. That guy is a monster.

    Staal and Giradi did have a hell of a game against the top line. Not many can do that even though they are outmatched. The longer this goes, the harder it is going to be for them.

    On the tying goal Stephan was just standing there…bad rookie mistake. He did not look all that engaged and hopefully he got some butterflies out of his system.

    Where is Dubi???

  7. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Avery brings emotion. Sometimes it backfires, sometimes it helps> Im a toss up with him at this point but MZA is just being out-manned. He can barely keep his balance for more that 5 seconds

  8. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Callahan out, Drury in. Not the best physical condition lineup change the Rangers have ever had. Somehow Drury always finds a way to be the Titanic instead of the ice berg.

  9. bull dog line on

    that was the Rangers problem last night? they lacked emotion? again somebody please tell what it is that Avery brings to the table that would make a difference.

  10. bull dog line on

    the first goal against was about Staal coming all the way to the other side of the ice and banging into Girardi. that is what started the whole sequence that led to the first Caps goal. I do not agree that Staal and Girardi had strong games. I felt they were a step slow all night, and Girardi never made an outlet pass, or took a shot, that was not stolen or blocked.

  11. There were more positives in this game than I expected. Girarid for example looked great. Even Girloy was logging positive minutes against Ovchkin. The guys were relaxed an played hard. Henry was playing out of his min for a while and made some stellar save that may have made the Rangers looks better than they were. Loved seeing the Dmen get involved I the offense.

    Negatives: Gaborok has to bury at least ONE of those chances. He had two great ones and both times he put the puck into Noi-Vey’s tummy. Come on super star! Hobbit wizard got glued to the pine off a dumb call but I think he shouldnhave played in OT. could have used the fresh lungs. The entire losing goal. Everyone on the iceade at Lear one stupid play there to leave Semin wide open and jeep the puck I the defensive zone.

    Look. Better than I thought Then I thought they would look. Thu have to get more physical going foward. I’ll take it though. The Caps mow know how hard fought this series could be. Get Avery on the ice for the next game. Probably for Hobbit Wizard and get tougher. Can’t gas the Dmen so much. Maybe we should have carried 7 because McCabe is super slow.

  12. Sorry for any typos. iPhone has a mind of its own.
    On the funny side it spell corrected Semin to “demon”.

  13. Hank was tremendously tremendous last night, but c’mon Rangers, he needs some help! He can’t win these games by himself. I know game 2 will be much better. Hold on to your hats, it’s going to be a long series!

  14. Why do the caps celebrate like they won the frickin stanley cup every time they score? Just gotta get game two. That simple. Gotta get more shots through early. If the caps think the rangers are gonna roll over after this they are quite mistaken.

  15. Won’t have much time to comment, in short- I liked tge game a lot. Washington should realize they’re in for a long series. Our boys played their hockey, and our young guys did well. I have no doubt the Rangers can match the physical play. Torts needs to manage TOI a bit more carefully- they looked very tired in OT. But most importantly – Neuvirth gives up plenty of rebounds, and that’s where tge Rangers need to try and get some goals. Good game.

  16. We looked good, but so did the caps. I’m always a big fan of Torts and I loved Gilroy being in there great move, but I got to agree the hobbit has to play in OT, we was gased

  17. Also guys – Is the Hobbit Wizard the smallest player to ever get called for boarding? I might even include pee-wee hockey. Carp made the point – the guy didn’t touch the glass. Hobbit Wizard is not strong enough. The only penalty he could get there was “attempted boarding.”

  18. Good Point ilb – Time on ice! Carp made a similar point above about Staal being gassed by OT. Too much Time on Ice. I don’t think benching Hobbit Wizard helped.

  19. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Who would not look slow next to Ovie, Backman and Semin? Giradi is out classed against them but held his own pretty damn well.

    I do not think the Rangers played their type of game. Tentative, nervous, afraid to make mistakes. All it takes is one hit or fight or something to ‘wake’ up. Avery can provide that but agree that is not a given. Though again, not sure what MZA brings at this point. And I love the kid, don’t get me wrong. He just really looks like a kid playing with men last night. Getting bounced everywhere.

  20. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    The picture, above, serves as motivation, at least to me, to really put the other team down in the next game. I don’t like seeing a picture of opposition players and fans celebrating while our players slink off the ice. We need to put them in their place and shut them up.

  21. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Avery has had numerous effective playoff games in the past (including Game 7 against the Caps last time). He has a better chance of winning a few battles down low and complicating things in front of the Caps net. Don’t expect him to light things up, but to raise the physical/emotional tenor a bit more.

    He’ll be hungry and less likely to be out-muscled like the Hobbit.

  22. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Manny, I don’t think it’s such a bad idea to go with 7 d and use Gilroy as a 4th line wing to help ease the minutes. The Caps will be trying to crash the net as they know that is the best way to score on Henrik. So we need size down there but also speed to stay up with the play. We do lack physical D that can skate (except for McD)

    Also, Avery brings speed and forecheck. Something that was lacking.

  23. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Regardless of the outcome of this series, the Rangers are getting close to being something special. Not there yet, but the “playing well and losing,” will soon become “playing well and winning,” which will soon become the ultimate: “Playing badly but winning.” This is what truly great teams do – they win on nights when they played badly.

  24. They weren’t going to win every game of the series and did anyone think that this would turn into a 6 or 7 to nothing blow out? Yes its tough to see them lose on a bit of a gaffe by Staal who’s usually calm with the puck under pressure. Defensively they played fairly strong in stretches with a few lapses that either Lundqvist or the iron bailed them out on. Offensively they need to pick it up. A few shifts they kept the Caps pinned deep particularly when Green was out there, a few more pucks to the front of the net in that situation and maybe they get their own jam in goal. The worst Neuvirth had to contend with in terms of net presence was getting whacked by his own guy.

    Did the Caps show a higher skill level? I think so, I mean even when Gaborik is in 40 goal form he’s not Ovechkin. Then add in Backstrom and Semin and the gap in talent becomes even more apparent. Still, the Rangers kept up with play most of the game which I think is fairly different than 2 years ago.

    For a team playing together for the first time in the playoffs and keep in mind there are more new faces than holdovers from 2 years ago, they played well enough to keep themselves in the game but not well enough to win it.

  25. Forget the fugazy/phantom boarding call on MZA, where was the boarding/head shot call against John Erskine a few seconds earlier in the Caps zone?

  26. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Boom Boom:

    Agree with your view on incremental progress.

    Although it’s only been one game, the Rangers seem closer to the Caps now than in the last series when Hank was almost the whole story.

    I expect the kids to make better plays and impose their will on the game more on Friday night.

  27. bull dog line on

    Avery in for Zuccarello. I could see it. Avery does a much better job of opening and closing the bench door than Zuccarello. something that was definitely lacking last night.

  28. Rhode Island Ranger on

    bull dog:

    In fairness, you’d be demanding the banishment of Avery if he had taken the penalty MZA did. But at least Avery might have left a bruise on the Cap for his trouble!

    MZA seemed out of his depth a bit last night. We’ll see if Torts agrees.

  29. Put Avery in for sure. Let him molest Neuvirth. Boyle should moest some too.

    Rangers in 6

  30. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    The Rangers played so-so. Not great, pretty good. They can play much better.

    No doubt that Staal and Girardi looked very tired during the action that eventually led to the losing goal.

    Coach….I been telling you this all year…play your guys…everyone will play better if you do not overplay your favorites!

  31. Well aren’t all you Drury fans happy he played last night? Five feet from the line and he can’t get it out,and then Staal makes a rookie mistake and it’s all over. What was ahole torts thinking ,he barely played the over the hill capt most of the game and then in OT he played every other shift. I guess ahole was reading some old very old stats about the old capt.Well all he could do is yell and scream at the bench in disgust over the terrible mistakes that capt over the hill and Staal made. But lets be honest if not for the king King this would have been a blow out. Obviouly the Caps are better but the boys gave it there best shot except for dreary,oh wait that is his best. Say good bye dreary!!!!!!!Boyle and Pruster what can you say about those two guys they are awesome.Dubi was skating his arse off as usual along with McD and Saurer two guys that I am very happy to have on our back line. Thank you Montreal.

  32. 4generations 4 cups on

    I’d like to say that Boyle and Prust are going to players that evolve into much more than what they are/were. Prust and Boyle were our only two threats all game, all night. Just like early this season. Great players.

  33. For sure Staal was gassed. Overall I think the team played well. This is playoff hockey. Very physical and tight checking. Having said that there is no excuse for the 2 turnovers which resulted in the game winning goal. The puck has got to get out. Drury looked incredibly slow last night and was basically useless. What was Staal thinking on that clearing attempt? Rather than standing flat footed he could have just skated the puck to create an opening. He was not being pressed at all. Hopefully a good learning experience. Still looking for the Rangers in 6.

  34. A few things:

    1) Dubinsky disappointed. He was nowhere. Barely noticeable. Need more from that guy if the Blueshirts are going to have a chance.
    2) Wolski played alright. My gut tells me that he parties hard. So during the playoffs, he stays the course and gets to bed early.
    3) Ovie leaves his feet almost every time he hits someone. That is BS. And say what you want but that goal is disallowed if the game is at MSG. I think the ref behind the net had intent to blow it dead but by the time he got around to doing it the puck had gone in. Just my opinion but I am entitled to it.
    4) MZA sits next game. Avery can take that stupid boarding penalty just like MZA did and Avery gets under the opponents’ skin and hits more.
    5) EC is not a playoff, get yourself dirty player. I just don’t see the urgency or grit in his game.
    6) I still thought a lot of our play in our D zone was too loose and relax. We were sloppy. How many times did we not clear the puck?
    7) Erskine’s hit on Christensen was classic elbow to the head. If that were Crosby who got hit like that, it would be a play under review by the league.
    8) I had issues with the refs last night to a degree. I like that they let em play with the facewashes and stuff. But the call on MZA was whistled but Erskine for his hit on EC was not? That makes no sense.

    Long series. We need game 2. We need Avery in game 2 over MZA. I cannot believe we were out physicaled by the Caps.

  35. Oh, one last thing. If I were going to sit anyone it would be Captain useless. He adds nothing. At least Avery can bring some emotion (has to keep it in check) and he can at least skate.

  36. Stranger Nation on

    Usually down in Damn Girardi but thought he had some very good plays mixed with some poor ones. The inconsistency of his outlet passes is maddening. One is on the tape and away we go, another is behind the guy and we have to defend all over again. Is Staal coming over a preventive measure to make sure the guy does not gain blue line? That was not a good play and hurt us a lot.

    McCabe looks absolutely horrendous on D. Can we use him as a forward PP specialist and play Em? If we are in for a brass knuckles defensive series we cannot have two offensive D men in the same pairing. Torts will not play them much, our first pairing will play too much and eventually we make ‘tired’ plays like Staal did when trying to lift puck out of zone in OT.

    Dubi looked out of it, EZ has a non-factor, MZA seemed like he was in the wrong league, Artie looked tired and he is only 20!! GAbby has to bury the shot on the goal mouth, take an extra second and deke the goalie.

    Boyle, Feds, Prust, Wolly Bear, Vinny (love that guys hustle!) and Step played well. We just do not have the top line talent Caps do so we need to grind, but it is almost impossible for a forward to score if all 3 are behind the goal line.

    Caps D knocked us to the ice every time we tried to cycle – forwards need to be better prepared for PO hockey – where refs will let Dman knock forwards around.

    All that being said, we were a lucky bounce from winning game. Same team we saw all year. All guts, not a lot of top line skill.

    Wolly Bear is the X factor – he was really skating last night. Nice Assist on goal.

  37. Does anyone feel Gaborik is given too much credit for his shot? The “Great” Larry Brooks was discussing it the other day. I think Gaborik gets his shot off quick, I wouldn’t say it’s a hard shot though. On the wall on the PP he doesn’t have a hard slap shot. It is rare that any players have hard slap shots anymore as in the olden days, everyone wrists it. Also frustrating is that Gaborik in close can’t lift the puck high. A lot of players such as Anisimov and Prospal on chances just shot it low into the pads when if they lifted it would have had a better chance.

    Unbelievable on the Ovechkin goal that so many stood around and watched. If it was anyone other than Ovechkin I’d understand but there could be some support in that situation.

    All game long you could feel that the Caps would breakthrough eventually. This is going to be a short series if Henrik gets no support. We should have been firing from all angles on the rookie netminder and crashing the net. Again as some said, very surprising the Caps dominated the physical play. I thought we’d have the edge there.

    I really believe if Callahan was in the lineup he would have had a big play or gotten one in OT. I think he alone could have been the difference.

  38. VinceA and John – I just drafted a cruel and humorous reply but suffice to say, I think youre way off in your assessment of Drury.

    He didnt look awful and he DID go 6-2 on face-offs. Who the heck else came close to that for us? He’s scored in 50% of his games since returning for goodness sakes…

    Seriously, I bet Dru gets going in this series.

    Overall, CTBlueshirt nailed my thoughts: We played well enough to have a chance but not well enough to win.

    I believe we can hit another level and frustrate the Caps sufficiently to keep them from optimal play.

    Hank is an animal. I actually liked McCabe’s snarl. Saw him hitting hard and I like his puck movement…. Want more boom’s off of his stick though. Gilroy…. great call coach. Loved his mid-period interview where he immediately gave credit to Wooly and Prust. Neuvirth is a clown and I bet we rattle his cage in the next game….. anyone else love Dubi checking him a la aves? Speaking of Aves, I’m ready for his hustle and boardwork….. sorry MZA.

  39. “Caps D knocked us to the ice every time we tried to cycle – forwards need to be better prepared for PO hockey – where refs will let Dman knock forwards around.”

    Great point Stranger Nation!

  40. I want this team to win just as much as anyone. We had an opportunity last night to get one is DC, and came close to getting the job done. I really thought Artie was going to put one in during the early stages of OT, but he held on to the puck a second or two too long. That being said, the game could have been more lopsided with all the posts and crossbars hit. Our first period was so so, but I thought we played some good hockey the rest of the way through. There were a few too many times though, that we just could not get the puck out of our own zone. I know the game happens fast, and when you are gassed you don’t want to take an icing, but there were 3 or 4 shifts last night that we should have just taken the icing. Even on the game winner. Staal wasn’t forced to play it right to Arnott. He did the typically right thing by trying to use the boards and not go up the middle with a clearing attempt, but in a situation like that, I would go high and up the middle and get the puck out of the damn zone. It was just odd because he wasn’t really pressured in to the turnover. And yes Carp, I agree, Drury had the same opportunity to get the puck out and failed as well.

    Game 1 in the books. Who took more from the game remains to be seen. Was it the Caps, who know they had more scoring chances, but stuck to a defensive system that got the job done, and didn’t panic when they went down a goal.

    Is it the good guys who saw that they played with the best in the East and took it to OT and lost on the back of a great performance by their goalie? Do we play more tense now because we now the margin for error is so little that we are squeezing our sticks and playing nervous?

    Game two is going to be very interesting, and I think that the outcome of this next game can very well determine the series. I know a playoff series doesn’t really start til a home team loses a game, but I’m just saying.

    The Rangers have won many a playoff series after losing the first game, but I think winning this next one is HUGE!!!

  41. I find it humorous though reading some of the mainstream media’s interpretation of the significance of this game. ESPN claiming that it’s a game that goes a long way in exorcising the Caps playoff demons and yadda yadda yadda. I would have thought winning a Cup was the way to exorcising one’s demons, my how the standards have fallen.

  42. Stranger Nation on

    On PP (there weren’t many) we need a right handed shot on the Left wing to take a one timer to open up the angles. We cannot have a Lefty on Left side – it doesn’t work.

    Avery for MZA is no brainer – I would put Gilly on the wing with Dreary in middle with Aves as another checking line.

    Dreary did OK – but his inability to move puck 3ft forward out of zone was a killer. That OT goal was three tired players making bad plays – Dreary unable to get it out of zone, Staal unable to lift over Arnott and Girardi too slow picking up Semin on the shot.

    Caps played very, very tentative after Ranger goal – they were ready to lose – stopped hitting, played cautious with puck, made bad decisions. That team has no heart.

    Caps D is not that good with puck, they will cough it up if we fore-check better and we will get some good chances against weak goalie.

    Was the ice tilted last night? Seemed like we were skating up hill all game…

  43. Dubinski's Grandma on

    That game means nothing for the Caps, in fact, until they shake hands and finish the series, I dont think you will find them backing off or feeling good about themselves. They had Montreal 3-1 last year and blew it.

    Dubinski needs to go after Ovie. I think he was in his head after he got crushed, and just didnt respond. Gaborik just doesnt earn his money…not even close to a game changer out there, and he will take big time heat if we only get 1 goal a game all series.

    Last night was not a must win, but game 2, the Rangers needs to generate more chances, try to use depth more.

    The OT was a sham with Torts changing lines every 20 seconds. It was like he was waiting for the shootout or something. (which is why we made the playoffs anyway)

  44. Carp’s looking like Nastradamus by professing that the winner of game 2 wins it all…. think that could well be accurate.

    Thought the ref’s favored the Rangers slightly…. when does that ever happen? Kiss it goodbye when Aves hits the ice ;-)

    CT, you are reading my mind. You’d think it would be more eye opening for the 8th seed, starting a number of playoff rookies, taking the 1 seed to OT and realizing that they can in fact win this thing.

    More snarl needed game 2. More shots on net. LITTLE more endurance…. Rangers in 6. The Caps are prone to be weak mentally from Coach on down….

  45. Dubinski's Grandma on

    All this “We can win this thing talk,” is complete homer stuff in my opinion.

    What are the real positives? That with some posts, and crossbars and big saves from Hank we can stay close and win it?

    Lets be will take a WAY better effort to win this thing. Does anyone think that a repeat performance tomorrow could be a win? I dont.

  46. I was very pleased with the game. Lots of entertainment value. I never liked Drury as a Ranger, but he had an ok game for someone who’s played 20 games all year. I’d rather have Cally in a heartbeat, but we can’t, there’s worse than Drury. This team deals very well with adversity, it’s not over till they lose 4 games. If I were the Caps, i’d be terrified. The Rangers aren’t going to lay down… except to block shots. Love this team.

  47. After a loss this blog is full of, what seems like, Bipolar Negative Nancy’s…

    Last night was a great hockey game. The Rangers kept it close and played well enough to win but didn’t dominate at any point. It was a tough OT loss. There are plenty of positives to take away from the game. Tomorrow is a new day…

    Avery will not be a difference maker. He is a liability against a team like the Craps, sorry for the newsflash…

    playing Aves over a guy like MZA would be a mistake…If you want to take EC out, I have no problem with that…he was invisible…

    MZA needs more ice time and time on the PP…We clearly need offense and he is a assist machine…

    Can we please not blame Drury for the goal last night? Sheesh…it was a ridiculous shot by Semin…

  48. I don’t think anyone is saying they can play like last night and win a game or the series. I think we all agree that they need to play better, both certain individuals and as a team, in order to have any shot.

    Also, I’d say this game means a lot more to the Caps than it does to the Rangers. Lose game 1 on home ice it a game where you created more chances? That’s a lot worse than being the 8 seed that for all intents and purposes in showing up to a gunfight with a knife.

  49. Not for nothing, but hockey is a game of mistakes, and the 2 made by Dru and Staal, led to the Semin goal. Yes, it was a great shot off a great pass, but it was the mistakes that led to it.

    And yes, it is going to take a bigger effort, and we are going to need to get more shots through to the net and pounce on rebounds. He was giving up some juicy ones last night.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    Other than the 3rd period, the Rangers were totally outgunned and outplayed.

    I said before the game yesterday that I thought if the Caps won game 1, they would win a short series, but if we won game 1, we could drag it out, wear them down, and win over a long one. After watching last night, I don’t even think we would win the long series, as they were the ones with the hard hits, wearing us down, especially Ovechkin, who has added hitting while in control of the puck to his repetoire.

  51. Nasty, exactly. The fact that Noy-Vair was giving up such juicy rebounds is a good thing. We’ll need to expose that and take advantage in the next game….

  52. bull dog line on

    don’t worry, everybody is going to play better next game because Avery is going to play. he is the answer to all of the Rangers problems. no doubt he would have scored last night because we all know that he is a big goal scorer.

  53. There were three points that I screamed loud enough to wake all my neighbors.

    The goal, that was great.

    When Anisimov won a damn faceoff and it was blown dead for a false start, he gets tossed and we lose the draw. I swore we’ll never see him win one.

    The end of the game. I don’t know how that happened but, from a very young age I was taught that unless you’ve got something unique drawn up, you don’t leave the defensive zone before the puck does. Every single forward did. Staal was abandoned. He should have swung it around to Girardi but I’m sure he was tempted by all the cruise control forwards in the neutral zone.

  54. I was denied by my working colleague traveling to the Stockholm Games in October today and then the Rangers lost Game 1 which makes for a terrible day…

    But anyway the Rangers had a good game trying the best to challenge the Caps as the No. 1. But truth to be told the Caps created many more chances hit goal posts hit the bar missed open nets so if it would not be for Henrik, the loss would be much more lopsided..But you probably need to see a difference between a No. 1 and No. 8 and not always the better team wins..

    So why shouldn´t it happen on Friday that Hank can make again some huge saves and the Rangers take the lead again and maybe have another on a powerplay and they can even the series and steal one in D.C….

    My hope is that the big guys of Washington, Ovechkin, Backstrom, Semin, Knuble doesn´t look like in their peak form, you easily see that Ovechkin is a step slower this season than in the past and there is a chance, when Gabby can make a difference, they have a chance…

    but its also possible that those guys have some early goals and it can get very ugly :)
    But we will see on Friday..

    Right now I am so tired watching the game at the local time between 1.30 am to 5 in the morning and to start working at 8 am local time, but that´s the way it is if you are interested in stuff from overseas :)

  55. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    Have to weigh in a bit here, as I enjoy reading all “youse” as Carp says, but occasionally need to say something, too, as a long-time fan (35+ years, but still young– I started going to games as a 4 years old!)

    Drury: I thought he has a decent game. Consider that this is his second game in quite a while, and I thought he did OK.

    Staal/Girardi: Were rocks, blocking shots, taking the body, etc. OK, they (and the rest of the team) were pretty gassed the last 8-10 minutes of that OT, and it was pretty evident that the team was hoping to run out the clock on OT #1 and regroup. Well, you see how that worked.

    OT: I agree that one of the few players who was flying was Vinnie P. I thought for sure that backhander he had midway through was going in. But once the Caps got us on our heels and it looked like we were tired I kinda knew it was a matter of time (see my comment above about trying the run out the clock.)

    Ovechkin: Of all the superstars in the league, I have the least hate for him. In fact, I love to watch him play. Such mad skills, his size, his ability to be physical and the mad Russian thing he has going on… OK, I dream about him being a Ranger– never going to happen, but he would be unbelievably huge in NYC… Anyway, I hope we beat his arse now!

    MZA/Avery: OK, everybody is saying we need O, so give MZA a regular shift and keep him on a regular line. Kid can make plays, plays hard and surprisingly takes the body more than you think. Plus, he is going to be big part of this team in the future, so get him some playoff experience now. I do bring back Avery, but I would sit Christiansen.

    Torts: Gotta say, I like what he has done and continues to do. Look at the reaction after the game winner. He loves this team, knows they are young and have a ways to go, but so desparately wants them to win to taste it. He knows this is the type of team that is young enough to go out there and play and not be tight and make some noise, but also knows they have talent and can slay a dragon or two and you have to seize opportunities like last night’s game. Let’s see how they come out in Game 2, but I have a feeling they will be ready.

  56. Stranger Nation on

    Ovie hit on Girardi on the Reg goal was highlight reel stuff but the reality is his game is very off and he needs to bull his way in to get a chance. He had multiple chances to get a clean shot off from slot and could not get good wood, even whiffing on one. Think his confidence is a little rattled on the O side.

    That being said, if he is allowed to go ‘charging’ around the ice head hunting with no recourse, we better keep our head up or become part of the highlight reel (the bad part)

  57. Rangers tickets for Stockolm would be easy to get as I have tried it right now but unfortunately I cant go….

  58. Anyone else see this?

    #tblightning RW Marty St. Louis suffered to fractured teeth, had double root canal performed after the game, expected to play Fri. #playoffs

    damn do i love playoff hockey

  59. Marty StL got two fractured teeth? Cally only has one fractured ankle. That slacker needs to go out there and play!!!


  60. True Blue Mike on

    I was furious watching Stepan on his knee’s swining his stick around, instead of trying to knock ovechkin on his assen, It prob wouldn’t have worked but it would have been better than what he did.

  61. New Newman’s #3 – I agree. I think Brian Pochmara had every intention to blow the whistle prior to the puck went in. Once it did, he froze. After all, his first instinct is to raise his hands to signift play is dead, not pointing to the net to signify a goal. However, given all of the iron the Caps hit the Rangers were fortunate to be tied.

    By the way, it was almost three years ago that a quick whistle kept the Rangers from tying Game 2 against Pittsburgh when Marty Straka’s goal was waved off. The referee? No, it wasn’t Pochmara it was his partner from last night Dan O’Halloran! Since the NHL likes to micromanage everything, maybe they need to institute some guidelines in terms to scrums around the net.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    “New Newman’s #3 – I agree. I think Brian Pochmara had every intention to blow the whistle prior to the puck went in. Once it did, he froze. After all, his first instinct is to raise his hands to signift play is dead, not pointing to the net to signify a goal”

    I don’t buy that for a second. Dude, he is the ref. If he had the intent to blow, he could have just waived off the goal after the replay. Furthermore, every single time there has been an “intent to blow” call, the ref EMPHATICALLY waives off the goal after it was scored. He just thought the net might have come off beforehand. That’s why he said “the net was on when the puck was in” not “the puck was in before I had the intent to blow the whistle.”

    It was a good playoff goal.

    Ovechkin played his best game of the season last night and we couldn’t match.

  63. Stranger Nation on

    From the Splitting Hairs Dept:

    Hank is always taken to task for going to his knees way too early, yet when puck is on side of goal, he stands upright? Would think getting leg pad down to block puck would be the smart play to prevent what happened on goal.

  64. Ovechkin has always been a beast a playoff performer during his career. 41 points in 29 games, so he’s going to get some goals and some points. It’s a matter of the Rangers being able to win the battles of the 2nd and 3rd lines.

  65. Game 1 of any seven games series is the least important, unless they expect to sweep
    I don’t see that happening here, but we need more pressure on their D and we need tighter presence on the goalie for screens and rebounds. Got to create some havoc in front even without the puck. That’s what Avery can bring. Sit MZA and bring in SA Agitator.

    Washington over celebrated on the winning goal – seems there under some pressure to succeed. Maybe griping the sticks too tightly.

  66. You guys panicking yet? I feel pretty good. Still think the boys played well last night. Especially Girardi. He had a great game for what I was expecting of him.

  67. Ryan from Jersey on

    can anyone really think of a really GREAT scoring chance the rangers had last night? I don’t. I’m not talking about a puck bouncing over the stick on an empty net or anything….but we really didn’t make the caps goalie work that hard. He saw just about every shot because no one was in front, and we just couldn’t find open space.

    Gaborik really needs to do more, he is the biggest one who can’t find open space. He plays along the boards but isn’t strong or physical enough to do that. He needs to be fed the puck, where is that great wrist shot from last year?

    Paging dubinsky!!! Paging DUBY!!! DUBY WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GO!?!?!?

  68. bull dog line

    don’t worry, everybody is going to play better next game because Avery is going to play. he is the answer to all of the Rangers problems. no doubt he would have scored last night because we all know that he is a big goal scorer.


    trying to be a comedian, eh? still kind of weak..but, with more practice you’ll get better…i know :)

  69. How many passes did the Rangers literally give to the Caps in this game? Puck to the tape passes I’m talking never mind Captain Klutz in OT.

    The day after Cally is out Drury jumps back into the lineup after missing a ton of games. We all know it’s not his injuries it’s that he doesn’t have what it takes to play in the NHL anymore–at least at his price. I really hope he goes out with class and just retires after this season. Like Naslund did. Naslund could have sat on his butt and collected $4million but hung up his skates.

    Gaborik had two open nets that could have ended the game. Nobody near him. This guy needs to step up bigtime now. Lundqvist can’t score goals for him.

    Callahan is the closest thing we have to a power forward (I’d like to call him a 5 tool player) played less games and still had more goals. Says a lot about Gaborik. His work ethic needs to change.

    Sorry the the negativity.


  70. To me, the tying goal was a result of the Rangers players coming to a complete stop thinking the play was dead. Watch the replay and you see all of them just freeze for a moment before realizing the whistle had not blown.

    That being said, last night’s loss hurt…but there’s plenty to take away from it.

    Hank looked like a monster. I was hoping he’d start the series with a SO and immediately get in the Caps’ heads. As it stands, even though they won they know he’s gonna be hard to beat.

    Our team, while completely overmatched, took the #1 seed to OT. They didn’t blow us out and we could have easily won this one. So while I hate the result, I’m not depressed.

    Man, the Rangers would be a dangerous group if we had ANY offensive capabilities. :-(

    I was actually rooting for Drury to do something in this game. Sadly, he did do something…just the wrong thing at the wrong time. But that’s playoff hockey. The little mistakes kill ya.

    I’d put Avery in for next game. Rangers need to get SOME kind of forecheck going.

    Dubinsky certainly does have brain lock in the offensive zone at times. Hope that goes away with experience but there are times you can actually see a thought bubble above his head saying “Oh boy…what should I do?”

    All in all…I’m not totally bummed out.

    In fact, maybe the Caps are now a little over-confident after coming back to win Game 1??

    I know, I’m reaching.

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!

    And yes, I’m as negative as they come at times. But I still believe.

  71. Doodie – The problem is Pochmara did Nothing. He didn’t emphatically wave off the goal nor did he emphatically call it goal. Basically, he threw his hands up and said let Toronto sort it out. This is the playoffs and all I say is make a call and then stand by it. No one can say, for certain, what he was thinking because he never really made any call – whether it is the goal signal or the wash out signal for no goal.

    Unfortunately, in the day and age of video replays referees/officials (in the NFL and NHL) have grown accustom to not making a call and then letting the replay sort it.

  72. Pro: Gaborik had a good game last night in that he worked hard, forechecked well and got opportunities.

    Negative: I don’t care what Micheletti says – Gaborik was gliding on defense and sure he made a good play with the stick on Johannsen but he should have been skating a lot harder there. Gaborik *has* to bury some oh those opportunities (at least one) when he has a mostly open net.

  73. I’m pretty sure the review by Toronto was purely to see if the net had been dislodged before the puck entered. Because there was no whistle or no attempt at blowing the whistle on the play, nor should there have been. It had nothing to do with the call or non call. It was just that the net came off the moorings.

  74. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    Maybe I’m crazy, but considering how we were pushed around last night, would you consider dressing Eminger as a 7th defenseman and double shifting a rotation of forwards at different times or even using Gilroy as a forward at times?

    Gilroy played well so he deserves to stay but Eminger definitely provides more snarl back there. I don’t know…just thinking out loud.

  75. its amazing how much Dubinsky’s game changes when Callahan isn’t out there with him.

  76. Manny, great point. That’s twice lately where Gaborik has saved his own butt by making a late play with his stick after going less than 100 percent on the back check. It’s a good play that should have been a routine play if he’d hustled back.

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    “I’m pretty sure the review by Toronto was purely to see if the net had been dislodged before the puck entered. Because there was no whistle or no attempt at blowing the whistle on the play, nor should there have been. It had nothing to do with the call or non call. It was just that the net came off the moorings.”

    Exactly. Good goal.

  78. Noah – I would consider it and I suggested it earlier in this thread. I love the idea of a 7th D-Man. McCabe is too slow and these guys were GASSED trying to keep up with the Caps forwards.

  79. its amazing how much Dubinsky’s game changes when Callahan isn’t out there with him.


    i didn’t notice it during regular season when Dubi was our best forward for a long stretch with Callahan out. It’s just one game, i am sure he’ll be alright.

  80. i thought the Rangers played a heckuva game. Avery in for E.C. The Caps seem like a team that will fall for his antics especially guys like Green and Erskine.

    I think the Rangers settle in and make this a long series.

    all the NYR have to do is win the next game and they steal home ice advantage and gain all the momo into game 3!! ;)

    I liked Staalsie on the point A LOT! McDonagh looked like he seen 10 playoff series rather than his first game. There was one play where he deked than curled than backhanded the puck up the boards. LQ was elite. Hard not to be proud of the team and their effort. Faceoffs were a killer, but we already knew that was one of our weaknesses and faceoffs crucial in playoffs.

  81. call me crazy homer but it looked like that goal should have counted. the net got disoldged on the first Caps goal with AO8 in the crease pretty much interfering with Lundqvist.

    was nice to see Henrik have a good game though at least we can bring that tomorrow. he’s our rock. on the OT goal it looked like he was cheating just a bit with his glove while moving over but the laser got by him. His glove was great last night but sometimes he beats himself with it cuz everyone knows to go high glove side.

    Anyone notice the deflection off the shinpad that he saved with his glove? THAT was sick.

    and the save where it went through his 5hole and he kicked it away with the back of his right leg was sweet.


  82. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    My bad, Manny. Was too lazy to read through the entire thread.

    I doubt Torts will do it though…especially with how gassed they all looked in OT.

  83. they call the play dead on the caps first goal all the time.. remind yourselves how many times this year you curse at the tv because the refs lose sight of the puck and call the play dead.

    regardless of what carp says the first goal is no goal…it has been no goal all year.

    the rangers need some bounces and breaks they just do not have enough offense.. they can compete keep the game close and you never know…..

    all the fans that want avery back in, he stinks with the puck, in hiw own zone, and tries to do the back pass euro crap that often blows up in his face…. if he plays a simple north south game he can be effective, IF>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  84. cccp, ive said this b4 but dubi/callie remind me of ridley/miller …all good players but MUCH better together… i thought dubi and stepan looked decent together but certainly not the chemistry of callie/dubi.

    Prospal was faster b4 his knee injury, but he sure is a polished player. EC good take some lessons there.

    I bashed Drury hard, but I thought he was decent as well. A slight upgrade from putting a head of lettuce on skates out there.

  85. My only arguments for Avery: The Rangers were out-hit. I know he will only play seven minutes. But also, Christensen did nothing, and Zuccarello’s seven minutes, though he competed, were pedestrian.

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    Don’t forget the momentum.

    BTW, in terms of our little wager, it seems I’m locked in with the Caps.

  87. czechthemout!!!! on

    Gaborik is a fraud.

    To the guy who asked what Avery brings to the table, all I have to say is this. You obviously have not paid attention to all the good stuff he done here. For some reason, torts has had it in for him this year and that has lowered his confidence level. But Every has a history of playing well in the playoffs so let’s see what happens.

  88. Avery also has a history of playing terribly in the playoffs … and, yeah, Tortorella has it in for him. C’mon. Do you think he’d purposely not play a guy because he doesn’t like him? That’s ridiculous.

  89. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    ge=the. iPhone=Smith Corona, circa 1954….how the hell do you know anything about 1954, you are 26!?!?

    noah and manny
    the 7th d man thing was brought up in the last thread (originally by stuart I think) and then me and I agree with you guys.

    Either way torts really needs to figure out how to roll 12 forwards and 6 d men or we are done for the long haul IMHO. As far as avery goes, I would sit EC and move dru to centre of him and the hobbit. I really think with torts it doesn’t matter though if he is just going to staple the last forward or two to the bench as previously discussed!

  90. But if he’d rolled four lines last night, the fourth line being Drury, Christensen and Zuccarello, they would have had to play against Backstrom and Ovechkin. What do you suppose the score would have been then?

    Not 2-1.

  91. Dubinski's Grandma on

    Hey Stuart

    Torts is begging the Rangers to get goals exactly like the one Ovie scored. So if you want to call B.S, watch out for what you wish for. The Rangers will be looking for jam goals like that ALL DAY LONG.

  92. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    boy st louis getting some airtime for hockey…..

    ErinAndrews Erin Andrews
    by NHL
    A different breed..Tampa’s Martin St. Louis had a double root canal last night. He’s playing Friday.

  93. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    “boy,” not just “boy”

  94. Lmao, great post Mao Starks…

    The Rangers need momo!! Totally agree about Aves going in for EC…and McD looked like a seasoned pro…so did Sauer…

  95. It’s true Carp – we have limited guys that can get out on the ice and compete against these behemoths. We have to get more physical and slow the game down.

    I will say – the Rangers passed exceptionally well last night (for them). I am not expecting that to continue so these guys have to get chippy – get Ovie mad and make him take penalties – fight him. Get him off the ice. With Ovie out there it’s hard to cover Semin also – that is why Boudreau puts them on the same line when he needs a goal. We need to be more defensive in those situations – don’t play this end-to-end hockey – especially if we are not going to take shots in their end!

  96. Atrocious job by both refs last night.

    I don’t mind that they allowed the post-whistle face washes and scrums – that’s a part of playoff hockey. But they had a different set of rules last night. It was like we were back in 1999 when holding and obstruction was permitted. All game long the Caps d-men were impeding our progress, holding and grabbing at the blue line, behind the net and along the boards. The Rangers on the other hand were playing pretty much by the book re: obstruction. They seemed to be caught off guard that the refs threw away the rule book.

    They had better be prepared to get down and dirty if the refs are going to allow it, because the Caps showed that they are going to take advantage of every opportunity that the refs give them.

    I don’t care if Gaborik is hurt or having a problem with Torts or if his girlfriend cheated on him…. he’s playing terrible (since last year’s Olympics) and that’s totally on him. If he can’t contribute anything to this team then he needs to go. He has certainly not been an “elite player” over the last 15 months.

  97. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I also agree with Nasty, next game a lot bigger!! I hope I am wrong here, but I am a bit concerned that the playoffs “sink” in now and the younger guys actually let it get to them a bit more!

  98. Avery had a very good series against the Devils, 3 years ago and a pretty decent series where he got Kovalchuk off his game 4 years ago.

    Buffalo and Pittsburgh largely ignored him and he took some dumb penalties against the Caps the last time they were in the playoffs.

    He’s not going to get a lot of ice time and if Boudreau is smart he’d keep Ovechkin’s line off the ice against for the 7 or 8 minutes he would play and put Hendricks/Bradley/Gordon out there.

  99. Zsa Zsa Gaborik on

    Are you boys taking about me Zsa Zsa? I play hard for all of you! I will score you pretty goals like Semin on Friday night.

  100. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I agree with you, the score could have certainly been different, but if he doesn’t distribute ice time better all around it is going to be a moot (or as some idiot I work with always says “mute” point) point because the better guys are going to be so gassed they are going to play like the not as good guys!

    Maybe there is something to be said for having clutching and grabbing back in the game. I mean there were breakaways and up and down hockey and ZERO concussions!! Jagr not around to whine about it any more so bring back 1999 hockey!


  101. Avery couldn’t put the puck in the ocean. OV would run him through the boards every time he got the chance. He is likely to take stupid penaltes. He is a very good skater though, and he rarely losses a faceoff when given to opertunity. Also he is very effective working in the corners and behind the net, when he wants to be. He can also be very cagey with the puck. Thats my take on Avery. he can be an big asset or a big liability depending on how he feels.

  102. I seem to remember guys like Lindros (both actually) and LaFontaine getting concussions back in the late 90’s.

  103. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    most would, i don’t.

  104. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    It is a contact sport and they will still happen, I just think the numbers would be reduced substantially!

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    “ZERO concussions!”

    I think Richter, Beukeboom, Barnaby, LaFontaine, and both Lindroses would disagree.

  106. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    You mean to tell me if you could have had Jagr in last night instead of Gaborik, you wouldn’t agree to that?

  107. billybleedsblue on

    “Playoff hockey is WAR, not a game.” n1 Boom Boom

    Winning Game 2 > Winning Game 1.

    How ’bout some momo?

    I missed the first 2 periods and most of the 3rd. It was bittersweet to have the game go to OT. Even though they lost, I had a lot of fun watching them play. I’d love to see a long series, and I think the Rangers can somehow find a way to make that happen! Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!

  108. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    but I also think they should get rid of the instigator rule and the stupid skills competition, make the pads softer and give 2 pts for any win, 1 pt for a tie, and 0 pts for any kind of loss with OT being 5 on 5 for 10 or 20 minutes.

    So what the hell do I know!!

  109. Doodie Machetto on

    Among others, such as Geoff Courtnall, Stu Grimson, Gino Odjick, Petr Svoboda, Nick Kypreos, Dennis Vaske, Adam Deadmarsh, Keith Primeau, and Scott Stevens.

  110. Regular season we would won this game 2-1 Oh well. Such poetic justice with the shoot out

  111. Avery WILL play tomorrow night.

    AND – as Noah and I agree – 7 D-Men should dress also.

  112. Doodie Machetto on

    And I’m sure countless others who went undiagnosed due to lack of awareness of the symptoms and the severity of such an injury. Players would say “I got my bell rung” but they would go back out and finish the game.

  113. Maybe it’s time to reunite the Wolksi-Stepan-MZA line? That’ll give MZA more minutes and a better chance to contribute offensively…

    That line was effective for the Rangers during the season, not sure why it was broken up…but we need all 4 lines going…especially in a close OT game…


  114. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I meant there were “ZERO” concussions in last night’s game!!!

    I’d rather have iggy!! I don’t think torts would take much of jagr’s single zone play for very long!!

  115. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    so if I read into this properly, you are not a fan of the clutching and grabbing??

  116. Good thinking NYR – I love your undying support of the Hobbit Wizard.

    I literally can’t believe he didn’t touch the ice in OT. I know it was looking like open ice play (despite the 5-on-5) and big bodies were getting tossed around but he was the only fresh guy there! I thought that was his redemption.

    I hate to say it but – being glued to the pine for the last 45% of the game means that he is going to be watching the next game from the press box.

  117. N,CountryNYRFan on

    I think instead of bringing Avery in, why not dress Emminger as a 7th dman and that gives us a little more grit on our back end and relieve some minutes on or other dmen. You know every game is gonna be tight and Staal and Girardi can’t be expected to play 30 minutes every game.

    Plus it gives us the versatility of either playing Gilroy up front or double shifting Gabby, maybe the extra minutes is what would get him going. Just my 2 cents.

  118. I think Torts has to dress Eminger and have Gilroy in as a wing/7th D man. I’m assuming we’ll see Avery, and hopefully those changes will have our guys hitting and grinding a little more.

    I thought it was an amazing game 1, everything I want from a playoff game. I think the refs were fine, had some questionable non-calls but that goal was a goal….and the Rangers deserved to be punished for sitting around watching.

    Henrik was great, and will obviously need to play like that every night. Gabby has to bury one of those two great chances, Dubi has to be more of a factor, and we need to pray that Staal & Girardi (who I thought had a great game) can hang on while playing 30 mins a night.

    I agree with Carp, Torts can’t really roll four lines with Ovie out there. He didn’t look “off” his game to me last night, the guy goes full-tilt every shift and if we don’t have the right guys out there he will punish us.

    Anyway, great game….can’t wait for #2. And thanks to everyone on here for getting me through an incredible season (I never write in, but I’ve been reading this blog for the last two years…Carp is the best!)

  119. Doodie Machetto on

    I am not. But I liked what I saw yesterday. I didn’t see any real clutch and grab.

  120. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    sorry, the wicksters love the “1” button

  121. I agree, that the officiating has slipped back to some of the old stuff lately … which I kind of like until they call one of those ticky-tack hooking penalties because somebody’s stick hit somebody’s glove.

    And how that boarding is boarding, and how Ovechkin’s high stick is roughing, well, I don’t know. But I thought the refs were pretty good in Game 1, and have been lately … even though down the stretch they didn’t call all the b.s. they were calling during the season.

    wick, are you saying Gretzky should come back? Like in the Sketcher’s commercial?

  122. Zsa Zsa Gaborik on

    Avery was an intern at Vogue Magazine. Torts has nightmares about that to this day.

  123. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    ummm, this will be a shocker to everyone here, but wasn’t really a gretz fan.

  124. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I said I was sorry, I’m sure my pic scared a lot of entrants off!!

  125. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    either that or everyone just figured sally was a lock so why bother!!!

  126. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    oops I did it again….hattie!

  127. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    If a fake beard wins the contest, I’m boycotting this site!

    (JK, no possible way I can stay away.)

  128. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, the last time around, my job was a little more lenient and I used the MSG Beardathon as a cover. This year, my current job is a bit more strict and I have some big things going on next week that I can’t be sloppy for.

  129. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    those big things would involve the NHL concussion committee I am guessing?

  130. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    You know I’m just kidding around with you.

  131. I understand if you can’t grow one for business reasons. That’s fine. I just thought this contest would be bigger than the last, and at the moment it’s not even close.

  132. I entered Carp. I am here for the blog. I will take on for the team. I will support my boys. I “stand alone – like a man has to sometimes” (Jeru The Damaja quote).

  133. I read some of the comments above…I love the debate here.

    First, can anyone name a better guy behind the net than Avery? I am serious. As far as puck possession goes in the dark places in the offensive zone, Aves is pretty good at that. Second, we were outphysicaled (is that a word?) so I cannot fathom why you keep MZA in over Avery. Yes MZA has more of a knack for the net but do you think MZA can actually get to the slot? I don’t. Third, as someone alluded to, I think the Caps are likely to be weak when it comes to discipline and letting out frustration if Aves can get in their hair.

    On the Gilly/Eminger situation, there is no way Gilly gets the bench tomorrow. He played great, scored our goal, and gave us some offensive from the blue line. Eminger, I am not so sure what he brings other than a little more physicality. And while I just said in the above paragraph that we were outdone physically, not sure who Eminger comes in for. Leave Gilly back on D.

    Net/net, we need to keep the game short and stay close. I think we have nothing to be upset about from last night other than the score.

  134. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I’ll send you a before picture anyway. If a fake beard won last year, maybe no beard at all wins this year!

    wicky, I know you were joking. That’s why I laughed and called you sir instead of digging up an internet tough guy picture.

  135. Dress 7 D-Men. Play Gilroy on Defense to start. If we get a lead put Gilroy in as a defensive-minded winger and don’t let their 8 fantastic, behemoth players crash out net.

  136. bottom line about this year to me is this. i said for weeks it would be a complete disaster, disgrace, failure if they fell out of the playoffs after being in the top 8 since 0ct 29th a span of 161 days. they got in which gives the kids the experience.

    there is a reason why the rangers lead the league in blocked shots almost every year. thats because we never have the puck. hockey iis about puck possession. other then the up and down first 5 mins of pt last night 85-90% of ot was played in our end. lets face it we dont have the talent ot skill to compete with upper echelon teams every night.

    everyone knows here how negative i am but even i will say if they lose the series in 5 and they are tight games so be it. we need skill and top 6 talent to mix in with kids. the boyles prust i love what they do but they should be your 4th line not your third.

    can we win this series perhaps but not likely. if semin gets going were done in 5. please just dont get swept.

    lastly gaborik looked more engaged then we have seen but we arent paying him 7.5 mil to be engaged its time to score.

    its frustrating watching overtime last night and barely have a sniff of ending it.

  137. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Is it safe to come in here ? My vote for quote of the day by The Dude “the rangers aren’t going to lay down, except to block shots”. Carp do the same refs work the whole series ? I hope not I can’t even pronounce that ref’s name !

  138. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    They aren’t getting swepted I have the “broom” and i’m not letting them get their hands on it !!

  139. Noah – I am holding my Game 6 tickets in my hand (which I got from a very great Bonehead) and I still believe I will be there when they clinch!

    Last night looked fine. We lost. In OT – 17minutes in. I am OK with that. We have Torts – he is a GREAT coach and will help our guys make adjustments and get better. We need to work on shutting down more than just one guy and we need to do that with a system and not just haphazard panic defense. I trust in Torts.

  140. Doodie Machetto on

    I knew I wasn’t remembering it wrong.

    In retrospect:

    Klesla and Chimera for Prucha and Malik or Mara would have been a pretty damn good trade for us. Who knew Prucha was going to completely fall off the map?

    I remember when there were Prucha for Seabrook rumors going around. Oh man, do I regret that trade not happening. And for the record, at the time I thought I would rather have Prucha, so hindsight is definitely 20/20.

  141. On the winning goal, where in the world were the forwards? Staal was under pressure and there was nobody to pass to. So, he sends the puck up the boards and there’s no winger within two miles of the blue line. Were they all expecting that long outlet pass? That wasn’t Staal’s fault. He had no support.

  142. i said rangers in 7. i am a ranger fan and cannot pick against them.

    they have the same shot they had before last nights game. henrik play great, timely goals, and grind.

    they were not sweeping the caps so nothing has changed…

  143. Doodie Machetto on

    “That wasn’t Staal’s fault. He had no support.”

    Are you kidding? What a rotten decision! Take it back behind the net if you don’t have an outlet, don’t try to force some stupid pass past 3 Capitals!

  144. Gotta go now for a while. This might be my last day off for a while … unless your heroes fold. I don’t think they will.

  145. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    good call on chimera, the mrs and I were talking about that very deal last night!

  146. Doodie Machetto on

    Where in the world was Girardi. Could he have more casually went to Semin after Staal turned it over?

  147. Well the winning goal was a combination:

    Drury should have cleared. He didn’t.
    The Forwards never should have abandoned the zone without being certain that the puck left the zone.
    Staal should have either passed to another D-Man or cleared that puck HARD. We had a timeout in the bad. Take the icing and move on.

    But guess what – he was exhausted, the forwards got over anxious and everybody made a lazy and poor decision.

    I am not killing the team over it. Could have stolen a game there. We didn’t. Let’s get one before we come home. We are in good shape if that happens.

  148. In case anybody cares (nobody cares) John Sterling (Yankees radio announcer and former Islander play-by-play guy) predicts Rangers in 7 because of Hank.

    Personally, Sterling gets on my last nerve. I hate listening to him call Yankees games.

  149. I completely agree with Newman there, and I am always on the fence about Avery. But when he is going, he can set up shop behind the net. I thought earlier in the year when he played with Gabby (I guess that was before Vinny came back) they looked pretty good together.

    I seriously doubt that’s gonna happen tomorrow night but I’m definitely interested to see what Torts is planning.

    I just feel like Eminger being there would make more sense than having MZA sitting on the bench for the last period of every game. At least then he has some options, I’m not saying Gilroy should be yanked off D, I think he had a really good game last night.

  150. I actually purchase the MLB Gameday Audio package so I can listen to the broadcast of whatever team is playing the Yankees. Sterling has kitch and boy does he love his team….

    Smart guy though with his pick. I still say *Rangers in 6*!!

  151. CTBlueshirt, yes, sort of. He used to scream ISLANDER GOAL, ISLANDER GOAL, ISLANDER GOAL for every single goal scored. He made them all sound like the GWG in the 7th game of the SC Finals.



  153. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s looked like that to me all day.

    Carp, if I were you, I’d try and see if Mr. Titleist could squeeze you in today.

  154. Not sure, Manny. I only listened to him when the Rangers played the Fishsticks and I couldn’t get the Rangers broadcast. Needless to say, his Islander Goal chant annoyed me no end.

    Carp, your language! It’s WTB!

  155. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Tennessee and Newman:

    You’re right about the advantages of adding Avery to the mix for either EC or MZA. And I think all of us who recognize how Avery’s grit and passion and speed might help recognize that he’s a useful role player at best. Still some of his playoff contributions have been both important AND entertaining.

    What I don’t understand, though, is the undisguised hatred for the guy, pretending that his effort and aggression hasn’t been vital to the Rangers at key moments over the last few years. Especially troubling is the claim by many (including Carp in this thread) that Avery has at times been “terrible” in the playoffs. To me, that strong an indictment suggests that Avery’s provocative, in-your-face physical play and word play has literally cost the Rangers playoff games. Well, which games did he cost them? How many game winners did the Rangers give up with Avery in the box? Historians?

    Two hard-hitting third period penalties in Game 4 against the Caps (which the Rangers killed on route to victory) got Avery benched and booked as Public Enemy #1 by Torts. By this strange standard, Ted Lindsay, Ken Linseman, and most Bruins and Flyers of the ’70s could never have played for Torts and the Avery haters here.

    Torts likes control. Avery is at his best when playing on the edge according to his anti-social instincts. The two will never coexist happily. But, we should all agree that playoff victories trump philosophies and personalities. If Avery contributes to victory Friday, stop the silly hatefest. LGR.

  156. I am listening to Howie Rose calling the Mets game right now… he is having a better time than that miserable Islanders season…..

  157. You could even make the argument that benching Avery in game 5 vs Caps last time turned the series around….

  158. Trautwig will call the games! (just kidding).

    Howie Rose is a GREAT play by play guy but I doubt he could call on MSG with his contract being through SNY (Mets and Islanders). Don LaGreca is available right?

  159. Agree with, LW….Not a good idea…:-)

    Are all the NNs gone? Been busy all day.

    Carp, can’t do beard contest, not at where I work.

  160. So, I was going to ask you this question, ‘heads:

    How would you feel after last night’s game if you were a Caps fan?

  161. Rhode Island Ranger on

    New Newman:

    “You could even make the argument that benching Avery in game 5 vs Caps last time turned the series around…. ”

    That’s possible. What’s even more obvious is that in recent Rangers playoff history Torts’ lack of self discipline cost the Rangers’ more than Avery’s edgy aggression.

    I love the job Torts has done this year and recognize that his personality and Aves’ just don’t mesh. But, the Avery haters need to get over it. Let’s hope he helps.

  162. If I was a Caps fan (and I spoke with two) I would feel exactly the same as the Ranger fans. They might have wanted their team to dominate and score more but they saw enough positives that they can feel like they have this series in 5-6.

  163. Do you guys realize we have been having the Avery debate since camp started in September? Same points over and over again….

    It’s getting old and played out. If Avery is being benched in favor of another player, at this point, it’s for a good reason…

    I’m not a an Avery hater…I just think we need to be realistic; he is not the Avery from seasons ago…this is not the same Ranger team as seasons ago…it’s a new breed…it’s refreshing…let’s embrace it and not question it….

  164. I would love to see Avery make a difference, but for all his frenetic activity behind the net, it usually ends up with nothing other than a blind pass out in front.

    And, his edginess from the past seasons seems strangely missing. Might be worth a try though. If EC sits in his favor, I doubt it makes a difference one way or the other.

  165. billybleedsblue on

    Imagine Mr. Sterling was calling the Isles these days (well, last season/next season, not THIS season :P)

    It’s a goal by Trent Hunter! He’s on the Hunt, that Trent! (and the Isles tie the Oilers!)

    and it’s a goal by Trevor Gillies! Oh Gillies gave ’em the chillies! (and the Isles pull within 12…)

    Goal scored by Weight! He sure “Doug” down deep and put a lot of Weight behind that one! (and the Isles are on the board late, down 6-1)

    A goal by Blake Comeau! Comeau ain’t gonna take it no-mo’! (and the Isles are only down by 3…)

    What an awful awful idea…

    and…”Andruw Jones makes his bones” makes no sense John. Sorry. Stop being so ridiculous, kthx.

  166. Or figure out how to sync TV and radio


    its easy, doodie… just pause (assuming you have DVR) the TV on a certain play, listen to the radio…once they call that play (i know, radio is always behind the play) press play on your TV remote again! That’s what i do…

  167. Torts spokesman on

    some ridiculous stuff in the comments. most teams would take Staal and Girardi in a NY minute if the fans don’t want them. they were playing vs one of the best and strongest players in the world, and yes, they got worn down from all the minutes played, and I don’t just mean in this game. they have been minute crunching monsters all season, and the Rangers would not be in these playoffs if not for them. period. are they perfect, no. are they the league’s top 2, no. but they are a big reason for the Rangers success, unless you want to go back to the sloths Redden and Blowsival

  168. Doodie Machetto on

    Zip says


  169. I basically agree with you NYR

    If Avery comes in the game it’s to ruffle feathers and hopefully bring a bit more forecheck. No one is looking for him to bring more scoring or more defense or more of anything substantial. He will come in to shake it up and hopefully skate his heart out for 7 minutes.

  170. wow four forwards on 4th line! that’s new! :)


    to answer your question … we would be ECSTATIC! Being up 1 game to none is always better than the other way around!

  171. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, I’d feel the same way that I do now and as I did before the series: Caps in 5.

  172. CCCP – I have two friends that are Caps fans – one is to the Caps what we are to the Rangers. He is nervous. They blew last years lead so the fans are not comfortable with a lead. Also, the Rangers showed that they can hang….a few adjustments by their D-Men (like having 7 of them) and the Rangers can really shut down a Caps offense like they did in the regular season.

  173. ugh…you had to mention John Druce. The ultimate Ranger killer.

    i think NYR will walk out out DC with a win in game 2. However, Torts putting E.C. between Prospal & gabby makes me VERY nervous. E.C. will get manhandled.

  174. the fact that the Rangers have to go to that halfhearted, soft effort bum EC as a FIRST LINE center is an indictment of Sather.

  175. Doodie Machetto on

    Blaze, EC will get manhandled? As opposed to featherlegs Anisimov? He falls over when the other team looks in his general direction.

  176. I might not mind a Avery with Prospal and Gaborik. Add some junk to the line. We need men in front of the net and we need to get some shots through to Oy-Vey (Noy-Vert). He’s young and he has demons to exorcise – he knows he has a short leash – let’s shake him up.

  177. Also – Avery’s mostly useless “behind-the-net-shake-waggle-turn-spin-blind pass to front of net” stuff might work if Gaborik is out there to use his “sniper” like ability.

    Another idea for Gaborik – get that tinted visor off. He can’t see anything!

  178. First seed playing against number 8 at home, 6 min removed from losing 1-0. The opposing goaltender is everything as advertised, frustrating their forwards all night long. Scoring one goal that had to be reviewed…And knowing that the Rangers will play better next game….Not sure I’d be that ecstatic….

    By the way, does anyone think that Messier’s elbow would help to diminish the amount of some of those reckless hits by Ovechkin?

  179. Gaborik does play decent hockey. He really does. He just can’t score. It’s crazy. He had TWO open nets last night and didn’t bury them. He is also lazy on Defense and, as I said before, he needs to pick it up and skate harder and faster and stronger.

  180. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d love to see Dubi with Prospal and Gaborik. Dubi takes the faceoffs and then plays wing.

  181. What about the hit on McDonagh(? i think) where he got an elbow in the head….any word on that non-call?

  182. Manny, Gaborik has had plenty of opportunities to score. He looked good last night…

    But, it looks to me as if he is hurt and has trouble shooting the puck. Where is that release that Joe Mich always used to get aroused about? I was wow’d everytime he shot the puck last year. This year…not so much…it’s a big problem…he is not a threat to shoot right now…

  183. Doodie – I am kind of immediately enamored with that idea….can you toss me the other three lines please?

  184. I really don’t think the D is the biggest concern right now (not to say certain aspects of their play couldn’t use improvement). They need to create chances in the Caps end. Particularly take advantage when Green is on the ice or keep sending it deep on Erskine’s side because he’s pretty slow. Prust set up the goal by easily winning the battle for the puck against Erskine. But ultimately, as much as I’ve defended him and given him a pass this season, Gaborik needs to bury some of those close in chances.

  185. NYR – YUP! You’re totally right. Release…’s the same with a lot of our guys…too many backhand softies. Boyle got super psyched when he hit that floater on the breakaway earlier this year. Now he doesn’t play with his body. Hit Oy-Vey in the head (i know his own players do it!) and get on that net and shoot, shoot, shoot. Dubi knocked his helmet off. He’s weak!

    Ok – realistically though…..You’re right. Release…..take some slappers. Get some rebounds. Shoot high. He loves to hit the ice and has a good glove hand so go high – stick side.

  186. Manny – Ha! My wife actually said that last night about Gabby’s visor

    And men in front of the net, that’s an idea! Gotta get bodies in front of this guy, he saw too many of the few shots we actually got on him last night. And I love Artie, but he is easier to move out of the crease than the hobbit

  187. That is Sather’s fault, but it’s not his worst signing, that’s for sure.

    Manny, he is terrible at defense, but he made a pretty good play last night to save a goal. It didn’t matter in the end.

    I honestly don’t know what happened on the game winning goal last night. I looked down to pick something up, and next thing I know, Stahl gave up the puck.

    That being said, unlike the whiny bouchey NYR fans, I’m not going to whine aboot Dreary, and Stahl. It’s done. They both played damn good games, but had an unfortunate shift. The loss was on the majority of the team, not two players.

  188. The series (or even game 2) will not be decided by whether we play EC, Avery, or MZA on the 4th line.

    It will be decided by Gaborik, Dubi, Staal, and Hank.

  189. Haha. Tennessee! You’re right. Artie-Partie is just like a piece of paper out there. He is sneaky though. I would like to see him paired with Boyle maybe and park Boyle in front of the net to draw bodies and let Artie-Partie so his little skatey thing and shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot!

  190. CTB- I also think just shooting the puck more would do a trick. Neuvirth is rebound prone and he is far from settled. Their defense had very little idea which way his rebound would go, but there also were no Rangers to put them in. I’m not totally sold on their defense oriented game, if Hank keeps frustrating them, they will go off their game.

  191. Ok SO we have:

    Dubi – Prospal – Gaborik
    Anisimov – Stepan – Fedotenko
    Wolski – Boyle – Prust
    Zucc / Avery – Drury – Chrstinsen

  192. Ovechkin scored a goal just fine last night with a tinted visor. He was able to spot the puck in Lundqvist’s.

  193. Well, here’s something very very important that none of you know, and I’m going to have to tell you.

    If Hank gives up two goals, we’ll have to score three!

    If Hank gives up five goals, we’ll have to score six!

  194. I don’t care who it is….just get someone parked in front of the guy. He is easy to rattle, they just need to get in there.
    When was the last time the Rangers scored a goal off a deflection? That is, in the opponents goal!

  195. Dubi seems to be up and down. He had a down game so expect him to be UP in game 2.

  196. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    I would love a Howie Rose/Billy Jaffe team once Sam retires. But I know that’s not possible.

    Callahan too hurt to play? TRADE CALLAHAN.

  197. These are good points. We could use a deflection or 6. I really want Boyle to be that guy. Use these figure skating skills to get into the crease and then use your behemoth size to stand there and shield and slap and deflect.

    If not him – then add a 7th D-Man and let Sauer go park in the crease. He is a huge human.

  198. billybleedsblue on

    Manny I’m glad you liked my Sterling imitation. Quite frankly, I needed to try and be funny just to lift my spirits. Come to think of it though, I’m actually in a decent mood despite the loss last night. I was really just so happy to see the Rangers in the post season, and I had the chance to watch the game (or the last part of the 3rd and the OT) with some good friends. We all know this team is capable of this kind of upset (8th vs. 1st). I plan on sitting back and enjoying the ride!

  199. Doodie Machetto on

    Screw Jaffe.

    Besides, I wouldn’t be surprised if JD is looking for a job in the very near future.

  200. Doodie Machetto on

    But this summer, absolutely. And can we put Avery at his spot, as well as Lundqvist’s simultaneously?

    In fact, can we have 20 Averies, and change the tema name to the Avery Avery Averies?

  201. Sitting back and enjoying the ride is my plan too….

    You want one more positive: our players who never played in the PO now know they can stay with the Capitals. It’s a long series, let’s see who gets tired first.

    One more thing- before we talk about bad refereeing, how easy we forget that they didn’t call Boyle for putting the puck over the net…There was clearly no deflection, and we would end up playing 3 on 5.

  202. NYR – I was dying! I thought it was SAuer because I saw the “3x” on the sleeve thinking “must be 38. Then I saw that there were two d-men hanging around and neither was Sauer. I thought…no way the Hobbit Wizard jumped somebody….sure enough…he did!

  203. Let’s be fair to the Caps. They hit 2 crossbars and 1 post, and had 2 breakaways. Without being generous, giving the Caps 2 of those goals and this is a 4 -1 romp.
    I know I am negative, but I am a frustrated Ranger’s fan for many years. One of these years Lundquist won’t have to stand on his head for the Rangers to have a chance to win a playoff series.
    Neuvirth is decent but not great. We should be pelting him with shots all game, but it takes so long for the Rangers to even generate good shots – it makes me want to scream sometimes!
    I would give Avery a shot in game 2. He’s not a make or break decision in my opinion, but they have nothing to lose.

  204. you guys can remember Jarkko Immonen…Right now I am watching a friendly game between Germany and Finland and Immonen had the opening goal for Finland
    Finland leads Germany after the second period 2-0

  205. Doodie -Why don’t you make it known that you think the Caps are going to win the series in 5?

  206. Tom – We are an 8 seed for a reason. We got in because a team lost. I am frustrated and wish we were better. I am calling the playoffs the “Bonus Round.” Every second of experience these guys get in the playoffs will be invaluable for this team in the future.

    This is the attitude that keeps me from jumping off a building.

  207. Tom – not an indictment of you. I just re-read it. Just some of my calming theory.

    You’re totally right about peppering this kid with shots. I don’t get it. The theories on offense are maddening sometimes. At least 5 shots were passed up for dumb passes that resulted in nothing.

    Also – some of the Rangers cannot handle a hard pass or shoot a one-timer (Christensen).

  208. Tom- did you take into account Gaborik being left alone in front of the net, and a couple of other missed possibilities by our forwards? That may change your projected 4-1 a bit, don’t you think?

  209. ilb – it’s true! Gaborik could have scored 2 and SHOULD have scored 1. Those were almost gimmies. He put them directly into oy-vey’s chest. He also wiffed on some passes…just like Christensen.

  210. Manny, do you want to fool us jumping off a building ???? Please remember Carp needs every post as you know he will be paid by any single one and you cant betray him…:)

    The more you post the more money Carp gets to make this blog more entertaining :)

  211. Matthias – you’re right. I am so sorry. The problem with suicide is that it’s so selfish and here I go falling into that trap!

    I promise that if I jump off a building I will put it into my will that 3 people must take over posting for me. Carp (Ca$hflow) will be rich in my death.

    (This was all a joke guys! No mad please)

  212. Tony is it always so hot in AZ that you take your pants off and sitting naked in front of the computer posting on Rangers report :)

    please with those actions you bring Carp in discredit and he needs to defend himself against his boss from the newspapers :)

  213. In other news…

    I got my tickets for the Stockholm games. Hopefully they announce whether they are playing any warm-up games in Sweden (Frolunda?) early enough for me to make plans. Thanks to Krisy for the heads up on the pre-sale.

  214. billybleedsblue on

    ““Take your pants off & Sit back and enjoying the ride””


    This site is good medicine.

  215. Carp, it will be time that you hire an assisant in order to maintain a specifc level of integrity on this blog and to make sure every post or posters is behaving the right way….

    You know there are a lot of people reading this one here and would probably appeal for violating the good morales…

    And I know you want to make it sure to keep this thing going :)

  216. Manny – I wish I was as optimistic as you. I’m not sure how long you’ve been a fan, but it feels like forever since they’ve been a legit contender.

    ILB – You are right. 4-2 is a fairer score if Gaborik buries that one in front of the net. Even with a pass into the skates of Gaborik, he has to convert that.

  217. Tony – He has one more year left on his Dallas contract…paying him $4.5 million per…amazing when you think about it…

  218. No I try to fix the modern kind of diseases of our society :)

    LW3H congratulation..In contrast to me you are getting off from work, you probably dont have to deal with a female working colleague :) and you guys, THAT IS NOT FUN !!!!!!!!!!!

  219. its 4-0 Finland now….Germany getting spanked, the twine in their net was cut..Fans are booing and throwing objects on the ice..the mob is in full action here :)

  220. billybleedsblue (sitting-back pant-less enjoying the ride) on

    isn’t Dallas still paying part of that salary though? Hmmm… does seem like a lot, doesn’t it?

  221. Well Tony – I grew up a WHALERS fan….so I am not even used to being good enough to fail. Look – I mean this team is great. I love them….but they need some work over the next few years. I want to win, believe me. I have to temper my thoughts because if I don’t do that then I don’t temper my reactions and then my fiance doesn’t talk to me for a while “because I broke BLANK” or “punched a whole in BLANK.”

    And yes – 5 out of 6 years in the playoffs and it has never felt like….we got this one! Too many dances where we are the last girl picked.

  222. I said it last night but the frustrating part about last night is that while I don’t think we deserved to win at all, it was a questionable tying goal (the more I see it, the more I feel it could have went either way whereas last night I was freaking out over it) and a horrible, horrible giveaway cost us the game. It wasn’t the difference in the game; the difference was that Washington was the better team and they ultimately won. But it just sucks when two plays like that occur and you lose.

  223. yea, he was aquired by NYR through re-entry waivers so Dallas pays half and NYR pay half…

  224. That’s right Latona – Giveaways. Neutral Zone Giveaways KILL this team. Over and Over. I know that was a defensive zone giveaway but he was trying to get the puck to the neutral zone. Just lazy play by a super gassed team.

  225. I know nobody cares but Germany scored in the last minute of the Game with a slapper from the blue line to make it the end result of 4-1 for Finland

    I hope the Rangers doing better there is a second goal for Germany its 4-2 with sixteen seconds left..Germany pull goaltender and fans going wild….

    now thats it now 4-2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Players will be carried from the ice by the fans and Uwe Krupp smiling all over the face :)

  226. I know everyone is sick of Avery talk, but one more thing.
    He gets the msg crowd into the game when he is on. So game 3 I think he needs to be in there.
    I know it’s been talked about here earlier on in the year, but the msg crowd had better step it up on Sunday. I was at 8 games this year, in a few different sections, and I was appalled at the lack of support the team gets when they are down. Granted, they had a HORRENDOUS record when I was in attendance this year (lost 6 of 8), but it seemed like the crowd didn’t get into it unless the rangers were up by 2 goals….that is not when they need the place to get loud.
    Also, not surprisingly, I found the games Callahan was out for a lot less rowdy. His enthusiasm is infectious.

    And don’t worry, I’m not going to any games this series….too paranoid and superstitious to risk it

  227. Look – to everyone saying get Avery in (I think it will happen) but come on. If we need one person in this lineup its KRIS NEWBURY. I will keep saying it FACEOFFS. Even though we did well last night we can always do better and we can always use a chippy player that skates hard, hits and does not mind taking a 5 minute penalty to get Ovie off the ice,

    Someone has to fight Ovie – Make Christensen do it. I don’t care. Just get someone we don’t need off the ice and get Ovie off the ice. And don’t give me this “Christensen plays on the PP” crap. Because he stinks.

  228. Carp its better you learn about soccer or the team of the Red Bulls as to watch an ice hockey team from Germany :)

  229. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    if any other team other than the rangers acquires/claims avery, they pay his full salary I believe!

  230. Doodie Machetto on

    Mattias, you better not be supporting the Caps just because they have Sturm!

  231. wicky, yup, which is why the only way he plays in the NHL will be with the Rangers.

  232. Showing OV too much respect, I know he’s a beast but..
    See pic of McD on Rangers website for pointers.
    I think Dubi was a bit too honored to be chosen as OV’s dance partner during the regular season.
    I think I saw him curtsey last night.

  233. Doodie, that´s the reason I stated if it would make sense to bank on a player who eat white sausages and drink white beer for breakfast :)

  234. Yeah, poor Bret Hull. He gave him a shot, and it cost him his job. Sad…

    I honestly think Avery will retire before he plays in the AHL. I really think Hockey isn’t that important to him.

    # 1 – Fashion

    # 2 – Women (understandable)

    # 3 – Hockey

  235. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Jaffe is a putz (can I say putz here, because if putz isn’t a word i can use here I won’t say putz. Last thing I want to do is say a word like putz if putz isn’t allowed. If putz is a non allowable word carp, let me know and I won’t use putz any longer because putz might be offencive or something to some and then I would feel bad for saying putz at some point in a post about a putz. Should I be saying putz? Can you say putz here?)!

  236. Nice Jeff!!!! i saw Billy Joel there too. And Jay – Z. Once I saw Kristi Yamiguchi skate there. She was better than the entire Whalers team.

    I used to LOVE Zarley Zalapski when I was a kid.

  237. Avery is like Rodney Dangerfield… don’t get no respect! Not from the league and not even from the fan base of the team he plays for.

  238. Great list ORR!! You forgot to add

    Warren 77. Every time I am there (which was once) I just wonder if the girls there have to sleep with him to get their jobs. My Fiance said, “of course.” She has street smarts.

  239. …Posing nude on t-shirts for gay men (not that there is anything wrong with that).

  240. Today there were news coming out why the Rangers refused to go to Russia to open next season in czar country.

    Glen asked to get delivered ten boxes of vodka a numerous different kind of cuban cigars every year from his old pal Putin and his response was that Avangard Omsk will get a win with double digits to promote the power of the KHL….

    Torts refused to make this agreement so the NHL decided to make the best product since ABBA in Henrik Lundqvist happy in making play his first game in his home country as a member of the


  241. Seriously though guys:

    1. Get Newbury up here; and
    2. FIGHT OVIE – we have to get him off the ice sometimes. Can we waste a body please?

  242. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I’d love to see a line of wolski richards iginla for our boys next year.

  243. Noah….I’m not, but my wife is. Worked out for her as far as the name change.

    Manny, Yamaguchi couldve easily taken the whalers team I remember watching. Went and saw a wolfpack game up there during the lockout…wasn’t the same, a Hartford team winning and all.

  244. As an ex-Whalers fan (they got me into Hockey and really into sports) I am depressed by the whole commercialization of their logo. Come on!

  245. Yes Tony, yes they will sent him next year but not to Hartford…instead they will sent him to Paris and Monte Carlo to take part in the newest fashion show of Karl Lagerfeld introducing his new kind of hairstyle with a pigtail coloured in red and blue !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  246. so far Avery hasn’t cost us a single playoff game… but captain “unfantastic” and Staal cost us game one

    …and to be honest, how many regular season games have we lost because of Avery? can anyone give me the number, please?

  247. CCCP do you really think that Roman Abramovich and Vladimir Putin asked Glen to take over the GM position at Avangard Omsk trying to make a step into the NHL with sponsoring the Rangers to make a step to North America ?????

    It just would make fun to see Glen realizes the beauty of Siberia in contrast of Palm Desert in California !!!!!!!!!!!

    You know what it cant get more worse with those guys on the regime as with Glen the omniscent…

  248. Regardless of last nights mistakes, I’d still take Dreary and/or Stahl over Avery.


    there you go…that’s just proves my point that no matter what Avery does he won’t be accepted.

    i rest my case.

  249. billybleedsblue (sitting-back pant-less enjoying the ride) on

    I dunno, he skates pretty well for 94!

  250. Matthias

    what do you mean? are you speaking hypothetically or did Abramovich really offer that position to Glen?

  251. What can Avery do? Honestly? He’s a physical player, so what?

    Dreary is a solid defensive forward. He failed to clear the puck, but he wasn’t the only one who failed to do so. I’m not taking him out of the lineup for Avery.

    Only person who can really come out for Avery, is MZA. Does anyone here want that??

  252. Matthias, I spent some time in Frankfurt and in Butzbach where my friend lives… the women are WAY underrated in Germany!! NOM NOM NOM!

    nyr_fan, whats cracking, bro-meister?

  253. Stranger Nation on

    ORR – fashion is all about the women with Aves so #1 – fashion/women, #2, (see #1)


    Is this really the lineup? Artie sucked eggs last night, but we are going to play EZ over him with one of our best forwards (Vinny).

    Three best forwards last night (playing both ends)
    1. Wooly Bear
    2, Feds
    3. Vinny

    I would keep Wolly Bear with Vinny and put EZ on the bench, keepFeds with Dubi and maybe Artie with Boyle and Prust.

    Sheez we have nothing to work with here.

    Replay on MSG now – did you notice how Caps forwards did not come down to off point on D and their Dmen chased us behind during cycle to beat us to puck. If they keep doing that, we can catch them too deep and have room in the slot. Guys needs to pick their heads up when they have the puck and not blindly dump behind – EVERY TIIME! Caps D is weak!!

  254. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Naughty, naughty CCCP:

    Didn’t you get the memo? Hating Avery is healthy… even when he hasn’t been in the lineup!!! But jumping in and defending him (like he does for his teammates) is obsessive and tiresome. Get it?

    Yes, it’s time for the Avery haters to put up or shut up: Which playoff games did he cost us? vs. Which did he make an important contribution to?

  255. If I saw one play like Drury’s, I saw a dozen –from both teams. That’s hockey. Some of which lead much more directly to scoring chances. Prust says thank you Mr Crossbar.
    Fact is, Staal had the puck with time and made a bad decision and no, his forwards didn’t help on the play but Girardi was open. But hey, the guy spent almost 34 minutes banging heads with a beast.
    Drury made several nice defensive plays -was right in OV’s face blocking a couple of shots, although he did look slower in OT (it was also only his second game back)
    He made a smart play covering for a Dman that probably goes unnoticed because Semin fell down but could have given the Caps a breakaway.

  256. Mao i live 39,5 miles northeast of Frankfurt and the women are driving me crazy for 46 years now…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you know about Linsengericht which is the center of the universe in Hessen and 97 percent of the inhabitants are experts of the NHL :)

  257. that was such a typical Drury giveaway… last season how many goals were scored against us because of Drury turning the puck over in the same fashion he did last night? MANY!

    i am not saying put Avery in for Drury and i am not even saying to put Avery in AT ALL… all i am saying is that, Avery, when he plays, usually doesn’t cost us games.

  258. Who cares what games he made an important contribution to.

    Dreary was an offensive hero in past playoff appearances. Now he’s just a defensive specialist.

    Point is, take these players for what they are *now*

    Fighting for your teammate doesn’t put pucks in the net. Avery can’t hit the net, he’s a turnover machine, he’ll take a few bad penalties now and then.

    His best days are behind him. I can care less if he’s in the lineup or not. I just wish all these people would step expecting so much from him. I just don’t get it. What do you see, that I don’t? Please, tell me.

  259. Yo mao, just waiting for the end of the fourth period here at work! Can’t wait to get out of this clutterbuck…

    Lots of nice scenery in Manhattan today…

  260. CCCP, what do you think that Jaromir doesnt want to return to New York before Glen moves over to Siberia…..

    For me its hundred percent the moment Glen moves to Siberia to earn even more money as with the Rangers, Abramovich will send Jagr back to New York to have the Rangers a better shot for the Cup !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cant wait for that to happen as soon as possible ….

  261. “Lots of nice scenery in Manhattan today”

    Lots of nice scenery in Linsengericht as well as the cow says hello to the donkey :)

  262. ok ORR… ill try to use your statement but switch things around a bit

    Avery was a hero in past playoff appearances. Now he’s just a doesn’t get a chance.

    Point is, take these players for what they are *now*

    Fighting for your teammate doesn’t put pucks in the net. Drury can’t hit the net, he’s a turnover machine, he’ll take a few bad penalties now and then.

    His best days are behind him. I can care less if he’s in the lineup or not. I just wish all these people would step expecting so much from him. I just don’t get it. What do you see, that I don’t? Please, tell me.

  263. Rhode Island Ranger on


    I appreciate your good sense in not trying to document the foolish Avery is “terrible” in the playoffs or Avery “costs” the Rangers playoff games position that the haters around here fall into reflexively even when he’s not playing. Even Carp falls into it.

    Avery can hit, hustle, distract and drop ’em when necessary. He’s not a goalscorer, though. If that disqualifies a guy from Friday night’s lineup, then… You get it.

    If Torts slots Avery in next time, you’re beef is with the coach.

  264. Carp I told you , you need to install a blog guard to make it more serious and to avoid more tough-talking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  265. Yeah, but Dreary is a solid defensive player. Avery is net. That’s where it starts, and ends.

    Dreary’s defense, and experience


    Avery’s physicality, fighting etc.

    To go with the latter wouldn’t be the smart decision, especially this time of the year.

    And yeah, yeah, Dreary haters, he failed to clear the puck, and it led to Stahl giving up the GWG. Step-On did the same exact thing that led to the GTG, but we’re not talking aboot taking him out of the lineup, are we.

  266. Orr, I tend to agree that MZA should be getting heavy minutes (at least 15 minutes) and he won’t get them here and now for some reason. CT may be the better option for his development.

    Yet, if I’m Torts, I am hesitant because he one of the few guys on the team that can make a play…and, I think the skill level of the team severely drops with him out of the lineup…

  267. Funny story…

    Yesterday, as we were anxiously awaiting Game 1, my son asked what he should make out of play-doh. Keeping with the Ranger theme, I said Vinnie Prospal (we both enjoy his exuberant facial expressions after a goal).
    He presented me with his play-doh creation a few minutes later, had many different colors and shades to choose from, and needless to say, he made Prospal’s face out of florescent orange. I had a nice laugh over it.

  268. avery loses games. the bad clear against the islanders. sure staal makes mistakes he plays 23 minutes more a game then avery against the other teams best players day in and day out.

    can you comprehend that???

  269. and needless to say, he made Prospal’s face out of florescent orange. I had a nice laugh over it.


    Bwahaha, Tan Man makes an impression on everyone.

  270. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Don’t want any “physicality, fighting etc.” this time of year. Why, that might distract the Rangers’ more skilled opponent!!! Can’t have that. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  271. Doodie Machetto on

    When he was fighting with someone (I forget who) after the whistle, his face was redder than the Caps jerseys

  272. Doodie Machetto on

    RIR: You mean our more skilled opponent that beat the Carcillo out of our lineup all night long in the physical department?

  273. But Mao, do you know that Butzbach is well known in Grmany for having one of the biggest jail buildings in all over Germany similar to Alcatraz !

    I hope your friends are not belonging to those guys where are the big guys sitting down !!!:)

  274. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Which were those playoff games that Avery has cost the Rangers again?


  275. cccp yep just play 2 goal avery. he is such a good player just misunderstood by every coach over the last 10 years..

    give me a break. like a tunrover has no affect if the other team does not score within 5 seconds….

    again avery offers what exactly besides style and a fairly good puck handler down low???

    he offers not much and that is why brett hull got fired and no other team wanted avery at $2 mill. per yr…….

    i forgot bloggers on this site are smarter then all GM’s….

  276. Rhode Island Ranger on


    You run Avery down reflexively. I like his grit and personality. He’s fun to watch when he’s off Torts’ choke chain.


    Precisely. The Rangers aren’t going to out-finesse the Caps. Avery will bang and agitate. MZA and EC will watch.

  277. 4.44 is a good time to make a rest…If I am not mistaken the next night will take me again to at least 4.30 am in the morning thanks to a team, which plays six hours behind normal time :)

  278. I can’t remember any games that Avery had cost NYR. I just remember that one game against the Craps where he took two retarded penalties late in the third in a one goal game.

    Regardless of what he’s done in the playoffs, you just have to realize the kind of player he is. He doesn’t provide much, he wont throw the Craps off their game, blah, blah. You know how it goes.

    But, I guess I don’t have my super special Avery contacts in my eyes that allow me to see the magic that he apparently provides. Oh well.

  279. Avery *was* fun to watch, before he fugged up his career by making stupid, yet funny, comments.

    I hate it when everyone brings Torts into the discussion, as if he’s to blame. Only two people are to blame, it’s Avery, then Butt-Man.

    And my Avery bashing has nothing to do with bias, it’s completely justified.

  280. Stranger Nation on

    The primary reason for having Avery in the lineup is his skating speed. The Rangers looked slow last night. MZA has to take 4 strides for every 2 a Caps Dman takes.

    Newbury over Dreary IMO – the Capt looked very slow, as in very slow

  281. Doodie Machetto on

    If we want to get a guy that can bang, why not get a guy that can bang and actually play hockey? Because that is not Avery.

  282. Doodie Machetto on

    With how good Washington was on capitalizing (no pun intended) on turnovers, I think it’s probably best that Avery the turnover machine sits.

    Honestly, even if he plays, what difference will he make in his 7 minutes?

    Worrying about that 7 minute player over the top 9 forwards who are not producing is like worrying about a splinter in your right hand when your left hand is getting chopped off.

  283. LOL! Exactly, Noah.

    CC, c’mon. Be fair. Stuart is smart when it comes to hockey. Stop being a bully. What, are you saying Erskine doesn’t have a great shot?? Are you saying Step-On, and Artie *are* ready for prime time?? Madness!!


  284. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Good. We’re making some progress. We agree that Avery is a role player. And we agree that he hasn’t cost the Rangers any playoff games (ie. fatal mistakes).

    Do we agree that whatever physical and psychological contribution Avery makes is better understood by his last two coaches, Torts and Tom, than us? I’m guessing we do.

    Since I didn’t make a peep before or during Game 1 about the decision to dress a softer lineup without Avery, then it’s not accurate to say I “severely overrate Avery more than anyone on here” (Orr) or “give him too much credit” (Orr). But I defend him when he’s attacked by you and the haters after a loss HE DIDN’T EVEN PLAY IN!!!

    If you don’t want to hear advocacy for Avery, stop running him down. If the Rangers win it all without him, we’ll both be overjoyed. But if they win Friday night with him, could you live with it? Who would you trash instead, Chad Johnson?!

  285. All this Avery talk makes wanna have something sloppy…

    It’s beautiful outside…gonna go get me something sweet and sloppy ;)

  286. Spideraasenski April 14th, 2011 at 4:56 pm

    Also noticed the “please don’t squirt me” signs behind Torts while watching CSN broadcast.


    You mean “Name that *squirt*?

  287. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Oh… sarcasm. Humor is good. We need it with this team. Thanks for clarifying.

    I promise not to defend Avery until you attack him again.

    Seriously, thanks for jousting. I think we’re all dying for the next game: “Like rams at each others’ throats” as the eloquent Joe Beninati put it last night on the Caps’ feed.


  288. LOL! Remember Mike Pelino wasn’t initally fired with Renney and Pearn. He stayed on for a while and then Torts said “he had to go!”

    It’s all Pelino’s fault!

  289. Every Ranger’s fan should be tired of Avery’s antics. He had his moments, most notably against Brodeur, but that’s so old now. It’s time to move on.
    It’s another disgusting contract the Rangers have to pay, whether it’s 2 mil or 4 mil.

  290. Haha! I’m still have no idea what happened to Pelino. For all we know, he’s hiding on top of the Broduer-tron. Next time someone is at the Garden, keep an eye up there!

    He sort of just disappeared once Torts was hired. I’m not 100% sure he ever existed.

  291. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    I miss have Schoeny behind the bench. So much fire! Though I think Sullivan has done a good job with Torts. I like how he cuts Trautwig short on his end of period interviews sometimes.

  292. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    FYI the Rangers lost last night because Dolan was at the game so lets blame it on him OK?

  293. Since the posts seem to sorely lack and Totalretard bashing, I am compelled.

    Another horrible coaching job.

    I liked what Zucarello brought initially, but he is clearly not ready for the playoffs. He was invisible in the really limited minutes he played. why have a player on the roster that plays 7 minutes out of 78? does that make any sense?

    Christensen is USELESS. There’s a reason he was a cast off, and other than his nifty shootout moves, he is useless.

    The fact that he played these two over Avery, who may have forechecked, hustled, banged and annoyed, is ridiculous. yeah I know, Avery sucks, he cant score, blah blah blah. Roleplayers like Avery make playoff teams, not perimeter guys like Christensen and Zucarello.

    And how about that power play. It was working so well late in the season and the reports were that they were practicing the powerplay the past few days. Really? practicing what? the SAME thing? it was the same predictable, useless powerplay with noone driving to the net, and everyone trying to get the puck to Mccabe for that “monster” shot.

    And how about making some noise around the rookie goaltender?? instead of leaving him be. I barely saw a Ranger go near him. Not even on the power play.

    Staal was a MONSTER last night, offensively, defensively, and anyone blaming him for anything is a joke. Yeah, he didnt clear in OT, he did everything else. neither did Drury.

    And speaking of coaching, can someone tell these guys they can lift the puck? There was a stretch on the power play early on where they had several great opportunities, if they only lifted the puck.

    I love Gaborik, but he just cant put it in. He was point blank, but always seems to shoot RIGHT at the goalie……i dont get it.

    and really? STILL F$%^%%$^ing changing lines in the playoffs?

    Next game?

    Dubinsky needs to step up.

    Avery needs to step in.

    Gaborik needs to get a goal.

    They need to get in near the goalie and rattle him. Every other team loves to get in Henrik’s face, but for some reason, Totalretard doesn’t get that.

    and please MAKE the power play work, whatever it takes, just do it!

    and FU Tortorella!!

  294. Ding! Ding! Ding!

    We have a winner!!!

    bybytorts, c’mon down! You are the winner of today’s Negative Nancy Award!!!

  295. thanx what do i win

    and if you bothered to read it, it wasnt all negative.

    and orr, i cant believe you read half of it either, mustve taken you an hour??

  296. I watched the Coyote game last night (recorded & watched after NYR game).
    The coach was changing lines all through the 3rd period, so it’s not just Torts.
    I agree that if a line is not clicking – CHANGE IT UP !

  297. overall,
    i was feeling pretty calm about the game.
    of course
    Hank was going to be tested. the caps are tops in the
    leastern conference and like vancouver had something to prove
    but we didn’t look all too bad.
    even in the first

    reminded of the boston game minus being down 3-0
    i thought we just kept coming at them and that it would eventually
    work itself out. thought 1-0 would possibly be enough.

    sorry Carp
    i know it’s playoffs but i would have to see another replay
    of the caps goal because 9 out of 10 (and according to who the team is — pens)
    the goalie is giving benefit of the doubt and the play is whistled
    or we’ve seen the “intent to blow the whistle” call
    originally, i didn’t see the ref point to the puck in the net and thought he said no goal.
    whoooooops!! on me.

    and i don’t if it was Carp or someone else who commented on MZA’s “boarding” call that
    wasn’t at the boards. talk about the refs not wanting to get involved with the outcome of a game!!

  298. btw, while Staal had a Monster of a game for the most part and Girardi was better (still a lot of bonehead moves that drive me crazy!) one of the reasons Staal was put into that position had to do with 10 seconds earlier when the puck was on the opposite side of the defensive zone and, i thought it was Girardi, who did a carcillo job of getting the puck outta there. once the caps kept it in, i thought, ‘uh-oh!’

  299. on the negative side:

    yes, there was better movement on the pp. anything is better than the usual standing still, fishing for the puck on the boards and chasing it back in your zone again
    but it still looks pretty pathetic. we never look as if we are up a man on the ice!
    i had to watch some good/better hockey after the bitterness of the loss and caught some of the blackhawks/canucks game. yes, i know that they are 2 of the league’s TOP teams but we played ’em and beat ’em
    i bring this back to the Rangers
    it just AMAZES me to no end that after more than 80 games together or even going back to these guys playing in juniors
    that they have next to 0 clue what to do offensively
    and how to connect on a pass or two
    as part of an offensive play
    that can score a goal.

    we shoot the puck into the zone
    again and again despite a linemate not bothering to
    reach the puck before the caps player
    we try the same move along the boards
    that results in getting smashed by the caps player
    and losing the puck.

    i know we don’t have massive amounts of skill
    but just some basics could go a long way!

  300. Rhode Island Ranger on


    I liked your post. Some good stuff. Gets the blood going.

    But, you used the forbidden A-word (#16). You have violated taboo. Only the high priests of hate may use it.

  301. Once again, byby with the dumb post of the day, just showing his complete bias against the coach.

    My take:
    1) Avery stinks.
    2) Avery is better suited to play that game than a few of the guys in the lineup for Game 1.

  302. Trying to figure out which part of that long, psychotic, with very little hockey insight, or knowledge for that matter, post identifies Torts fault.

  303. Carp, it was a rant yes.

    In all seriousness tho, am i not allowed to express my disgust and dislike for the coach?

    I thought i gave plenty of reasons, not just the Avery thing.

    If Im not allowed to express my opinion Carp, please let me know, and Ill go somewhere where real Ranger fans can express their opinion, even if its contrary.

  304. The Craps did a good job on McCabe on the PP. They really gave him no room to even attempt a decent shot.

    The PP did do well though, just have to score, obviously, but it didn’t look like the typical NYR PP.

  305. btw,
    while Boyle is doing a lot of stuff right
    including become a possible soprano
    with that blocked shot in OT
    at some point
    doesn’t he need to score a goal?


  306. bye-bi –

    Little sensitive for someone so quick to cast aspersions no?

    No one said you couldnt post, most simply agreed they’d be better off skimming over your writings with the same reverence and care they give other jackwagons like the Westboro Baptist Church or Kim Jong Il.

    I like Torts. I think Avery is fine. I think saying goodbye to Zuc or EC to give Aves a shot is a fine idea. I think maintaining static lines in a dynamic game is downright idiotic.



  307. byby, to clarify, I am just shocked that, after what this coach has done to this team the last two years, especially after waiting 14 years or so for someone to come along and do it, that there are fans who can’t stand him.

    Almost all of them are blind Avery fans.

    But you are certainly entitled to your opinion

  308. Drury won’t let anything ruin whatever it is he’s doing or planing to do. In FIVE years as a Ranger he’s done absolutely nothing for this team! ZERO! It’s amazing how much he gets away with.

    Avery’s won us playoff series and many games. He even busted his freaking spleen for this franchise!!

    Has Drury done anything even remotely close to that? I can’t even think of a single player in the past 12-15 years, who’s played for the Rangers this long and has NOTHING to show for it. Nothing but a heavy contract that prevents the Rangers from moving forward.

  309. Good evening, Carp!

    What’s up with you people??? Don’t disappoint Carp! Or me! BEARD COMPETITION. DO IT.

  310. Yeah, Dreary has a huge contract, and doesn’t have the offense to back it up.

    Doesn’t matter at this point. He has one year left on his contract, and he’s playing on the 4th line, where he belongs. He’s a smart player, and apparently a “calming influence” on the the young guys.

    I don’t see how anyone can still complain aboot the guy. What’s done is done.

  311. CCCP – Drury didnt offer himself the contract, he signed what NY felt was fair market value to secure an asset that they wanted.

    He’s had a miserable year riddled with injury but he may well have won us the Jersey game with the quick answer. The team RESPECTS him, thats a fact. Additionally, its a fact that Avery cant claim either.

    I actually like Avery. I like his speed, his hussle, and his board work. I like that he grates on peoples nerves and I actually WOULD trust him in a third period (until proven wrong just once). That being said, to assume he should replace your Captain is, well, byby-stupid.

    Spell a Zuc or EC that cant win you face-offs and doesnt have more OT PO Goals than the rest of your team combined.


  312. There’s a damn good chance were not in the playoffs if Drury doesn’t score that goal against the Devils. We’ll never know but I love how defending Avery comes down to bashing Drury.

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