Stanley Cup playoff odds


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Some Stanley Cup odds and some odds on the Rangers-Capitals series.

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Stanley Cup and Conference Odds
Odds to win the 2011 Stanley Cup

Vancouver Canucks                   3/1
Washington Capitals                  11/2
San Jose Sharks                       7/1
Philadelphia Flyers                     8/1
Boston Bruins                            17/2
Detroit Red Wings                      9/1
Pittsburgh Penguins                   11/1
Anaheim Ducks                         20/1
Tampa Bay Lightning                  20/1
Chicago Blackhawks                  22/1
Buffalo Sabres                           25/1
Los Angeles Kings                     30/1
Montreal Canadiens                   30/1
Nashville Predators                    30/1
Phoenix Coyotes                       30/1
New York Rangers                     35/1

Odds to win the 2011 Eastern Conference

Washington Capitals                  9/4
Philadelphia Flyers                     4/1
Boston Bruins                            9/2
Pittsburgh Penguins                   9/2
Tampa Bay Lightning                  9/1
Buffalo Sabres                           14/1
Montreal Canadiens                   15/1
New York Rangers                     16/1

Odds to win the 2011 Western Conference

Vancouver Canucks                   7/5
San Jose Sharks                       7/2
Detroit Red Wings                      9/2
Anaheim Ducks                         9/1
Chicago Blackhawks                  12/1
Nashville Predators                    15/1
Los Angeles Kings                     16/1
Phoenix Coyotes                       16/1

Washington Capitals vs. New York Rangers

Series Correct Score
Washington Capitals 4-0             7/1
Washington Capitals 4-1             7/2
Washington Capitals 4-2             11/4
Washington Capitals 4-3             5/1

New York Rangers 4-0                20/1
New York Rangers 4-1                9/1
New York Rangers 4-2                11/2
New York Rangers 4-3                7/1

Total Games

4                                  5/1
5                                  12/5
6                                  3/2
7                                  11/4

Total Games

Over      5.5                    -170
Under    5.5                    +140

Total Goals

Over/ Under                   29.5

Series Game Spread

Washington Capitals       -1.5       -130
New York Rangers         +1.5      Even

Alex Ovechkin 1st Round Points vs. New York Rangers
Over/ Under                   6

Nicklas Backstrom 1st Round Points vs. New York Rangers
Over/ Under                   4.5

Alexander Semin 1st Round Points vs. New York Rangers
Over/ Under                   4.5

Marian Gaborik 1st Round Points vs. Washington Capitals
Over/ Under                   4

Brandon Dubinsky 1st Round Points vs. Washington Capitals
Over/ Under                   3.5

Derek Stepan 1st Round Points vs. Washington Capitals
Over/ Under                   3

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  1. Yes! After a natural hat trick on last thread. Carp….words to live by…type new post!!!

  2. anyway i will see it…:)

    When I fell asleep right now, I maybe get a glimpse from the game tonight :)

  3. Matthias, I think she was off for a nap pre-game. It will be 1 a.m. her time when game begins and she just got home today from NY.

    I am going to start saving my money. How awesome would a boneheads picnic be in Sweden!

  4. NYR_FAN says "The time has come!" on

    Noy-Vair is a butthead! Hopefully we light him up tonioght for those dopey comments!! LGR!

  5. 2 peas in a pod on

    love Carp’s descripton of the “peabrains” in the media. I agree with that.

    the boneheads vs the peabrains. a battle of wits, or at least we’re half right.

  6. NYR_FAN says "The time has come!" on

    Accroding to SNY, Kreider will play for Team USA At the World Championships in Slovakia!

    Good news! Should be fun to watch him! USA!

  7. so we are least favored to win it all eh? OK.

    I like the over under on Dubinsky for points against the Caps. I think he really stood out in the playoffs against Washington two years ago. I expect big things from him this year.

    Man it is hard to think about work right now

  8. Niters Matthias, see you tomorrow (or later your time)

    2 Peas, that’s why Carp = Monster

    KRISY!!!! You rock my girl!!! HUGS!!! What’s the date again? I’m booking flight while I have the money….!!!
    Or….Me: Dad, how many miles do you have to spare?
    Dad: Lots, why?
    Me: Um, can i have without answering any questions? Pretty please?
    Dad: (answer TBD :)

  9. Does dad like chocolate Blogmama? Maybe we can bribe him? ;)
    Couldn’t do the pregame nap, don’t think I would be able to get up again.
    7. and 8. October!

  10. hmmm, yes, but I think it will take more than that :) I’ll make it work though!
    K, at least son doesn’t have school tomorrow right? You both can sleep in…if not, time for him to learn to make his own breakfast, while nerf gunning!

  11. OK, Mickey would appreciate this….I need to get off here for a while and blow off pre-game nerves…off to clean something :) Be back here for Go Time with a clean kitchen and bathroom :) I might even vacuum…:)

  12. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Speaking of odds, what are the chances the Caps start running Lundqvist if the series starts trending the Rangers’ way?

    Last time these two sides met in the playoffs, Donald Brashear was loosed in warmups at MSG to try and intimidate the Rangers. The suspended Torts (or Schoenfeld) decided not to dress Orr and Brashear promptly knocked one of the Rangers’ most effective hustle guys, Blair Betts, out of the series.

    Would a desperate Boudreau (facing a career-ending upset loss to NY) give expletive laced instructions to get to Lundqvist’s net as hard as possible? Could any in-game penalty or post-injury retaliation by the Rangers compensate for a Lundqvist injury? I don’t think so.

    So how can this be deterred if the Rangers go up in the series? Hope Torts has considered this possibility and has a plan.

  13. so what are the odds for these youngsters actually being able to grow playoff beards? Zuke, Step, McD…I’m worried about their follicle maturity…


  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on


    We are huge underdogs and I love it!!!!

    ” Rangers shooters just arnt as good as our shooters” Said a washington player.


    Sayyyyy whaaaaaaa?? Aright ,let the games begin.


    YOU were sleeping all season “Jagr style” exept when Jagr coasted during the season he actually scored still. THIS is your time buddy!! You have been CALLED OUT by a few Washington players. YOU know what to do…take that puck and “ride” with it!!!


    Games so huge I gots goosebumps!!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!! Greastest team alive to date!!!!!

  15. eddie eddie eddie on

    barry bonds guilty on one charge…..wish gabby could get some of that juice

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on


  17. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    I like our chances against this Giant of a team Washinton. NO ONE is really thinking we will do it but us. People see our points and see Washintons and say…easy series Washinton in 5 …BUT
    BUT …we kicked thier azz all season long!!!! 7 -0 and 6 -0 easy too. If that Ranger team shows up , LIGHT OUT ,GAMES OVER and Season over for Washington!! You punks are going down!! This time it is OURS!! I like our chances.


  18. E3, just one??? what, for being a lying cheating hartneller? is that a legal charge? if not, it should be.

  19. can’t never understand this “ODDS” thing

    rangers 35/1 to win a cup? wtf is that mean? lol

    they can win 1 in 35 tries?

  20. Gonzo Grabby on

    heyyyyyyy!!! lets go rangers!!!! kick ass!!! im jacked! how bout you greg? im not sure youre amped enough!! haha j/k bro

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    Nawwww you gots lots of time momma , Ya dont wanna miss anything cuz its gonna be a ring-a-ding-dong dandy!!!!

  22. Gonzo Grabby on

    tyler piggins kennedy has 1 less goal than gabby!!! that is not right! gabby, if the caps goalie didnt piss u off enough, well, then u suck! i want gabby goals galore!!! go gabby!!! btw, doesnt kennedy look liek those wild boar faced aliens from return of teh jedi? the ones in jabbas dungeon?

  23. what were they? seriously, I don’t give a fug about baseball anymore (ahhh, but for the Nettles days!) but I’m curious what happened to that asshat….

    Greg, I’ll be here! but with a clean bathroom!

  24. Gonzo Grabby on

    orr- roenick probably flirts with jones wife or something. he seems like the type of guy u hate to leave your wife around by herself.

  25. Yes sir, my tokin’ professor! Roch n’ Roll mang…

    Yo Greg!!! We made it bro!! Less GO!

  26. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    YO Frabbbby , ooops Grabby!!! Imp AMPED,PUMPED, ANXIOUS ,ELATED,REVED and ready and raring to go!!!

    WASHINGTON CALLED OUT OUR SHOOTERS!!! Yo Torts slap that on the bulliten board and tape it inside Gaboriks visor!!!

  27. Gonzo Grabby on

    jones and roenick- craps in 5!! are u kidding? these guys are jokes. we got the better gaoltending by far, the better d, and we have hobbit power. ok, they got a guy named semin!!! and he slaps!! screw those pansies! rangers in 3!!!

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on



    We have the best Goalie ( yes even better then Miller) and he could become ELITE this year …this is Hanks time to raise his stock ,his legacy as the best Ranger Goalie of all time. This season is a huge step!! He claimed the shut out lead and help get his team to the post season. If everything goes Hanks way , he will be hoisting the cup and will finally claim the tag ..”ELITE”

  29. Since I don’t have the NHL package, where can I see live playoff games for free on the net?

  30. eddie eddie eddie on

    when the odds are 35 to 1, it also means that if this CUP season were to be played 36 times….the rangers win once

  31. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    HAHAHAA ORR , I saw one guy say Rangers in seven.

    My predition is a Ranger sweep. Get the brooms out…

    Tom , try the TSN web site? or ask ORR !!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!!

  32. Gonzo Grabby on

    na orr, i think JR needs to stay. without him and u put engblom back in with his mullet, theyre just 3 dorky lookin goofballs. now, they have 2 dorks, and 1 cool guy. u cant have 3 nerds. and then theres edzo and liam, who is like a mini emrick. did i forget pierre mcdouche and dingleberry? out of all them, roenick is the best one. yea, he isnt teh sharpest bulb in the shed, but hes still better than the rest of them

  33. NYR_FAN

    I know, man… I was being sarcastic

    But 35 times the bet? Sounds good if you win… but the odds are too high lol ;p

  34. Gonzo Grabby on

    i wish we had datsyuk. why cant we ever get a bonafide elite forward who isnt either too old and past his prime, or injury prone, or inconsistent year to year. is grachev ever gonna be that? or is that a pipedream? how did the wings, who draft like 30th every damn year get these guys? fire sataher!!!!!!!!!

  35. Mister Delaware on

    Crisis (seemingly) averted! Pitt game is showing on the MLB channels so I’m thinking I’ll be getting the game / not sprinting 6 blocks to the closest place w/ the DirecTV NHL package. Game on!

  36. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    Yo Grabby , your last post was the post when the Rangers missed the playoffs…WE MADE IT BUDDY!!! RELAX!! Hire Sather cuz he built the team!! This team is good and we kicked Washingtons azz last time!!!! NO TIME to be negative cuz this time it is ours!!


    face it ,accept it ,live it ,breathe it. The NEW YORK RANGERS are here to stay , we might as well scoop up a few cups along the way!!!!

  37. Mister Delaware ..

    I was sweating about the same thing ! Channel 782 on Comcast should be playing the game. It just sux we dont get the pregame stuff

    Whats all this talking about prust and boyles walk ??

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