It’s Go Time!


Been a while, huh?

The sprint begins.

Matt Gilroy is in on defense, Mats Zuccarello in up front.

Sean Avery and Steve Eminger are  prucha’d.

Henrik Lundqvist vs. rookie Michal Neuvirth.

Here are the lineups according to Andrew Gross:

Vinny Prospal-Artem Anisimov-Marian Gaborik
Brandon Dubinsky-Derek Stepan-Ruslan Fedotenko
Wojtek Wolski-Brian Boyle-Brandon Prust
Mats Zuccarello-Erik Christensen-Chris Drury
Marc Staal-Dan Girardi
Ryan McDonagh-Mike Sauer
Bryan McCabe-Matt Gilroy

Alex Ovechkin-Nicklas Backstrom-Mike Knuble
Marco Sturm-Jason Arnott-Alex Semin
Brooks Laich-Marcus Johansson-Jason Chimera
Matt Hendricks-Boyd Gordon-Matt Bradley
Jeff Schultz-Scott Hannan
Karl Alzner-John Carlson
John Erskine-Mike Green

Rangers scratches: Sean Avery, Steve Eminger, Marty Biron
Capitals scratches: Tom Poti, Sean Collins, Tyler Sloan, D.J. King, Jay Beagle, Eric Fehr


Oh, and the predictions contest is now closed. You can still enter the Beard Contest until Friday.

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    *Carp* – we’re supposed to post our predictions in *this* thread, right?

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on



    Yo Grabby , your last post was the post when the Rangers missed the playoffs…WE MADE IT BUDDY!!! RELAX!! Hire Sather cuz he built the team!! This team is good and we kicked Washingtons azz last time!!!! NO TIME to be negative cuz this time it is ours!!


    face it ,accept it ,live it ,breathe it. The NEW YORK RANGERS are here to stay , we might as well scoop up a few cups along the way!!!!

    I’m so nervous. I just got done working out and then walking through the house for about a half hour!

  4. So I’m in a hotel paying an extortionate (exTortsionate?) amount for internet access, and the normal (legit) video streaming service tells me that it is “unavailable in my region”. Last time I checked, London was still in the UK, but what do I know.

    Both bush league and amateur hour.

    The slightly less legit services elsewhere better be working…

  5. Is everyone on board?

    Been awhile is right, Carp. We are ready. Is your IT on stand-by?

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    OLGA , VANCOUVER will sweep the Hawks , your team sucks with out BUFF,Sharp ,Bolland ect …

    Now the Rangers on the other hand got better , never sold anyone!!!!!


    WE now produce our own , which inturn with produce a cup.


  7. CARPED !!!!

    Mister Delaware …

    I was sweating about the same thing ! Channel 782 on Comcast should be playing the game. It just sux we dont get the pregame stuff

    Whats all this talking about prust and boyles walk ??

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    Stepan is soooo gonna benifit from this experience!!!!!

  9. Greg, he is. He is ready for the big stage. He already guided the USA to Gold in juniors…He is going to be a key guy for us in this series…

  10. Cindy Crosby on

    Whats VS alternate channel on Verizon??? I WANT GAME IN HD but they have PHO game on ch 590

  11. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hey GREG! I bet that Boogaard doesn’t get a goal in the playoffs either!


    Did you pay off your debts yet or did you welch like I figured you would?

    Did anybody collect from this deadbeat?

  12. Rangers have to come out with JAM and BITE, lol! To quote Blysma from 24/7, “Let’s Grind These (female dogs) Down.” Here we go boys!

  13. ilb, LMAO!!

    Carp, I apologize in advance for this post, but I am so ticked. So NOW Boomer and Carton want to talk hockey, and Boomer’s gonna grow a beard. Big deal. They should be called Bufuglien and Carcillo (sorry! not very mama-like) but they are just ridiculous.

    anyhoo, LGR!!!!

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    HAHAHAHA OLGA , your team sucks!!! I’m cashing everyone up after the season/playoffs you Knucklehead I never welch!!! Plus Boogaard did score and I won something back . Your just sore cuz your a BANDWAGON Ranger fan!!!


    Rangers gametime is …NOW!!!

  15. I love/hate this time of year. And I just got colored to get the gray out…waste of money :)

  16. lol know what makes Rangers fans unique? If 2 months from now this team is lifting Lord Stanley’s Cup there would still be background noise around- “yeah but Eminger’s coverage on Datsyuk in that final minute was terrible. he was out of position. I’m concerned about having that garbage on our blue line next season”

  17. i will be checking in on posts have computer right next to me.

    will post after periods. i need to concentrate.

    im so nervous had to go to bathroom numerous times

  18. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    OH YEAH our favorite thing to do to help us win Ranger games ,


    ” FIRE OLGA !! ”

    FIRE OLGA!!!!

  19. Everyone who posts get 25 cents for every one of Greg’s exclamation points!!! Comes out of the extra Carp gets for playoff posts :)

  20. Did anyone else crack up at the little comment Al made after the torts interview? That guy makes no sense its hilarious

  21. HERE WE GO!!!!!!!! Take the shortest route to the puck and arrive in ill humor. BOOM!

  22. how the hell does the knicks last game of the season take priority over our first playoff game on MSG?

  23. Cindy Crosby on

    no im all backed up. but I NEED THE VERSUS FEED on Verizon. Is there an Alternate versus channel???

  24. Olga Folkyerself on

    ilb- I’m just poking at the badger in a cage with a sharp stick.

    Wait a second, and he’ll squeeeeeel like crazy.




  26. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    This is panick time for Washington . We need no panick , we are the underdogs .

    We Watch , relax and accept the Ranger winning …The media and fans will freak out when we win . Us as fans will expect it, we gots a dam good team here . I feel confident. If we get behind, im not worried.

    Rangers rule!!!! Craps drool!!!


    DO IT for Callahan , Do It for Tiki!!!


    hit these muthers every chance they get,green ovie and the boys dont like to be touched!

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    Score baby , thats all we need to do!!!


  29. I hope the Rangers jump on them quick bc at the first sign of adversity this Craps team will crumble like a cookie !!

  30. Orr I was shocked. WFAN and ESPN radio actually mentioned hockey today before after 3am

  31. CT, !!!

    ilb, sorry, I forget I should use Greg’s RR vocabulary. Push me off the deck :)

  32. hey!
    now this is better. there’s no sound from the
    announcers or much of anything now
    on Center Ice broadcast.

    of course, radio stream is still doing the
    national anthem

  33. I know it’ll change as soon as I say this, but, the Craps announcers haven’t said a word since the game started. It’s lovely.

  34. whoever turned off the Caps announcers mics, I loive you!

    Just the game, no annoying voices.

  35. Mama
    been working most of day
    i have NO idea what you’re talking
    is there a “byfuglien” jar
    now among the Bonehead Brigade?

  36. jpg, neither do I most days :) was talking about cost of Greg’s !!!! I said 25 cents for every ! we could all go to Sweden on what we make from that!

    if there was a bufuglien/hartnell/carcillo jar Carp would retire.

  37. If Dru has low minutes but can contribute on faceoffs and PK, we will be a better team for it.

  38. MickeyM, awwwww it felt so much more like being at the game with no bs announcers! Just the sounds of the game and crowd chatter..that was great while it lasted.

    I’m hoping it’s a good thing that the entire Rangers bench is soo eager to be on the ice ;-)


  39. Drury made a couple of good defensive plays already. I like how theyre using short passes.

  40. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on


    Our team spreads it out alot , a team with unity .


  41. isn’t Drury a hairy sob?
    i thought you could see his chest
    busting through the top of his jersey

  42. Mister Delaware on

    If you had told me last Saturday morning my Wednesday night would be spent with a 6 pack of Nugget Nectar and a Rangers playoff game, I would have been the happiest boy in New England.

  43. Mister Delaware on

    “Yeah, if Boyle misses time in this game, it’s because Chris Hanson caught him doing something he shouldn’t be doing.”

    22, white, 5 minutes for being creepy.

  44. Mister, last I checked, Delaware ain’t in New England :)

    what the fug boys! PK!!!

  45. oh, so the Caps are getting the Cindys calls now. a little warning would have been nice…

  46. Ugh, not good. We need to survive this PK here. They are going to bring it here. If we can kill this one, I think it will give us some momentum.

  47. Mister Delaware on

    After the open net and this, I’ve gone from trying to needle Doodie with my Avery love to really being pissed. What I thought was a questionable lineup decision is no longer categorized as questionable.

  48. elbow straight to christensen’s head no call…..zucc push from behind arm goes up……….can’t happen

  49. What are you eating Mama? I’ve been munching on some grapes. Not even hungry, I guess it’s just nervous eating. ( :

  50. Stream finally working. So choppy, it makes everybody seem like they skate like Boogaard. And it’s Beninati. And it’s 1am.

    Wouldn’t be doing anything else…

  51. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    Looks like the Caps fans did an impressive job of not scalping to Rangers fans.

  52. Thanks Mickey! ORR, I can’t believe my eyes/ears!!! Hey, I still love MZA, but um, Sweet 16 …that’s all I’ll say, It is the playoffs, though.

  53. i live in DC now…….the Caps are the only team this town can get behind; tix are very hard to come by

  54. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    McCabe might need a headstart if he’s skating w/ Semin.

  55. i know its early but mccabe and gilroy def on a nightmare. we need to limit there minutes

  56. Bury My Heart at MSG on

    our boys are hanging in there and playing a good road period. there is no denying the caps have had the better chances and have controlled the play but the rangers are an opportunistic team that scores in bunches and don’t necessarily control the game.. i look for a guy like stepan to contribute.

    that being said, it seems like it’s only a matter of time until the caps break through and blow the roof off the place

  57. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    Anyone else compulsively checking to see (1) if Ovechkin is out then (2) if the Rangers got Staal out? Because its occupying half my time here.

  58. Carpley’s Believe it or Not: Chris Drury has been the Rangers’ best skater this period.

  59. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    “Carpley’s Believe it or Not: Chris Drury has been the Rangers’ best skater this period.”

    Him or Fedo.

  60. You all just rock :) Now I would like a goal by us. Would make the goat cheese go down better, but I still have a bit of a wait :)

    I would love to stick a fork in the Ovenchicken and call him done.

  61. Were those people behind Rangers bench wearing panchos? lol

    Getting ready to be squirt with water by Torts?

  62. well…………………
    that power play would have been
    really useful if we were up a goal or two
    and just wanted to run out the clock

    hope that zamboni driver at the Rangers
    practice facility bought something nice
    with the extra $$$ for the extra work
    right now it looks as if he was the only one working that day

  63. Hey, it ain’t 0-1 at least! as maloney says, stay the course, stay out of the box….we can do this!!!!

  64. We should be expecting that type of play on the road with all the youngsters in the lineup. We ll be better in period 2 now that they got that first period under their belts

  65. Bury My Heart at MSG on

    Blogmama- you know i’m a believer.. i thought that post was a fairly optimistic, yet realistic outlook.. NYR would have been lucky to get out of that period 1-0 let alone tied at 0..all the more reason to believe

  66. They just need to keep doing what they were doing and they will be fine. We got this one!!!!

  67. the fact that we made it out of that period without giving up a goal, or 2 or 5 is a mini miracle in itself. Now if the Rangers could do anything of note on offense or with the man advantage, we might be able to pull out a W.

    That was a very shaky period but hopefully it was just nerves and the offense shows up at some point.

  68. eddie eddie eddie on

    I dont think much of MZA…regardless of whether or not that was a penalty…he needs to bury that rebound…that net was wide open

  69. i may just lose my mind tonight
    with all the Bonehead posting

    i’m SOCIAL MEDIA=ED OUT, I TELL YA!!!!!!!!

  70. this was a deja vu from two years ago. The Craps skating all over us, the King defending his kingdom with valor. help him out you serfs.

  71. eddie eddie eddie on

    thought the rangers dominated first 4-5 minutes…craps looked nervous…but good lord,,,can they swarm

  72. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    believe it or not we have them right where we want them

  73. Give them a chance. They need to stick to what they know. 0-0 is a good outcome after first on the road against the Caps.


    the longer the caps go without scoring the more frustrated they will become,then we pounce!

  75. OMG, after the first 5 minutes, the Caps absolutely dominated, especially physically. Hits on EC, Dubi, McDonagh, etc are devastating if allowed to continue. They hurt and they are intimidating.

    They all occurred, mind you, after the the Caps first PP when the tide turned and the Rangers were on their heals.

    The Rangers are lucky it’s 0 – 0.

  76. Bit of a charmed life there. The newbies got one under their belt. Time to pick it up boys.


  77. Lol, the young guys looked good, they’re oblivious. No pressure. I though Prust looked a bit nervous.

  78. True Blue Mike on

    New lines:

  79. Its time for Torts to do some coaching. we need to make a few adjustments, HOpefully get some more scoring chances too

  80. BTW, Bryan McCabe looked sloooooooooooower than molasses on a winter’s day out there. And the Rangers only PP SUCKED.


  81. Byfuglien crazy non call on the hit on EC -then to make that bs call on Zucc sheesh


    they need to pick up the hitting,caps did a much better job of that in the first.

  83. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    that was a wickyism

  84. the Penguins were called for the most minor penalties and had the most penalty minutes in the NHL this season. Not sure how you figure refs are cheating…

  85. nice one wicky
    it just sounds like it
    something that Messier should
    purchase from you.

  86. McD getting confident from the point. 1 playoff game 1 playoff goal, make it happen

  87. eddie eddie eddie on

    but oleo – they could have been called for WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more…

  88. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    LOL!! Mess gets all his quotes from me!!

    The caps vowels scare me a bit…Arnott Erskine Ovechkin

  89. Unless “running out of real estate from an angle standpoint” was some sort of Crosby reference from Beninati, because it sure wasn’t recognisable English.

  90. that’s a bit insane if he benches Zuc

    yes, he took that “penalty”
    but he was on the puck more so
    than others.

    give him a shift

  91. Caps out-shot Rangers 9 to 5, outhit them 17 to 10 (and something like 5 – 0 for nasty hits) won 55% of the FOs and in terms of genuine scoring chances, probably 90% to 10%. A period to forget…..

  92. i’m sorry but Torts play
    okay, he got the message
    no hits from behind
    he’s of use.

  93. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    mrs says boyle looks like tom selleck with his stache

  94. i could have shot the puck into the goalie’s chest
    for a little less than HALF of what Gabby makes!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  95. The Rangers are being totally overwhelmed offensively here….Gabbie’s scoring chance on a nice pass from BB is their first legitimate chance of the game and it’s nearly 1/2 over.

    Not good…

  96. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    maybe they left him open intentionally

  97. Horrible play Dubinsky. Rangers could have had a 3 on 1 or a 2 on 0 if he freakin’ moved.

  98. geesh…dubinsky is not nearly as good as he thinks he is….geeesh…a 2-0 if he’d passed the puck just outside the blueline….

  99. And Neuvirth is still letting plenty of rebounds….The longer this goes, the more chance we have. Watch for Gaborik to score one tonight…

  100. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    mcdonut needs to get his assen in that scrum

  101. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    I don’t know what his market value will be, and it may be too high for what he is, but I do like Laich. He’d fit in well here.

  102. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    RANGER HOCKEY FOLKS , Geared for the playoffs!!!!


    Gaborik is being utilized , nice to see . Now for him to score and we now take home ice away from the Craps.

  103. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, I had a meeting tonight in Manhattan, so I was listening on the way home as best I could. Looks like we’ve got them right where we want them!

  104. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    mister delaware
    you are absolutely correct on laich

  105. was going to say something
    but i’m too superstitious

    so, if it pans out
    i’ll tell you later that i told ya so
    and you just have to believe me.

  106. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    I must say I am more relaxed watched this game than I have in a long time. I am just so happy to see the boys in the playoffs where they belong after working so hard all season long. Great time to gain some experience now and use it next year when we make a real push for the cup.

  107. Dear Lord,
    you know i’m not much of a
    visitor lately
    but if you let those byfuglien
    pens win a Cup
    i’m turning to beelzebub
    and goat and virgin sacrificing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Cape,

    I agree. I have the same sentiments. I’m much calmer and more at ease than usual.

  109. JimboWoodside on

    From what I could hear on the radio broadcast, Hank is keeping them in this game – of course, if he does that a little bit more, he will get into the heads of the Caps and make them press hard…

    Doesn’t sound like we had much in the way of offensive chances, though – correct?

  110. A much better 2nd period. The Caps chances were way down and the Rangers forechecking was up considerably. So was their hitting. Great to see BB pound Green. The King made a couple of good saves, the Rangers got lucky on a couple of misses, but the chances were way down. And the Rangers had a couple of legitimate chances – the biggest being the non opportunity totally blown by Dubinsky (ie would have been a freakin’ 2 on 0 if he’d passed it off).

  111. Jimbo, he’s made some awesome saves. The latest was on a breakaway against Backstrom. He was beat 5-hole, but Hank sort of in a fluky way, kicked it out while the puck was behind him.

    Scary moment!

    Noy-Vair has had one hell of an easy game thus far.

  112. Jimbo: Not as much as you might think – the King’s played great, but I swear the Caps have missed more opportunities due to bouncing pucks than those the King has stopped.

    That’s not to say the King hasn’t made some very good saves.

    And he wasnt’ nearly as busy in the 2nd as he was in the 1st.

  113. Uggh…The Rangers have 1 good scoring chance in the game and it came about 30 minutes into the game. They have more talent and skill than this to generate offense; the Caps defense is not that great, believe me.

  114. Beninati: “Follow the bouncing biscuit”

    Immediately brought an image of Brodeur on a pogo stick to my mind.

  115. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks, Jim – and everyone else……I’d like to see us put a little more heat on Neuvirth – he can be had…but not at the expense of good defensive play.

  116. Jim – they definitely should have gotten a better chance out of it but I don’t know if they would have had a 2-0 as easy as that – I’d like to see it again

  117. so now
    no virgins
    and i’ll peta
    chasing me in regards
    to the ghosts

    what’s an aspiring sacrificing satanist to do?

  118. DoNt know if its been said yet but I think Torts is playing for the shootout in this one

  119. 0-0 going into 3rd lets steal game one now.

    this could be our shot. we need 1 of these first 2 to have a series. we wont beat them 4 out of 5

  120. JimboWoodside on

    jpg, I didn’t say *”no virgins”*, but I was wondering where you were going to find any – unless you start raiding kindergarten classes!

  121. we got them where we wanted them… let’s go, Rangers patented strong third period!

  122. I’ve seen enough of those crazy pinball goals to think that Hank is owed a few bounces, posts etc.
    But he’s been a beast regardless.

  123. Precisely, NYR_FAN….Let’s see how the third looks….No need to press, it’s a long series….Let them get frustrated andcsee if they getvaway from their defensive plan.

  124. JimboWoodside on

    jpg, I didn’t say “no virgins”, but I was wondering where you were going to find some – unless you start raiding kindergarten classes!

  125. wteal? lets just take it. Caps dont deserve this game.

    I hope we make some bone jarring hits ourselves, of course we would get penalties

  126. I hate to be negative but its a damn shame they cannot pressure this rookie goalie. This is the lack of offense that kills me to watch as a Ranger’s fan.

  127. jeus h
    that’s boarding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dubi’s face is to the boards and he’s pushed from the bakc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  128. JimboWoodside on

    chasing me in regards
    to the ghosts”

    PETA won’t care about the ghosts unless they are ghosts of previously sacrified animals! :-)


  130. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on




  131. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    Flip to center, flip to center, flip to center … 17:30 done

  132. Aaaaaagggghhhh, I was in the other room and missed the Ranger goal!! Figures!!! LGR!!!!!!!!

  133. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    Dear Torts,

    A Gilroy goal should absolutely not mean more McCabe.



  134. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Hi Mama, I’m doing great, enjoying the game alot. Having a few Canadian beer.

  135. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    “MD- Prust made the goal happen”

    Wolski hitting Gilroy in a perfect spot made the goal happen, Prust did the work early that makes us love him. But he’s had several bad giveaways that a non-Prust would get slammed for.

  136. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    God I love how Staal gets his FU up for Ovechkin.

  137. ilb, I was out in the kitchen and nothing happened. I better not be losing my touch!! LOL

  138. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    “Capitals should have taken a penalty for roughing up Drury way behind the play.”

    Yup, thats the one I was calling. Absolutely 2:00 unless you’re going to let the rest of this period go.

  139. Yes, MD, Prust made a few nervous plays, especially during first. But he retrieved that puck and passed him to Wolski. WW, btw, has looked good for awhile now.

  140. True Blue Mike on

    Im surprised AA didn’t get a delay of game for hiding the puck in his equipment, guess its because the other team doesn’t have Penguins jerseys on ;)

  141. agree JB

    i guess they’re letting ’em play
    but the refs better not call some b.s.
    thing after allowing all that other stuff to happen.

  142. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    For the burger lovers, this was my 2nd intermission …

    8 parts creme fraiche
    4 parts grated horseradish
    2 parts white wine vinegar
    1 part lemon juice

    = The best burger topping / horseradish sauce you will have. Thats what led to the goal, nothing else.

  143. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    “This is why you need guys like Feds, and Dreary in the lineup. They’re perfect for games like these.

    Two great games they’ve played.”


  144. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    “Creme fraiche? Oh yeaaah, fugg yeah!”

    Sadly there will be no “shake weight” tonight.

  145. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    You are not allowed to declare a f—ing goal.

  146. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    How f—ing long are you going to let them bang away on that? Jesus christ.

  147. byfuglien!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what’s that deal?
    intent to blow the whistle/the play dead?

  148. That whistle came just as the puck crossed the line. There had to be intent to blow there.

  149. how could they even be looking at it?
    the ref behind the net felt that the play was dead and signaled no goal!

  150. what a load of cooke/carcillo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what was the reason?
    i have the sound off

  151. JimboWoodside on

    Goddammit!!! Can a player just push the goalie into the net with the puck? I guess so!!

  152. 4generations 4 cups on

    So why is Ovechkin allowed to run offensive lineman? He hits players without the puck…no call?

  153. well,
    never easy when it comes to our Rangers

  154. you cant judge intent to blow the whistle on a video replay. the ref needs to make that call on his own and he didnt.

  155. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    Ovetchkin you dirty , mutha Firetrucker , idiot , stuiped , moronic goof!!!!


  156. I don’t think the goal should have counted. But the Rangers should have been all over that puck, and on top of Ovechkin and Semin.

    Big PP.

  157. Blue Seat Horror on

    Rangers suffering from a moment of intending to blow. How long were they planning on letting Ovechkin just stand there on the side of the net and watch the play unchecked? We’ll never know because the great egg got bored and scored.

    Not a terrible game so far…but not a great game. Better bury the PP goal.

  158. on that gaol brian pochmara the ref couldnt get the whistle to his mouth fast enough he was going to blow it dead

  159. if you lose sight of the puck you blow the whistle, correct? if you never signaled goal, then you obviously couldn’t see the puck, which MEANS YOU BLOW THE WHISTLE!

  160. they can’t even get the byfuglien call right!!!!!!!!!!!
    it;s a high stick!

  161. JimboWoodside on

    And there was NO WAY that the ref could have seen that puck from where he was standing – he should have blown the whistle long before the puck got pushed in!

  162. intent to blow the whistle has cancelled goals
    throughout the season
    and suddently the refs need to cover their
    aassens and make a call to buttman
    because he wants the caps to play the pens

  163. I can’t see but it sounds like the goal they called back in the ’07 playoffs when Therat Fleury dind’t have control of the puck but they blew the whistle

  164. dammit on the tying goal. dammit on them not blowing the whistle.

    grrrr, to computer problems

  165. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    Anyone else get the feeling Girardi watched video of his mistakes and decided to avoid all of them? He’s been completely safe and good.

  166. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    “REAL Overtime! Now it’s Hockey!”

    Sort of wish it weren’t. Would be huge advantage us.

  167. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    Fedotenko from a bad angle right around 11:10 PM EST.

  168. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    What a shame, after a really scary first period, we settled down and played a fantastic last 40 minutes. And then we get carcilloed by a ref who cheated us out of a win. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. Did anyone expect them to take a goal away from that ugly Russian?

  169. Drury has played a pretty good game up until now so a goal would be icing on the cake ………… Or extra toppings on the pizza pie

  170. well let’s see if the Rangers can get a goal here. Washington has the huge advantage in the offensive dept but hopefully the Rangers can pull a rabbit out and steal game 1.

  171. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    So anyway, its a play off the Radius burger, which is a top 10 burger in the US.

    Burger + cheddar + horseradish sauce + onion strings + brioche bun = Everyone is happy

  172. Krisy and Anne on

    what happens now?
    How long break before overtime starts?
    How long does each ot period last?
    Does this go on until someone scores ?
    5 on 5 or ?

  173. Crssby knitted some nice pot holders today.

    He even knew who they were for. he is progressing better than an alzheimers patient.

    the NHL is in good hands

  174. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    “Rangers win while I eat that burger = I am happy.”

    That’s utopia right there.

  175. ha! Krisy and Anne!!! I love it! Heia!!!!

    it’s 5 on 5 and we just pray…..have some Melkesjokolade to stay up!

  176. True Blue Mike on

    It’s 17 minutes between each overtime, each overtime last’s 20 minutes, it’s sudden death; first goal wins and 5 on 5 as long as there are no penalties.

  177. K&A Let’s hope it doesn’t go to multiple OT’s….you’ll have to cat-nap between periods!

  178. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    and more la fin du monde

    stay in the other room

  179. The girls need some ‘wegian luck here so they can go to bed! LGR!! Let’s go Mats…help some fellow countrywomen!

  180. hahaha… Craps announcer just said, “to Drury, who has been oh so clutch in past playoffs”

  181. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    My god am I glad King is ours.

    (And I was in Portland, OR for the Drury goal. Somehow with 4 Sabres fans.)

  182. My intestines are in really bad knots….if I hear Kanooble one more time……….grrrrrrrr

  183. Krisy and Anne on

    Come on Boys! Let’s go Rangers! Sending all the luck we can muster up at this hour! Seriously it’s almost 5 am now, 2 hours until my son has to get up for school..

  184. Mister Delaware (who migrated north to Boston) on

    I miss Callahan a lot. Would like to see Fedo-Drury-Dubinsky and see if we could steal a grit goal.

  185. neither Girardi nor Staal gets puck outta
    the zone.

    great job guys!!

  186. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Tough tough loss! After such an outstanding defensive game! Where oh where were our forwards going??????

  187. Where was Dubinsky on that Staal clearing attempt? Oh, I know: Invisible, as he was all freakin’ game.

  188. Drury was awful on that one.he lost the puck then left the zone too early, giving Staal no outlet, and giving them a 3-on-1

  189. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Staal should have sent the puck around the other side, you know, where our players were!!

  190. OK, OK, OK….remember what Carp said. Game 1 loss doesn’t equal series loss. Momentum schemtum. I believe I believe I believe. It will all be fine. Yes yes yes it will.

  191. i mean what are you supposed to do there. Thats why you need that big time goal scorer in order to win a stanley cup.

  192. wow staal…….just wow; such a stupid play. Why>?! Why?! Why?! go up the boards through 2 Caps when the middle of the ice is WIDE OPEN. such a dumb play.

  193. Ovechtrick’s goal was bull-carcillo…the ref didn’t even make a call until after the net was off….

    It’s ok…we still got this series…the Craps suck…

    Noy-Vair is not that good…we’ll make him pay Friday…

  194. Czechthemout!!! on

    Dan Girardi and Marc Staal, the most overrated defensive pair in the NHL. Both goals were on them!

    Gaborik again proves how useless he is when it matters most!

  195. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    They honestly played a HELL of a defensive game. And Henrik played tremendously tremendous. If we have any semblance of offense in Game 2, we’ll have a good chance to split.

  196. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Gabby def needs to start burying the biscuit, otherwise he’s just as useless as EC

  197. Gotta agree with Jim. Dubinsky was terrible. Did anyone on the Rangers win a faceoff tonight?

  198. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    Tough loss , we probally could have shut ’em out but we lost. We played hard and deserve to be here …nice to get the first loss outta the way then maybe we can come out next game with a little more Athority. Great game by our troops and im looking forward to the next game. Would have been nice to bury a few of those chance but atleast we came up playing hard and set the tone that we wont go down easy to these chumps. We won the season series so we know what to do to win…game one Caps.

  199. what do you mean giving Staal no outlet?
    it was just a matter of the Rangers back
    to just shooting the puck out of their
    zone and giving it back for the next wave by
    the opposition until the

  200. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Staal had no options, because the forwards all left the defensive zone. Why oh why did they do that?

  201. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RANGERS ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    Chicago is getting SLAUGHTERED by Vancouver …sweet.

  202. Gaborik had 2 point blank chances and did squat, shot it right into the goalie’
    s chest. what a waste of $37.5 mill

  203. onecupin71yearsand counting on

    The game was the Rangers for the taking… No moral victory in defeat… a real confidence killer.

  204. Unfortunately, this loss is partially on Stepan on the Ovechkin goal, had an opportunity to swipe the puck with purpose, he didn’t and the rest is history.

    As soon as Drury didn’t clear the puck, I knew the game was over.

  205. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    On the bright side, we get an ornery Avery back on Friday. After that stupid first period penalty, Zucc was hardly on the ice.

  206. Greg, mama love to you!
    Krisy and Anne, go niters….but have Anne wear her shirt Friday, and tomorrow in fact. The wegian luck apparently takes time to get here….

    Sigh. It’s OK…….keep repeating that. Trade nobody!

  207. Great to see Gaborik step up, another of many sather bad signings, just another wasted cap space.

  208. It was a great shot by Semin…

    people blaming Drury need a reality check…

    Did you see where Semin took that shot from?

  209. this game was simply a matter of Washington being a better team. They were better in every facet of the game and were a couple of bad bounces and posts away from being blown out.

  210. N.CountryNYRFan on

    we can’t win a game in OT if the pucks in our zone 80% of the time and we desparetly need someone to finish

  211. You can heap all the praise you want on Staal and Girardi for their awesome game, but the two bad plays they made all night ended up in the back of their net. Sauer and McDonagh made no plays that ended up in the back of their net.

  212. All Staal had to do was sky the puck to the neutral zone; everyone D man in the league does that; he didn’t have to go up the boards through 2 Caps…… I love Staal, thought he had a great game but it was a dumb play.

  213. Semin took the shot from the top of the circles with Hank moving right to left, he shot top shelf, nothing Hank could do. It’s on Drury and Staal.

  214. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hey Greg pay off those Boogaard bets yet?

    They named a drink after you.

    Welches Grape Juice

  215. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Nobody is accusing Staal of being an intelligent hockey player, to go with his utter lack of offensive instincts and skills. Can we get Gomez back for him? Also starting to really despise “Mr. Invisible,” Zza Zza Gabor-ik.

  216. N.CountryNYRFan on

    would have been huge to steal the first game on their home ice, but oh well, without hank score couldv’e been at least 4-1

  217. JimboWoodside on

    We blew it – how does a guy get to shoot from that place in the slot with nobody within ten feet of him…? Bad coverage….

  218. oleo said it perfectly. we were beaten badly. not on teh scoreboard, but we had nothing on offense.

  219. >>Gabby def needs to start burying the biscuit…

    The guy was invisible during the regular season–when checking isn’t as tight as in the playoffs–and you expect him to step up now when you have to fight for every inch of ice?

  220. ‘Staal should have sent the puck around the other side, you know, where our players were!!’

    Really? Really?

  221. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i’m not a huge fan of Avery’s, but i think he should get in the line up for next game as long as he can control himself and not hurt us with penalties

  222. At least Drury had a guy on him. Staal had plenty of time. I don’t think we deserved to win this game at all, but it just bothers me when a non-goal and a horrible giveaway ruin it for us.

  223. blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame

  224. i was being sarcastic
    and serious (i’m complex)

    the Rangers were back to just flipping the puck
    out of the zone and just chasing it
    which usually ends up with them giving it
    away and the opponent coming back at ’em
    in waves.

    do NOT understand this plan
    a couple shifts. sure, necessary.
    but on a constant basis
    especially when your guys rarely if ever
    seem to get to the puck before
    the opponent.
    would be different if it was a set play and
    we get to the puck.

    sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gonna have a fun time
    sleeping tonight.

  225. Reginald Dunlop on

    forwards all left zone because the all star had plenty of time to move it and make a play, instead he waited let the forecheck get him and there in lies the loss………yep with 3 red shirts in front of him and on that half of ice…….the play is to reverse it……..basic hockey…….

  226. Sather's Wrap-Up on

    I promised Dolan we’d get to 8th place and I DELIVERED! That’s two more sellouts than last year! Now where is that 5 year extension?

    Got your bets down everyone? I got a sure thing going with one Bonehead. I took Rangers over Washington in 5. Greg took Rangers in 2. His tiebreaker is Boogaard for the GWG. I think I got him…

    Riiiiiiiing!!!!!!!! (We’re in the money, We’re in the money,….) Oh, That’s Jimmy Dolan’s ringtone, I gotta get this… Hey, Big Guy! How about that! Rangers AND Knicks in the playoffs for the first time for you. And they said you would never do it… Ummm Muckler was the one that said it. I heard him. Yep. Plain as day.
    No. Not me! I didn’t even like repeating it… Gotta Go! (click)

    Captain Clutch is back on the ice! I know because the Clutchmobile is parked in my reserved spot again. Let’s see him play like one of his pizzas- big, hot and with everything on it. He’s got 8 million reasons to…

    Wow. I see that Edmonton is last in the league again. You know, I’ve been gone from there for 10 years, and they STILL haven’t recovered… Oh well, can’t happen twice, can it?

    Playoff Overtime. This is how it should be. Next goal wins, no matter how long it takes. Dolan doesn’t have to pay for overtime. These guys are working for FREE! Messier! Why in God’s name did we build a shootout team!!!

    OK- Raise your hands- who out there thought the Rangers were going to go 16-0?

    I thought so….

    Forever Yours
    Uncle Glennie

  227. Reginald Dunlop on

    plus did they have a faceoff win in ot???? tough when youre chasing the puck all the time

  228. Guys, guys, guys.. calm the byfuglien down. It’s only ONE game. I’m just as upset as you about this, but i never thought this would be easy. Mistakes were made, the refs blew a call, and they didn’t score enough.. is any of this shocking? More like the story of the season. They didn’t play awful or horrible, and they’ll get better in game two.

  229. Hank just needs to keep it up. He didn;t give up much. You need great goaltending to beat these guys. Jaro Halak was able to do it last year for MTL. I know Hank can do it too. We need to bury a few.

    Yeah, if/when Avery is back in, he’s going to take dumb penalties…I see it already…and we can’t afford anymore giveaways…

    the Zuccarello penalty was stupid too…no denying that…

  230. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i thought Gilroy and our young players all played a pretty decent game, can’t beleive McD and Sauer are just rookies the way they handle themselves.

  231. NYR

    first off,
    if Zuc was called for crosschecking
    that’s one thing
    but the guy wasn’t facing the boards
    so it was not a boarding penalty

    it was the first. we didn’t play well overall in that period
    yet it was 0-0.
    a good team kills penalties for whatever reason
    a good team scores on a power play.
    we did the pk
    but not the pp
    as usual

  232. Caps are much better on defense then they used to be. They are collapsing and protecting the net. Its going to be a tough series for the Rangers if they can’t score.

  233. A couple of things:

    1. The Rangers are the Rangers. No scoring punch but they can certainly grind it out.
    2. I’m not terribly impressed with this Capitals team. There are some pretty obvious holes and their one regulation goal was garbage.
    3. Neuvirth is a disaster waiting to happen. The first credible shot he faced was the Gilroy goal. I think the only reason he can look even passable is because the Devils…err..Capitals don’t allow any decent shots.
    4. Can someone explain why Erik Christiansen is in the lineup? Rangers need a little bit more grit. You’re going to get absolutely nothing out of Erik Christiansen in a game without a shootout. Bite the bullet, Torts, and play you know who. Don’t worry, you can still limit him to 6 minutes a game in the playoffs.
    5. If Gaborik manages to wake up, the Rangers will be a bonafide contender. If he doesn’t, they’ll be luck to see Game 5 of this series.

  234. Nice to see you Uncle! Go light one up now….

    Would love to be here all night, but alas, must fade to black….Friday is another day, so says Scarlett :) LGR! Ta…….

  235. I hear you, jpg…even though it’s a dumb rule, Zucca should know better…you can’t hit a guy from behind…but not a big deal…

    I want Zucca to play! He looked ok in his limited minutes…I thought he should have been on the PP….

    We need the Voice here!

  236. tough loss. rangers easily could have won. on th efirst cap goal, if it was the rangers that whistle is blown.

    turnover by staal, done…

    maybe add 44 to the roster and go with 7 d men if you are not using zucc basically at all.

    just not enough offense the same old story but I liked the ffort….

  237. Lloyld, argh, you made me wicky… #4…:)

    btw all, did you know there really is a real Lloyd Braun? I know this for a fact….Niters……TA!

  238. N.CountryNYRFan on

    right on, MickeyM, need to stay positive only 1 game and we gave them a run for their money tonight, this is not gonna be a walk in the park for either team.

    Rangers in 6!!!! :)

  239. n country- yea i loved the young guys games tonight. thought artie played well too. but duby, gabby and droopy. they were bad. that pp is somethin else. they dont generate anything. mccabe is a turd too. he should stand there and rip one timer after one timer at this kid. neuvirth who made a few nice saves i give him credit. but the gabby shot was right into his chest. hey, all these extra games are experience for teh young guys, but imo, they played with more poise than most of the vets. i dont think avery is the answer either. torts shouldve played zucc more. that call was weak i think. maybe try avery for friday, but u know he isnt gonna score, and hes good for at least 1 bad penalty.

  240. since it’s going to be ‘the sky is falling, the team blows, yada, yada, yada’ for the rest of the night, I’m out. Time to hit bed fefore 11 for once.


  241. stu- yea the effort wasnt that great really. we had much more energy and hitting in the devs game. i know they didnt wanna trade chances with the caps, but they have to score more, and keep the puck in the other end for more than a few seconds. and when we did, we barely got any chances. just chasing around teh net. alot of guys played good, but certainly not good enough for teh playoffs. kids looked fine and on d, they should play mcdonagh and sauer even more. u could see staal n girardi were lookin pretty ragged at the end. i think now the first game is over, the nerves will go away and we shoudl at least make a long series out of it.

  242. N.CountryNYRFan on

    for a superstar sniper Gabby sure does suck. he has absolutly no moves to get around dmen, he needs to learn to use his speed better and learn to stick handle around people, not just skate down the side boards stop and shoot a weak assen shot that either goes harmlessly into the dman skates or the goalies chest.

    Where did the Gabby of 2009-2010 go, who is this imposter we have???

  243. Gaborik has been really, really bad for quite some time. I think it’s a combination of him not being the same since the concussion and Tortorella’s regrettable decisions to bench him. The guy frequently looks like he’s playing with practically zero confidence.

  244. Olga Folkyerself on

    Gaborik is like every other overpaid UFA that comes to NY. Once they get the big long contract, they start to slip irrevocably down the scoring ranks.

    It’s the Sather Way.

  245. gabby has been bad most of the season but tonight I thought he played well.

    the rangers almost every game this year puts maximum effort. sure the islander game, the duck game, and a few others they had poor efforts but this team plays hard. they are without there best forward (or 2nd best) on a team with scoring deficiencies and therefore they have trouble scoring. every mistake is magnified.

    they need 3 or 4 new forwards next year with speed and skill, no need for a superstar(but that would not be a bad thing) and this team can compete big time…

    they are close.. stepan, aa, dubi, cally, etc these guys can play and are growing………

    they have 2 big time d pairs, they need to improve the PP for a change and get some more skill.. maybe hagelin and his speed can make the team next year, maybe grachev will take the next step, maybe kreider ends the stay in school stupid idea…………

    when they play bad I post to that affect, tonight they just came up short……….

  246. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather will do the same with Richards if he signs him this summer. And Richards will have peaked as a player and we will all be saying “What happened to THIS guy?”

    Sather couldn’t ever draft anyone elite, and signs players past their prime for mega bucks.

  247. take this team as is… eliminate the frolov $, the Mccabe $, either gilroy or emminger, and they can add a piece there alone….

    yep dubi and a few others will get raises but they can definitely add to this team………..

  248. im with ya on that stu. hope these prospects continue to develop. hope one or 2 really becomes a star for this team, cuz the free agent thing hasnt worked for a long time.

  249. what about dru? hes done in a year or 2 right? do u think slats will buy him out? i just cant see that happening. but pretty soon were gonna have 15 mill tied into 2 guys that dont produce anymore.

  250. 1. Capt Pizza non-cluch clear and then left the zone w/o supporting Staal
    2. Dubi rough game
    3. Butt-chin one quality chance
    4. Torts limits the guy who scored ice time to 7 mins.
    Plenty of blame to go around.

  251. There’s one reason the Rangers probably can’t win this series. The Capitals have a few pure goal scorers and the Rangers don’t even have one. Goaltending and defensive prowess help your team go far in the playoffs, but the utter lack of offensive proficiency exhibited by this Ranger team is why they finished 8th in the conference. This club simply isn’t going to generate more than a handful of decent scoring chances and the majority of the ones they do generate will result in nothing. It’s impossible to win in this league without scoring. The Ranger power play is bad because it’s usually a bunch of grinders skating around hoping for a mistake. It’s damn near impossible to win at this level playing that way.

    Again, a lot of this can change if Gaborik starts to come around but right now he looks about as offensively sound as Eminger.

  252. glad to see most are back to jumping off the bandwagon again.. very good to see… something goes wrong and everybody bails.. not good

  253. I thinnk Gaborik should join the circus … that overpaid, no-talent clown wouldn’t be able to put the puck in the ocean if he was standing on a pier.

  254. I’ve felt this way for the entire season. There are very obvious deficiencies on this club that didn’t correct themselves the moment the Rangers made the playoffs. It’s why I doubted they’d even get in and why I doubt they’ll get past Washington. I’m still going to watch every game and cheer hard for them but I can’t kid myself and pretend that what they’re putting on the ice now is good enough to win.

  255. the rangers signed no FA last offseason and I hope they do the same this offseason.

    they are moving in the right direction.. mcdonagh is 21, sauer is 23, staal 24, and girardi just turned 27…

    every team can use a 50 goal scorer and of course the rangers can but that is not reasonable, they simply need 2 more 20 to 25 goal scorers….that is doable….

    sure staal should have cleared the puck, he is human and also played 36 minutes…….

  256. whos bailing? we come back here every single night. what the hell are some of u people talkin about jumpin off the bandwagon.? and sky is falling crap. just stop.

  257. i meant no big contract long term FA.. frolov got 1 year… prospal the same etc………

  258. I’m bailing … this team is not even good enough to win the 4th-division Guatemalan league

  259. nyranger blue on

    Carp has it right. there is no momentum from game to game, especially a close game. The Rangers will be back in game 2. this series will be a long one.

  260. yea torts has to give staal and girardi a break here and use mcdonagh and sauer more. theyve shown they can handle big minutes and also, theyre using ovie for extended shifts and keeping him on when staal and girardi change. all we need is some big goals by our top players. our d is good and hank is outstanding most of the time.

  261. JimboWoodside on

    I still don’t understand how the ref could have seen that puck before it got through Hank. Hank was there, and so was Prust and Ovechkin…..he must have X-ray eyes….

  262. Stuart:

    If you look back at just about all the recent Stanley Cup winners (and I went back about 25 years before I got bored), each one of them has at least one pure goal scorer on the roster, and in some cases, more than one. The only exception to that would be the 2002-2003 Devils, who are probably the worst team to ever win the Stanley Cup. Anyway, history dictates that it’s extremely unlikely to win a championship when you don’t have a guy who can crack 25 goals.

  263. Olga Folkyerself on

    The ref never made any call. So it went upstairs to the boys in the booth. And that killed any “intent to whistle” argument. After that, Rangers were screwed. Nothing left to do but call it a goal.

  264. Olga Folkyerself on

    Must be a blind pimple. I can’t see him, but it feels like he’s still here…

  265. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    so I never figured we would sweep the caps and I really don’t care if they win the last four in a row as long as they win four. RELAX folks!!

    I think the first pair are pretty much to blame on the winner (semin was OPG’s guy and well he scored) and staal should have went back the other direction behind the gaol with the puck.

    On the second goal, I blame every ranger but hank for the goal. 5 guys watching 2 caps jam at the puck and goalie (actually OPG was on his assen after getting trucked by Ovi…why can’t boyle truck people like that going into the offencive zone). Another goal scored by the other team while we have no one that clears the crease!!!!!

    Although I honestly thought the refs should have blown the whistle on the tying goal, I thought the officials called a great game and let alot of stuff go!!

    FWIW, I thought stuart had a good point about if torts is going to jerk around the 12th forward and basically give him 6 or 7 minutes a game, dress eminger/7 d men. If staal and OPG are going to get 30 minutes a night, they will not last this series, let alone a few more rounds….the d men need their ice time more evenly distributed or we need to add a 7th d man to eat some minutes!!

    Either way, calm folks calm..never get too high, never get too low…even keel! A lot of hockey left in this series!!


  266. Kaiser Permanente on

    I’m just posting this because I didn’t like seeing 911 comments.

    Call me superstitious or whatever. Don’t need that kind of aura in the playoffs.

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