Post-practice quotes


Marc Staal:

“Playoffs, special teams is always a huge component of trying to win a series. It’ll be big, coming up this week. We obviously pay attention to defense in our own zone and make sure we do those things properly to give ourselves chances to score. It’ll be interesting.”

On Lundqvist:

“Last time we went to Washington we won the first two. Obviously the series didn’t end the way we wanted, but we definitely want to get off to a similar start. With Hank in the playoffs, he’ll come up big for us and make big saves when we need them. We need to help him as much as we can and build leads so we can kind of control the pace of the game and the way we want to play.”

On what he can tell the less-experienced guys:

“We’ve got quite a few guys who haven’t played in the playoffs before. I, myself, have only played in three rounds. I think every little bit helps, especially this time of year. I think you just want to go out, especially at the start, and play simple and kind of get your feet under you and not worry too much about making mistakes, things like that. I think that’s the biggest thing — just play your game.”

On 3-1 vs. Caps this season:

“Yeah, obviously beat them a couple of times. Obviously it’s a different story in the playoffs, but we have that to come back to and know we can go into their building and get some wins, so we’re a confident group in here. We’re just going to play the way we’ve played all year and see where it goes from there.”

On stopping Ovechkin and Co.:

“Against those guys, it’s team defense because not one, not two guys can stop their guys. Being sharp in our own end zone — backcheck’s a huge thing because they love to make plays when they cross the blue line. So it will be concentration of all of us to make sure we’re doing the job in our own end.”

On whether he’s spoken to his brother, Eric, whose team the Rangers beat out for the final playoff spot on Saturday:

“I’ve exchanged a couple of text messages with him, but he’s not a happy man. I haven’t really talked to him too much, no. I sent a text yesterday, asked him how he’s feeling. Obviously he’s disappointed.

“He had a couple (of injuries). I know it was a groin, but I’m not sure what else. They had a good run. They obviously had it right there, like a lot of teams did. That’s the way it worked out.”

Payback for the big hit Eric put on Marc in Carolina?

“Yeah. Yeah. It’s a little better making the playoffs, that’s for sure.”

On rebounding well after sub-par games, and how important that is in the playoffs:

“Exactly. They’re seven-game series and you can’t lose confidence in the way that you play the game, or get away from your style of play. For the most part all year long we’ve stuck with it, knowing that’s how we get success. So it’s a good background to go into the playoffs with, just knowing that if you don’t have a good game or a bad period, you don’t implode and give up what got you there.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

“It’s the same feeling every year. You get anxious, nervous, excited. A lot of emotions going into the playoffs. I always put a lot of pressure on myself. But I hope I can help the team and make them feel confident and if I need to, just step up at the right time to be there for them. So we’ll see how we do.”

Is this his time of year?

“(Laughs). I like it. I liked going down the stretch the last month and a half. It’s been fun. A lot of intense games. And you just have to be on top of your game, otherwise it’s over real fast. So it would be a great feeling to have a good run. It’s been a while since we’ve had a good run in New York, so that’s what we’re working for now.”

On how he feels physically, after playing all those games since February and having had a few days off now:

“I feel pretty good. There’s no time to really … you know, if I would sit down and think, ‘Maybe I’m tired, maybe I’m not’ … but I don’t go there. There’s no time for it. And now, it’s so exciting to be in the playoffs. When you get out there tomorrow and  feel the energy and excitement from the guys and the crowd, it’s not going to be hard to be ready to play.”

“Especially when you have a long run in the playoffs, if you have that — I’ve experienced it back home and a couple of years ago here — you might be tired, but when you go out there and feel the energy and excitement it’s like you can keep going forever, it feels like. Hopefully we can feed from that energy. I don’t think anybody’s tired right now and we shouldn’t be tired.”

On what he felt when the final buzzer sounded in Tampa’s win over Carolina Saturday:

“I think right after our last game, I kind of landed a little bit — ‘OK, maybe it’s over, maybe it’s not.’ And then after that game, Tampa won, it’s like, ‘OK, it’s on again.’ For a few hours you’re like, ‘Maybe it’s over.’ You kind of let your shoulders down a little bit. But right after that (Tampa) game is over, I started thinking about tomorrow and about Washington and about what’s coming, what I need to do. So now it’s back to hockey 24/7 again and trying to do everything you can to get your game going.”

On sitting next to Drury as the team watched the Tampa game:

“They tried to calm me down, but it was tough. It was very tough. I’ve never been in that position before. You know, I just kept thinking about all the work we put down and what happened last year, being that close, and being that close again and just missing. It’s mentally really tough. It’s a great feeling when you realize you’re in and all the work paid off.”

“I think it was our turn, though, after what happened last year and the way we played. We should be here. We deserve to be here, and we should just grab the opportunity and try to do something good here.”

Marian Gaborik:

“It’s a very exciting time, obviously, to play playoffs in New York. It’s going to be my first experience, so I’m looking forward to that. It’s been long hours after that game we won, whether we’re going to get in or not, and everybody was confident, and I think we deserve to be in, definitely.”

“I think it’s a new season for everyone. It’s a challenge. We’re an eighth seed playing against a No. 1 seed, so we’re going into the series, we want to go game by game, and we’re going to take it very seriously. Hopefully we can build on a few games we had at the end of the regular season, besides obviously Atlanta and the Islanders. And most important thing, everybody’s excited and fired up.”

On his opportunity to erase his regular season frustration:

“It’s big, not just for myself, but for everyone. You know, it’s motivation and a big challenge and I’m very excited for this opportunity we have, and we just need to grab it.”

“They have a very strong offense, guys like Ovechkin, Backstrom. They can make plays, they’ve done it before the last few years. And we need to be ready. We need to play our game. I don’t think they wanted to play against us. I think they would rather have had Carolina. We’ve had a good record against them. We have to be ready and make sure we play good defensively, make sure we know where their top guys are on the ice, and we need to create offense and make sure we get a lot of shots and just create chances.”

“We had a good record (against them) but this is a different story. We can’t think it’s going to be easy because we had a good record against them.”

On the power play:

“Special teams are going to be the key. We know we have to be disciplined. They have a good power play. And if we get on the power play, we practiced the power play. We know they’re going to come out hard and we know they’re going to be very aggressive. So we have to make sure we move the puck quickly and create chances.”

“It’s a series. It’s not one game. We can’t win the series in one game. We have to be patient. We have to know what we’re doing out there. Obviously, every period’s going to count towards that series. So I think we’re going to come out with a lot of energy. That’s how we’ve been successful. It;s a full series. You’re not going to win it in one period or one game.”

On Lundqvist:

“It gives us a a lot of confidence. When he’s on his game, it gives us a great chance to win. We know he’s going to be there for us. We’re going to have to be there for him.”

On his first playoff experience:

“It was fun. We had a good run. We went to the conference finals. It was a big experience for me, for the whole team.”

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  1. (Repost concerning baseball) CT: “Doesn’t look good on paper???”

    That’s the understatement of the year! We’re not talking about a CEO, we’re talking about Bobby Freakin’ Bonilla and we’re talking about paying him $1.2 million for the next 25 years! The guy played 515 games for the Mets. That’s not normal in baseball. And I’m not sure which “different regime” you’re talking about, since the Wilpons were co-owners of the team at the time of the buyout. Fernando Tatis made less money last year than Bobby Bonilla will make this year. The Mets will have paid him 5 times what they owed him once they’re done, and that’s just bad business.

    But to be clear no one is kicking them while they’re down. I have no animosity towards the Mets fans. My point is that their fans deserve better than what they’ve gotten since Carlos Beltran swallowed hard on an Adam Wainwright curve ball five years ago…

    I’ll give you the Igawa thing being nothing but Dice-K envy, but Pavano was the most coveted free agent pitcher that offseason, and the Yankees were just the top bidders.

  2. Carped/Repost….Anyone know that site Orr has been posting for the games? I got a friend in Milan touring with his speed metal band Whiplash. He’s a big Ranger fan and wants to watch tomorrow.

  3. I reported here last week that my friend who lives in AZ was one of the winners in the Blueshirts Off Our Backs contest. NYR flew him and his wife to NY, game tix and hotel, too boot!

    He got Prust’s jersey!!!!!!!!!

  4. Whiplash is an awesome band name. Topped only by my friend’s thrash band called “Blood Splatter.”

  5. also reposting after a good Carping…

    Thanks Carp for those quotes from Torts. Really good stuff. It appears that Torts has a good relationship with his boys. Getting this team into the playoffs and never losing a game when leading after two periods speaks volumes. You can also add several dramatic and emotional 3rd period come from behind wins to that recommendation.

    One aspect of this PO series which can be seen as a double edged sword is Washington’s early exit last year after winning the President’s Cup. One one hand is their determination to not repeat their first round elimination. On the other hand is the pressure they’re sure to feel if they lose a game early in this series, especially the first game.

  6. Oh – I didn’t know about that whole time zone thing. Thanks for catching me up! You are uttering those words on the perfect day then!

  7. Good afternoon all! Carp is here in all his monsterness today! Can’t believe they’re not sending you for first two games. Hartnell!

    Thanks for the happy auntie wishes all. The news sure topped off what started as a carcillo weekend, but ended up great. I am dying for tomorrow! FYI, some folks on FB are talking about watching game at warren on Sunday…..who’s in?

  8. I am probably in. I watched my first game there last Saturday and it was really fun. I didn’t stick around to meet anybody because I suck. Second Chances are King!

  9. Manny, Whiplash is playing San Francisco on June 4th “Slaughter By The Water-2”

    June 18th “HELLFEST” in Clisson, FRANCE
    Gotta love those names.

  10. You should have been there for the Tampa game. I’ve never seen it so riotous…..t’was tremendously tremendous.

  11. “Slaughter by the Water” – That is AWESOME. I miss that stuff man. You’re bringing back some awesome memories for me. Alas, I am old now though.

    Although I am seeing Amon Amarth on May 5 barring a Rangers Playoff game on that night.

  12. Yea I blew it mama. My fiance and I were in the back and after they beat the Devils we felt like taking in the sun and letting the beer soak in.

  13. Did you guys know that Avery and Lundqvist opened a place called “Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs?” I just found this out.

  14. AP reporting that Neuvirth is starting in goal for the Caps:

    “It’s a goalie matchup that hardly seems like a fair fight. The New York Rangers’ Henrik Lundqvist started more games this season (67) than the Washington Capitals’ Michal Neuvirth has started in his NHL career (64).”

  15. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Congrats on being an aunt again Mama & Julie being a great aunt but all aunts are great! I hope Torts brings his own security to sit in back of the Rangers bench so he doesn’t have to deal with Cooke head fans like he did 2 years ago,or maybe someone should contact Washington’s “security office & let them know “where not gonna take it” if they start any crap

  16. Good point, Ria, because you just know the fans haven’t forgotten that and they are going to really be trying to provoke Torts.

  17. I wish I was still living in the tri-state area. I really would love to go out to watch one of these games with you Boneheads! For now, I’ll have to be there in spirit. You can bet I’ll be watching at home!

  18. Is it me, or do all these quotes sound soft and weak? These guys feel lucky to be in…in that case, they will get bounced in four. The Caps dont feel lucky to be in…they feel like the Rangers are in their way.

  19. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Manny the new place is on W. Broadyway ? I think . know it’s a pink building I read about it a few months ago

  20. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Thats a GREAT idea Marji ! ( about Avery ) why didn’t I think of that lol

  21. I’m more worried about whether Marji’s nails grew back sufficiently to last through the playoffs than who is in the net for Washington, quite honestly…

  22. Thanks Ria – that sounds fun. I guess I should go eat there so the Rangers can win more?

  23. Reality Sets In on

    Lundqvist is swiss cheese vs the Caps.

    Over the course of his career he’s faced the Caps 19 times in the regular season, with a save percentage of .906 and a GAA of 2.75. In fact, the only teams in the East against whom Lundqvist has worse numbers are Philadelphia (31 GP, .905 save %, 2.75 GAA) and Montreal (22 GP, .896 save %, 2.95 GAA).

  24. “Reality” – Wasn’t Hank pretty good against them in the last 3 this year?

  25. Reality sets in the other way too- two SO this year. How’s the weather in DC today, buddy?

  26. LOL, ilb. Between work, Islanders, Thrashers, Devils and Tampa Bay game, the nails have been through the mill! I’m taking tomorrow off to get them fixed up for the POs.

    No worries!

  27. The only team I don’t like Hank to face is the habs. Having said that he needs to be as good as he is during one of his many streaks he runs off of 10games or so every season. No less

  28. Yup, CTB. And you are right, he didn’t play in one of the SO. How many did they score against Hank this year?

  29. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    Let’s not forget that Hank was the sole reason we won those 3 games against the Caps in the 2009 playoffs.

    So, while his history isn’t great, he can make it happen. Just a matter of if.

  30. I don’t think it’s a question of whether Ovechkin will produce, he’s shown he can. It’s a matter of if anyone else produces for them. Ovechkin has 40 points in 28 career playoff games. The Caps failures have not necessarily been because he hasn’t shown up.

    A major question mark for them is whether Boudreau for the third straight year will can his 1st choice goalie. It can’t instill too much confidence in either one if he’s starts to use a revolving door in net.

  31. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Carp thaks again for all the hard work you do here i’m so sad that you won’t be at the games inD.C. because your the BEST at post game notes when your at the game.

  32. I saw this on HFboards yesterday and was reluctant to post it here. Now that that Larry B is reporting that Boogaard has been sent home I’ll post it, make of it what you will:

    I want to start off by saying I can not and will not give up my source on this because he is part of the Rangers.
    I asked how the big guy was doing and if he was going to be ok for camp?
    Source” Who ?”
    Boogaard I said
    Source ” he is done here never see him here again.. Guy is so fat and out of shape it hurts”
    I said wow was it from the punch?
    Source ” he is fried he is all messed up from that punch it ended his career for sure”
    I then asked how does it effect the cap?
    Source “it doesn’t he retires or goes to KHL and he comes off”
    not to big of a deal with the focus on the playoffs but still more cap space if it happens

  33. One of those 3 would be the Rangers SO win. Gaborik got his hand on the puck in an attempt to bat it down.

  34. excerpt from Stu Hackel at SI:

    “Could this be an upset in the making? The Caps have been playoff underachievers. A lot depends on the Rangers’ young defense and their overall ability to generate offense without Callahan, the play of enigmatic Marian Gaborik and, of course, Lundqvist – plus the Caps’ resolve to continue their patient, D-first style of play, wait for turnovers and pounce. In this battle of identities, that’s how Washington can trap John Tortorella’s “safe is death” Rangers.”

    The entire read:

  35. Noah, you can call that BB material, but Butt-Chin said they’d rather play the Canes than us, and Steven McDonald basically said no team in the world stands a chance against the 8th seeded Rangers.

    I think we gave everyone in the world BB material :P

    Even Brandon Prust is getting in on the action. He apparently said to his girlfriend, and all his side lovers…”I win, you lose”

  36. Finally! Somebody is taking a look at how the teams performed during the season and didn’t just look at their seeds and figured no way the Caps could flop 2 years in a row as the #1 seed.

  37. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    I think Prust’s decision not to stay for the photo with Steven McDonald and his family will come back to haunt us. You watch.

  38. I’ve been thinking. Last time the Rangers won a playoff series I was in Puerto Rico…

    Now, I know it’d be really tough for me to go now (what with the finals and the internship and the two jobs and all), BUT if anyone wanted to buy me a ticket to Puerto Rico I could probably find a way to make it work. You know… for the team and all…

  39. That’s really helpful Sally – get out of here!

    I got engaged to a Puerto Rican girl…does that count?

  40. LW- You have to do a Photoshop of the Prust pic where he’s doing his warrior scream- I suggest with him holding Marty’s head in his hand

  41. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    I was at that last playoff game we won. Lucky goal by Mara that deflected like 9 different times, Pizza Pants scoring with one good hand after Varlamov booted a 5 mph wrister, and Henrik just dominating the rest of the game.

    That feels like ages ago.

  42. Whenever I see Sally’s name I hear this old fashioned AM radio jingle in my head:

    “It’s just Saaallly!”

    We need a widget to play that jingle I’m hearing every time you post.

  43. Fried Man, then that definitely counts. Way to go!

    ddeb, I try. Also, I love your photoshop idea. This must be done! And I have no idea what jingle you’re talking about. I was named after Mustang Sally though.

    I have a bonehead friend named BANJ.

  44. saw this earlier, the reason Krieder is staying at BC is b/c he has not been as dominant as someone like Stepan who had over twice as many points than Kreider did in his sophomore season.

    look at all the players that come straight from the NCAA to the NHL and there are probably very very few forwards that only had around 25 points and finished 7th on his team in scoring.

  45. I’d rather him stay in College for another year, the more I think of it.

    Sign after next season. It will be perfect timing. EC, and Dreary’s contract will be up. Those are two spots that will definitely be up for grab.

  46. Hey all, crisis averted. Tiki’s going to be just fine :) OK, I gotta run….later all!

  47. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Thanks for grabbing the puck dde you can give it to me at the parade in the canyon of heroes in June !!!!!!!!

  48. I see that all the talking heads and pundits have the Rangers listed 16th and dead last in the rankings and odds of winning the cup. I guess they will just have to shock them all.

  49. Matzo Ball Makin' Sally on

    So happy Tiki’s okay! Got to hear his voice earlier and it was definitely a huge relief.

  50. Ria said:” Carp thanks again for all the hard work you do here…..”

    I’d like to echo that and add my two cents by quoting the title of the song: “Nobody Does It Better,” not just post game, but for a well-rounded blog, before, during and after a game, that Ranger fans are proud to come too.

  51. eddie eddie eddie on

    On Wednesday, the caps should be ordering lunch at their favorite Deli, where tomorrow’s special is THE PRUST, a knuckle sandwhich on rye….

  52. eddie eddie eddie on

    regarding crosby: he is either going to play game 1 or he isnt…..for game 2, i also sense that crosby will either play or not play, tho i am not entriely certain….

  53. eddie eddie eddie on

    dreary – the predators and sabres have slightly smaller chances to win the cup last I looked…

  54. eddie eddie eddie on

    rangers are indeed the longshot at 35-1…………….betting line on ranger/caps series is

    +185 -225

  55. dde

    I’m stuck in a hotel with extortionate internet charges for three days, so the Prust pic might have to wait until the weekend. Of course, I’m stupid enough to pay the extortionate charges in order to watch Game One…

  56. Stop hyperventilating about Montreal. Chances are pretty good that by the end of their series with Boston they’ll be on the golf course.

  57. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Yes good news indeed about Tiki. Remember Drury was “Day to day” according to him & Torts kept saying “theres no timetable ” for Drury ‘s return so I wouldn’t be surprised if Crosby is doing alot more off the ice than we know .My point is I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s back for the playoffs . I’ve had this thought running through my head for a couple of weeks.

  58. True Blue Mike on

    Round One:
    Rangers over Caps. 6
    Buffalo over Flyers. 7
    Bruins over Canadiens. 5
    Tampa over Pittsburgh. 6
    Canucks over Blackhawks 6
    Detroit over Phoenix 6
    Sharks over Los Angles 5
    Ducks over Predators 6

    Round Two:
    Rangers over Bruins 7
    Lightning over Buffalo 5
    Ducks over Canucks 7
    Sharks over Detroit 6

    Round Three:
    Rangers over Lightning 7
    Sharks over Ducks 7

    Stanley Cup Championship:
    Rangers over Sharks in 7

    I was bored and dreaming, if the Rangers VS the lightning i think they lose in reality.

  59. i’ve got such a roller coaster of a life going on
    that the one thing i feel relatively relaxed about
    right now is the Rangers.

    probably had another shoplifting at my retail job
    and found more good that were set up for the next
    robbery. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!!! really makes me
    dislike the human race, intensely… times.

    last night, spent all kinds of time writing and re-writing
    a query letter only to byfuglien the grammar in the
    SUBJECT. resent it but still…..

    as for the Rangers, i hope i can keep this Serenity Now

    i really wanted to progress with the youth and at least
    take a step forward and make the playoffs. in this way sather
    won’t disrupt the accomplishments of the season with lots of
    bad veteran signings.
    this team shows that ya never know what can happen.

  60. Bury My Heart at MSG on


  61. eddie eddie eddie on

    JPG – hang in there mate…everything happens for a reason…your next job will be the job you are to supposed to have and it will be at a place where you were meant to be …someday, you will look back and say…amazing how this turned out so well, keep the faith :)

  62. a thought from yesterday (or two):

    again, Carp
    from someone who has been losing his mind over the
    past week transcribing a couple of
    30-42 minute interviews (after doing several other lengthy ones recently)
    i’ve got to give you many props for getting the players/coach words
    out to us so quickly.

    if you use some sort of system, as in a program, please list it.
    i could really use it.
    i thought it was quite interesting that Drury kidding with you was
    based on another player reading Rangers Report.

  63. True Blue Mike on

    What are you referring to when saying “i thought it was quite interesting that Drury kidding with you was based on another player reading Rangers Report.”?

  64. eddie eddie eddie on

    i have long felt that the team with home ice advantage, and thus the first 2 games in their building, has all of the pressure…they are favored, they are supposed to win, they drop one of the first 2 games and they lose home-ice… 1 sooooo important….we win, and game 2 is truly playing with house money…especially considering the rather modest success our boys have had at the garden last 7 or so games…you have to think even with a split….MSG will be rocking…LETS GO RANGERS

  65. thanks eddie times 3!

    liked your reworking of the Ramones
    Beat on the Brat the other day
    (credit goes to jpg’s sister for bringing it up to me)

  66. eddie eddie eddie on

    true blue mike – i have to say…i am just about spot on with your predictions right thru to the end….my only quibble would be Van/ducks series…i think Van wins that but then loses to SJ

  67. eddie eddie eddie on

    JPG – for you….beat on the caps, beat on the caps, beat on the caps with a baseball bat…oh yeah, oh yeah oh oh……

  68. True Blue Mike on

    Haha i was going to say Canucks over Ducks but for some reason i just saw Perry going crazy in that series and winning it by himself haha

  69. eddie eddie eddie on

    speaking of the craps – anything new in the last few minutes on crosby?…………..TRUE BLUE – not doubt Perry could go off and steal that series…what a force!!!!

  70. eddie eddie eddie on

    …..Boyle wins the draw….staal carries over the line…dumps it in..feds…in the corner …centers…PRUST SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORES……………………..THE PRUST, THE PRUST, THE PRUST…puts the rangers on top 1-0

  71. eddie eddie eddie on

    excert from Prust, the beautiful……..The PRUST, god shed his light on thee….and crown thy PRUST from sea to shining sea….

  72. True Blue Mike on

    DAMMIT BANJ! Your right i forgot it was 7:30 start time… 24 hours 27 minutes 37 Seconds!

  73. eddie eddie eddie on

    …later in the first period….rangers down a man…..1:21 left on the craps PP……..PRUST intercepts the pass…in alone…he dekes left, right, left again, right again….a spinaramma, a double axle – triple toe lutz and SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORES

  74. eddie eddie eddie on

    even later in the first…THE PRUST having words….and ……he drops his gloves…THE PRUST, taking on all 5 caps skaters….and here comes the craps goalie…THE PRUST….one on six….THE PRUST kicking the crap out of the craps….

  75. True Blue:

    in one of Carp’s posts after practice
    he mentioned about Drury joking with him about
    about something that Carp said here.
    apparently another Ranger read it and mentioned it to
    can’t remember the exact thing.
    if i get the chance i’ll bring exact thing up.

  76. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – THE Prust line seems to be opeing just about every game of late, except the filthy game…that was cally’s line

  77. Next year, if nobody has already suggested yet, can we consider using “Jeff Boitano” as a nickname?

  78. I predict that Cally comes out for the puck drop….just to inspire the team…plays a few seconds and limps off. Watch for it!

  79. True Blue!!!
    found it in Post-Practice Quotes from

    “First an anecdote. You guys know that I’ve given Chris Drury a hard time once in a while … not as much as you all, but a hard time nonetheless. Well, before he left the lineup in February for knee surgery he was wearing those ratty old ripped up pants and I wrote something about how embarrassing it was. And somebody showed him what I had written.
    Anyway, I asked him a question for a story I’m working on for Wednesday, and before he answered he reached back into his locker and showed me his new pants, and how they weren’t ripped at all, and he turned them around, and upside down, and showed me and said, “see, no rips.” He was clearly joking. I told him I’m sorry that sometimes this job calls for me to be a sarcastic, S.O.B., congratulated him on his new pants, wished him luck, and told him I had written something nice about him. He laughed.”

  80. eddie eddie eddie on

    Banj – Brian Boitano????…that is a good nickname for boyle for a variety of reasons…

  81. What would Brian Boitano do
    If he was here right now,
    He’d make a plan
    And he’d follow through,
    That’s what Brian Boitano’d do.

    When Brian Boitano was in the olympics,
    Skating for the gold,
    He did two Salchows and a triple lutz,
    While wearing a blind fold.

    When Brian Boitano was in the alps,
    Fighting grizzly bears,
    He used his magical fire breath,
    And saved the maidens fair.

    So what would Brian Boitano do
    If he were here today,
    I’m sure he’d kick an assen or two,
    That’s what Brian Boitano’d do.

    For Wendy I’ll be an activist too,
    Cause that’s what Brian Boitano’d do.

    And what would Brian Boitano do,
    He’d call all the kids in town,
    And tell them to unite for true
    That’s what Brian Boitano’d do.

    When Brian Boitano travelled through time
    To the year 3010,
    He fought the evil robot kings
    and saved the human race again

    And when Brian Boitano built the pyramids,
    He beat up Kublai Kahn.

    Cause Brian Boitano doesn’t take ish from an-y-body

    So let’s all get together,
    And unite to stop our mom’s
    And we’ll save Terrance and Phillip too,
    Cause that’s what Brian Boitano’d do.

    And we’ll save Terrance and Phillip too,
    Cause that’s what Brian Boitano’d dooooo,
    That’s what Brian Boitano’d do.

  82. eddie eddie eddie on

    cally – skates in alone…on one leg……jumps, lands, spins, shoots and SCORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRES

  83. True Blue Mike on


    That’s awesome. I always wondered if players read this blog, i mean if i was a player i know i would read my teams blogs.

  84. Yea – sorry – I guess South Park really writes SUPER long songs. My joke turned into a curse.

  85. If I was a Ranger, I wouldn’t read this blog unless he’s having a great season.

    Rangers fans are so quick to give up on someone after a bad stretch of games. If Del Zotto read this blog, he’d be in therapy, not Connecticut.

  86. eddie eddie eddie on

    david st. hubbins: the authorities said best left unsolved

    Nigel Tufnel: you can’t dust for vomit

  87. Interesting thing…it wasn’t actually his own vomit…they don’t know who’s vomit it was..

  88. LOL! I don’t even want to say what EC would do if he read some of the comments!

    I wonder if they also told Drury that we call him “Dreary”, and now “Pizza Pants”? LOL!

  89. ORR!! I think the worst would be Pizza Pants and it appears he knows about it. We are brutal about him. Also – I am sure Gaborik wouldn’t enjoy knowing he goes by “butt-chin.” Wouldn’t help his confidence with the ladies.

  90. Even Staal would cry – I can see him now..

    “Why don’t they know how to spell my name? It’s right on the back of my jersey! I am on the ice like 30 Minutes a game. I play my heart out for these boneheads…”

  91. eddie eddie eddie on

    …nothing left, but a small tiny green globule…….many people spontaeously combust, its just not widely reported

  92. I think my favorite drummer death is the guy that is suspended over the drums and just falls onto them. I think that might be the guy that is their current drummer?

    Also Derek Smalls pulling the tin foil covered cucumber out of his pants…priceless….

    “We’ve got armadillos in our trousers….”

  93. yeah,
    but worth it.
    a great inspirational song
    if only, he had a decent wrist shot
    sather would sign him as one of his
    reclamation projects in the off-season.

  94. eddie eddie eddie on

    marty : so before, the band was playing in 12,000, 15,000 seat arenas….now they are playing in 4-5,000 seat arenas…are they losing their popularity?

    ian : no no no no no no no no….not at all…i would say uhhhhhh, their appeal is becoming more selective

  95. eddie eddie eddie on

    marty – your last review on shark sandwich…was just 2 words…carcillo sandwich…

    Nigel – you cant print that

  96. I am expecting a strong postseason from Stepan…I don’t think we talk about the kid enough. He’s had a strong rookie season and has become a very important part of the team. The guy has shown that he can rise to the occasion when the pressure’s on…He’s a winner…This is just the beginning!!

  97. eddie eddie eddie on

    may i raise a practical question?…WHAT!!…are we going to do stonehenge tomorrow?

  98. eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr_fan – uhhhh excuse me…if you want to talk about the rangers, go somewhere else…what do you think this is?…a ranger blog or something?

  99. Can you imagine if the Rangers meet the Sharks ever? Shark Sandwich! Served by The Prust!

  100. I don’t think you’re going to make it ’til 7:30 pm tomorrow, folks…In fact, i think you already lost it :-)

  101. I love how in Best In Show they reference Spinal Tap when they are at the hotel and the manager says “We had a Metal Band stay here once and we were trying to get the smell of curried goat out of the Drapes for weeks!”

  102. I like how this Capitals blog is doing a “Get to Know a Ranger” segment….Maybe we should do this with “Get to Know a Cap!”

  103. eddie eddie eddie on

    …looking at my watch, its 1830 hrs… guys can go on at 1900 hrs…..

    what? that in 500 hrs?

  104. eddie eddie eddie on

    hi – i am dr. feelgood…a huge crap’s fan and Ovie’s dentist…..dont see him much…in fact, only once last 6 yrs or so….

  105. Caught up on some posts.

    Great news on Tiki! Guess we can now say he had an upper body injury and is day-to-day.

    We are going to PR? I’m packed….

    Olga has given us any recent news on our team’s management….

  106. Eddie – you should fly out here to watch the playoffs with me. I will be at a little rock club in Greenwich Vilage known as “The Electric Banana.”

  107. That is GREAT news about Tiki – can’t wait to hear his comments on the series.

  108. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – isnt the house band there the world’s loudest band?….enough of my yaking…lets boogy

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