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First an anecdote. You guys know that I’ve given Chris Drury a hard time once in a while … not as much as you all, but a hard time nonetheless. Well, before he left the lineup in February for knee surgery he was wearing those ratty old ripped up pants and I wrote something about how embarrassing it was. And somebody showed him what I had written.

So when I went over to Drury today — and believe me, he’s always been good  with me, even though I’m not around all the time, and once when he was in Colorado I did a big feature on him and we talked on the phone for a long time (he probably doesn’t remember that) … and as I said earlier today or yesterday, I forget, I am hoping he has a playoff that will help erase what has been a really tough year for him …

Anyway, I asked him a question for a story I’m working on for Wednesday, and before he answered he reached back into his locker and showed me his new pants, and how they weren’t ripped at all, and he turned them around, and upside down, and showed me and said, “see, no rips.” He was clearly joking. I told him I’m sorry that sometimes this job calls for me to be a sarcastic, S.O.B., congratulated him on his new pants, wished him luck, and told him I had written something nice about him. He laughed.


I also spoke briefly with Steve Eminger. He’s the one who gave the shirt off his back to OldCoach92’s son. I told him the story, that OldCoach’s son John was chosen because his dad, a long-time season ticket holder, had passed away, and also told him that one of OldCoach’s grandson’s favorite player is none other than Steve Eminger, and how much it meant for both son and grandson. Eminger seemed genuinely touched and pleased to hear the story.


And, one more thing, spoke briefly with Martin Biron. He’s got the sling off his shoulder and he’s working out, but not skating yet, and no idea if or when he might return. But he really wants to, you can easily see that.


Henrik Lundqvist:

“When we left the Garden we didn’t know if we would see each other for a meeting to end the season or for practice and get ready for the first round. We are getting ready for the first round and it’s exciting. This is where you want to be, and this is why we work really hard the whole year, and it’s a great challenge for us. They’re a great team, but we’re going to work hard and we’re going to do our best to have a successful, long spring.”

“I think we shouldn’t think or change too much. Our mindset has been pretty much the same for the last month, month and a half. Going into this series we just have to try to play the same game, have the same mindset. We know when we had success in the past how we played, and how we have to play. So, I think going into the playoffs, we just have to raise the level when it comes to everything, preparation and how hard we play, and just try to top our game.”

“We’ve seen them a lot. I don’t think there’s any surprises now. They know what to expect from us. We know what to expect from them. They’re a little different team this year. They play a little more defensive style, but they’ve still got a couple of the best offensive guys in the league and their power play’s always feared. So I look forward to it. It’s going to be a battle.”

“It doesn’t matter (the regular-season success). We had a couple of games where it felt like everything went our way. And I think it’s important to remember that. There’s been some close games and there’s been some games where everything went our way. That’s just in the past. We know we have to work really hard, we have to be on top of our game if we’re going to have a chance. They’re going to be a lot better than a couple of those games.”

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  1. billybleedsblue on

    carp, nice job on “making amends” with Drury. It’s nice to know he’s got a sense of humor. He has every reason to feel good about himself. Not to mention that Torts should feel good too. Him skating Drury and sitting Avery makes him look brilliant. Nice how it all worked out! This Torts guy has grown on me. Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!

  2. Repost (Carped) Carp, please tell me the guy who asked the question:what he means by “the right way”, was the idiot on WNBC TV (Not Bruce Beck). All that jerk does is make stupid jokes. Saturday on the 6pm broadcast he didn’t mention the Rangers at all. But plenty of jokes. I never thought I’d miss Len Berman.

  3. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    Drury’s probably secretly so sad and hates Carp!

    “I’m not going to let ripped pants ruin my post-practice interview.”

  4. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    Wait…does he actually read the blog?

    I’ve always wondered if players read. It’d be nice to know so I know what not to say so I can avoid getting my knees taken out.

  5. I think Prust was reading at one point when we were doing all the “Prustisms.” At least Carp told us he was.

  6. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    DOODIE – Let’s agree that Bettman does not put the best interests of the fans, first. He oversaw over-expansion, that is, the installing of more small market franchises to bolster national TV ratings, and pump up advertising rates even more. Nashville, Columbus? WTF are these bush league tank towns doing in the National Hockey League? How many other major league franchises do these minor league barnyard venues have? How much of a watered-down product are you willing to accept, while paying top-dollar for your entertainment?

    Before this league contracts, as it should, by 4-6 deadbeat franchises, it will expand to about 40 teams with the coming “NHL European Division.” You might as well procure Boston College season tickets at a much lesser price than NY Rangers season tickets, given that the day is coming when the quality of play in the Frozen Four will just about equal what is jokingly referred to as the Stanley Cup Finals.

    Bettman has been a disaster, by far the worst Commissioner, or before that, NHL President, as the position was called, even worse than that abysmal stick-in-the-mud Clarence Campbell, under whose “leadership” the league festered and wallowed basically as a holdover product from the 1930’s.

    His “wider nets” proposal, the shootout gimmick, etc., why go on, Bettman’s tenure is filled with pock marks and pot holes. He ranks as one the most incompetent, clueless professional sports commissioners of all time. Make a case for him, if you must, but please don’t sell us on any personal, professional or business virtues on his part. I am not buying. Wish we could pack him back to the NBA where he came from and put a real HOCKEY MAN in the position. Hope springs eternal.

  7. speaking of Drury, Avery should enter the lineup instead of Christensen. Zuccarello is an assist machine and Avery brings well whatever he brings. Without the skills competition, Christensen becomes less useful…

  8. Im already thinking about the 2nd round. Who do we play next once we make quick work of Washington?

    Im guess it’s Philly. Didnt we spank them 7-0? That will be a sweep as well.

  9. I’m expecting the 4th line and 3rd pair D to get minimal ice time throughout the playoffs except in games with big leads or deficits. I would hope having a mostly young team would allow them to ride the top 6 forwards and top 2 pair D. Therefore as usual I’d expect there to be little difference in how the team plays based on whether EC/Avery/Zucc is playing. Drury as the 4th line C is virtually a lock.

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