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This from the NHL regarding the Oct. 7 and Oct. 8 games in Stockholm:

Tickets for the two games in Stockholm will be on sale starting Thursday, April 14. More information on tickets is available here:

Tickets for the game in Berlin will go on sale Friday, April 15. More information is available here:  Ticket information for the game in Hamburg is available here:

Tickets for the NHL regular-season and exhibition game in Finland will be on sale Wednesday, April 20, at 9:00 am local EEST (Eastern European Standard Time). More information on tickets is available here:

Meanwhile, each NHL team will be offering travel packages.  More information will be published on the team Web sites as it becomes available.


The Rangers haven’t officially announced it yet, but they have reportedly signed Michigan’s Carl Hagelin, who will be assigned to Connecticut (AHL).

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    billy, you are completely misunderstanding what I’m saying. The Gomez deal was one of the most lopsided trades since the lockout. We fleeced Montreal in a way that a GM has rarely been fleeced before. Even the Kotalik to Calgary deal was better than the Gomez one.

    All I’m saying is that Gomez had an average Scott Gomez year. And while you mock 59 points as the total for a third liner, 59 points also happens to be more points than anyone on the Rangers scored this year, and more than anyone other than Gaborik scored last year, and more than anyone on the Rangers scored three years ago (including Gomez himself).

    Does he have one of the worst contracts in the NHL? Absolutely. Was that deal one of the most lopsided deals in the post-lockout era? Absolutely. But in year 1 of the deal, when McDonagh was in college, Higgins was terrible, and Valentenko played a cool 8 games in the KHL, while Gomez scored almost 60 points and was part of an upstart Canadiens team that made it to the Conference finals, it was a very short-term gain for the Canadiens. Honestly, I don’t know how you can argue that.

    Long-term though, we clearly win the deal, and it’s not even close.

  2. For those interested in the standings discussion, I posted the pre-Bettman bonus point standings for this year on the previous thread. Carp, nice job with the Wins-Losses standings. Puts things into perspective but still gives shootouts credit (which they don’t deserve).

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Chris interesting note on the standings. Looks like the only team with a legit gripe is the Stars. But you know what? They blew their chance to make it last night, so they can’t cry about anything.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Noah, I don’t think you’re quite reading my position correctly either. I didn’t say the deal wasn’t a win for the Rangers right from the start. All I said was that it gave Montreal a short-term gain. Gomez over no Gomez was a plus for them in year one, without any actual loss in terms of play on the ice.

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    While Gomez over No Gomez for Montreal in year two was a negative, especially when you factor in that they are actually losing the play of McDonagh.

  6. That deal also helped us sign Gaborik, so it worked out well for both teams that year. Long term, however- we won the deal hands down, agree with Doodie. I would not trade Gaborik unless you can sign another premier goal scorer. I would certainly see what he can do for at least another year, I don’t think he is done yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if gets 40+ again next year. The dislocated shoulder took away a lot from his shot initially, and now it affects his confidence.
    In terms of Drury. If they decide to buy him out, $1.67M cap hit in 2012-2013 isn’t too much to worry about, but $3.3M cap relief next year will give them some flexibility. I was sure they’d buy him out, but now I think it will depend on how he performs during the playoffs. Can’t deny that the goal against NJ was what we expected from him for long time.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    In the terms of the deal itself, without looking to the external factors of cap space and what could have been and what was actually done with it, the Canadiens did better in the very short term.

  8. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    Okay I see what you’re saying, Doodie.

    Monday morning brain shutdown got the best of me.

  9. I really love when my teams have to play in another country. Really love the slump that follows such a trip.

  10. billybleedsblue on

    Wow. Guess I should have known better. I read what you said doodie, and I didn’t misunderstand you at all, but if that’s how you want to put it, I really don’t care. You said “Gomez had a pretty good year last year.” I don’t know what’s so mysterious about that statement to be misunderstood.

    I disagree. I would even say you are wrong, as would most Montreal fans, guaranteed. I think a randomly-placed garbage can could put up 7 and 31 with the kind of PP time he got.

    What we will agree on though is the fleecing. I still don’t know how it happened, but it was like a wish come true for so many of us!

  11. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Doodie, with all respect, if a team blows its chance to make the playoffs via a losing game effort, that does NOT let a broken and defective points accumulation system off the hook. Teams will always screw up opportunities, the Rangers vs. so many mediocre teams this year, Carolina and Dallas in game 82, as we also know about, etc. This is sports, one team must win, one team must lose, even a team which has more to gain by winning will often lose, call it “choking” or what you will. But the damn, disgusting, sell-out, “made for TV ratings” Bettman joke of a playoff-qualifying format is NOT let off the hook or made any less disgraceful by any in-game results. We as fans who support the product the NHL is dishing up deserve absolute integrity and consistency is the values the league applies to its championship format. This league OWES US. At the present time it is CHEATING US out of being the best it can be.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Honestly, we should get a commission. 5 cents for every post. At the $1.50 regular season rate that’s only 3.33%. For the playoff $1.75, it’s 2.86%.

    I bet that would really help drive traffic, especially in the summer when it can get REALLY slow around here.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    “I think a randomly-placed garbage can could put up 7 and 31 with the kind of PP time he got.”

    Billy, again, that was THIS year, not LAST year. 12 and 47 IS a pretty good year. As I stated before, it’s more points than anyone on any of the last three Rangers teams, except for Gaborik last year.

  14. How much for “refresh”, Doodie? I’m sure Tony wants to know. If he got even 1%, he could’ve retired by now….

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Boom Boom, I’m with you. The system definitely sucks. But for all of the teams that were complaining about shootouts, etc., only Dallas is a team that has been ACTUALLY damaged in terms of making/not making the playoffs.

    I think they should revert back to the ties. Honestly, it seems like there are more shootouts now than there were ties.

  16. Yes! Please go back to ties. Please. Shootouts are awful. The heck with 4-on-4. Give mt two 5-on-5 OT’s and then a draw. I love it.

    Tony does need the income to fix up the man cave. And buy pants.

  17. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Scott Gomez may go down as the greatest player to ever lace up the skates…. If we still had him, he EASILY scores 6 goals this year.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    BTW, we haven’t had a guy with 47 assists since Gomez in 07-08. Don’t get me wrong, he was NOT ever remotely worth his contract, and he was BEYOND awful this year, but the man still had the ability to carry the puck and make passes.

  19. Manny, I will give the NHL some credit. I liked the changing of OT from 5-5 to 4-4. I think it gives more ice to work with in hopes of reducing the tied games. But, yes, give them two periods of OT or one 10-minute period.

  20. Chris – I guess I can live with 4-on-4. The open ice is exciting and it basically looks like a shootout because of the constant breakaways. I just don’t like it because the Rangers seem to be not so great at it usually.

  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Anyone see the YouTube video where Crosby puts his stick in his mouth and swallows it with his lips…. I need my wife to see that one… Good lord

  22. Doodie – my biggest problem with Gomez was his attitude – maybe it was perceived, but the guy never seemed to take the game serious enough. He played as hard as Drury, the Rangers would have been trying to move Dru instead that year.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, I haven’t seen anything.

    I can’t believe they didn’t nominate anyone. They had three easy choices: Prospal almost retired and came back to finish the year strong. Girardi led the league in blocked shots, by a lot. And Callahan broke his hand blocking a shot, then returns, and breaks his ankle throwing himself in front of a Chara slap shot.

    Any one of them would be a good choice.

  24. A poll on has 47% of Ranger Fans thinking this is a 4 game sweep vs. the Caps. Numbers dont lie.

    17% think the Rangers will win the cup.

  25. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hockey hall of fame will nominate both gomez and his smirk for entry….while he likely will wear a devils jeresy, his smirk will have on the ranger sweater.

  26. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    All this confidence will dissipate in a millisecond if the Rangers lose Game 1.

  27. Manny

    Last time the Rangers started the year in Europe, they won both games and went 8-2-1 for the rest of October. Hard to make any connection between that and the (much) later slump of the 2008/09 team.

  28. Tony.. only thing that would make this trip better is if you were here! ;)
    Everything has been beyond my wildest dreams.. except the atlanta game that is.
    Fozzy has put up some photos on her fb from our green room experience. Just insane!

    I don’t get home until wednesday mid day so hope the jet lag helps me stay up at night. Have the rest of the week off thank god!
    Just tried packing now.. needed to buy another bag. :)

  29. Remember, the Rangers have 8 skaters who never played in the playoffs and 1 who has only played in 1 game (tweeted earlier today by Steve Zipay) – there’s a good chance they will lose game 1 and come back strong for game 2.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    So, it turns out it’s the local writers who are supposed to do the Masterton nominations.

    Carp, what gives?

    Also, anyone with twitter, contact some of the other beat writers like Zip, Gross, and Brooks to try and get some info.

  31. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Here is the problem, in a nutshell, and this applies to the entire corporate world, not just the relatively small world, by comparison, of professional sports and the National Hockey League. All business today is first and foremost about MARKETING. In the case of sports, of course we know this applies to gate receipts, concessions, television advertising, television network and cable coverage rights, radio coverage, plus licensed apparel retail sales, etc.

    So that everything coming down from those on the inside who profit from the promotion of a business or a sport is a focus, almost exclusively, on the commercial end product, and therefore compromises, with expedience, the integrity and the quality of the artistic product being presented.

    Thus we get gimmicks galore, starting with the manipulation of standings in the NHL, designed to keep almost all teams and their supporters “seriously interested” as deeply into a season as possible. Gary Bettman, as unsavory a character as he is, is really no worse than any other modern day mogul who reports to his owners and strives mightily to keep his major advertisers happy and fully-invested in his product. His position is much like that of a U.S. Senator who keeps slamming the voters who invested him in office, with legislation which panders to the special interests that bought him out at public expense.

    So look at Bettman as a special interest politician, because, if effect, that is what he is, and that is why we fans have to suffer ever more insanity as per the conditions imposing on good sense, in the way our favorite recreational product is presented to us.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    Since sportsmanship is supposed to be part of the criteria, I’d go with Prospal.

  33. I haven’t given too much thought of the match up yet, even though I posted Rangers in 6 in the pole. It’ll be a tough series, for sure. One thing I’m almost certain, if the Rangers are up 3-1 again, this team will not let Washington off the hook. It’s much tougher team, mentally..And they believe in their coach and his system. Two years ago, he was a newbie. A tough one, but a newbie nonetheless.


    Tedious stuff from Burnside at

    “Jason Arnott…is expected to return, as is two-time Norris Trophy nominee Mike Green. More than a little irony here given that Rangers forward Derek Stepan’s blindside hit to the head sidelined the smooth-skating defenseman since Feb. 25.”

    (a) Nothing “blindside” about a hit delivered when Stepan was almost entirely in front of Green.
    (b) Only Alanis Morrissette would see any irony here.

  35. Habs fans constantly defend the Gomez trade.

    They say McDonagh wasn’t going to sign with the Habs, and they thought Valentenko would stay in the KHL.

    If that’s really the case, then you can’t argue them trading away those prospects. That being said, to send them in a deal for Gomez is still pretty bad. I don’t know what they were expecting him to do.

    If they thought reuniting Gomez, and Gionta would turn Gomez back into a 20-30 goal 70-80 point guy, and Gionta back to a 40-50 goal scorer, then they’re nuts.

  36. oh.. I’ve been telling all the norwegians we met about this blog so maybe we’ll get some new boneheads. Seriously.. Can’t believe how many norwegians we meet while here, they are everywhere!
    European bonehead festivus in Stockholm in October!!

  37. That’s crazy – Step did not blindside him. Come on. So they have a great faceoff guy on their third line….

  38. Speaking of business. Not making playoffs in Dallas has much more impact than just upset players and disgruntled fans. The income not gained because of that could be devastating in terms of selling the team now.

  39. I hate it that we’re starting off next year in Europe (no offense Krisy). In my opinion, it fouls up everything. We don’t have a good track record when we start overseas. For a league that doesn’t like the Rangers, it’s interesting that they like to send them abroad. Then, again, maybe that’s why the do it! They do okay or better on the trip and then come back and swoon.

  40. Don’t you guys think Manny Malhotra has to get the award this year for being a great guy, getting injured, having his EYE operated on, and then coming out to accept the President’s Trophy.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    “So look at Bettman as a special interest politician, because, if effect, that is what he is, and that is why we fans have to suffer ever more insanity as per the conditions imposing on good sense, in the way our favorite recreational product is presented to us.”

    That’s not ENTIRELY accurate. Senators are elected by the people. Bettman was chosen by the owners, who he works for to make them all as much money as possible. Frankly, as far as that is concerned, he has done a pretty good job starting with the lockout (although he was rotten before then). Now, he has done this in terms of trying to make every owner SOME money, as opposed to just letting some owners make money hand over fist, while others wallowed in bankruptcy. Obviously this has led to troubles, such as Phoenix or Atlanta. But some non-traditional markets are doing REALLY well. There are three teams in So-Cal that all are doing very well for themselves. Anaheim is doing so well that they are actually trying to add a basketball team to the Honda Center because they think that their fanbase could handle an additional sports franchise. Nashville is also doing surprisingly well.

    I’d think of him more like the CEO of a corporation, who has been elected by the board of directors to make the company money. And I’d think of each franchise as a division of the corporation. So, by analogy, let’s say it’s Sony. The Rangers, Canadiens, and Leafs are like the TV and Playstation divisions, making money hand over fist. Teams like the Penguins and Blackhawks are like the Blu-Ray division, since they were once powerful departments that just were poorly managed (Betamax) but now everybody can’t get enough of. And then there is the computer and other home electronics department. Solid, but the difference between making money on a product and taking a bath is just as good as its next product. Think Carolina, Anaheim, Colorado. Then there are just the colossal money losers. Think of their MP3 players trying to compete with the iPod, etc. These are you Coyotes, your Thrashers, etc.

    Now, just like in any corporation, the poor performance of one division will affect the bottom line of a stronger one. But in the end, the overall profit margin goes up, so the board stays happy.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, no, because he wasn’t nominated. Sami Salo was the Canucks nominee. If Malhotra returns next season, I’d say he’s a lock.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Booth wins it because of the concussion issue. Either him or Pierre-Marc Bouchard, who was also a concussion. I still think it’s Booth though because he was one of those textbook blindside hits to the head that they specifically showed in the new blindside hit to the head rule.

  44. Ok guys – I need some SERIOUS advice and help:

    I am a big time believer in superstitions, especially those that surround the beard. I did not trim my beard before the end of the season because it would be “preparing” for growing a playoff beard and that was looking ahead…so I am already a ragged mess. I have a REALLY important job interview coming up. I have to clean up. While I always have facial hair to some degree – I need to clean this up for the interview.

    WHAT DO I DO!? I can’t make this decision alone because I will feel like I am jinxing everybody.

  45. the Habs are desperate to get rid of Gomez. He was mocked openly and criticized heavily on the pregame to HNIC on saturday by all the talking heads, even Kelly Hrudey, who usually does not get too critical of players, but he lambasted Gomez for laughing on the bench openly in a game the Habs were getting blown out.

  46. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Krissy, glad you had a good time. I am going to try to make it there so let’s keep in touch. As you know it can get kinda lonely for a Ranger fan over here.

  47. Does the local writers boycotting the NHL awards have something to do with not having a Masterton nominee? That may be the answer. However, the Devils and Islanders do have nominees, so maybe not.

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