Byfuglien, carcillo, cooke! (Updated)


I don’t know what happened but a post on which I spent about an hour writing last night disappeared. It was supposed to go up at 7 a.m., and it no longer exists.

Why The Face?!

So no words of wisdom this morning (don’t think there would have been any words of wisdom anyway). I’m headed to practice in a while. Hope to have some stuff from there later on.



It’s not any surprise, but now it’s official, Games 3 and 5 will be broadcast on NBC at 3 p.m. … and that scheduling, which skirts some of the holidays, is going to make for a very long series — Game 3 on a Sunday, Game 4 on a Wednesday and Game 5 on a Saturday. It will seem like an NBA series, and it won’t be any fun for you guys waiting between games, I promise you.

Two days off before Game 4, two more days off before Game 5.


Here’s my column from The Journal News and today.

MORNING UPDATE, 10:27 A.M.: It’s official. Rangers will open next season in Stockholm, vs. Kings Oct. 7 and vs. Ducks Oct. 8. … as the long MSG-renovation road trip begins.

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  1. BONUS ROUND!!! We made it to the Bonus Round.

    I will forever call it this to try and keep the positive attitude going. This is all a bonus for our boys.

  2. Geez, Carp, you scared me. I was reading the headline and thought something serious really happened….This is a very sensitive group after what this team put us through….. We can live without one post….

  3. Happy fan right here and loved seeing Tampa Bay stick it to the Carolina Hurricanes…

    Loved seeing the Captain get clutch with the quickness.

    Pumped to see Prust’s fist pump and McDonagh netting his first.

    Overall thrilled to be back in the chase!

  4. Carp – drop that wisdom on us.

    I heard a rumor this weekend (per ilb) that you are *not* a Rangers Fan. I must say new thank you for all that you do. Man. I can’t imagine putting up with us if I wasn’t a fan. You have amazing patience my friend. Thanks.

  5. Totally had the same reaction ilb! Totally. My heart dropped – I thought Hank was hurt or I thought Pizza Pants was hurt. Then I was upset that I was upset that Pizza Pants would be hurt.

  6. Sorry guys. It’s just, well, when there’s leftover spaghetti and meatballs sitting in the kitchen and the only thing that’s keeping me from it is work I’m doing, and that work turns out to be a complete waste of my time … I get a little testy.

    Good morning, Sally!

  7. Good morning all! Carp, I smell a Caps conspiracy!!!! Hartnell!

    I have actual money-paying work today, then I’m off to city for final farewell with Krisy :( so I’ll be gone for today, but here’s a quick Tiki update: He’s stable and was able to get around a bit on his own last night. His brother says things are looking good and everyone is feeling much more optimistic. Personally, I credit RR love for the improvement :)

    LGR! Til game day tomorrow….TA!

  8. Great job Tiki! We knew he had the power.

    I hope he is better and standing at center ice for the playoffs!

  9. He voted many, many times against the Rangers – so it’s a good thing! Other than that – if you vote for the Caps (without placing money on it) get out!

  10. Leetchhalloffame on

    Ridiculous scheduling but I’m sure Henrik will appreciate the extra days rest between games.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m compiling a list of reasons the Rangers will beat the Capitals and one why they won’t. So far, why they will is only at 10, while why they won’t is at 15. If people want to give me suggestions as to why and why not, I will add them to my lists. I intend to post both full lists on the morning of game 1.

  12. Orr, you’re up early!! Why the face?!?

    Yeah, too much time between games…and they haven’t even annouced the possibilities for Game 6 or Game 7 yet…

  13. Congratulation to all real NY Rangers fans who believed in our team, but other (not real fans) have to resign like Jacques Lemaire or at least change their names to more positive.
    What do you think Rangers have to do if they meet TB Lighting in playoff?

  14. Do you think our regular season play against washington will have any bearing on the playoffs?

    I mean, I know they were struggling, but getting a touchdown put on your 2x this season can’t just be an “off” game. Perhaps our scheme matches up well with the style they play?

  15. Odd – to beat the Tamba Bay Lightning (and this is not a what-if and so and so – i am superstitious – so let’s beat the CAPS first please).

    That said – the key is to not turn the puck over (to St. Louis) in the neutral zone. You have to get that puck in deep and forecheck hard. Keep the game really low scoring and please – for godsakes – do not turn the puck over in the neutral zone!

  16. Hey Doodie, forgot to mention earlier, it was grand meeting you at MSG, but your list is ticking me off!

  17. Rangers in 6. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Caps pull their usual – early lead antics – and then we make a small come back.

    Matt – I think we do match up well because the Caps offense revolves around Ovie and when Staal hits the ice he just glues himself to Ovie, plays physical and takes him out of the game. Then the Caps have to spend their time cycling and taking bad angle shots and since Hank plays deep in his crease – he is great against that style.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    It was nice meeting you (and Fozzy!) as well. The lists so far are mostly statistical analysis, with only a few play analysis points. Like I said, I’m open to suggestion.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    “to spend their time cycling and taking bad angle shots and since Hank plays deep in his crease ”

    That is incorrect. Playing deep in your crease makes you bad at stopping bad angle/outside shots. Coming out cuts down the angle to shoot. How many times have we seen poor angle softies go in on Hank because they sneak over his shoulder from being on his knees while hugging the post? If he had come out to challenge a little bit, he cuts down that angle and makes the save.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    In fact, if I had one criticism of Hank’s actual goaltending play, it’s that he stays too far in his crease.

  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – I tried to post on the poll, but my selection isn’t there..rangers in 2 … After being destroyed in games 1and 2, and after THE PRUST beats up everyone on the craps team 4 or 5 times…. They simply say NO MAS.. Rangers therefore win 2 games to 0…. Bring on the bruins in rd 2

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    This is the quote of the day:

    “I’ve never been more excited after a hockey game in my life, that I didn’t participate in. I was acting like a 2-year-old or maybe a 3- or 4- or 5-year-old celebrating his birthday. It was unbelievable.” — Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville after Minnesota sealed Dallas’ fate

    Can you imagine Torts doing that?

  23. I can see that. I think we match up really well with the Caps though and I think Rangers in 6 is actually realistic.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    If I had a criticism of Hank as a goaltender, it’s that he has yet to string together an entire season without slumping.

    Other criticisms of Hank’s goaltending:

    1) Goes down too early (which would be less of a problem if he didn’t play so deep)
    2) Poor puck handling/distribution

    And honestly, that’s about it.

  25. Noah-rury-allahan, 28 on

    The superstitious guy in me is getting uncomfortable with all this optimism toward the team.

  26. Those are good points Doodie. I agree about getting down too early and his stick handling is borderline sad – he might just want to play with two gloves at this point.

    But I love Hank. Love him – I think all goalies have weaknesses and Hank can carry a team as well as any goaltender in the league. Better defensive positioning by our young guys will probably help cut down on those top-shelf slappers that he gets screened on.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    Speaking of playing deep in the crease, who remembers another Swedish goaltender, Tommy Soderstrom. Aside from having a name that sounds like Sodomy, he used to make me laugh from the fact that literally his whole body would be in the net at times. He also used to wear the giant cage helmet, even bigger than Hasek’s.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Noah, don’t worry, I’ll balance out the optimism when my lists are posted. Hint: objectively, it really doesn’t look good for our boys.

  29. Noah – Positivity I think is OK. I worry about guaranteeing wins and getting ahead of ourselves.

  30. Rangers have few advantages against Washington: they are underdogs and do not have to be nervous, and also goaltending.

  31. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    We still love you

    That’s like 3 laurels already, sheesh!!!

    Great news about tiki…..LGT!!!!

    Horse walks into a bar, bartender says “so why the long face”!?

  32. czechthemout!!!! on

    Hi all!

    First, I would not put much stock into what happened in the regular season.
    The Caps are more talented then we are up and down the lineup. If we can keep the scoring low, and get some timely goals at even strength and the powerplay, than the serious should come down to goaltending.
    This is where we have a major edge!

    I will post my position matchup and my key players in the series on Wednesday.

  33. Odd- also add that the last couple seasons Caps have utterly COLLAPSED in the playoffs – blowing 3-0 leads in the first round.

  34. Noah-rury-allahan, 28 on

    I’m just confused where it’s all coming from. After the Atlanta game, it was “FIRE SATHER! FIRE TORTS! TRADE GABBY! BUY OUT PIZZA PANTS! TRADE DUBI! CASTRATE GIRARDI!”

    And now we’re already looking ahead to the second round? I mean, I understand we match up well with the Caps, but they have eons more offensive talent than we do and we tend to make unproven goaltenders look like irresistable forces.

    I’m going to go into this series like I went into the Tampa/Carolina game: not expecting much, but excited at the opportunity.


  35. Totally with you Noah. I am staying Positive. I believe that getting these guys to the playoffs is a bonus. After a fun and emotional season these guys will get some valuable experience and if they go deep into the playoffs – how cool will that be!? It’s all just a bonus round for us.

  36. Totally Doodie – if Washington goes up or leads early (2-0 even) they are going to be Nervous rather than relaxed. That should help our team play loose and believe in themselves. Forecheck and get that puck deep. Take shots. Tons of them. Get everything on goal. Everything. These goalies are not very good. So let’s test them early and often.

  37. Do we have any ideas on whether Avery will ever play? Can’t the lineup change a bit with better OT rules?

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    While I never suggested that they fire Torts or Trade Dubi, I’ve been saying that they should fire Sather for years and continue to say it.

    I used to think we should buy out Drury, but honestly, I’d rather have as much cap space clear for 2 years from now when there is more top UFA talent at both forward and defense that will potentially be available (Sharp, Semin, Hemsky, maybe Grabovski if he continues to develop, Burns, Suter, Coburn), and not just Brad Richards, Christian Erhoff, and a bunch of middling talent. Plus we get to evaluate Stepan, Anisimov, McDonagh, MDZ, Sauer, and possibly Gilroy (if he is resigned) for another year and see if we think any of them can become a premier guy for us at a spot that we currently have a hole.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, I expect with Drury back, either Zuccarello or Christensen will sit in favor of Avery if the Rangers lose game 1. I figure it would be Christensen since Drury is a better fit for 4th line center. But I expect Torts will roll with the lineup that they had in NJ since they looked really good in the 2nd half of that game.

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – yes, I see the flyers losing to the sabres. Filthy has been horrid for the last month or so….and this game ain’t no light switch that you can turn on when you feel like…pardon the hillbilly grammer, speakin like a filthy fan there.. Prust sayin

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp has said that we can’t trade Gaborik because the return would never be worth it. While it’s true that most times a top tier player with time remaining on his contract has been moved since the lockout, the team moving him has gotten the short end of the stick (Thornton and Heatley are the first two that come to mind), the thought of moving Gaborik is not as much about getting equal value as it is the value of having the cap space off the books and potentially getting a top prospect out of the deal.

    We moved Gomez, who was still a good player (even though worth nowhere near his salary) and we basically got back McDonagh and crap. In the short term, the Canadiens crushed us on the deal, especially since Gomez had a pretty good year last year. But long term, we are clearly the winners.

    If we moved Gaborik and got a McDonagh-level prospect in return, I’d consider it a win.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Eddie, I think the Flyers have been bad lately, nearly choking away the division, but I think they figure it out, and soon. Especially if they can get Pronger back at any point during the series.

  43. billybleedsblue on

    Doodie: “In the short term, the Canadiens crushed us on the deal, especially since Gomez had a pretty good year last year.”

    Pretty good year? Gomez had 7 goals and 31 assists in the regular season. I think anyone around here could get those stats just by taking his shifts. I think most Habs fans would totally disagree with you on this one, and probably laugh a bunch.

  44. hey Carp

    COMPLETELY understand your unhappiness
    in regards to losing work.

    similar things have happened to me.

    well, maybe some of those thoughts are still
    lingering in your brain and will reappear when needed.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    billy, he had 7 and 31 this year. Last year he had 12 and 47, with another 2 and 12 in the playoffs.

  46. haven’t looked at all the posts today.
    not going to break down the series.
    just gonna let it happen.
    so you may or may not know that
    we signed Carl Hagelin (via Zipay tweet)
    and he’s headed to CT Whale

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    BTW, 12-47-59 is about the average Scott Gomez season, even when you factor out his poor performance this year.

  48. Doodie – Smart assessment man. I agree with you.

    The Rangers have to come out to an early lead – play with fire and crash the net. An early lead could really shake their goaltending situation (which is already shaky). Get that crowd out of it.

  49. I am sure you all saw the quote from Dru about how he never again wants to sit next to Hank and watch a game whose outcome means do or die for the Rangers. I laugh every time I think of that. Can’t you just imagine Hank trying to make the saves himself (like when you’re sitting in the passenger seat and “hitting the break” with your foot)?

  50. Doodie I’m making note of your desire to trade Gaborik. I want to see how things play out in the near future. My wife kept Rich Chere’s predictions for the season and compared what he predicted with what happened. He blew every prediction in the west and got 3 correct in the east and got the Devil’s totally wrong. We had a good laugh. I hope you give me the same comic relief!

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Ha, that’s a funny thought Marji. I bet Drury got punched in the face when Henrik flashed the imaginary glove.

  52. billybleedsblue on

    Doodie I guess 12 and 47 ain’t bad… for a 3rd liner. I wonder how many assists he got on the PP this season? With Montreal’s PP, I think anyone here could get those numbers, just by being on the ice. Something tells me that the Canadiens’ fans are less-than pleased with the whole thing. I still don’t know how we got away with it, but I’m not going to question it. What a great move! Ouch, I just looked and he was a -12 and 3 of his 7 goals came on the PP. I wonder how many of his 31 assists came on the PP.

    You know what, good for Gomez. He probably would not have had such a successful season if he was on the Rangers.

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    Steve, if Gaborik stays, that’s fine too. He certainly has elite potential, even if this year was the worst of his career. Also, generally, once the numbers dip on guys who have injury plagued careers, they usually don’t make much of a recovery. Watching Gaborik, the problem, to me, is all in his release. Last year, it was so quick, so deceptive. This year, aside from clutching his stick a little too much at times and passing up good shots, he telegraphs the ones he does take. The real question is whether that’s because he’s hurt or because it’s a mental thing.

    I’m just saying I would rather have a top prospect and the cleared cap space to reinvest in our youth. I think the summer of 2012 is going to be rife with top UFA talent, and with another year to evaluate what we have/don’t have in the organization, we could make a really key pick up, or, in the alternative, just wait and sign up all of our core guys to long deals.

  54. In response to the previous post about the standings, here’s what it would look like if the league still had the “normal” NHL standings – Wins, Losses, Ties (Shootout games count as ties):

    Philadelphia – 44 25 10 – 98 points
    Washington – 43 28 11 – 97 points
    Boston – 44 30 8 – 96 points
    Tampa Bay – 40 30 12 – 92 points
    Pittsburgh – 39 30 13 – 91 points
    Montreal – 41 35 6 – 88 points
    Buffalo – 38 38 6 – 82 points
    NYR – 35 35 12 – 82 points
    Carolina – 35 37 10 – 80 points
    New Jersey – 35 42 5 – 75 points
    Toronto – 32 39 11 – 75 points
    Atlanta – 29 39 12 – 70 points
    Ottawa – 30 45 7 – 67 points
    Florida – 26 45 11 – 63 points
    NYI – 26 46 10 – 62 points

    Vancouver – 50 23 9 – 109 points
    San Jose – 43 29 10 – 96 points
    Detroit – 43 31 8 – 94 points
    Anaheim – 43 33 6 – 92 points
    *Chicago – 38 33 11 – 87 points
    *Phoenix – 38 33 11 – 87 points
    Nashville – 38 34 10 – 86 points
    Dallas – 37 33 12 – 86 points
    LA – 36 34 12 – 84 points
    Minnesota – 36 38 8 – 80 points
    Calgary – 32 34 16 – 80 points
    St. Louis – 34 38 10 – 78 points
    Columbus – 29 40 13 – 71 points
    Edmonton – 23 48 11 – 57 points
    Colorado – 24 51 7 – 55 points

    *In these standings, Chicago and Phoenix tied their season series, which would give Chicago the tiebreaker based on goal-differential.

    LA would not be in the playoffs and Dallas would be. Yesterday’s interesting ending with Chicago and Dallas would not have happened.

    Interestingly, the Rangers were still depending on Tampa to beat Carolina to get in, though the match-up would be different.

  55. Clearly the interface screwed up my formatting – the dashed line indicates the playoff team cutoff. LA is supposed to be on the next line.

  56. Rangers in 6 ….

    I think the last 3 games we have outscored them 15-1 or something. Plus u add the pressure theyll put on themselves. Plus our road record this year. Plus their shotty goaltending.

    How can u be a Ranger fan and not like those odds??

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    billy, you are completely misunderstanding what I’m saying. The Gomez deal was one of the most lopsided trades since the lockout. We fleeced Montreal in a way that a GM has rarely been fleeced before. Even the Kotalik to Calgary deal was better than the Gomez one.

    All I’m saying is that Gomez had an average Scott Gomez year. And while you mock 59 points as the total for a third liner, 59 points also happens to be more points than anyone on the Rangers scored this year, and more than anyone other than Gaborik scored last year, and more than anyone on the Rangers scored three years ago (including Gomez himself).

    Does he have one of the worst contracts in the NHL? Absolutely. Was that deal one of the most lopsided deals in the post-lockout era? Absolutely. But in year 1 of the deal, when McDonagh was in college, Higgins was terrible, and Valentenko played a cool 8 games in the KHL, while Gomez scored almost 60 points and was part of an upstart Canadiens team that made it to the Conference finals, it was a very short-term gain for the Canadiens. Honestly, I don’t know how you can argue that.

    Long-term though, we clearly win the deal, and it’s not even close.

  58. Doodie – I’m in agreement with you

    Somerset – this is not the same Capitals team that the NYR rolled over in the last two games – they’re coming into the playoffs hot and psyched that they got the #1 seed. I’m not saying the Rangers can’t beat them, but it’s going to be a battle (can’t wait for Staal-Ovie).

  59. Noah-allahan-iron, 28 on

    Doodie, I think the problem is that you’re looking at the trade in a vacuum.

    While the deal itself may have favored Montreal in the short-term, the deal also freed up the necessary cap space to sign Gaborik. The cap space was essentially another player in the deal that we got.

    So I’m not sure I agree that Montreal won that deal in year 1. I think the deal was a Ranger win right from the start (though some of us had no idea at the time).

  60. Hey nothing is a done deal….No playoff round is going to be easy. This is going to be a hard fought and painful series. The Caps are a great team (this is why they got a #1 seed).

    The best we can say is that we got the match up we wanted. Many of us were saying “bring on the Caps” in our pre-playoff enthusiasm. Now we are more reticent to give them their due. That said, I think that this is the best match up for us and the way our boys will feel the most comfortable and confident going into this bonus round. We did the best we could – now we have to go out and execute.

  61. That deal also helped us sign Gaborik, so it worked out well for both teams that year. Long term, however- we won the deal hands down, agree with Doodie. I would not trade Gaborik unless you can sign another premier goal scorer. I would certainly see what he can do for at least another year, I don’t think he is done yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if gets 40+ again next year. The dislocated shoulder took away a lot from his shot initially, and now it affects his confidence.
    In terms of Drury. If they decide to buy him out, $1.67M cap hit in 2012-2013 isn’t too much to worry about, but $3.3M cap relief next year will give them some flexibility. I was sure they’d buy him out, but now I think it will depend on how he performs during the playoffs. Can’t deny that the goal against NJ was what we expected from him for long time.

  62. billybleedsblue on

    Wow. Guess I should have known better. I read what you said doodie, and I didn’t misunderstand you at all, but if that’s how you want to put it, I really don’t care. You said “Gomez had a pretty good year last year.” I don’t know what’s so mysterious about that statement to be misunderstood.

    I disagree. I would even say you are wrong, as would most Montreal fans, guaranteed. I think a randomly-placed garbage can could put up 7 and 31 with the kind of PP time he got.

    What we will agree on though is the fleecing. I still don’t know how it happened, but it was like a wish come true for so many of us!

  63. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Afternoon ‘heads. I see Fischler is at it again – predicting the Rangers go to the finals & lose to the Caps. Not sure I share his optimism but I think the boys will make a deep run. Does that make me a negative nancy?!!



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