A few more post-practice quotes


Brandon Dubinsky:

Said it was nerve-wracking watching Tampa-Carolina, especially when it got to 4-2.

“But when it was 3-0, we were pretty excited about that.”

On success vs. Washington this season:

“Hopefully we can get a little bit of confidence. When you play a team well like we did, hopefully it will give you some confidence. But, playoffs, everybody’s tied for first now. Playoffs, it’s a whole new season, it’s a fresh start, and that goes for both teams. Obviously they’ve gotten better and they’ve been on a helluva run lately, too, so I think it’s going to be a different team than the team we faced in the regular season, and we’re expecting that. And I think we’re a different team than they faced. So I think it’s going to be a fun series.”

On the series two years ago:

“It’s a different … we’ve had a different season than we had that year, as far as consistency, as far as work ethic, as far as games. I feel like we really deserve to be in the playoffs this time around and, maybe that time we didn’t because of the middle of the season we had. So I think the biggest thing we’re taking from that is the opportunity to go in as an underdog, an eighth seed, and try and make some noise, because we feel pretty confident with the group of guys we have here and the team that we have. So I think that’s what makes it the most exciting.”

Chris Drury:

On the series two years ago:

“Not many guys are left from that team. (told it was eight). Yeah, that’s a pretty good changeover. They’ve got a lot of new guys, too. Yeah, the guys who’ve been there have been through it, kind of know the routine of playing there and coming back here for a series. I think, some things you can draw on. But again, it’s such a new feeling, a new series, a new season.”

More Henrik Lundvist:

“It was painful to sit and watch the last game Saturday night, but it went our way. Maybe it was our turn after what happened last year. So it’s been exciting and I look forward to this.”

On not having doubt, and where the confidence was when they left the Garden Saturday:

“It felt like the season was over, honestly. I didn’t have a lot of hopes because we didn’t get a lot of help the last month. It felt like they were all winning behind us. So, even when they were up 4-0 I thought they would lose. But when we finally knew we were in, right away I just started to think about what’s going to happen, think about Washington, what they bring, and what I have to do to help this team win. Already, Saturday night I started to think about it. Now, each day, you practice, you prepare, everything you do right now is to get ready and play your best.”

On winning three of four vs. Caps:

“Not much. Even in the past we’ve played them in the playoffs, and you can’t look at the regular season. It’s a different season and also we played them a couple of games when they were struggling a little bit. Now I think they’re a better team, they have more confidence, their top players are playing well. It’s going to be a lot tougher for us to get the wins. But we’re a confident group right now. We’re going to have fun, we’re going to work really hard, and hopefully it’s going to be enough.”

Does he have to “stand on his head” to win this series?

“We’ll see. Hopefully we’re just going to play a really good team game and I do my job and that will be enough. But we’ll see. …. I know I have to play well for us to beat them, but that’s no secret. You know as a goalie, you have to be on top of your game.”

“It meant a lot personally to make the playoffs. I take a lot of pride in that. And, I mean, it’s a team game. But I took it very personal last year when we didn’t make it. I should be better to help the team to make it. It was a big goal we had going into this year, to bounce back and be back in the playoffs. I think everybody should be proud and feel good about themselves and what we accomplished.”

On the young kids on the team not having playoff experience:

“Well, I bet they had played playoffs before, growing up in different, junior hockey or whatever it’s been. It’s similar. It’s just more now. It’s bigger. It’s more intense. But you still learn from every playoffs no matter where you play it. You have to learn to move on from each game, and have a very short memory.”

Told Ryan McDonagh said he’d never played in any kind of a seven-game series, Lundqvist laughed, “Oh, really? … there you go.”

“We’re going to do whatever we can to help and support everybody in here. But it’s hard to really talk to guys. Playoffs is something you have to experience and learn for yourself. You can’t really tell them to do this or do that. You just go out and play your game. That’s pretty much all you can tell them: Relax and enjoy it and (have) a short memory. But the biggest thing, you kind of have to experience to learn from it.”

On communicating with the young D-men on the ice:

“I should communicate more. I’m pretty quiet. It always helps when you have guys talk more. Some guys talk more. I talk less. But it’s something I can definitely improve.”

On losing the 3-1 lead vs. Washington two seasons ago:

“It’s tough to think that we were up 3-1, but at the same time I think that they were the better team that time. We just felt … we stole some games there in Washington and then it felt like they started to heat up and we couldn’t get away with a fourth win there. Obviously, when you’re up 3-1, it hurts to lose it. But it just felt like they were a little better at that time.

“I’ve said that the standings doesn’t really lie after 82 games. They’re the No. 1 team. But, yeah, I think maybe we’re a little closer to each other this time than last time. They’re a really good team. They have a lot of skill up front; even their D is really good. So we’ll see. We’ll see how we do. But it feels like we’re a little closer this time than last time.”

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  1. When will we hear from the Hobbit Wizard? For example, how will his magic skills help us in a 7-Game series?

  2. I wonder how many f-bombs Boudreau dropped when he heard that he was facing the Rangers in the first round? I’m guessing quite a few…

  3. I wonder how many f-bombs Boudreau dropped when he heard that he was facing the Rangers in the first round? I’m guessing quite a few…


    Probably not as many as when he found out that the Haagen Daz in Penn Station is closed by the time games are done.

  4. Tal vez las cabezas estan tomando el sol. Hace buen tiempo hoy. Ayer yo compré billetes que cuestan $6 para el partido de Los Mets de hoy. Voy a disfrutar Shake Shack y no me importa lo que pasa con el partido.

  5. CT – Es Verdad! It’s so nice out. I love Shake Shack. Love it. I just prefer the ones on the West Side. Avoids the whole “New Shea” thing.

  6. Carp – ease up on him. He is speaking gaelic. It’s very similar to Spanish. Romance languages and all……

  7. I play the Celtic card on St. Patrick’s Day. Right now I’m gearing up for Cinco de Mayo.

  8. Noah – I hear that Christinsen will be available to play Elijah at people’s Seders. If interested please email him.

  9. I remember growing up my Rabbi’s son would always put on an old man mask and pretend to be Elijah. Every single year he got us good with that one.

  10. billybleedsblue on

    That had to get old. If it was me, I’d have to start closing the door on him. hahaha. leave him out in the hall with the old man mask having to explain to neighbors why he’s banging on the door…

  11. It’s true. Lots of stuff got old there, like always being the youngest and doing the 4 Questions until I was in my 20’s and still not being able to get through it without laughing.

  12. billybleedsblue on

    that’s probably why I am not Jewish because I have trouble taking things seriously. Something tells me that wouldn’t go over well. I know it didn’t in Catholic school :D

  13. billybleedsblue on

    “And as we open up the door to let Elijah in, ”

    I’d probably have rigged a bucket of water above the door or something equally as harmlessly amusing, like confetti… hehehe.

  14. It sounds fun! I haven’t been to a Seder in about 3 years. I haven’t done anything “religious” in about that long I guess. I did tend to laugh when I was there. I also liked to just read my part in an accent. Good practice for my acting career that never took off…

  15. Does the local writers boycotting the NHL awards have something to do with not having a Masterton nominee? That may be the answer. However, the Devils and Islanders do have nominees, so maybe not.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    My ex in college was Jewish. I never went to any of her Seders, frankly, I wasn’t even invited, nor did I even notice or care that I wasn’t until just now (I still don’t care). But I definitely demolished all of the leftovers she would bring back.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Spider, you answered your own question there. If anyone was going to boycott, it would have been the Islanders writers.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    I mean, it’s not like they have some kind of relationship with Montoya where they want the guy to be recognized. I could understand the Devils reporters with Rolston since he’s a nostalgic favorite, but honestly, Montoya has been there for less than 2 months, what do they care if they boycott it and Montoya isn’t nominated?

  19. Can I nominate a new Blog Player Name pseudo-Word in light of todays technical difficulties?

    Cal *CLUTTERBUCK* of the Minnesota Wild?

  20. All three local chapters boycotted the awards voting, but I presume this is different because this is award nomination (then they won’t vote for the winner). Actually, Botta is part of the “Rangers” chapter for some reason anyway, so it would make sense for the Rangers to not have the nominee. The only nominee I could think of would be Prust, but he wouldn’t win nationally since he didn’t miss games.

  21. Will NHL Center Ice be showing the Ranger game on Wed ? I know it’s on Versus BUT I just check direct Tv on Versus on Wed to record the game & they have the Yote/Wing at 4-6:60, Rangers/Caps 6:30-7:00 & Hawks/Canucks 7:00-9:30
    30 minutes of Ranger coverage ?? WTB !!!!

  22. I know this isn’t baseball, but see 1988 NLCS. Mets were 10-1 against the Dodgers in the regular season. Orel Hershiser anyone?

    Can the Rangers beat the Caps? Absolutely, but thinking that the regular season has much bearing on this series is a mistake.

  23. BC announced that Kreider is returning to BC in the fall…

    Salty – clutterbuck is currently a word we thrown around here already…not as popular as carcillo or cooke or byfuglien…but it is definitely used.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    How about 06-07 against Atlanta? We won 1 out of 4, yet stomped them in the playoffs.

    How about 05-06 against Jersey? We won 4 out of the 6, but were obliterated in the playoffs.

    These things happen.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    “BC announced that Kreider is returning to BC in the fall…”

    Been saying that ever since the post-Beanpot interview that Torts gave. Obviously, Kreider is free to change his mind at any point through the next season, but I really think he is planning on getting his degree.

    Tony, I know man, but after the first round, every playoff game will be on it or on NBC. Time to man up.

  26. Regular season head to head record means jack squat in postseason. It’s 0-0.

    Good quotes, Carp. They’ll be ready. The type of hockey they played all year is perfect for postseason.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m sorry, correction. After the 2nd round, they will have exclusive coverage with NBC. And within the 2nd round, they will have 2 exclusive rights games from each series.

  28. Unofficial reports saying that the Rangers will wear an alternate jersey for next years game in Stockholm, Sweden.

    It’ll only be worn for the one game and then retired. There’s a leaked photo showing Henrik Lundqvist wearing the new jersey which features a series of Swedish meatballs running diagonally down the front.
    The inside hemline on the tail of the jersey will have Victoria Silvstedt’s home phone number.

    Jersey’s can be pre-orded for 360 USD/ 250 EUR

  29. Brandon Tierney: “If the Rangers score three goals, Lundqvist can only give up two.
    If the Rangers score four goals, Lundqvist can only give up three”

    Where else can you get such hockey insight?

  30. Sorta Mickey Mouse move having the first game of NYR playoffs on MSG+ while leaving the meaningless regular season finale Knicks game on MSG.

    ORR – I am a fan, and a fan of that video. The guy in the back looked concerned. :)

  31. LOL
    “for all the haters, let me tell you, lady gaga busts her ass everyday and night”

  32. msg for all games first round non nbc games.

    second and 3rd round exclusive on versus.

    also if on versus then wont be on center ice package.

    its been like this for years. i am tv chunky.

    also i would like to extend an invite to any of you to attend my seder on tues night.

    there will be jewish food and nhl playoff action on the menu

  33. funny that Sally brought up
    while watching the minnesota game
    last night
    i mentioned to jpg’s sister
    how it’s such a fun name to say.

  34. Just saw Carp’s eyes and black hat on WNBC. Carp reaching over other reporters with his recording device. Knock them out of the way Carp!

    Rod Gilbert interviewed.

    Bruce Beck mentions Ranger beard-a-thon.

  35. ilb-

    I saw where you questioned ‘bonus’. I know I’ve referred to making the playoffs as a Bonus. Of course, I meant it in the sense that the success of this season was not based on whether or not the Rangers made the playoffs. This team has given us what we’ve asked for, tremendous effort while moving in a positive direction with a thoughtful plan. Therefore the playoffs are a bonus.

    And yes, there is no doubt this team deserves to be in the playoffs and no one will convince me that they backed in.

    That said. Time to raise the bar.

  36. eric – Versus does not have all games exclusive in second round. Only two per series as mentioned above. I forgot that local broadcasts could take every game in the first round (besides NBC).

    Tony – The first Rangers game is joined in progress on Versus, surprisingly, so I’m thinking it should be on Center Ice. If not, that’s a real jip (pun intended). I’m guessing FSN Arizona is being cheap and not wanting to send a crew to Detroit, so they worked with the NHL to get this game on Versus. In that case, it will be exclusive in Phoenix.

  37. I should have known CLUTTERBUCK was known/used…I might have to start spending more time around here again…. Today does seems like it reached Clutterbuck territory for a minute though.

    oh yeahhhhhh


  38. LinCalPrustBoylahan24 on

    WELCOME BACK SALTY!! you’ve been gone too long!

    Brandon Tierney, noted scholar and hard hitting reporter?

  39. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Did you also notice Banj that Dubi got his playoff beard started and I agree dde the Rangers did NOT back into the playoffs they did what they needed to do . Carolina knew what they had to do for about 4 hours after our game and they didn’t get it done ! END OF STORY! The Rangers deserve to be where they are because they earned it by winning their last game.

  40. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Back to the post season!!"...says Greg L. on

    Did somebody mention ZzZzzzzz !!!!

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