Drury in, Zuccarello in; Avery out


Will have Tortorella quotes, however brief, soon.

Chris Drury is back in (he’ll add some juice, the coach said). Mats Zuccarello is in, presumably in case of a shootout. That means Sean Avery — who agitates the heck out of the Devils — is prucha’d.

Also, Matt Gilroy is in for Steve Eminger.

Back in a few.


John Tortorella:

On the mood of the team:

“I haven’t see them yet. I’m sure they’ll be just fine. Why wouldn’t they be? It’s a great opportunity.”

“Gilly’s in for Emmy, and let me make sure you understand. Emmy has given us some really good minutes. I thought he stepped in really nice a couple games ago when McDonagh was struggling a bit. So, that was a tough decision. But we’re hoping maybe we get out of our end zone a little quicker with Gilly as far as a first pass, and maybe add some offense and we’ll see where it goes.

“Dru will be in, Sean Avery  will be out, and Zucc ,who’s been called up, will be in the lineup.”

“Dru is Dru. He’s been wanting to go for a little bit here. I’m not sure exactly how much he’ll play. I’ll see. He’ll take some faceoffs, he’ll kill some penalties, but he gives us a little bit of juice as far as coming back; our captain is back in the lineup, so we’ll see how it goes as we proceed in the game.”

Do you know where he’ll play?

“Not sure. I am sure, but I’m not telling you. I’m not giving my lineup. … Gilly will be with McCabe.”

“I think (Drury) is well respected. He’s not a holler guy in the room. He leads by example. I think when you look at him, how hard he’s worked with a chronic knee here, and I think the same thing goes for Prospal, one of our other older guys — how hard he worked to get back. I think that just adds something to your lockerroom. He’s just so well-respected by his teammates and, you know, he’s been known to make big plays at big times in big games, so we’ll see where it goes.”

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  1. The Rangers have no-one but themselves to blame for the position they are in. While they are still alive, the probability of them making the playoffs is extremely low.

    Can’t lose to NYI and ATL in the last week of the season…

  2. Paul in sunrise on

    IMO they are spent. Too tired to keep the compete level high enough. They have competed so hard so often. This team is different from years past. This was nit a choke job or a case of spitting the bit. The gas tank is empty. They have been running on fumes. I really hope that they can muster the strength and give themselves a chance for help tonight. I really enjoyed the team this year. A pleasure to watch no matter the final result.
    Still believe in Gaborik. Terrible year and terrible few games down the stretch. But I hope that a summer of rehab makes a difference. For those calling for trade. His value is too low to make it make sense.
    I am also torn about Richards. I was all about it. But nit so much right now. But my season ain’t over yet. Let’s go Rangers. One more win. “you can do it” said with bad “Mexican” Rob Schneider accent.

  3. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    is 9:50 in the morning too early to start drinking???

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!! Just win the game.

    Anyone have any updated news on Tiki. I saw yesterdays posts and was shocked. Praying for a quick recovery for him.

  4. I like the tweet by Jeff Marek Best.

    “Rangers dress Chris Drury for final ‘must-win’ game of the season. Sean Avery scratched. Anyone know what Stephane Matteau’s doing this aft?”

  5. Pizza Pants! Show us why you wear that “C.” Show us why you left the kitchen in the hands of your assistant Pizza Chef today. SHOW UP.

    ^hobbit wizard will bring the magic^

    Does this spell the end of Avery under Torts?

  6. Rangers Cup Champs 2011 on

    Here we go! This is a team of destiny…The march to the cup starts now…win today, and then sweep the Caps! Nothing can hold us back!

  7. Too nervous.

    I will be at Warren 77 for this game. Hope to see all you cabezas del huesos. Let’s go Rangers and such. Love this team. No matter the outcome…Love them.

  8. Wow what a great idea, bring in Captain Dreary for the final game of the year!!

    he’s had such a tremendous year, all those goals, and coming off a big knee injury, there should be no concerns!!

    youre a genius Torts!!!

    change those lines up!!

    playoffs here we come!!

    Jack Adams be damned!!

  9. Is it odd that we will be at Sean Avery’s bar while he will be in the press box? Maybe he will show up and serve some drinks?

  10. good day all and welcome to game 82-lets take care of business and see where fate takes us tonite….my dad calls me this AM ( not a huge hockey fan by any means) and says “good luck son i know your upset they choked at home but good luck” he knows how much i care and live and die with this team and i know right now many believe we did choke but i think when we all take a deep breathe and just look at the records off buff and carolina down the stretch here (16-2-3!!!!!!) we can take a step back and give some credit to our opponents….i am not trying to down play the islander or thrasher loss but if 15 games ago you said the Rangers would go 11-4-1 down the stretch you would sign on a dotted line for that record….well its off to MSG hopefully not for the last time this spring LETS GO RANGERS

  11. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Deja vu all over again huh guys? It comes down to game 82 (again), but this time we need help. I’ll still hold on to whatever slim sliver of hope is out there…. but tonight could be a devastating night in Ranger land.

    We just gotta beat the Devils…. and then hope with all our might, and hope Tampa doesn’t roll over like Atlanta did.

  12. If a player is injured for such a long time you bring him in for the final and the most important game of the season, that is more than an adventure…He never wont be at this best and he doesn´t have Avery in which is more than questionable because of his history with Brodeur stirring up the pot…

    Some questionable calls by the coach !!!!

  13. on the bright side, we do get the 12th overall pick in the draft, should a miracle not happen today…

  14. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    we all knew atl was going to lie down like rugs yesterday, every last one of us. i expect Tampa to do the same. Teams should NEVER have to depend on other teams winning and losing for them to get into the playoffs. I know it happens all the time though. I’m sitting here thinking about all those one goal losses, all the wasted points that would have really come in handy right now. BUT…as a franchise they are getting closer. We screamed for youth and got it this year, in spades. This team was hit hard by the injury bug this year…. hit with a slegehammer. Gaborik was NEVER the same after that shoulder separation, and had a subpar year. A few well timed goals by him (or anyone else for that matter) would have made a huge difference.

    KEEP THE FAITH BOYS & GIRLS. We all still bleed Rangers blue, no matter game one or game 82.

  15. I actually had a dream last night that Hedberg was in and that Jeremy Williams scored an overtime goal. Maybe it was him because he was in the Rangers-Devils game I went to earlier in the season. The Garden was going crazy.

    If only the actual game could be as good as my dream…

  16. well logic would state that avery plays his most effective games against “uncle daddy” i hope this strange hunch works…

  17. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Not sure how we are closer. We seem to be in the exact same position as last year. If anything I’m starting to think that the vaunted “core” is simply not good enough.

  18. as much as I don’t think Tortorella is a huge Avery fan (understatement), I believe Avery would be in the lineup if he didn’t fear the need of a shootout win. And he’s right. Though I would have gone Avery over Drury. Could get ugly at Drury’s expense if this game doesn’t go well.

    This year proves once again the uselessness of the skills competition, and last night’s last 30 seconds in Buffalo showed what a travesty the Bettman Bonus Point has become.

  19. Gift of GAB-orik on


    I agree 100% with what you said. We had some good runs during the season, and we had some tough stretches too. But we had young guys come in and play some great minutes, and have some big games. Boyle, Prust, McD, MZA, Dubi, Sweet and Sauer…. it does make the tight losses hard to stomach… but we played a lot better than most critics thought we would. Aside from Stan Fischler… nobody thought this team was going anywhere.

    And for a time… wow did we believe magic was going to happen! What a rollercoaster ride it has been…. and it isn’t over yet!


    and then… LET’S GO TAMPA!

  20. Noah-rury-allahan, 28 on

    Is it true that if the tiebreaker rules were flip flopped between the last two years, the Rangers would’ve made the playoffs both years in the event of a tie?

  21. 4generations 4 cups on

    So how many comments will this place have at around 9 if Tampas got the lead and Rangers dont blow it in an hour?

    I’ll say around 900.

  22. No updates on Tiki, Linda.

    Try to enjoy the game, boneheads. Don’t overthink. Don’t internalize. It’s been a good run, we can’t discard it now.

    Carp, I believe Torts hopes Drury can calm the young guys down. Maybe having him take a few shifts will make them grip their sticks less. That’s what killed them against Atlanta. This game appears to be even bigger.

  23. Boom Boom

    To your point look at this 6 games stretch of losses:

    4-3 to Fla
    4-3 to Pit in SO
    3-2 to Devils
    2-0 to Habs (second goal was empty net)
    3-2 to Det
    3-2 to Atl

    a timely goal needed and your friendly neighborhood sniper was nowhere to be found


    8-2 over Edmon
    7-0 over Caps
    7-2 over Isles
    7-0 over Tor
    6-0 over Caps
    7-0 over Pilly

    different story here

  24. Noah, that’s not true only because the Rangers finished a point behind Philly and Montreal last year, and not tied.

  25. Carp

    Where are you at the Garden again? I’ll try to stop by during warmup… I got a nice Cuban for you :)
    hopefully it’ll be a victory cigar!

  26. I just have had it with Torts. Avery was a the best aggitator in the leauge before torts. Not hes a shadow of his former self. Boogard was the Baddest Man in the NHL last 4 years (Top 3 anyway). Torts ruined that also. Gaborik, all though sometimes lazy defensivley, has tremendous talent. Torts has destroyed his confidence IMO. Look at Kovy on the devils. In the begining of the year he was awful. Then came Lemaire and then POOF, hes amazing again. Gaborik and Boogard played for Lemaire. Hockey is not about the system of a coach its about using all of your players in a way that makes them perform at their best. Point is Torts wont adapt to his personel and as such he wont do anything unless he has 12 Cally/dubi/ prospal Hybribs , which we all know is impossible. Im tired of him and would like to see someone else take the team

  27. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    thats for making my case about those one goal games DDE.

    am i the only one underwhelmed that drury is in? I can’t see him giving an inspirational lift.
    If he gets decent minutes, I hope he wins those faceoffs. ;-)

    Thanks ILBZO

  28. With Tampa resting their players for the playoffs…there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of Carolina NOT winning tonight.

    I highly doubt the Rangers will muster enough to score a goal. Not only are they gassed, they’re defeated…and I think they know, to a man, that the reason they’re in this position is because they choked BIG TIME in games they should have won over the last couple of weeks.

    I didn’t see EFFORT in the Atlanta game. Or the Isles game. Or the Ottawa game. Or the 1-0 blanking of the Panthers which they were lucky to win.

    The end of this season takes away any good they might have done during it. It’s not like they gave it their all and came up short…they chose to NOT give their all if the opponent was deemed to be “beneath them”

    You gotta question the coaching staff for a team that continually put forth such a poor effort. Just how do they prepare this team?

    That being said, I’m not watching the game today. Too nice out.

    Prayers still with Tiki…

    Oh, and Drury being back in the lineup all but guarantees a defeat. Just will be that much worse to see him on the ice one last time. Ugh

    Let’s Go….oh, never mind

  29. Sean Avery won’t be playing for the Rangers next year. Thanks to the coach’s mismanagement, Avery’s career as a Ranger has been totally ruined. What was once a fairly skilled and effective player has been reduced to a 5-minute per game 4th liner who’s obviously been hamstrung by his egomaniac coach. Anyone who watched Avery play under Renney can see that this is version of Avery is basically skating on egg shells. Tortorella’s vaunted “system” is one that does little more than play favorites, particularly if they are “yes men.” Avery’s never been one of those guys and is only successful when he’s given a fair bit of lattitude. Players have no lattitude under this coach.

    Under John Tortorella no one is more important to the team than John Tortorella, so pretty much every player, particularly an agitator like Avery, will be judged on a by shift basis. For as poorly as Gaborik has looked lately, I’m placing much of that on Tortorella’s shoulders for similar reasons. Regardless of what you’ve contributed previously, if you have a few bad shifts, you’re suddenly taking a back seat to his pets like Dubinsky and Callahan. He’s done this with veterans (Avery and Gaborik) and rookies (Gilroy and Del Zotto), and all I’ve sudden is mediocrity from the Rangers for two seasons. At what point does Tortorella take any of the blame for what has been a pretty stagnant hockey club?

  30. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    I think you can say Torts played havoc with MDZ’s confidence, but not Gaborik. Gabby was never the same after the shoulder separation, then had the concussion. And the whole ‘trying to find someone to work with Gabby’ thing has taken over the better part of 2 seasons. The guy is a sniper who didn’t snipe much this year, possibly because the shoulder is NOT 100%. And for as fast as the guy can skate, he spends a lot of time gliding. It’s not Torts fault noone can center for the guy, that’s on Sather.

    I do think Avery should be in this game, only because of his history with the debils.

  31. Hey Joe,

    I spent a while typing my post and didn’t see yours until after I clicked “submit.” Sorry for basically saying the exact same things you did.

  32. i dont understand how any Ranger fan can NOT watch this game. i mean it’s the biggest game of the year, who cares how nice it is outside, if you call yourself a fan you watch 82 games through thick AND thin.

  33. Linda -saw your post after compiling mine and was going to address it to you as well. Since I was a was sort of down on Gabby I didn’t want to make it seem like you were as well -great points :)

  34. Joe, right on!!

    your quote captures the Tortorella problem exactly:

    “Hockey is not about the system of a coach its about using all of your players in a way that makes them perform at their best.”

    the Kovalchuk situation is a great example

    new coach Lemaire came in and evaluated the situation and somehow got Kovalchuk to play. Thats a good coach.

    Totalretard does the opposite.

    He looks at the players and thinks, how can I change them.

    it doesnt work. you can keep getting rid of players, and they will, but it will be the same thing over and over again.

    Next season the Rangers will be the “core” guys plus Torts’ old friends from 50 years ago in Tampa, Feds, Prospal, Richards, and im sure he can dig up another old pal.

    Plus Henrik to carry the team and keep them competitive for the entire season again.

    can you say Deja Vu??

  35. And let’s make one thing clear, if you’re playing guys (Christiansen, who is useless, and Zuccarello) in order to win a shootout when you basically have to win in either regulation or OT, you’re basically already conceding the game.

    Enough with Tortorella’s already.

  36. It’s never too early to drink Linda….The reason is simple- if you wait, it could be too late. :-))

  37. LinCalPrustBoylahan,

    He hasn’t damaged Gaborik’s confidence? What would you call it when you’re far and away the best player on the team and your coach consistently has you on the bench for the last half of the third period. In a normal situation where an egomaniac isn’t riding roughshod over his team, your skilled players are the guys out there at the end, and the Ruslan Fedotenkos and Brandon Prusts of the world are cheering from the bench.

  38. LinCalPrustBoylahan on


    play to win, NOT to get to a shoot out!

    DDE, thanks bud! I believe Gabby is NOT 100%, and I take that into consideration, but damn, the guy is like Casper out there some nights! A ghost of his former self. 3 or 4 well timed goals from him could have made a huge difference. We have him for what, 3 more years? Hopefully he regains his sniper form next season, although I wish he’d regain it NOW!!

  39. Had to go upstate this weekend. Alone. Probably a good thing. Mrs and the dogs are not into hockey….And I’m almost certain I’ll have some mood swings today. It’s 60 degrees up here and sunny ( where is Tony?). I’m going for a ride with top down. See you all during the game. And LGR!

  40. i’m guessing Torts still doesn’t trust Avery from taking a bad penalty or
    and if Aves would be even slightly more consistent with
    scoring he probably would be in the lineup.

  41. Doom and Gloom on

    Lets be honest..The Rangers are the worst team in the playoff hunt in Wins not in a shootout. We dont deserve to be in the playoffs…We really dont…Henrik needs to demand a trade, because he will rot in the NY Rangers mess of an organization.


    i have to return to work
    but i’ll check tweets and scoreboard as
    much as i can!!!

  43. horrible decisions. wth will drury on one knee offer against the devils that avery can’t?

  44. Joe and Lloyd !

    You guys are right to a point that a coach can only coach as far as he has the right player to his disposal and if you havent the right GM and president you dont get the assets to excel. But I agree its not always the team system its the way you bring out the abilities of every specific players and Torts always trying to play in a specific system which problem wont allow to bring out the best of players…

    And even I think he is also responsible for the loss of self confidence by Marian Gaborik and as I attest its not easy to deal with such a difficult character of a Avery he didn´t do a good job with it…

    That´s what I think from the other side of the ocean, if that is possible :)

  45. “I think (Drury) is well respected. He’s not a holler guy in the room. He leads by example. I think when you look at him, how hard he’s worked with a chronic knee here, and I think the same thing goes for Prospal, one of our other older guys—how hard he worked to get back. I think that just adds something to your lockerroom. He’s just so well-respected by his teammates and, you know, he’s been known to make big plays at big times in big games, so we’ll see where it goes.”

    I don’t know what happens in the locker room, but I have seen absolutely no leadership from Drury, and never have in his whole career as a Ranger. The fact that Tortorella even has to mention broach this subject speaks volumes to me. Molasses skate faster than Drury.

  46. Matthias,

    Oh, you’re absolutely right. The underlying problem to all of this is Glen Sather. I’ve wanted him out here for the last decade and that’s not going to change. But I think that for all of Tortorella’s talk about “team first,” his actual goal is to make the Rangers “Tortorella-first” and whoever doesn’t bend over backwards to kiss his ass is going to be tossed under the bus.

  47. Lev, been a fan for 30 years…and considering how easy it was for this team to lock up a playoff spot, I view this as nothing more than a complete and total choke job.

    Every single time they spoke about “we’re in the playoffs now, just about moving up the standings”, they took their foot off the gas, stopped playing with any urgency, and stopped playing the way they needed to in order to win.

    There’s alot to love about this team. But there’s also plenty to get angry at.

    All a win today does is delay the inevitable. But I highly doubt they can pull off a victory. The look in their eyes during the Atlanta game was one of a defeated team.

    I feel bad for Hank. There’s nothing he can do when the team gives him no support. And after last season stung so badly, how do you think he’ll take this collapse mentally?

    I was there at MSG for the last two games of the sweep at the hands of the Devils after the lockout. I stayed to the end of the game. I was giving them a standing ovation and chanting “Let’s Go Rangers” as thanks for giving it all they had but coming up short.

    This team? This year? They didn’t give it all. They aren’t nearly talented enough, we all know that…but they didn’t give it their all. Not in the last couple of games. And certainly not with their season on the line Thursday night.

    It’s too painful to watch. Because I really thought this team could do damage in the playoffs.

    So, yeah…I don’t want to watch. It’s too damn painful.

    I’m a fan, a die-hard. And I always will be.

    But the way they played in the last couple of games (except against Philly and the last few minutes of the Boston game) felt like a slap in the face.

    And I won’t start drinking ’til noon…

    Do I hope I’m wrong? Of course I do! I hope they win and I hope by some miracle Carolina loses…but I know in my heart it won’t happen. You make your own luck in this league. The Rangers chose not to give it their all. And therefore, luck is not on their side.

    I’ll be back next year…living and dying with each victory and loss. But I can’t sit and watch the epilogue of what could have been a remarkable season but is now, to me, a season of crushing disappointment.

    We’ve got a good, young nucleus. Can’t wait to see what another year of experience will do for them. Can’t wait to see some dead wood cut loose.

    But after coming up short by a single point last year, you would THINK this team would be all about urgency. Instead, they played as if they had sewn up a spot 2 weeks ago.

    So yeah, I’m disgusted. I’m irritated. And I’ve got better things to do than watch them fail one more time this year.

    ESPECIALLY with Captain Mumbles on the ice.

    Let’s Go Rangers! ;-)

  48. Holy cow! Major power outage in Raleigh. RBC Center backup generators failed and ice is becoming a mess. Said it could be several hours before power is restored!

    Hurricanes could potentially forfeit under NHL Rule 73.4

  49. Noah-rury-allahan, 28 on

    For those that say these Rangers did not give an effort this year, you’re simply not watching this team (whose oldest defenseman [until McCabe came] was 27).

    Is missing the playoffs tough? Of course. But if you go to the blog’s archives and read what people predicted this season, it is pretty remarkable that those same people are now bemoaning the “effort” of this team that brought them to the cusp of the playoffs.

    While I love Carp and this blog, it is sometimes quite frustrating to see the “what have you done for me 3 seconds ago” bipolar (or is it bi-winning?) nature of some fans.

    Sorry for the rant, but I think this team deserves a bit more credit. Not so much the Drurys and Gaboriks of the world. But the growth of Stepan, Sauer, McDonagh, Animisov and Boyle absolutely cannot be overlooked.

    In 2011-2012, the players will have this year of experience under their belt. They will hopefully have some more toys to play with that deliver on expectations.

    No matter what happens, I love this team and will be counting down the days until July 1st if today is the end.


  50. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Lloyd, please don’t think me rude in not having replied sooner! been sitting here with a wet head of hair and realized the time! SORRY!!

    I tend to overlook the fact that yes, veteran stars can have their confidence toyed with by their coach. I’m looking at Gabby as still NOT being 100%, and trying to play through it. Maybe it’s a combination of both. Although Torts DOES juggle his lines trying to find something or someone to spark Gabby.

  51. czechthemout!!!! on

    The anti torts trolls are out in full force tonight. How do you all know that torts is trying to change anyone? Every is one of my favorite players on the team and I agree that torts doesn’t like him. In fact I know for a fact that that is the case first hand. For that I can criticise torts. But as for marryonet Gaborik, he is not a player that you can build a team around. The Wild found that out after a while. As for Lemaire, he did nothing with the Wild so stop with that crap.

    I can’t understand the Drury love torts has. He is someone who sucks the life out of this team when in the lineup. There are some things torts does that are strange but so do other coaches. The bottom line is that torts has a history of developing young players and winning the Stanley Cup with them.
    The problem with the 12th pick is that from what I read, this years draft is only about 8-10 players deep as far as blue chip type players, unless you have read something else?

  52. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    well, I’m going to say this quickly…torts is such a hypocrite it isn’t even funny. I’m not saying he should be fired (don’t wan to get the kool aid drinkers upset), but the atl game loss was mostly due to coaching and a lack of motivating and bs accountability for some players, but not others!

    Either way, LGR and I hope our coach and our team win today!!!

  53. just have to hope the Rangers arent thinking about Carolina right now and just focusing on the Devils….crazier things have happened, you never know. just take care of your own business.

  54. and you know this whole “idk if i’ll watch tonight” from the players, i dont like. i want them sitting in one room together, with the coaches, watching tonight’s game.

  55. We can have this argument later, but Avery is a fourth-liner on this team that the other 29 teams wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole, even at half price.

  56. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Holy Carp Tony~? 46? what the hell! It’s almost 80 here already and it’s only 11:08!!

  57. Carp,

    Since Avery’s been a Ranger, when was Avery at his most effective? On a top line (under Renney) or as a 4th liner (under Tortorella)?

  58. But its right the Rangers seemed to be lethargic whereas the Hurricanes pushing to make it to the playoffs..Rangers sit back against Atlanta reacting instead of acting….

    Sometimes you dont understand the mindset of players to reach a specific goal and you dont see the reason behind it, if it is psychological or other reasons..but it happens everywhere as I have seen here in the afternoon with Bayern…:)

  59. LOL Joe just said Tampa is playing full lineup today…they already said Hedman and Roloson arent playing. and Stamkos and St.Louis will play reduced minutes…

  60. Reading some of the comments here. I can’t stand Tortorella. He is, as many people have said on this thread, an egomaniac. However, he is not a ‘yes’ man. He has the balls, as he would say, to push Sather towards a youth movement which has been good for the organization. I don’t think his system is good for the fledgling defense they have. All that forechecking leads to too many odd-man-rushes. With that said, I have no problems with his management of Avery. Avery is abysmal. He is the most defensively irresponsible player. In his albeit limited chances, Avery has missed more than a few golden opportunities to score a big goal and win himself some ice time. Whenever he is on the ice, he is a liability.

    I don’t get the idea of benching Gaborik. I understand you need to get a message across after that third goal, but its game 81, don’t do it now.

  61. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on


    let me clarify something. I don’t care if torts has avery in the line up today or eminger or gilroy or drury. I think we will win or lose this game today due to hank! That being said I think torts is a hypocrite due to benchings and scratches. If you are going to bench gabby for bad give aways or defencive play, then dubi, girardi, and others need to be missing a game or a period because they make a lot of mistakes, so does EC.

  62. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I haven’t been on in a bit so is there a TIKI update??

  63. 4generations 4 cups on

    Rangers fans if we win today: OMG YES! BEST TEAM EVER! I KNEW IT!
    Rangers fans if we win today but lose tonight: OMG TORTS SHOULD HAVE PUT (insert this player here) INSTEAD OF DRURY!
    Rangers fans if we win to day and win tonight: OMG YES! PHILLY GOT TO THE CUP AFTER BEATING US IN A SHOOTOUT LAST YEAR! WE WANT THE CUP!
    Rangers fans if we lose today: Abandon hope. Jump ship. Clear the decks. Fire Sather, Trade Gaborik, It’s all Carp’s fault (not really)

  64. My small koala sitting left next to the computer starring on the screen cant wait for the match to begin :)

    I hope to get a good stream as it was bad early for the soccer games out of Germany as its usually the case with these local games :)

    But usually streams out of NHL are pretty good and a lot of different options :)

  65. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    clearly we all understand why EC, WW, and MZA are in due to the SO (should we start calling them the acronym boys??)

  66. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I can’t wait until after the season is over (after we are in the playoffs) and everyone here (including me) starts chopping up the roster and being armchair GMs!!

  67. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Hattie and last regular season game for dru as a ranger!!

  68. Carp, cant see the pregame..how is the atmosphere in the Garden ??? Every seat occupied people are nervous ? What`s your take ??????

  69. Salty nothin´working right now..usually its two or three minutes behind offical game time probably 12.33-35…..

  70. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Priase to Torts for sticking with the system, and letting the young kids play.

    Shame on him for the mental mindfreak of MDZ, and totally ruining Avery.

    And i just watched the Devils score.

    Byfuglien. I’m totally sick.

  71. Gift of GAB-orik on

    they politely did not announce his first of the season. haha… good for Drury though, love him or hate him… that’s an awesome moment.

  72. Where are all other posters ??? All stuck to TV ????:)

    Good response by Drury but anyway we will see how it is working out….

  73. Gift of GAB-orik on

    If Drury doesn’t take another shift in this game, he already made a huge impact.
    He’s scored a bigger goal in 2 shifts than Gaborik has scored in 2 weeks. Maybe Months.

  74. 4generations 4 cups on

    Its not even time for negativity, what is that play everyone is thinking of making? Why is everyone watching the puck? Why is Lundqvist in awe that Kovalchuk regained the puck and shot it? Why not expect the shot through the legs or screen?

    It seems like these are all just strange questions.

  75. Even in danger of losing sympathy..Kovy is one of the those guys its worth to go overseas to watch it live..I would really to have one of those in the Rangers lineup but Gaborik wasnt able to do it this season

  76. Whenever I see Al Trautwig I recall the video from the Rangers website from Premiere games in Europe two years back when the Rangers had those games in Berne when he walked in that swiss chocolate shop raving about swiss chocolate :)

  77. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I would love to see someone knock the crap out of Clarkson. That smug piece of Cooke.

  78. Hey czechthemout!!!! “As for Lemaire, he did nothing with the Wild so stop with that crap. ”
    Lost Conf Finals 02-03
    Lost Conference Quarter-Finals 06-07
    Lost Conference Quarter-Finals 07-08
    I would not say he didnt do crap. He did utilize Gaborik and Boogard effectivley unlike Torts. As for Lemaire as a coach, My point is that he uses his players very effectively. He is also clearly a better coach than is Torts.
    Lloyd never an issue when we are in agreement ;)

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