A couple of things on this crazy night


Chris Drury is going to be on conference call at 10 p.m. I will attempt to transcribe some of it live, but I have to finish my work for the paper first. So we’ll see.

But I wanted to make a few points … and, oh, by the way, congrats to you guys.

First, this has been the most unique day/night in the history of this blog, and one of the most unique final days in Rangers/NHL history. I hope those Rangers who said they wouldn’t watch changed their minds and watched, especially John Tortorella, who knew his former guys would play with integrity.

Next, I wanted to tell you guys that I saw a bunch of Boneheads today, including Mama her friend, and Fozzy, I met Krissy from Norway (in her Zuccarello jersey, of course) and she gave me some awesome candy and a cool little gift (she needs to translate for me what’s written on it). I saw Doodie and eric and CCCP and his buddy Mike (CCCP gave me a victory cigar and told me not to smoke it until tonight). You Boneheads are so awesome. I’m glad we’re going to have some more hockey and I’m sure you will be more nuts than ever. Hopefully our friend Tiki can recover in time to join us.

ps, Happy Birthday to our buddy Josh, who stopped by the comments section today to wish you guys good luck. He just turned 26.

Then I wanted to point out that the Skills Competition, which once was a pet peeve, these last two years has really become an albatross. The NHL should really consider cooke-canning it for good. Or fixing the point system and the tiebreakers. Or something. Because two years in a row, it was a factor in Game 82 and a playoff berth involving the Rangers (That’s right, if they hadn’t changed the tiebreaker this year to exclude Skills Competition wins, the Rangers would not have needed help tonight).

Finally, wanted to pass this along, courtesy of my friends Ira Podell of the AP and Jesse Spector of the News. Martin Brodeur was asked which team he’d like to see in the playoffs.

He said, “I don’t like both teams. That’s honest. Carolina has been hard for us in the playoffs and, well, the Rangers are the Rangers. So it doesn’t really matter.”

Oh, one more thing. I told youse all they’d make it (exhale).

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  1. btw Christian Thomas scores his 60th and 61st goal (including playoffs) in tonights 2nd round OHL game. Has there ever been a Rangers prospect this dominant in juniors??

  2. take that everybody!!!

    sorry i wasn’t at W77 to commiserate
    and then celebrate with other Boneheads.

    off for some Wine Time!!

  3. Literally an UNREAL day. UNREAL. Totally Unreal. Thanks to everybody that didn’t quit on this team (including TORTS and the players) and everybody around here….nyr, ORR, etc…. EVERYBODY. This absolutely rules.

  4. czechthemout!!!! on

    Thank you bolts! Torts called in a few favors from his old guys tonight.

    Playoffs baby!!!!!

  5. Dolan is lighting up a few hundred dollar bills tonight knowing that Rangers *and* knicks will be playing and charging playoff prices.

  6. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Tony from AZ called the results perfect all week

    Lets Go Rangers ! I had a blast at the garden today and can’t wait for first home playoff game. It is going to be crazy

  7. btw,
    wish i would have been on the board to
    read everyone’s comments about
    Capt. Clutch going into the lineup
    and then the Clutch goal.

    (i can guess what ORR!!! had to say about the situation!)

  8. bull dog line on

    the right team made the playoffs.
    having 3 more wins that the Canes and losing the tie break would have been a joke.


    bolts showed alot,they didnt just go through the motions,props to them!

  10. Craps get shutout by Vokoun in last game of the season. Should be angry when the playoffs start.

    I can’t fuggin wait!!! I want to get that piece of carcillo OvechCANT out of the playoffs!

    I can’t stand him! He’s @not@ funny!

  11. Kisses for everyone on the blog tonight.

    Awesome, awesome day ‘heads. Unbelievable.

  12. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Great day of hockey all around…Makes me proud to be a Ranger fan…this is what we live for…the ups and the downs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. i love you all. i promise i will be positive for here on out. holy christ a miracle has happened

  14. Headzo Del Headzo on

    You showed us Carp. You kept the faith pretty well for not being a big fan. Shame on us negative ninny’s!

    That being said – LGR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Youse guys have to admit that there is no team like the Rangers for putting fans through drama!!!!!!!!!! But we did it and it’s a whole new season now! I’m SO PSYCHED!

    Shout out to Tiki. Get well, man! We need you back here cheering on the boys!


  16. Props to Carp, who all along said that we needed to beat out the Canes for tha playoffs. Lo and behold, he was prescient about that.

    I feel like I can finally breath for the first time today.

  17. N.CountryNYRFan on

    What a roller coaster ride this year has been. I have to admit that this has been my favorite season to watch as a Rangers fan…besides 94 of course.

  18. I’ve never been more happy to have been wrong about everything I said today

    Ok, so now let me say that Avery should be in the lineup for games against Washington.

  19. Carp
    This blog is one of the best things to ever come along for Ranger fans
    Thank You!!
    Congrats Blueshirts! Well deserved!!!

  20. Headzo Del Headzo on

    If youse guys nerves can handle it the frozen four finals are going to OT. Not sure my ticker can handle another insane game ender!!

  21. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    After all that, this is the series we all wanted to have…look out Capitals…here we come!

  22. LinCalPrustBoylahan24 on

    I love this team, I love Carpy, I love most of youse boneheads, and for the rest of this evening, I love the Lightning for not laying down, and I love it that being optimistic for 98% of the season paid off!!!!

  23. I must admit, Sam Rosen has the best goal scoring call of all those play-by-play guys. “HE SCORES!” “SCORE!”

  24. Carp

    I should have been more specific. I don’t consider the Q since its such a high scoring league but Brendl is one of the few but in recent memory I know Dawes + Callahan scored in the 50s but didnt have the assists to go with it.

    Thomas is really racking up the points and its not like he’s playing with superb players either although he does have 2 probable 1st round picks in this upcoming draft on his team.

  25. NYR_FAN, this is sweet, isn’t it? It couldn’t have played out any better. Now the kids on the team have a real taste of pressure games going into the POs.

  26. Light it up, Carp! That’s what I am doing figt now!

    I brought bunch of these Cuban cigars from Spain :)

    Btw, my friend’s name is Matt

  27. JimboWoodside on

    Carp was right about Carolina, too…..faced with a real pressure game, they “spit the bit”….

  28. crazy ending of the regular season, Thursday out and Saturday night in….

    Well bring on the Capitals including Marco Sturm…We will see what will happen…:)

  29. That Boston match and Dury’s heroic return today will definitely be part of the season highlights.

  30. LinCalPrustBoylahan24 on

    You said it Lloyd! I will be proudly wearing my Rangers t shirt in the AL heat and humidity tomorrow

  31. Rhode Island Ranger on

    This is like the feeling after a thunder and lightning storm clears the air. Fresh, electric.

    I hope the Rangers throw themselves into this playoffs with zero pressure. Pure pleasure.

  32. What an exhausting bufflin day … Ill be honest I did not think the whalers were gonna lose especially since Ward (overrated) has been standing on his head the last 10 games… I did not get to watch the today actually listened to it very refreshing listening to alberts and maloney instead of Sam and Joe.


    For your listening pleasure…


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