Thrashers-Rangers in review … and then there was one


Looking forward before looking back:

Do you know the last time all three metropolitan New York teams missed the playoffs in the same year? How about never?

Do you remember 1988? That was the year the Rangers shut out Quebec at the Garden (John Vanbiesbrouck doing the honors) on the final night of the season, and in a game that started an hour later, John MacLean scored in overtime in Chicago to put the Devils (coached by Jim Schoenfeld) into the playoffs for the first time and eliminate the Rangers, who were still in their lockerroom watching the finish.

How much do you think the Devils would love to spoil it for the Rangers again? Especially after the Rangers defeated the Devils in the 1992, 1994, 1997 and 2008 playoffs. Do you know that Jacques Lemaire has never beaten the Rangers in the playoffs (neither did Tommy McVie or Brent Sutter, but Lou Lamoriello did in 2006, the year Jaromir Jagr whiffed on his attempt to punch Scott Gomez and hurt his shoulder).

Anyway, this is the Devils’ season on Saturday. It is also the Rangers’ season. And it could be like ’88 in this way, too: The Rangers’ season could be over for six or seven hours before they know their fate.


1) The possibilities remain almost endless because of Bettman Bonus Points for losses. The most obvious possibilities surround Carolina, which still needs to get two more points than the Rangers over the next two nights. If the Canes lose tonight, the Rangers regain control of their destiny. And the Rangers can still get in with a loss Saturday if Carolina gets only one point out of its two games.

2) Buffalo is still in play. The Baby Buffaloes play Philly tonight and if they lose that game they could face a must-win in Columbus Saturday. The Rangers could catch Buffalo with a win and two Buffalo losses. And it’s also mathematically possible that both the Rangers and Carolina make the playoffs and Buffalo misses if the Babies lose both.

3) I know it was a little thing. Early in the game, Brandon Dubinsky, high in the offensive zone, made a cute little drop pass between his skates that backfired. I say it was a little thing because it didn’t cost the Rangers anything. But I maintain that when a team makes plays like that — where a much better, much more within-the-Rangers-identity play would have been to get the puck on net or get it in deep — it sets a precedent. Especially so when one of the team’s leaders does it. It says, this might be an easy game. Or we don’t need to do what got us this far. Or we can play this some other way. Or we can glide through the neutral zone in either direction. Whatever it says, I think it was a bad play that gave me a feeling bad things were coming.

4) And they were. Soon Marian Gaborik was missing nets. Wojtek Wolski was missing nets. Erik Christensen was making passes when he could have shot. Artem Anisimov tried a toe-drag move on a power play rush, 1-on-2, when he should have peeled off and set up the PP. Hell, even Brandon Prust, Brian Boyle and Ruslan Fedotenko were making “hope” passes around the net instead of hammering bad-angle shots at the kid goalie. And if anybody ought to know that bad-angle shots sometimes go in, and often if they don’t they at least create rebounds and scrambles around the goalmouth, it’s those three guys.

5) I’m slowly working my way down to the worst stuff. And the worst stuff is when your top two defensemen and your top two wingers (Gaborik and Dubinsky), in the infamous words of one George M. Steinbrenner, spit the bit. Marc Staal and Dan Girardi spit it big time. Wheeler went right around Staal with 20 seconds left in the first period and Henrik Lundqvist bailed him out. Later Girardi tossed the puck up the middle to Dustin (byfuglien) Byfuyglien, who ripped a shot that Lundqvist gloved. And on the clinching goal in the third period … which wasn’t entirely their fault … Staal got trapped pinching and Girardi failed to break up the 2-on-1 pass.

6) And it shouldn’t have been a 2-on-1 because Gaborik was in position to make it a 2-on-2 and didn’t. You could see this coming from the moment Atlanta got the puck past Staal. Gaborik, leaving the offensive zone, glided. Then he sped up. Then he slowed down. Then he sped up again and he couldn’t catch Eric Boulton — that’s right, the goon. Gaborik could have spotted him another 10-yard head start and caught him if he busted it. But he didn’t bust it. Girardi, who earlier broke up a 3-on-2 with his trademark slide, didn’t stop the pass this time. And Gaborik — who stunk in Game 82 last year — found his pants stapled to the bench for the rest of Game 81.

7) The first goal was worse. Sean Avery had a chance to clear and didn’t. That got the Rangers running around. Christensen had a chance to do something positive with the puck and didn’t. And soon it was in the net.

8) A 1-0 deficit wouldn’t have been so bad. But 15 seconds later, it was 2-0 when Blake Wheeler sent Andrew Ladd around Girardi, and inside of Staal, to beat Lundqvist on a break-in.

9) And how about Vinny Prospal taking the offensive-zone boarding penalty to negate a power play?

10) Starting to get the picture? This could have been worse than 3-0 and probably should have been more like the Islanders game. That’s how bad it was. John Tortorella was right. They “laid an egg.”

11) Matt Gilroy played a lot on defense late in the game. I think some of that might have been an attempt to get some offense. I think Steve Eminger was benched, or perhaps dinged up. And I’m wondering if somebody’s coming up today, maybe Kris Newbury, to take Ryan Callahan’s spot. Or maybe the captain checks in. Maybe Gilroy goes back on defense. I don’t know. If the top players don’t play a lot better, moves like these won’t matter a bit.

12) I just want to say byfuglien. And also Byfuglien=Monster.

13) My favorite parts of the Steven McDonald award ceremony: A) When they say that Adam Graves won it five times — that’s why his number is in the rafters, and there will never be another one like him; B) When Ryan Callahan came out on his crutches (I thought the place would be louder); C) When they announced the winner was Prust (well deserved); and D) seeing officer McDonald’s son, now a policeman … I remember him as a baby the first time officer McDonald presented the award.


AP Photo/Frank Franklin II, above.


For details about the Boneheads’ Picnic weekend, scroll down to yesterday afternoon’s post.

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  1. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I will be in Amsterdam during the Rangers last game. I guess if they lose I can self-medicate and pretend it was just a bad trip.

  2. gregm_section403 on

    You’d think that the team would have learned by game 81 that is has to play balls-to-the-wall hockey to win. The team isn’t fast enough, skilled enough, to play any other way.

    Extremely disappointing.

    Quite frankly, laying 3 eggs in final 2 weeks of the season (against sabres, isles, thrashers), really means this team does not deserve to make it to the playoffs.

    Say all you want about this team’s “identity” and “character” blah blah blah. Those are code words that really mask the teams major deficiencies.

  3. Ugh. I was at a friend’s bday party, and only got to watch a portion of the game. The portion where ATL scored 2 in 15 seconds. The NYR has some guts, and as I have posted many times, are on their way to being a very good team. They just don’t have the talent…yet.

  4. what a freaking disgrace of a night.


    all the people saying otherwise get a freaking clue.

    in control since november now its over

    put me out of my misery.

  5. Blueshirt in Paris on

    For most of them it means they are young, immature, inexperienced. They get up for big games and let off for easy games. Great teams can do both. Worse teams get up for easy games and lose big games.

  6. onecupin71yearsand counting on

    They were outplayed and out hustled by Atlanta..who has a few good players.

    I agree with gregm_ about the teams talent.

    The big trouble in NY is that the fans want the team to be a winner , they believe the hype about the teams talent level.

    And like its been said before as long as Dolan owns the team and sather is here.. they won’t win. making the playoffs is good enough.

  7. Still in shock over last night. What is it with the Rangers? Whenever they play a team that isn’t ‘very good’ they end up losing the game. What is up with that? It’s been going on for years with these guys. You can change the names on the back of the jerseys and it happens year after year.

  8. You can make all the excuses you want young, immature, Callahan’s out whatever. They know how to play the game, they knew it was going to be a battle. They mailed it in, its as simple as that.

  9. I’ve been saying it since the all star break this team isn’t making the playoffs. I’ve also posted several times as long as Dolan is the owner and Sather is the GM, the knicks and rangers will never sniff a championship. Last nights game the rangers look like a team who lost there real captain (Callahan). Losing the heart and soul to your team is a big blow and it also screws up the line combinations and it showed last night.

  10. is Gaborik not talking to the media? Time to turn the heat up on him. And the coach should have left him out there for 2 shifts, instead of resting his rear. Keenan did it to Kovalev, for different reasons. There is more to this story, but no one is reporting it. The guy refuses to work hard enough. And the coach says zilch. They not seeing eye to eye?…inquiring minds want to know………….

  11. And don’t forget their signature gambit. they also clanged TWO more goals off the posts. I can’t recall a game where they HAVEN’T hit at least one post. Maddening.

  12. Blueshirt in Paris on

    It has nothing to do with not knowing how to play the game. I don’t think they all hit the ice and fell down. It’s a mental thing. They need to learn how to play with urgency when the team across the ice does not scream ‘challenge’ at them. They need to learn to pump themselves up when the crowd is dead. Learn…learn…learn. for christ sakes this is a YOUNG team.

    Granted the ‘older’ players are not doing anything to help and for that I have an issue with. But Gabby was never know as a leader. Prospal raised the team the other night. Giradi is not one the put the team on his back. Staal could but looks like his is gassed and lets not forget he aint that old and experienced.

    Who else can put this team on their back and bring them up a level? Nobody. It has to be a different person every night. and if nobody shows up one night, then nobody shows up. And that is the issue. WE want the kids to learn that but have nobody to teach them.

    Kill Torts all you want but in the end its the players on the ice. He can scream and not get results, he can coddle and not get results. End of the day the players need to perform.

  13. About Gaborik, that is another bad contract by sather. When I read the rangers were going to sign Gaborik I was not happy. The whole league and fans knew this guy was a one dimensional player who is injury prone.

  14. This team is two-bit.

    No postseason = failure.

    Anyone who disagrees is a pansy.

  15. I listened to the game on the radio. Maloney was pretty shocked that Torts sat Gabby. He felt that you simply cannot sit one of your most offensive players when you need goals. Granted Gabby isn’t having a banner year but…..

  16. goals, when was the last time Gaborik = bum score goals. The only time i remember gaborik scoring goals is in blowout games when the game was already decided.

  17. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I guess we are just not that good…

    You are what your record says you are…

  18. I just told my buddy I turned the game off after the Dubinsky drop pass #3. I immediately thought the same thing and knew I would not like result….

  19. I disagree, Miami. Call me whatever you want. It’s not about this year.
    And call me delusional, but I believe having Drury last night would’ve made a difference. Let me try to explain. The moment Dubinsky made that cute pass I posted that Torts would chew his MZA off. It wasn’t a reckless play, it was a youthful exuberance, sense of invincibility after their last win. In essence, it was a huge lack of experience playing in big games. That’s what killed them last night. A collective lack of experience playing in huge games. Right after they failed to score during their attempted “blitzkrieg”, Atlanta started to mount a few attacks and our defense showed how nervous they were. Almost all of them. They were thinking for one second too long, they were gripping their sticks too tight. They couldn’t clear the zone, let alone spring the attack. It was obvious how nervous they were. And all of a sudden, the whole team was off their game. Prospal tried, so did Fedotenko. But the problem was the defense. Look, McCabe is the only one with some experience playing in big games. Some. But he was a late acquisition and I don’t know how much a leader he is for them. And don’t tell me Gaborik should be their leader. How many big games did he play in? That’s why I believe that Drury would help last night.
    We will have to go through those pains, folks. And if they don’t make it to the big dance, the only reason I will be upset is because it will deny them more experience playing in big games.

  20. I’m being a Realistic Rachel…not a Negative Nancy

    Dubi still hasn’t grown up and remains a frustrating player to watch despite his early season success…not mature enough for a 25 year old veteran in the NHL…he should have had at least 30 goals this year with the start he had…

    Gabby clearly isn’t the answer as a go to #1 scorer on a good team…he doesn’t understand shared responsibility and he doesn’t hog the puck like he needs to be successful…he doesn’t make players around him better…

    The organization has to address this issue if these guys are your top wingers…Luckily, we have young raw talent that is ready to be developed…

  21. Stranger Nation on

    Best part about this game is I watch it! Classic young team playing down to its comp. May have already been said, but a Capt leads by example, not babbling in the locker room. This game almost cements Cally is the C next year (which I hope doesn’t start Monday).

    Bad omen – Master’s weekend started and golf was on their minds.

    Dubi is a vexing player. Way too up and down with an inability to stay on the his skates. Like the possession game, but needs another 20 lbs of muscle to play that game or an arse transplant from Jagr.

    That was a game for newberries to play in. The Gilly line-up choice was strange at best. Not the reason they lost, but may speak to what they think of the farm.

    Hagelin is not the answer for Offense, watched some of Mich game last night and he did not stand out – that being said, almost everyone playing was drafted by someone so talent level was high and hitting was ferocious.

    Thanks for the memories Carp – I still believe, but will not watch this weekend – way too painful.

  22. Stranger Nation on

    Dubi was out for a couple of weeks or he has 30 or close to it.

    Artie needs to take a big step next year. These guys are a fantastic #2 line asked to play #1 minutes.

  23. Stranger Nation on

    Irony is we cannot beat Thrashers and could beat the Caps IMHO in a PO series.

  24. Why does Atlanta own the Rangers? Rangers vs. Colorado and Atlanta? 1-5. Rangers vs Boston and Washington 6-2. Just saying.

  25. Stranger Nation on

    I hate Girardi – got to can his arse – enough of his slip sliding ways

  26. “This is why your son won’t watch hockey with you. You act like a maniac. Thank you for ruining my night.”

    My answer.

    “Well my night is ruined, too.”

    Pretty mature for 37.

  27. Ok Look…..I am not being Negative Nancy. I am being a Realistic Rebecca. This team…what can I say…they just simply don’t deserve to play in the post season. It hurts me to say it (or type it, whatever) but it’s true. My Fiance has been telling me this for quite some time and she is right. They need to be held accountable for not showing up to win the easy ones. I want this team to be good for years to come and I think they have to suffer now to be good later.

  28. Sorry, John, it will get better.

    I went through a few posts last night and noticed how many rats came out of their holes just to bash their team during such a tough time. Have never seen them before, probably will never see them again. And I stopped reading too, so many negative posts, and, not surprisingly, a lot of calls for drastic changes. Gosh, I’m so glad none of us is making any important decisions, or runs the team. I understand the frustration, but can’t we see the bigger picture? And believe me, a few years ago, I would be on the same page with most of NNs.

  29. And yet another points.

    I said it last night that the award ceremony and the parapalegic office handing out the “extra effort” award and saying something like “we win, you lose” was not a good strategy. If the Thrashers had nothing to play for when they showed up that gave them a reason to at least try. And they did barely try. But it was enough because our boys did, in fact, spit the bit.

  30. Please get Newbury up here for Captain Crutch. Let Pizza Pants give up on the season. I don’t want these kids having any excuses for this crap.

  31. ToMG – I have got to agree with you that it is DOLAN that needs to go. I guess it’s impossible to fire him but we could mutiny him.

  32. BroadwayBlue on

    Carp & fellow ‘heads: I pointed out as early as November that NYR was pissing away too many points at home, particularly against lesser teams. Unfortunately, as it turns out, I am oh, so right. NYR dropped 18 points at home to these non-playoff teams:
    Toronto- 1 pt, Colorado- 2 pts, Atlanta- 4 pts (& won only 2 of 8 pts for season), St. Louis- 2 pts, Ottawa- 3 pts, Devils- 2 pts, Florida- 2 pts, Minnesota- 2 pts. Nothing else has to be said, & shootout points not withstanding, NYR has won 19 of their 40 home games. Earning only 2 points of the 8 from Atlanta is another telling statistic. I will be much more surprised if Carolina loses to Atlanta than I was from the Rangers’ loss.

  33. I will hesitate from calling out individual players until the season is over and we can come in here and talk about what needs to be done to make this team a legitimate contender.

    In Vancouver last night the President’s ceremony included a surprise appearance from Manny Malhotra who came out in a suit and sunglasses to accept the trophy. Now New York is not Vancouver, but the roof blew off that place when he stepped onto the ice in his shades. The Canucks then proceeded to lambaste the Wild in a “pour it on ’em boys” type, individual points gathering win. Thus, as I said last night, I am moving to Vancouver.

    New York is NOT a great sports town. I am sick of hearing it. The Garden was Empty and Quiet last night. Maybe they should let every blogger have credentials to get in an watch the game since no one gives a crap. My Fiance nailed it when she said that real fans have simply been priced out in this market. Manhattan is far too expensive, as are the surrounding Buroughs now, for people who actually care about sports to live here or spend time here. The showing by the fans is almost worse than the showing by the players.

  34. You can say what you want about this team but one thing is seriously disturbing. To have that much on the line last night with Carolina breathing down our necks and to come out like they did with no passion whatsoever….something is very very wrong there. I just don’t get it. Maybe there is internal problems with that scrum they had during the practice with Avery and Sauer. Who knows? All I DO know is it is close to torture being a fan of this team.

  35. Mrs. Eminger on

    “You are what your record says you are” -Bill Parcells

    Right now, there are 17 teams with more points than the Rangers…in a 16 team playoff format.

    Play better at home, win the games you’re supposed to win…and maybe we’re not sitting here with our smiles upside down this morning.

  36. Leetchhalloffame on

    Dump EC, Prospal, Avery, Gaborik, Dreary, Girardi, Gilroy. FIRE SATHER!!!!

  37. It’s amazing to me how peoples opinion of the season can do a 180 on the results of a single game. This team is still in 8th place.

    Last night was a disgrace. It’s hard to fathom losing due to effort and deviating from the gameplan.

    That being said, STILL IN 8th place. If Carolina wins tonight, then they are in a tie.

    If you CANT enjoy this part of the season, what’s there to enjoy? Remaining optimistic until they are eliminated… Optimistic Ollie if you will. Or, Realistic Ralph.

  38. Had the collective seen a win last night it would have been , “Such a character organization…. so hard working. They’ve given us reason to believe……”

    Newsflash: They cared. They are young. Laying an egg happens. It isnt called “laying an egg” if you do it all the time, its being called carcillo-y.

    I’d venture Saturday’s game gets a little rough…

  39. gregm_section403 on

    i have no problem with torts sitting Gabriella. it’s not like he’s scoring big goals anyway. if he let him play, what kind of message is that to the rest of the team. “don’t worry guys, it’s ok to dog it on the backcheck and let a slow goon beat you to score a goal.”

    i would even go as far as scratching gabby against the devils. is the team ‘weaker’ with or without gabby in the lineup? i say its a wash.

    rangers play better in nasty, chippy games, right? it’s going to be a nasty game against the debbies. Gabriella doesn’t do well in nasty games. bring up someone from the whale…someone with an edge.

    and, yes, i can’t believe i’m saying this, drury would help in game 82. (yikes)

  40. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Don’t think last night’s loss was about effort. The Rangers need more top-end talent and more experience. They have simply overachieved all season.

    Some nights they can hang with and occasionally overwhelm better teams through sheer force of will, sacrifice and great goaltending. Beating semi-motivated marginal teams requires puck control, offensive execution, special teams and killer coolness. The Rangers aren’t capable of these things on a consistent basis yet.

    That said, we love this developing team because its like a brave toddler. It’s probably not ready to climb the stairs solo, but it won’t hear “no”. Most of its vices are as endearing as its virtues.

    Not expecting the playoffs, but wouldn’t be shocked either if Carolina and/or the Buffs drop one of their last two. They’re scrambling with the Rangers for the last couple spots because they have real weaknesses too.

    Now, what are the chances that Atlanta, Philly, TB and Columbus have the integrity to beat one of our less-than-perfect rivals? Given their recent troubles, the Flyers should muster a serious effort to get their A game back before the playoffs; they don’t want to slide in on an ugly losing streak. Atlanta probably won’t be able to hold off the rested, excited Canes. But, Columbus will be loose and determined to end with an honest effort in front of their own fans against the Sabres. No pushover. And if Tampa gets goaltending they very well might get a point against an increasingly tight Canes team.

    Oh yeah, and the Rangers will beat the Devils by two or three. Right back on the stairs!

  41. I would say last nights loss is about two things.

    1. Top Line Talent – which allows you to phone it in once in a while; or/and
    2. Effort – which has to be 150% when you don’t have top-line talent.

  42. gregm_section403 on

    I agree with MannyFried.

    MSG ain’t what it used to be. Nowadays, it’s a great place to take a nap, not watch a hockey game.

    Only sections that are really still packed with die hards are the 400s. True, there are a lot of die hards throughout the 300s, and some are scattered in the 200s.

    But, i’m noticing in the 400s that a lot of the season ticket holders (like myself) attend fewer and fewer games each year as ticket prices go up. I sell a good portion of my tix and i even brought in a ‘partner’ on my plan who takes one-third of the season. I fear what MSG will be like next year and dread what it will be like after they redo the upperbowl after next season.

  43. Good morning all! OK, maybe not so good, but I’m still holding on to my towel. Will be cheering for the Thrashers tonight and praying for our boys tomorrow. I am being a Meditative Mama….

    Won’t be back on here until late tomorrow, when I hope we’ll all be Happy Hannahs. Keep the faith, LGR, and hope to see you at one of the picnics!!!!

    P.S. John, LMAO!!!

  44. Greg – you are really agreeing with my Fiance. But thanks. She was there in ’94 as a young teen. Her Uncle cried on the floor when they won the cup. He still cries when they retire numbers or have “Adam Graves Night.” You’re totally right Greg – only the 400’s are loud. Same in Yankee Stadium. New York is no longer a good sports town. Not at all. It’s a business. Just like everything else. Gentrification has ruined everything.

    I really agree with her. Yankee stadium is a joke. They should blow up the Legends Seats. It isn’t a stadium – it’s a conference room with a field in the middle instead of a video phone. The Garden is maybe worse. Last night when Captain Crutch stepped onto the ice to golf applause? Really? Are we at the Masters? Fans have a right to boo. They have a right to get nasty on their team. But -to own that right you have to actually support your team when they need you. You can’t just get down on them always.

  45. It is sad, but I think we all need to boycott if the Rangers miss the playoffs. Demand that Sather gets fired before going to another game. Until the druggie Dolan starts losing money on the Rangers and Knicks, he will not upgrade the teams! Why would he? Both teams have the worst management in their respective leagues. While were at it, get rid of Cablevision too! They are by far the worst company supplying cable to the region. Dolan needs to go!

  46. AMEN. FIRE DOLAN. I actually mean that. I have a good friend that refuses to root for the Rangers or Knicks anymore until Dolan is gone. He actually looks more like a Hobbit than the Hobbit Wizard. He has to go. It’s horrible.

  47. not much better in the light of day that’s for sure. ugly, depressing loss.

    i still believe they will make the playoffs though.

  48. gregm_section403 on

    Manny, it’s not ‘gentrification.’ It’s ‘corporatization.’

    Cally’s reception last night was disgraceful.

    The roof should have been blown off MSG when he crutched out onto the ice. Cally is the guy who basically won the bruins game with the pass to dubinsky. he’s the guy who has busted his ass all year, broken 2 bones blocking shots and is really the captain of the team.

    I was embarrassed.

    FIRE the ‘Fans.’

  49. Amen Greg. Amen.

    Mrs. Eminger – every son loves his mother. She gave him life! Goooo Moms.

  50. I feel that Torts has shown us he can build a team that may be able to be competitive for a few years-but there’s still some major pieces missing …I am willing to give Sather and him more time to add a few more pieces (or subtract a few existing ones) to continue this progression. Gaborik is NOT an A level player-and he has shown an indifference in too many games to his defensive responsibilities that in several glaring cases-wound up in the back of our net. Maybe if he could score against teams other than Toronto and the Isles we might have looked the other way. Big players step up in big games and carry their team-Gaborik is not one of those players! Prospal was dead wrong to call out the fans for booing–are we supposed to cheer inept and unfocused play? If that’s the case-Gaborik should have been given major minutes after his flub and not a benching-right? We pay good money at the gate-the scalper or through our high priced cable companies to root for our team and I’ll be damned not to let the team know how much I’m disappointed by their effort–just a we cheer them when we see the effort sometimes even without the results we like…and our backing for keeping this team intact at the trading deadline is proof we understand there’s a building process going on. If we miss the playoffs this year-I don’t see just making the playoffs next year as being acceptable. Maybe just getting in this year would have been, but next year I expect a team to compete for the conference with a shot at the cup…anything less…well them I’m ready to talk about Torts…

  51. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Trying to be realistic about tonight’s games. Expect both Canes and Buffs to win.

    But… how much fun will it be if Philly gets its form back and lights up the Sabres in front of the Buff faithful!

    Although they shouldn’t win, Atlanta is feeling as good about themselves today as a non-contending team can: they just claimed the biggest (only?) “playoff” win in their history by shutting out a desperate team in its own building. If they survive the Hurricane blitz in the first period, they’ll be plenty dangerous.

    It’s not very nice, but let’s relish some other team’s troubles this evening. Low expectations and a chance for real fun.

  52. I will not be celebrating if this team backs into the playoffs off some other teams losses. Not to sound like Sean Avery but i have no interest in people’s sloppy seconds. This team needs to be punished. I don’t want them being rewarded for this carcillo play.

  53. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Lol @ ‘Fire Dolan’….He owns the damn team. That’s like me demanding you be kicked out of your house cuz I don’t like how you decorated it.

  54. Blueshirt in Paris!: I said above that you can’t fire the owner but we can Mutiny him or force him out. I suggest we do it. He needs to get out of here with his little tiny hobbit head.

  55. Kern – Yea, I loved it. I get-off on watching my favorite squad play like Hartnell and get a goose egg for goals.

    What I was saying, I thought plainly, was that this team hasnt changed but rather played a poor game at an inopportune time.

    To everyone saying that they need more top line talent to beat Atlanta…. are you serious? Have you seen how they’ve played this year with the exception of their start? We need more top line talent to compete day in and out with Vancouver or Detroit… but not Atl.

    Some say they overachieved all year and I would argue that…. but just as some teams have an embarrassment of riches with regard to skill, we have a wealth of heart and determination and I wont forget that with one poor performance.

    I’m tired of fake fans CONSTANTLY complaining about the team and then being the first to get on the bandwagon when they have a win like the recent one at Boston.

    I’m tired of bipolar primadonnas complaining about every player on the roster… constantly. I mean seriously, go be a Filthy fan boy!

    The team AND management have done well this year. I agree, historically this hasnt been the case but now and in the moment, I like who we have and what we do. I’ll also gladly make a bet with any of you other fans that the Rangers make the playoffs. Having reviewed some of your statements, I’m sure there are plenty of you willing to bet against “your” team.

  56. Dudley – I will not bet against my team. I actually thought about it last night but only because I NEVER win anything and betting against them would ensure that they win. It would be the same as buying a win for my boys.

  57. Manny, you think the Rangers should be “punished”?

    Do you want to spank them?

    WHO are you?

    Amen Greg, amen. Fire the fans at this point… shocking. The Knicks are lucky their fans arent as fickle ;-)

  58. Manny- Now that is getting creative… you’d do it if you really liked them ;-)

  59. As much as I do like this team, games like the one against Atlanta show you that in order to win in this league you DO have to have a few guys who can put the puck in the net (not over it, Gaborik. Not wide of it, Stepan. Not on the post. IN THE NET). The Rangers have no ‘dangerous’ players. There’s no one you fear when they have the puck. Gaborik used to be feared but the guy is a joke. I don’t care how hard he’s working. We have hard workers like Prust to go into the corners and dig for pucks. Gaborik gets paid to score goals. Still, he’s only one guy and I get that. But that’s all they have. One guy. We have tons of gritty guys on this team that are all easy to like. If Sather doesn’t get us some offense in the offseason next year will be a carbon copy of this season- a team that you really like but that will NEVER go anywhere. You gotta score. It’s part of the game. You can’t just ignore it.

  60. HaHa. I knew Punish would get me in some trouble. I guess I just don’t want this team being rewarded for this play. It was said before by Broadway Blue that we lost 18 points at home to non-contending teams this year. I love this team. So it hurts more.

    Basically – if my child lost a spelling bee because he spelled “Couch” wrong and another kid won – but then the winner was Disqualified because he was on Steroids – I would not want my child crowned winner. I would want him/her to EARN it.

  61. I may be on the outside looking in, but IMO your coach is NUTS… who would want to play for that guy? He’s a one trick pony… screaming, tantrums, passive-aggressive behavior with the press… don’t you think he pulls that crap in the locker room at a deeper level? Did it ever occur to you guys that the players quit on HIM? Coaching is a delicate dance… you have a three year old child at the helm.

  62. Stranger Nation on

    Do not agree with sentiment that the ‘effort’ was not there every time they lose. If Artie can bury a shot in front with no one on him it is a different game. But that is what the Rangers are: a team with a lot of youth that will not play at a consistent level so enjoy the roller coaster – I just hope the youth develops at a fast pace.

    Gabby = Ghost of Christmas past – symbolic of High priced Ranges signings that have inconsistent play, but more disturbingly seems to glide for prolonged stretches. Watching the Boston game, you must have been thinking – who put the 5 hour energy drink in his water bottle. Sorry that effort has to be there EVERY game – especially when you are pulling in the big bucks.

    Cally = Ghost of Christmas Present – heart and skill – willing to do anything – however we either need to rethink body armor or stop playing goalie near the blue line – missed 25% of the season due to shot blocking.

    Step/McD/Sauer – Ghosts of Christmas Future – play the right way, grind corners, emerging skills, stick up for team mates – huge upsides.

    As said countless times – this team is 4 or 5 players away including two top line forwards and a top 4 Dman. They have enough talent and heart to make POs and also missing enough pieces to not make it.

  63. I guess we are all entitled to our opinions…

    Mine is that you earn the number of points next to your name and if that number proves sufficient to earn you a ticket to the dance, you go and dance your Boogard off.

    I actually lost a spelling bee as a child for bragging. It was the only one that I won and they gave it to the second place contender. I doubt she was bitching but I was none to pleased. Thanks for the bad memories Manny ;-)

    Tony – I agree. The consistency of this team goes up exponentially with some offensive weapons to compliment the heart and hussle. That being said, great TEAMS pull together and have the potential to make great things happen.

    Just saying, I believe this team has a trick or two left.

  64. Is that true Dudley? About the SPelling bee!? I was brainstorming for a way that a kid could have the crown of spelling bee champion taken away and “Steroids” was all I could come up with.

  65. Buffalo Gal – He’s up for the Jack Adams and did a lot with what everyone on this board deems very little.

    I wont resort to name calling but your statement (about what you describe as “our” team) makes me think your second favorite team is the Flyers. Gonna be a tough game for you tonight but I’m guessing the Flyers win by 4, just saying.

    I have zero concern of this team “quitting” on their coach.


  66. You know what I love?

    Last year, the clowns miss the playoffs by 1 point.

    This year, I bet the clowns will miss it due to the tie-breaker.

    But, now worries, next year the clowns will “hone” their skills and make me playoffs … by 1 point.

  67. Manny – On my honor. Literally lost it. I am an atrocious speller and bragged to my buddy that I won. Teacher taught me a tough lesson when she pulled my gold star off the wall and awarded it to #2. What I really learned was how to foster a burning hate for little Suzy Perkins (just kidding on the last part, for the life of me, I cant remember who reaped the benefits of my misplaced arrogance).

  68. MP – Oh man… I’d freak. Whats worse than missing by 1? Missing by none ;-)

    Manny – Lets go with Roids moving forward, better story and would explain the gun show going on over here.

  69. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Atlanta will not even show up for the Carolina game. That is just the way sports is. Happens all the time.

  70. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Rangers have gotten very little help from the hockey gods (ie. other teams) over the last two weeks. Aren’t we due for a crushing regulation win by Filthy tonight in Buffalo? Or a pride point from the more confident Thrashers?

    Law of averages and all that…

  71. Dudley that is the best story I have ever heard. I can go with ‘Roids from now on.

    Brad Richards guys. He is talented.

  72. Miami- I might blame the loss on your absence yesterday. You barely hated at all. Where is the dedication!?

  73. I know this guy who’s a huge Rangers fan. He still talks about how his Dad (now deceased) and his Uncle cried the night the Rangers won the Cup — they were THAT happy. Anyhow, circumstances beyond his control forced him to move to AZ (Tony, are you listening?). He still follows the team — every game. Well he entered the Blue Shirts Off Our Backs contest and WON! NYR are flying him, his wife and son to NY. Paying for hotel, game tickets and jerseys! He is BEYOND HAPPY. I’m not sure he’ll need a plane to fly him here (if you know what I mean).

  74. Miami – tell us all about your new car. I am sure it’s more exciting than anything any of us have to say right now.

  75. nice picture, pimp…

    that clown is wearing #8… Prust?

    i’m still mad… so watch what you’re saying to me! :P

  76. Hartnell. Hey all, Tiki was supposed to come to NY today for the game and picnics, but he got into a car accident last night and is in the hospital now. I’m waiting on details from his brother, but that’s all I know right now. Please send him your bonehead wishes and I’ll update you when I hear more.

  77. Dudley, it is an awesome story. I am really happy for the guy. He has had a lot of sadness in his life but he always manages to put a smile on his face. He finally has a real good reason to smile.

  78. Tiki!? Dear lord. We’re with you. As always. Get better ASAP.

    Cabezas Del Huesos!

  79. Marji – Seriously made my day. A life long fan gets to share the experience with his family? AWESOME.

    See, the Rangers DID do something right yesterday ;-) Do they fly out for tomorrows game?!

  80. M3!? Holy Crap. That is awesome. My Dream car (after I get my 4-door Maseratti of course).

    Screw gas mileage. What is important is how FAST you drove those 14.5 miles.

  81. after all this team has been thru not making the playoffs hurts if they were a 500 or so team all year that is another story but they had a very good chance but the islanders game, last night, atl about 5 weeks ago, 1 point against ottawo, etc.

    they are moving in the right direction but not fast enough and they still do not have enough offensive talent..

    boyle can make predictions when he becomes a front line player not a 4th liner who tries but should stop trying to make plays and shoot the puck.

    put a APB out on gabby our star. Nah I do not want to hurt his feelings…

    5th in the league in defense and no playoffs, newsflash they cannot score…………………………………………………………….

  82. i’d love to stay optimistic but it’s just so hard! YOU ALL KNOW that we won’t get any help from ANYONE! You all see how other teams win all of their games EVERY NIGHT!

    yeah bigger picture is great and all…but what about NOW? Why can’t we have something now?

    so annoyed…

  83. Law of averages say that the Rangers win the Stanley Cup every 50 years or so.


    Actually, it’s closer to 70 years, Miami…even more amateur hour…

  84. Me too CCCP….Me too…but this team just keeps kicking me in the onion bag. Every time I believe they kick me. again and again. I only have so many onions.

  85. MP – M3 is a sweet ride. Have loved every iteration and the new ones dont buck the trend. ENJOY.

  86. The Rangers are one strange team when you contemplate how they play against the haves vs the not-so-haves. For example, 6-2 record against the Flyers and Caps and 1-5 record against the Aves and Thrashers (or something close) and their success against the Bruins, not to mention beating San Jose in San Jose. And so on.


    Clearly, this team gets it when the opposition is strong (on paper, stronger than the Ranges). Equally clear is the fact that they have trouble getting motivated for the lesser-lights. So how can this be so? Nothing is perfect so regardless of who’s behind the bench and how good the players are, some clunkers will be had, but this many against inferior opposition? Part of the coach’s job is getting his team ready ALL the team, regardless of the record so Tortorella has to take some of the blame. So do the players, especially the perceived leaders, like Staal, Gaborik and Dubinsky. I also believe the team’s lack of high end skill comes into play here. I get the relative ease at being motivated when playing a superior team and I also get the difficulty in being motivated when the opposition is weak (I’m not excusing the team for the latter, just understanding the differences between playing strong vs weak teams).

    My point is that if the Rangers actually had a first line (the way Gabbie’s played for all but 3 games this year, I’m now saying they don’t have a single first line player right now), their 1 and 5 record against the likes of the Thrashers and the Aves wouldn’t exist. Front line players score, regardless of the opposition, and score regularly. Those 1 goal losses against the likes of the Panthers wouldn’t be occurring nearly to the same extent if the Rangers had a legitimate first line – it’s not unreasonable to get 1 to 3 (or more) goals from a team’s top line in a game – not every game, but probably every 2nd game or at least every 3rd game. Ponder all those lost games against the weaker teams and imagine a first line potting 3 goals in at least every 3rd of them and suddenly the Rangers have 10 more points than they do now. 10 more points would give the Rangers 101 which would put them within striking distance of the Flyers and 4th overall in the east. Therein, I maintain, lays the Rangers biggest problem overall.

    Yes Sather has done a reasonable job over the past few years when it comes to drafting and developing and keeping with the ‘let’s build through youth’ iniitiative, but the team continues to suffer from his inability to procure top end talent and that issue remains very difficult, if not impossible at the Rangers current pace, to resolve. *SIGH*

  87. Noah-rury-allahan, 28 on

    I disagree about firing the fans.

    We should fire the ownership that drove up tickets prices that priced out the actual fans.

  88. That McDonald ceremony was odd and uncomfortable “YOU LOSE!”???? WTF? Can you say bad OMEN? and the reception for Cally should have been better but the Rangers started out strong anyway, Then they let up, then got scared and played on eggshells. (Did anyone notice even a few thrashers banged their stick for Callahan?).

    I would have voted for Prust too, but a few weeks ago I began to think that I was wrong. And watching the bench’s reaction to the award it was obvious to me who should have won…the man with two sets of stitches holding his nose together…Blockefeller himself, Dan Girardi.

    Prust is tied for league lead in shorties, no? Good penalty killer. He is regarded highly -and rightfully so, for his playing through pain, taking on guys that are bigger, not backing down, and holding other players accountable. but you know what? He often takes on guys at the wrong time, or guys that he shouldn’t, that he doesn’t really have to fight, and he gets himself hurt. He creates his own pain. So, in a sense, he is playing through his own stupidity half the time. Though, plenty of his battles are valid, and I love the guy. And the price (dumping Higgy and KoataCheck on Calgary?) Priceless.

    Blockefeller gives it up for the TEAM -His pain is FOR THE team. Leads league in shots blocked, nose stitches, and ice packs. He plays through pain, doesn’t back down from cannons, and leads by example. Also a nice price (free). I think he should have won.

    The reason I mention Prices…is all the Fire Sather chat. The time to FIRE Sather came and went, and Yes, I hope he steps down too. But he has been pretty good since Torts re-arrival -though I believe most of the good moves were suggested by Torts or Schoenuts. Blomez for McDonagh? Ok, fascination with goons withstanding… At least they have been able to eredden many of their mistakes. I’m glad we didn’t get Richards, it wasn’t worth it. Who knows what’s up with Gab0rik, gotta think he’ll bounce back. Torts knows what he’s doing, he just needs to keep bending Sathers ear.

    And Dolan is not selling, so don’t hold your breath. Fight battles you can control. This team is usually fun to watch in spite of the corporatization of the garden, which happened many many moons ago. Money wins…so enjoy the games but don’t fool yourself, and accept that things are waaay beyond the fans control. If we don’t buy the tix, some corporation will.

    I wont be there, it’s too expensive. I watch on delay/DVR and fast forward through commercials. Minimizes the pain…

  89. Amen Noah! Amen! Fire Dolan. Please. I know we can’t. But I want to so badly. If the Rangers only had a STORE in the city we could protest at!

  90. The ownership of the Rangers is stupid….that is why they turned down the rights to the first Winter Classic. They are idiots. Anything fun for the fans is not important. They own TWO spots teams. That should be illegal. They have a monopoly on ruining teams!

  91. Anyone who says signing Gaborik was a bad idea is an idiot. And where were you last year when he had 40+ goals? You weren’t saying it was a bad idea then!!! Gaborik had a bad year. Sure. We don’t need to get rid of Gaborik. We need another one!!!

    With that said, at this point I see a really frusrated Gaborik. I don’t see him thriving on a team with a very young core and a blue collar, lunch pail style. If Gaborik’s fortunes were resting on a center of Eric Christenens ilk, he was doomed from the start. And I LOVE Stepan, but he should not be centering Gaborik either. Gaborik is a great piece that doesn’t fit into this puzzle. Is Brad Richards the answer? I dunno. Is a trade of Gaborik the answer? Perhaps.

    But only a fool would say that Gaborik was a bad signing. He can’t do it alone, and he can’t do much surrounded by AHL talent.

  92. Dudley, yes, the Rangers are flying him here for tomorrow’s game. His son is not even a year old yet so they won’t let him take him out on the ice for the post game ceremony, but Mom and son will be watching from the bench.

    Sorry to hear about Tiki. I hope he’s okay!

  93. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Enjoy the Sabres’ torment tonight when they lose their home finale to Filthy and have to sweat the decision of who to start in goal in Columbus for all the marbles: a beaten Enroth or a hurtin’, rusty Miller. Delicious.

  94. When Carolina goes into this game against Atlanta, they will have Eric Staal=Monster & the figure skating rookie shooting at the net in that beginning flurry. They will score in the first 5-10 minutes whereas, we could not. We do not have that sort of offense where we have a player or two that can score, be an offensive threat. We all loved this team’s grit, willingness to block shots, passion play, physical play but after 81 games and all the injuries and pain, we don’t have that elite offensive gem to bail us out in tight games. I’ll be, like all you boneheads, watching them beat the Devils Saturday but I kinda’ lost some of my confidence in this squad becasue they can’t score the big goal consistently!!!

  95. I support Torts and Sather…this loss and it’s implications are on the players, not them…

  96. Wake me when blocking shots and being “black and blue” aren’t this teams claim to greatness.

  97. the Canes play the Lightning after Atlanta right ?
    so hopefully the Lightning win and we win vs NJ

  98. gaborik is just not that good. look at his stats for this year and over his career. he is a soft best case scenario 40 goal scorer. but he has 23 goals this year and almost none in tight games. that is the truth. balem it on talent around him.

    iginla got 35 on that team. nash is better and his team sucks year in and year out. gaborik is getting paid elite money but he is just a nice player, with bad d, terrible on shootouts, and he is a total woosie…………

    the truth hurts about marian….if he would be who they thought they were getting the rangers would have 8 more points but they got a shell of that……..

  99. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Doom and gloom and all that…

    But, am I the only one here who thinks the Flyers will get their Carcillo together and beat the Sabres convincingly tonight?!

    The Pumpkins have, no doubt, gotten a lashing from the coaches about getting their game together before a playoffs that they’re supposed to be a BIG factor in. So, I think we see more than an “honest” effort from Filthy tonight (if that word can ever be used to describe them).

    In their own high-expectations, slumping at the wrong time kinda way, they’ve got plenty to play for. Should win convincingly in regulation and do the Sabres some real psychological damage.

  100. eric staal is so much better then gaborik it is not even close, is that debateable?????????????????????

    gaborik is invicible on many nights because he likes to play away from the action and physicallity, he is a sniper only. but newsflash he is not sniping much this year…

  101. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I really don’t have time to get into the game (You guys are probably happy about that). I have to be back at work in half an hour….

    Our record is really bad I think on the mcdonald night


    I thought it was pretty funny that mario maloney called out torts on the post game show

    I’ve said it before, gabby really is the square peg trying to fit in the round hole on this team. As long as torts is the coach, our superstar “goal scorer” needs to be more in the iggy mold than the gabby one (or perry or someone that is a bit more consistent in his play and d zone)

    No offence to anyone of our boneheads that goes to the MSG games, but the crowd absolutely SUCKS on a very consistent basis. Like it or not, the MSG crowd needs to take serious lessons from the Montreal.

    LGR and LGT!!!!

  102. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Good on Prust for the award!! Only one that should have won it and the crowd sucked then too!!

  103. We’re all extremely depressed and crazed at the inconsistency of this team. I attribute it to something very simple:

    This team believes it is better than it really is.

    That’s why they get up for games against elite opponents, and yet can NEVER be bothered to put forth the same effort against teams they view as “beneath them”

    The arrogance might be youthful exuberance, might be immaturity, and might just be a problem of having a team without a true leader.

    But putting forth putrid effort after putrid effort against “inferior” opponents tells me this collective group believes they are much better than they truly are.

    Next season this might all change, hopefully. Another year in, get rid of more dead wood…and see if this team can rebound after consecutive seasons of coming “This close”

    Yes, I’m already writing them off. You make your own luck in this sport…the Rangers have already pissed away their good karma by games like last night, against the Isles, etc

  104. Let’s face it this team has been running on fumes for about a month now. Gaborik and Stahl are shot. The young guys like Prust, Boyle, McDonough and Sauer are run down and spent. We have no leader and we have few scorers.

    It was still a good building season if they keep following this plan. Need to add a couple of scorers and a bonecrushing D-Man. Need to vastly improve the PP. But like Carp often said this team wasn’t go anywhere this year and after the Callahan injury they weren’t getting out of the first round.

    Need to purge Avery, EC, Emminger, Wolski and add some more speed. I think the future is bright if they don’t panic, but it is painful to not even make the playoffs. Because this team played like a playoff team for most of the year. Could not beat Atlanta and Buffalo and the Islander loss was also heretic.

  105. Rangers recalled MZA from Hartford…I am happy because I get to see MZA play live tomorrow…yay!

  106. YAY NYR! Thanks to Waseka for informing us.

    HOBBIT WIZARD IS BACK! ^ let his magic lead us to victoy ^ he is the light all else the darkness. he is the ship, all others the sea.

  107. It’s time for Torts to GOOOOO! He has lost the team. He may be talking and coaching but they are zoning him out. How else can you explain being so bad for the last 6 games(not counting the come back against Boston)The players just aren’t listening to him,they are not playing like they can and that is because 1.Tort’s burned out his best players and 2 the team is tired of his massive ego and his being mister bad ass but only with them.So they just drown him out when he talks.It’s not that they don’t want to win but they just don’t want to listen to or deal with this ego maniac any more.Now if this were any of the other 29 teams he would be gone but this is the Dolan Mr potao heads Rangers so he probably won’t get fired for not completing what he was brought there to do and that was make the play offs.Hopefully it’s bye bye big mouth!!!!!!

  108. this should sum it up pretty well…its game 82 tomorrow afternoon and the coach is still trying to figure out line combination……


    no one keeps it simple – in the pre and post game they preach keeping it simple but you have puck handlers trying to skate through the neutral zone-the dman do not shoot the puck enough from the point…


  109. I can’t stand reading newb comments bashing Torts….where were you people all season? :P

  110. I have been saying this – Put Boyle in front of the net. Park him there. Show him video of Ryan Kesler playing the crease on a PP. He scores almost every time. Tell Boyle to do just that.

  111. Wow zuck is back he’s going to save us… BULLSHIT he was sent down because he was playing scared and bad so how does that relate to him saving the Rangers ? I know UNFOURTUNATELY It DOESN’T. Another player that needs to be sent away from the Rangers far far away.Some where a smurf and his magic might actually work because he has no magic iin the real world of the NHL!!!!!!

  112. Alright – Back off Torts. He is a proven coach. He is trying his hardest with the few weapons he has. Look at the guys that have improved (drastically) under his tutelage. I have to say, I love the Torts – Sullivan combo. We need Biron back. He was another Coaching genius.

  113. Hey Vince – sweet language. Those of us that are here wasting our every day know not to swear! Especially not in all CAPS.

  114. gregm_section403 on

    YES, Zucca is back. who gets scratched? Especially if Drury is coming back for the Devils game (not that i’m a big dury fan, but if the captain wants to play, Torts will let him).

    I would vote for Gabriella. Rangers are no worse off without him in the lineup. He doesn’t score and he can’t grind like the rest of his teammates. He’s a liability on defense and rarely busts it on the backcheck.

  115. Pizza Pants is not coming back. Please. I say let Captain Crutch dress just for the inspiration factor. Play 19 guys.

  116. Hey all, just heard from Tiki’s brother. I am so hartnelling distraught right now. Tiki has a brain injury from his car accident last night and is in critical condition. Please send out your best bonehead prayers and wishes for his recovery.

  117. don’t know who mentioned girardi as the player who should have won the mcdonald award, but i guess you don’t see many games, as he’s pretty much the cause of losing many of them. one of the stupidest players i’ve ever seen. yeah, he gets his body in front of pucks but has no clue how to play against skaters coming down against him. brutal. he has to go. it was fun while it lasted. we have some kids who actually know how to play D in Hartford. hope they find a taker for him and hope beyond hope #10 goes with him. he’s been as much an offensive liability as he is defensively. and we all thought under lemaire the genius all those years would have taught him something about back checking. if he doesn’t disclose he has a rare disease at the end of the year, hard to believe he lost whatever skill he had so quickly without some major reason behind it.

    i still love most of this team. still not sure torts is the right guy for them. and as far as jack adams consideration? doesn’t deserve it. no way.

    zucc back up for saturday. who sits? if he benched #10, i wouldn’t take back his not deserving of the jack adams award, but i will give him the ballsiest coach award hands down. do it. your team has them. show you do too.

  118. NYR_FAN April 8th, 2011 at 11:46 am
    I can’t stand reading newb comments bashing Torts….where were you people all season? :P


    Manny – THAT I agree with. Biron was so $$ on the shootout coaching front, I loved that the cameras knew to follow him pre-skills start. Sullivan is usually spot on and while I had issue with Torts as recently as last year, believe he IS the man for the job this year.

    Vince – I’m guessing you play dungeons and dragons, which isnt a bad thing per-say, but explains your not so passive anger towards a professional athlete and seemingly good guy. Why all the hate on a great story for the Rangers? Plenty of players have gone on to be great that got sent down their ROOKIE YEAR IN THE NHL.

  119. its all Gaborik’s fault!! he gave up 3 goals and scored none!!

    no wait, its Avery’s fault!!! he sucks!!

    no wait, its Zuccarello’s fault! no Wolski is no good! no wait Prospal cant play anymore!

    no! Drury sucks!! Christensen sucks! blame him!! Boyle has to step up! Anisimov is soft! wheres Frolov??

    Can all these players suck? no.

    Clearly, the message here is the coach sucks.

    please go away Totalretard. and take your bad attitude with you. Howe this guy was involved in a Stanley Cup winning team is amazing to me.

  120. torts is not the problem he is the solution.

    the problem is they cannot score… theyt have a biunch of plumbers and there high priced talent is overpaid and under perform.

    name 5 high priced FA’s that have worked out period for any team???They never work out but teams continue to sign them………….

  121. yep torts habit of making players be accountable is such a bad idea…

    sure avery 2 goal man wouyld have 15 in another system!!!!!!!!!

    maryann gaborik would be doing more if they just took the shackles offf him.

    what are you smoking, maryann is a total ghost, he shows up in bully games. when the rangers are up by 3 goals maryann is great………….

  122. Thank you Stuart. Sullivan and Torts are good coaches. Very good. Torts is a top-notch coach. You will all see. He has nothing to work with. Sauer went from playin 9 minutes last year to being a borderline 1st line D-Man. If Staal didn’t have to cover for Girardi all the time then Sauer would be a first-liner. Boyle!? Come on! Look at what that kid did. He went from being an oversize guy who looked like he was skating on carpet to a legit 3rd liner…and still improving. There is a long term plan here guys. Torts is part of it.

  123. Let’s not forget that Torts is the guy that challenged Hank to play through his injury – and he did. Hank gave this team a chance.

  124. torts is a great coach. not a good coach but great.

    the rangers have had 3 1st round picks who did jack and that kills them with lack of top end talent; montoyo, cherepanov, and jessiwomen, that is not on torts.

    maybe package maryann and seanie for a bag of pucks and korpikoski……..i take that deal in a second……

  125. If we get another month of hockey, I’m all for giving this Max Clarity a shot.


  126. TheMessiah94 on

    Best of luck to Tiki, get well soon.

    Guess the Rangers aren’t going to lose in a shootout in game 8 again.

  127. I will C3 and all. Thanks. Off to meet Fozzy now in city. I’ll check in later if I hear anything else. TA.

  128. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Wholly crap tiki!!! Best of luck with everything and get better quickly from all the wicksters!!!!

  129. at least they mixed it up a bit this season… its not “win and you’re in” as it was last year…it’s “win and still not get in” year!

  130. Dudley, and a few others- sorry we left you alone to defend against all the negativity. Busy at work. But I agree with everything you said. And, again, we should be glad none of us is in charge of this team.

  131. Per Hockey Rodent
    “For the record, if his boys were universally flat for this game after having enjoyed two off-days, why/how is that not an indictment of the coach’s preparations Thursday afternoon”

  132. We have a bright future Ranger Fans. We have a great core. A few additions to the scoring line and we could really become a contender. A real one. Until then – Let’s just hope these guys are learning what they need to learn (which I believe they are because of the coach).

    Also, Mr. Extra Effort looks hurt. The Prust has something going on in his legs. I am scared for what could be revealed after the season. He is a real trooper playing on whatever is bothering him.

  133. Since carolina will most likely get the full 2 points tonight, i think it would be extremely helpful if two things happened tonight:

    1) Tampa bay beats florida
    2) Uniondale beats the pens

    This would give pittsburgh only a 1 point lead (102-101) with one game to play, with the pens last game being this sunday. This would give tampa bay motivation to play hard tomorrow in raleigh in order to keep the possibility open of home ice in the 4/5 matchup.

    I can’t believe it’s come to this. Go thrashers

  134. Miami- M3 is a bush-league excuse for not showing up and supporting your team. On that note, make sure you get a warranty on your tires.

  135. 4generations 4 cups on

    It completely sucks that we’ve been in the playoffs all year and now we have to wait and hope carolina and buffalo miraculously start losing games. Why is it that we cant seemingly come up with these big plays when we need them? We lack big players. Dubinsky is really showing his colors in that regard. I dont know how much more we could have needed somebody to put the puck away in the first more than Dubi or Gabby. Fail, again. Leave it up to fate or hope or whatever but this is bullsh*t. The Rangers deserve a better fate, but maybe they dont.

    As i said the other day. It sucks that there most likely will only be one more Ranger game for the next 6 months. This is my team and this is who i want to win, nobody else. It sucks so much worse to be in such ‘good control’ all season then go into a straight up tailspin at the last few weeks.

    A shame. The sky fell a while ago, we just got lucky Callahan wasnt injured to pass it to dubi for 3-3 in boston.

  136. Per Hockey Rodent
    “For the record, if his boys were universally flat for this game after having enjoyed two off-days, why/how is that not an indictment of the coach’s preparations Thursday afternoon”


    some people think that you cannot blame Torts for it. He gave them the plan and they didn’t execute it…well, guess what – HIS PLAN SUCKS!

    Thank you.

  137. LoneRanger – AGHHHHH, well if the Hockey Rodent said it, it must be true.

    Funny, Hockey Rodents “Playoff Probability Tracker” had us at 75-90% all year but doesnt look like THAT was correct either.

    Torts doesnt skate. He doesnt handle the puck. He cant but the biscuit in the basket….

    After the Boston rebound, everyone was praising his ingenuity with the lines, now he’s being damned for not already having the lines set in stone.

    I’m done harping on it and I suppose every franchise has its share of Carcillo-esque fans.

    I’m one fan, but I’m loyal and despite only having half a clue, remain confident that I should appreciate what I do have in light of some of you proving youd be fortunate to have even that. PS – bybytorts…. try, byebyetorts eh? Jackwagon….


    Think Carolina expected us to lose last night? Think Filthy wants to limp into the playoffs? Think Tampa Bay struggles to score?

    This forum should come with prozak and blinders sometimes….

  139. I am sure Torts wants the blame to fall on him. He is a good coach that protects his players as best he can. So if the blame can be lumped on him I am sure he is fine with it – he isn’t going anywhere because he’s a great hockey coach.

  140. Noah-rury-allahan, 28 on

    Drury is at practice today and apparently “flying,” whatever that means.

    Also, those that blame Torts are just beyond words at this point.

  141. Noah – flying probably refers to all the vicodin that Pizza Pants is on. I heard he had a nasty incident while cleaning the lower oven last night. Probably a pretty serious burn he has to medicate for.

  142. When the Rangers beat the Debbies Saturday afternoon and make the playoffs, this place will be all about how they can go DEEP. Unbelievable.

    Even if they don’t make the POs, I have really enjoyed this season. Way more than in a very long time.


  143. Marji – Thanks for your honest and positive take…I agree…

    Happy Friday to you!

  144. “our defense showed how nervous they were. Almost all of them. They were thinking for one second too long, they were gripping their sticks too tight”

    That’s the classic example of a team choking. No matter what you want to call it – they choked. They were playing a team that is out of the playoffs, but couldn’t handle the pressure. There are no excuses all they had to do was get one point and they couldn’t even come close to that.

  145. Noah-rury-allahan, 28 on

    Marji, I agree. Playoffs or no playoffs, I truly enjoyed the ride this season offered.

    After losing Game 82 last year, I was worried about the direction of the franchise. But no matter what happens, the team is trending up.

    LGT and LGF tonight!

  146. Marji – good point. This season has been utterly wonderful from the moment they dropped the puck. My highlight of the season was finding this forum. Really. It probably saved my relationship because I yap all day in here and my Fiance doesn’t have to hear it!

    Seriously though. This season was great. I believe this team *can* go deep in the playoffs because they usually play better against better teams. It is what it is. Last night was a stinker of a game. While I believe these guys need their heads smacked for not playing hard as heck last night I really think they over achieved this year due to improvements by a bunch of key guys. Unfortunately, making the playoffs won’t change my opinion of what this team needs to be a perennial contender. But boy oh boy do I love rooting for this team and this group of guys.

  147. I moved to florida 4 years ago after sharing season tickets for 7 or 8 seasons and this was my first game back at the garden since. I wish I could blame myself as the jinx buy I don’t think anyone would agree. This game had nothing to do with me….hell it obviously had nothing to do with the rangers! I loathe hockey in florida. Granted buying half season tickets and getting the second half free can’t be beat. I can’t curse cuz management seems to think that by using the place as a nursery they’re grooming fans for the future. I miss cursing. I miss not having to walk around flame jugglers to get in the arena. (yes u read that right) But I DON’T MISS NOT MAKING THE PLAYOFFS AND NOT HAVING A DECENT DRAFT PICK TO SHOW FOR IT. I remember that john maclean goal that eliminated the rangers and literally crying afterwards. If I’m correct it was against chicago with panger in net. Don’t quote me on that. Sidenote (i had to correct the swype on my droid. It kept replacing “sidenote” with “Stoudemire”, I sh$t u not): I made a windfall at the 60% off everything sale at the team store. Got me a Zuccs jersey for like a nickel. No comment on his minor status while gilroy fills in for cally. I decided to take a breather after the two quick goals and bypass the lines. Wish I could make the last game when it’ll probably be 95% off.

  148. overall Torts did a great job this year.. ain’t nobody taking that away… but last night… flat team after two days off and in a MUST win situation? i don’t know…kind of hard not to blame the coach.


    75% Torts fault

    25% Players

  149. Of course I want them in – I want to watch Playoff Hockey with the Rangers part of it. But, they did exactly what they needed to do this season as far as sticking with youth and getting a good young base to assure a very competitive, if not dominant team for the next few years. Our youth will only get better. Add a scoring center and stay the course. There are great days ahead my fellow Ranger fans!! ….. And I still think they are getting in :)

  150. I mean what can Torts do? Yell at them? Hit them? Inject them with B-12 shots like they are Mr. Steinbrenner? He isn’t on the ice. He and Sully give these guys the tools but it’s up to the players to execute. That is why Torts says he never goes into the Locker Room after a game – regardless of win/loss. It’s up to the players.

  151. I have a question: Is there a team store in MSG that you can go to without having Tickets?

  152. a Challenger for the Totalretard, sorry Tortorella lovers

    instead of defending him in a vacuum, give examples of positive things he has done/is doing

    ill go first, 5 things he does that I think SUCK:

    1. changing lines throughout an entire season, on a regular basis, even within games.

    2. not figuring out a way to change the absolutely embarrassingly abyssmal power play, where i was watching them cycle on the power play the other night! cycling on the per play!! I also enjoyed him experimenting with Zuccarrello at the point on the power play last week, followed by his demotion. great idea!

    3. playing favorites with some, and doghousing other players throughout the entire season, including benching Gaborik for the third period last night in a game they are losing 3-0, while playing Avery in the 3rd period for basically the first time.

    4. overplaying his best players, lundqvist, staal

    5. clear lack of preparedness (mental?) for certain games, including game 81



    and on that note…………


  154. Dude- first of all – people already told you

    by by torts means that it is something BY torts. Meaning maybe he wrote that post? Maybe he gave you your ideas because these are ideas and posts BY Torts.

    BYE means goodbye. If you to be taken seriously…..

  155. I am going to walk up to the NHL store and BUY (not by or bye or bi) something with our teams logo on it and feel good about it. And look at it and remember why I love this team. Maybe I will get a TORTS 4 LIFE jersey!

  156. I am not really going that crazy…

    CCCP – Torts can be blamed for some things. Not all of his ideas work out. You have a right to say whatever you want and because you are here daily and you teach me a lot I will always listen to you. Just the FIRE TORTS crowd is a little “severe.”

  157. NYR_FAN, you’re welcome. ;) I’m bummed, too, when they lose but there hasn’t been a game this season when I felt we didn’t have a chance to win or to come back and win it, at least tie it and go to OT/SO. How rare has that been!

    LGR! You know what Yogi says…….

  158. Doodie Machetto on

    1) his changing of lines sparked our Boston win. Furthermore, he has stuck with several lines/player combinations consistently throughout the entire season when those players are healthy (Dubinsky-Anisimov-Callahan, Fedotenko-Boyle-Prust, Prospal-Gaborik). Also, defensive pairs have been pretty constant ever since Rozsi was moved.

    2) You got me. PP has been terrible.

    3) I haven’t really seen him play favorites or doghouse anyone that didn’t deserve it.

    4) I don’t think Staal or Lundqvist have been overplayed, at all. Lundqvist has an extended run here because of the injury to Biron. Staal hasn’t shown me anything that shows me he is tired. He is without question our best defenseman. Who wouldn’t want their best defenseman on the ice as much as possible?

    5) They came out really strong in the first 5 minutes, but after not scoring, they got nervous and tentative and it cost them. They were prepared, but the players weren’t mentally tough. As to why they weren’t, I can’t say.

    So by my count, 2 and 5 are legit.

  159. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, yes, there is a team store you can get to without tickets, but it’s very limited in what it offers, which is mostly jerseys. It’s right after the bag inspection, but before the gate where you would buy tickets.

  160. Of course, we’re all bummed…

    The MZA news definitely cheered me up…At least, I get to see that kid play in the biggest game of his life tomorrow…he is one of my favorite Rangers this year…should be awesome…the guy is a gamer!


  161. Ryan from NJ on

    anyone suprised?? Our beloved team is what they have been for the past 10 years, MEDIOCRE.

    And that starts from management all the way down to the bench. We aren’t a Brad Richards or Vinny Lecavalier away from winning the stanley cup.

    Think about how much DEAD WEIGHT this team carries as opposed to other teams:

    Chris Drury
    Sean Avery
    Derek Boogaard
    Erik Christiensen
    Wojtek Wolski
    Alex Frolov
    Ruslan Fedotenko
    Vinny Prospal
    Redden (his cap is back on in the summer)

    None of those players about should not be on the team next season. Some of them are dead weight simply because the contract does not match the player expectations (see Drury, Redden, and Frolov). And thats how management has continually failed.

    Why does this team always have one solid line, a second OK line, and two lines that consist of career fourth liners??

    Regardless if we make it or not, we have zero chance of being last years Flyers who make it to the stanley cup. The flyers have way more “talent” than the rangers.

  162. Doodie Machetto on

    “flat team after two days off and in a MUST win situation? i don’t know…kind of hard not to blame the coach.”

    CCCP, while the coach is definitely partly responsible, ultimately, the on-ice effort falls mostly on the players. A coach shouldn’t have to fire up his team for game 81 with the playoffs in the balance. They should be fired up on their own.

    I’d say 75% players, 25% coach for that.

    The PP, I’d say is 75% coach, 25% players. There is just no plan, no system, no architecture to it at all. It’s like watching a pickup game.

  163. Torts is not going anywhere people…..

    to byby (byebye???) torts-

    1) how about giving him credit for developing the kids this year-see Stepan, Sauer, Mcdonagh, Boyle, yes MDZ had a set back but the kid still could be a MONSTER and will help the PP IMMENSELY IMO

    2) how about giving him some of the credit for the comebacks the Rangers had this year…yes they struggled in coming back in the 2nd half of the year this year besides the boston game but in the first half of the year they lead the league in obtaining points after trailing after two periods, i think they still might lead the league in this category

    3) how about staying competitive without a true captain….lets face it the drury signing is just as worse as the Redden signing

    4)he sure in hell challenged Hank down the stretch and boy did Hank answer

    5)10-4-1 down the stretch i know everyone is upset with the Islander and Atlanta loss but you simply cannot win every game….if we lose to the flyers and beat the isles we are in the same boat….the games the will hunt us just as much is losing to the senators twice @ home this year, losing to the panthers, losing to Atlanta early in OCT @ home, losing to colorado, losing to minnesota, etc etc

    6) i am not saying he had control at the deadline of whether or not to pull the trigger on Sather but I gotta believe he had more influence then Renney did when he was here as he has been preaching to Sather to stay patient and go with the kids….can you imagine we gave up anisimov, gilroy and a kid in Hartford and missed the playoffs with Richards????

    torts is not goign anywhere, fire sather, fire the dolans, fire the fake fans-ugh its embarrassing im lucky to be able to afford tickets but the fans are a joke-the biggest cheer last night was when they announced some knick in the stands (sorry no clue who he is not a bball fan)

  164. Doodie Machetto on

    Prospal is not dead weight.

    8 goals and 13 assists in 28 games. Projects to a 23 goal, 38 assist season.

  165. In the words of John Belushi:

    And it ain’t over now. ‘Cause when the going gets tough . . . the tough get going. Who’s with me? Let’s Go! Come on! AAAAEEEEEGGGHHHH!!

  166. wow, you guys and gals change with the wind. This IS a team that is rebuilding, but showed success. We all said play the kids…they did. It is a solid team. They had a clunker.

    If anyone thinks Drury would make a difference may I ask them to put the crack pipe down. You are suffering from recency bias. And not so recent I might add! Let me make this clear: DRURY SUCKS now…he skates like his derriere was filled with Cemex’ main product: Cement or for those of you who understand spanish, cemento. I never want to see Drury play for the Rangers again. He doesn’t deserve it. Having Drury would not have made staal or girardi less error prone.


    I LOVE THIS TEAM WIN OR LOSE. Sorry, even if they don’t make the playoffs I am going to love them. Especially the Dubi.

    I will continuing loving every one of you as well. That’s just me.

  167. Here it comes again …. trade Hank, fire Torts, get rid of Gabby yada yada yada !
    This team is a work in progress. They will get better !

  168. Bi-buy Torts –

    Overplaying his best players? WHAT SHOULD HE DO THEN? I’ll venture you’re the type that complains about our government yet has no better suggestion to fix it? Be a valuable addition to this forum and provide constructive criticism that we can digest and prognosticate on rather than childish rants that provide little more than a forum for you to see yourself type.

    Why is Torts a good coach? OK, Ill start…

    1) He helped keep this team focused on youth and convinced management to FINALLY shy away from overpaid bandaids.

    2) Were Prust, Sauer, McD, etc household names last year? Prust was playing, just not the way he does now.

    3) The players do like playing for him. Ask Stepan. His recent quotes said a lot as has HIS rookie performance.

    4) He’s not a cry-baby B. Personally, I love his attitude around this loss and believe, as someone mentioned earlier, he is “pleased” to have the blame on his head. He’d rather shield HIS squad. I like that. It also tells me, he isnt concerned about his job which is how the best NEED to operate, regardless of business.

    5) His interviews are awesome. Dare you to argue that. Hilarious.

  169. We’re going to need a miracle @tomorrow@

    The Canes are @not@ losing tonight. They’re 4-0-1 against the Trashers, and we never get help.

    We need Tampa to step up!

    But, if we lose tomorrow, none of it matters!! Fugg!

  170. mao, according Jim Cerny, Drury was “flying” during practice today….Bwahahaha!

    I like the Dubi but, he needs to step it up!! He’s been ticking me off lately liek when he tries to get all fancy and doesn’t shoot…or loses a battle and falls down…ugh…wake up Dubi!!!

  171. Ryan – Dead Weight?!?!?!

    Prospal??? Just netted two to give us the push over the B’s. Youthful enthusiasm, veteran experience. Love him.

    EC/WW? We needed those shootouts wins, have you noticed those have helped us?

    Fedotenko? Willing to bet you the locker-room seriously disagrees with you on that one.

    Yes, we have deadweight but lets be a little more discriminating in how we toss that around. besides, shouldnt you be a Devils fan?

  172. LMFAO “the players quit on HIM”

    Of course, after all the blood and guts they’ve shown all season they’re going to throw away THEIR chance at the playoffs to spite Torts

  173. if this team misses the playoffs i will remember the three game home stand @ the end of february/early march, THREE CONSECUTIVE HOME GAMES, 1-0 LOSS TO TB, 3-2 LOSS TO BUFFALO, 3-1 LOSS TO THE WILD…..throw everything else out the window, you get one point atleast and ur probably in the tournament dancing come next week!

  174. Dead weight? You’re right, we should bring back Hollweg, Orr, Betts, Ortmeyer, Moore, Sjostrom, Dawes, Prucha…etc…

    Yeah, those guys were proven and skilled finesse players…much better than the players we have now…

    8=====D (sarcasm symbol)

  175. Doodie: Carp has a No Movement Clause – we can’t even send him to the minors (wordpress).

  176. I gotta say, who the heck is this hockey rodent dude and why is he so often quoted on here as being an authoritarian word?

    What are his credentials? His hockey background? Is he an ex-player? An ex-executive?

    Or, as I suspect, simply another Ranger fan with a website and a decent ability to string words together expressing his viewpoint?

    If it’s the latter, I don’t get why he’s quoted on here in a manner that is supposed to indicate that the poster’s opinion is actually based on facts…

  177. I’m not going to let last night’s admittedly abysmal no-show ruin my Never or Infrequent Poster Showing Up To Quit on the Team and/or Make Themselves Look Idiotic By Deciding It’s All The Coach’s Fault Day.

  178. You have to give Torts a lot of credit. He could have encouraged Sather to do what Rangers mgmt always does…. go out and overpay for some player that is on the way down, not up. Instead, he put his own job on the line by saying, “play the kids. let’s build from within and create a great team that will be a contender for years to come.” I am not going to argue with that even if they end up on the outside when all the points are tallied.

  179. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    So to confirm:

    we want the following:

    Atl over Car…actually put us back in control
    Philly over Buff…would give us two bites at the apple Saturday if we win (Car or Buff lose we’re in)
    TB over Fla combined with Icelanders over Pitt…gives TB something to play for against Car Sat)

    Does that cover it ?

    Lets go Zuccarello…do something great Saturday

  180. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    I have to side with the pro-Torts crew. He has pushed this team as far as it could go. It’s clear they need more talent, and while I do lay that at the feet of Glen Stogie, I can’t argue about the plan to build with youth and develop your system.

    Also, Dubi should know better than those silly drop passes, but he’s also trying to do too much. He was hustling and playing all night trying to score, and took some dumb chances doing so. But he showed the likes of Stepan and others what it’s like to compete. Same with Prust. Showing him huffing and puffing at game’s end on the ice while everyone else went off to the dressing room– you knew he has left it all out there.

    So, how do we roll on Saturday? Devs will trap the bejesus out of us, and I expect Torts will defy conventions and change things up— 5 forwards on the ice for a power play type stuff. I know we will gut one out and win, but not sure if the rest will fall into place.

    It’s been a fun ride, though!

  181. We need to get rid of some of the posters here. We just don’t have a good mix and chemistry. No real heart in the posts. Need to clean house and start over. Lot of overpaid vets here with little to no quality opinions to offer. But what will happen, probably Carp gets fired and everyone stays. Can’t blame the posters, blame the moderator.

  182. To prove that this team rules I just ordered a new Rangers hat. My old one was on my head during last years debacle with Philly – we all remember that too well. This – my old hat will be burned. Filled with alcohol – set on fire – and thrown out my window. A ritual for me in exorcising the demons. This new hat will be the lucky hat that sees many cups.

    Tony – If people are only fans when the Rangers win there can’t be many fans. I mean some people are acting like this team has a dozen Stanley Cups in their cupboard!

  183. $35mill for nothing on

    if the Blues are dumb enough to do it, I trade gab-Bore-ik to St Louis for center David Backes, a big strong young power forward centerman who is ideal for what the Rangers need. great at both ends of the ice, and scores and does all the other key things like hit, pk, etc and he is tough as nails

  184. Am I crazy to ask this but…Who in their right minds would want Gaborik? IF it was possible to trade him – why? He is the type of player that a team must be built around – honing his line to highlight his skill(s). He is unfortunately stuck on a team that is building itself around concepts like “effort”, “drive” and the like – not around him. He will stick around and probably contribute – but I don’t think any team will take him – IF he was tradable.

  185. Jshim: LOL…if Carp were Sather he’d probably be trading futures to bring back old tired posters who’s best writing days are a thing of the past!


  186. MANNY: I agree with NYR-FAN: LA’s for sure a possible destination, especially if they get bounced early in the POs.

    Ownership is screaming for a big name and is understandably desperate for a nice PO run or 2. And other than Brad Richards, no big names are coming free this summer.

    For sure Gabbie would intrigue them (unless they go deep in the POs).

  187. NYR and Jim – That is awesome news. I really thought we had to find a fit for him until the bitter end. That is enticing news…..

  188. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    If Carp gets whaled then I am changing my name to WTB (what the byfuglien)

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