Trying to sort it all out as Game 81 looms


Wow. These teams don’t lose.

Carolina tightened the screws again last night against Detroit, and now the Rangers might have to win both of their remaining games.

The Hurricanes are not only two points back, but they tied the Rangers in the first tiebreaker, regulation/OT wins. So if they are tied in points and R/OT wins after Saturday’s games, Carolina wins the second tiebreaker — the season series (which, by the way, was 2-2 in actuality, but 2-0-2 for the Canes, since the Rangers’ wins came in OT and the skills competition).

Magic Number: 3 with two to play.

So, by my calculations …

Bottom line for a playoff berth:

If the Rangers win one of their games and get at least a point in the other, they’re in.

If the Rangers win tonight, Carolina has to win both of its games (tomorrow at Atlanta, Saturday vs. Tampa Bay) and hope the Rangers lose in regulation to the Devils.

If the Rangers don’t get a point tonight and Carolina wins in regulation tomorrow, then it’s a tie going into Saturday’s finales … and Carolina gets in on Saturday with A) a win; B) a regulation loss by the Rangers; or C) if each team gains a point.

(Can somebody check that math for me?)

Here’s another way to look at that final scenario:

If the Rangers fail to get a point tonight and Carolina wins in regulation or OT tomorrow, these will be the standings going into Saturday:
Hurricanes 91 points, 35 regulation/OT wins (and the season-series tiebreaker).
Rangers 91 points, 34 regulation/OT wins.

There are some other possibilities because of shootouts, the Bettman Bonus Points and the R/OT wins tiebreaker, but it makes my head hurt to consider them (Anybody care to take a whack at it?).

Then there’s the chance that Buffalo backs up and complicates things.

For example, if the Rangers get two points in their last two games, and Buffalo gets none, the Rangers are in. And catching Montreal is still a mathematical possibility.


Editor’s note: I will be the least surprised person on the planet if somebody finds an error in my calculations.

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  1. Lol@ editors note. Your math is better than you think, Carp.

    One more interesting scenario. If the Rangers win only one game in regulation and lose the second one, and Carolina wins both their games in SO, the Rangers are still in.

  2. Good morning everyone. I won’t even attempt all that math this early in the morning Carp. Rangers will win tonight! They know what they have to do!

  3. Good morning all! Math, schmath… With Carolina winning, our boys will be motivated to come out with a full head of steam. We should be rested and able to keep the pedal to the metal for sixty tonight. Atlanta will not be able to match our intensity tonight, we’re playing for next week and they’re playing for next year. Heave ho boys!!

  4. Hi guys, we’re having the best time in NY. Can’t wait for tonights game.. but not sure anything can beat the Boston game, since it was my first game at MSG and the way it ended. Just Amazing.. so was meeting MAMA last night. So much fun!
    Hope to meet more boneheads this weekend?

  5. I hate to say it but I think Carolinas chances are better than ours. They got Atlanta on the second of back to back nights and the somewhat struggling Bolts and we get the Debbies for the last game. And you know they’re gonna be hot to eliminate us. Only bright side is it looks like Parise will be out again.

  6. Sioux-per-man on

    Morning Boneheads!!!
    Too much math ….. to early…. Simple math – win and you’re in!!!
    First game ever at MSG will be Saturday!!! Can’t wait to see you all there.
    I hope the place is rocken with the Playoff bound Rangers.
    My prediction – Rangers win / FIGHTING SIOUX win – tonight and on Saturday :)

    See you all in 2 Days….. Let’s Go Rangers!!!

    It’s Go Time!

  7. Really great that NHL Center Ice is free so I could watch that garbage last night. It looks like the Rangers are in serious trouble. These teams just don’t lose. Ever. What is the deal with every single team involved in this 3-way race playing Atlanta? They hold way too many cards.

  8. Atlanta is horrendous. You should easily beat them. (Unfortunately the Canes play them too in what is a back-to-back for the Thrashers.) Hope that Tampa is motivated to eliminate the Canes (division rivals) and tune up for the playoffs in that last game. Any of the three teams (Buffalo, Canes, Rangers), can do damage in the playoffs to those upper teams … IMO, goaltending is stellar among all three.

  9. 24LinCalPrustBoylahan24 on


    this work day is going to go sooooooooooooooo firetruckin slow! ARGH!!!

    Needless to say… this game is KOTALIKS FOREARMS!!!


  10. ok, if we win both our games, no matter what carolina does, we will be in? or we have to win in reg/ot for that to work?

  11. If we win one game and at least get to OT in the other one, we’re in….right?

    If we lose, we have to hope Carolina falters. Which isn’t gonna happen.


    Make a statement. 60 minutes. All out. No quarter. No retreat.

    Is that El Deguello I hear playing for the Thrashers tonight??

  12. I can’t see any silver lining. I am a “Worried Wanda.” This is too eerily similar to last season. It’s too much for my delicate system to take. I wasn’t built for this kind of stress.

  13. 4generations 4 cups on

    The Wings barely came to play against the Canes last night, how are we supposed to hope any team loses against teams under us? Nobody plays them, they let them win.

  14. So, I guess it’s safe to say this is truly a must win tonight.

    The only math we need to know is how to count to 3. Rangers get 3 points in these next 2 games and we are in!


  15. morning gang! so pumped for tonight and i know the boys will be too.

    i believe. do you?

  16. No. I actually can say that I do not believe. Not after last year. Not after the Islanders / Senators debacle.

    I love this team. With all my heart. So much so that my fiance (who is a big-time hockey (NYR) fan herself) leaves me alone to watch the games because of the emotional torment this puts me through. But I do not believe. It is not an indictment of this team. I am only in disbelief because everyone we compete with for a playoff spot wins. Every single night. The teams they play roll over and die and the teams we play want to knock us out of contention. That scares me.

    Worried Wanda. Officially.

  17. After re-reading what I wrote I think I may be I am more like a “Panicked Pamela.”

  18. I can understand the trepidation.

    And yes, if the Rangers had bothered to show up to play the Isles and Senators, they’d already have a spot sealed up. That’s the painful truth.

    And if they falter and don’t make the playoffs, it’ll be because of that simple truth that they didn’t give full effort against the Senators and laid down and died for the Isles.

    I believe they can pull this off. And, really, they should.

    Beat Atlanta and the Devils AT HOME and you’re in the playoffs.

    A loss today, though, and it’s gonna be REALLY ugly at MSG on Saturday.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    Quick, without looking it up, who can remember the last time Gaborik scored a goal?

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    Tampa is going to lay down for Carolina since they are pretty much locked into 5th place.

  21. Exactly Doodie: Tampa laid down for the Sabres. Why would Carolina be any different?

    Yes – the Rangers *should* do this. But they beat the Canucks (who they *should* lose to) and they lost to the senators (who they *should* beat) with their lives on the line.

    That Boston game really helped. Really. It was a magnificent win. I am just a Scared Samantha right now. Worried Wanda. Trepidatious Tamara. Call it what you will.

  22. 4generations 4 cups on

    Gaboriks last goal was in that game where he needed a goal super bad. 10 games ago maybe.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Cam Fowler has 10 goals and 30 assists on the season. That would make him the highest scoring defenseman on our team by 10 points. It’s also more goals than any Rangers defenseman since Rozsi had 13 in 07-08, and the most assists and points since Rozsi posted 10-30-40 in 06-07 (which earned him that inflated contract).

    McIlrath better become something special.

  24. Let’s face it..Carolina outplayed the pants off
    Detroit. And one of the bonesters earlier this month came forward with the conclusion that Cam Ward was the most over rated goaltender in the league. I couldn’t help myself I had to defend Ward. I’ve seen too much of his prowess, and if anything he is UNDERrated. The guy who is over
    rated in my eyes is Thomas. ( and don’t get me started on DiPietro). There is no way that he can parlay that flounder on a hot deck style with actual performance. First off, his goal territory is
    sanctuary city for attacking forwards. That Rangers even broke thru that defensive cordon is
    remarkable in itself ( and Rangers should borrow some of Julian’s system, believe me.) …amazing.

    I knew that no help was not gonna come from the Isles, when I saw DiPietro in the net.
    What possible branch of insanity possessed Wang or Wong ,whoever he is to give this showboat a fifteen year contract?

    He is so full of himself; he always has to get into the play, and so many times he leaves himself high and dry, and gets quite a few goals scored that any high schooler could have handled, but he leaves himself off balance and out of position, and then has to rely on lady luck. He’s about 50-50 there. This team on LI, yeah the Islanders, will never be a threat except for games now and then as long as this character is a major member of the team.

    Detroit really surprised me, with how easily the Canes handled them. It’s so rare to see them humbled, but why did it have to show up here and now?

  25. btw

    did anyone pick up on that little tid bit of info about Ward on TV? He has faced more shots this season than any goaltender in the league ( over 2000.)

  26. Totally with you Fran – About 13 minutes in last night I posted something to the effect of “Who was saying Cam Ward is overrated?” He is a monster. Only reason that team is where they are.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    BTW, watching half the game last night and a few other Wings games this season (maybe 7 or 8 in total), I have come to the conclusion that Jimmy Howard is just terrible.

  28. Here are Cam Wards stats:

    Cam Ward CAR: 72(GP) 72(GS) 2323(SA) 179 (GA) 2.56(GAA)

    That’s a LOT of shots. Over 200 more than second place (Carey Price). He also leads the league in Games Started and Games Played (by 1 over Kiprusoff).

    Put it this way. Cam Ward has made more saves than any other goalie has seen in shots against.

  29. Put it this way. Cam Ward has made more saves than any other goalie has seen in shots against.


    That’s more of an indictment on the team in front of him than Ward’s goaltending skill.

  30. CT – That is not how I mean that stat to come across.

    I am just highlighting what he means to this Carolina Team. They are nothing without him. People were saying he is overrated – well I think he is underrated. He faced over 2300 shots. Carey Price faced 2100. So Cam Ward has been tested time and time again by teams playing against the Hurricanes not-so-great Defense and he has kept them within a stones throw of the playoffs. It’s pretty impressive to me. I am an “Impressed Isabella.”

  31. True Blue – Lundqvist faces a lot more “deflections off his own D-Men / Artie-Partie” than any other goalie.

  32. i was reading the pregame notes on nyr. and we have a really lousy home record vs atlanta. hank played in most of them too. itseems almost a mental thing with us that we play down to the bad teams. after such an emotional win, i hope they come out flying. gotta win this decisively. im dreading the byfuglien pp slappers though. not just by scoring, but knocking any other guys out of the lineup ala chara.

  33. i just started her in soccer this year. she doesnt like it. i keep tellin her mom shes a hockeygirl!! and she is. too bad im in iowa. nobody plays hockey out here.

  34. Oh awesome. I bet she is impressed with Cam Ward’s ability also. She is probably similarly under-impressed with the Rangers ability to play against awful teams.

    You make a great point about Byfuglien injuring yet another Ranger. My guess would be Fedotenko takes one off his missing appendix.

    In all honesty, I worry about this team getting into a physical pissing contest with the Thrashers. That will throw them off their game. We need a STRONG PP tonight because my gut tells me Atlanta will be playing dirty and taking some stupid penalties. (CT – hit me up with Atlanta’s stats to prove I am wrong).

  35. You gotta get her onto that ice! Sounds like it’s time for a focused boarding school for her. Hockey day and night!

    If she learns Soccer (especially indoor) she will have all the tools to dominate Women’s Hockey. Sounds like you’re an all-star parent already!

  36. I don’t think he’s the most overrated goalie out there (that would probably be Luongo). I’m impressed when he plays the Rangers, but it all depends who you’d replace him with.

    If he got injured and they were forced to ride their backup would the Canes be byfuglien’ed? Of course, but so would a ton of other teams in the league (Rangers, Pens, Habs, Sabres, etc).

    I just think his reputation has been buoyed by his Conn Smythe winning performance that’s overlooked a couple of years where he was a bottom half if not bottom third goalie.

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    I am the one who said Ward is overrated. And he is. Last night didn’t change my opinion. Mr. Inconsistent, never once has had a good season statistically. He’s got that one Conn Smythe and a bunch of hype that has never actually amounted to anything else. No Vezina nominations, no Olympic team selections, and just one all-star game that he wouldn’t have been a part of if it wasn’t in Carolina.

    So he’s seen a little more rubber, big deal. It only works out to an extra 3 shots a game or so. He’s just an average goaltender who can occasionally get hot.

  38. Doodie- All fair points. Canada chose 3 goalies and he was not one of them. I still think that he is a good goalie. I won’t call him overrated. When I see him play I see a goalie that has almost no help making a lot of saves. His GAA isn’t terrific but man does he carry that team.

    Also – I still contend that if Carolina makes the playoffs (which I hope and pray doesn’t happen) they would be a tough matchup for any big-time team. Only because of Cam Ward. If he is hot he is as good as anyone.

    Last night though, the Red Wings came out flying and I was very impressed – I don’t get to watch them often. Once they saw that Ward was on his game – they just rolled over. Good to see Modano back on the ice. Haven’t (personally) seen that in a long time.

  39. Rangers have over 200 PIMs more than the Thrashers. Although a lot of that can be explained by the fact that the Rangers have 62 majors vs ATL’s 34 for the year.

  40. Leetchhalloffame on

    It’s hard to believe that it is going to come down to the last game again this season. Rangers certainly have a tougher last 2 games and no Cally, but they are home and have to find a way. Let’s Go Rangers!

  41. LOL! Kotalik’s forearms are ginormous!

    fran, that was me who said that about Ward!!! We agreed.

    Did anyone see the mask that DP was wearing last night?

  42. Manny –

    I appreciate your opinion not being an indictment of the team and get it.

    But after talking with other fans, I get the sense that they are every bit as afraid of us as we are of them. You know what? Screw Carolinas winning ways…Think about it, who comes back from 3-0 to beat a defensively stout Bruins team anchored by TT?

    What other teams outwardly wants it more than a team that blocks shots with reckless abandon?

    What other team wants to step on the ice with Prust, Hank, Staal (ours), etc. knowing they are fighting for the playoffs after a year out?

    Granted, we’re down to one “A” for leadership on the ice but… I’m guessing we take it to Atlanta tonight…

    I’d be PISSED if I was wearing that sweater to here that losing one player renders us “incapable of making a deep run”. Byfuglien that. This team wins as a team and will continue to do so. LGR!

  43. Ward has just not been amazing throughout the course of his entire career. I’ll give him a mulligan on last year because he was injured. 08-09 was pretty good but the two full seasons before that and the year they won the Cup the Canes got by more on their offense than defense and goaltending.

    His numbers in the regular season that year were terrible. In just under 30 games he had a GAA of 3.68 and a save % of .882. Those are 1980’s type numbers.

  44. Phil wrote:
    <I move to de-recognize Detroit as a city. Any seconds?

    Seconded and thirded. Hockeytown USA my arse :-( Then again, the Rangers have no one to blame but themselves. Just one lousy goal more during the 0-5-1 streak might just mean the difference in making the playoffs and hitting the links early. The last thing I fear is having to face the Devils with our season on the line. You think the Islanders get up for our games – wait Uncle Daddy and the boys have a chance to send us packing.

    Just win tonight and hope Atlanta gets good and upset that they couldn't play spoilers against the Blueshirts and decide rock Carolina like a hurricane :-)

  45. Dudley – Great points. You’re getting me back on the horse. I am not really indicting this team. I like hearing that other people are afraid of us. I mean why shouldn’t they be?

    I don’t think we are incapable. I just can’t believe that not one team competing with us has lost. It’s insane. That Boston game made me believe in this team but the things surrounding us (other teams we are fighting) is what is scaring me now.

    I don’t think losing Captain Callahan makes us incapable. I have been shouting from the mountain tops that this will only make the team stronger. It did in the past and it will again. I even believe that Pizza Pants can get back in there (if he does) and make a difference. I really believe in this team. I just am worried about everyone else.

    I guess that is a stupid idea though. The heck with them – we control out own destiny here.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  46. Whoah CT- those *are* bad numbers. I guess I will have to contain my comments about Ward to this season.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    “His GAA isn’t terrific but man does he carry that team”

    Eric Staal is the straw stirring that team’s drink. Without him, they would be bottom feeders. Average goaltenders can be found. Eric Staal is a superstar.

    “If he is hot he is as good as anyone.”

    I agree with that, but that only highlights his consistency problems. I can say the same thing about a lot of other goaltenders, both those who perform at a consistently higher level (Lundqvist, Thomas), and those who do not (Brian Boucher, Ryan Miller this year).

  48. manny- thank u. she watches ranger games with me but she gets scared when we score. cuz i yell real loud and few times she cried because i am loud!! she had her first practice the other day and she didnt get into it that much. she just turned 5 and some of the other girls playing were maybe 6 or 7, already had played, whatever, but she hads no idea what to do, so i jut told her to chase the ball around. she is kinda shy around new people, so i got in there and made her laugh a little, and introduced her to some other kids playing. once she made a few friends she was better. she can kick teh ball good, and i was teaching her how to control the ball and dribble it down field. i signed up to be a coach so i figured by me being there she would feel more comfortable. couldnt figure out why she wasnt running alot. she would just stop suddenly and stand tehre. later on i found out she had diahrea. poor girl! i dont think shes gonna play hockey but she likes to watch, so she will be a diehard ranger fan like me and her aunt oneday

  49. Jeez, people get a grip! We control our own destiny. We’re coming off back to back wins over two highly regarded PO teams. Two wins that could easily have been zero points but ended up being four. Does anyone really doubt what kind of effort this team will be bringing tonight? Especially given the confidence and faith they must be carrying in their hearts and guts. Carolina’s win last night and Cally going down is just going to provide even more motivation for this team to do what it takes for the win. I have absolutely NO DOUBT, not a smidgen, that we’re getting two points in regulation time tonight.

  50. Yea Doodie – Boucher and Miller have been not great. You’re also Right about Staal. He is one heck of a hockey player. I guess it takes two and between Staal and Ward the Hurricanes are getting enough to hang in there.

    Grabachev – I understand yelling when they score. I also understand throwing things when the opposition scores. I scare my fiance and when I was living at home I scared the crap out of my Parents. Learning soccer is a great skill for little kids. I think the number of kids playing Soccer is higher than baseball now. She can learn to have good feet. That is crucial. Then if any guy ever gets out of line she can kick them. Keep on Keepin’ on man. You’re raising a hero(ine)!

  51. yea manny, ward has been good this year, but overall, hes not consistently year after year putting the team on his back like hank and other goalies do for weaker offensive teams. he is great, no doubt, but not as good as u would think if were talkin the last few years as well as this one.

  52. Manny, I can sympathize. I was getting PISSED last night watching Howard get bombarded… the guy actually made some sick saves to keep it to 2-0!

    That being said, the Rangers control their destiny and Carolina does’t…

    Most importantly, the events surrounding the Rangers should impact our impression of what our team is capable of. This Rangers team has given me nothing but confidence that they want it REAL bad and are more than capable of TAKING it from Atlanta and the Devils.

    I’m tired of hearing how the “Devils would love to play spoiler”… know what? The RANGERS, THIS RANGERS TEAM, is probably thrilled to use points earned off of New Jersey to make the playoffs and send their cross river rivals packing for Summer.

    I can’t see old man McCabe, Hank, Dubi, etc. failing to remind the boys that this is why you play sports… to triumph in the face of adversity and stick it to anyone who gets in your way.

    I’m getting jacked up at the desk (yes, I said JACKED up)

  53. I in no way think that Cam Ward is as good as King Henry! I stand by our guy. I just think that Cam Ward is not overrated. This season. He has been very good.
    Many goalies are inconsistent. It’s a tough spot to play consistently. The focus and determination and athletic ability and flexibility it takes to play goal are very demanding. A few bad years should not a goalie define.

  54. Ward won a Cup and a Conn Smythe. He’s great…his goaltending skills are second to a select few…

    I have a hard time thinking about other goalies that you can say are better than him…

    Do you remember what he did to the Devs in the playoffs are few years ago? They were the best team in hockey…(Marty choking also helped…)

  55. Dudley – I am getting Jacked UP as well. You’re inspiring me. I love this team. I think they do want it REALLY badly. They will be excited to play the Devils and get into the playoffs against them. Especially after Fat-Assen said all those things about us never making the playoffs.

    I really just wish Carolina would lose a freaking game and make it a bit easier for me to breathe all day.

    I might go crazy tonight. Literally Crazy.

  56. Totally understand why everyone is nervous. But let me ask you this: how would you like them to get in the playoffs? And what would be better for their confidence? Gaining three or four points by beating Atalnta and NJ, or by Carolina losing their games?

  57. Can someone help me understand why Gilroy will play wing tonight?
    Why not Newbury, am I crazy for thinking that?

  58. JAB – I like Newbury. As I have said 8 million times on here – we need a guy who can win faceoffs. Especially PP faceoffs in the offensive zone. That said.

    I like the Gilroy idea at wing. I think this team struggles with getting good, solid defense from it’s forwards (we all know the names of player(s) who have been benched for poor D). Girloy, as an ex-defender, will add some much needed Defense to whatever line (4th) he is put on.

    I wouldn’t worry if you’re against it. Unless he shows Torts something exceptional on his first or second shift – Girloy will play under 7 minutes tonight.

  59. I posted on the day the rangers were playing that crucial game against buffalo that if the rangers lost to buffalo, the rangers would not make the playoffs because Buffalo and Carolina would win there remaining games. I’m not sure if it was the same post but I also said the rangers would lose out. I was wrong about the rangers losing out but so far buffalo and Carolina have won there games and they will win the rest of there games like I had said in that post. It would be typical to see the rangers needing to win the devil game to get in and lose to the devils.

  60. i am on the ledge i am so freaking nervous. i cant work i cant sleep all i think about is this team right now. i will be there tonight and may just head there now.

    i said this once and i will say it again.

    if i could pick one current nhl goalie to win me one game and one game only i take cam ward.

    to me he is so underated. hes never lost a game 7 and he wont let the canes lose the next 2.

    we need to win because there is no help coming.

    tampa is useless come sat night when they are locked into the 5th seed

  61. I still think this team will make it but even if they don’t, these last two wins were huge and brought their record over the last 14 to 10-3-1. Say they split these last two to fall short and are 11-4-1 to close the year. Is anybody really going to point at the isles game? Or the sens game? Really? Cause they were supposed to go 13-2-1? This team has not choked. They just beat Boston and Philly back to back. In that stretch theyve beaten San Jose, Boston twice, Philly twice, Montreal and Pittsburgh. They could finish with 93 points and not make it. It’s tough, and they are so young. Three of the best players ate rookies and mcdonagh is barely even that.

  62. i said this once and i will say it again.

    if i could pick one current nhl goalie to win me one game and one game only i take cam ward.

    to me he is so underated. hes never lost a game 7 and he wont let the canes lose the next 2


    The problem with that stat is that doesn’t show why the Canes were playing in a game 7 to begin with. What I find more interesting is how many game 7s he’s played in relative to the amount of playoff series he’s played. I look at the fact that in his career the Canes have missed the playoffs entirely more often than they’ve been in them as a better indicator of how good (or mediocre/streaky) of a goalie he’s been.

  63. I can’t believe this. Japan hit was hit with another earthquake!! Insane!

    I do feel for the Japanese people today…so sad :(

  64. Wife texted me a few minutes ago and said, “When I get home, we are going to have dinner, and then I am taking the kids out to the gym and run a few errands.” I said, “OK, why?” And she said, “Because I know the playoff implications of the game tonight.” I said, “Good wife, treat yourself to a little something while you are out, but if the Rangers lose, you have to return it.” LOL

  65. NYR is that true? Another earthquake today? That is HORRIBLE. I feel terribly for them. That is a very unenviable position that Mother Earth has put them in.

  66. That’s awful. I don’t know what to say. I mean here we sit worrying about the Rangers making the playoffs and Japan, already reeling beyond repair from a magnificent earthquake and ensuing tsunami, gets hit yet again with an earthquake (7.4) and fears another Tsunami. This is a truly terrible disaster to befall a great nation. My heart breaks for them. I wish there was something we could do.

  67. It’s true. It does make me feel stupid for worrying. I will still vomit at least 3 times during tonight’s game and few more times on Saturday. But I will do it with tremendous guilt.

    These disasters are really hurting Japan’s ability to become a real threat in international Hockey. Unless these earthquakes and Tsunami’s provide a vast climate change for the colder, Japan may have to wait to step up in Hockey. (Not being a joker or mean – just trying to get us back to Hockey and feeling maybe a bit better about life).

  68. Yeah, I didn’t mean to depress everyone. I just thought it was worthy of a mention and that we should keep the Japanese people in our thoughts…

    So, how about that Corey Perry guy?

  69. Yeah, and I was saying last night that what makes a guy like him even more impressive and special is his PIM totals. He’s the complete package of size, toughness, speed, skill, and grit. What a player…

  70. I heard that Sather almost got us Corey Perry, too! Sather was just few brain cells away from getting Corey… :)

  71. Carp,
    Any details on the Avery-Sauer incident from practice yesterday? SNY showed a clip of those two shoving each other….

  72. LOL! Good thing Avery didn’t drop his gloves…he’d have another shiner to match the one Hillen gave him…

  73. MannyFried – My girl is the same way…she wants nothing to do with me when I’m watching the Rangers.

    Doodie – If I were to get indigent about anything that occurred in that draft, it’d be for the Rangers not making every effort in the world to trade up to draft Jeff Skinner at 7.Imagine what this team would be like with Skinner in the middle. That kid is simply incredible. Of course, it’s all speculation that Carolina would have even listened to trade offers for the seventh overall. But one would think that if you offered them the 10th and a good prospect(say Grachev) they’d look at it long and hard…especially since they already have Sutter and Staal up the middle.

    I like Fowler, but you can’t fault the Rangers too bad for not picking him, especially since Del Zotto had such a brilliant offensive start to his career. Oddly enough, their stats are quite similar. MDZ played 80 games, had nine goals, 28 helpers and went -20. Fowler has 74 games, 10 goals, 30 assists and -26. I share your sentiment about McIlrath, but I’m not ready to cry over passing up Fowler.

  74. Katy Perry is a poor man’s Zoey Deschannel!

    I would take Corey Perry. Three reasons why:

    1.) He could introduce me to many women way better looking than Katy Perry;
    2.) He could score 60+ for the Rangers; and
    3.) Probably a great guy to play xbox with.

  75. Oh NYR – you dirty (hilarious) man. That is a fantastic pun. I will be using that many times over in my life.

  76. Good morning all! Math makes my head hurt, and my stomach is in knots. Thought I was going to have to miss game tonight, but now I’m not. Don’t know if that’s good or bad :)

    You all must meet Krisy! She is tremendously tremendous! Check here later and tomorrow for info on boneheads picnic. Carp will post the info above. LGR!!!

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    phil, Skinner has been much better than expected. Had he projected like he has played, Boston surely would have taken him over Seguin. He has been incredible.

    The thing is, Fowler projected to be exactly what he has been. And while he has had similar numbers as MDZ last year, and nobody foresaw such a decline for MDZ, I maintain two things:

    1) When choosing in the first half of the first round, you do not draft for position, you take best player available; and

    2) A puck moving defenseman is the most wanted commodity in the NHL. It does not hurt to stockpile them.

    On both of those accounts, not taking Fowler was a mistake, and unless McIlrath turns into something special, it will be a very black mark on this organization.

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s gotta be tough for a Stars fan to watch Iginla. I know you don’t question a Cup (Amonte, Gartner, Weight), but man, it’s painful to watch someone just be awesome for so many years after you trade them.

  79. >>…The teams they play roll over and die and the teams we play want to knock us out of

    That’s what it means to be New York; everyone wants to knock down the boys from The Big City.

    The only thing I believe in is the fact that Rangers hold their destiny in their own hands. Win, and it doesn’t matter what other teams do. If they cannot beat Atlanta, they do not deserve to be in the playoffs.

  80. i keep thinking, imagine this current Rangers team with Perry and Fowler on it … because the Rangers passed on both.

  81. a bit off topic but has any of you watched UEFA Champions League yesterday? oh boy, both of my teams (Chelsea and Shakhtar) lost yesterday! I love Barca but damn, did they manhandle my Ukrainian pride Shakhtar 5-1! So sad :(

  82. R.I.P. EJ McGuire, 58, a wonderfully funny and kind man and fabulous scout who worked for a while in the Rangers organization and most recently was in charge of NHL Central Scouting.

  83. Noah-rury-allahan, 28 on

    Other teams pass on good players, guys. Happens in all sports. Figuring out who we passed on will do nothing but drive you crazy.

    How about we focus on our current team?? 3 points away from the promised land…let’s go!

  84. buffalogal, not sure if you are new, but welcome and hello anyhows!

    ilb, great spot on the alternate Rangers playoffs entry.

    LGR!!!!!! LET’s GOOOOO!

    Carp, but maybe with other talented players like Perry they don’t allow our youngsters to mature like they have. Maybe Dubi and Callie don’t achieve the prominence on this team that they have, nor is the dedication to youth served. That said, boy do I love that top Anaheim line…they are fun as byfuglien to watch.

    I will say this too. I find nearly similar enjoyment watching Dubi and Callie together. Orr said it earlier this season..we want our team to win, but we do want them to be entertaining mostly. The rangers have done that…AND MORE!

    GOOO bobby ryan!! TEAM USA!

  85. CT

    He hasn’t scored for them at all!! Six games now… i think

    and the guy is on 175,000 pounds A WEEK!!! We should call him Fernando Drures :)

  86. Fernando Drures


    WIN!!! (or lose if you’re Chelsea…GLORY GLORY MAN UTD!!!)

  87. Pierre LeBrun wrote that EJ McGuire and Roger Neilson are now running the power play up in heaven. I believe it’s more likely that they’re working on the PK.

  88. correction… it is actually 11 games in all competitions! It is some sort of a Chelsea curse! First it was Sheva now Drures! unreal!

  89. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Any word on if anyone else will have a letter on their chest tonight or will Staal be the “lone ranger”

  90. Didn’t know anything about EJ McGuire, but RIP.

    Is anyone on a verge of having a heart attack yet? A lot of us sound like it. Either that, or panic attack.

  91. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m fine. I predicted 9th place a while ago, so if they finish in 9th, I’m prepared for it.

  92. Sorry about Shakhtar, cccp. But there’s plenty else to be prideful of the Ukraine! CTB – You follow football?

  93. According to Zipay at Newsday

    Projected lines: For tonight


  94. Two points today and that lives Carolina with no margin for error. And before you discard Atlanta as no show for tomorrow against Carolina- they play in the same division, Carolina won all 5 meetings this season (IIRC), and they hate each other. It may be as important for Atlanta to knock Carolina off as it is for Devils to knock the Rangers off.

  95. Noah-rury-allahan, 28 on

    I don’t mind those lines at all. I doubt that 4th line will see much playing time anyway so the Gilroy experiment shouldn’t be too exposed.

  96. loneranger (Staal) – Those lines are terrific. I couldn’t be happier. Really glad to see that 2nd line staying together – always love that 3rd line which has bounced around this year. I think 4th line will not see much time. Maybe 7 minutes – Avery will probably get a bit more time if he swaps around to different lines. I could see him swapping with Wolski if that line isn’t producing.

  97. ilb – totally agree. I think that Atlanta might actually try to win that game in a very low-class and thuggish way.

  98. Great call iLB. Forgot about that.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who wants to bet Mr. Prust has a MONSTER of a game? Also calling for Wooly Bear and Duber!

    Rangers take it 3-2 with the above netting them for us. If it’s 4-3, then Step buries one as well ;-)

  99. Carp – You’re right, Roger Neilson was a great defensive coach. Re: Cane’s game last nite. Cam Ward stood on his head. Fantastic goaltending. Let’s hope he has an off night the next game. We’re not getting any help. Looks like we’re going to have to do it ourselves, that is 3 points in the last 2 games. Carp – Anything further on the Sauer Avery scrap.

  100. Tony – load up on patches and gum. Get some bandits and chew on them. Freak out. This is stressful.

    Your health is #1.

  101. Doodie Machetto on

    “Two points today and that lives Carolina with no margin for error”

    Incorrect. They will still have a small margin of error for an OT loss if their other game is a R/OT win and we lose in regulation on Saturday since they would have the tie breaker in that circumstance. If our two points today come in the SO, then their win would not have to be in R/OT either.

  102. Lets just win tonight’s game in the first period. I want 5 goals by the first intermission.

  103. That is not correct, Doodie. If we get 2 points either way, and they lose one point in whichever manner, they are out…Do the math.

  104. just freaking win.

    the canes beat atl a few times in ot this year so maybe atl shows some fight. there coming off a loss in which at one point they were down 6-0. i hope antropov doesnt stick it to us.

    i cant work. im losing it.

  105. Go home and change a few diapers, Eric. Burp your son, it should calm you down :-)

  106. I’m sure Doodie has it already- if they lose one point in OT/SO, they can only get 92 points. If we get one win, whichever way, we have 93. The tie breaker goes out the window.

  107. I LOVE that they fought a bit. That shows how dedicated this team is. Fire themselves up. I am sure Sauer Pauer and Aves are better friends for it. And Avery is an idiot for hitting Hank in practice. Or at all. MVP! MVP! Don’t hurt him please.

    Good for us. Good for everybody jumping in to break it up. It seems like everybody was just pushing Avery out of the fight. No one was trying to jump Sauer. He is a Huge Human.

  108. I think putting Gilroy at forward at this point in the season is not a good move. He hasn’t played forward in a few years. Didn’t they call up Newberry? Put him on the 4th line!

  109. Guys – remember. Newbury has played a LOT of games in a row. As has Zuccarello (i think it was 5 or 6 – in about 7 days).

    Gilroy will be as good or better than both of those guys. I really believe in this. He has been prucha’d and that will fire him up to make this impression.

  110. We all need a vacation, Doodie…

    I like the video too. A little intensity doesn’t hurt. Hank must love Sauer. He doesn’t allow anyone in his neighborhood even during the practice..

  111. Here’s the problem, Charlie. The playoffs are 10-11 days away, and Gilroy hasn’t played in two weeks, more or less. Noberries wont play in the playoffs, but if Eminger has a bad game, then Gilroy will fill in for him, so he needs playing time, or else he’ll be rusty.

    Aside from the curiosity in seeing him in a position that I think would be better for him, he just needs to play.

  112. I know I keep supporting it but this Gilroy move is really a win-win. We have all been saying this team will be going with 3 lines soon anyways. As the voice of reason ORR!! is right. Eminger could be scratched at a moment’s notice and Gilroy will be right there for Defense if necessary.

    I love the Defense Gilroy will bring to that line (defense that Christiansen will not bring). Between Avery and Gilroy that 4th line won’t be such a liability in their own zone.

    Finally, if Gilroy gets more than 7 minutes of ice time tonight it will be because this “experiment” was successful. Really successful. Expect that line to not get much time and expect Torts to start mixing and matching depending on who is hot.

  113. Once again: Magic number is 3. That means any three-point combination of points the Rangers get and/or Carolina fails to get, and the Rangers are in. If they get three points, it doesn’t matter what Carolina does. If they get two points, Carolina needs all four of its points.

    Tony, Quit, Quit, Quit.

    Newbury is no longer with the team. It got lost in the Callahan injury announcement, but he was returned to the Whale. They have 20 healthy bodies, including Ocho.

  114. The upside(s) to Gilroy on the wing: If a D-man gets hurt, he can go back on D so they don’t have to play with five. If a game gets lopsided, they can put him on D and rest Staal/Girardi. And he can play second PP point … they had Eminger there last game — ugh.

  115. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!!

    I don’t think it was hillen that gave avery the shiner, I thought it was haley!

    OMFG!! with the fowler crap still?? Look, he has to maintain this level and mcilrath has to be a top pair guy eventually for either/both to be a success!! Offencive d men with yearly numbers in the 50+ point range are a hot commodity, but so are bruising top pair d men. Some of you keep comparing apples and oranges here, its ridiculous!

    They are different players who were rated basically the same (again, even the “experts” said after the top couple of picks the next 20 guys should be lumped together in a group). According to some here, every team before the ducks made a huge mistake because fowler is head and shoulders above any other player taken before him and no offence but that seems like a pretty ridiculous statement!

    Lastly, why the hell do you guys even think he would get a shot with the rangers right now like his is with the ducks? I mean you honestly believe a soft d man with crappy d zone coverage is going to get a shot with torts?? really?? ask mdz and gilroy how that worked out for them! Just because there was an opportunity for a guy in one organization does not mean that same opportunity is there for him in another organization. Mcdonut and sauer are playing because of the play in their own zone first and foremost and making the smart offencive play when the opportunity arises, fowler would make a few ill-advised pinches or turnovers and find himself in mdzville for the season!!! Hell, fowler isnt even the best rookie d man in the league this season!!

    LGR and LGP!!

  116. LinCalPrustBoylahan24 on

    You guys are too much!!!
    For some reason I am pretty calm about this game, but have retained my feisty form from the boston game. Hank is going to be tremendous!!! Just win baby!!!

    NYR, that’s Terrible about Japan

  117. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I think you guys should be more worried about gilroy taking some of mcdonut”s playing time on D not eminger’s!

  118. McMonster is just that. A Monster – also easily the best pure skater on this team. McMonster + Sauer = Promising Future. Not to be a “Looking-Ahead Lynnette.”

  119. Wicky, the issue is that the Rangers have more defensive D in their system, a few of which were closer to NHL ready than McIlrath (as McDonagh proved this year). Between Staal, Sauer and McD you’ve got 3 guys that are going to take care of their own end.

    MDZ is the only puck moving D in the organization right now. It’s not bad having more than 1, Detroit has had hit for years with Lidstrom and Rafalski, Pens had it in the years they went to the finals in Gonchar and Letang. Having Fowler at the very least would have been a hedge against having MDZ regress or it could have had the upside of having a pair of promising offensive D, which the team hasn’t had since Leetch and Zubov.

  120. CT – Don’t forget about this new youngster Bryan McCabe! Where did HE come from!? Youth Injection – Watch out! (Sarcasm/Humor obviously).

  121. Gilroy can skate. That should be enough to play on the fourth line. And if he shows his hands- it’s a bonus. Remember, the fourth line will not play against their top D-pair. He has enough skills to make them look silly. At the end, I don’t think it will make much difference one way or another. They need to worry about shutting down mr. Byfuglien. Is Enstrom still out?

  122. I don’t know how the voting finished, but I imagine Callahan clinched the McDonald award (even though voting was probably finished by then) when he went down in front of Chara’s shot.

    It’ll be very interesting if he gets it pre-game tonight, with officer McDonald on the ice and Callahan on crutches. If that doesn’t shake the roof, they should just nail the doors closed.

  123. eddie eddie eddie on

    lets hope that the rangers avoid the ‘ole play down to the opposition that they are so famous for….it could be the single unifying theme that has haunted this team easily going back 40 or so years…

  124. Who ever wins the award, I hope they remember that McDonald can’t shake hands, so don’t extend your hand!

    It happens every year! The worst one was when Cally extended his hand, and realized he couldn’t do it, so he rubbed McDonald’s hand. I was laughing so hard! So awkward.

  125. You know eddie it seems to me that whoever wins the award – they are not going to become an actual police officer. They have hockey to play and I think both these guys, Callahan and The Prust are more concerned with being Hockey Players than Policemen.

  126. eddie eddie eddie on

    Orr – your sense of humor is more twisted than one of the hoses in my backyard….and that hose takes about 10 minutes for water to go from spiget to opening….an interesting side note, the mathematical model for predicting the arrival time of said water still has major kinks, pun intended, in it,,,currently an unsolved problem…

  127. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on


    We have some positionally strong d men in the system with the guys you named, however, we do not have a bruiser/physically intimidating/crease clearer in the system (sauer is closest, be in all honesty he is no mcilrath). Atleast one of those guys you named from each of the other organizations were free agent acquisitions, meaning they obviously did not come up through their own organization (I think a lot of people here still have brian leetch love going through the brain and want this offencive d man miracle player again in the system from day one).

    We have mdz as the only puck mover in the system and that is one more puck mover than we have crease clearer.

    I would also say that staal (and gilroy, not that i think he will be here next season) along with mdz have an offencive mindset worth noting!

  128. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – interesting point…hockey players do take on enforcer roles, but they dont actually wear a badge, other than the red badge of courage…which by the way was one of Steven Crane’s better books….there were many great American writers in the 19th century….James, Hawthorne, Melville, Thoreau, name but a few……

  129. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – i think it could be argued that if prust does win the award, then perhaps Cally will not win it…tho, I could be mistaken

  130. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I like cally, but it is absolutely BS if he wins the mcdonald award and prust doesn’t!!

  131. eddie eddie eddie on

    Any updates on crosby?….does he prefer cherrios or rice krispeys?…chocolate or vaniilia….does he put his right skate on first, or his left?…CAN ANYONE PLEASE FIND OUT…I am dying….

  132. Great points as always Eddie. I need some time to sort out my feelings on this…

  133. I know. I really need a Skid Update. I’m sure we’ll get one, as well as a Capt. Clutch progress report.

  134. wicky,

    I think you highly overvalue the sole aspect of a defenseman’s ability to clear the crease compared to a very desirable skill such as transitioning the puck from defense to offense.

    Despite the lack of crease clearing D, the Rangers have still managed to yield the 4th least amount of goals in the league. Yet we see them time and time again unable to establish smooth entry into the attack zone or many times the Rangers are pinned in their own end of the ice because many of their D aren’t able to competently carry or move the puck up ice.

  135. Eddie – I did some research just now with Martha (we were in the “research” closet) and it is apparent now that either Prust or Callahan can win the award. Not both of them. I hear that Pizza Pants is also in the running. Keys to tonight’s game: score more goals than the Thrashers. Want it more than the Thrashers.

  136. There’s an piece they play during the commercials here all the time (might well be on NHL Network over there too), where The Skid excitingly reveals his superstitions.

    Something about putting one side of his equipment on first and nobody being allowed to touch his sticks. It’s truly uninteresting.

  137. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I DO NOT overvalue any sole aspect, that is the one aspect that this team sorely lacks. You can teach a player to be a better passer or to improve offencive skills. That switch/mentality of a crease clearer you can not teach, some guys have it, most do not!

  138. Noah-rury-allahan, 28 on

    I heard Sid brushed his teeth today using his Spiderman toothbrush that Mario bought for him.

  139. ORR!! The Voice Of Reason!! April 7th, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    That post was delightful :)

  140. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    anyone know what the rangers record is on the night they give out the mcdonald award??

  141. I am with you Wicky – These guys need to learn to clear the crease. Too many garbage goals. More often I see one of our players tie up Hank rather than clear the crease.

  142. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – its been argued long and often that the the key to winning a hockey game is to score more goals than the other team…I can see how one could a different position, but no doubt that there is a more than just a grain of truth to it….the rangers really need to come to play tonight…

  143. You can teach a player to be a better passer or to improve offencive skills. That switch/mentality of a crease clearer you can not teach, some guys have it, most do not!


    I respectfully and completely disagree with that. If anything it’s the other way around. Let’s put it this way, there was a better chance of seeing Zubov run someone over in front of the net than there was seeing Beukeboom quarterback the power play.

  144. eddie eddie eddie on

    crosby does need another collagen injection as those sausage lips cant quite yet hold a basketball…

  145. Good point Eddie- Many of the Rangers may have woken up this morning thinking that they might be attending an award ceremony tonight. The problem here is they will show up at the Garden in their tuxedos ready to hob-nob it up with celebrities. Upon arrival at the Garden they will realize there is a game to play – they will think they were tricked – and they will quickly try to throw on their uniforms. They will not be loose for the game and some of them might be drunk or wearing too much cologne for a Hockey Match.

    Very critical that they come to play.

  146. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    you make it sound like I am saying the whole d corps should be crease clearers/physically intimidating guys. I have never made any such claim and in the past have said quite the contrary. The fact is this team has way more effective. Right now it is a bigger hole on our blue line (in the organization) than anything else including puck movers/offencive guys! If the situation was reversed, my opinion would be also!

  147. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    and I respectfully, completely, and whole heartedly disagree with you, i see it far more possible to see bueke routinely on the PP than leetch bowling guys over in the crease on a consistent basis!!

  148. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – exactly…its very tough to play, much less win, if you dont come to play….you are spot on with your analysis….get that first goal and the rangers might just take that important 1-0 lead….

  149. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    sorry, please omit the whole “The fact is this team has way more effective” from two posts ago. Typo help from little wickster fingers!!

  150. wicky,

    Whether the D are clearing the crease, using q-tips to shove guys out of the way or just skating aimlessly in circles, defense has not been the struggle for the Rangers in the post-lockout period. Does some of that rest of Lundqvist? Yeah, you could definitely make that argument. But what has been a consistent plague for the team has been scoring as well as the PP (which hasn’t had a conversion rate of at least 20% since Gretzky was on the team).

    This season the goal scoring total has been highly skewed by a decent number of blow out wins coupled with very few games where the Rangers have been blown out. But there was about a 20 game stretch of middle of the season where the scoring went completely dry. This season, the only acquisition the team has made for a defenseman has been for a player who’s reputation is built on his prowess on the point on the PP.

    Like any Ranger prospect, I hope McIlrath fulfills his potential and even surpasses expectations, but Fowler has shown he can fulfill a vital role for any team.

  151. Injuries and demotions have given Avery a spot albeit for lower minutes, and he could be crucial if he brings his byfuglien A-game. Once we get in, having a player that has already experienced playoff pressure is nice…additionally, will help all the first-timers. We would have had no one to plug in…granted, we all want more highly skilled upfront talent, but we do have some decent middle of the road depth.

    I’m hoping Wolski continues his good play…I do like him.

  152. I guess life is good again in Rangerland if we start Fowler-McIlrath discussion, eh…

  153. Doodie Machetto on

    “I hope McIlrath fulfills his potential and even surpasses expectations, but Fowler has shown he can fulfill a vital role for any team.”

    PPQB is the #1 most coveted player in the NHL. #2 is a First Line Center.

  154. Doodie Machetto on

    PPQB creates a larger increase of goals than a “premier” goal scorer would over a team’s top goal scorer.

    Likewise for a true first-line center (who also can be a “premier” goal scorer).

  155. eddie eddie eddie on

    rangers are 5th in goals against…not bad….Staal, McD, Sauer play great D…Staal shows promise playing down low and his O is improving…Sauer has great instincts in the opposing zone….MDZ, while a nightmare in his own end has natural offensive skills…McIIrath is a beast and when he arrives on the scene…a young D that will be among the best in the league…I dont think the D is a problem…replacing EC and captain clutch with a stud Center…and this team is ready to compete for the top prize….

  156. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    that is what I was afraid of!

    Overall team defence has not been horrible in the hank era and I agree with that, but clearing that little blue area in front of hank has been a major problem. Fact is we allow way too many garbage goals by other teams 3rd and 4th liners in our blue paint. That problem IMHO is far greater than any other right now from our blue line!

  157. Doodie Machetto on

    McD has had a strong half season, but let’s see how he does over a full one, and most importantly, in the playoffs. He easily had his worst game of the season against Boston.

  158. Disagree Doodie. Premier goal scorers, in the range of 40-50 goals remain the highest commodity in the NHL and are paid accordingly.

  159. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, improving your PP makes you harder to play against at even strength.

  160. Enstrom being out is huge. But, not as huge as Kotalgeek’s forearms!

    We need these points!! Get it done!

  161. eddie eddie eddie on

    doodie – that shot mcD took on the leg against the flyers could be why he played poorly…

  162. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Fowler apparently could NOT fill a vital role for any team before the ducks!

  163. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    or perhaps it could just be that other guys picked by other teams prior to the ducks picking fowler were the guys that those teams felt filled the most pressing need in their respective organizations at that time, no offence to the ducks or fowler…I’m just saying!!!

  164. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I also agree with ILB on the goal scorers are the hottest most desirable commodity! Most teams that have needs, you see a puck moving d man or a physical presence on the blue line, I’d say they are about equal on the priority level of most organizations. The actual want/need of the organization usually depends on the current make up of said organization.

    In a nutshell a crease clearer is just as important as a PPQB and vice versa, depending on what the rest of the blueline looks like, one is then prioritized over another by an organization.

  165. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    wow, shocked with a natural hattie!!! I should be the PPQB now!!

  166. NYR have to watch out for Ranger-killer, Anthony Stewart, tonight…

    He pwned Eminger in front of the net and scored the last time I saw ATL play at MSG…Prust sayin’

  167. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    porta potty
    don’t worry when slats works his magic and trades our twine bending threat for iggy in the offseason, you will have your wish granted!!

  168. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    no one freak out. I’m sure slats won’t trade gabby, I was just joking around with CCCP (I would do that deal in a heartbeat, but lucky for all of you slats is the GM and not me)!

  169. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    so do I, so do I!!

  170. True Blue – YOU better be Epic tonight. This team NEEDS you. If you BOO – Prospal will fight you. Beware.

  171. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I think there is a new post!!

  172. eddie eddie eddie on

    lets go rangers….a nice comfortable easy win would be even better…

  173. Grabachev

    Was it you who said that no one plays hockey in Iowa?…er…my sainted Cousin Jack, would be alarmed to hear that. He who played for the Waterloo Blackhawks for a number of year,s wound up their playing coach, then their GM, and then up to Dubuque to run the Fighting saints, before getting his permanent gig as a scout with the NHL’s Central scouting. He’s retiring this year…at long last. He’s 15 years younger than me, and still going strong. He was one of those Americans who was a great player, but born thirty years too soon.

  174. As for the nay saying about Ward…’s right there before your eyes….sometimes the facts are diffused by the statistics, and don’t show the entire picture of what transpired on ice. You’ve all seen this many times. For example, plus/minus stats. Who would want to be judged solely on those?

    Brian Leech often had negatives in this area, but whose rafters does his shirt hang from?

  175. I think the Rangers are screwed without Callahan for the playoffs. They will make it a good series just because of Lundqvist, but they will ultimately lose to the Bruins or Caps.

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