Tortorella post-game


John Tortorella:

“Flat. Not just one but a lot. Good start. I felt if you score a goal, maybe early … maybe it gives us some juice and maybe they say, ‘You know what? …’ But they stay in, they settle in, and we didn’t have many guys make plays tonight, offensively and defensively.”

“You play the next game. All we lost tonight is the control. You have to hope for help, and we’ll go to work tomorrow and get ready to play. We have to win our next game. What we did tonight is we lost control. We’re going to have to have help from someone else.”

On saying after the Boston game that he was concerned about this game:

“No, I thought we were ready to play. Our start was good. But again it was the whole group. We didn’t make a play.”

On the power play disappointing him:

“Everything. Everything. But we move on. I have to think about it now because I have to speak with you but as soon as I’m done with you, we move on and get ready to play our next game. Obviously we have to watch the scoreboard now. That’s what happened tonight. We’re going to end up watching a scoreboard before we play our next game.”

On sitting Gaborik the rest of the game after he let his man go on the third Atlanta goal:

“I don’t know. I’m not going to go into individual players. A number of people didn’t play a lot of minutes, and it’s not the time or place right now to be talking about that stuff. It was a team effort tonight.”

He was asked if it was the wrong time to run into a hot goalie (bad question).

“He wasn’t hot. We didn’t play well. We didn’t play well. Let’s face it. We laid an egg. And we need to move by it as quickly as possible and I know this team will be ready to play against Jersey.”

On it going down to Game 82 again, and if that’s surprising”

“No. No. We felt this coming for the past three weeks. I mean everybody, we’ve been on a pretty good run, but Carolina keeps on winning, Buffalo keeps on winning, so it doesn’t surprise me at all. The game tonight surprises me, but it doesn’t surprise me it’s going to take us 82. We’ll be ready to play Game 82.”

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  1. gaborik is a clown. give him the same crap you gave roszival……

    he had 3 big games the whole season, literally…

  2. “He was asked if it was the wrong time to run into a hot goalie (bad question).”

    hilarious…thanks Carp

  3. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Why does Torts think the team will show up for game 82? It is no more important than game 81, and we saw what happened tonight.

  4. the hot goalie questions was cloassic, thank g-d torts was honest.

    he made a few nice saves but nothing remotely staggering and the rangers did not throw enough rubber at him.

    look forward to the likes of eric next year along with the great marion, and maybe everyones favorite drury…

    they need to get hagelin and kreider into the system and get the likes of werek and other skill guys out of juniors….. grachev really needs to get it together……..

  5. Torts is frustrated and confused at his own team, for sure. But I do like that he’s staying positive. Ripping them publicly would backfire right now, IMO.

    Remember the 99 Mets? Lost the last 7 games of the regular season, got a lot of help and made it to the NLCS? That is what is going to this year’s Rangers team.

  6. CCCP
    yeah, you sound mad.

    i’m too numb.
    tired. lack of sleep. running around for much of today.
    some unexpected bills have popped up.
    blah blah blah
    i held out hope that my usual pessimistic self
    would stay on a positive note
    and see a victory tonight

    too stunned to get very angry.
    just shocked that the team played without
    played tighter than a new prisoner in the communal shower.
    just plain stunk up the place.
    Prospal’s comments about fans booing and then they tried to
    cheer them on over several spots and it produced NOTHING
    the power play?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!? What the F?!?!?!!?!?
    they weren’t even covering McCabe that closely and we still stunk up the place.
    someone be selfish out there and take a freekin’ shot
    and someone dare to be a few yards from the pain to get a rebound.

  7. and yeah CCCP
    i thought, you, in your anger
    was lashing out at Carp along
    with the Rangers
    i stand corrected

    now, does that mean the next time we meet for a
    Boneheads get together you won’t send me packing
    and Linda has to come save my aassen again?

  8. the carolina with the 20 something d and a – goal differential will make the playoffs over the rangers………..

    any ranger fan who can accept thayt needs a lobotomy………

    think of these good investments this year; drury, gaborik, frolov, and avery. that is about $20 mill for what……they do everything for gabby and get zilch, they change linemates like undewear, and try everything else but take away 4 games and the guy has 10 goals in about 55 games…………………………………………………… that’s right he needs brad richard at 6 mill a year so he can become a 35 a year goal scorer. so they can spend $14 mill for 55 goals…. good investment……..

  9. Reginald Dunlop on

    ha ha ha………….FLAT?????………ha ha ha………… who is responsible for the players playing flat????????……….hopefully this team looks in the mirror in the off-season and realizes that it needs a true leader…….someone who holds the others responsible……do you really think Staal is the answer with an A???????? too many inconsistent players, cut ties with 26, 86…….get what you can for 17………… get some emotional players that play hard all the time…….not just some of the time like MR. OCTOBER, who plays most of the game in cruise control…….watch the game like a coach and see all of the cruisers including some of your favorites…..don’t just follow goals and assists……..not enough commitment for such a big game

  10. RochesterRangers24 on

    I just hate losing like this. Why can’t we take care of our business against inferior opponents. I mean in retrospect, that Boston win is as cool of a regular season win as you’ll ever see… but looking at it from the grand scope, I wouldn’t be nearly as miserable as I am right now if we had dropped a game to Boston, or Philadelphia.

    Instead, we get absolutely embarrassed by the Isles and the Thrashers, and sit in the same spot. Just playing up and down to opponents, it’s infuriating.

    Like someone else said in the other thread, look at Vancouver tonight. They’re just rolling over Minnesota in a game that means nothing to them… thats what good teams do.

    Just when I think we’re finally there, were not…

  11. i got a solution to our problems.

    all would be well if we just played sean star avery more and got gaborik his 9th new center and 7 new winger.

    that is it… gabby is not at fault or mr avery.

    when girardi plays bad he sure plays bad….

    so upside forwards in the system are; grachev, hagelin, werek, thomas, kreider, weise, who els???/ Is that it?????/ANyone who can score? anyone who can make a play???????//That is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    You know we’re in trouble when your “star” player gets benched in the 81st game of the year.

  13. check out our star player gabby’s playoff credentials…..

    what a big time player, man I miss Jagr…………..

    gabby at $6.5 mill. what a deal……….

  14. avery sucks all the time and mindless degenerates think he is a plus on the team. the guy has 2 goals……………..

    he sucks,,, he should work for vogue. the guy cannot clear the puck out of his own zone,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    he is inept and stinks……….

  15. MZA MDZ or any other combination of letters won’t help this team!

    Devils will be ready to put a final nail in our coffin…

    I’m supposed to go to the game on Saturday… Screw it, I’m staying home… I’ll be watching reruns of Jersey Shore instead

  16. Torts has the “we were flat” speech down by memory. How come no one asks him WHY they were flat, especially in a nearly must-win game?

  17. scott pennypacker on

    Expect a pounding from the devils as the islanders did. Penalties mean nothing , they will do whatever it takes to ruin the rangers chances.

  18. Is there really an answer to the question “Why were they flat”?? Honestly, is there?

    He’s the coach, he gives them the game plan, sometimes they win, sometimes they lose.

    Don’t ask him, ask the fuggin players. They’re the ones who are on the ice, taking the shots, making the plays, blah, blah, blah. That’s not a question Torts can answer.

  19. If Torts can’t answer why his players are flat…then who can?

    Players don’t answer those questions either

  20. If the player can’t answer, then nobody can.

    It’s like someone asking a parent why their son went on a killing spree. How the fugg are they supposed to know? They raised him, told him not to do bad things, gave him enough candy, and ice cream, gave him a few spankings here and there, yet he still went on a killing spree.

    I just don’t get why everyone expects Torts to have the answer to everything.

    The team is just odd. That’s all there is to it.

  21. scott pennypacker on

    The team has ” their own identity ” according to torts. Collapse the d. Score off the cycle with no one in front.

  22. If they gave him enough candy and ice cream he wouldn’t go on a killing spree…so there is obviously something missing

  23. LOL! Did anybody see the guy that looks exactly like Christopher Walken who goes to Colleges and stalks women? It’s eerie, and creepy! He looks just like him, except he has a creepy porn ‘stache.

    If the girls gave him a little more cowbell, then maybe he’d leave them alone.

  24. CCCP, do you hate me? :)

    eric was not happy in the third period. Not at all.

    Nobody asks that question because nobody ever knows the answer. There is no answer. If there was, it would never happen.

    by the way, how funny would it be if Buffalo bombs its last two games and both the Rangers and Carolina get in?

  25. eddie eddie eddie on

    well, i still think this team is special. i believe they will make the playoffs – and if not – i have enjoyed this season very much. i have been far more depressed, by a long shot, with past ranger teams …i love this team’s effort and grit.

  26. eddie eddie eddie on

    i saw a werewolf with a chinese menu in his hand, walking thru the streets of soho in the rain…

  27. They were flat because they just came of of 2 hugely emotional wins only to find out that Cally was done for the year. All their dreams of making a deep run went out the window.

  28. eddie eddie eddie on

    he was looking for a place called lee ho phuks….gonna order a dish of beef chow mein..aaawooooooooooo werewolves of london

  29. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Yes, but don’t forget our mighty captain may make his heroic return on Saturday. How exciting!!

  30. eddie eddie eddie on

    I have been a ranger fan since 1968….their M.O. has always been about playing down to the level of competition…amazing how the faces change, players change, coaches change…yet the results stay the same when they plat the lower tier teams…I rememeber a game from 74 or 75 …washington’s first season…an expansion team, terrible team…..rangers were up 6-3 and washington came back and tied it 6-6….strange how i remember that…

  31. Czechthemout!!! on

    Gaborik is a fraud! He was just the best player on a shi…y team in Minnesota.
    He has no hart and is not a leader or a big game player. And Carp, you are right!
    He came up just as small in game 82 last year as he did in game 81 this year. They need to dump this guy on anyone who is foolish enough to trade for him.

    Girardi’s play tonight was just pathetic! In fact it has been this way since the all star break, with the exception of two or three games.

    Dubi was very disappointing to me tonight. And I am a big fan of his.

    Staal was equally as bad as Girardi.

    EC is not a real hockey player. Sorry Sather!

    In closing, I just want to say, the dumbest move they can make in the offseason is to add another albatross contract just to try and “get Gaborik going”

  32. What has freeken Torts gone crazy, why is it with a game and a half left he’s benching players who unfortunately made an earlier mistakes. He consistantly cuts off his nose to spite his face. Everything becomes personal with him. We know he hates Avery is is not particularly fond of Gilroy, but man with the type of hockey we play we can’t be undermaned. You’re really disciplining Gabby by sitting him for 15 minutes. You just can’t keep rolling eight players on three lines and expect to win. These guys are tired and spent. Why wasn’t this team prepared to play hockey tonight. Isn’t that the function of a good coach. I know Cally’s going to be missed, but the team I saw Monday night and the team that played tonight were entirely two different teams. Help me understand this please. This is two years well actually three years in a row (Caps) where this coach has really screwed up.

  33. Lone, the game’s over. His soft defense led to the nail in our coffin.

    Torts was smart to bench him. He should have benched Dublowsky as well. One fuggin game is left, and it’s one last message to send to the “star” players of this team.

  34. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Final thought of the day….maybe Carolina comes off a huge win against a division leader and plays without heart in game 81.

    Never mind, we’re not talking about the Rangers now are we?

    It’s been a great season, until our Rangers showed their true heart tonight.

  35. czechthemout is right. gabby is a fraud. treat that softie like the other softies; wolski and EC. play them, sit them, etc.

    making moves to get that woosie going is throwing good money after bad.

    gaborik has won zilch in his life, the highlight of his career is a 4 or 5 goal game against the rangers. he is the epitome of all that has been bad with the rangers for many years. all sizzle and no substance ala, zherdev, lisin, and many many other overated scared to go in the corners woosies………………

    kovalpuke is twice the player gabby is.. gabby is the ottawa star the islanders signed who they still pay even thoug he does not play… late brain not working so forget the russians name.

    adios; avery, drury and gabby(just dreamin), ec(still is soft), prospal 35 and bad kneees and enough, emminger(so he is tough he is a 3rd line d man best case scenario, Boyle(adios if his demand are a penny over $1 mill for a year or 2, frolov of course, and mccabe who is so slow..

    keep; dubi, cally, aa, stepan, prust, staal girardi, the minny boys, mdz(most get it together), mza(needs to improve),wolski(no option for the enigma), and need to add some modest pieces and need some of the young forwards to take the next step BADLY………

  36. Altlanta apparently won 5 straight at the Garden…

    And Pavelec was winless since beginning of March until yesterday.


    My hate for you backwards spells – love ;)

  37. So, that team from New Jersey will not only knock us out of the playoffs, but will get a better draft pick too? Luv-lee!

  38. It does seem that whenever this team comes to a critical juncture…they default back to Renneyville.

    It was devastating to see all those idiotic long long passes continually intercepted and converted into ripostes against Lundqvist. In the end that is what became their downfall. The unforced giveaways and all that brain dead behavior that used to happen routinely under Renney. Why? Who knows…but it;s not the first time this has happened ..and unfortunately- perhaps not the last.

  39. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    As soon as this team is eliminated, whether in the regular season or the post-season, for me, instead of regret, it will be the postive take that next season has arrived. Next season, unless I’m quite wrong, I see this team as being among the four best teams in the league, and therefore a serious Cup contender. This year has been about adding young pieces to the puzzle and stabilizing for several good runs at the Cup, starting in the Fall. Dreary must be gone, Callahan made the Captain, and some more young pieces added to the puzzle, but we are getting really close to something outstanding.

    So don’t be too down if this season ends on a sour note, which it inevitable – unless Torts is fired and the GM goes nuts and makes some more asinine FA deals over the summer, and sets us back another three years, an all too familiar process. That would be a major concern.

  40. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    By the way, a coach who is not afraid to bench a “superstar” player at seasonal crunch time, is a rare gem. We are truly blessed to have a man with guts and character, at the helm. Few coaches would even think of making such a move, let alone actually dare do it. Damn, I like this man’s persona, and his “screw the media if you don’t like it” attitude.

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