Ryan Callahan injury update


We expect the update on Ryan Callahan shortly. Apparently it is not good news, probably a break from blocking the Zdeno Chara shot.

Sean Mayer, LoHud’s sports editor, will update here when it is announced. I’m stuck at appointments all afternoon.

UPDATE, 1:53 p.m.: Sean here. This is the official word from the Rangers. As expected, not good news. Please don’t kill the messenger.

New York, April 5, 2011 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that Ryan Callahan has suffered a fracture in his right leg, and will be sidelined indefinitely.  Callahan suffered the injury in the third period of last night’s 5-3 victory vs. the Boston Bruins at Madison Square Garden.
Callahan was examined by Dr. Andrew Feldman earlier today.  He has registered career-highs in goals (23), assists (25), points (48), power play goals (10), and game-winning goals (five) while skating in 60 games this season.  Callahan leads the team in power play goals and game-winning goals, ranks second in goals, points, and power play points (15), is tied for third in assists, and ranks second on the team and 12th in the NHL with 224 hits.  Callahan missed 19 games from December 16 to January 25 with a broken hand suffered on December 15 at Pittsburgh.  Since returning from injury on February 1, he leads the Rangers in scoring with 13 goals and 24 points in 27 games.  The fifth-year veteran notched his first career hat trick and a career-high, five points (four goals, one assist) vs. Philadelphia on March 6, and recorded his 100th career NHL point with an assist at Boston on October 23.

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  1. The dreaded *new post* from Carp…….here we go.

    Callahan is #2 in our MVP voting on the Right. So all the talk about him being 3rd or 4th important….apparently he is 2nd most important.

  2. Never fear!!

    We’ll just pull Drury’s ankle out and do a quick swap…

    You don’t need ankles to bake a pizza pie!!

  3. Repost:

    You damn right, Wicky…:-)

    Since Callahan is out and the season is over, and they won’t make the playoffs, and, even if they do, they won’t go too far anyway, shouldn’t we just *TRADE EVERYONE*? :-)))

  4. Thanks Tiki – that is a pretty good record. I will take it. We can get 3 points out of that!

  5. Mister Delaware on

    I believe its officially 16 hours from our high to low point this year. Can we lift the ban on the F word for a couple hours, Carp?

  6. The lesson I learned last night was a simple one: Dont count this team down and out, regardless of the circumstances.

    While having Callahan injured certainly tests my resolve around that statement, it would be foolish to already be full of doom and gloom. THIS Ranger’s team has earned my cautious optimism and I fully expect the team to rally around this setback and emerge victorious because…. THAT is what this team is about.

    He played like a man possessed last night and I LOVED it.

    Looking forward to our next game and hopefully my peers in the stands supporting this team the way they deserve to be supported. It’s a gutsy and hungry bunch anchored by a great keeper… Im excited and if I’m not going to enjoy this, why be a fan?!


  7. Just got to work – I’m still reeling from last night’s game.
    WTB – Cally hurt ? Fill me in please !
    oh yea, refresh, refresh, refresh !!!

  8. Mister Delaware on

    “Callahan is #2 in our MVP voting on the Right. So all the talk about him being 3rd or 4th important….apparently he is 2nd most important.”

    Guys like Staal will rarely get the recognition they deserve because of the role they play but you can’t tell me most of us here wouldn’t be even more panicked of it were #18 out indefinitely.

  9. Mister Delaware… I’d venture our post all-star game slump or even the recent loss to the Islanders was a far lower point.

    This squad shows heart and resolve and one player does not a team make (unless it’s Hank). I really dig Callahan and he made some moves last night that I cant even describe but…. this team deserves a better fan base than one that is so fickle as to throw in the towel after such a statement win.

  10. I can’t wait any longer. I am going to just break both of my ankles and one knee for good measure. Support Captain Callahan.

  11. Amen, Dudley. They’ve shown us all year long- we have to believe in their drive and resilience.

  12. Noah-rury, 28 on

    Think about the last 6 days as a Ranger fan.

    3/30 – Tough 1-0 loss to Buffalo against Miller’s backup.
    3/31 – Embarrassing 6-2 loss to the Islanders
    4/1-4/2 – Carolina inches closer
    4/3 – Gutty 3-2 SO win in Philadelphia to keep destiny in our hands
    4/4 – Epic comeback 5-3 win over Boston to reduce the magic number to 3
    4/5 – Revealed that Callahan has broken ankle and is out for season

    This is why I don’t like roller coasters. They make me nauseous!

  13. billybleedsblue on

    I dont know off the top of my head just how rare it is, but coming back from 3-0 in a hockey game to win is not exactly an every day affair. couple that with the weight of the game in the playoff race, not to mention the rivalry between the two teams, and you’ve got one heck of a story! leave it to the new york media to completely over look this fact and focus on the lowest scoring ncaa finals in years and the yanks/mets 3rd game of the season. what a bunch of maroons.

  14. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    WOW just when I thought nothing could wipe the smile off my face but I still believe in this team LGR!!!

  15. Mister Delaware on

    “Mister Delaware… I’d venture our post all-star game slump or even the recent loss to the Islanders was a far lower point.

    This squad shows heart and resolve and one player does not a team make (unless it’s Hank). I really dig Callahan and he made some moves last night that I cant even describe but…. this team deserves a better fan base than one that is so fickle as to throw in the towel after such a statement win.”

    Recognizing that our hopes for making a long playoff run just took a pretty massive blow does not equal throwing in the towel. There’s a big difference between maintaining objectivity and being a quitter.

  16. Does any of this mean we get the Hobbit Wizard back? That would soften the blow for me a bit.

  17. Torts: “Oh, man…what a loss”

    Drury: “I’m ready to play coach!”

    Torts: “Oh man…who can replace him? Nobody!”

    Drury: “I’m ready to play coach!”

    Torts: “I don’t know…there’s no way to replace him…this sucks…why can’t we get any good news?”

    Drury: “Coach…I’m ready….I’m back!!”

    Torts: “Smells like a pizza oven in here… I keep hearing things…”

    Drury: “I’m back! Captain Clutch is back!”

    Torts looks at Drury: “You forgot the garlic knots”

  18. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Drury is hanging up the apron right now. Think Blue Lou & Matt “guitar” Murphy in the Blues Brothers movie. He’ll be on a mission from God too!

  19. staal plays the most minutes on the team for a reason. callahan is not marc staal bottom line….

    staal is the 2nd most important player on the rangers regardless of what fans say……..

  20. Noah-rury, 28 on

    I think Drury is going to be inserted instead of MZA. He apparently looked good in the optional skate today.

  21. Drury in for Cally? terrible, awful exchange. sure Drury will block shots, but he is so washed up it is pitiful.

  22. Mister Delaware on

    Can we bluff to bring Redden up as a winger then have Carolina or Buffalo claim him to block us then laugh and be like “ha, we weren’t serious you idiots” then we can all do a message board high-five? Because that would make me feel a bit better.

  23. totally agree, Orr. Torts made that clear by benching that jackwagon for big stretches in that game last night.

  24. It’s a big chance for Drury I think. He probably knows that we (the fans) no longer believe he is valuable, not just as a Ranger, but as a hockey player in general. I believe that this team can win – they can push Drury to play his heart out for this team. It’s his opportunity to win us back.

    I miss the Hobbit Wizard Noah. I miss him.

  25. Ugh…welp, I still won’t count this team out!!!!

    Paging Mats “Hobbit Wizard” Zuccarallo-Aasen? ;)

  26. MD- Was more referencing the fan base at MSG for all the booing, not your comments. Apologies for the lack of clarity.

    I would argue however that losing Callahan doesnt necessarily equal a “massive blow for a long playoff run” as most teams that make a deep push, especially teams devoid of “stars”, have surprises running with the banner. Guys like Zucc, Wooly, Prospal, etc. could all go hot.

    We dont have a “plug” for a Hank… at all. Guys like Staal would similarly be tough to spell.

    Stoked to believe in this team…. really believe in this team, enough to make that statement. Every fight in the corner, every extra hustle back down the ice is noticed and appreciated now… and is almost expected. LOTS of growth from last year.

    Torts eh? Pretty nice job last night old boy!

  27. And I’ve been calling for Gilroy to play on the wing for a little over a year. He has a lot of speed, and a good shot. He could be of use on the wing, as opposed to defense.

    Oh, and apparently Chris Kreider is staying in College.

  28. Mister Delaware on

    “Oh, and apparently Chris Kreider is staying in College.”

    I live pretty close to BC and I have a paypal account. If we want to start a collection, I could have it to him before sundown.

  29. I am OK with Gilroy on the wing. I like it more than putting Pizza Pants in the lineup right now.

  30. “Can we bluff to bring Redden up as a winger then have Carolina or Buffalo claim him to block us then laugh and be like “ha, we weren’t serious you idiots” then we can all do a message board high-five? Because that would make me feel a bit better.”

    That just elicited the uhber rare and often misquoted, “LOL”. This would be AMAZING.

    I’m a former huge Drury fan (covers head to avoid being hit with rotten fruit). While he has looked poor this year, he’s had a lot of adversity. His conditioning and hustle have been suspect and his results (or lack thereof) speak volumes.

    That being said, THIS is how legends are made and he does have the skill and acumen to put it together. I’d love to see Frodo back in the lineup but wouldnt be overly shocked if Drury came back and made a few new friends on this board.

  31. the type of gritty game that Cally plays is playoff hockey. it cannot be replaced, nor can his leadership. Drury is a 4th liner at this point, and so he is no replacement for Cally

  32. Noah-rury, 28 on

    Honestly, I feel more comfortable with Drury in than MZA, as much as I love MZA, Manny.

    And, trust me, I have been very anti-Drury this year. But, for all his flaws, he usually plays his heart out when it matters. The guy played with a broken hand two years ago against the Caps and somehow scored against Varlamov in Game 4 (terrible play by Varlamov, but still).

    This could get VERY interesting.

  33. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Repost from my carping..

    So I really don’t understand why everyone hates milbury here? I mean unless it was one of the boneheads that got hit by the shoe (not really sure though, that was before my time), he hasn’t ever been anti ranger from what I have heard him say (he was very complimentary of them last night and I thought the Braveheart reference was EPIC) except about Jagr and IMHO he was spot on with that!!!!!!

    Wolski needs minutes….it is what it is!!!

    thanks for the write up and for keeping the faith *along with mickey, mama, lin, ilb, and some otherw when we were down 0-3)

    To all of you NN out there (this does NOT apply to orr, whose game over season over=priceless)
    SHAME ON YOU (shaking finger in their direction), SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

    The only D pair not to be scored on last night was mccabe-eminger….I’m just saying maybe the time should be a bit more even with the d pairs or perhaps those two whould be top four the rest of the way……

    Prust needs to get an “A”, can’t a team have 3???

    I would laugh if we claimed kennedy!!!

    Good for kreider….and the rangers!!

  34. Random_Ranger on

    As I understood it (which may be incorrect, but I seem to remember McKenzie of TSN tweeting along these lines), from when Kennedy first got put on waivers following McCabe trade, anyone claimed on re-entry waivers at this point in the season cannot play for the new team. So Leighton would do nothing for NYR since he couldn’t play this year, and Biron will surely be healthy again by next season. And Kennedy can’t be the Callahan stopgap either.

  35. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    leighton on waiver also?? Can teams claim guys on waivers and basically trade them in the offseason?? Is there a rule or penalty against that??

  36. kreider staying in college is far from a done deal. unless you have never heard the term negotiations.

    what is better for kreiders development? 30 more college games or the ahl or nhl. college comes in last on that evaluation.

    the negative nancies on the blog are classic… when the going gets tought they get going fast, immediately…….

  37. Dreary can replace EC in the playoffs, and MZA can fill in for Callaman.


    Orr, I was just about to type the same idea…

  38. I wouldnt sleep on Drury. If I had to pick a player that can fill calli spots, from our current roster, it would be Drury. This might be a good time for Drury to come back because, up until this yr Drury was truly clutch for us, see spinning backhander from a knee.. It could be worse, and its hard to be upset after such a great comeback win!
    We want the cup!

  39. Dreary can replace EC in the playoffs, and MZA can fill in for Callaman.

    ORR – Brilliant Idea. Brilliant! (You too NYR).

  40. I actually agree Noah – I Love Hobbit Wizard but Drury has experience and I think he might actually salivate at this opportunity. Let his hair grow out like a man. Have some fun with it.

  41. Wow thats a tough one for Cally and the Rangers.
    They have overcome injury all season…I have no reason to believe
    that someone can’t step up.

  42. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I’m probably the only one here that thinks this, but Tim Thomas seems to be overrated to me. I’ve been saying this for a couple of seasons now. He flops like crazy and does make some fantastic saves, but really isn’t that technically sound. He didn’t even play in the olympics. How great is he really or is it the guys in front of him (kinda like that fatso guy in jersey)??

  43. Mister Delaware on

    “I’m probably the only one here that thinks this, but Tim Thomas seems to be overrated to me.”

    I think that whenever I watch him but the stats seem to disagree.

  44. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    tiki and orr

  45. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Is it time to rethink the “Use Your Body to Block Slapshots” Strategy? How many man-games were lost on this type play?

  46. Izzy Mandlebaum April 5th, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    Is it time to rethink the “Use Your Body to Block Slapshots” Strategy? How many man-games were lost on this type play?


    Sadly, No. I can’t believe Girardi hasn’t been lost this year to blocking shots. He leads the league and aside from some stitches in his face he has been on the ice (unless I am mis-remembering). The blocking shots thing is painful to watch but man does it help this team. It’s an identity. You can’t take that away.

  47. Cccp, Sry man, maybe not as clutch as he was with buffalo or Colorado. But he was clutch here in his first couple of yrs, not meaning he won us a cup but he came through with important goals when he actually could play..

  48. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The answer my friends is simple…. Once again you seem to forget the one man who can change any situation with a glare and an uppercut… PRUST need only stare long and hard and he can fuse cally’s ankle back to perfect.

  49. Just got this email from ticket master… thought it was kind of funny


    Lucky Ladies put on your Red & Black and head down to Prudential Center for Ladies Night Out when the NJ Devils face off against the Toronto Maple Leafs on April 6.

    The Ladies Night Out package includes (35% Savings):

    1 Balcony or Lower Level Seat
    2 Drink vouchers (soda, beer or mixed drink)

    And HEY GUYS! Are you overdue for a Guys Night Out? Here is an offer just for you.

    The Guys Night Out package includes (35% Savings):

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    1 Hot Dog

    So grab your friends and take advantage of this FAN-tastic offer now to enjoy one of the last home games of the season!

  50. You know eddie – it seems to me that if Callahan is injured he can’t play. We have said this time and time again but you need your legs to play this game. Feet and ankles are part of legs and if one part is broken you can’t just go out there and play without it. So to reiterate – if Callahan does not play he doesn’t play.

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Furthermore, prust alone on the ice… No Hank, no D, no line mates are needed. Prust – one against the other team…

  52. Drury on possible return date: “we are aiming to play for a long time…doesn’t do anybody any good (to rush back b4 being ready) ….translation: “See you in September guys, I’m not going to let Cally’s injury ruin my spring/summer”.

  53. Mister Delaware on

    I’ve composed a haiku for our rainy and depressing day after. Its pretty much a masterpiece …

    Comeback? New meaning.
    Bones do break. Its not just pain.
    Even clouds do cry.

  54. Brooks just tweeted:

    ‘Dru on Cally: “Does all the little things, does all the big things. Going to be a big loss.”‘

    At least the Captain can come back to replace the “little things”. And the “intangibles”, of course.

  55. I believe Pearl Jam made an album about that Eddie – originally entitled “5 against 1” and later called “VS.”

  56. Comeback? New meaning.
    Bones do break. Its not just pain.
    Even clouds do cry.


    Mister Delaware for poet laureate of the blog!

  57. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I just don’t think blocking a shot to avoid a SOG is worth the risk of 4-6 weeks loss of a player like Cally. It’s not like it never happens.

  58. CCCP

    I would almost be prepared to go in drag just to attend that *crucial* Devils-Leafs clash. Let’s hope there are still a few tickets remaining.

  59. It happens a lot Izzy – and it sucks. Every single time I get really annoyed and yell at them to stop doing it. But it’s part of their identity and this team cannot afford to play scared.

  60. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – cally’s ankle needs 30 minutes of the Prust glare followed by some ice… Then, cally should be ready for the thrashers…

  61. Mister Delaware on

    So we’ll basically be running 3 lines come playoff time, right? Any forwards in Hartford really, really good on the PK?

  62. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I would think maybe boyle and prust or feds???

  63. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I would have kept newbury up if possible!

  64. We’ll get through this, we’ve done it before & we’ll do it again.
    It’s our destiny !
    Tim Thomas over rated ? Hard to argue with his stats.

  65. That is why I call you “The Doctor” eddie – great medical advice as always….you know these “doctors” just don’t know as much as they think they do. My mother would always just rub rattlesnake venom into our wounds. Healed quickly and produced anti-venoms in the body. Bonus.

  66. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – it’s hard to play announcer from my iPod… If I get to my machine or laptop, we can orate…

  67. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    quick question here, but if you can recall a player past the transaction limit for an injury, why can’t you claim leighton and bring him up for an injured biron???

  68. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I just think thomas is. I think he has fatso syndrome…..team in front of him and system give him better stats than he is a goalie!

  69. I… I… I… I’m sick. That’ll do it for the boys in blue… what a great seaon and it will even end with a playoff birth but this loss will be too much. Other than Henrik he might be our most important player.

  70. “Drury skates again, as hard as yesterday, next step is contact drills. Drury still does not want to put timetable on himself.”

    hmmm….could you imagine these words coming out of Adam Graves mouth? Or even Brandon Prust?!?

    How much do the NYR pay this guy?!?

  71. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    I am devastated! Going to spend the rest of my break crying in the corner

  72. wicky, I don’t know what the deadline is but players claimed on waivers after a certain date (which they’ve already passed) are not eligible for the playoffs roster.

  73. Who cares, cw. Would you really want him in the lineup if he couldn’t even provide defense?

    I wish more players would be like him. Don’t play hurt! You just make things worse.

    Somebody should have told Butt-Chin, then maybe we would have made the playoffs last season, or he’d be providing more goals this year.

  74. Drury (is he even ready to go)? Newbury? Zucc? Weise? Grachev? Kolarik? Dupont? Who do we honestly call up?!

    I dont go back to Zucc. Grachev has been nothing special. HELP ME PEOPLE! I’M ABOUT TO JUMP OFF A BUILDING!

  75. JimboWoodside on

    Keep your chins up, everybody – it’s a big loss, but our guys have heart, and the players will “step-up” and take up the slack as best they can.

    The team didn’t fall apart when Cally broke his hand – I don’t think they will fall apart now that he broke his ankle.

  76. PSU – Get Newbury up here. That is step 1. Then Move Gilroy to wing and have Newbury wait to see what happens.

    I expect Gilroy to really grab onto this opportunity and relax our fears. This is his last chance to stay in New York.

  77. I hope you’re right Manny! But I don’t see them giving a wing to Gilroy… don’t ask me why (seems like a good fit) but I think they would have tried it already if that was the direction they wanted to go.

  78. Wicky – i beleive it’s because the transaction limit has nothing to do with a move for Leighton. The reason we couldn’t claim Leighton and use him would be because he was not on Ranger / Whale roster at the time of the trade deadline.

  79. What tough luck. We just get on a roll and boom, the rug is pulled out from under us.
    But, remember what the word TEAM means:



  80. Oh God ORR!! You are probably right.

    PSU – it will work. This team is resiliant. They have played some of their best hockey in the face of insurmountable adversity. Whatever doesn’t kill them will only make them stronger!

  81. Drury is not the only one who has declined to give a timetable for return when he’s hurt. I think just about every injured player has done that until right before they return. When he does return, he definitely has something to prove, let’s just hope he’s up to it and pleasantly surprises us all.

  82. Shoryuken on Glen Sather on

    They’re ready for this. They have to be. When your entire defensive philosophy is shot blocking, this is going to happen from time to time. I’m sure Sather/Torts have a plan (on who to call up/put into his spot). If not, that would be laughably stupid.

  83. PSU Ranger – you do know that he was already out for a good chunk of the season, and they did quite alright in that stretch, right?

  84. HockeymanRangers on

    Over on Rangers Rants he has that Torts is going to put Gilroy in Cally’s spot????? Why can’t we call up a Whale top scorer??? Why Gilroy??? don’t get that???

  85. I actually feel OK with Gilroy on the wing. He had some good moments this year and they all seemed to be linked to the Offense. They wanted him to get involve and score – now he can do that.

    Let’s remember – this team has struggled with their forwards playing defense in their own zone. Gilroy, as a forward, will still remember how to play Defense. He can really help out there.

  86. There really is no good plan to replace one of your top talent guys and your inspirational on-ice leader. Just as there is no good plan to replace Henrik.

    Just as I felt most happy for Krisy last night that she got to see such an extraordinary comeback last night, I feel most bad for Linda for this Cally injury.

    This will surely hurt our Stanley Cup aspirations, but maybe, our team will band together yet again and help deliver for their fallen leader, and then in the Cup Finals, Cally can have a Willis Reed moment, en route to a Rangers Stanley Cup.

  87. Are we getting depressed again? It’s a bad break for the team, but after the whole season, and especially after last night, what makes you think this team is folding? Someone will step in, someone will have to play more minutes. Like Mike Babcock said the other night:” I haven’t seen a player yet who wants to play less minutes.”

  88. Hockeyman, he needs to play, and this is a good opportunity.

    He probably has a better shot than anybody in Connecticut. He’s probably faster than anyone down there. It should have happened sooner, in my opinion. I think he’ll be better their, than on defense.

    Clearly he’s the odd man out, just like last season, when Torts played that Swedish Lion-O looking guy over him.

  89. I am NOT depressed. I really think this team plays better under these circumstances. Maybe Callahan got injured on purpose to inspire the team. (Sarcasm)

  90. I’m completely cool with Gilroy on the wing…i highly doubt that he’ll be replacing Cally…he is going to the fourth line with limited minutes. If he does some good things, Torts will give him time. Also helps to have him available if a D-man goes down during the game

  91. Rangers need to dedicate Thursday’s game to Callahan. If Detroit can knock off Carolina tomorrow, a big win against Atlanta clinching a PO berth would be a fitting tribute to our future Captain.

  92. From Torts: “Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing good that comes out of this, but it can galvanize the team even more.”

  93. Ilb, CCCP, or anyone with experience,
    Tomorrow I’m going to Israel (one of the countries you have to visit before you die), never been there. I’m taking my laptop with me, of course, but does anyone with experience know if there is hockey on TV, pay per view or otherwise to watch. Understood, it’s not a country with great hockey traditions, not sure, if the word “hockey” even exists in Hebrew, but I bet on supposedly huge fan population from former Soviet Union. Can somebody enlighten me about it? I’ll be extremely miserable, not being able to watch Rangers in this historical moment. Thank you, guys in advance.

  94. jpg's sister on

    Versus is rebroadcasting the game. I was in Such a good mood last night. Now Calli’s injury.

    BUT we have come together when guys have been injured all season

  95. “From Torts: “Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing good that comes out of this, but it can galvanize the team even more.”

    Wow, great minds think alike! I love thinking like coaches!

  96. I do not know, 4ever. I’ve been there many times, but never during the hockey season. When I go, I watch my TV using the Slingbox. You can still install it before you go, it’s not complex, and you will be good to go.

  97. Have to disagree about Gilroy on RW. Why play someone whose number of games as a forward in the NHL canm be counted on one hand? This is not a knock on Gilroy. I just think he is being set up top fail – unless the play is to go with 11 forwards and 7 d-men. I think the Rangers might be better off with a 12th forward. They could pick between MZA, Newbury or even Drury depending on the playoff opponent.

    Whichever way the Rangers do go, Callahan’s loss puts a big damper on what was a great win last night. Just have to hope against hope that the Blueshirts can go on a long enough roll in the playoffs so Cally has a chance to lace the skates up again this season.

  98. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    It sucks beyond belief that Cally is injured. Youse guys know he is my 2nd favorite Ranger of all time! But I fully expect the team to pull together and EVERYONE to step it up! Whoever doesn’t should not be on this team next season!


    Thanks for thinking of me Tiki

  99. 4everanger – I lived in Israel for a bit (Afula – near the West Bank) – there is NO hockey in Israel. You will have to bring a laptop – there is a lot of crappy internet speed but if you are in a civilzed city (tel aviv) you will be able to get good internet and pick up anything you want on the internet.

    if you need any advice feel free to email me.

    There is NO word in hebrew for HOckey. I promise you say ????. which is “hockey” spelled with hebrew characters.

  100. inhankwetrust on

    hockey in israel? probably not….there’s a TV channel called METV that usually has the football games, but hockey is going to be very hard to find. My suggestion is just go with atdhenet.tv, or atdhe.ws, and try to stream the games on the internet….but have a great time!

  101. I swear I wrote “HOCKEY” in hebrew which has to be pronunced the Canadien way due to the character system in Hebrew.


  102. Hey, Lindzo, we’ll be OK. Should I send you an extra box of Kleenex? Since Messier hasn’t been making any public appearances, I’m sure I can find some at Walgreen’s.

  103. I will say it again about Gilroy on RW: this team has struggled (struggles) with their forwards playing defense in their own zone. Gilroy, as a forward, will still remember how to play Defense. He can really help out there.

  104. Salty, agreed. Clearly he has earned his letter on this team. I have no doubt there will be other benefits yet to be revealed. If Drury doesn’t play then another youngster is going to getting valuable PO experience.

  105. I have every expectation that we will still make the playoffs and once there that our boys will make us proud.

  106. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Ok, thanks guys…makes sense!!

    all of this would be a moot point if it hadn’t been for jagr, chara would have signed here!!!
    stupid jagr!!!

    Oh well, LGR!!!

    this is what chara ssid…

    MurphysLaw74 Jimmy Murphy
    by Real_ESPNLeBrun
    Zdeno Chara was really upset that his shot broke a bone in Ryan Callahan’s leg. He had tremendous praise for Callahan’s grit and passion.

  107. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    said not ssid…sorry folks

  108. You should know Torts by now. He doesn’t think MZA is ready to come back. Gilroy on the wing could work, or it could last half game. Either way, his thinking is probably, if it works, it’s always nice to half someone play defense, instead of playing 5 D.

    Don’t underestimate what Drury can bring the playoffs. But don’t expect him to score goals. But winning a few extra faceoffs, and replacing Callahan on PK could be huge down the stretch.

    *If we get there*, that is:-)

  109. No basement in the Alamo and now no hockey in Israel. What’s this world coming to???

  110. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    thanks for the update sean!!!

    who leads the team in hits?? Is it feds??

  111. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    No basement in the Alamo?? Seriously??

  112. Nooooooo! (ok, that’s out of my system). Cally can’t be replaced, but we’ll have others step up. go Rangers.

  113. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Wicky if you noticed once the Rangers got Thomas moving in net it wasn’t too hard for them to get the puck in the net just my observation

  114. czechthemout!!!! on

    Again, hoping that they are seriously considering Hagelin after this weekend if Kreider is indeed indicAting that he is heading back to school. Kreiders’s size,speed and offensive ability can go a long way towards mitigating some of the things that you lose with Cally.

  115. Mister Delaware on

    “Those are very kind words from Chara.”

    He only said he was upset it was his shot. Probably wishes he’d done it by running Callahan into an open bench door or something.

  116. Ya know – I agree. Chara is like this big oaf that hurts everybody without meaning to do it. The hell with him! What a jerk!

    ok he isn’t a jerk but I only care about Capt. Callahan.

  117. It would at least been a decent trade off if Cally got injured by getting run into Brian Engblom. The dude’s power mullet might have saved him from injury though.

  118. Setting talent level aside for a sec, one positive aspect to bringing Gilly up to play wing is that he knows the system and his teammates. No one outside the organization, even if possible, is being brought in to replace Cally.

  119. If the building was rocking in the third last night, can you imaging Thursday night if Callahan steps onto the ice on crutches to accept the Steven McDonald Award? The roof may just blow off the place.

  120. BANJ- yes, any laptop. And there is a great HD app for iPad. I use it every time I go upstate. It only works with newer Slingbox versions- ProHD, etc.

  121. It’s only a fracture! Wrap the foot in duct tape and send him out there. He’s a hockey player, for crying out loud. “It’s only pain!”

  122. Do people really think Gillie as a forward is a better fit to replace Cally than MZA?

    I really don’t know aboot that…

    MZA is a big game player and if it wasn’t for him, his elite playmaking, and shootout/OT heroics, the Rangers would have less wins and be on the outside looking in… that is a fact…

    I’d say replace Eminger with Gilroy…Prust sayin’!

  123. Thanks ilb, sounds like a plan. I’m due for a phone upgrade soon, hate my Blackberry, not sure whether to go with Iphone or a Droid or maybe the new Thunderbolt.

  124. Guys, thanks for your honest advices. I kind of expect it about TV, and am afraid that all liveTv, stream links and installed programs on my laptop will not work properly and having a very short fuse, when it comes to watching hockey, I really doubt my laptop would survive the trip. Thanks again, and please, support Rangers without panic and behave yourselves.

  125. Thanks, Wicky, I can watch the highlights all day, doesn’t matter who’s commenting.

  126. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I almost took a security contractor job in Israel a few years ago but had a wickster on the way. A friend of mine that did go ahead and go from the Seals said the people were just great there!!

  127. Do you guys know if Callahan at least tried to walk it off for a few hours before succumbing to a fracture? I wouldn’t be surprised.

  128. Manny- the food is even better…Well, maybe because I went there with my wife :-)

  129. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    you and eminger should try to get a group rate so you can go together!!

  130. Noah-rury, 28 on

    It’s not that I’m upset that the Rangers won’t recover from this. I just feel terribly for Callahan, who deserved more than many to be a part of whatever run they go on (IF THEY MAKE THE PLAYOFFS).

    It would be fun to see the Rangers at full strength to see what they can do these last two games (and possibly beyond).

    But, hey…these things happen. Must soldier on.

  131. I was living over there when I was ……. 24? It was a great age to be bouncing around. The food was delicious. Middle Eastern food kicks butt. Then you combine it with some mediteranean influences. Woooo Hooooo!

  132. Manny wrote: “Ya know – I agree. Chara is like this big oaf that hurts everybody without meaning to do it. The hell with him! What a jerk!”

    Kind of reminds me of Herman Muenster – always busting up stuff without really trying.

  133. That is EXACTLY who I was thinking of. I couldn’t remember exactly who it was but I could picture it! thanks.

  134. 4everanger

    I emailed my cousin who lives in Israel and this is what he wrote back

    “Yes we do, usually live as-well. We’ve got all major sports channels, like Eurosport, ESPN, 5+, etc.”

    not sure how you get those channels, but… i emailed him again asking how does one get those channels. Stay tuned… :)

  135. Good luck finding those channels!

    You guys might know a lot better than me. I had trouble getting anything but the Kibbutz I was living on basically stole cable from the Arab village nearby which stole cable from the town nearby which………. and so on and so forth…you get the idea.

  136. I just found out some bad news.

    One of my best friends – a minor leaguer in the Baltimore Orioles organization – is going for open heart surgery soon.

    He has a wife and a young son. Please keep him in your prayers. He’s a tremendous kid.

  137. Noah-rury, 28 on

    ILB, he didn’t seem too ready to jump back on the ship!

    Did you notice what I did take out of my name though? ;-)

  138. Noah, unforunately I was thinking adding “ahan” to it…

    And yes, I noticed the Devils thing.

  139. 4generations 4 cups on

    Tiki im 22, i had OHS when i was 17. It happens, he’ll get through it. Best of luck!

  140. Tiki – best of luck to your friend. Doctors are really good at open heart surgeries now so it’s always for the best to get it worked on, as scary as it may be. Plus you get a cool scar that looks like a zipper and a bowl shape on your chest to eat popcorn out of.

    (I am not teasing – I have had open hearts so I am speaking from experience)

  141. the 1964 stanley cup finals show us this lesson from history.

    “This series is famous for the courageous play of Bob Baun. In game six of the Final, he took a Gordie Howe slapshot on his ankle and had to leave play. He returned in overtime and scored the winning goal. He also played in game seven despite the pain and only after the series was over, was it revealed that he had broken the ankle.”

    Cally-Baun will resurrect that great moment, and he will be the hero of the Rangers SC final series.

  142. either i had a good night’s sleep
    or a good dose of CO
    and feeling much more positive
    than normal
    while this absolutely byfuglien
    i still feel we’ll be okay

    Cally will be missed, of course
    but i think we’ll be prepared
    and work towards the goal of the playoffs.

  143. Noah-rury-allahan, 28 on

    Crap…you’re right.

    The “-allahan” will never leave this name until he’s back in uniform.

  144. btw,
    read on Gross’s blog
    that Gilroy is going in at right wing
    VERY interesting
    and something that many have mentioned
    should have been done
    awhile ago

    i guess Torts wants to make sure
    that we have extra defensive help
    and i imagine he’ll play the pk

    kinda surprised no one from Hartford
    will be used

    any word on that?

  145. Good thing Avery is well rested the second half of the year…

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  146. Gilroy was a winger his entire career until he got to college, and the only spot open was on d, so he tried that. but he really is a winger, as can be seen by his play in the preseason games last year in his first nhl action. he was all over the place with the puck in deep in the offensive zone until he got pulled back by the coaches.

  147. Callahan is one of the Rangers that fans on other teams truly respect. Almost anyone that likes hockey likes Callahan because he plays the game hard, clean and he’s laid a few hits on Crosby.

  148. I wish your friend well, Tiki.

    Manny, I absolutely agree with your taste in food. Lebanese cuisine is some of my favorite out there. Basically anything touching the Mediterranean is delicious.

  149. BTW, isn’t Newberry, a *natural* replacement for Cally (by same style it is, not skill level). He is already familiar with this team. Almost the same intensity likes to hit everything moving, no stranger to throw mittens, stands for his teammates (proven), occasionally wins face-offs and should have great motivation to step in.

  150. Its so true Latona – By the way – I have been trying to make Waseka catch on as the twitter widget name. Need a bit of help there.

  151. Drury???

    You have got to be kidding. He’s not in game shape, and it will take weeks for him to get back to his normal level of mediocrity.

  152. 4ever – Newbury is a natural replacement and he will have to be up here at some point. I actually like the Gilroy “experiment” (i use quotes because the real experiment was him playing D). I think he will add some much needed Defense to the Forward-Lines on this team. He can score and shoot and he will be completely fine. I expect some good stuff out of him.

    Remember – he has something to prove.

  153. i know people have discussed why not make Gilroy a defensive winger
    in the past.
    don’t know if it would have been too much of an
    experiment considering everything else that was needed
    to keep the team on the same page
    as well as the lack of D experience on the team
    that Torts kept him there.
    i wonder if Gilroy is “auditioning” for a new contract
    in this role.

  154. Tiki, wishing your buddy the best of luck.
    My oldest grandson had 5 open heart surgeries. He made it through but the stress was too much for me.

  155. leetchhalloffame on

    Horrible news about Cally – one of the few guys we can’t afford to lose for the playoffs. Get well soon Cally.

  156. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    best of luck to your friend.

    My take on the whole gilly thing is this, torts is worried about mcdonut and doesn’t want to shatter the kids’ confidence, so he plays gilly as a “forward” but really is another d man he can rotate in if mcdonut looks shaky like he has the past few games. Seems like a pretty smart coaching move at this point considering you can not call up another d man (not that any are apparently ready for the NHL according to the organization) unless there is an injury.

    Hell, torts usually only plays 10 or 11 forwards anyhow, so seems like a safe logical move (did EC even play in the 3rd period last night?)

  157. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    The thing I really like about eminger’s game (sorry NYR), is the fact he always gets that extra shot in at the end…..a shove, little stick jab, that extra bump…

  158. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    ummmm….ok, why not!

  159. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    btw, how many laurels did you have last night…..sheesh!!!!

  160. Speaking of Defensive players – McCabe has looked a lot better lately. Really glued to the man and a lot of hands to the chest and face. I like that.

    Last night the D Pairings changed late – was Sauer with Staal when he scored?

  161. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    is this thing on???

  162. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I thought it was mccabe with staal, but it might have been sauer.

  163. No need to apologize, wick….I like Eminger’s physicality, its just that I think he hurts the team more often than other NYR d-men with bonehead plays…just my humble opinion :)

  164. I know thy were mixed up kind of. I am really unclear as to who was with who.

    I hope at practice tomorrow they work on clearing the crease. The can have Drury stand there and then just let the D-Men practice knocking him over.

  165. Noah-rury-allahan, 28 on

    Lost in the chaos of the last 24 hours is how awful the PP looked last night.

    That must get fixed quickly. It honestly looked like it was 5-on-5 during our man advantages.

  166. Good point Noah – you’re right. It looked miserable. When McCabe first got here it seemed like the PP got really good. They were setting up in the zone and really moving their feet. That has really tapered off. Now there is a lot of dumping the puck into the zone and then the standard Rangers cycling the boards behind the net and never getting set up. That plan does not give you an advantage.

  167. Thank you, CCCP. I knew, I have friends everywhere.
    Tiki, I feel so sorry for your friend and I know that first hand – had OHS exactly 2 years ago (tomorrow) after my 2nd hard attack and now am wearing proudly my triple bypass since. Success rate, considering highest level of surgeon’s skills and medicine in our blessed country is very high. Recuperation thou is tough and your friend will need all possible support, including psychological (you should be good in that, Tiki). I firmly believe it will go OK, he will overcome the whole process with a “little help from the friends” and will have a full, healthy and long life after that. I wholeheartedly wish it to him and his close people.

  168. i’m with you Tony as far as food
    like salmon i’m willing to give it
    another try…….but from someone else’s plate

  169. btw
    Powerplay Live on Nhl Network
    just started
    and he mentioned that he’s going to
    talk to Dave Maloney
    about Cally

  170. Noah-rury-allahan, 28 on

    The only guy that can settle the PP is Dubi because he can take the puck on his own and create space and allow the team to set up. Otherwise, it’s usually: (1) dump in; (2) chase; (3) scramble; (4) puck sent all the way down.

    It was tough to watch.

  171. Let’s give ourselves the rest of the afternoon to feel bad about losing Callahan and then get back to work. This team won without him before, it can do it again. Yes, it’s a huge loss, but the Rangers should be proud of the way they’re playing and not take their foot off the gas.

    With any luck, he’ll be out 4-6 instead of 6-8. He’ll also be rested and ready, so if the Rangers are still alive when he’s ready to return, he’ll be a shot of adrenaline into the lineup.

    Having Gilroy at RW could work in theory. He played forward before becoming a defenseman, so he knows the position. He can also skate much better than Drury and he has good hands. Also, having him at wing sort of makes 3 D men on the ice, so the line should be good about not letting up goals against. Worth a shot for sure, and we still have MZA in CT. Life could be worse

  172. Totally – I don’t understand why they dump the puck and chase in a PP situation. You completely forfeit the man advantage. I understand if they get an opening they can get the puck to the point and be set up and with the cycling going on behind the net the point man might have an open lane to shoot from but sheesh!
    Simple Steps for a succesful PP:
    1.) Set up on the point
    2.) Move feet
    3.) Find open lane
    4.) Shoot
    5.) Bang home rebound.

  173. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    how great would it be if we had a guy like hornqvist or holmstrom to bang pucks in around the net??

  174. Stranger Nation on

    Line up post Cally

    Artie- dubi – gabby
    Vinny – step – wolly
    Prust- boyle – Feds
    Aves – new bury – mza

    No gilly as forward.

    Wolly is needed big time right now. Time to earn your paycheck wolly bear. Keep skating!

  175. speaking of the PP, guess who is the leader there too.

    “Callahan leads the team in power play goals and game-winning goals, ranks second in goals, points, and power play points (15), is tied for third in assists, and ranks second on the team and 12th in the NHL with 224 hits. Since returning from his broken hand, Callahan leads the Rangers in scoring with 13 goals and 24 points in 27 games”


  176. We have BOYLE to bang pucks in. He just doesn’t always play his size. Love the guy though – no disrespect meant.

  177. 4ever, im going to Israel next Friday 4/15 for 12 days…will be staying up till the early morning watching Ranger playoff games. btw you will LOVE Israel. been there about 15 times already, absolutely amazing.

  178. Simple Steps for a successful PP: (Revised)

    1.) Set up on the point;
    2.) Move feet to find open lane;
    3. Create traffic in front of net;
    4.) Shoot (or pass to other point man in which case refer to step #2); and
    5.) Bang home rebound.

  179. Are we all the same on this blog? Everyone here is Jewish and has had heart surgery (me included). Can we get a little diversity in here?

  180. I’d personally rather try Gilroy at the forward position than bring MZA. He needs a little time to find his game.

    Keeping him in Connecticut wont necessarily hurt his game. Gilroy has played forward before. It wasn’t in the NHL, but he’s familiar with the position, so he wont be lost.

  181. Noah-rury-allahan, 28 on

    I did the Birthright thing a few years back. Great trip…would love to go back at some point (if my firm let me leave ever!).

  182. Gilroy gives Torts much more flexibility, since he can go back and play D if someone gets hurt or gets penalties in a game. Staal and McD have been a bit off lately since they both got hurt, and depth on d is vital right now.

  183. Stranger Nation on

    No one needs to be convinced cally is very important, so everyone can stop quoting all the stats.

    Unfortuneately we have to Turn the page.

    Every player needs to raise their game to an even higher level just like they did in the urgency inspired 3rd period last night. One player will not replace callyman.

    Love vinny calling out the negative nancies last night. His enthusiasm is infectious. Nobody celebrates a goal like him. What a great teammate!

  184. Newbury sent down to Reddenville, per nhl.com

    wiky, shaddup! and they were wickys!

    Tim, thoughts to your pal. Wow, who knew so many chests have been cracked open here? My cousin had it done when he about 3…..Get better soon Cally!!!!!! We need you in May! :)

  185. Noah-rury-allahan, 28 on

    Someone needs to make a YouTube compilation of some of Vinny’s best celebrations. Maybe it’s already up there.

    (Will now check.)

  186. Stranger Nation on

    We are assuming gilly has a game at forward. And we know that because…….

    We know what mza can bring and at 4th line minutes against hotlanta and debbies, he will be fine.

    Question is new bury or EZ at center.

  187. Yea it’s crazy mama! So many people around here either had, or were close to someone who had, open heart.

    I had open heart at 3 months and 18 months and then I had pacemaker operations and other general maintenance at 5, 18, 24 and upcoming in 8 months-ish.

  188. Stranger Nation on

    I guess, per transaction wire, EZ is the guy. Newbury getting no run here

  189. I know. What a joke! I think adversity makes you a better person. More humble and more willing to accept life. I am really sarcastic and I love to appreciate life and have a good time. I am also lucky because modern technology makes me a regular dude.

    Speaking of……The Rangers will now use adversity to become a better team. Just watch. Positive Polliana here!

  190. Stranger…..not Newbury: rangers.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=558364&navid=DL|NYR|home

    Newbury returned to Connecticut
    Whale’s top scorer this season rejoins team for playoff push

  191. Callahan will be missed greatly, I hope he begins next season with the C on his chest.

    I have been saying for months we need to try Gilly on wing. When he does take off and forecheck for the puck he seems to come out successful a lot of the time. Give him a shot up there I feel he could be rather productive and fit our system quite well.

    Lets Go Rangers!!!!

  192. I will write a big “C” on Callahan’s cast. Can we at least give him that honor?

  193. Stranger Nation on

    Thanks mama – really hoping he helps the whalers in the playoffs – (Sarcasm drip…)

    Guy is 26 or 27 – think he wants to be up here or in that sinkhole called Hartford? More than EZ? Does Torts not see he has B@ll5!!!! He played well when Dubi was out and seems tailor made for this team. Plus face-offs – right Manny?

  194. Haha – you got it Stranger! faceoffs. I want Newbury in this lineup pretty badly for PP faceoffs.

  195. One would think the NHL playoffs are more important than the AHL, but ….. I dunno, maybe there’s something else at work here. Bring back MZA!!!!!!!!

  196. Well you don’t want the Woflpack…er….Whalers….er Whale to be overshadowed by the UConn Men’s Basketball Team and their really offensively potent win last night.

  197. Stranger, Matt Gilroy will move up to RW to “give flexibility”, apparently.

    And MZA is pretty useless if he’s getting 4th line minutes. Lately, all he’s been good for is shootout goals, which he hasn’t even provided.

    He needs big minutes, and right now he can only get them in the AHL. We can’t send Gilroy to the AHL, so the only way he gets minutes is if he’s on the wing.

    Torts is making a good move. It’s not like MZA has been a game breaker for us lately. Leave him where he is for the time being.

  198. Im sorry but putting Gilroy at wing is a terrible idea. Now is no time to be experimenting. Call up Zuccarello, take off the leash and let him play.

  199. i know this might not be very popular idea around here but i am kind of mad at Callahan for blocking the shot that he didn’t really have to. There were plenty of players back, including Hank in net…who is supposed to stop those shots :)

    Now look at where that puts Callahan and the team. I’m just saying…selfless act that hurts the team.

  200. I don’t think Tony from AZ counts as being Jewish. And I didn’t have any heart surgery. So there is your diversity :-)

  201. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    so one of the best parts about the game last night was at one point mrs wicky asks why the hell anyone would want kaberle on D for their team, he sucks in his own zone….I was cracking up!!!
    She said he reminds her of rozy coughing up the puck every time someone gets close to him!

  202. Wicky- I posted on the previous thread, Kaberle was directly responsible for Dubinsky’s goal

  203. We already know – there IS life (and play) after or without Cally, as well as absence of our biggest stars (moneywise): Sniper with Foggy scoop-Gabby, Captain in Absents-Dru, everlasting energizer bunny-ScoobyDubby, not to mention never arrived star – Frolov, etc.,just to name the forwards (few).
    In this strange, record injuries plagued, astonishing and exited season, it was sometimes blessing in disguise, opening hidden opportunities, unknown inner resources and hardening this team character and ID on the way and right before our eyes, changing us from just Faithful to Believers. So, from this position, knowing already this team ability to rise from ashes, it become extremely interesting to see how it responds on new, harder challenge at the time of decisive and emotional paramount. Optimistic I stay! LGR!

  204. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    you and mrs wicky…great minds think alike!!

  205. you have to play the way you play. you cannot be hesitant or you will be useless. Kopitar hurt his ankle on a freak awkward fall near the boards while standing still. Manny got a serious eye injury from a fluke deflection of a soft pass at center ice.

    so you never know, you cannot foresee things or try to avoid injury because it can occur from the most unlikely source.

  206. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Anyone else thinking that playing Gabby with Arty and Dubi may turn out to be the best thing for him? Nothing against Prospal, but Dubi’s skating ability will lead to more more opportunities off the rush for Gabby.

  207. i swear there is a dark cloud that hovers over this team. do we ever get a break.

    this injury is not replaceable but mr pizza boy better try his damn hardest

  208. Gotta run. Later all. Sigh. I hope Cally isn’t so upset that he broke something in his left leg by kicking a wall…or a Zamboni.

  209. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    btw, i can’t remember who asked, but it was eminger with sauer when he scored his GWG (sorry NYR)

  210. Thanks Wicky – That was me.

    That does hurt for NYR. I knew the Defensive pairings were all mixed up but I was too elated to pay attention.

    Pizza Pants will sure play his hardest if he is allowed back on the ice by the “medical staff.”

  211. sick of hearing how this or that may spur on gaborik. they said the same thing about him and Prospal.

    has been tried with just about everybody. folks, admit it, the problem is gaborik. he is not giving the effort, he is playing on the perimeter, he is hesitating before releasing his shot, and he is letting nobodies like Wishart make him look easy to defend. he is not giving the needed Cally like desire and effort and desperation to get it done. maybe lightning will strike, but I’m not counting on it, after watching an entire season of his butt chin play.

  212. Thank you all for the kind wishes and sentiments. Ive bad experience with others and heart surgeries. My father had many heart surgeries in his life and passed away on the operating table during his final heart surgery. Im sorry that those of you who have experienced heart issues and surgeries, have had to deal with that.

    This kid is so special. He takes care of his ill father and his mother and grandmother. He’s always had his career held back to due to health issues. When he was younger, doctors thought he would no longer be able to continue his baseball career due to an enlarged heart. But he never gave up hope. He finally made it to the big leagues last season, though only for one appearance. It was a dream come true for him, and the health insurance for life was an added bonus :)

  213. I’ll be staying in a settlement near Jerusalem, about 10 km away, my dad lives there. And then we will spend several days in Eilat (on border w/ Egypt) and be in Tel Aviv for a few days. Are you going on an organized trip or by yourself/with family?

  214. Cape, not me.

    Butt-Chin’s played with Artie, it didn’t work

    Butt-Chin’s played with Dublowsky, it didn’t work.

    He just doesn’t show up when we need him, no matter who he plays with. He’ll come up with one big game every six games or so, then he’s off.

    I’m sick of him. Step up or fugg off!

  215. winning a playoff series would be awesome but is going to be exceedingly difficult now that Callahan is gone. The lack of offensive weapons was already going to prevent us from advancing into the finals but missing arguably our best offensive player really puts us at a huge disadvantage.

    Its not impossible but our chances of winning a series just became very low

  216. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    here’s hoping we trade him for iggy in the offseason!!!

  217. there has been no greater defender of the DUBI-CALLIE complex than the Mao. Back when I was posting under a different moniker in the minor leagues of BlueshirtBulletin I noted that dubi and callie were top six forwards and Nigel Dawes was nothing more than a standout AHL player. We later had some silly gooses here called dubi and callie third liners in the early part of this season because they might have had slices of pizza stuck in their eyes unable to see these young stars blossoming.

    The callie injury is devastating because it hurts DUBI’s effectiveness as well. These two guys have chemistry. We are a skillfully challenged team losing one of our top three forwards. CAllie’s past playoff performance has been stellar also. I’m not going to sugar coat this. I don’t think we going to get out of first round without Callie. He just means so much to this team.

    OMG!! I’m a negative nancy!!! SAY IT AINT SO!!!! TRADE ME!!! ….but EXTEND SATHER, of course!!


  218. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Gabby has no excuses now. It is time for him to step up and be the #1 right winger that he’s supposed to be.

  219. Great game last night. Horrible injury news. See youse all tomorrow. Peace Outs Bean Sprouts.

  220. Dublowsky and Cally were nothing more than 3rd liners.

    Then Torts came in, and gave them fresh balls. They’ve used them well.


    Or they were gradually given more responsibility having started out on more veteran-laden teams and that’s helped them reach their ceiling as top 6 forwards.

  221. This really sucks…terrible terrible news.

    This is Drury’s final chance to prove himself. I would love nothing more for him to step up and play the best hockey of his life.

    Keep the faith boys..

  222. CT – right on! Gaborik IS the player that needs to step up and replace Cally’s production.

    Then having Drury come in the lineup to kill penalties and take face-offs is certainly better than any other option at a 4th line position.

    Good move by Torts to put Gilroy in as wing until Drury is ready. Any 4th line player inserted here will hardly play and it gives insurance for defense. I know that Gilroy has not played forward as a pro but Gilroy does have experience playing forward. He certainly has offensive skills.

    Torts is right that nothing is good about this but other teams get through injuries and this team will hang tough. Let’s hope for the Wings to win tonight so we can get through the rest of the week easier.

  223. These are lines I would go with next game


  224. Im sorry but putting Gilroy at wing is a terrible idea. Now is no time to be experimenting. Call up Zuccarello, take off the leash and let him play.


    Oleo, while Gilroy playing wing is not a terrible idea, I tend to agree with your point that calling up MZA and taking of the leash is a no brainer and clearly the better idea. The kid deserves to play and has earned his stripes as a Ranger.

  225. are you guys dreaming about Drury stepping in? Do you not remember how he skated slower than baby turtles making their way to the shore?

  226. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Gilroy is the perfect fit on fourth line right wing. That line’s job is to prevent goals, add some forecheck and add the occasional goal. Gilroy can skate well and has plenty of skill, in addition to being a natural defensive forward.

  227. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    boyle leads the team in hits, my bad

  228. I’m sure it’s already been said, but having Gilroy in the lineup provides a little extra insurance in case one of the already banged up D needs a breather. Torts probably isn’t go to play his 4th line that much the rest of the way and in the P***o***s, thus he can double shift a couple of people in order to absorb minutes if Gilroy looks out of place at wing.

    The reduction in MZA’s ice time before he was demoted had a lot to do with his lack of production for several games before he became a healthy scratch.

  229. i’d like to see WW given more time…the guy can score..i can live with his defensive foibles…LETS GO WOMBAT!! LETS GO RANGERS!!

    I tried, but I can’t do it, folks! I CANT BE THE NEGATIVE NANCY! it is too easy to be the negative nancy…you always are right when you are a negative nancy because being positive needs to be consistently challenged and vetted! I like things difficult…so


  230. It’s been mentioned, CTB. Extra insurance, better than playing 5D in the game. He can also potentially be inserted into PP. One extra set of good hands never hurts.

  231. Lev,
    I’m going myself, no family, but will be joined by many friends, who lives there and whom I didn’t see for about 30 years and some from US. Big gathering…Semi-organized – couple must have excursions, but very flexible, every other day with friends. Will stay (base) in Tel-Aviv in Grand Beach Hotel. If you will pass by, you can ask concierge, where is this crazy Ranger’s (if they can pronounce that) fan which ruined his room (if, God forbid, they’ll lose). May be I will need you to bail me out. Really, I’m very excited.

  232. All this talk of Israeli vacations inspired me to go cook my grandfather’s famous ham! Ran to the store, got a spiral, it’s in the oven right now. Delicious.

    I agree with Orr about Zucc. He hasn’t been hurting us, but he hasn’t made enough of a difference in the NHL. I’d rather him getting top-line minutes and playoff experience in the AHL (are the Whale in the mix?)

    I also like trying Gilroy at wing. Something I’ve harbored for a long time.

    Callahan’s injury really hurts, but I think the team will overcome it as best as they can. He’s irreplaceable, but they can make up for his absence in other ways.

    The weird thing with me and Gabby is that I never begin questioning his effort. He always seems to be involved with the game mentally and his skates have been working lately. It’s just.. I can’t really pin it.

    This could have easily been a hat trick. But, like the Rangers, I turn hat tricks into one reviewed goal.

  233. ranger fan in east harlem on

    anyone see this article on the post? http://tinyurl.com/3scfla9

    it’s nice to finally hear a player say that booing doesn’t help the team. should be a lesson for most fans, including the ones on the internet.

    best quote: “It may be a cliché, but adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it. We revealed it tonight.”

  234. Good evening, Carp!

    I had planned on not watching the game last night, but the universe had different plans. I walked into a random bar that happened to have the game on just about 5 seconds before Prospal scored his second goal. By the end of the game I was standing on my chair screaming at the top of my lungs. If you don’t already know, I LOVE THIS TEAM.

  235. Zuccarello gives the Rangers a weapon in the shootout which we probably will see at least once more in the regular season.

    Gilroy gives us insurance in case one of the d-men goes down during the game but thats not worth sacrificing offense. Gilroy is not good offensively (despite his numbers at BU) so playing him at wing doesnt do us any good. Zuccarello brings offense to the PP and its not like he has been bad. 6 goals and 13 assists in less than half a season is fairly productive…

  236. don’t forget that Gilroy was a forward until he got to college where they switched him to defense

    wow, lots of negative energy towards Gaborik. Did you all expect him to be Gretzky? Some years he’ll have 40 goals, some 20. Not many other guys on our team have that high a ceiling. You can’t trade someone for one off season in which he had some injuries. Callahan has a major injury every other year…trade him too?

    We invested 7 years worth of contract in Gaborik for a reason. Stick with it for more than one! Sheesh@!

  237. Butt-Chin’s been on my carcillo-list ever since the end of last season, when he disappeared when we needed him the most, as well as aggravate his injury when he decided to not be a team player, and play for his country which sucked so much, they couldn’t even win a medal.

    Now, he’s right back to where he was last year. We need him the most, and he can’t score to save his life.

  238. No, Sally, that’s news to us. Why did you have to stand on your chair? You’d be pretty visible just standing on the floor. With your height, don’t you think? :-))


    good point, dubiiii!!


  240. We can be certain of two things about Gaborik:
    1. If he doesn’t start scoring, we will not go too far into the playoffs. *If we make it*, that is.
    2. He isn’t going anywhere next year. He is in long tern plans for this franchise. And rightfully so.

  241. Term….Russian keyboard.

    Fran, if you are here: I just got your letter. Mrs and I are still LOAO!. That was funny. And you got me too. I was reading and thinking- sure, why not. Until I saw the picture. I might meet some of the ‘heads this weekend. Do you mind if I show it to them?

  242. ORR!!!

    funny, that on the winning goal
    i was in the process of saying that
    i liked the idea of Boyle playing on
    line with Gabby (sorry, not gonna say
    butt-chin. damn!! just said it!)

    don’t know what lines will be on thursday
    but i wouldn’t mind him there again
    and i wouldn’t mind some changes in pp
    with Boyle in front of the net…..or
    even Avery!!
    as much as you knock down his
    contributions to the team
    Aves could just cause enough problems in front
    to allow others to put the puck in the net.

  243. “….Please don’t kill the messenger.

    New York, April 5, 2011 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced …”……why not?

  244. Hi Carp et al,

    Guess this belongs on your last post…I really enjoyed seeing your comments about all the negative posts and other nonsense. In a land of free speech and the anonymity of the interwebs, you’re bound to see a lot of mind numbing commentary, but I agree, it has gotten waaaayyy out of hand and this is team is different. I also question the specious argument laid out in the comment here (not to mention other forums) that the “complainers” represent the old school, hard core, veteran blue blood Ranger fans. Complaining and being negative probably comes with the territory of supporting this team with its history of “mismanagement” in a market dominated by other, more celebrated teams. But some of the comments and sky is falling stuff is beyond ludicrous – and i’m not the world’s most positive guy! Trade Gaborik! (and replace with who?? cue the Antoine Vermette guy), Fire Torts (because why exactly?), and get rid of anyone that is not deemed “youth or kids” (perhaps if the NHL started allowing sperm to play some of youses would be satisfied). Sometimes I wonder how many “fans” actually know anything about the Rangers, or hockey for that matter, other than regurgitating stats that they probably google’d mid post.

    But I digress, I just saw a good article in the Post and thinks it sums up one of the great advantages that many other teams have over the Rangers — in short, the MSG crowd is about as motivating as an insurance seminar. While there are countless loyalists, I rarely hear the crowd firing up the team….you hear that f*ng absolutely retarded Potvin Sucks whistle/chant almost constantly but you won’t hear a spirited Let’s Go Rangers chant until we are almost assured a win. The MSG crowd simply can’t motivate a team that’s struggling since they are either raining boos (many times well-deserved in theory), yelling “shoot” (this is particular annoying and proves most fans probably understand very little about actually playing hockey), or that juvenile, mindless fart joke – “Potvin Sucks”…..hahaha, me and my 7 yr old giggle cuz I’ve never heard that before. I’ve seen people defend that stupid chant over a Let’s Go Rangers and it’s part of the reason I just don’t consider a lot of Ranger “fans” real hockey fans. But I’ll get off my pulpit as I have no desire to get into individual banter sessions over the merits of booing or the Potvin Sucks. All I ask, is the next time you are lucky enough to attend a game at MSG – makes some f*ing noise….and NOT just when they are winning….but especially when they are getting the butts kicked. And please read this, this is coming straight from a key member of the team. Quit your whining about Redden, Rozival, Gomez, Drury, McCabe and anyone else that’s over the age limit where you believe they are worth anything. Some work out, some don’t. Fine to have opinions but some of negativity is just plain wetodded.

    I live in CA – and youse Ranger fan judgers can suckit since i bet I’ve logged more miles and waited longer outside of MSG in the snow for a yet to be released extra ticket than many – so I only see live games when they come to town or I’m in NYC. The Sharks crowd here is waaaay more vocal than the MSG crowd and it freakin San Ho-Freaking-Zay! I wrote them off yesterday too but if I was lucky enough to be at that game, I wouldn’t have been booing, I wouldn’t have waited until the game was tied to try and fire up my team, and I would have found that stupid Potvin Sucks whistler and force fed him Saltines.


    thanks for letting me rant

  245. The MSG crowd doesn’t go to matches to support the team. They go to be entertained and for instant gratification. If that that doesn’t happen fast enough, they sulk, throw a temper tantrum, and boo.

  246. overall i liked your Malt

    i am tired of the potvin sucks cheer
    so………um, 20th century
    and means next to nothing to anyone
    other than Rangers fans who are old enough
    to remember that moment
    i mean, if it was changed, at least,
    to NAME OF TEAM sucks for that particular game
    it would have some degree of relevancy.

    and yes, i do remember when montreal was losing to us at home
    and the canadiens kept cheering their team on and they ended up
    beating us.
    there are times the team deserves the boos
    but it also could use a 7th man in the house
    with Let’s Go Rangers chants more often.
    you always hear the players talk about how important
    the crowd can be. then, just do it!!

  247. Gaborik is a dog who showed his true colors last Feb, and they weren’t broadway Blue, just as Orr said.

    no, he won’t be traded, Ranger fans will have to put up with his up and down crap for years to come.

  248. With the news of Callaman’s injury, I find it odd that there aren’t more fans demanding NYR send MZA’s aasen back to the NHL…am I alone?

    IMO, he was the best passer on the team while here. He “gets it” as far as hockey IQ and being creative with the puck…He also plays with “jam” and “balls”

    People that remember my posts know that I was a supporter of MZA making the NHL team out of camp back in September. When he was first called up, he not only played well and smart, but he also impressed everyone with his character. We won games because of the spark MZA brought to this team when key guys, like Cally, went down with injury. What MZA has done with limited NHL minutes is remarkable for a rookie from Europe, especially at his size. Yeah, he’s had some lousy games…big deal…who hasn’t? (Um…cough…Gaby, EC, Frolov, Dreary, Avery…)

    I am willing to bet he would have been in the top 3 in rookie scoring (if not leading) if he started the season playing top-6 minutes. But I don’t scout for any NHL teams so what do I know :P

    Youth! Kids! Jam! Balls! Hobbits! Get it done!

    I miss Dreary too. I think he can help us in the playoffs. Let’s not get too excited though, he has a history of disappointing us…even when we have low expectations, like him scoring more than 0 goals…

  249. NYR

    while i like MZA a lot he didn’t look right his last
    dozen games or so with the Rangers.
    he seemed more set on being feisty than passing/scoring
    and if he was able to do more in the pass/score
    dept. he wouldn’t be in CT right now
    and that includes his time on the pp point.

    Torts know that things are going to get more defensive
    and putting Gilroy against the thrashers seems like
    an experiment in regards to him being set for pk duty,
    maybe even dman duty or just being a defensive forward
    with some offensive skill on his side.
    i’ll pass judgement after the game…….and not after just a couple shifts.

  250. btw,
    one of the reasons i was fairly calm last night
    (and surprised)
    was that the Rangers were making some
    creative players and passes,
    particularly in the third period.
    problem was there weren’t people in the spots
    in front of the net or ready for rebounds.
    i’m more concerned with the thinking of the shooters
    than the passers.
    some practice will get them in sync.

  251. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    On another note, outside of our rangersphere I hate the fact that If I have to root for another team, not sure who it would be (unfortunately they all have players on them I like….I think)

  252. Jpg, between now and Thursday the ice bags and a massage may serve them better than practice.

  253. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I am not saying in any way shape or form that I am planning to root for another team because the rangers are not making the playoffs, they ARE (I have said the 6th seed all along)!! I just meant other than the rangers, who would I cheer for!

  254. jpg and Orr…I agree with what you guys are saying…

    Yeah, you could say he was lifeless and not playing his game in the last few. Can’t argue there. He lost confidence in his game over time…starting about a month ago…

    But, this is the perfect opportunity for Zuke to play more minutes and get his confidence back to where it was.

    I’d like to see these lines in the Playoffs! *If* we get there!


  255. true ilb
    my point was that
    they surprised by being
    and acting more creative than
    they had been in some time. .
    now whether that was something to
    do with the particular opponent
    or the players hit a wall
    and some broke through to the other
    side and others need to catch up.
    (there were a number of good passes to the
    middle that just weren’t finished, passes to spots
    such as the GREAT feed by Cally to Dubi for the
    tying goal and even Gabby to Sauer and,
    oh yeah, Wolski’s quick pass to Prospal for the second goal)

    hate to agree with the guy, but milbury was right when he spoke after
    the game about how the Rangers weren’t staying in front of the net
    at the beginning and when they did they were scoring goals.

  256. Olga Folkyerself on

    Wicky- A Black Hawks repeat is my backup plan. I’ve been forced to have one for the last 10 years as Sather more times than not can’t even put a team together to reach the playoffs.

    FIRE SATHER beats “Potvin Sucks” by a mile.

  257. And now Steve Yzerman may realize that Roloson will not allow Tampa to go very deep in the playoffs

  258. JimboWoodside on

    Yes, it can! But Tampa does not look very inspired in this game, so far….

  259. Duhh! No shyte!

    It is true, teams can blow big leads. But, they don’t do it when it benefits NYR :P

    Game Over

    Season Over

    I hope Buffalo wins their remaining games, the Canes win their remaining games, and NYR win their remaining games, and the Habs at least lose two in regulation, if not all.

    That would be awesome!

  260. Olga Folkyerself on

    Kane gets his 27th. I don’t see him blocking shots and losing 4-6 weeks. (Twice)

  261. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I guess I would have to root for the canucks with four of my favorite current players on their roster

  262. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    nope he just punches cabbies over twenty cents

  263. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    plus who can’t root for swedish twins right?!?!

  264. Hmmm, Olga. That would only be 4 goals more than Callahan. And for someone who is making $6.5M, maybe he should block a few?

  265. Olga Folkyerself on

    Or score more ilb… :)

    And he punched the cabbie for free. I don’t think he got the twenty cents.

  266. Olga Folkyerself on

    What do you think the arbitrator will award Callahan this summer? Slats certainly won’t pay him what he’s worth…

  267. flyers trail caps tied.

    if thats holds caps control fate vs florida for 2 games for 1 seed.

    something to consider flyers play buffalo friday we need them to play that game

  268. tampa is useless and they will be on saturday vs carolina since pitt will have the 4 seed clinched.

  269. Olga Folkyerself on

    Depends on a lot of things NYR-FAN. Is he the next captain? Has he peaked? How long the contract runs, when will he be a UFA, Will Slats buy out Drury? Is there cap space? Will he give a hometown discount? Should he? Is it just business or will Sather lowball him and just p— him off? Will he get an offer from another team?

    There’s a lot going on there…

  270. whatever happened to MDZ?

    I thought he had a great rookie year but appeared to love the NYC night life more than hockey. This was a major disappointment and our defense is about as good as we’ve seen in a very long time. Rosival was addition by subtraction and McDonaugh seems like another future all star.

    Does MDZ still fit in our plans? Does Torts have him in the doghouse unfairly?


  271. Absolutely the next captain, Olga. I think he should get a deal similar to Stahl’s and will…

    I think the bigger question mark is Dubinsky (Dublowsky)! What is going to happen to him?

  272. If Dublowsky had any class, he wont pull what he did two summers ago.

    He grew up a bit since then, so I’m hoping he puts his team before himself. Only then, will I be able to call him by his true name.

    In fact, he’s Brendan Dublowsky!

  273. If Dubinsky had any class?? This is a business; Dubinsky’s career could end at any minute due to a hit by a Brashear or Cooke. He held out for more money, that’s the way the business works.

  274. Olga Folkyerself on

    HYR-FAN Absolutely true re: Dubinsky, also Anisimov and Boyle are RFA’s too.

  275. LOL! Brendan!

    I hope he grew up, Orr…I am still not sure that Dubi is a lock to get signed by NYR. I really want to see him step it up in the playoffs and play like he did in November/December.

    I have a strange feeling other teams would overpay for him.

  276. heres something to consider

    if pitt beats isles friday they clinch 4th.

    tamps has NOTHING to play for on saturday vs carolina

  277. Stranger Nation on

    Not a huge MZA fan – more of a novelty act, but if we have gilly on wing and lose to the debbies 1-0 to not make POs, I will go fruggin postal.

    Gilly has not played a game in how long?

    Has not played forward since mite A league (drip, drip)

    Cmon strangers, shudda left newberries up here to wind and grind.

    We need to dismantle thrashers – we can beat anyone in this division in POs because the eastern conference eats cheddar.

  278. Yeah, and a rookies career could end at any minute, that doesn’t give them the right to hold out, and miss the entire training camp.

    Dublowsky didn’t prove enough before his extension. Yeah, it wasn’t a whole lot of money, but he’s too young to pull crap like that. I get why he would, and I’ve said it in the past, you have guys like Dreary, Blowmez, Dredden, etc, all guys he’s outplaying. So, I get it.

    This year was an improvement. He definitely is better, and deserves a little raise. That being said, after this extension, he really needs to get his goal total in the 30’s. Probably could have happened this season, if not for the injury.

  279. billybleedsblue on

    “All this talk of Israeli vacations inspired me to go cook my grandfather’s famous ham! Ran to the store, got a spiral, it’s in the oven right now. Delicious.”

    great, now i’m starving. save me some leftovers please Latona.

    nice rant Malt O’Meal.

    that zuccs video interview that NYR FAN posted is almost depressing. It’s pretty clear that he’s upset about moving back down to the AHL.

  280. Olga Folkyerself on

    Should the Rangers pick up Leighton from Philly waivers? Or stick with Johnson as backup?

  281. Forget the scoreboards. 1 win and 1 otl we are in. If we miss the playoffs then we know what the problem(s) are and how to fix them for next season, plus we get a higher draft pick. It’s all good. We don’t have anyone on this team who is close to a point per game scorer.

  282. It’s a business, you cant fault a guy for wanting more money. He didn’t miss any of the regular season which, in the end, is all that matters.

    I say claim Leighton, if this is the final year of his deal. There is no downside. He knows the Flyers team – in case we face them in the playoffs – and he has playoff experience.

  283. A lot of people disagree with me about this but I don’t think Boyle deserves a big pay raise yet. I think we should give him another year at like 1.5-2 mil before we give him significant money because who knows if this is just a fluke. I doubt it, and I want him to stay, but.

  284. Olga Folkyerself on

    Still fighting for 8th place with two games left. I wouldn’t say “It’s all Good” at this point.

  285. Olga Folkyerself on

    I certainly wouldn’t mind going into the playoffs with last years finalist goalie as a backup… It’s got to be better than Johnson at this point.

  286. He didn’t miss games because of it, but he had no chemistry with anyone, and was off to a slow start.

    This is why camp is so god damn important. I blame his retarded agent more than I do him, but still, he shouldn’t have done what he did.

    But, enough of that! It’s in the past! All that can be said is, we hope he doesn’t pull the same crap again, and he signs a long term extension! BOOM!

  287. leighton still has one year left on his deal after this. if another team picks him up, they’d only pay half, with the flys on the hook for the other half.

    he wouldn’t be able to play in the post-season however do to playoff roster cutoffs for players claimed on waivers. the logic behind this move would be to deprive the flys of a goalie who is arguably their best netminder and to get a decent backup goalie for a mediocre pricetag at 800K for next year.

  288. billybleedsblue on

    If anyone but the Flyers claim Leighton he’s ineligible for the post-season.

  289. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hawks are still masters of their own domain. I wouldn’t give a nickels difference between Chicago and Rangers playoff chances…

  290. The only team in the East worth score watching if you’re just concerned about making it, is the Hurricanes.

    I wouldnt bother claiming Leigthon, then. Completely forgot about playoff roster cutoff.

  291. Latona, I agree with your sentiments re: Boyle. While Boyle may have the savoir-faire to frequent John Varvatos it would be nice to get a second year of development. However, being that he is far from diminutive, there is an obvious premium for such gargantuan stature with a dollop of mobility.

  292. Wish the playoffs were tomorrow…. can’t wait for that intensity! Hockey is the only sport where are the games from the various series can be watched. NBA is completely unbearable if your team isn’t involved.

  293. tampa is fading that team is not that good.

    need to get into the playoffs. cary price has carried the canadiens all year…

    subban is a mega jerk he also has like 17 goals… the rangers lead d man with goals has maybe 6………..

  294. stuart, we never said Subban wasn’t talented…he is immensely talented. He is just a blatantly dirty player who backs down from any evenly exchanged fisticuffs, and prefers to resort to garrulous chicken carcillo behavior.

  295. JimboWoodside on

    Scoreboard watching blows! None of the outcomes ever benefit us…not many, anyways.

  296. I thought the movie was great and very suspensful until the very end! Didn’t think it was too long at all

    And yes, no Damon or Afflek in this movie

    Donnie Darko (my all time favorite film), Jake Gyllenhaal is in it

  297. Just read this at Andrew Gross’ blog:

    “Drury said he cannot put any extra pressure on himself to return just because Ryan Callahan is out indefinitely (and presumably through at least the third round of the playoffs).”

    You see, this is why nobody likes Drury. While this may absolutely be the smart thing to do, he shouldn’t have said it. It makes him look like a guy who isn’t going to put out any extra effort to help the team out. It just sounds bad.

  298. i dont love Drury as much as the next guy but must we nitpick every little thing he says/does/does not do a la Crosby? Drury is “old” has had 3 major injuries this year, is recovering from knee surgery, i dont expect him to rush back from possible career ending knee surgery to fill in because all of a sudden one of the main guys went down. it’s just not fair.

  299. tiki jay loves Donnie Darko. He got one edition on dvd, then he got the special edition dvd of Donnie Darko when it came out. Ive never seen it, though. Ill have to watch it.

  300. billybleedsblue on

    Crosby update:

    Moments ago, Mary-o, startled by screams from his basement, descended to find Cindy sitting up in his bed, clutching his toy stuffed penguin and blanket. Rocking back and forth in a cold sweat, the young Crosby was repeating, “Big man shoot hard, get out of the way!”

    “Normally, after storytime, it’s straight to bed for Sid, but tonight, we watched some NHL clips from the last few days. I thought it would help motivate him to return to the ice,” said Mary-o. “I thought nothing of him watching highlights from the Rangers/Bruins game.”

    Mary-o is making reference to last night’s Rangers game in which Rangers forward Ryan Callahan risked life and limb to block a blast from the point by Bruins Defenseman Zdeno Chara, which left Callahan with a season-ending injury.

    “Just when we were making progress with his recovery, something like this had to happen,” said Mary-o. “This is a major set-back.”


  301. I almost barfed watching PK Slewfoot celebrate after scoring tonight…

    What a ham!

    PS: Mao, your description of him is on point!

  302. Wow! The Hawks are in big trouble. The Stars final three games are against the Avs, the Avs again, and then the Wild.

    And the Hawks will verse the Blues, then they verse the Red Wings twice.

    Ouch! Lucky for the Hawks, Jimmy Howard probably will see one game.

  303. YOu mentioned “The Lincoln Lawyer” I read the book, by Michael Connelly. In fact he’s one of my favorite authors, and I’ve read all of his books.

    This is the second ( or third?) book that they’ve made a film of..he’s that good. He used to be a crime reporter for one of the big California newspapers, and he really knows his stuff.

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