Rangers-Bruins in review; Magic Number: 3


I am done. I will no longer try to convince anybody that this team is different than any Rangers team we’ve seen since, 1997, at least; more probably since 1994. That this team works harder, does more little things to win, and does it with a resolve and a resilience. That this team is NOT same-old, same-old; or that it’s not a pile of garbage third-liners with no talent and a bunch of overrated youth.

This team is special, and if you’re not enjoying this season — and some of you aren’t — and if you’re not convinced that something really cool is happening here, well, then you’re missing out. Big-time. Most of you get it, but some are missing out, as was obvious in the game thread last night. I understand the frustration at 3-0. But it started long before 3-0.

And, well, I’m not going there any more. You are either blind or blindly pessimistic if you don’t see what this team is about. Last night should have been the last piece of evidence to convince you. If not, you cannot be convinced.

For those who missed it, here are the last four minutes.


1) The crowd at the start of the game was a 7 or 7.5 out of 10, which given what the team had done the day before, and what was at stake, probably should have been better. It was close to a 9 at the end, really loud. And most of the fans did not throw in the towel. But a lot did, and the amount of booing was awful. Vinny Prospal had a lot to say about it … you can go back to last night’s quotes below.

2) Dubinsky-Anisimov-Callahan=Monsters. They had to be broken up because of the early struggles, too, but they got it done when it mattered. And so did Wolski and Prospal. And Gaborik got the puck to Sauer, who made the shot that went a few inches over the line for the winner. Once again, lots of contributors — big plays by Staal and Anisimov and Stepan on some of the goals —  including the shot-blockers  … and Callahan and Boyle both ate big ones to protect the one-goal lead late.

3) Henrik Lundqvist. He was beaten cleanly on one goal. The other two, he had no chance. Then he took over the game, just as he did in Boston nine days earlier. Tortorella said he’s never seen Lundqvist play at this level. I believe him.

4) How about Vinny? Tortorella spoke about his enthusiasm, and how he had written off Prospal after his latest knee injury. The guy is a great teammate, and even better when he’s getting it done at big times in big games. They don’t win this game if Prospal doesn’t score the two goals there in the second.

5) How about Dan Girardi, the Block Ness Monster? That one play — after he’d been just pummelled by pucks and bodies Sunday — where he was cut on the nose (by a teammate’s stick, I think) and went to the front of the net, where it seemed he couldn’t see (ever get hit in the nose?) and he was bent over bleeding, and then hit by a big slapper he never saw … that just sums up his year.

6) Perfect? Hardly. The Rangers were on their heels. I thought they were trying hard, but just a step behind, and then they made some blunders. That one Boston goal where four Rangers had the guy surrounded in front and none of them bothered to put a body or stick on him, was dreadful. And Wolski — who helped win both games Sunday and Monday in a big way — coughed up a puck and forced Lundqvist to get the tip of his glove on a slapper that then whistled off the glass just before one of the Prospal goals. But no game is perfect, I guess.

7) Some really cool stuff in the quotes last night, in case you didn’t see them.

8) How do you think that final four minutes felt for Carolina? Like a kick in the groin, I’d guess. So now the Canes have to win tomorrow against Detroit (or get a Bettman Bonus Point) or the Rangers can clinch Thursday against Atlanta. But now sixth place is back in play, along with seventh. Games to watch tonight: Tampa Bay at Baby Buffaloes; and the desperate defending Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks at Montreal.

9) While we’re at it, here’s the rest of the season for the four teams going for spots 6-8 in the East: Wednesday — Detroit at Carolina; Thursday — Atlanta at Rangers; Montreal at Ottawa; Friday — Philly at Baby Buffaloes; Carolina at Atlanta; Saturday — Devils at Rangers; Montreal at Toronto; Tampa Bay at Carolina; Baby Buffaloes at Columbus; Sunday — none. Remember that the Rangers will have to finish with one more point than Montreal to beat out the Habs, because they have the tiebreaker, and that Buffalo has that game in hand and the tiebreaker right now. Carolina has a game in hand, but the Rangers have one more regulation/OT win.

10) I don’t know where the Callahan (broken ankle) rumors started or there’s anything to them — I can’t imagine there are because nobody who would/should know wrote about it — but that’s the twitter/idiot world in which we now live. I’m not saying it’s not true. I’m saying that until it is, it’s just a rumor, and if it isn’t true, then it’s idiotic that we’re even addressing it. I saw him during the stick salute and he looked fine. He wasn’t in the lockerroom. That’s not unusual because lately he’s been piling on the ice packs after games. One game last week, he came out very late, wearing his ice like a coat. John Tortorella was in a pretty good mood, even a little emotional, after the game.  I don’t think he would have been if he knew about Callahan being hurt. Again, it’s possible that it was true and he didn’t know at that point. But I’m going to be really ticked to have wasted even a little thought on this if it’s a twitter idiot. It probably is.

11) I’m out of words.


AP photo, above.

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  1. Kaiser Permanente on

    Prospal probably gets more excited each time he scores a goal. He looks like he might pee at any moment.

  2. Haven’t been on in a while but I haven’t forgotten about you guys. Simply an incredible game last night. Long time fan here and last night’s moment has been few and far between. As a long time NYR I know never to get my expectations too high but, like Carp said, this team is special. Let’s enjoy the next 2 days and get ready for Atlanta, hopefully with a chance to clinch.

    Oh, by the way, I’m going thursday. I’ve been to 6 games this year and only have 2 points (1-ot 1-so). I couldn’t think of a better time for me to see a win.

  3. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp. I’m a little surprised Carp still gets upset and frustrated over the bipolar nature and constant negativity of some of the posters. It’s just their personality, not much can change that. This team showed that it’s different from what we’ve had in years. And it was obvious since about game number 10 of the season. And they continued to show their resiliency, their heart, and…you know. If by now some of the fans are not convinced, this game will not change it either. Too bad, and I really feel for you too.

    A couple of observations.
    On Dubinsky’s GTG. Guess who blew the coverage and left Brandon alone? Kaberle. He was covering Dubinsky all the way until Callahan emerged from the corner and went back. Kaberle released Dubinsky right before Ryan pivoted and made the pass. Kaberle went to the cornet. WTB he was supposed to do in the corner is a mistery. 3-3.

    Boyle and Gaborik did a lot if work in tge corner to emerge with tge puck. Boyle gave up his body, Gaborik picked up the puck and made a nifty pass. But he also went to the net and tied up Paille’s stick preventing him from reaching the net and swiping the puck out. Small details- big win.

  4. re: #6- I saw a lot of nervous energy at the start of last night’s game. It wasn’t until they were down 3-0 that they weren’t making sawdust (or whatever kind of dust comes from composite sticks).

    I have always been the guy that Carp refers to in the prelude. Often finding the faults in this team, and frankly being completely honest about the talent level of these players (i.e. MZA, MDZ, EC, WW, etc.). But I have enjoyed watching every game (well, except for the Isles game and a couple others), and I am enjoying watching the core of this team develop. If games are won from the net out, the NYR are well on their way to a Cup. It won’t happen this year. Maybe not next year. But the core of this team is taking on the personality of its coach. And that is one thing I am very optimistic about.

  5. Good morning everyone! Great review Carp, as always. Last night was so awesome! These guys really have something going. The playoffs are a whole new season, so you never know what might happen. Have faith!

  6. They really showed a lot last night, but they need to improve the first half of the game if they want to succeed against Atlanta and the Devs. I know that they have it in them to come back if they were to fall down 3-0, but, you can’t expect that to happen every game. Still, nothing should be taken away from one of the greatest comebacks of the season.

  7. even I as pessimistic as there is has to think that this team is destined to get in. wow what a night. i told my 6 week year old baby boy daddy wasnt at the game tonight because I needed to help mom take care of you. she beens gassed all day long.

    he looked at me and spit up all over my ranger cally t shirt

    anyway i held onto my season tix for the last 2 games because i knew that it will come down to it.

    sorry baby boy dad needs to be there thurs and saturday

  8. If Gaborik finally shows up to score an important goal, and we get HARDqvist A/K/A WALLqvist for the next 2 games, we’re in the playoffs people.

  9. Carp
    Great write up
    And since 94 this season has been the best I can remember.
    I can’t ever remember a rangers team that plays like this!
    Love the coach
    Love my team!

  10. Worst part about the game was that it was on Versus – and not because of the usual reasons (bad announcers, production etc.). Last night called out for Sam Rosen and, more importantly, last night called out for a post-game show! I do not know why they didn’t do one anyway – they have done it in the past during playoff games not shown on MSG. I mean, really, did we have to watch another “Boomer & Cart(o)on in 60”?!?

  11. DJK,

    And if the Gaborik wears his invisibility cloak and Lundqvist reprises his role as Softqvist but guys like Wolski and EC coincidentally step up their game and they win anyway will that make the wins less valid?

    Now having their best players play good games certainly increases their chances of winning, but Gaborik was on his game almost all of last year when many players weren’t and they didn’t win nearly enough. This time of year it really doesn’t matter who chips in, as long as the team, finds a way to win. That’s why no one cares that it was “only” Stephane Matteau who scored in 94.

  12. After the two stinkers back-to-back with one against a last place team who would have thought that they would come back and win two straight against division leaders?

    I don’t think I’ve seen Wolski play that hard in ……well….ever.

    I think the play of Prospal shows that you can’t have an entire roster of youngsters. You have to have a couple of wiley vets on the team (not named Drury).

  13. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Very glad Montreal has to deal with a desperate Blackhawks team tonight.

    But what do folks think about Carolina tonight? Does Detroit still have something to play for? Who will they have in nets? Can they neutralize the Canes’ energy with puck possession and movement?

    Would love just a smidgen of help from other teams!

  14. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Sorry. Carolina on Wednesday. Bolts/Buffs tonight.

    Will these upper echelon teams help us out?

  15. Before I read the Review I must get this out of my system: (I apologize for the length)

    Last night was E-P-I-C. It started off poorly. A couple of terrible instances of D-Men not clearing the crease, letting forwards (big guys) get in behind them and then Rangers players tangling up Hank and leaving open net. I thought it was over.

    Then this team did something unbelievable. They played a brilliant second period. Something I have not seen them do all year. After about 4 minutes of horrifying roll-over and die second period hockey they came alive. And came back! Prospal – what a leader. I can’t say enough about this guy. We wrote him off and everyone said he lost a step and while that may be true in the long run – when he wants to win he makes stuff happen. He even makes Wolski play like Wolski has the potential to play.

    I will never, ever forget the effort by Captain Callahan to work the puck around to Dubinsky for the tying goal. That was classic Callahan effort. Classic.

    Also – with the game tied I thought the Rangers would take the point – drop back and play Defense and wait for a shootout to try to beat this team. But they didn’t. No, instead they did the opposite. Sauer-Pauer joins the rush and crashes net to get a go ahead goal!? What!? What an unbelievable, heart filled effort.

    I would also like to point out that Tim Thomas’ GAA is what? 1.20? Less? It certainly isn’t 5. It certainly isn’t more than the Bruins scored. In fact it’s less than HALF of what the Bruins put on the board. I think 110% of the time the Bruins have 0% chance of losing that game with that beast in goal. But not last night. Not with this team.

    I have never come across as a Negative Nancy – I have admitted to being a Concerned Cathy but last night I transformed into a Positive Paulina. Remarkable night. Epic.

  16. Hi 22figure8. Don’t be a stranger.

    cw, I wasn’t really talking about you.

    eric, stop by and say Hi, maybe during warmups?

    Staal, I’m not even sure the ’94 team played this way this often.

  17. Addendum – I really thought this team was gassed in the third. Stepan was trying to forecheck but he had nothing on it. Prospal looked like he was going to cough up a lung trying to get the puck up center ice. All credit to Torts for putting that classic line back together for a HUGE goal.

  18. My gosh what a great game. I have no voice and at one point I felt like I was going to black out from yelling so much! I am just so proud and I am totally in love with this team.

  19. That’s a terrific story, Eric. Make sure to tell him this story when he grows up and wears his first NYR jersey.

    Great work last night, Carp. I don’t think we thank you for what you do often enough.

    Something else that makes me think we haven’t seen the team like that since 94. Despite Torts trying to talk them out of being tired, they came out on wobbly legs. Especially their defense. Staal couldn’t turn fast enough, Girardi barely moved. It was obvious they will have to get some help from their forwards. But they stayed with it, and by the end of the second you could see that Boston was frustrated that they couldn’t break NYR down completely. And watch the last 2.5 min of the game. There was no way Boston would score. They knew it. When Boyle and Callahan, back to back, fell down and blocked Chara’s shot far enough for it to gain enough velocity, the Bruins knew the game was over.

    Now, which team would like to see the Rangers in the first round? *If they make it*, that is!

  20. MD Ranger Fan on

    Great review Carp. Totally agree about the beginning. To that end, I hope we can store up Henrik’s performance over the last stretch when the season has been on the line so that when he hits some bumps in the road next year, we do not have to get into whether the Rangers should keep him or trade him. He is an elite goaltender playing on a difficult stage and there is no one I would rather have in the crease than him. And he is nowhere close to jumping the shark.

  21. And for the “I don’t care for Boston” crowd on here…Boston teams vs teams named the Rangers are 0-4 in April.

  22. 22figure8- nice to see again, bud

    LW3H-I could make the list much, much longer….

  23. Mister Delaware on

    The added factor of living up in Boston made this the best game ever. Favorite part, aside from the season saving points, is that each of the 1st goals was directly due to some hustle and/or dirty time work on the boards. Staal on the 1st, Stepan on the 2nd, Callahan on the 3rd and Boyle on the 4th. Great game.

    (And I do love Carp calling out the quitters. Few things are lamer than the rush to be the first to say how much your team sucks when they’re down.)

  24. I will say it now as i have been: I LOVE THIS TEAM. I love them. That is why it hurts so much when they lose. They are like my children. I want them to succeed and it kills me when they don’t. I know they have the potential. It’s there. When I see McMonster and Sauer and Stepan…wow. What a “rookie” class. I love this team. I get concerned but never negative.

  25. If there ever was a doubt of the value of Marc Staal, there shouldn’t be after these past 2 games. 34+ minutes on Sunday and 25+ last night and last night an incredible +4.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: This is a future Norris trophy candidate we are watching – very cool to see a home grown Rangers evolve right before our eyes. He’s only 24 – how good will he be in 2 or 3 years??

  26. Stranger Nation on

    The Wolly Bear woke from his hibernation and skated very hard last night. We needed the more rested guys to play more last nit and Aves and Wolly skated hard. I thought best bench jockeying by Torts all season. Seemed to hit all the right buttons on the lines and timing of changes of personnel.

    Went back and read the game blog (can’t watch and read during game – nor do I want to hear the chicken littles) and Carp was flipping hilarious mocking the non-believers and goosing the doomsayers.

    Just wish I was there – epic night at the arena.


    Ps – was there another game on last night. Someone called me and asked what the score was and I said 3-0. They responded that was a very low scoring game….

  27. Stranger Nation on

    McD – who is probably our best skater seemed off the last 2 nights. Hope he is not hiding a lower body injury. Know he took a hard slapped against filthy but he just looks a step slower. Young guy playing huge mins has to be tired and now the REAL fun begins.

  28. Stranger Nation on

    Gabby was a rock star all night which is fantastic but somewhat concerned about relative level of effort this season at $7.5M

  29. Epic…simply epic

    I really don’t have anything to add. Great review, Carp…awesome work last night too.

  30. “It may be a cliché, but adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it. We revealed it tonight.”

    Vaclav Prospal, April 4, 2011 AD.

    Well said old man. Well said.

  31. I was there last night and for the first time in a long time my voice is hoarse the morning after a game. I can’t think of a better way to wash the taste out of that Islanders loss than with a game like this. This team knows it can come back but this game cemented the concept in their minds, to some degree, that it doesn’t matter who the opponent is.

    Just a word about fans booing: Prospal is right because the effort was, for the most part, there. Yes they weren’t shooting and yes there were defense lapses, but I can only justify booing when there’s no effort, and you can count the number of games on one hand this season where the Rangers haven’t registered any effort.

    Even though he gave up 3 goals (only one of them bad), could Lundqvist have pulled even or perhaps in front of Thomas last night for Vezina? Thomas has returned to earth in the homestretch where Henrik has stepped it up over the same time period. And last night was a microcosm of their seasons–Henrik gave up a few early but had it when it counted; by contrast, Thomas was great so long as he wasn’t facing any shots, but gave up four when he needed to only give up two. Hopefully this game stands out in the voters minds.

    Speaking of which, of all the years the Ranger writers would join a boycott to protest the Botta banning (which boycott I agree with), do you think, Carp, that Henrik could possibly finish worse in the Vezina voting by virtue of the Rangers’ writers, who see Hank day in and out, won’t be able to vote? I know that writers don’t strictly vote for the teams they cover but it seems to me that Henrik would still have more support from the Rangers writers than without. It might all be moot for the homestretch Rinne is having too, but I’d be interested to hear thoughts nevertheless.

  32. Good morning all! I think I just may spend my day watching those last four minutes over and over and over again. I remain blown away, and head over heels in love with this team.

  33. Random_Ranger on

    @tikk, I’ve read that GMs, not PHWA, vote for Vezina. It’s other awards that the PWHA votes for.

  34. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp is spot on. This is a very special team!!! Not since 94 has there been a team more fun to watch than this one. Crazy win last night. This team has the heart of of lion, with Stainless Steel BALLS.

    Can’t wait to see my first game at MSG on Saturday. Oh to have the atmosphere like last night!!!

    Playoffs!!! Are we talking about Playoffs!! Playoffs!!

    Yes we are.

    Anything could happen with this team. . . . . and I mean ANYTHING!!!

  35. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    What a game!

    And Carp is right, if you don’t GET This team by now, then you never will and have something wrong with you.

    This really is a special group of players were watching.

    After Prospals first goal last ngiht, first thing I said to myself was “here we come!!” and boy did they ever comeback.

    I agree with whoever said it above, I was so proud of the entire team last night. Top to bottom

    What a statement win

  36. At game last night and unfortunately a 7:30 start so no matter had to get my son home for a decent bedtime…left midway 2nd.

    Being a season ticket holder, I am at the point where I sometimes would rather just stay at home than sit through listening to people think that the other team is gonna just lay down and our boys are gonna look like 12 Rockets and 6 Orrs every night of the week…particularly when we are playing good teams like Boston. It doesn’t always work the way you draw it up and you sometimes get matchups that don’t work very well….but it is not for lack of trying as we should all know at this point. If they have nothing left in the tank…well that is that. They gave us a good ride we did not expect…. But fortunately they had a little reserve and pulled out a miraculous comeback.

    And to the boorish guy sitting behind my son screaming at the top of his lungs at the Boston fans next to me….as my son said we get Boston Sucks…now shut up!

    -8 year olds…gotta love them-Let’s Go Rangers!

  37. Good mornin’ yall! I’ll be proud to pull the jersey over my head if they make the playoffs or not. A bunch of kids have shown more heart than we’ve seen in ages. We have a decent coach – who seems to learn and adapt. We’ve got heart and soul players that inspire those around them. We’ve got youth coming up that will only make this team stronger. We’ve got a spectacular goaltender. Who thought a decade ago we’d have a team like this? Not me. Kudos all around.

    Live long and Prospal.

  38. gregm_section403 on

    I completely agree with Prospal. Fans have every right to boo, but come on already. Learn something about hockey. MSG fans used to be intelligent…and we used to have some of the smartest fans in the league.

    Effort was clearly there last night. You shouldn’t boo a strong effort. However, Rangers were playing a much better Bruins team and it showed. Bruins were faster, stronger through the 1st period and through part of the 2nd.

    But, as it has been said, victory belongs to those who believe in it the most and believe in it the longest.

    Rangers believed in it longer last night.

    I’m a believer in this team too.

    One of the best moments last night…when Dubi tied it, all 5 rangers on the ice (6, including hank), were home-grown Rangers: callahan, dubi, Arnisimov, Stahl, Girardi. Loved it!

  39. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I have no words to accurately describe the euphoria i am feeling after that game. I’m not even going to attempt to put my joy into words, and i certainly can’t say anything that you guys don’t already know, or Carp has already pointed out.

    Special team. No doubt about it.

    Wow. plainly and simply…. wow.

  40. Leetchhalloffame on

    Vinnie Prospal should shut up about the fans. His team comes out at home and lays an early egg down 3 goals with a playoff spot on the line – unacceptable to the fans. We are the most loyal hockey fans so go back to whatever country you came from Vaclav, Vinny, Vincenzo. Appreciate the 2 goals last night but you’re at the end of the NHL rainbow.

  41. Noah-rury, 28 on


    Let’s not crow about teams fearing playing us in the playoffs UNTIL WE’RE IN.

    This is not me being Negative Nancy, Debbie Downer or Paulie Pessimism.

    This is me being Superstitious…Sally?


  42. Noah-rury, 28 on

    Whoa whoa Prospal has the right to say that just as much as the fans have the right to boo.

  43. The homegrown kids have been getting big goals a lot this year. Against Pitt, the blowout wins against the Flyers and Habs, Dubi’s GWG against Florida the other week, Stepan’s goal up in Boston, Artie’s had a few clutch goals too. No matter how the season ends, this team isn’t spinning their wheels in terms of development.

    I tend to eschew cliches when it comes to sports because there’s usually a logical sequence of events that determine most outcomes, but last night’s win was one of quite a few others where if somewhere down the road this team starts to become a contender you can say they learned to be a successful team.

  44. Leetch – I have to go with Noah right now (again). Prospal has the right to say whatever he wants. He also baked it the “f” up with those two heroic goals to get this team back into the game and give everyone a shot of adrenaline.

  45. Nobody crowing…they said it.

    I was saying after empty netter when the announcer said Rangers win…shutup there are 52 seconds left! Game is 60 minutes…as we’ve learned time and again!

  46. On Dubinski’s last goal boy did the Bruins look like the rangers usually do with no D men or white sweaters in front and all their backs to the puck. it was nice to see another team do that especially the Bruins do that for a change

  47. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Does anyone know whether Larry Brooks has a write-up on last night’s extraordinary win in the paper edition of the Post? I only look at the hockey stories online (I can’t stomach the rest of the rag).

    At almost 11:30 AM after one of the most memorable Ranger performances since ’94, I find no game story. What’s going on?!

  48. Noah-rury, 28 on

    My bad Homer. But I guess I was just saying that, generally, I’d rest much easier if we can discuss playoff opponents once there’s an “x” next to the Rangers in the standings.

    That said, I still have so much adrenaline pumping through me after last night. Is there a way Sam can dub his own commentary over the game and they could replay it on MSG?

  49. Noah-rury, 28 on

    RIR, his game story was on the site when I checked 10 minutes ago. He also had a quick story on Prospal’s comments about the boos.

  50. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    Gotta say I thought it was over at 3-0, but the team has fire and grit.

    I also agree– can’t stand the Versus broadcast. It’s probably the worst national broadcast of all the major sports— they miss so much. I’m very close to turning off the sound and turning up the radio call, if it weren’t for the fact that there is a delay and the Rangers are often on a secondary channel (970?)

    If they indeed get in, this team could make some noise, if they can stay in one piece…

  51. TheMessiah94 on

    According to IncarceratedBob, Callahan may have a fractured ankle. Please, please don’t let this be true.

  52. Noah-rury, 28 on

    I-Bob also had Richards definitely going to the Rangers at the deadline.

    So let’s not jump to any conclusions yet. However, if true…that is a dagger.

  53. Pretty much all the beat reporters including Carp, guys that have a first person view of players have said they can neither confirm nor deny the rumors of Cally being injured but there were no indications from the team that he was.

  54. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    Guys, I think Carp addressed the Cally rumors. Can’t believe it would be true, but if so, ouch…

  55. gregm_section403 on

    When do the Rangers practice today? Or do they have the day off? If there is a practice, one of the beat reporters will get confirmation (either way).

    Praying for good news.

  56. braunschweiger on

    WFAN said cally injured his ankle blocking a charra shot. Out for the rest of the season

  57. Wait wait wait – he played a lot after that shot. He was a game changer after that block.

  58. They played really well in his last absence…..that’s positive…..

    Oh captain *my* captain!

  59. True Blue 24 on

    can someone remind me (just in case) what was our record without cally in the line up earlier this season?

  60. TheMessiah94 on

    LaGreca on NHL Live says multiple sources say it’s a broken ankle, done for the year. FML

  61. 4generations 4 cups on

    I have faith in this team. The fact that I put the game on my small TV when they were down 3-0 to play NHL says I think they’re capable of coming back from 3-0. The first Prospal goal i didnt even look at, its just something in the bank. The second one was great and got me watching again. Not gonna lie, I was feeling like they were the same old rangers, with 5 minutes remaining and down a goal. I felt like they were gonna hit post after post and then lose a really tough game. Not the case, Callahan pulls the entire team onto his back, makes what i consider to be a Brad Richards-like pass to Dubi at netmouth and ‘DUBLOSKY’ as Orr affectionately has him named who looked more like Ryan Smyth in his prime putting away that dirty rebound.

    This Rangers team IS different and thats why i want to keep watching them SO BAD. I really would love to see Carolina and Toronto make it in too, screw the Sabres. I Want to see Boston in the first round.

  62. Noah-rury, 28 on

    LB just tweeted that it doesn’t sound good.

    NOW I’m starting to worry.

    What a roller coaster of emotions these last 3 days have been. Man.

  63. After last night I was ready to order my Callahan Heritage Jersey with the “C” on the chest.

  64. Mister Delaware on

    Will somebody please punch a wall for me. We just recently got our condo painted so I’d probably get in trouble.

  65. 4generations 4 cups on

    I say this for every person on this blog. RYAN CALLAHAN BETTER NOT BE BYFUGLIEN INJURED!

  66. You got it Mister – I will pull an Andy (from The Office) and throw my fist through the wall.

  67. Vinny Prospal on the Garden exploding late:

    “It’s basically us, whoever sits on the bench and the extra guys, because I remember at the beginning of the game, they boo us. So, it shows that for us, for the hockey players, for the bench, coaching staff, for whoever believes in us. Just an hour and a half ago, they booed us. So it’s like, I mean, it’s great that they cheer, but holy smokes, give us some help when we’re down, you know?”


    That quote made me feel guilty for some reason…

  68. billybleedsblue on

    hahaha, sorry to break up the intensity of what’s going on (or not going on) BUT, did anyone see snooki at wrestlemania? HILARIOUS. what a world.

  69. well we’ll have to wait till next season for Callahan to get his C. He’s out for the season with a broken ankle…

  70. Anyone know how long a fractured ankle generally takes to heal? That’s probably a silly question that no one can give anywhere near a definitive answer to, but I’ll try…

  71. Really? I think Nielson ended his own season when he bent over and turned his back to Gaborik ending with dumb positioning and getting his head knocked into the glass.

    That was a worrisome moment when he slumped to the ice. I held my breath.

  72. *IF* Capt. Callahan is injured – this is a huge opportunity for Drury to step up and get some of the fans back on his team.

  73. Wfan just confirmed it. Called it a knee injury sustained last night. But Callys done for the reg season

  74. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Whatever the official word on Callahan’s condition, is there some reason the league’s shot-blocking monsters in NY aren’t required to wear the light little ankle guards that a lot of NHL defensemen used to wear?

    After Cally’s hand, they added an extra layer to the portion of the glove that covers the back of the hand. Why not the ankles? Is it not cool? Is it too obvious? They’re not heavy, they don’t impede a normal stride.


  75. Franklin Kistner on

    I have been a “Blueshirts” fan for 48 years. My wife, Shorty has been on the team for 51 years. We heard Torts say early in the season, “I like this team.”

    I like this team.

  76. Cally took a shot from Chara after the goal and was noticably hurt…I couldn’t tell if it was his ankle…Jeez…

  77. Noah – I am taking it as an opportunity for Drury to prove why he wears the “C.”

  78. If he had “Cankles” he would have had more padding when the puck hit him and he wouldn’t be hurt. Let’s hope he has Cankles.

  79. done for the regular season? regular season ends on Saturday, for the Rangers

    so is he gonna be ok on Sunday? :)

  80. Hopefully since this is the 5 mins a day WFAN spends on hockey they got their report wrong.

  81. guys he’s done for the year with a broken/fractured ankle. everyone is reporting it so the only thing missing is the official Rangers statement

  82. True Blue 24 on

    zipay just said NYR will give an update soon, Not expecting it to be a good news

  83. Totally on point CT – WFAN hates hockey. Hates it. Most of their radio guys don’t even understand it (Schmoozer excluded). I don’t trust a word they say.

    Bring back the Mad Dog!

  84. although should the Rangers make it to the Eastern Conference finals, he might be able to return but even with Callahan, that was never happening…

  85. we will find out for sure soon.

    he is the 3rd most important guy on the team or 4th. henrik, staal, and then either cally or dubi.. gaborik is 5th most important at best…………

  86. Noah-rury, 28 on

    Only Boomer and Somers care about hockey on that station.

    Anytime Francesa is forced to have Bettman or Melrose on, it’s high on the unintentional comedy scale.

  87. I will voluntarily break my ankle if Callahan is able to play the rest of the season.

  88. True Blue 24 on

    stuart I think a loss of hank or gabby at this point would be more crucial… love cally and he is my favorite ranger in a while, just my opinion….

  89. Doesn’t sound good….

    Jon V- there are different types of ankle fractures. Some require surgery, some only need cast. On average, healing takes around 4-6 weeks. 4 being the best case. He will rehab after. If it’s true, he’s done for the year.

  90. czechthemout!!!! on

    Well that certainly puts a downed on a what should have been a great day after.

  91. Noah-rury, 28 on

    I seem to remember Torts saying that he was most concerned with how the team would play when Callahan went out earlier this season. But they navigated that portion of the schedule pretty well.

    Very sad though. Says a lot about him (and Girardi) giving up their bodies to block the guy with the hardest shot in the league.

  92. Maybe Sally can decide that we’re going to win it all?

    Please let Cally be okay…

    What a win last night, words like exhilarating dont even do it justice. Just a remarkable comeback by a “band of brothers” with the character, desire, and fight of champions.

    Like I said after the Islanders game, it’s not how we threw up 2 stinkers against the Sabres and Islanders that define us. It’s *how we respond in the face of adversity* that defines us. And, well, this team answered the bell like the 94 Rangers. An unwillingness to lose.

    Jaromir Jagr’s Rangers couldn’t have come back from that deficit last night. And that’s not a knock on JJ68, but it’s an extraordinary compliment to the leaders of this team, from Torts to Cally on down.

  93. Orr, that’s a dumb statement on McKenzie’s part. He needs to stick to hockey, and stay away from medicine. Even if it’s true that some high ankle sprains take as long as fractures to heal (they are treated the same way too), there are too many types of ankle fractures to suggest that they are better than sprains without knowing the exact type of a fracture.

  94. We should all break our ankles as a sign of solidarity.

    This is all Milbury’s fault. He tempted the hockey gods by praising Callahan during NBC’s broadcast.

  95. As others have said, words can’t express the pride and respect I have for this Ranger team. Finally, a real TEAM! The fatigue was evident less than half way through the first period. I was impressed with the desire I saw but our boys were pretty gassed from Sunday’s effort in Philly. This giant effort last night was turned into a victory by determination and the will to win. Torts has these guys right where they need to be going into the PO’s… and please, superstitious or not there is no doubt we will clinch. Did anyone see the iso shot on Dubi when the game ended? He was screaming while acknowledging the fans. Looked like he was saying “I told you we’d get it done!”.

  96. Does anyone know the actual record of the Rangers without Callahan this year? (this was asked by someone before)

    I remember them being good but I could be confused.

  97. I am with you CT – just waiting to hear whether it’s left or right. I have the hammer out and ready to go!

  98. TSNBobMcKenzie

    TSNBobMcKenzie Will have to wait to see nature of Callahan injury. Displaced? Non-displaced? Weight-bearing? *BTW, got my M.D. degree in a Cracker Jack box*


  99. Mister Delaware on

    “he is the 3rd most important guy on the team or 4th. henrik, staal, and then either cally or dubi.. gaborik is 5th most important at best…………”

    Was just trying to figure out the same thing (is he 3rd or 4th) with a friend. I think 4th, just because of the faceoffs, but its a tossup. And it really f’ing sucks.

  100. Girloy as a winger? Waseka is reporting that Gilroy may give it a go? I am not against this idea.

  101. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    My first suggestion would be “Do not agitate the international man of mystery”….I would strongly suggest you do not do this!!

  102. All I can say is obvious – Cally is quintessential playoff type guy, with contagious energy and clear leadership property. It would be a HUGE playoff time loss.

  103. Noah-rury, 28 on

    I saw that isolation shot of Dubi. He said something along the lines of “F^&* yeah! LET’S GO BABY!” It was a great shot.

    By the way, that TSN picture of Dubi (not sure if it is still up there) is my new background. Though the picture for this post is pretty darn good too.

  104. lm with ya Manny, CT. Ill break my ankle in support of Cally!

    The Rangers went 11-7-2 without Callahan this season.

  105. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – as one of the few extremely positive posters, Believe it and it will happen, it’s feels great to be vindicated… I have said all along that this team wins one round at a minimum… Given that rounds 1 and 2 could be some permuation of filthy/craps… I think conference finals are not out the question. However, the rangers must first beat atlanta….then we can start talking post season.

  106. It is up there and it is my background too.

    Interesting story: When the Rangers were stinking it up against horrible teams (Islanders and Senators) I had changed the lock screen on my iPhone to the Prust / Staal celebration picture that someone linked to. I changed it back to the Prust fighting domination picture (vs. Habs) and they haven’t lost since. Backgrounds MATTER people.

  107. You damn right, Wicky…:-)

    Since Callahan is out and the season is over, and they won’t make the playoffs, and, even if they do, they won’t go too far anyway, shouldn’t we just *TRADE EVERYONE*? :-)))

  108. Just got to work – I’m still reeling from last night’s game.
    WTB – Cally hurt ? Fill me in please !
    oh yea, refresh, refresh, refresh !!!

  109. The lesson I learned last night was a simple one: Dont count this team down and out, regardless of the circumstances.

    While having Callahan injured certainly tests my resolve around that statement, it would be foolish to already be full of doom and gloom. THIS Ranger’s team has earned my cautious optimism and I fully expect the team to rally around this setback and emerge victorious because…. THAT is what this team is about.

    He played like a man possessed last night and I LOVED it.

    Looking forward to our next game and hopefully my peers in the stands supporting this team the way they deserve to be supported. It’s a gutsy and hungry bunch anchored by a great keeper… Im excited and if I’m not going to enjoy this, why be a fan?!


  110. anyone saying that Cally is not more valuable than gaborik is clueless. Torts confirmed that by sitting Gaborik and his soft perimeter non-game on the bench where he belongs for much of that game

  111. billybleedsblue on

    I dont know off the top of my head just how rare it is, but coming back from 3-0 in a hockey game to win is not exactly an every day affair. couple that with the weight of the game in the playoff race, not to mention the rivalry between the two teams, and you’ve got one heck of a story! leave it to the new york media to completely over look this fact and focus on the lowest scoring ncaa finals in years and the yanks/mets 3rd game of the season. what a bunch of maroons.

  112. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    So I really don’t understand why everyone hates milbury here? I mean unless it was one of the boneheads that got hit by the shoe (not really sure though, that was before my time), he hasn’t ever been anti ranger from what I have heard him say (he was very complimentary of them last night and I thought the Braveheart reference was EPIC) except about Jagr and IMHO he was spot on with that!!!!!!

    Wolski needs minutes….it is what it is!!!

    thanks for the write up and for keeping the faith *along with mickey, mama, lin, ilb, and some otherw when we were down 0-3)

    To all of you NN out there (this does NOT apply to orr, whose game over season over=priceless)
    SHAME ON YOU (shaking finger in their direction), SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

    The only D pair not to be scored on last night was mccabe-eminger….I’m just saying maybe the time should be a bit more even with the d pairs or perhaps those two whould be top four the rest of the way……

    Prust needs to get an “A”, can’t a team have 3???

  113. czechthemout!!!! on

    Maybe they can talk Kreider into signing. Other than that, the only options are MZA Hagelin, both have scoring ability and in Hagelin’s case, he is responsible defensively, is a good skater and is aggressive much like Cally is.

  114. I swear some of you guys are really crazed…I’m still laughing at the idea of breaking our ankles in tribute to Callahan.

    I admit it…I couldn’t help myself. I had to go read the Boston Globe to see what their take was on the game. Not- too- kindly. Big bad Coach was not pleased. He seemed disgusted.
    Didn’t follow the game plan, and he REALLY seemed irked about Kaberle going for a stroll and letting in that Ranger goal. I really get my amusement level tickled with this blog.

    And in general observance, I am a bit surprised that no one mentioned the calm and quiet influence and demeanor of McCabe. He was quietly effective out there last night.

  115. I swear some of you guys are really crazed…I’m still laughing at the idea of breaking our ankles in tribute to Callahan.

    I admit it…I couldn’t help myself. I had to go read the Boston Globe to see what their take was on the game. Not- too- kindly. Big bad Coach was not pleased. He seemed disgusted.
    Didn’t follow the game plan, and he REALLY seemed irked about Kaberle going for a stroll and letting in that Ranger goal. I really get my amusement level tickled with this blog.

    And in general observance, I am a bit surprised that no one mentioned the calm and quiet influence and demeanor of McCabe. He was quietly effective out there last night.

    And Orr…of all the nuts on this blog, you take top spot as the nuttiest…..quit making me laugh!

  116. Ilb, CCCP, or anyone with experience,
    Tomorrow I’m going to Israel (one of the countries you have to visit before you die), never been there. I’m taking my laptop with me, of course, but does anyone with experience know if there is hockey on TV, pay per view or otherwise to watch. Understood, it’s not a country with great hockey traditions, not sure, if the word “hockey” even exists in Hebrew, but I bet on supposedly huge fan population from former Soviet Union. Can somebody enlighten me about it? I’ll be extremely miserable, not being able to watch Rangers in this historical moment. Thank you, guys in advance.

  117. czechthemout!!!! on

    As a side note, what a great season Cally has had. He has around 50 pts, but will miss a quarter of the season. If extrapolated out over 82 game season, he would score 31 goals and 37 assists for 68 points. He will certainly be missed.

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