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Sorry it’s a bit late … I’m on the train. Ain’t technology grand? … Prospal ripped the fans a bit for their booing early in the game. Good stuff.

Vinny Prospal:

“There’s no easy games left. … I was watching Carolina-Buffalo yesterday, it’s a three-point game. Everybody’s collecting points. So for us, we have to come back after basically trailing the whole game and getting the win with three minutes left, it’s just huge. It’s humongous. Every point is humongous right now.”

“Marc Staal, on the first goal, if he doesn’t keep the puck in we don’t score. Wooly, instead of looking for somebody else, he just shoots the puck and it goes through Thomas and I’m able to collect the rebound, and it puts us back into the game. Obviously, the second goal, now we’re just trailing by one goal and there’s still a lot of hockey left. So, I think the key for us, we just kept it positive. We felt we have the composure to come back today.”

On the Garden exploding late:

“It’s basically us, whoever sits on the bench and the extra guys, because I remember at the beginning of the game, they boo us. So, it shows that for us, for the hockey players, for the bench, coaching staff, for whoever believes in us. Just an hour and a half ago, they booed us. So it’s like, I mean, it’s great that they cheer, but holy smokes, give us some help when we’re down, you know?

“Nothing against them. It’s easy to say right now, because there’s times that they have the right to express their opinion. We’re fighting for big points right now. This is karma.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

“Probably the biggest win of the year, I would say. The way we come back, how important it is right now.”

“They felt so fast and strong in the first period. Thats two different games. It changed to much. You almost got the feeling there’s no way we’re going to win this in the first period. But then halfway through, you know, momentum changed a little bit. After we got the first one we start to think, maybe. We got a good feeling here. The building started going. And when we got the third one, they stopped maybe a little it mentally. When you look at the goals, it was just battle, in front. It as great to see.”

Brandon Dubinsky:

On missing the playoffs last year motivating them:

“It’s 12 months ago, but it’s still fresh in my mind. I know we’ve got a lot of new bodies, but we don’t want to put ourselves in that situation again. I don’t know if we’re still, but I know at one point we were first in the league in third-period comebacks. I don’t know if that’s still true or not. But the resiliency we’ve shown all year is just huge.

“You know, there’s a difference between talking about believing you can do it and actually believing it. We came in between the first and second periods, realized we didn’t play our best hockey. We were a little bit tentative and on our heels a little bit. We were able to reinforce what’s been making us succesful all year, and that’s being aggressive and forechecking, and grinding. And we came out and played a helluva 40 minutes and grinded and won a big game.”

On the Callahan play on the tying goal:

“He was going up (the boards) and whether he made a play to the point or turned around and fired on net — we’re down by a goal there, so, if we’re up by a goal I might be on my way back to our zone in case of a turnover. But we’re down by a goal so I’ve got to try and stay in front of the net in case of a rebound or the contrary, a helluva pass by my linemate. He made a great play there and I had all the time in the world to make a move.”

On the two Prospal goals:

“They were both big because if you’re down three heading into the lockerroom (after two) in this league, against one of the best defensive teams, more than likely it’s insurmountable. But he gets us on the board there, gets us within striking distance, and then obviously the second one’s huge, putting us in position to be just one shot away with momentum that I thought we were building into the third, and into a period that this team’s been their best and most confident all year long. So coming into the intermission there between the second and third, we felt pretty good about our chances if we just continued to be aggressive and played our game.”

“They’re one of the best defensive teams in the league and they’ve got a great goalie in Thomas, so we had to stick to our gameplan, and that was forechecking and keeping it simple, and not trying to do everything yourself, but using your linemates and your teammates and staying away from turnovers. We just kept doing that and we were relentless and resilient as always. Huge emotional win for us.”

On being reunited with Anisimov and Callahan late in the game, and then getting the big goal:

“We’ve worked together all year long, and played together. Torts is just trying to mix it up a little bit and try to create some other combos to get some offense for us. One of them did that — Wolski made some great plays to Vinny for the goals, and Step there. So we’re trying to mix it all up there a bit. But I think at the end of the day, he wanted Cally and I out there together because we’ve been pretty good together all season long, and I think that’s the reason he did it.

“We just forechecked and we forechecked hard, and I don’t want to leave Artie out of it. He battled just as hard as we did. It was a good shift leading up to the goal. We started in one corner, made our way to the other corner, made it back to the other corner, then up to the blue line, so we certainly had the pressure and the energy and the momentum. We just kept going and were consistent and finally they opened up and we were ready to capitalize.”

On when the building exploded after each of the last three goals:

“It gives you goosebumps. It’s a feeling that you can’t describe when you hear that many people going crazy and your team’s going crazy and you fought so hard — I don’t want to sound cliche — but we’ve fought so hard for so many months, we needed these points. So that part of it makes it even that much more emotional.

“We didn’t want to have to watch and see what Carolina did tomorrow night, or is going to do. We wanted to keep ourselves in the driver’s seat. Those things, they really get to you emotionally. That said, we still had a couple of minutes left in the game against a really good team so, I was telling Cally and Staalsie and Boyler and some of the leaders on the team, ‘Try to settle the bench down, settle the guys down, we’ve still got to defend against one of the top teams in the league.’ And when Step scored the empty-netter, I think we knew we had it and we came unglued a little bit there.”

On whether those four minutes were the most important of the season”

“Without a doubt. Every period, every shift, every game from here on out, the next one’s more important than the last one. So that was, like I said, a huge emotional win for this team.”

I asked him, are you gassed:

“I’m exhausted right now, to be honest with you, and I think there’s going to be 20 other guys in here that are exhausted too, because these last two games, we haven’t played perfect through stretches, but I thought our effort and our energy, we really put it on the line and left it all on the ice. It’s good that we have a couple of days (off) here.”

On not playing for OT and the point at 3-3:

“I think we were feeling it, with the energy and the crowd. Unfortunately we didn’t have that energy right from the get-go because stepping onto the ice, it felt like we were in a playoff game here and I know a lot of guys in this lockerroom have never experienced a playoff game here in New York. But that’s the energy it was with John (Amirante) singing the anthem and everything about the game. They (the fans) really came on there towards the end of the game there and it was a perfect ending to a hard-fought game.”

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  1. OUCH!!

    first post in months and I get carped!!! Well, that’s what I get for being away so long :)

    I was wondering if Cally was in stick salute…but he is so tough he would salute with one leg hanging by a thread I think.

  2. C3, indeed!
    btw, I’ve said this for ages:

    “holy smokes, give us some help when we’re down, you know?

    “It’s a feeling that you can’t describe when you hear that many people going crazy and your team’s going crazy and you fought so hard — I don’t want to sound cliche — but we’ve fought so hard for so many months, we needed these points. So that part of it makes it even that much more emotional.”


    omg, i’m “shouting” but I mean it……LGR!

  3. loneranger April 5th, 2011 at 12:58 am
    At the Garden last night with my wife 336. Play off atmosphere. Best come from behind victory since the Rangers beat Washington 7-6 after being down 6-2. Darren Turcotte, Chris King years late 80’s. The monster of the Garden rose from the bowels of the building during and at the end of the National anthem but turned to boos towards the end of the first period. The Rangers were reacting and not playing aggressive hockey but started playing with desperation and winning battles all over the ice after the Bruins decided to sit back and play kitty bar the door hockey. The noise at the end of the game was surreal. The monster of the Garden was back. Almost rivaled some of the Islander Games of the late 70’s. Should consider keeping Pospal, Wojtek, & Stepan together, with EC and Aves with Gabby along with the other year long lines. What do they say when you don’t notice a defensman, that’s Michael Sauer, man is he flying under the radar and playing great. He and Mac are + 17 & 16 respectively. What a freeken pass from Cally to Dubie. I tell you this was a fun game. This team just does not give up. Definitely a Black & Blue Gritty Ranger team. This could be an interesting spring.

  4. Ya know, it’s just so rewarding watching your team excel and perform like they’re capable of performing.

    Home ice in the NHL playoffs usually doesnt mean that much, and number 8 seeds and the lower seeds are able to advance all the time.

    I know we’ve all “accepted” that the Rangers will maybe advance a round at best, but the truth is, none of us can guarantee that the Rangers won’t win the Cup.

    We do have the best goalie in the world who is currently playing at the top of his game, and a team united. Anything can happen. We are New York. We’ve been road warriors all year long, and with the crowd in full force – as they were tonight – we can win. They just have to believe it, and we have to believe it.

    We don’t watch every game of the season to hope for one victorious round. We watch year in and year out for the hope of winning the most glorious prize in all of sports.

    If you believe it, it will happen.

  5. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Thank you NYR- Fan thats a great picture (the one I asked for from the previous post) :-)

  6. eddie eddie eddie on

    great great effort angainst a very good team ….Beilieve it and it will happen

  7. tremendous win. watched from the dvr. knew it was going to be a great game. whenever I have to tivo the games they are always great.

    wolski played great.. if the guy played harder all the time and shot the puck he could be a very good player…………


  8. It would be nice if Pavelec can temporarily faint just before someone fires a shot on net. It would be an easy win, for sure.

    Now all we need is for the Canes to lose in regulation. Then we just need to secure only one point, at the very least. Then we can flush our anxiety meds for a week or two.

  9. Callahan was on the ice during the stick salute… I just rewatched it

    So I dont think there is anything wrong with him

  10. Tiki, my man, well said.

    We are New York. Never lose faith. Especially in this team. This is a team worth being proud of. A team worth cheering for.


  11. I should go to bed, really I should. Over a week on 5 hours of sleep per night or less is just not conducive to being productive.

    Can’t wait for Carp’s review in oh, 6 hours.

  12. Wolski is a very good player and has proven himself at the NHL level, Tortorella has just been using him wrong.

    The guy scored 50 points as a 20 year old (that’s better than Stepan btw) and had a career high 65 points last season as a 23 year old. Thats more than Callahan or Dubinsky have ever scored and he’s younger. He needs to be playing with top 6 players for him to be most effective…

  13. That Step-Vinny-Wolski line definitely needs to stay together for the next game, which it probably will. It would be nice if they can play the way they did in the 2nd-3rd periods, every game!

    Butt-Chin, well, what can you say? He had an assist on the game winning goal, and I think two assists in the Flyers game, but his amazing “snap shot” that gets Joe Mich so wet, has just been useless.

    The guy better be pulling a 07-08 Jagr. Jags coasted, but when it was time for the playoffs, he was the *best* player in the league, until NYR’s elimination.

    We could sure use him. But, I wont get my hopes up.

  14. and you’ve proven yourself, oleo ;)

    oleosmirf April 4th, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    games over after one period, gotta hope from some help in the standings now…

  15. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Mickey thank you for the video I could watch that over & over and still get goosebumps like its the 1st time I watched it . I too can’t wait to read read Carp’s game review ! Really lov all your hard work Carp:-)

  16. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, we need to consider that the medium we are dealing with here (the interweb), lends itself to rash and emotional knee-jerk reactions regarding the scoreboard (especially in late-season games). I for one maintained the Rangers could still find a way when it was 2-0. Perhaps I was saved by the fact that under circumstances, I couldn’t closely follow the scoreboard, because when it was 3-0 and the Rangers were being so outshot (and outplayed apparently), it would have been easy for me too to see the sky falling.

    Let us not focus on the nay-sayers or the fair-weather fans, or whatever they can (AND WILL) be called. They are still here cheering (although some expressing it differently) at the end of the day, regardless the outcome (with a little latitude).

    Sorry for all the parenthesis. I learned it by reading you.

    We are Rangers fans. That is all.

  17. Glad to see someone address the booing. It doesn’t help their confidence or the situation at all. You can boo at the end of the game, after its all said and done and still a failure.

    That said, great great game.

  18. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Lone Ranger – The Rangers were actually down 6-1 late in the first period of that comeback win over Washington, years ago. Yes, still an unforgettable, spirited performance that was.

  19. I have often commented on the booing of individual players. No matter what- it is a negative factor and does not alleviate the situation, but tends to deflate the individual …and it is childish.

    In this instance the booing was not really loud, but in a way was notable subdued…just a low growl that let the team in general, know that they were not performing up to the necessary standards.

    In this instance I happen to believe that it helped
    snap them out of their torpor.

    I also see where some of you have complaints about McCabe. Fuggedaboudid! The guy has added a presence to this young club that was not there prior to his arrival, and something that was sorely needed. Yes he;s lost a step or two due his age, but he is a settling force and he is managing to get into positions where he does quite well at defending, and he does shake things up with that long sought long rifle from the point. (And you can bet that the opponents are just as fearful of him there as his team is uplifted.)

    I;m not much of a movie goer, but when this team poured in those three quick goals, it brought back to mind a movie that I saw some time ago of a true historical event, and the title was Zulu. It depicted a small detachment of British soldiers stationed at a small outpost in south Africa called Roark’s Drift. They were
    surrounded and attacked by thousands of Zulu warriors, ( who had unknown to them) just destroyed an entire British unit some miles away and now were on the verge of wiping THEM out.

    It is reported that there were more Victoria Crosses awarded to the men of this unit than any in English history for their prowess that day. If you haven’t seen it, try and get reminded me so much of this game last night;

  20. onecupin71yearsand counting on

    Fans have been booing athletes since the Roman days..if you hear the boo’s you’re not into the game..your mind should be in the zone and get over it , thats what fans do.
    Good win for the kids..

  21. Why is anyone shocked that the fans at the Garden are quiet? Basically they are pricing any real fan out! The Garden is littered with business people amused at the prospect of going to the Garden to have a beer and talk business while a hockey game goes on in the background. I have been a season ticket holder for 10 years and these renovations threathen to price me out as well as lose my center ice seats. My tix have doubled from 32 to 63 in 5 years!!! Last I checked my payched went down 15% in the last 5 years!!! So you get what you get! The Garden is done, player and owner greed have made sure of it.

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