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First the news, followed by quotes in a little bit:

Same lineup, unless one of the dinged-up guys (presumably Fedotenko, but not definitely) can’t play. As of now, John Tortorella expects everybody to play, and Newbury was brought up for “precautionary” reasons.

Another item, which has been mis-reported (and then re-mis-reported here). The Rangers still have non-injury recalls left. They can bring up a player from Connecticut at any time, without it being an injury emergency.

And finally, to repeat what Mitch Beck said, Newbury just played three games in three nights, so this would be his fourth in four. Which is inhumane. And Zuccarello, who had played on consecutive nights before his demotion, then played three in three nights in Connecticut … so this would be his sixth in six if he had been recalled. Yikes.


John Tortorella:

On Newbury:

“Precautionary. Just, we’ve got some dings. So we just want to make sure. … (not planning on playing him).”

On the challenges of remaining positive and not worrying about what a mistake at his point could mean:

“We’re ready to play. We’re positive. We’re not looking anywhere but tonight’s game. The mindset of this hockey club is right where it needs to be.”

On where Drury is in his rehab (he skated again today):

“No idea. I have much more things to worry about than the injured guys right now.”

On Lundqvist’s play recently:

“Well, I think he has, at least for me since I’ve been here, I think this is the highest level he’s played at. I think the plan that we had with him as far as not grinding him through the year, Biron coming in, it’s been a huge part to why we have an opportunity to keep playing here, for where we want to go, is the play of Biron and getting (Lundqvist) out of the net from time to time. And I just think he has decided he wants to put the team on his shoulders and he just has got the fight in him. It’s probably the highest level I’ve seen him play at, since I’ve been here.

On the tail-off of the Rangers’ success in the second of back-to-backs, which was spectacular earlier in the season:

“I have no idea (if it’s normal).

Has he noticed it’s tailed off?

“No. I know we haven’t won, but I haven’t noticed … I can’t even remember them, all the games. But right now, we’re in the playoffs right now. This is what it is. So back to back, that doesn’t even come into our thinking.

“You can’t be tired. At this point in the season, you can’t be tired. And to me, I think as a group — as writers, as people, I think we talk players into being tired. I think you can will yourself to get through, and I think you can will yourself to be tired. We’re ready to play.”

On Lundqvist playing all of them since the Biron injury, and whether he would have anyway:

“I think Marty probably would have gotten a couple more along the way. Again, I don’t know. It’s hard to say. But when Marty went down, we were at a number that we talked about as far as what (Lundqvist) was going to play. We were satisfied. Listen, Marty did some good things for us. He not only played, but the backup has to win. And he won some important games for us along the way. So we were comfortable at that point in time that Henrik would be able to carry the load. I think Henrik has shown, and again, he’s grown there as far as mental toughness as far as I’m concerned. I think he’s really grown, and continues.”

On playing at home, and improving at home:

“We’re fighting and we’re not out, so we’re where we want to be. It doesn’t matter where  we’re playing. We have an opportunity to get where we want to be, so yeah. Would we like to be clinched with 17 games over .500? Yeah. We’re not, but we’re in a good spot here. I thought we showed a very good quiet confidence about ourselves in how we approached, after the Islander game, how we approached our business, and I thought grinded our way through a pretty tough game, a pretty emotional game yesterday to find a way to win. So we’re ready to play.”

On whether he needs to play more players more minutes because of fatigue tonight:

“No. I need to get more people involved along the way, but having said that, I’m not sure what’s going to happen. I don’t go in with a blueprint of a game and say, ‘I’m going to get this guy 15, this guy 15, that guy …’ It depends on situations. It depends on penalties, all sorts of things that run into it. But I believe, as I start the game, I want to try to get everybody involved and we’ll make our decisions from there.”

Same lineup, same lines, “probably.”

On the how the young players have reacted down the stretch:

“They’ve reacted very well. This is a great experience for them. Not only for now, but for the future as we continue to build the team. So, we’ve gone through adversity all year long with some of the injuries we’ve gone through, guys put in spots we weren’t sure of even having them there. But I think our team has responded, right from our back end right on through. This is what our team is. Our team is built on youth. And we’re very comfortable as far as how we approach this next week.”

On Gaborik’s play recently:

“He’s moving his legs. He’s moving his legs. I think we need to get some goals out of him hopefully, but he defended pretty well yesterday away from the puck, his legs are beginning to move more consistently. If that keeps growing I think he’ll help us along the way.”

On how the team found its game after the Buffalo and Islanders games:

“Again, listen, we stunk on the Island. We haven’t stunk much this year. We haven’t gone away from who we are that much this year. I think our players know they need to be who they are and do it on the ice for us to have any chance. I feel very comfortable that these guys will be ready to play, and play the right way.”

On whether the team has a mindset of, ‘Win and you’re in’ no matter what the other teams do:

“We’re not looking by … we’re taking each day at a time. We’ve talked about this for a number of weeks now as far as it’s ramped up here and where we’re at in the standings. So, I know they look at the standings. I can sit here and tell you I don’t, but I do. But you need to take it one day at a time, and that’s what we’re trying to do. So we’re just concerned about this game. It’s going to be a tough game. This is a really good hockey club and this is going to be a tough game for us, but I think we’ll be ready to play.”

Asked who would have been the third guy in the shootout (and remember, the coach has to submit his three-man lineup beforehand, if I’m not mistaken):

“I have no idea.”

On Girardi and Staal playing so many minutes yesterday, and if there’s a concern about that:

“No. It depends on how the game goes. They’ve been up about those minutes most of the year. Yesterday there was quite a bit. I think there was probably three or four (more) minutes. But I think guys, at this time of year, because we consider this playoffs, want to be on the ice. I thought they played very well. Danny just did a great job blocking shots, doing a lot of little things. Marc fought through some things early on and then got his game going. I just think the enthusiasm and what this is about and what it’s for overrides all that stuff. Again, I’m just not a big believer, especially at this time of year, in players being tired. I think that can be overcome by a mindset.”

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  1. Excellent news re: ” They can bring up a player from Connecticut at any time, without it being an injury emergency.”

  2. This is gonna be a tough game tonight, we seem to do well against Boston, another offensively challenged team. I think we score 4 goals tonight

  3. Good afternoon, Carp! Welcome back, Mama!

    To answer all your questions:

    CTBlue: Miller did not have have his arm in a sling and I did not punch him. I DID put a curse on his sandwich, just in case.

    Carp: Yes, Miller is a good tipper. Yes, it seems to help when I make bold predictions and then do not watch games.


  4. Anyone with NHL Net, there’s a half-hour program on about Leetch with John Dellapina.

  5. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Please bring back the old Tiki that ticked everyone off. This “new found” version is kinda creepy, in a Christianson kinda way. For your own safety, lock the doors, protect the women and children.

  6. The Old Tiki would not handle this game well. The New Tiki will.

    Good evening, Sally! Don’t be superstitious. You can watch. Besides, you’ve already decided they will make the playoffs.

  7. Good video, CCCP…I’m talking the first one, having seen the second one yet.

    Sally, you put a curse on his sandwich? Rabies? :-)

  8. mama love to all….(too much to respond to, and must eat and deal with needy kitty pre-game)


    C3, wow on the video….

  9. Realistic Mick on

    I’m from Missouri.

    Show me, Rangers. Show me you’re not the same old, same old
    of the last decade.

    I remain skeptical:-).

  10. LMAO@ Torts having no idea who would’ve been the third guy in the SO. Carp is right, they have to submit first three in advance, and one by one thereafter. I think he forgot.

  11. Krisy got cheated by the scalper. The tix were fake. What a sick thing to do to a person, especially a newcomer from a different country. How sickeningly horrible.

  12. Carp,
    Why don’t the reporters ever call BS on Tortorella when he gives an answer like “No idea. I have much more things to worry about than the injured guys right now.”

    Is it me or is that statement not ridiculous for a head coach to say? Does anyone here have a job where they can say ‘no idea’.

    Does any of the reporters other than Brooks have the nerve to say something like ‘Just so I’m clear, you’re the head coach of an NHL team and you don’t know the status of the injured players under contract with the team? So you don’t know if that player could potentially compete?’

    In this case, I’m sure it doesn’t matter if Drury or Boogard could play – they don’t deserve to be in the line-up but is it really that hard to get a straight answer out of this guy?

  13. NYR_FAN...since 1983 on

    How can any Rangers fan want to get rid of Torts? The confidence this guy exudes as a coachis amazing…

    “We’re not looking anywhere but tonight’s game. The mindset of this hockey club is right where it needs to be…..(we) guys put in spots (when) we weren’t sure of even having them there…

    Our team is built on youth. And we’re very comfortable as far as how we approach this next week.”

    No matter what happens after tonight, this season is a grand success already because of what Torts has established. He has set expectations for the next few years and built the right mentality for a hockey team here in NYC. It is refreshing…

  14. LOL ilb- where does that come from? I think it’s just forward thinking. He’s like that game is done, Next. I love him.

  15. jjp, in answer to your “question” I envision Torts saying, Nope, next question…..come on. he gets asked, he doesn’t answer as we’d like sometimes. we’re not privy to it all, and it’s part of the dance….so be it.

  16. I agree with Torts. You can will yourself to be tired or you can will yourself to work through it.

    I also agree with JJP. He had no idea who was going to go third and he has no idea how Drury is doing? Of course, he might be saying, “I don’t care how Drury is doing I’m not playing him.”

  17. ddeb, she says, and I quote, “shivers.”

    can’t wait to meet her this week….:)

  18. She’s in, Mama, but she got cheated out of the first pair of tix. Disgraceful and shameful that people pull carcillo like that, and that they’re allowed to get away with it.

  19. All, the reporter’s job is to ask questions and get answers…the coach’s job is to feed that best he can while not giving away the store and affecting the team. It’s a very delicate dance. Everyone’s trying to do their job. That’s all I’ll say.

  20. JJP, what would that accomplish? So you say, “I’m calling B.S. on you” and then he walks out and holds a grudge against you, and for what? We know he was full of carcillo, and he knows we know he’s full of carcillo. He didn’t want to answer the question. We know him well enough to know that’s the deal. He didn’t want to answer it. So he said what he said. He could have said, I don’t want to answer that. Same thing. End of story.

  21. Has Marc Staal’s voice changed in these past few months? He sounds like a man now, instead of a young lad.

  22. carp, great minds think alike, just express themselves differently :)

    ddeb….good answer! mama love….

  23. I’m sure the only reason Torts does this pregame stuff is because he has to. Not suggesting he is right, but I can’t blame him either. He wants to be inside with the guys getting them ready. His attitude is- I need to do my job, but I have to do this? Besides, he isn’t the best speaker in the world. Bet you that plays a role too. Well, let me ask you this: does it really matter who would’ve been the third guy to shoot as of this particular moment?

  24. thanks Carp….fyi all, April RR calendar pic (now that I have it :) is Prust, AA and Biron….odd trio, but nice to have Monster looking at me for this important month…

    ilb, you get it :)

  25. Torts grammar fail:
    “No idea. I have much more things to worry about than the injured guys right now.”

  26. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on


  27. My 2 cents, Torts knows he is too emotional and is not tactful enough to delicately answer some of these questions. ( He’s said he doesn’t address the team immediately after games because of this – Vancouver win being an exception)

    He may say “I have no idea” or “I don’t know” but more often than not it’s because he doesn’t want to anwser the question.

    Often it’s to protect the psyche of the team or a player.

  28. Period characterized by offensive impotence and defensive collapse. Afraid it will be Isles type game embarrassment.

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