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John Tortorella:

“We’ve been this way all year long. We haven’t played, as I’ve said, a lot of bad games. You know, we had one on the Island the other night; we’ve had a few of them along the way, but the team has balls. It has had balls all year long, right from camp, and I think a little bit of that is just a little bit of innocence as far as youth. It’s good to be around. I couldn’t be happier for them as far as how they stayed with it, stayed with it. The building was getting ugly pretty early and they just stayed with it. So I couldn’t be happier for them right now.”

On Prospal:

“He’s got the emotion of a young kid. As I’ve said all year long, I think it’s good, no matter if he struggles in a game, whatever, just him being in the room, the way he practices, it’s a great view for young kids, because he is full of enthusiasm all the time no matter if it’s going well or going bad. You’ve got to give him some credit. I had him written off. I didn’t think he was coming back at all after this injury. And every day you’d see him and he punched the clock. And good for him. To spark us … it’s good stuff.”

On losing control of their own destiny if they lose this game:

“They haven’t been uptight. We were sluggish early on I think, and Boston won a lot of races to pucks. We had some struggles just as far as their quickness. There was no panic. And for such a  young group, to stay within themselves, it’s a great lesson. Obviously it’s a huge, big two points here. We still control our destiny. We’ll enjoy it now and meet tomorrow and get ready for Atlanta (Thursday).”

On the biggest goal of the season coming from the Dubinsky line:

“Yeah. We split them up for a while and we put them back together at the end because I just believe if we’re going to get it done, that could be a very important line for us. I think Cally’s been fighting it a little bit. I think he’s almost trying too hard. He makes a great pass, it was just some great battles, and Boston clamped down. It was hard in their end zone because they were clamped down, they were all collapsed, and they were pretty physical in the corners. But they stuck with it. It’s a great play all around and Dubi makes a great move.”

On not settling for a 3-3 tie going into OT:

“Yeah, you’ve got to be careful. You can’t exhale. You climb back into it and, you know, Michael Sauer — he’s a guy we’ve talked about all year long. He’s one of those … he just reads plays very well in the end zone as far as when to join into our rotation. I’m not sure how far it got across the line, but he was good all night long. First period there was a little bit of struggle with him and Mac, but they rebounded very well. It’s another kid scoring a huge goal. So it’s a great experience for him. We’re in the playoffs now, so this is a great experience for him.”

On Lundqvist:

“He gave us a chance. They were shooting pucks from everywhere, they were going to the net, and we just had problems catching up with them there for the first 20. Like I said before, Hank, I think is playing at the highest level I’ve seen him play at, and he’s going to have to continue. This is it. This is the responsibility the players have to have. You show us you can play this way. You have to continue doing it. That’s the huge step, taking the responsibility once you get to a level, to stay with it.”

On whether he has to remind players about shot blocking anymore:

“No. It goes back to September when we started talking about the identity of our hockey club. You watch teams that end up going far in the playoffs and get to really being a top team, shot blocking is a must, and just a constant. That and our forechecking underneath the hashmarks has been a huge part of our identity and that started in September. Sure, there’s ebbs and flows with it, but we don’t mention it. That’s just a given for us in what we have to do there.”

On the Wolski-Stepan-Prospal line:

“It sparked us. It sparked us. I mean, they played really well, and I kept putting them out there. And Wools, too. I kick the hell out of him the last little while here because he doesn’t play hard enough all the time. He did some really good things tonight. You know one thing, and it’s not about being hard, he was ready to shoot when Vinny scores the first goal. He’s ready to shoot the puck and he hits the net. It’s been a problem of ours, missing the net of late here. And being ready to shoot, not making the extra play. So that line definitely sparked us and gave us a chance tonight.”

I asked him what it feels like when a team is beat to hell and wins back to back games like that, and he almost got emotional. Almost.

“It’s a great feeling and this is what we’ve talked about. It makes it worthwhile. And it’s not one guy. This is not a one-guy team. It’s a collective group and it’s a good feeling to be banged up — you look at Danny Girardi in there, you look at some guys who blocked some shots, and grinded along the boards. It’s worthwhile. That’s the way we have to play. We’re not a terribly gifted hockey club. But they find a way. They find a way. I’m … you know … I’m not a big lovefest guy here, but I like, I just like how we stuck to it, and we showed balls. It was really good stuff.”

On whether those last four minutes were the defining moment of the season:

“You hope so, if we find our way Thursday. I’m already thinking about Thursday. We play two emotional games here against two really good opponents, back to back, and now you have a mid-week game and it’s a team that can be a very dangerous hockey club, that’s out, not in the playoffs; that makes them even that much more dangerous. I want them to really enjoy this win this evening, think about some of the ebbs and flows we went through and found out way. Then we’ve got to go back to work tomorrow.

“It scares the (carcillo) out of me already, Thursday.”

“We really try not to look back. They’ll remember this. I don’t have to talk to them about what happened tonight. I don’t have to talk to them about what happened in the Islander game. You’ve got to look forward and get ready for the next one.”

On the PP:

“Yeah. We’ll try to figure it out. Hopefully we’ll get that straightened out.”

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  1. MSG should torture anyone who pulls an electronic device out of their pocket. That way everyone will be forced to watch the game, and cheer for their team!

    A Canes regulation loss, and a Rangers win or OT loss will clinch a playoff spot.

    Get it done!

  2. LinCalPrustBoylahan "I AM A RANGER" and PROUD OF IT! on

    i absolutely love what he said about Fankist!

  3. That may be one of his best post-game conferences ever. Outstanding Carp. Thanks.

    yeah yeah wicky….

  4. some great great stuff Carp. you think we’ll get some tears from Torts if these guys pull off a cup run?

  5. LinCalPrustBoylahan "I AM A RANGER" and PROUD OF IT! on

    Lev, i think behind closed doors, he’s probably pretty emotional. He must be pretty proud tonight.

  6. Just got a strange text from Rangers… I assume these are extra effort award results… Kind of a wierd text …doesn’t seem full… no Prust?

    Vote Results
    Anisimov: 0%
    Avery: 3%
    Biron: 0%
    Boogaard: 0%
    Boyle: 7%
    Callahan: 26%
    Christensen: 0%
    Drury: 0%
    Dubinsky: 11%
    Eminger: 0%
    Fedotenko: 0%
    Frolov: 0%
    Gaborik: 1%
    Gilroy: 0%

  7. Great, great quotes from Torts. Gotta know he’s bursting with pride at these guys and how hard they fight and never ever give up.

    Awesome pics, NYR_FAN.

  8. Yea i got the same text, odd. I dont even want to know the results, takes the fun out of watching like I have for the last 20 years.

    On a side note, someone posted on HF about callahan having a broken foot. Dont know if this is some drunk posting BS, but usually doesnt happen on HF…dont shoot the messenger, hopefully its BS

  9. ddeb…always have, always will……and that’s my final TA all….technology is fascinating (as I stupidly watch my phone update) see you all later…LG the amazing R!

  10. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    NYR-Fan can you find the picture of them all celebrating at the bench with Hank after the empty netter? It was priceless

  11. Andrew Gross answered a tweet RE: callahan broken ankle, out 4-6 weeks by saying it’s possible as callahan was not in lockerroom after game.

    hopefully just coincincidence

  12. @rickyw77 If that’s true, good inside source. Did not see Callahan in the dressing room, which is unusual. 36 minutes ago via HootSuite in reply to rickyw77

  13. eddie eddie eddie on

    believe, as i have been saying for weeks, and it will happen….GREAT GAME

  14. I’m good

    Gross just posted wrap up saying that Torts was upbeat during post game and he thinks he would have been more down had he known Cally was hurt. Gross also mentions NYR are usually pretty good about announcing injuries. But he does say that it is still possible Cally is hurt, but he took these two things as good signs that he is not.

  15. Jesse Spector is posting proof that Cally was on the ice for the stick salute. Also, he mentioned that Torts may not have been so positive after the game if it indeed is true.

  16. I’d imagine everyone on this team is hurt in some way or another, it all depends on the severity and how much pain they can take (with this team, that is through the roof)

  17. At the Garden last night with my wife 336. Play off atmosphere. Best come from behind victory since the Rangers beat Washington 7-6 after being down 6-2. Darren Turcotte, Chris King years late 80’s. The monster of the Garden rose from the bowels of the building during and at the end of the National anthem but turned to boos towards the end of the first period. The Rangers were reacting and not playing aggressive hockey but started playing with desperation and winning battles all over the ice after the Bruins decided to sit back and play kitty bar the door hockey. The noise at the end of the game was surreal. The monster of the Garden was back. Almost rivaled some of the Islander Games of the late 70’s. Should consider keeping Pospal, Wojtek, & Stepan together, with EC and Aves with Gabby along with the other year long lines. What do they say when you don’t notice a defensman, that’s Michael Sauer, man is he flying under the radar and playing great. He and Mac are + 17 & 16 respectively. What a freeken pass from Cally to Dubie. I tell you this was a fun game. This team just does not give up. Definitely a Black & Blue Gritty Ranger team. This could be an interesting spring.

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