Rangers-Flys in review


Has there been a game this season that better defined these Rangers, the It’s Just Paingers?

In a game, let’s face it, they pretty much had to win, they played with all those characteristics we’ve seen most of the year: The shot blocking, the body checks, the PK, the struggle to score, the sticking up for each other, the limping around (and they probably had to stop to fill up ice packs all the way home), the togetherness, the contributions from everybody, the great goaltending, the relentlessness, the skill in the shootout, the road warrior mentality, the resilience after a stinker … all that stuff.

I thought maybe the win in Pittsburgh was crazier to watch, and the Pens were at full strength and crusing, and the Rangers threw it away, then tied it, then won it … and the victory came on a hockey play, not a gimmicky contest.

But this win — in a great hockey game — meant more because of where they were, where they are, what they have left, and what the teams around them have been doing. Thoughts:

1) Credit has to go to the coach. Some people thought and felt that he was losing it, that he was becoming uptight, when he was terse and short (is that redundant?) with the media after the Islanders game. I didn’t. I thought he was cool and calm and he knew that his team would respond better by not being torn down in public, but by being built up the next day at practice. He has a very good read on his players’ pulse, an excellent read, and he understands what makes them tick and what makes them react. And the type of people they are individually and collectively.

2) Marc Staal=Monster. I know I take shots at the kid sometimes when he and his partner, Dan Girardi, get mesmerized by the puck, and it happened once or twice in this game, too, where they let an opposing forward stand in the slot unopposed while chasing the puck. But in this game, he was unbelievably good and strong and rugged. Girardi had one of his best games of the year, too. Somebody called him the Block Ness Monster the other day. He is. Sometimes, I argue, it’d be better if he didn’t stray so far to block a shot or pass, but there’s no argument about what he did yesterday.

3) Most of the other D-men don’t stray, which is why it puzzles me when the top two do. But Steve Eminger got caught away from his man on the first goal. Other than that, as a group, they were pretty fabulous, including the Baby Monsters, Sauer and McDonagh. And Bryan McCabe is really, really having a positive effect, and not just on the power play, where he’s no Brian Leetch, but he’s as good and as calming as they’ve had in a while. The top four D-men blocked 17 shots in that game!

4) That damn skills competition is a great example of why Wojtek Wolski and Erik Christensen are so maddening. I mean, give Callahan and Dubinsky, or Prust and Boyle, or Fedotenko and Avery those hands, and what would you have? Though I must say, Christensen was better during the hockey portion of the game yesterday.

5) And Marian Gaborik was very, very, very good. If Gaborik played like that every game, he wouldn’t be sitting at 22 goals, and the Rangers would be thinking who they might rest tonight instead of playing another death-match, must-win game against Boston.

6) Bad luck, good luck. The bad luck was when Ryan McDonagh was hurt by a shot and had to limp to the bench, leaving room for Nik Zherdev to score the tying goal. Not much they could have done there, except perhaps Brian Boyle reading it better. The good luck was when Vinny Prospal took the too-man-men penalty and then came out of the box to set up the Fedotenko goal. Gotta love the Prospal-Tortorella relationship. The coach was barking at him after the penalty and Prospal was barking right back, as they have so many times in the past. Tortorella knows he can give it to Prospal, and that Prospal can take it, and I think the coach actually likes it that Prospal will come back at him.

7) Henrik Lundqvist is just so freakin’ good in those shootouts. He was pretty darn spectacular during the previous 65 minutes, too. He admitted after the game that prior to the shootout he thought about the Game 82 shootout last year, and how he might have gotten out of the moment in that one, thinking of the consequences if he’d lost the shootout. And it helped him stay in the moment this time. Good stuff.

8) Brian Boyle took skating lessons last summer and look where it got him. Wonder, since he’s such a good student, if he’d benefit from boxing lessons this summer. Because if this guy can ever learn to fight to go along with his willingness and will, he’d really be a weapon.

9) Dubinsky-Anisimov-Callahan sure rebounded from that woeful 27-hour slump they had Wednesday and Thursday. They weren’t the only ones, but they were the most important.

10) You have to wonder, if the boys had played this way Wednesday, Thursday, if they’d be on the verge of clinching.

11) Don’t you hate guys like Zherdev and P.A. Parenteau, who are barely NHL players, who barely give enough effort to collect a paycheck, and become Rocket Richard when they play their old team? I do.

12) The Flyers’ PP is worse than the Rangers, at least without Pronger and Briere.

13) Here’s a question for youse: If you could trade yesterday’s shootout win for the Game 82 shootout loss last April, which would have put the Rangers in and knocked the Flyers out, would you do it?

14) I still have no use for the skills competition or the Bettman Bonus Point for losing.


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Headed to MSG later today. Will have pre-game notes this afternoon, and the whole nine yards tonight.

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  1. Kaiser Permanente on

    Good stuff Carp. I wouldn’t trade those shootouts. It was a he’ll of a ride watching the Flyers make it to the Stanley Cup Finals and then getting their dreams crushed.

  2. I guess my comments about MZA the other day stirred up some people. I won’t go there and say MZA=Jarko Immonen again…both of whom were ALL-EUROPE players. What I will talk about is where the NYR would be right now if they had two more players like Brandon Prust. I am beginning to believe that Brian Boyle remembered he was Brian Boyle and has gone back to being terrible. And EC played “better” yesterday, but that only brought him up to a level just above terrible. If Sather could find just two more players with the guts and the skill set of a Brandon Prust, this early April panic push for the playoffs wouldn’t be happening.

  3. And the Flyers are scumbags, but that team looks like it has the character for another long Stanley Cup run. I would say that their biggest problem will be goaltending, but they have proven that they can get past that.

  4. bull dog line on

    Boyle has proved you wrong about him for an entire season. its time for you to man up and admit it.

  5. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on


    I would not trade it. This year they deserve to be in it and have a chance of going a round or two deeper. Last year was a Flyers onslaught for almost the whole game. Had they clinched on a SO win like that, it would have been pretty embarrasing. The best 8 teams for the post season, thats my thought. And this year they actually are one of those. Maybe even top 6 in terms of how they have been playing for the majority of the season.

  6. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on


    Jeez. Why the Don Cherry rampage?

    So you think the Rangers need two more gritty, hard-nosed, amazingly cheap, surprisingly productive forwards?

    Well. Guess what: so does every team in the leauge. How about a little less black and white, huh? Just saying.

  7. Good morning everyone. Don’t know how much more of these close games I can take this year–and there’s another one tonight. Hank played amazing yesterday, as he will tonight. Staying positive!

  8. Good morning all! A great morning after a great effort yesterday.

    cw, agree and disagree. Yes, Filthy is a less than honorable team. No, Filthy is short on character. I have said and continue to believe they will go no further than two rounds. I don’t see great character, I just see mean.

  9. Mrs. Eminger on

    #11 yes..in the long tradition of ex-Rangers who play like HOF candidates against them. Add AK27 to that list.

    Hopefully my Steven will retire as a NYR and never have to come back to haunt you.

  10. Never really thought PAP was a floater like Zherdev and he’s had to scratch his way to becoming a full-time NHLer (or as close as being an Islander is to that), so I don’t bedgrudge his goals all that much, as annoying as it is.

  11. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Rangers (and Buffs) feeling good about themselves today. Something needs to carry the Blueshirts over the fatigue tonight. I’ll be happy with 1 pt. against the rested Bs (modest ambitions).

    Despite their brave talk post-game, Canes have to know that their playoff hopes took a real blow last night. Their next game is the real gut check of their season. Hope they fail it!

  12. Carp,
    Can you not say McDonagh played one of his worst games all season?? His youth and inexperience really showed in the biggest game of the year…just some of the decisions he made with the puck were brain farts and went to empty space or immediately led to turnovers..did McDonagh get hurt right before that Flyers 2nd goal? Sure prbably, but if he would’ve A) stayed down and played the “hurt” part maybe the ref would have blown the whistle and play would have been dead or B) He could have read the play better and seen Nik Zhedrev coming in unattended and take a slash/tripping/interference penalty to prevent him from streaking in ALLL ALONNEEEE…not taking anything away from the kid, just wanted to mention that he looked shaky at best…

  13. Rangers could use another Prust-like (because the real one is often imitated but never duplicated) player because I’m fairly sure the actual Prust is pretty banged up. I bet that years from now doctors will tell of a tale of a man that had bruises, welts and bumps that would have slain lesser mortals.

    As for needing two of him, not sure if they need that many. I’d go with a 30 goal type player to help make sure those 5 total goals in 5 games stretch become less common.

  14. Joekuh-rury-mire - I'm the Blockness Monster! on

    Kris, there’s no guarantee the ref blows the play dead. Boyle was in good position to cover up for him, but drifted out of the slot to play…no one. McDonagh was ok yesterday. Carp, I like the Blockness Monster name for Staal. LGR!!!!

  15. As for trading this win for last year’s? Nope, I think missing the playoffs helped accelerate change within the organization. I don’t know how many of Stepan, Sauer and McD we would have seen had they made it. The Rangers are always going to spend near the cap limit and the odds of them completely bottoming out are slim (even if they seemed like they were doing their damnedest to tank in 98-04). Thus, last year was a necessary wake up call for the franchise.

  16. Carp – No offense, but I would never put Parenteau in the same sentence as Zherdev. PAP, in my estimation, has skill to be a fourth liner, but has given 110 percent to remain in the NHL and on a top line. Zherdev, who has the talent to be a 60-70 point player, gives just enough to stay in the NHL. I agree with bagging on him, but PAP I view as more of a class act. But I do agree, he seems to relish playing against the Rangers.

  17. Totally agree about Gaborik and McCabe.

    Gabby was backchecking and playing defense like I have never seen him do before, hopefully the scoring will start to come.

    McCabe despite being a bit slow is very reliable on defense, and he looks to be very hard to beat 1 on 1. Loved his goal celebration.

  18. Good game day morning, boneheads!

    I don’t think I’d be able to review last night’s game at all. I don’t remember most of it, I was so nervous.

    Hank has certainly done what he was asked to: carry his team to the playoffs. He’s, without any doubt, done his part. It’s time for our other marquee player to do his: it’s time for Gaborik to score goals. Having said that, Gaborik gets it. Even if he isn’t scoring, he is contributing otherwise: he’s been one of the better defensive forwards lately. And he’s bee physical (where is Wicky?). Problem is, if he doesn’t start scoring, we will not go too far in the playoffs. *If we make it*, that is :-)

  19. I like *THIS* Eric much better. Unless, of course, your son was up all night and you are a little out of it :-)))

  20. Stranger Nation on

    Classic NYR 10-11 effort against top flight team. Very concerned about turning it back up to that level against rested Bs team. Crowd will really have to give them some energy.

    Gabby was absolutely skating his b@!!5 off. Not sure of the passing up of a shot 10 ft in front of the cage, but he was probably surprised he still had the puck. While his skating effort was admirable, it also made you wonder what the relative level of effort was the prior 4 months.

    Boyle has responsibility on man, not puck , especially on 4v4. As a checking center, he needs to understand that – this is Hockey 101 crap.

    Lets Go NYR!!

  21. On Boyle- if you listen to Torts, his explanation was that Bryan probably thought that McD was still on the ice and he was covering accordingly.

    You can actually see what kind of a game they will play after the first two shifts or so. Yesterday from the get go it felt like they will be OK. Sometimes I wonder if they get away from their game after scoring the first goal early and falling apart later. I remember at least a couple of those- early in the year against Atlanta, and last week against the Islanders. I’m sure there were a couple more.

  22. Winning tonight would give much more than just 2 points. It will keep a tremendous pressure on Carolina and Buffalo.

  23. Carp: “Don’t you hate guys like Zherdev and P.A. Parenteau, who are barely NHL players, who barely give enough effort to collect a paycheck, and become Rocket Richard when they play their old team? I do.”

    Also Pascal Dupuis on Pittsburgh who seemingly turns into the old Kevin Stevens when he plays the Rangers (though he might be a better all-around player than Zherdev and Parenteau; I don’t know).

  24. Yesterday I posted that the Rangers would lose out the rest of the season. I’m very happy the boys proved me wrong. I’m still not convinced that they will make the playoffs because I feel the rangers will have to at best get at least a point in all three games but still might not make it to the dance. The only way they can make it hands down is win all three remaining games. Buffalo and Carolina will probably win there remaining games. I really hope it doesn’t come down to the last game of the season like last year because I can see the devils playing that game like it is a game seven. I can see the rangers losing 2-1 and that would really hurt.

  25. Good morning all!!!!!! Good to be back here but man it’s for carciilo to be back home :) Yesterday morning I was floating in a warm Caribbean sea, today, well, not.

    Here’s my theory on the past week: I left and they lost. As I flew back home yesterday, they won. So, now that I’m home, we can all relax. Sorry for causing all the trouble :)


    So, what have I missed?

  26. LOVED McCabes celebration. Raw emotion and energy spilling over from a guy whose seen a lot. Got me jacked up.

    Hank also got me jacked up. I was watching the game with a Leafs fan and a Filthy fan (sounds like the start to a joke) when, maybe around 1 minute to go in regulation, I smiled thinking it would be small odds indeed that this shootout would end as the last one last year did.

    Huge game tonight, stoked!

  27. Good morning, Carp!

    See? I didn’t watch the game last night and they won. I will not watch again tonight. You are welcome!

    Also, I finally got to serve Ryan Miller and his lady some sandwiches at work yesterday. Boy needs to fatten up.

  28. “11) Don’t you hate guys like Zherdev and P.A. Parenteau, who are barely NHL players, who barely give enough effort to collect a paycheck, and become Rocket Richard when they play their old team? I do.”

    YES. I do hate them. A lot. Zherdev came up very small in that skills competition. Lundqvist beat him using the stick. That doesn’t happen often.

    Yesterday was incredible. I think because of what was on the line and how unbelievably well people played. Gaborik was a beast. I remember posting multiple times about his Defense. First sarcastically then for real. He was the player we paid for yesterday.

    Christiansen was better at the hockey part. Wolski was in the game for sure – i wouldn’t say better but he skated hard. He scared the bejesus out of me when he started weaving in but boy, oh boy, does Bobrovsky suck at shootouts. He had no chance on either of those goals. Completely out of position. Moved way too early on two men who have very, very good hands when no one else is on the ice.

    Isn’t that how it is though? Wolski and Christiansen are like those guys you see in YouTube video’s making trick shots and being showoffs with no one else around and you think they will be so great in the NHL, NBA or whatever. Then they get in a game with other people on the ice they just are not as effective.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    In fairness to Parenteau, even without the Rangers games, he’s still got 15 goals and 28 assists on the season.

    Also, as a mitigating factor of his Ranger-killing abilities, all of the Islanders tend to score more against the Rangers since every time we play them it is like their Stanley Cup Final.

  30. Sally, so does Miller have his arm in a sling or what? Did you give him a playful punch in both arms to see what his “upper body” injury is?

    Or did you crack the “Yo mama-ween” joke?

  31. Manny, 100% agreed….i coud do wat they do wit nobody on the ice (goalies included lol)….its about wat they can do in the game

  32. This whole shoot out thing really effects our lineup. Think if it didn’t exist we could have Newbury and we could win more than 2 faceoffs in a game.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, we dominated the faceoff circle yesterday.

    That aside, I don’t think they keep Christensen and Wolski in the lineup over Newbury just because of the shootout.

    Aside from Gaborik, if there was one player on the team I would like to see play up to his potential it is Wolski. The guy is a potential 20 goal 30 assist player and is under contract for next season. The team has a vested interest in his success.

    As for Christensen, he is good to have in the lineup because he oddly sometimes clicks with Gaborik, and even when not playing with Gaborik, teases us with his immense skill and occasionally comes up with a very timely goal.

  34. Wolski is an odd case. He has so much potential and he never lives up to it. When he first got here he was playing very well. I guess it’s maybe a question of motivation? Energy? All the potential answers scare me.

  35. I wouldn’t say he never lives up to it. He just fails to do so on a consistent enough basis. He was fairly productive his first 10 or so games after the trade and then faded with a few flashes of being an effective player.

  36. dudley: I watched McCabe a lot when he was a Leaf. He’s got some skill, is rugged (or used to be) and his teammates love him.

    Not surprised at all to see him celebrate like that and yes, it’s great to see.

    And finally, someone got him the puck when he was in a prime shooting position…what a bomb he has!

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    I thought McCabe’s goal was great, but that stupid penalty he took with Carcillo was the opposite of the veteran leadership you hope to have with a defenseman like him.

    Was anyone else depressed watching Van Riemsdyk basically have his way with our defense and thinking about how we will have the pleasure of watching him do that for another 10 years?

  38. That McCabe (CABER!!!) shot was a bomb. Gotta love the Rangers getting the puck up – top shelf. They are finally seeing how a lot of people score on Hank.

  39. czechthemout!!!! on

    To the guy/gal asking for carp to admit that McD had a tough game.

    What’s your point? Are you rooting for him to fail or something?
    Would you rather blowzy was still here instead? Just so we are clear. McD has outplayed all of our defensemen not named Staal or Sauer since he’s been here.

  40. Stranger Nation on

    Doodie – I think most people were worried about the game they were watching – not the next 10 years.

    ToMG – definitely Mr. Negative Nancy award winner hands down. You make Miami seem ‘sunny’

  41. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Torts, trust your guys, play them.

    Jeeeszch…what did EC/Avery/Wolski line play ? I’m thinking no third period, I’m thinking 5 minutes for the game. (glad they won us the shoot out though)

    Everyone will play better if coach rolls the lines just a tad more.

  42. McMonster is terrific. He and Sauer have played themselves into one heck of a 2nd pairing for next year. Heck – one of them might even slide up for Girardi.

    McMonster took a pretty serious puck to the leg yesterday and I know his limping to the bench caused the odd man rush that led to the tying goal but I can’t kill him for anything. He has been too good.

    Also – did you watch when he took that break away and shut it down by himself? Did you see him skate!? That kid can fly! He just jumped to the inside and cut that angle. That was simply remarkable defense. Very smart and wise for someone his age.

  43. Great review, Carp.

    It was a good game because the Rangers were able to play to their strengths and established a territorial forecheck early…That is the key to their success…Boy, this would have been a tough one to swallow if they lost in a shootout, huh?

    Stahl had 34:01 of ice time. He was fantastic yesterday. Monster effort. He played through most of the game with a broken nose…He just continued to block shots and play a physical game. Wow, what a warrior…

    McCabe has been a key guy since joining this team. And without Dreary around, he’s been a good leader to have in the room.

    Gaborik was excellent yesterday despite not scoring…He’ll be fine if he continues to play like that…He had a great all-around game….

    I thought MZA was missed yesterday (at least, I missed him). Do you think he’ll be back for the playoffs? I have doubts…There were times during the game where Wolski had chances to shoot and didn’t. I think we’ll need MZA’s creativity…

    I’m not sold on Wolski…I thought he had a C- game aside from the shootout…

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    Stranger, I was worried about the game, especially when Van Riemsdyk was on the ice. Hence my depression for the future. Kind of like last season when Giroux came up, or two and three years ago for Carter and Richards.

    Also, here’s hoping Betts is OK. I don’t care that he’s a Flyer now. He was a class act all the way.

  45. NYR – I believe when Wolski passed up the open net to try and get the puck to Christiansen I believe I posted “Hobbit Wizard would have shot that and scored.”

  46. Stranger Nation on

    Blair Betts = good people

    Flyers are loaded at forward, defense – not so much…

    Worried about our D tonite against Big Bad Bs coming off an emotionally and physically demanding game. But hey, there hockey players…man up – that means you too EZ you little pansy.

  47. Carp, some really inspiring stuff as usual. Have to disagree on Parenteau not being an effort guy. True, Gaborik’s been somewhat better but don’t you wonder what ever happened to the velocity on his shot? The shot isn’t there and so the goals aren’t there either.

  48. Mister Delaware on

    “Aside from Gaborik, if there was one player on the team I would like to see play up to his potential it is Wolski. The guy is a potential 20 goal 30 assist player and is under contract for next season. The team has a vested interest in his success.”


  49. The Flyers, much like the Pens and the Devils are going to be in a pretty tight cap squeeze next year. They have 17 players under contract at over $57mn. Pronger’s health looks like it could become a serious issue sooner rather than later and he’s got a hit that doesn’t come off books unless he’s traded.

  50. You know why we thought it!? Because it’s TRUE. Hobbit Wizard has the best stick handling skills on the team. I still think he is getting used to using a much smaller stick. Watch out when he masters it.

  51. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Anyone ever notice when someone says the “rested team” will be in a better position to win rather thant the “tired team” that played the night before it’s never ends up happening?

    Look at us with Buffalo and ISles last week.

    I think that’s a retarded theory, yeah your tired from the ngiht before, but your also in game mode still from the night before and ready to play from the drop of the puck.

    I have a feeling tonight is NOT going to be the typical low socring BRuins/Rangers game and we undress them in with a 5 or 6-0 game. Thomas is due for a terrible game.

    Tongiht is gonna be a great game, and we need to get the win


  52. Doodie Machetto on

    “Flyers are loaded at forward, defense – not so much”

    What are you talking about? When healthy, their top 4 defenders (Pronger, Timmonen, Meszaros, and Coburn) would all be on our first pairing, and Matt Carle is no pushover either.

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, I discussed the Devils’ cap situation with my friend who is a Devils fan and they really aren’t that tight for next year, even with resigning Parise.

  54. 4generations 4 cups on

    In response to Carp Question #11, i dont mind at ALL when PA scores on us, he’s a good player with good hands and he has a serious heart to try to make it into the Show until youre 27 and finally crack a lineup. The fact he cracked the lineup is one thing, but he has almost 20 goals and 32 assists, thats really impressive. On the other hand, Nikolay Zherdev does not play a single game unless its against RW/B (not bleu blanc et rouge) and he pisses the ever-loving crap out of me. Although he, unlike ANY ranger this season (im not sure about last) put us up with about 8 seconds to go against Pittsburgh to win the game. We need buzzer beaters. We need Brian Boyle to play like he has this season once more because it’s hurting our offensive corps dearly.

  55. czechthemout!!
    Not rooting for anyone to fail…if you have watched enough hockey you would know what i was talking about..but come at me and ill come right back, obviously you dont watch enough…I even said i wasnt taking anything away from the kid, just stated he played nervous and shaky all game…and actually u know what, with the experience “Blowzy” brings he prolly wouldve played better than McD during yesterdays game…that being said McD is a beast and hopefully will be for quite some time…and, if you still dont see what im talking about, watch the game again, particulalry the 3rd period and make sure you see McD’s gloves shaking through your television screen….LGR! Big Game tonight boys!!!!

  56. Doodie, currently they’ve got 17 guys under contract for a cap hit of $52.17mn.

    That breaks down to 13 forwards (not including Parise), 5 D and 1 goalie.

    Now they could obviously use the 10% summer cap allowance and then “Redden” a couple of guys before the start of next season to keep cap compliant. I’d say that guys like Clarkson, Pelley and Salvador are candidates for that treatment. They could also trade some of the older and more expensive players to get cap relief but Elias, Rolston, Volchenkov and White all have NTCs. Along with Rolston’s 35+ contract. And I doubt they’d get 100% cap relief from any of those trades, they’d have to take some money coming back the other way.

    On defense alone they have Corrente, Samela, Taormina and Fraser as RFAs. Andy Greene as an UFA. Then about $1mn in buyout hits. In addition to Hedberg being unrestricted, neither Frazee nor McKenna, the two goalies they used as emergency backups are under contract for next year.

    If they can sign Parise long term, and that might be a big “if” considering he’s one year away from UFA status and might want to test the market after next year, then that means a deal with probably at least $6mn cap hit since they’ll have to buy out some UFA years.

    Even if you allow for cap relieving trades to happen along with a cap increase, signing Parise alone puts them tightly against the ceiling. They could end up in a situation like earlier this year where they can only carry 20 players on the NHL roster with no call ups available in the event of non-LTIR injuries.

  57. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Totally off topic, but my buddy brought this up to me yesterday:

    He’s awlays complaining about how the original 6 teams don’t play each other enough during the regular season, and that they should be in there own division liek they were when the league started.

    His idea is to put 6 teams each in 5 seperate divisions, starting with the original 6. Cut games per year down to 70-75 max to compensate for the additional travel of a few teams, and then the entire league woudld look like this:

    Original Six Division:
    Red Wings

    Atlantic Division:

    Nashville – Im sure The Preds would love that

    Northwest Division
    St. Louis

    Southwest Division:
    San Jose

    I know a few of the teams (Colorado, Columbus) would have extra travle and not really be in the region, but his rationale is F&$ them, there newer teams, with a lesser fan base, and should have to travel more to be included, plus with 7-12 less games, more time for them to rest.

    I dont know about anyone else, but I’d lov the idea of an original 6 division.

    It will NEVER happen, but a good idea none the less.

  58. CT – what are the Rangers chances of having Mr. Zach Parise in a Rangers Jersey next season?

  59. What a stupid comment about Parenteau. The guy toils in the minors for years waiting for a chance and when he finally gets extended time, puts up 51 points in the NHL, a point shy of Rangers’ leading scorer Dubinsky. Yeah, totally a fringe player.

  60. McCabe needs to be brought back next season. Putting him with Del Zotto on the 3rd pair would do wonders for MDZ’s development and give the Rangers 2 legit point guys on the PP.

    Since Kreider is returning to BC, I wonder if the Rangers would consider bringing Prospal back again since he would really go perfect with Richards and Gaborik and since there arent any prospects knocking at the door, he doesnt hurt anyone’s development.

  61. Haha, math fail. The breakdown for Devils under contract for next year is 11 F, 5 D, 1 G.

  62. CT – what are the Rangers chances of having Mr. Zach Parise in a Rangers Jersey next season?


    Less than 0%

  63. That doesn’t sound encouraging. Not to get ahead of ourselves but are there any guys out there you think the Rangers might pick up? Big time players.

  64. Carp, I tend to agree with many of today’s comments…I wouldn’t put PAP and Nikky Z in the same sentence…although, they are both Ranger killers I am not fond of wither guy…

    PAP had to work his aasen off to get where he is…

    Z may be the laziest player I have ever seen….

  65. Manny,

    Rangers can’t do a whole lot without Drury either getting bought out or retiring. They have a lot of RFAs to sign. Assuming they let almost all of their current UFAs walk they’ll have enough money to keep their RFAs even if Drury is still on the team. The only RFA I see as not getting retained is Gilroy because they either have to qualify him at salary that he’s not worth or give him a multiyear deal (at a lower cap hit) but I don’t think he necessarily deserves one.

  66. 13 – I wouldn’t trade it, only for the reason that if we had made the playoffs, I feel like Sather wouldn’t have been as on board with the youth movement. This season probably would have been a step in the right direction, but not as large of one.

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, I used to think like you, but my friend made me see that we were both analyzing it the wrong way. The key is to look at how they started the season this year. Think of what it would take to ice the exact same opening night roster next year. They were right against the ceiling, but compliant, and that was with Parise being paid 3.1 and Arnott getting 4.5. Now Arnott is gone, and Parise will get 3 million or so of the 4.5, leaving you a net savings of 1.5.

    Other than that, the only guys who are FAs are mostly RFAs who aren’t exactly due for massive raises. Let Andy Greene walk. Hedberg too, and bring in a cheaper back up. Plus you figure the cap goes up by another million or so, and there is also a possibility that Salvador retires, freeing up another 2.9 million. Also, if they were really worried, they could buy out Zubrus at a savings of 2.3 million. In two years from now, Rolston, Brodeur, and White come off the books (with Brodeur likely to be resigned for less), as well as $1 million in buyout cap hit for Peters and Pandolfo. In three years, Elias’ inflated salary will be deflated some as well (with the savings applied to Zajac).

    Really, it’s not going to be that tough for them.

  68. 11.) I agree. Except Nikki Z has much more skill than PAP could ever dream of having. If Nikki Z ever got his head in the game, he could be a really good player, IMO.

  69. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    I thinK Fedotenko def needs to be brought back next year too
    Give him another 1 year 1 mil contract
    The guy is very underated

    Would LOVE for Sather to steal Parise and only have to pay draft picks, but will it happen, prob not. But you never Know old Uncle Glen is a sneaky basterd

    And supposdely BRad Richards is all but coming here for sure, but well shall see wont we

  70. We have no shot at Parise. Our only hope would be him not wanting to resign with the Devils because he felt slighted when Kovalchuk came in. And I doubt that.

  71. Parise is staying in NJ. It’ll take some creative thinking for Lou to get it done, but I have no doubts he will be a Devil next year.

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    “Z may be the laziest player I have ever seen….”

    Kovalev, hands down. His skills are unreal, and if he had any real drive, he could have been a first ballot HOFer.

  73. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not sure about Fedotenko. I’d have to picture what the roster would look like. I’d only give him another year at most.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    “Parise is staying in NJ. It’ll take some creative thinking for Lou to get it done, but I have no doubts he will be a Devil next year.”

    See my post above. It really won’t take anything that creative. Dumping Arnott made resigning Parise a piece of cake.

    I suppose my math was a bit simplistic though, since I discounted Steckel’s 1.1 million salary. So the Arnott savings are actually only 3.4 million instead of 4.5. Even so, give the whole thing to Parise, and problem solved.

  75. Agree on Kovalev. Laziest player ever. So much skill and talent, but not enough effort.

  76. We should maybe do for Fedotenko what we do for Prust. I am surprised we don’t give him more love. He almost got killed after scoring that goal. He is a trooper and a GREAT player. Not flashy but when he goes – that line goes (whichever he is on).

  77. I remember a Kovalev play when he was playing with R. Zednik for the Habs. It was the playoffs. Kovalev and Zednik had an odd-man rush. Kovalev was fixing his glove as he crossed the blue lune and never looked up. He skated STRAIGHT into Zednik and knocked him over. Then he fell over and whoever they were playing got a breakaway the other way. Pathetic.

  78. Doodie, the major bind for them is certainly next season. If Brodeur retires after next year along with Rolston’s deal expiring that opens up a ton. It may even work out in the Devils favor if Parise signs for one year since they will be able to give him a blank check after next year with a few big hits coming off the books.

    Of course he could also decide to go somewhere else and leave them empty handed (which is fine by me as long as it’s not another Atlantic team…he should consider going home to Minny). I’m sure Lou will try his hardest to promise Parise a huge deal after next year if he works with them on this one.

    As for their opening roster this year, I thought they had a few guys on LTIR and that’s why they were cap compliant. Even so, they ran into problems when they couldn’t ice a 20 man roster very early in the year. I think Salvador has been on LTIR the entire year and Salmela for most of the first half in the meantime they were able to trade off Langenbrunner.

    That said, even raises of a few hundred K per each RFAs (they’re pretty fortunate that many of them are 1st and 2nd year RFAs unlike Parise) stars to add up. And they may have to dip into the UFA market to get a backup goalie which can cost around $1M.

    All in all, I think they keep Parise for next year on a 1 year deal, have to field a weak team next year and then fight like hell to keep Parise afterwards and then suddenly remember they have a gigantic hole in net.

  79. Doodie, Tiki- I think Alexandre Daigle has something to say about it.

    Doodie- I saw your post. I don’t want to go through any mathematical details, but it won’t be a piece of cake. Your assumption that resigning some of their RFA won’t take that much is one of the flaws. I have no doubts Lou will get it done. But at the end of the day, I’ll leave to Devils fans to worry about.

  80. OK, enough people have made me think I might be wrong on Parenteau. I just know that I’ve seen him float through some games this year, including Carolina-Isles Saturday, after doing his Rocket Richard thing Thursday.

    No shot at Parise.

    Good morning, Sally! Hope Miller left you a big tip. Also, the Rangers are 1-0 since you decided they will make the playoffs.

    Mikey, they need six divisions, or an even number, to make two conferences. And they will never cut the number of games.

  81. Also guys – How good of a fighter is Prust. I know his bout wasn’t a slugfest but he fought a bigger guy in Sean O’Donnell and he stayed in nice and close to make sure O’Donnell couldn’t use his size to an advantage. He got a few little shots in and went down after getting O’Donnell’s helmet off.

    Another point about the Phlyers (pansies) – how many of those idiots wear Visors!? All of them? Can somebody tell Coburn that if you get into a fight and you’re wearing a helmet with a visor you HAVE to take it off? There should be an extra penalty for that.

  82. Re-signing Parise in and of itself will be a huge obstacle. Even if Lou gets him at a RFA price tag it will still mean the Devils will have to consider a combination of buyouts, net asset losing trades (such as packaging high draft picks with overpaid vets for junk), Redden-esque demotions, convincing a player to retire and squeezing every last nickel out of their budget for RFAs. All of that in order to field even a 20-man roster next season. I guess they have no choice but to do what they can, but if Lou is on the losing end of a few of those negotiations I think the Devils are really up Carcillo’s Creek without a paddle.

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, I totally forgot about Langenbrunner. That’s another couple of million off the books that they didn’t have to start last year.

    I really don’t think it will be difficult for them, especially if Salvador retires (he has missed the entire season with a concussion).

    I mean, just look at the roster from last year. They are without Langenbrunner and maybe a little money from Arnott (depending on what Parise gets). Plus you figure the cap goes up.

    I’m sure Lou has talked with Parise’s people. If he can get a feel for what it will cost and if he thinks he needs the extra money, they will just either buy out Zubrus or demote him to the AHL. Problem solved.

    Really, it won’t be that difficult. I think Vancouver is probably in the most trouble since most of its defense is UFA. Montreal too, but I think they are probably looking at blowing up their team instead of trying to retain everyone.

  84. CT Blueshirt are you already applied for a GM position in the NHL ????


    I’m waiting for the “make as many mistakes as you’d like Sather-esque” contract. Surprisingly no one’s offered me one yet.

  85. Just want to make everybody’s day: You probably saw on our twitter widget thingy that the captain is skating again. Hopes to be back in the playoffs.

  86. the key for the rangers now is to control their own destiny. they do now. one hiccup and carolina is in the drivers seat.

    its a must to get at least a point tonight

  87. Thanks Carp – I propose naming the Twitter Widget something so we don’t all have to type “Twitter Widget” every time we refer to it. I suggested “Tina.”

  88. Noah-rury, 28 on

    Wow and I was considering taking the “-rury” out of my name today too.

    Uh oh.

  89. A family member of mine once worked with a lady named “Waseka.” That might be a fitting name for the twitter widget.

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, They won’t have to move any assets to resign Parise. Suppose they get him for like a 6 million cap hit, which I think is fair given the possibility of another Kovalchuk-esque career deal which would be even lower of a cap hit. They only need to find another 2.9 in salary to fund that, which they already have from moving Arnott. Done deal.

    So their depth takes a little bit of a hit. The important thing is they keep Parise without a problem.

    As for their RFAs, they aren’t getting much over their qualifying offers since none of them have really been standouts, and I’m fairly certain none have arbitration rights (other than Parise). Corrente is the only one who stands to make over $1million. They have 5 RFAs other than Parise. Even if we were generous and said they all get 500k raises (which would be double or almost double the salary for 3 of them), that’s only another 2.5 million… aka Langenbrunner’s cap hit.

    And that assumes that all of these guys need to be on the roster. They don’t. If Parise is on the roster, they actually will be able to DEMOTE one forward, and two if you count Zharkov’s RFA renewal (which may not even happen). On defense, they have 5 guys under contract, with 4 RFAs. At most, 2 stay with the big club. As for backup goaltenders, you bring in a guy for less or equal to Hedberg and it’s at worst, a wash. So in reality, we are only talking about another 1.5 million in players in addition to Parise.

    I’m telling you, it won’t be difficult.

  91. Long time since Ive heard the name Alexander Daigle. Difference between Daigle and Kovalev is Kovalev proved himself throughout the course of his NHL career to have elite talent/skill. Daigle never really materialized into all the hype. I guess my previous words were ambiguous. I meant the laziest player ever with such elite talent.

  92. Stranger Nation on

    CTB – thanks for turning this into the Debbies contract blog – work is starting to look more intersting.

    Flyer with visors – team is not that tough – just like to talk the talk – O’Donnel is a has-been; their D is way over rated starting with Pronger – dirty player who doesn’t drop em.

    Nervous Nellie, not Negative Nancy tonite…

  93. Noah-rury, 28 on

    I think it’s important to note that the Devils played insanely well WITHOUT Parise for that long stretch. That probably will bring his annual salary down (along with the obvious injury concern).

    So I agree that the Devils will find a way to keep him and not cripple the franchise in the process.

    Parise has always been the one Devil I like and can never root against. The guy would be a great fit in New York but I don’t see it happening.

  94. Doodie Machetto on

    At worst, they buy out Zubrus, and I don’t even think they do that. Their roster has shown it can win during the second half of the season, and that was without Parise. It wasn’t the roster that killed them to start the year, it was McClean.

  95. I wouldn’t trade yesterday for a year ago. I’m over it. And I think our boys will be in the playoffs this year.

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Drury skating should light a fire under the team’s ass to play well so he can’t crack the lineup.

  97. Drury’s hoping to return for the playoffs…

    Let it be said now that if the Rangers DON’T make the playoffs, it’s Drury that put the whammy on them.

    Talk about depressing news to hear…I’ve been enjoying this team without having a single thought about Dreary

  98. But Carp you know about the fact that in former times deliverer of bad news were decapitated!:)

  99. Noah-rury, 28 on

    As for trading yesterday’s shootout for a year ago, I agree with the popular opinion. Last year’s team would not have gone on the run the Flyers went on to make it to the Finals. The Flyers got their team healthy at the right time and were actually better than their seed.

    This year, the Rangers can be the 2009-2010 Flyers.

    (Just have to get in first!)

  100. You know what? Who cares about the Devil’s payroll. Go talk about it on their site!

  101. YouveGotGold on

    8. Brian Boyle should spend the summer with Brandon Prust. Last year, Prust trained with Sam Stout of the UFC. I think that would be great for Boyle as well.

  102. TheREALMikeyNJ on


    I know, my buddy jsut wants and Original Six division so bad, and that’s the onyl way he could get it to even pretned to happen on paper, which is to make 5 divisions not 6

    I know it could and never will happen. Especially about the less games.

    I told him my idea is to jsut adjust the Original six schedule to make them play each a few more times a year. That is doable.

    And not for nothing, but they absolutely shoudld be playing each other more than once or twice a season (like we do with Detroit and Chicago) The old school mathcu-ups and rivalries were what made it great.

  103. I don’t care if it’s a good player or a no-talent bum. To me, there’s nothing worse than an ex-Ranger scoring against us. It frustrates the heck out of me. Argggh!

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