It’s Go Time!


Same lineup unless Fedotenko (presumably) can’t go after warmups.  Then Kris Newbury would play.

Otherwise, Newbury and Matt Gilroy are prucha’d.

Lundqvist starts his career-high 23rd game in a row.

And we all know what’s at stake, so no need to say much more. No other relevant games tonight.

Magic Number = 5 points (any combination of points gained by the Rangers or failed to be gained by Carolina).

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  1. NYR_FAN...since 1983 on

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!

    (No, I don’t think I’m better than you, Izzy!)

  2. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on


  3. NYR_FAN...since 1983 on

    Just saw this on twitter:


    My man on the desk @BComptonNHL says Milan Lucic was hit with a puck during warmups and didn’t return. When I know more, you’ll know more.

  4. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    Feisty tonight {{{Headzo}}}

    Dubiii, i bet you’re not too far off of that 100th 1-0 game in this ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP

  5. Ryan Miller looks nothing like Judas.

    Big game tonight!!! Gotta play a full 60 minutes!!

  6. Headzo Del Headzo on

    How many times do we have to hear about that Byfuglien shootout? NBC yesterday, Curses today! Enuf!

  7. Repost:
    My 2 cents, Torts knows he is too emotional and is not tactful enough to delicately answer some of these questions. ( He’s said he doesn’t address the team immediately after games because of this – Vancouver win being an exception)

    He may say “I have no idea” or “I don’t know” but more often than not it’s because he doesn’t want to anwser the question.

    Often it’s to protect the psyche of the team or a player.

  8. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    JB i am going to fight you right now!!!

  9. i dont have a good feeling any ight jbytes! but this one we are not losing. we are at least egttinga point. i will bet my skinny jeans on it

  10. NYR_FAN...since 1983 on

    Dave Lozo DaveLozo

    Lucic is in the lineup, so whatever happened in warmups isn’t keeping him out of the game.

  11. One of my favorite (silent) Boneheads who sits near the pressbox just said I fooled her on April 1. That makes me happy.

  12. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    methinks engblom looks creepier withOUT the mullet

  13. duby looks meaner than he used to. he looks like if he saw orr anywhere near him, hed grab him by teh neck like smeagol and say, no precious for u gollum!!!

  14. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I hear Sather saw his shadow this morning. That’s six more weeks of Rangers Hockey.

  15. No mullets!

    btw, does anyone else in the NYR pressbox get the groupies that Carp does? Methinks not. And I love/know Gross and always say hi….but RR and Carp rules!

  16. i guess since its so cold in sweden, those guys are pretty hairy…i mean just look at zetterberg, he’s like sasquatch

  17. Julie – It’s never miserable out there when there are people like you, Mama, Carp, and the rest of you boneheads in the world! Im ready!

  18. Julie, if I could watch this game from where I was yesterday….that’s heaven :)

  19. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    lol JB, i’ll catch you in each universe!!!

  20. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    Sather doesn’t have a reflection either!!


  21. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on


    they must have let the real fans in tonight

  22. we gotta get more sped through teh neutral zone and get shots. skate harder boys!

  23. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    hey ILB… if you’re keeping score at home, it’s version 5.0 lol

  24. girradi is gonna be hurt alot if he keeps blockin shots all teh time. but good for him

  25. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    girardi’s gonna start collection disability in about 2 more years

  26. Girardi gets busted open on a high stick and no 4 minute power play, nhl refs are plain awful.

  27. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    is one of these guys a boston guy… he has a really annoying accent lol

  28. Stepan is getting a lot better at playing the bodyt and staying on his skates. he sued to fall down all the time

  29. Julie, e-mail me and remind me of your eta on Saturday.

    All, if you’re interested, look for news here by Thursday on bonehead picnic this Friday or Saturday, depending on when you can make it….We have a mini picnic Friday, and for whoever wants to join Saturday for game people….

    fyi, we have folks from out of country and state, so if you’re local….well then……

  30. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on


    thanks Tiki, i thought so when they showed him earlier and it looked like he was chewing rocks as he was talking lol

  31. You’re welcome, Linda. Hope you can get the trifecta of Cally/Prust/Boyle to score tonight! :)

  32. does comcast own nesn and whatever the caps broadcast is?
    or is it a dolan thing that it’s always the opponent’s announcers
    doing the game?

  33. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    lol thanks! I’ll take 3 goals from ANYONE in blue tonight!! I hope Hank gets an assist! LOL

  34. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    CT, can you imagine him and boudreau out to dinner????

  35. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on


  36. How did that not go in? Boyle made a great play to keep the puck in and get it low.

  37. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on


  38. Carp

    at least Wolski slowed down the puck

    more unhappy with 2-0
    and McCabe and Stepan waiting tooooooooo long
    to shoot or not shoot during pp

  39. ugh geez, this isn’t what i was anticipating. this team will show its character and desire and come back. they have to. if you believe it, it will happen.

  40. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    boo on you guys! big tough macho dudes throwing in the towel already… pssssshhh

  41. Headzo Del Headzo on

    It’s clear that this team can’t compete if they even make the playoffs at this point. Let’s take the high draft pick & continue the rebuild…

  42. tiki- we came out playing like its game 25. as the almighty torts would say. falling down, running into each other. cant hit teh net, shooting way wide, up into teh ceiling. etc.. they arent ready for anything

  43. games over after one period, gotta hope from some help in the standings now…

  44. yet…..wish I were on beach and checking in from there tomorrow…come on boys!!!!!!

  45. The Heterodox Economist on

    Yikes, everyone’s mesmerized by the puck!

    The Rangers look tired, I can only imagine the toll setting in for Lundqvist. Torts has no other option at this point but he has to realize that athletes are human too, they’re not human-pinballs that can grind all year.

    I wonder if this is the same reason why excellent physical teams like BOS and SAN run out of steam in the playoffs…

  46. Well, we wore the heritage jerseys in a must win game. If we lose, it’s our own stupidity that cost us. Good decision making Rangers management on jersey choice – in an almost must-win game.

  47. Let’s not forget that we’ve been less than impressive at home all season long…so these last three home games could really mess us up

  48. >>…big tough macho dudes throwing in the towel already

    Reasonable big tough macho dudes being realistic.

  49. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    No way would we even stand a chance against the Bruins if we were lucky enough to make the playoffs.

  50. The real problem is the guys dropping to the ice whenever they think a Boston pass or shot is coming.

  51. when you let destiny out of your hands it will never come back.

    this teams looks dead tired and running on fumes.


  52. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    lol Carpy, UNHEARD OF!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sheesh. you guys are gonna get splinters in your hands and asses from jumping on and off the bandwagon so much during the game!!! SIMMAH DOWN!!

  53. luckily Montreal and Buffalo are playing very good teams in Washington and Chicago

  54. NYR are 2 steps behind tonight….they need more urgency….no forecheck has been established whatsoever…it’s been a quick game, not the Rangers’ style…

  55. Period characterized by offensive impotence and defensive collapse. Afraid it will be Isles type game embarrassment.

  56. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    good point Yalzin
    you can’t make a play when you’re splayed across the ice lol

  57. this is a team thats been in the top 8 since november fall out now this season is a DISASTER.

    i dont want to hear about youth. it was good for 79 games

  58. Some cracks finally appearing in the McDonagh/Sauer pairing – could be, however, simply exhaustion. Tortorella has to play all 6 D and all 12 F, regardless of the score.

    The effort is there, so the booing from the MSG idiots is well…idiotic. But their popgun offense yet again is the biggest issue. Look at the missed opportunities by first Prust and then Fedtenko.

    The real tale, however, is that it’s that line that easily had the best chances to score.

  59. Czechthemout!!! on

    Amazingly bad period again in a must win game. Poor Hank, it is a shooting gallery out there.

    We just don’t have the talent to compete with the elite teams in the league. The defense was awful this period. The forwards just can’t make a play quickly enough. The offensive instincts just are not there. This first period was a repeat of the third in Boston. Clearley, Julien has figured out how to play us, while we still have not figured out how to play them.

  60. Could make a drinking game out of it. Every time a Ranger goes down to block a pass/shot, you take a drink of your beverage of choice (mine is iced tea).

    I swear I saw a Ranger going to block a pass down in the corner in a butterfly style.

  61. We’ll come back and win this game. I truly believe that.

    On a funny, ironic note, Krisy is actually sitting next to the family of MZA, and is having a great time talking with them. For anyone that doesn’t know, Norwegian Krisy is a huge fan of MZA, for obvious reasons.

  62. exactly jbytes. we cant score. we score 1 or 2 on average. at best, unless thomas really falls asleep, we could tie it, but we cannot let another one in.

  63. So, monster call missed by the refs and by VS on Girardi, wow they won’t even correct themselves during intermission highlights. Should have 4 minute minor, Girardi would have never been hurt by blocking

  64. Yalzin: So I assume you’re not a big fan of the fact that the Rangers are being recognized for their willingness to block shots and are either leading the league or right up with the leaders in that stat??

  65. That’s cool, Tiki. It’s a shame she (and all other MZA fans, myself included) can’t watch him tonight!

  66. there is a chris drury drinking game for recovering alcoholics. you take a shot every time drury scores

  67. Or take a drink everytime a stupid post on here is made – you might even get a buzz off of iced tea at this rate!

  68. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    ORR, instead of tearing up the jerseys, burning them and peeing on the flames
    maybe they should burn down MSG!

  69. Headzo Del Headzo on

    miked – nice. It’s also a diet I hear – you can have a one slice of his pizza everytime he scores or raises his voice during an interview.

  70. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    lol @ ‘raises his voice’

    he must have the most mellow children in the history of mankind

  71. NYR FAN

    if the youth and the vets can succeed for 79 games why cant they in the final week.

    blowing a playoff spot is a disaster after you have been in the top 8 since november.

    you cant spin it any other way

  72. I wonder if the fans at MSG have started rioting yet… it appears to be going on here…

  73. Czechthemout!!! on

    The lack of top end talent is on Sather! It really pisses me off when I hear a guy like Corey Perry, picked 16 picks behind Huge Bustamen is leading the league in scoring.

  74. OK deep breath now, feeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww, one shift at a time -let’s see what happens

  75. mundo, i repeat, i think girardi was cut by his teammate’s stick.

    and the effort was very good. not very smart at times, but very good.

  76. Czechthemout!!! on

    Hey, maybe the Bruins have punched them selves out? One can only hope we were playing a rope a dope first period.

  77. On the contrary Jim, I do enjoy that.

    However, there is a time and a place to go and block it. Every time is not that time, and taking yourself out of the play is even worse. Case in point: The second Bruins goal.

  78. No surprised, been saying for months there not making the playoffs. This organization has gone around in circles since sather’s been the GM. This organization will go nowhere as long as sather is the GM. The same old story. Next year teams that finish behind the rangers this year will be better and improving while the rangers will be the same old garbage.

  79. Reading some of the ridiculous comments on here is making me feel better after that period

  80. a little too tentative for me in a MUST-WIN game. We need to forecheck a lot harder, like Dubi does, or like Boston does


  81. Not mentioning any names, but some people on here have no idea what they’re watching, or have been watching, this season.

  82. czech- maybe its not the players we have picked but the development system we had(have). look at grachev, he was tearing the ohl up, and what happens when he goes to the whale? he underacheives, just like most other ranger prospects. and the good ones that develop are grinders who have to work twice as hard as anybody else cuz of their lack of raw talent. theres just too many similar playesr in our system. no real stars in the pipeline. unless somebody surprises.

  83. eric

    Stepan has played 80 games this season. Thats just as many as he’s played in his ENTIRE college career. The kid is worn down and playing nowhere as good as he was earlier in the season and is laboring on the top line…

    Not to mention Dubinsky, Boyle and Prust have all come back to earth…

  84. uh, did not we all agree, it is about the youth, and rebuilding and building…..I’m not giving up on us by any any means, but hello! Carp’s right… everybody!!!! hahahahah

  85. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    they should have changed uniforms during the intermission ;-)

  86. another blistering wrister from gabby to the midsection! at least hes skating hard

  87. Yalzin: You take the good with the bad…not every shot block attempt will work…that’s my point. You wanna see the end of those missed slides, you send the end of something that has worked so well this year for the Rangers.

  88. Headzo Del Headzo on

    It appears to me the Rangers are dragging their rear end, regardless of their fatigue denial.

  89. I’m saying they have to pick their slides better. The one on the second goal was the wrong play every time. How many times have they taken themselves out of the play by sliding on their bellies?

    That’s my point. Yes, you take the good with the bed, but you have to be smart about it.

  90. billybleedsblue on

    It’s killing me that I am missing the game. Regardless of that fact, I will still say the Rangers can come back from this! Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!

  91. I will say this, however, in McDonagh’s defense: On that 2nd goal WW could have and should have taken the Bruin player with the puck out along the boards, but instead, chose to wave his stick at him, which basically did nothing, other than make me yell at him at the TV.

  92. Carp

    we can talk about youth and positivity
    there has to be a shot taken on the pp
    …… least.

    they do realize that they’re up a man?

  93. I’ve been saying it all year, but most of the players on this team are not smart hockey players. They all have heart and give 100% (most of the time) but they just continue to make dumb decisions with the puck all the time.

  94. by no means am i blaming the kids but as a team when u are in the top 8 basically all year its hard to take as a diehard fan them blowing it in the last 3 games.

  95. Olga Folkyerself on

    Geico needs a new hockey commercial. Maybe use that lizard as a skate sharpener…

  96. feel bad for Krisy wasting her $$… not even helping the American economy, it’s helping the Dolan economy…

  97. i get crapped on here but let me say are you guys happy missing the playoffs 2 yrs in a row.

  98. I’m going away for a while. this “they’re great” … “they suck” stuff from period to period, goal to goal, boggles my mind.

  99. Ive been thinking the same thing Lev. Maybe we can come back for her. At least she got to meet and converse the MZA family.

  100. the only way you turn these games around is start knocking the bruins on their asses. its pretty simple

  101. Game 1/2 over and the Rangers popgun offense has mustarded a whooping 8 shots on net. That, IMO, says it all about why the Rangers are struggling mightily to make the POs yet again this year.

  102. only 8 shots on goal=not good.

    I think Torts was drinking the funny koolaid when he suggested his team isn’t fatigued. It’s been obvious for a while. Not a bad thing, just an honest observation.

  103. Eric,

    If I thought qualifying for the playoffs this year was the minimum requirement then I’d be angry. But I had zero expectations for this team this year so being on the cusp exceeds expectations. This team was never about this year only or probably next year either.

  104. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on


  105. look, i just cannot eat more ravioli
    out of nerves anymore.

    need to just get drunk
    and pretend that today (which sucked btw)
    and the past period and a half didn’t happen.

  106. Noah-rury, 28 on

    Game over.

    Season over.

    I’ve officially moved myself onto Team Chicken Little.

  107. carp at 8:42 = mama love
    I hear ya buddy….yeeesh. You all are teeing me off. What happened to LGR!!! We need that now! Where’s Greg!!!!!!

  108. thomas could take a nap headzo./ there will be no win tonight. but we should still make the playoffs.

  109. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on



  110. uh oh…, I still believe what I typed above, yet it was before the third B goal. sigh.

  111. That’s one.

    Ya know what? The hell with it? They CAN come from this, they WILL win this game.

    I believe.

  112. This is just an observation. Do the Rangers power plays seem to last for 30 seconds whereas the opposition PP feels like three or four minutes?

  113. not that i am anywhere near Mr. Positive
    the pp looked better
    than previous 2

    but they really needed to score
    or get another one before the period ends.

  114. >>Gawd…can Dubinsky wake up please!

    Oh, he’s up; he just hasn’t found the light switch yet.

  115. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on


  116. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on


  117. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they’ve been playing more focussed
    or as my yoga teacher wife would put it
    aka mrs. jpg

    they being in the moment!

  118. What a great little play by Stepan using his body to get an angle on the puck and get it over to WW. Those little plays he does that often go unnoticed. This is one talented kid.

  119. boy, if Drury was in the lineup
    he’d probably win this upcoming offensive zone

  120. at least they have a pulse now find a freaking way to get to ot and we still control our fate

  121. it’s going to be an
    interesting 3rd period

    this game could go either way

    the next goal could mean all the difference.


  122. Stepan out hustled 3 Bs to the puck to set that up. Maybe there’s some jump left in those 20 y/o legs.

  123. nyr fan

    if we do miss playoffs YES we would have collapsed.

    we had 7 pt lead with 6 to go

  124. if things dont change, there is no way youre gtetting a point out of this one, but I get it

  125. CT

    Maybe Gaborik could hire you as a coach in the offseason…I bet you could teach him a thing or two about hockey ;)

  126. >>Cut to the inside Gaborik

    And risk getting his nicely tucked jersey pulled out? Not a chance!

  127. You made it sounds like we already missed them bro….let’s just watch this this 3rd period…I won’t count them out…

  128. better go safe is death rest of teh way. ughh now that stupid goal by kelly is really hurtin. it took that goal for us to wake up. i think we should eb able to geta point tonight. really gotta wonder what cally and duby are practicing in practice. they need to start practicing shooting!! it has to be the garden ice. they cant be that bad

  129. and these young guys dont wanna let the old fart get all teh glory! cmon kids, score more! prospal is gonna be missed after this years over.

  130. Vinny scores 2 when they move him with Stepan and Wolski. tells you plenty about the lack of production by gaborik

  131. Has anybody explained all the pinging noises yet ?? It sounds like the camera is near a flagpole

  132. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    JB, i caught you and am punching you in the arms lol

  133. This old fart keeps them in the game, Mike. Along with WW whom everyone threw under the bus. He needs minutes. And you need to accept some of his defensive deficiencies. Can’t win every game 1-0

  134. Little Ball of Hate (Patty Verbeek) is going to be on the radio with Kenny and Dave coming up next!!

  135. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Somer – that’s the bell at Drury’s pizza place – dings for when the next pie is ready!

  136. U know bronzer is pumping up the team in the locker room rite now. Theyre gonna come out firing !!!

  137. I’d hope Wolski is decently fresh considering how liitle ice time he’s got recently.

  138. I hope Vinny is the one talking to the team right now. Follow the old man, young jedis.

  139. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Good news:

    Timmy Thomas doesn’t exactly have his A game going. Pucks sneaking through his silhouette. Rushing out at shooters rather than getting his feet set. Bad rebounds.

    If Rangers keep it simple (no more drop passes Dubi!) and put everything on the net, they might get another from static electricity alone.

    A point now would feel like a victory. LGR.

  140. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on


  141. Headzo… If thats true then drury can retire and leave that 5 million on the table for next season because those pizza pies are flying out the door tonite!! ha

  142. Julie – It’s definitely kitchen time, girl!

    Mickey Mouse – You better believe!! :)

  143. This is the time of year that it really doesn’t matter who scores the goals, I don’t care if in between periods they signed and played Voros/Hollweg/Brashear/Poti, just tie this thing up and get it to OT.

  144. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on


    LETS GO RANGERS LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. Aww, Vinny’s grin there. He knows what this team will do. Tie it up and win this baby.

  146. For all NN: give your team some credit. Torts can deny it as much as he wants, but his team is playing on wobbly legs. Last night’s 65 min + took out a lot of their strength. Especially on defense. And they are still in it. Look who is doing it today- the players who didn’t play much last night.

  147. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    i was wondering what a speak was going to accomplish

  148. just set up Caber for one timers from the point, one will eventually go in. even not on a PP

  149. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    Rangers are gonna tie it up on a fluke goal

  150. i think they heard all the way to the blue seats

    Eminger say

    “Huh!! ME?!?!?!!?”
    when he Sauer sent over that pass

  151. Carp,

    Do you still totally disagree with me about the way McDonagh has played? Tonight, 2-3 minutes of ice in the 2nd period and a -3 in the game….

  152. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    mccabe will have a shot deflect off a bruin and behind thomas

  153. >>i caught you and am punching you in the arms lol

    Watch me slip right through your fingers.

  154. more of that wolski-stepan-fankist line.. and get avery rotated in more. give the workhorses more of a breather

  155. CTB, you should have bolded the word “wants”. This is the first time in a while I am seeing Wolski playing with some purpose in his game…

  156. gabby must be playing hurt. thats all i can think of as to why he cant score. he can barely get in on the forecheck. hes been playing ok in other areas of teh game, but hes not a threat to score. in fact, whenever hes on the ice, i cant wait till he gets off, cuz it seems his line never scores at all anymore

  157. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    you’re a slippery foe JB, that’s why i have duct tape lol

  158. JimboWoodside on

    Just got home, I was listening to Kenny & Dave on the radio – we’re still in this game! Third periods are ours! Let’s get it tied up!

  159. orr- mcdonut hardly ever shoots. he’d rather pass it to teh boards so we can cycle more. like we dont do that enough

  160. Rangers should secretly have INS revoke Gaborik’s work visa.

    Your posts would decrease by about 95%

  161. stepan had almost nothing on that forecheck attempt. they are gassed now. 3rd period after playing yesterday is not in our favor.

  162. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    so wrapping your arms around a guys ankle is allowable?

  163. >>Your posts would decrease by about 95%

    And Gaborik’s contribution would increase by as much.

  164. i’m sorry but Artie has been
    quite invisible.

    what is the problem?

    at least Avery got a shot on it.

  165. time just flew this period didnt it? good try vinny. rest of the team sucked. can we win the next 2? we really have to now

  166. Carp

    have you attended any Rangers practices?
    what do they do?
    answer in the future
    because they really do not look like they
    know what to do when they have the puck.

    passer doesn’t know who to send it to
    and when they figure it out, potential shooters aren’t
    in position for the pass.
    as if they have NO idea how to do anything
    but hit and block shots.

  167. this is much more palatable when you’re having dinner on beach, and checkng in next day from beach. Hmmmm. I am not quite happy to be back in reality.

    Yet, I remain positive.;

  168. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on


  169. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on


  170. 4generations 4 cups on

    ORR!! The Voice Of Reason!! April 4th, 2011 at 9:45 pm
    The whole line have been ghosts. Dublowsky, Callaman, Artie. They’ve done nothing.

    thank you!

  171. j/k orrsy. ya know ilove ya. but holy crap that was clutch by the cally duby line1

  172. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on


  173. JimboWoodside on


  174. WoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooMy good luck statue is working!!!!!




    THERES tHE CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THE DESIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  176. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on


  177. 4generations 4 cups on

    SHADES OF THE COLLAPSE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. Not bad for a nose picker and co, eh?




  179. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    i think my neighbors are calling the cops

  180. negative nancies……..hahahahahahahaha! love the crowd! SAUER POWER!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. JimboWoodside on

    We WIn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  182. 4generations 4 cups on


  183. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on


  184. JimboWoodside on

    I got in here just in time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  185. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    TAKE THAT BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    5 UNANSWERED FROM THE MEN IN RED WHITE AND BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THE DESIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    MY apartment neighbors are banging on my walls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. Well said, dde….I think I’ll have a long convo with mrs…..And I have some explanation to do to my dogs too

  188. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    JB, i done kicked your tushy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. >>i done kicked your tushy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LinCPBIAOSM, if it means more wins, keep doing it, BABY!

  190. Cally and Boyle both block shots by crumpling down on the ice when the score is 4 to 3 – good thing this team blocks so many shots!!!!

  191. Holy Carcillo. I stopped watching when it was 3-0. Why did this have to be a versus game!

  192. Magic Number = *3*

    That Dubinsky goal – all praise to Dubinsky – but never forget the work by Captain Callahan to get that puck to Dubinsky. He worked his buns off!

  193. JimboWoodside on

    The only way it could have been better for Krisy is if Zook was playing and he won the game with a hat-trick!

  194. Milbury cannot possibly be too happy about this result. He must be burning inside.

  195. is the world about to end tonight?

    vs. shows the Salute, 3 stars
    and now milbury just complimented us!!!

  196. that was teh best win of the season just because of teh implications. but that pitts win in ot and yesterday was pretty damn good too

  197. as far as playing a full 60 minutes we didnt, but holy crap whata comeback. my neighbours are hatin me now

  198. And there’s no denying that this team suffers from a lack of high end skill, but their heart is obvious. It’s inspiring to watch….

  199. Noah-rury, 28 on

    Of course this happens the first time I joined Team Chicken Little.

    Sorry guys…never again!

  200. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    Sometimes being a dreamer is better than being a realist!

    These guys, wow!

  201. JimboWoodside on

    Or when they tied it – I don’t remember, but what a shriek he let out – sounded like he needed an exorcist!!

  202. this must be the most bipolar blog post of year hahah. seriously what an ending! Prospal=reason we won. did you see him firing the bench up? I AM PROUD OF MY NY RANGERS. and i cant say that every year.

  203. Milbury complained about Gaborik being MIA but it was his stick on the defensemen in front of the net on the GWG. Without that, he swipes at the puck earlier and it doesn’t go in.

  204. helmet nuzzles and a stick salute….I am so happy.
    Never, EVER, count this team out…..

    to the game/season over people….shame on you.

    Krisy, I know you won’t see this for a while, but you luck hartneller! Velkommen to NY babe!

  205. >>So what have we learned from tonight?

    You don’t have to play hard the full sixty minutes to win?

  206. this is the NEW York Rangers, with the accent on new. they are not like the old Rangers of last year, the Joke-inen losers who collapsed in the clutch

    this team is new, and gritty, and tenacious

    the lovable monsters of comeback-iness

  207. JimboWoodside on

    “You think Carp’s gonna feed us a big “Itoldyaso” sandwhich??!

    Probably! And some of us might deserve it, but I don’t think even Carp thought they would come back after being down 3-zip.

  208. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    Helmet Nuzzles, Dubi Kisses and Torts pulsating Neck Veins all around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how can you NOT be proud of this team right now???

  209. Rewatching the celebrations after Dubi’s and Sauer’s goals… I think I just died…after much flailing with utter joy

  210. >>Sometimes being a dreamer is better than being a realist!

    Dreaming is nice, but sooner or later, you’ll have to wake up and deal with reality.

  211. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Awesome stuff. And thank you, Tim Thomas.

    As some of us spotted earlier, he was out of control all night, rushing out at shooters. This left him unable to close the wickets on Prospal’s first AND Sauer’s winner. Not square. Not set. Not good enough.

    Despite the three against, LQ should gain some points over TT in the Vezina battle after this. The Bs should not be happy with their top keeper heading into the playoffs.


  212. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    i deal with reality most of the time, i like my lil dream about this team. I’ve been pretty optimistic all season, got down twice, but always kept the faith… Gotta be proud.

  213. Linda, I referenced helmut nuzzles and showed the Dubi kisses at the conference I was at this weekend. And the Cally/Dubi celebration after the November OT winner vs the Pens. This ladies reaction after that clip: “did they just do what i think they did?’. Needless to say, I lol’d so hard.

  214. ORR, your, and other people’s, “big “Itoldyaso” sandwhich??!” should come with bad tomatoes……never give up!!!!!!!

  215. Let’s go Kings! I hate these Sharks announcers, with their annoying “Jumbo Joe”.

  216. Noah-rury, 28 on

    ORR, the game/season has been over 981724 times according to your count!

    Again, I’d like to see how many people legitimately believed anything would happen down 3-0. But hell…who cares?! What a win…


  217. Tortorella deserves credit for more than bringing in Feds and Prospal….you don’t have the resiliency this team has shown time and time again (and that includes bouncing back after horrible outings like we saw against the Islanders – which EVERY team suffers from – the good ones keep them to a minimum) without the coach having a significant piece of it.

    I think a lot of Tortorella’s tough act is just that, an act to steer attention away from the team to him. And plenty of the media and a huge number of fans get sucked right into it, too, which really makes that act that much more effective.

    Am I about to annoint Tortorella as the Rangers saviour? Of course not – but he seems to get way more negative comments than positive (which again plays into his act, I think), so I’m just saying….

  218. I’d like to tell you a story and believe me, you want to hear it despite my poor english (I’m from Ukraine). it’s 5 minutes to play and I simply can’t watch it anymore, just out of emotions. My 5-year old daughter ask me to turn on the music and I randomly tune the boom box and what do you think I catch? “Sweet Caroine”, of all songs. So she dance like crazy and in the end I can’t help dancing with her and then I turn on tv again and, WHAT A MAGIC, it’s 4:3 Rangers! and they score again while we are watching. This is 100% true; I’m just speechless now…

  219. not that i wanted to mention it during the game
    Italian and superstitious run hand-in-hand ya know
    i felt somewhat calm during the game
    even at 3-0
    then we started showing more
    creativity in their zone
    we weren’t clicking…….which made me wonder
    how such play is practiced but it looked like we
    were making moves, changing it up and more
    IN THE MOMENT, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  220. >>i wish i had this game on dvd lol

    It will be a classic if Rangers make the playoffs.

  221. jbyes, that’s called coming home from vacation :) but it helps when that pain is assuaged by a night like tonight….

  222. JimboWoodside on

    I really am so happy to have found you boneheads!!! It’s so much fun enjoying a great game with great people! Thank you for allowing me into the “club”!

  223. how bout being a season tix holder and having a baby 6 weeks ago and telling my wife i will sell all of my games except the last 2 home reg season game vs atl and devils because i know it will come down to that.

    i should have held onto tonights as well

  224. DINAMO – LOLOL…so please turn off all Ranger games with 5 minutes left in the game if/when they are losing, make sure your daughter is around and turn on the music!!!!

  225. Goodnight all. It was fun hanging with youse! People who understand what it means to be a Rangers fan. ( :

  226. >>Wish I DVRed this one

    Interestingly enough, I had hit the record button because I expected to be on the phone. And, I didn’t even stop it when we were down 3-nil.

  227. If anyone needs the entire game with pregame and postgame stick salute, 3 stars, I can send copies to Mama to give to you guys.

  228. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    ^ 5 TIKI! we kept the faith!!! and we were all rewarded!!!

  229. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    JB, you need to plan your phone calls on NON GAME DAYS LOL :-)

  230. eric, you’ll be at last game? e-mail me if you can make boneheads picnic… in case you lost it.

    in fact, all, let me know if you’re around for picnic while I figure time and place.


  231. Jimbo: I just barged into this party….and, I think, got accepted without question. Even though I’m Canadian!


    Being a Ranger fan is an experience unlike any other and only fellow Ranger fans get it. Try to explain to a non-Ranger fan and they don’t understand.

    Too bad, so sad, I say, cuz they are missing out on something unique and after games like this, something truly amazing.

    Or so I believe…

  232. Czechthemout!!! on

    Great win!! Posted after the first that maybe we were playing rope a dope with and that maybe they punched themselves out.

  233. Hey LINDA!!! Long time no talk, hope all is well :) im sure everything is after tonight :)

    im sure the police are on the way to my apartment now…never screamed so loud in my life.

  234. I really, really wish Sam had the call on this game. He loves the Rangers and he’s given his life to them, I would have LOVED to hear him call Dubinsky’s goal.

  235. Jim, you nailed it……OK all, til tomorrow. Must go moisturize :) Only 2 left, yikes!!!!

  236. Hank should get the first star. He is awesome this year. we are spoiled with having him in net every night

  237. LinCalPrustBoylahan "ITS AN ORIGINAL SIX MATCHUP" on

    Duker, we’re having some interesting weather tonight, and I believe i screamed louder than the thunder! I guess my neighbors just figured it was storm noise!!


  238. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Doubly impressive win when you consider all the emotional juice they had to spend in beating Philly yesterday. And for two+ period tonite they were understandably flat. before turning it on in crunch time.

    Winning two critically important games on no rest defines the character of this team. Hope it carries over into the playoffs, understanding still some work to do to get there.

  239. In over 40 years of watching this team, this was one of the most clutch comebacks I’ve ever seen.

  240. JimboWoodside on

    Goodnight, Mama!

    Jim, everyone here is very welcoming to newcomers – I found that out pretty quickly! I say welcome to you!

    Where in Canada are you from, and how is it that you’re a Ranger fan?

  241. TheMessiah94 on

    I just watched the last 5 minutes again! Wow, what an amazing comeback! The Garden was LOUD!!

  242. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    We’re in the same ballpark Jim. Being The only Ranger fan around for miles is tough.

  243. LinCalPrustBoylahan "I AM A RANGER" and PROUD OF IT! on

    gonna be wearing the CALLY jersey in the Alabama sun tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

  244. CraigWeather on

    Wow…. just….freaking… WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of THE most satisfying Ranger wins I’ve EVER seen! Talk about a team saying fugg the fatigue…. “It’s just pain…..” 3-0? Oh….so this is where we’re supposed to mail it in, right? NOT so much! Not in our house!

  245. Noah-rury, 28 on

    I think I can safely say that tonight’s win unseated the November road win over Pittsburgh as the game of the season.

  246. That was the best game of the season!! And tomorrow will be a sweet day for us ranger fans up here in new england!!
    They played with such heart. And how fitting for the hard working kid Sauer to get the game winner.

    It feels good to be a ranger fan tonight!!

  247. CraigWeather on

    P.S. – They pulled this off w/ their heritage Jerseys…. which many of us thought were a jinx. Apparently not, eh?

  248. Jimbo: Toronto area, but I got my start (and OMG, I’m about to reveal my ancientness) when Donnie Marshall got traded from the Canadiens to the Rangers. At the time I was quite young and just starting to like hockey – my father knew Donnie Marshall so when he got traded to NY, I started following the Rangers.

    When you’re like 7 years old, that’s all you need to form an allegiance. I’ve never looked back, despite all the pain and suffering….ie throwing my transistor radio around my bedroom when the Rangers continually got pounded by the Boston Bruins in the early 70s (not so easy to watch my favourite team on TV back then).


  249. It feels good to be a Rangers fan every night, Winston! And to share that experience with all of you!

  250. Great story, Dinamo. The chances of me falling asleep in the near future are worse than the Devils making the playoffs…

  251. awww. I can’t help but wicky…..mama love to all who is “new” and/or from abroad or the great white north….take off! beauty!

  252. Capebreton: Yep…and with all those down years when you proudly (foolishly?) declare you’re a Ranger fan, you sure get subjected to ridicule!!!

  253. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Jim, been doing this since 1972, when I was five. With nights like tonight, it sure is worth it!

  254. GREAT story DIN!!

    nice offer Tiki
    i thought that vs.
    replays the game at some point
    or it replays on nhl network the following afternoon.
    just saving you some

  255. Tiki… Put me down for a copy and i ll mail u a check for the 2-3 dollar cost. I mite even tip ya and round that number up to an even 10 dollars for ur trouble. Im gonna watch this game everytime im feeling down and out. Instant pick-me-up !!

  256. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    I take back what I said earlier tonight…I love the new Tiki…unlock your doors and welcome him in for a beer or two.

  257. Unfreakin believable. This comeback was one for the ages. Who said they were tired? Almost gave my poor dog a heart attack when Dubi and Sauer scored.

  258. JimboWoodside on

    Wow, Jim! – I actually met Donnie Marshall and Bob Nevin at the timekeeper’s entrance of the Garden back in 1970, I think it was – I got interested in the Rangers (and fell in love with hockey) in 1967, the first year of expansion.

    I live in Queens, New York – and I love the Rangers!

    Toronto, and you’re not a Leafs fan!? How is that possible? ;-D

  259. I dont need any money, somerset. Ill bring 10 copies with me to Mama on Friday with postage money, and she can send them out at her convenience. Good night, guys! Tonight was a pleasure.

  260. Beast game of the year and we don’t get versus. Bettman is such a Putz. Banner day 855 responses Way to go Boneheads!

  261. DINAMO, for personal reasons I won’t get into here, that’s a great, great story and it touches my heart. :) Sweet Caroline indeed….

  262. I was wondering when you’d show up, Miami. Don’t you think Boston cookie cuttered it in the third?

  263. Jimbo: Cuz I started as a Ranger fan before moving to the Toronto area. I do like the Leafs, however. But never with the same passion as the Rangers. No team has the same hold on me than the Rangers (yeah, I know, it’s kinda weird in a way – lol).

    My wife’s a Leaf fan – we don’t get along very well during Ranger/Leaf games. Hell, our marriage almost dissolved when the Rangers lambasted the Leafs 7-0 back in January. She was on the phone to a lawyer at 5 zip!!!


  264. this was an awesome game, an incredible comeback and Im glad I got to see it all.

    I cant wait till Drury comes back :)

  265. JimboWoodside on

    Hahahaha!!!! Jim, that’s hilarious!! I can understand how your wife was feeling, however – glad she thought better of it.

    OK on your almost-lifetime dedication to the Rangers – we’re one of the “Original Six”, anyway, so it’s not like you’re a Minnesota Wild fan, for goodness sakes!

  266. Jim- it’s an inside joke with Miami. The more he bashes them, the more likely they will win. We asked him to do even more this time if the season. Team work.

  267. JimboWoodside on

    “Carp may make around 2 G’s on this thread alone”

    Carp, drinks are on *you*!

  268. I’ll leave you all on this positive note: if Detroit plays the way they can on Wednesday, we will need only one point on Thursday against Atlanta to get in. Nite, everyone.

  269. although the nesn guys weren’t too bad
    for the first period
    our sound was off for the rest of the game

  270. tomb, yes, but keep it going…….

    ack, I’ve wicky’d my aasen off. Must go….til the review tomorrow. Can’t wait to see how carp disses you dissers :) TA! So good to be back! LGR!!!!!!!!

  271. AGrossRecord

    Torts classic assessment of his team. “We’ve got balls.”


  272. what did they say, Rangers never came back from 3-0 to the B’s in how many years? who cares?

  273. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    You gotta see Dubi’s reaction picture on the TSN website….the best since the cup raising pic of Messier.

  274. Noah-rury, 28 on

    OMG that TSN picture is amazing.

    That’ll be my new background for the near future.

  275. Was so jacked up from the win that I did the dishes, made muffins, unpacked from my weekend away, and made lunch for tomorrow. And I’m STILL flying high. After being dead tired all day.

  276. LinCalPrustBoylahan "I AM A RANGER" and PROUD OF IT! on

    thanks for the heads up on the Dubi pic!

  277. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    You’re welcome Linda, and thank you for remaining positive despite the horrible start to this game. It was tough to remain calm.

  278. LinCalPrustBoylahan "I AM A RANGER" and PROUD OF IT! on

    Dubi stole my RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROAR in that picture lol

  279. LinCalPrustBoylahan "I AM A RANGER" and PROUD OF IT! on

    Cape, i had a good feeling! I had a crappy day, and just had a feeling they’d make me happy somehow! Was a tiny bit perturbed at 3-0, but that feeling would not die!

  280. JimboWoodside on

    “what did they say, Rangers never came back from 3-0 to the B’s in how many years? who cares?”

    They said that since the Bruins and Rangers came into the league, neither team has ever come back to win when the other team had a 3-0 lead.

    I think they said that both teams have played about 664 games over those years…

  281. So, no Original Six team from the Leastern Conference has made it to the Stanley Cup Finals since 1994?

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