It’s Go Time!


I was thinking this: If the Rangers had gone 6-3-1 in their previous 10, instead of 8-1-1, and then they had won their last two games, they’d be in the exact same position as they are today. And there wouldn’t be this widespread panic and anxiety.

Funny how that works. Just sayin.

Lundqvist in goal against Bobrovsky.

Gilroy is the only prucha for the Rangers. Wolski goes back in for the Reddened Zuccarello. Prust starts in Callahan’s spot with Anisimov and Dubinsky, Callahan moved to Prust’s spot. Flyers minus Pronger and Briere.

Better pray that this doesn’t come down to a shootout with the little Italain kid in Hartford.

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  1. Eddie – it seems to me that the Rangers would have to actually be in Philadelphia to play this game. If they don’t play the game then they don’t have a chance at winning. So to recap – plant seeds. grow trees. turn trees to lumber. combine with plastic to make a stick. take stick to philadelphia. play the game (and i can’t stress this one enough). score more goals than the other team. win.

  2. The real question of the day: Will Cindy Crosby take the ice for the Phlyers today?

  3. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – it does help for the rangers to be in filthy so that they can really come to play….you can throw out the records when these 2 old rivals get together… the way, how is crosby feeling?…i guess we will all find out in 9 minutes or so…

  4. No Kenny, Mick. Don LaGreca. I think Kenny had west coast baseball for Fox yesterday.

    Can’t wait for The Skid update.

  5. Why did 6 people vote for Dan Girardi in the poll on the right? Carp – can you figure out who those 6 were? Which 3 voted for other? Who were the “others” I will guess Hobbit Wizard.

  6. eddie eddie eddie on

    i make a motion to use “Prust sayin”, as opposed to “just sayin”… i have a second?

  7. You know eddie – you’re right. Records don’t mean anything. This game isn’t played on paper today. Is it? No, I don’t think it is. Martha? Can you double check that for me. Is this game played on paper? I am pretty sure today is a real-life game played on ice. Stats don’t matter out there. Unless you mean the stats you are amassing during the game. Then they count.

  8. please win today boys! we need rangers in the playoffs. torts is not gonna look very good if he goes 2 straight years without making it. especially if we blow this season. oh boy. get with it torts!

  9. MickeyM is delayed in Boston on

    Tis OK, cause I love Love LaGreca too :)

    why are we congratulating 3C?

  10. Manny, you got it. I voted twice…one at work and once here at home…I voted for Prust and Hobbit Wizard (other). LOL!

  11. eddie eddie eddie on

    I curse thee flyers, i curse thee flyers, repent flyer sinner fans…..may your collective eyeballs burn with the fury of Dante’s inferno….hope we get a good set of zebras today…

  12. Carp, its not going to work if you are not from the US..But I found a stream fron ESPN america, so we can watch it there….

    goosh my first game is such a stinker :) soccer can be so boring, if everything happens in midfield :) a new coach not always helps :)

  13. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    oh great, the other guy who scored a goal off of Girardi’s ass voted for him to be MVP.

  14. Mickey M: In the words of George Costanza “MY BOYS CAN SWIM!”

    Mazel Tov. From my family to yours.

  15. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – spot on as usual, when these old rivals get together, you can throw out the records…..that all important first goal, which usually indicates a 1-0 lead, is oh so important…OH BABY

  16. Right – focus on the first goal Then try to keep that lead. If you keep that lead then you just might be able to win.

  17. Carp, do you think McCreary will be given postseason duties, given his great stature in the NHL?

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, to me, the difference between your 6-3-1 and 8-1-1 hypothetical is the effort in those last 2 games. They effort was just pathetic and it does not bode well for their chances in the final 4 games. If they had won those two games (even ignoring the 4 point swing on Buffalo), I’d feel a lot better about their chances to win a few of these last few games.

  19. Anybody got a stream? Freaking local baseball is being broadcast on NBC and the game isn’t on Center Ice, NHLN, or anywhere else…. Ugh…

  20. MickeyM is delayed in Boston on

    Awww, congrats 3C!!

    Anyone else NOT getting the game on the radio link from the site? Just ESPN folks yakking>?

  21. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – i find that is almost impossible to come from behind to win if you dont come from behind…that said, if you maintain your lead, it surely would seem, that you should and could quite certainly, and hopefully, get the win

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    McCreary gave them something other than Crosby to talk about pregame. Now they can dedicate an entire intermission to him.

  23. eddie eddie eddie on

    yeah richards and your assen has been handed to you the last 3 times too…lol

  24. Exactly – get a lead and maintain it. You just need to score at least .1 more goals than the other team. So get up by .1 and keep that lead. If you do that you have a great chance to lead the game and a great chance to win the game. If you fall behind you have to score more goals than the other team to win so you have to come from behind. Great analysis Eddie.

  25. Weak fight. Super glad The Prusty didn’t get punched or hurt though. Prust sayin….

  26. MickeyM is delayed in Boston on

    3C, you are awful! LOL. I’m too tired and still sorta hungover to deal with shenanigans. ;)

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    Prust is always fighting guys who are much bigger than him, that’s why.

    And even so, I’ve never seen Prust get KO’ed.

  28. Thanks oleosmirf. Actually, pretty good streaming on… better stream quality for me than the others

  29. LOL “this time it was Leino and Sean Avery” when it was clearly girardi and hartnell.. lolllllll

  30. Prust is a smart fighter….when fighting a bigger guy you have to get in there and cut down on his size advantage. He can’t swing when you’re that close.

  31. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you saw smoke coming from the Ranger President’s office, would you think twice about yelling “FIRE, SATHER”?

  32. Whether or not it’s a BS call, Callahan should just stay on his feet. You’re helpless on your belly.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Grabachev, like I said, he doesn’t win many because he is always fighting guys that are too big for him. He would pound a guy like Carcillo.

  34. Yea it was a bad move by Callahan but falling down there is essentially a soccer player move. Dive.

  35. It could be the hangover but I feel much more comfortable than I thought I would right now.

  36. Doodie – that best game of the season talk re: Gabby a couple games ago was for his defensive play IMO

  37. eddie eddie eddie on

    they look good…good energy…moving their feet…lets get some shots on net…LETS GET IT ON

  38. MickeyM is delayed in Boston on

    online feeed waaaay behind, luckily near a tv that has the game on. WIN!

  39. Also, if Fedotenko hadn’t laid down, he probably would have blocked the slapper. Que lastima.

  40. Yea Eminger did look bad…where was he standing? Way too close to Lundqvist and not close enough to the OPEN MAN!

  41. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    you guys need to settle down a bit! plenty of hockey left!!!

    HIGH FIVE to you FAN

  42. best player on the ice: Gaborik. where’s Dubinsky? where’s Callahan? the almighty Avery?

  43. Almost every Flyers rush is a dangerous scoring chance; every Rangers rush results in a turnover. We’re DONE, folks! We are DONE!

  44. N.CountryNYRFan on

    yeah i’ve barely heard Dubi’s name and only Cally’s when he took a penalty

  45. >>best player on the ice: Gaborik.

    I think you meant “best Rangers defenceman”.

  46. Totally Joel – 2 defenders one forward – both D-Men forget about him. Leave him completely open. Knock him on is assen!

  47. MickeyM is delayed in Boston on

    flight pushed back even more- Wheee!

    Cmon and score Rangers, already in a bad mood, dont make it worse

  48. eddie eddie eddie on

    “eminger shoots wide” never heard that one before regarding a ranger player…

  49. Yeah, Eminger has had a tough time clearing space in front throughout the season, this isn’t anything new…Gilroy needs to play…

  50. Frank Pentangeli on

    Warm bathtub-check
    Razor blade-check…

    Cue the M*A*S*H theme…Checking out. :(

  51. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    someone please knock hartnells ugly pumpkin head into next century

  52. Have we won a single faceoff today? Why even try? Just knock the other center over its out best chance.

  53. [Edzo] “Dan Girardi loves shot blocking…”

    Translation: Dan Girardi is still learning to crawl.

  54. MickeyM is delayed in Boston on

    carcillo! laptop battery is dying, gotta go.

    Give it all ya got and then some, boys. I expect to see a win when I land in Charlotte!

  55. we are pathetic offensively. theres nothing there. best thing we can do is just shoot every single chance we get. hope for a deflection or somethjing,

  56. Best chance yet. Right there.

    NEED to win this PP faceoff in their zone. Come on.

  57. N.CountryNYRFan on

    ah man that was close…c’mon PP do something today, please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. HIGH STICK!!!!

    No excuses on this 5-on-3. No Excuses. None. HAVE GOT TO SCORE.

  59. Gaborik is our best player today….at least that’s an improvement over last year…

  60. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on


  61. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 for 15 on 5-on-3’s thank you very much!

  62. That was such a great goal. What a great rising shot there. People in front of the net. Perfect. I think we won a faceoff that led to that goal…..Prust Sayin

  63. that shot is huge. whata blast. huge confience builkder for the pp. mccabe couldve just saved our season right there

  64. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – it seems that when neither team has the lead after the first period…good chance that the score is tied…

  65. McCabe having a great game so far… Loved the response to Carcillo. That piece of Cooke needs to stop whining every time something doesn’t go his way. He’s as bad as that guy from Pittsburgh, I forget his name… they never mention him at all during games.

  66. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    Carp, the guy isnt as pale as Dru, but could be just as unanimated lol

  67. You know eddie – a tie score is essentially a clean slate. The game is basically 0-0 heading into the second. That means that whoever scores the next goal will be leading 1-0

  68. Joel, I’m also not convinced he handles the rebounds that great. Just shoot the puck…

  69. YES!!! Let’s Go Boys! I’m wearing my dubie jersey! I hope dubie beats richards down for the 5th time!

  70. I don’t think Drury’s pale. I think that comes from the flour flying off the dough when he flips the pizza.

  71. eddie eddie eddie on

    crosby – if the idea to to keep him away from harm…why ever come back?… word on his poop before or after practice….he may be backed up…

  72. N.CountryNYRFan on

    time to walk away from the TV now, there gonna show last years shoot out, great

  73. Olga Folkyerself on

    Milbury is not wearing his brown suit. Crosby has not pooped yet… Repeat! Crosby has NOT pooped yet! Milbury in brown is the sign.

  74. eddie eddie eddie on

    great shot by .7 and great knock down by .7 on that piece of carcillo, carcillo

  75. Well we figured out how Drury can help the organization – he is put there to spy on the Phlyers. Learn their coaching moves and their hand signals for the playoffs. He’s a scout now.

  76. eddie eddie eddie on

    bet anything when crosny is ready to poop…bettman will lay down and say “right here – skid – drop that deuce right here – ” as he points to his girlie man chest cavity…

  77. Secret … Agent man….Secret ….Agent man..They’ve given you a number and taken away your name.

  78. You think Crosby pooping is funny? How would you like to find a big mud monkey right there in the urinal? Mmmm-kay?

  79. N.CountryNYRFan on

    it’s pretty sad that our leading point getter only has 52 points this year

  80. McMonster rules. Look at him hop over – he skates SO well. Takes the angle away

  81. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    i saw him try to be tough, but don’t know if he spit………would not be surprised though, that guy is just pure trash

  82. You know Torts was screaming in the break – SHOOT THE BYFUGLIEN PUCK!

    Thus, Christiansen shot.

  83. everytime i want christensen to pass to shoots and everytime i want him to shoot he passes

  84. Can only assume Carcillo was pretending to spit, otherwise there would’ve been more of a reaction from the Ranger.

    In any case, he’s probably drooled away all of the saliva from his mouth already, making it physically impossible to spit.

  85. eddie eddie eddie on

    EC is the spock of hockey…pure logic…”I belive I will shoot the puck and hope it goes in using my vulcan stare to hypnotize the flyer goalie”

  86. LOL! LW, yeah I think he was pretending…but still a low-life thing to do…what a piece of cooke…

  87. It looks like the Rangers have seen one too many go top shelf on Hank. They are trying to get some of that magic.

  88. You know the commercials for that new Easter-themed movie, “Hop?” In the actual trailers for the movie or whatever, he’s hanging out with all his little chick friends. But then he’s also in a Burger King commercial for the new chicken nuggets, acting all cool playing the drums.

    This rabbit has some explaining to do.

  89. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    c3, funny you should mention that, the man and i were just talking the other day about how you never seen anyone actually drinking… i think its some kind of fcc decree that you cannot show people actually drinking the beer in the commercial lol

  90. Regardless of the confused change, if Callahan had gotten that in deep nothing would have happened.

  91. Great kill. Great. I love this aggression in the neutral zone. All the men up high.

  92. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on


  93. 4generations 4 cups on




    Great stuff by Fedotenko! GREAT!

  96. 4generations 4 cups on

    Seriously, this is what we need. Somebody with will rush in (Staal) somebody that can pass it through traffic (Prospal) and somebody to PUT IT TOP SHELF! (FEDOTENKO)

  97. 4generations 4 cups on

    Boyle needs to learn from Dubinsky that you can pull your arm under the jersey and throw punches.

  98. I don’t know, I’ve always said Callahan is the heart and soul of the team, but I think that Boyle, after his crap season last year and his substansial improvement this year is getting my vote for the Steven McDonald award after sticking up for Feds.

  99. Smart move by Lundqvist to kill momentum, even if he actually had a strap problem.

  100. Oh look, here’s a surprise!!! Lundqvist getting rolled into by a player. I wonder whose body is more sore, his or Prust?

  101. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    holy crap, that guys nose needs a light on the tip so when he lays down planes dont crash into it

  102. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    lundqvist HAS become a target? Seriously, the guy’s been gettin run the past 4 seasons at least!

  103. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – feds was not kneeling…he was falling…you cant hit someone in the face with your stick…

  104. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    lmao @ the Rangers fans giving that piece of cooke carcillo the finger


  105. cally and dubi are trying too many cutesy moves at the offensive blueline today. just get it deep and forecheck, keep them 200 feet from the ranger net.

  106. Someone explain something to me – how can Bud Light be so good at making commercials, but so bad at making beer??

  107. I went to the Rangers Premiere in Prague. Yes, I did. I have a hat as proof.

    Anyway, the beer there compared to the American, watered-down Carcillo? They drink real beer in the Czech Republic. And most of Europe, I’d reckon.

  108. McGuire: “I have a two-timer this week.”

    I was expecting a feature on the Brodeur family after that lead-in.

  109. Latona – not all American beer is watered-down carcillo. But the crap you see on TV usually is (keyword, usually).

  110. I’m with you JBytes – Emrick is like Michael Kay to me (I’m a Yankees fan). Both used to be excellent broadcasters, but now their egos are WAY too big for me to deal with.

  111. >>Dreary…Everyone wants to learn from him so badly.

    I’d love to hear what these guys have to say about him in private. That public stuff is pure fantasy.

  112. That Verizon commercial about the Flyers totally convinced me: I’m never leaving AT&T

  113. Emrick was the Flyers announcer for many years, then the Debbies announcer, so he hates the Rangers, but tries not to show it.

  114. I really don’t go for the Drury bashing – aside from being a cap leech (Sather’s fault, not his), I can’t really say much bad about him.

  115. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    Ok boys and girls……… come the most important 20 minutes of hockey!!! i don’t have any nails left after the sabres game, so have to find some gum lol

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!

  116. eddie eddie eddie on

    before the game, i predicted rangers 2-1…where are my free tickets?…..

  117. No odd men rushes please!

    And, do not try to sit on the lead too early.

    I was going to say no penalties, but alas…

  118. So i guess it wasn’t the guys like Jagr or Straka or Shany or even Kasparaitis who could’ve thought guys like Dubinsky or Callahan about leadership but Drury… whatever

  119. Did Gabby actually hit him with his stick? I know it was high but I thought it was shoulder.

  120. Hey Carp- Did you get a B-Day card for your old pal Muckler? I love your stories of him

  121. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    you’re being too kind Olga, he actually looked embalmed when he was coaching the Rangers

  122. Orr – Are you looking to start a league to rival the UFC? The Useless Butt Chin, a.k.a. UBC?

  123. gaborik’s quick release of last season has become the “wait, lemme look things over first, ponderously slow release this season.

  124. 4generations 4 cups on

    Eric he’s gonna do that stop-and-roof play. You know, the one Hugh Jessiman does? Hahahahahahah. Love our scouting, we skipped this guy. :(

  125. enough with the self-pity and self-loathing!!!

    there is a freakin cryfest in here everytime something doesnt go the NYRs way!!!

    this is freaking HOCKEY

  126. 4generations 4 cups on

    When does something go the NYRs way? We’ve scored almost naught when it really matters, and its up to Lundqvist to stop the pucks again or go home early this season.

  127. Absolutely perfect. A SO win propels us into the playoffs. Hank with redemption.

  128. >>gaborik’s quick release of last season has become the “wait, lemme look things over first…

    You mean it has decayed [cheap synthesiser reference]?

  129. Ill take a shootout win. That also gives the Flyers a much-needed point in the race for best EC record.

  130. eddie eddie eddie on

    lets go rangers ….take it to OT at least…the SO even better…we need at least 1 pt…..that said…dont fall back and let the fyers have time and space…

  131. at least were prob not losing in regulation. it looks liek at leasta point will be gained today. anything helps i guess

  132. NYR_FAN says "Keep ya head up" on

    Orr, I think Gabby has had a really good game despite not scoring a goal…I know, enough excuses already!

  133. man we are just hanging on for dear life for this extra point. once(if) we get to ot, we should be able to win this. especially in a shootout! lol

  134. Versteeg was asking Anisimov to “go”, but doesn’t want anything to with Prust? Yeah, real tough guy!

  135. need this next one like gabby needs a new shoulder! actually he needs a whole body replacemnet

  136. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    yes JB, makes you wonder



  137. god why is it so easy for pohilly to get shots n chances yet gabby n prospal dont do jack but fling it around?>?

  138. The lack of top end skill once again hurts the Rangers as they make that Bobonobski look like an all-star with their constant shooting of the pucks squarely in the middle of the net. *SIGH*

  139. of course now they gotta stress us out even more with teh shootout. man this is too intense for a sunday

  140. And what ever happened to Bryan Boyle’s offense? Not to mention beligerence? His 2nd half certainly doesn’t compare to his 1st half?

  141. wyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyySssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  142. WINNER WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on


  144. eddie eddie eddie on


  145. NYR_FAN says "Keep ya head up" on

    I’ll take the 2 pts…obviously, there are no shootouts in the playoffs…prust sayin’

  146. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    thank you Baby Jesus!!

    now i can go enjoy this 80 degrees and sunny day before chores later on!!!

  147. eric

    The Rangers have scored seven and conceded three while 4-on-4 this season. True, it doesn’t tell the whole story, but they’re not really atrocious at it (unlike last year).

  148. Huge win boys !!!! I love it. I live in south jersey with all these Flyers fans. I love shoving it in their face !!

  149. Ticker Update:

    eric fails baseline testing – out indefinitely, concussion due to sky impact with head

  150. eddie eddie eddie on

    its pathetic that NOW i will have a great day…had they lost, i would be miserable…i understand why my wife thinks i am crazy…

  151. obviously a huge win. only saw the 3rd and extra. will watch it soon.

    huge friggin win. where was that effort at uniondale the other night….

  152. 3eddie – It’s not crazy at all. It’s the life of a true fan. If you’re not affected by losing, you dont care enough.

  153. Buffalo in regulation. If it happens, the Rangers will need 4 points and Carolina will, essentially, have to win it out.

  154. eddie eddie eddie on

    by winning today, the rangers clearly did not lose….huge sabres/canes …my hope is for both teams to spontaneously combust…it happens often enough…just not widely reported…

  155. Hats right Eddie. Not losing Is good for winning. The rangers did not not win.

  156. Oh Eddie. You came and you stopped me from crying. But I sent you away oh Eddie.

  157. eddie eddie eddie on

    if you like wine…yall need to visit CA…great cabs/pinots many good whites too…

  158. I have never been to Cali. It’s pathetic. My fiance is begging me to go wine tasting with her. She says it’s a life changing trip. I suck at traveling inside America. I apologize.

  159. eddie eddie eddie on

    dude – just in my general area…there is so much wine tasting that you actually get hammered tasting….Scheid is my personal fav….

  160. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – come out and visit the eddies’ and family sometime…’specially if its a sharks/rangers final :)

  161. Where are you in CA? I like Ridge a LOT which has a few vineyards in Cali. I had one good vineyard in Connecticut where I grew up (johnathan edwards) but 80% of their wines were grown and barreled in Cali and then aged in Connecticut. They had a few great estate wines like their Chardonnay and their Cab Franc (which is big in the northeast).

    I am really sorry for writing this. It’s embarrassing.

  162. On it Eddie. We can play announcer the WHOLE time. I am sure it won’t annoy anybody.

  163. I don’t expect Buffalo to help us out. The Canes smell the blood. They’ll win in regulation.

    Doesn’t matter. Just keep winning. Put another two points up tomorrow, and we’re good to go!

    After that shootout, I realized something….We don’t need MZA! We can trade him for someone!

    Preferably someone old, who can get the kids into an “R” rated film!!

  164. ORR!! Watch what you’re saying. NYR and I will come over there and teach you a lesson about the Hobbit Wizard. Magic will overcome all.

  165. Del Zotto!? You are no longer the voice of reason!

    These pretzels are making me thirsty!

  166. eddie eddie eddie on

    now we turn attention to versus and the bruins, who will be in real ruins, when we are done doin, the playoffs are a shoo-in… guitar i am tunin

  167. Yea – I was thinking I was being kind of Douchey but pretentious prick is adequate also.

  168. eddie eddie eddie on

    do you like Maderia?….i have a couple of bottles…1844 and an 1863…

  169. Czechthemout!!! on

    Big win! Need to generate more offense. There are no shootouts in the playoffs.

  170. Those were really great years for wine. Especially the civil war years. I have a bottle of Nom De Plum from 1561. It’s actually bottled in a Cow stomach. Just waiting for it to peak.

  171. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – unless of course you drink wine with your pinky extended….that is not allowed…

  172. Pretty ironic what carp said about the shootout and zucc, considering hank blanked them. I guess we forget sometimes that we have one of the best shootout goalies in the game

  173. Eddie – I actually extend my middle finger when I drink. I had a PIMP Cup invented and hand crafted to fit this grip for me. Not cheap but really worth it. Really helps the wine open up if you drink in that manner.

  174. I know ORR!! I was only joking too. Let’s agree to never fight again.

    They need a sarcasm button on this thing!

  175. That’s a good one. I like how it can’t be confused with anything else (8==D). It’s so unique (8==D)!!

  176. Manny – I’m starting to think that you and Eddie3X are wise aasens. I could be wrong though.

  177. I think I am just being myself around here. Pretty sarcastic and clownish. I promise I am a really humble guy that just likes to laugh and make fun of himself. But yes, I come across as a wise assen and eddie really gets me going.

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