The Rangers’ Final Four


All season long the Rangers have shown us what they’re made of, what kind of heart and soul and character they have built into this identity. It’s Just Pain, they said. It’s about playing together and picking up each other, and about playing the right way, from beginning to end, and beyond, and not taking nights off and not having to explain their effort or their energy or their passion.

And as recent as a couple of games ago, there was no reason to doubt. They had, afterall, gone 8-1-1 in a 10-game stretch toward the precipice of not only a playoff berth, but even the sixth seed.

A week ago today — seven days ago — they beat Boston 1-0, a gritty, if imperfect win over an Eastern power on the road … a win that reduced their Magic Number to eight.

Well, today the Magic Number is eight, and now we need to see — again — what this team is made of. A lot has certainly changed in a week. In about 27 horrible hours in Buffalo and Uniondale, to be exact.

So they get to practice and travel today and watch the virtual scoreboards as Montreal plays at the Devils, as Carolina plays at the Islanders, and as Buffalo plays at Washington tonight.

Then they go out to begin the four games for which they will be remembered this season. I know, this season shouldn’t be about making or missing the playoffs, or winning a round or even two. This season is about identity and development and learning and building something.

But with four games left, nobody wants to look at that bright side. Not when the Rangers were thisclose last week. So the Rangers go to Philly, to play the Eastern leader, albeit the struggling Eastern leader tomorrow afternoon, then come home to see Boston again Monday to start the three-game homestand that will close the season — Atlanta in town Thursday, the still-barely-breathing Devils Saturday.

The Rangers’ season ended in a matinee in Philly last year. It could either be revived or take a critical blow in a matinee in Philly again this year.

We shall see. We shall find out a lot about this team. About what’s ticking inside.


The next two games are NBC/Versus games, Edzos. So beware and be afraid. Hopefully we’ll get a few Sid The Skid Crosby updates, too.


My goodness, I completely forgot my annual April Fools Day mention of Phil Esposito/Michel Bergeron … when the Rangers GM Espo, his team comfortably in a playoff berth but stumbling down the stretch, fired coach Bergeron with two games remaining on April 1, 1989 in Pittsburgh, and many thought the announcement was indeed an April Fools joke. The Rangers lost that day in Pitt, came home to lose the finale to the Islanders, then got swept by the Penguins in the first round, as Espo the coach went through John Vanbiesbrouck and Bob Froese in the first three games, then summoned Mike Richter to make his NHL debut in Game 4. Espo was fired and replaced by Neil Smith that spring.

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  1. Here’s my question(s):

    If the NYR fail to make playoffs, will it be seen as an utter collapse, or will it be seen as a remarkable season considering they were projected to be…well… right where they are in the standings? Was it a success that they finished 8th or 9th despite all the injuries?

    Or, will it be considered a failure? We go week to week with Torts as an idiot or a Jack Adams award winner. Will he be back?


  2. FYI-
    Center Ice is on for a week on Cablevision for free- maybe other systems too.
    Every year for the first week of the MLB season, they put a free trial on for the MLB package, and I guess they share channels some nights so we get Center Ice for free too!
    So we can watch some of those other games that could have a big part of where we stand by game time tomorrow afternoon.

  3. They have ridden their goaltender who is already passing the peak well into the ice.
    Although they may limp into the play offs and hold on they are not only 1 and done but will go down ugly…A season with a lot of grinding but no grindings to show.

  4. onecupin71yearsand counting on

    If the rangers fail to make the playoffs I would think its a collapse.
    If they only go one round and down I wouldn’t count the season as a success either.
    Just making the playoffs isnt enough. Just ask the yankees.

  5. Carp that 2 yrs in a row u got me on April fools…it took me took like to 2 am to realize

  6. I kind of want to fall asleep and wake up after the Devils/Rangers game.. watching these games is going to be too much for me to handle.

  7. I was totally a fool for the prank yesterday, and much relieved that it was a joke! The Rangers didn’t deserve to gain in any way from that horror show.

    That said. It’s been a GREAT season of hockey from the NYR and I’m happy regardless of playoffs. Only 1 team gets the validation of the cup…and only a few teams had a true dog of a year. I enjoyed watching most of the 70-something games and that is better than any season in recent memory. The Rangers of the past few years found every which way to raise hopes and then disappoint. It was like being in a mentally abusive relationship. For 2010/2011 our boys put on a hell of a performance right up until they started shaking their heads and believing even rookie goaltenders to be brick walls. Sure I want to see some blueshirt playoff hockey…and WANT THE CUP, but not making the run is not going to retro-ruin this season.

  8. CW – Simple answer: It’s a dismal failure. When you have a goalie like Lundqvist, the playoffs should be a foregone conclusion. This is one of the top goalies in the world in his prime. Even if you consider the team in front of him weak(which it isn’t) they should be in the playoffs. They should have made it last year and they should have already made it this year. If they don’t, there’s only one consistent cog to lay the blame on, and that’s the head coach.

    Also, gotta raise issue with you comparing MZA to Immonen. The Hobitt has world-class skill. His hands alone could probably keep him in the NHL. This is the leading goal scorer in SEL last year, who was one of the sole reasons Norway wasn’t blown out of the water in the Olympics. Immonen, while a an all-star in the AHL, never had anyone one skill that stood out. Everything about him was average or below average when you put him against highly skilled players. He’s a mediocre player in the KHL and could only dream of making an Olympic squad.

    One last thing. I’ve never been one to jump on player comparisons, since they’re almost always wrong. With regards to the St. Louis comparison, many people forget how utterly unknown he was until his second or third full season in Tampa. Sure he was a standout in Vermont and in the AHL to some extent. But the bar was set pretty low for him in the NHL. Calgary never thought he’d make it, and so he was picked up by Tampa as a free agent. He was 27 years old the first time he scored more than 30 goals.

    If, as you suggest, the Rangers dumped MZA, they certainly wouldn’t be worse of a team this year. How they’d feel two or three years from now when he’s scoring goals at 25 a clip is a different story though.

  9. “If they don’t, there’s only one consistent cog to lay the blame on, and that’s the head coach.”

    Seriously, that’s garbage. Is having a marginal playoff team in terms of player talent not a “consistent cog”? Or am I completely missing something, and the Rangers should’ve been challenging for home ice each of the last two years.

    Fire everybody (sigh)…

  10. The team that plays with their second D-pair as rookies. Their number one D-man started shaving recently. The goal scorer who is slumping or hurt. Probably both. The most consistently productive line’s age is younger than Chris Chelios. Combined. Did I mention another rookie whose age is 20? I’d like to have an explanation how is that coach’s fault. If they make the playoffs, they would overachieve. I think we forgot what rebuilding is, folks. We could’ve easily been competing with Edmonton for number one pick instead.

  11. The White Plains Batman on

    At this point it will hurt like hell if they don’t make the playoffs but it’s not the end of the world.

    As ilb said, the line(Dubi-Artie-Cally) that has carried them all season has two “veterans” one who just turned 26 weeks ago and another who will be 25 at the end of the month. Their center is a 22 year old who hasn’t completely grown into his body and only in his 2nd NHL campaign.

    Step and McD were college kids a year ago, Prust was a young goon instead of a 2-way 3rd liner, and Boyle was just becoming an NHL regular.

    With some key free agent signings (Richards, and MAYBE even Ehrhoff if they can get Drury to retire, Redden to Europe, and send Boogey to the Whale), and adding more youth like the Valentenkos, Hagelins, Krieders, Thomas’s, etc. this team will be in pretty good shape next year.

  12. Garbage in, garbage out.

    I wouldn’t pretend I’ve always been enamo(u)red with Torts either. Despite the mess of a roster he was given last year, I wasn’t impressed with his work then – barely anyone on the roster played beyond expectations or showed improvement – and his public conduct was mostly awful.

    But he didn’t deserve to get fired then and he sure as hell doesn’t now, playoffs or not. I just don’t understand the mentality that makes anyone think it’s even a discussion point now.

  13. I actually thought that last year they should’ve been in the playoffs, hence they underachieved. But not this year. And they started sticking to their new plan during the offseason. Not making the playoffs would hurt every fan, no doubt. But most of us would definitely prefer missing the playoffs as long as it meant we were building a long term contender. I don’t think anyone wants to see 1997-2004 again. Patience, ‘heads.

    In terms of Torts. Most of us felt he was not the greatest of them last year. In fact, I was really worried that he wasn’t the best to teach the young core last year. I was wrong, and glad to admit. At the same time most of us, including myself, felt that he needed at least another year. And, at least to the most of us, he didn’t disappoint.

  14. Lol @(u), LW3H. I can almost hear your accent saying it..What are you wearing, btw? :-))

  15. Buffalo-Washington on NHLN-HD, Carolina-Islanders on MSG(+), both at 7 pm. Can you say PIP?

  16. Hey Carp – Any thoughts on the PHWA NY chapters boycotting the awards. Have to say as a former sportswriter and a hockey fan I think that while it is sad as Andrew Gross pointed out it is absoluteky necessary and I for one support you guys in your decision. The NHL needs to stop acting – in this issue as they do in almost every other one – like a total old boys network and recognize that this is the 21st century. We’ll see what they do….

  17. “Was it a success that they finished 8th or 9th despite all the injuries?”

    How could it be. They were 2 pts from 6th place and the injuries would be no excuse for a collapse. Who is injured right now that would be an excuse for why the team tanks?

  18. A happy Saturday morning to all!

    If the Rangers don’t make the PO’s it will be seen as a collapse if they compete at the level seen in the Islander game and don’t play to their identity. However, we’ve seen development in this team’s compete level overall and if they play with passion and grit, there’s no shame in being beaten by a better team. The organization will be critically judging which players show up in these last four games.

  19. billybleedsblue on

    nutgirl said, “The Rangers of the past few years found every which way to raise hopes and then disappoint. It was like being in a mentally abusive relationship.”

    wow, that really hits me. i’ve said it before, coming to this site is like therapy for me (and us all at times).

    as for success vs. failure, I’m on the fence, but only about one thing. to not make the playoffs is a failure because it robs Lundqvist of the opportunity to make a deep run to the cup. he’s not going to have many opportunities left (in his prime) as he’s creeping up to 30…

    If they don’t make the playoffs, my greatest fear is that they scrap the idea of sticking with the youth movement– something that I don’t want to see happen. I like what I see on this team. Although the Rangers don’t have any clear-cut superstars (yet), there’s a chemistry that’s undeniable when they are firing on all cylinders.

  20. billybleedsblue on

    Also, Carp, I was at that game 4 in ’89, Richter’s debut…I lost my voice yelling “You ain’t no Gretzky, Lemieux!!!” ha. also I recall… “Carcillo on espo!” filling in for “let’s go Rangers!”

  21. Anyone with some spare time today and wants a good laugh, check out the Devil’s Fire & Ice Blog from last night. Tom Giulotta does a good job with the blog and the fans turned on him last night. I only bring this up to compare to the comraderie that we enjoy here with Carp and the posters here. The post to read is about the 5th one down and is titled about Elias’ hat trick keeping the Devils alive at 9:13 last night. Apparently some of the posters are a little sensitive that Giulotta keeps bringing up that they are 1 point from elimination (an important fact IMO) and he reported about the delayed reaction by the fans of throwing hats when Elias scored his 3rd which some took as an insult. The in-fighting on this post had me laughing.

    Here’s the link if it works –

  22. Hey Carp – to revise my post above a bit, actually it’s the PWHA that deserves most of the ire here. If anyone starts the discussion here I will re-post what I posted over at Andrew Gross’ blog today, which also should be required reading for everyone here as it actually could directly impact us here someday, as in, what if the Rangers decided they didn’t like something Carp wrote and decided to simply revoke his credentials over it? Wouldn’t bode to well for our blog, would it, never mind the rest of the far reaching implications.

  23. If they think that is a large amount of posts, clearly they don’t ever come here to RR. Love you guys!

  24. Sally! I hope you woke up this morning humming a tune about the Hobbit Wizard. His legend continues.

    We need a big win by a much depleted Caps team, a scrappy Islanders team that better put up back to back performances and a big win by our buddies the Debbies wouldn’t hurt either.

  25. speaking of Esposito, before that he made one of the worse trades in ranger history when he traded away Ridley, miller and crawford for carpenter. Ridley and miller became the heart and soul for the caps and carpenter was a bum.

  26. It’s a virtual Civil War over there at Fire & Ice.

    I think Carp rules with an iron fist here and while there might be some arguing among ourselves no one really attacks Carp and if they did I think the legions of loyal Carpists would attack!

  27. Peter, I don’t think the PHWA issue is as simple as that, though. Notice that the vote was only 7-3, I believe, in the NYR chapter. (I am no longer a member, but was an officer for several decades).

    First and foremost is this: Is the blogger representing an actual news organization? Because if he isn’t, how is he getting media credentials? Or can anybody with a blog demand media credentials? Do you think that pressbox would fill up pretty quickly? People could start a blog and go to every game for free and have great seats and go into the lockerrooms, etc. From what I hear, that’s how it is in D.C., because the owner is an AOL guy. They’d have more media members than fans.

  28. Thanks, Manny. Tom Gulitti is a very close friend of mine, and he does a great job covering that team (he covered the Rangers for many years). I guess he has more tolerance than you guys (and me).

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  29. To put it another way, if LoHud got rid of my abdelkader and I tried to start my own blog, I don’t know if the Rangers would give me media credentials.

  30. Peter

    As unpopular and publicly silent as Dolan and Sather are, I don’t get the impression they would ever be as stupidly crass and arrogant when it comes to PR and media relations as the enormous sense-vacuum that the Wang/Snow tag team undoubtedly is.

    Agree that the PHWA stance nationally appears a bit strange, but I wouldn’t blame them more than the Islanders organisation, whose childish response today says it all.

  31. That is an insane system (if ANYONE with a blog could get cred). I think that Hockey, more than any other sport, should be completely private behind the scenes. We want to know what goes on in there but I agree with Torts when he refuses to talk about anything that happens back there. That is for them and we should stay the hell out of it and make our observations and believe we are actually smart.

    HBO was REALLY cool when it followed the Caps and Pens and I hope they do more of that stuff to let the fans have a fantasy of what occurs in the locker room but letting anyone in there would be a disaster.

    Always got your back Carp.

  32. Well, I’ve said this for so many times that I’m beginning to feel like the AFLAC duck.

    This team refuses to park a guy in front of opponent’s net. They just will not do it.

    Then they have nerve enough to complain about the lousy power play. Well what can you expect? This is bang bang in your face spur of the moment hockey played in this day and age. It isn;t 1957 or 1987. All you had to do was watch a few games and take note of the speed that ends changed hands and the action didn’t flow – it poured! Both teams back and forth.

    What Rangers do is dump and chase then sidle around the boards ..watching their PP is like watching a pin ball machine that never tilts.

    NO center of the zone action. What they do is wait til a team mate corrals the puck and then sneak ( momentarily) into the crease area but if the shot is missed they quickly depart. Oft times the guy behind the net is LOOKING for someone to give it to, but then he gets jumped and has to dish it off to anyone he can see, even if he’s up at the blue line.

    Watching a Ranger PP is like waiting for icicles to form. I don’t see any other team play like this. Look at Lidstrom, look at the other Strom who parks in front of the net and stays there as long as his teammates have the puck in the zone. He’s like a moving hydrant. Well of course these guys don”t know what they’re see they play for those antiques known as the Red Wings.

  33. Those are GREAT points Fran. I always hear after a loss that the other team really “took away the middle of the ice.” It sometimes looks like we just don’t play the center of the ice…cycle on the boards…puck be hind the net and cycle in front looking for a centering pass. I agree that they have to park someone big (BOYLE) in front of the net and bang people out of there and smack pucks home.

    Put that biscuit in the basket.

  34. Fran, excellent points. In fact, even 5-on-5 that appears to be the plan of attack. Get the puck deep. Send it up the side of one boards. Then back behind the net. Then up the other boards. Then back behind the net where it’s intercepted by the defense and carried out. It’s frustrating to watch.

  35. LW3H – The discussion on Tortorella can go in a wide variety of places, from whether he was responsible(partially or otherwise) for the roster last year or if his coaching has really driven players to succeed or how much talent he’s been given to work with. But there’s a simple fact that no playoffs for two years almost always falls on the shoulders of the coach. The last Ranger coach to see two full seasons without the playoffs and without getting fired was Red Sullivan during the mid-1960s. And he was dispatched 20 games into his third full season. An honorable mention goes to John Muckler, who inherited Soupy’s mess in 1998, missed the playoffs that year and then the following two before being fired.

    Tortorella came to NY with 21 games left and secured a record marginally better than Renney, so it’s a stretch to say he coached the 2008-2009 team into the playoffs. Even so, if he misses them this year, that’s two years in a row he’s missed the mark, and that’s something that always falls on the coach’s head. Especially in NY. Hell, Renney made the playoffs for three consecutive years and is the only Ranger coach since Soupy to see second round action and still got fired!

    Sure there were some problems Tortorella inherited: The lack of first-line center, the broken powerplay, the ridiculous contracts to Drury, Redden and Rozsival. But here we are, more than two years later and the only real difference is that Rozsival is gone and Redden is in Hartford. Yet he’s also benefited from having one of the league’s most talented goaltenders, a solid top-pairing defensive line and a sniper who ranks(or ranked) among the best in the NHL.

    Do the math and it all equals an ax coming down on Torts’ neck if he doesn’t make the playoffs this spring. Like him or not, that’s the reality of the Rangers. He’s got four games to secure his job. They’re against two genuine cup contenders, a team that should have been a cup contender and a hungry franchise that is every bit as young(and hungry) as the Rangers. He wins two and Carolina loses two, he’s back behind the bench. Rangers lose three and Carolina wins three, don’t expect to see much more of the Torch. While I was willing to give him a pass last year, this season falls on him and him alone.

  36. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    No playoffs is 100% definitely a collapse. There is only one place to put the blame. This year makes it Sather-Chapter 10- a story that has no happy ending. Next year will be Chapter 11, Bankruptcy.

    If they miss the playoffs, Fire Sather.

    Olga is right. Psychotic, but absolutely right.

  37. phil

    So essentially, you’re saying that he should be fired because “it’s New York, that’s what happens”? That might be true, but it doesn’t make it justifiable.

    There’s missing the playoffs 1998-2004 style, with grossly underperforming, badly structured teams, and there’s (potentially) missing the playoffs by a point or two with a moderately talented but mostly hard-playing, young team. Why draw any sort of parallel between the two?

    Unless you seriously think this year’s team has massively underperformed relative to expectations – your comments suggest not – why should the outcome of one or two games be the ultimate barometer of a team’s progress and the coach’s performance? Reactionary moves like that will get the team nowhere fast.

  38. i for one will not be watching these games tonight. i will wait to about 10:00 tonight to check the scores. I am so frustrated by a potential collapse occurring that I will not put myself through the torture of watching carolina beat a isles team that will completely lay down. come on does anyone think the isles show a pulse.

    and the question was asked earlier if the rangers miss the playoffs will this be a failure.



    im on the ledge someone save me

  39. NYR_FAN says "Keep the Faith" on

    Carp, what is your abdelkader? Press pass? LOL!

    cw, I disagree about MZA. He’s only 23. You have no idea how high the ceiling for the guy is. You should more optimistic about his future than “who cares”…

    Sally, it’s really cool that you sing about the Hobbit Wizard!

  40. Why thank you, NYR_FAN. Fried Man is also known to utter a ditty at times.

    The Princess is curled up on my feet. Cats are amazing. LETS GO RANGERS!

  41. Rangers simply are uptight right now……

    They need to soak in couple of..making them a little bit more relaxed..

    You youse putting them under too much pressure, I am sure..

  42. NYR_FAN says "Keep the Faith" on

    LOL! Manny is a character…

    Yes, Princess Dubinsky right? haha!

  43. They shouldn´t watch the scoreboard tonight, instead heading out for a nice team dinner enjoying their companionship….

    I know what i am talking about as I could work as a psychologist ……

  44. By the way, the Rangers have a team psychologist belonging to their staff ????

    The big teams over here have all their own psychologist helping them out in their mental approach to the games…..

  45. eddie eddie eddie on

    This team will make the playoffs and win a round at the minimum…i feel it in my bones…moreover, my astrological consultant has told me that since my moon is in pluto and my 7th house is nearing uranus (yours, not mine) – its pretty much guranteed,,,,that said, ……………….go fishsticks and craps

  46. Here’s a scary thought…

    Canes win tonight…Canes win tomorrow

    We lose tomorrow

    We’re in 9th place!

    Wow! Who would have thunk it a week ago? It would be nice if we can get some help for a change. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

  47. 4 Points, 4 freaking points. I think that if we can just get 4 lousy points in these last 4, we will be alright. It wasn’t even about losing to the Isles that scared me, it was how we lost. This team needs to come out and set a tone of tones tomorrow. We were outbattled, outskated, and outclassed by the Isles. I can see outskated, but outbattled?? Inexcusable. I hate needing help from other teams, but we do need help from other teams. In some ways, I really feel the Flyers game and the Boston game might be easier games than the Atlanta and NJ games. I really hope we can get it done here and not have it come down to the last game.

  48. eddie eddie eddie on

    if nothing else, the pressure of these last 4 games, which are clearly playoff-like in nature, will serve them well should they make the dance….i love my rose-colored glasses….it makes reality whatever i hope it to be…….and besides, my rising sign is nearing saturns’s ring,,,this tells me that crosby did have a good poop this morning….any other updates on him?…havent heard much in the last hour or so and i am starting to jones a little….

    Assistant General Manager, Player Personnel, Assistant Coach and General Manager, Hartford Wolf Pack; Assistant Coach Jim Schoenfeld
    Assistant General Manager, Hockey Administration Cameron Hope
    Special Assistant to the President Mark Messier
    Head Coach John Tortorella
    Assistant Coach and Goaltending Coach Benoit Allaire
    Assistant Coach Mike Sullivan
    Director, Player Personnel Gordie Clark
    Assistant Director, Player Personnel Jeff Gorton
    Senior Advisor to the President and General Manager and Director of U.S. Amateur Scouting Mike Barnett
    Hockey Consultant Doug Risebrough
    Hockey and Business Operations Adam Graves
    Head Professional Scout, Europe Anders Hedberg
    European Scouts Jan Gajdosik
    Otto Hascak
    Vladimir Lutchenko
    Amateur Scouts Larry Bernard
    Rich Brown
    Brendon Clark
    Daniel Dore
    Ernie Gare
    Tom Thompson
    Professional Scouts Rick Kehoe
    Gilles Leger
    Kevin Maxwell
    Peter Stephan
    Head Athletic Trainer Jim Ramsay
    Equipment Manager Acacio Marques
    Assistant Equipment Manager Jason Levy
    Massage Therapist/Assistant Trainer Bruce Lifrieri
    Strength and Conditioning Coach Reg Grant
    Strength and Conditioning Consultant – Europe Daniel Hedin
    Video Coach Jerry Dineen
    Manager, Madison Square Garden Training Center Operations Alex Case
    Video Analyst Jim Sullivan

    It seems they dont have team psychologist ????
    How can you be so under developed…..

  50. eddie eddie eddie on

    sally – tony …never surrender….never give up…..the fight goes on, the battle remains…someday when we are dreaming, deep in love and alot to say, things we will remember….

  51. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    It could be true that Tort’s job is on the line as regards making the playoffs or missing out. However, I don’t think the coach’s job should be on the line. He has done a decent, if unspectacular job. I especially like the standards of performance he holds the players to, and the passion and drive to win it is evident that he possesses, which has to rub off on some of them. Would Cally skate through a brick wall for Renney or some other milquetoast? I doubt it.

    To bring another man in here to run the club would be unnecessary rebulding, and just a P.R. stunt to build some optimism going into next season, by upper management. This club is still building and should not tamper with those pieces of the rebuilding puzzle that are already solidly in place, starting with the coaching position.

  52. fran
    nice way of explaining our pp idiotic approach.
    i’ve also want to point that when the Rangers
    succeed their moving much better and not spending
    so much time glued to the boards.
    when they do, it’s a bad omen.
    i know our team isn’t a locker room of
    elite talent but if that’s Torts/Sully’s ONLY
    approach i just hope that it changes
    just as much as safe is death.

    sometimes i have to watch other teams play
    especially western clubs in order to see
    how hockey could and should be played.

  53. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Injured center Sidney Crosby skated in practice with the Pittsburgh Penguins on Friday for the second time in as many days.

    NHL Holiday Declared by Bettman!

  54. eddie eddie eddie on

    listening to, i will be tossing out arcane beatles lyrics from time to time…

    stepping outside she is free, we gave her (the rangers) most of our lives, sacrificed most of our lives, we gave her (the rangers) everything money could buy….why would she (the rangers) treat us so thoughtlessly, how could she (the rangers) do this to me….

    friday (sunday) morning at 9 (actuall 9:30) o’clock she is far away….

  55. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Of course it’s Torts job on the line if they miss the playoffs. Sather will need to deflect the blame to someone else once again. He’s running out of scapegoats.

    Then it will be time to make Messier GM. Sather can still be El Presidente for awhile.

  56. Carp

    i can’t speak for everyone here but Nasty
    made a point that i agree believe many here
    would support — it wasn’t just the idea of losing to the
    isles but the manner in which they lost.
    for a team that has played with passion
    and should know what’s on the line, showing
    such a D- effort was shocking.

    yes, the team has improved in a lot of ways this year
    but after the sour taste of last season and the promise
    of what’s been shown this year
    at the very least making the playoffs
    doesn’t seem like a farfetched thought or outcome.

    do i expect much from them if they do make the playoffs?
    anything can happen but a first round exit would not be surprising
    after i’m done with the yelling
    and cheering and being bummed out
    i’ll realize that we’ve made progress and
    hope it continues next year.

  57. Orr, i have a new fave: Emily Atack from the British series the Inbetweeners. That is all.

    LGR!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s game…beautiful weekend…You are all the best!!

    Manny, even when there is a bit of a spat between fellow boneheads it usually is muted and then resolved. Lots of good folks here.

    ilb, great points on the team. I share your usual.

  58. Hobbit Wizard Love? Anybody?

    Seriously – if the Rangers do not make the playoffs I hope the entire Front Office of the team takes a few weeks off. There will be too much panic because what a collapse it will be. A collapse of MET proportions!

  59. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – by rooting for the fishies, you are actually rooting for the rangers which, as you know, is a good thing…we are ALL rooting for them tonight…

  60. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – if the rangers beat the flyers tomorrow, they may just get 2 pts… all depends on the final score it would seem as whether or not they win or lose

  61. You know eddie – it would seem to me that the final score would be determinative of the amount of points the Rangers get. That said, the Rangers will have to play a good game. If they play a bad game – they may not get those points. If the final score has more numbers in favor of the Rangers they should have the win and then they should get at least 2 points. Now, if the numbers are more in favor of the phylers then the Rangers will probably not get 2 points. As you said, it all depends on the score of the game. Which will be determinative of the winner.

  62. “Do the math and it all equals an ax coming down on Torts’ neck if he doesn’t make the playoffs this spring”

    Sorry, Phil, but I disagree. Torts is building for the future and has gotten through to Sather that this is the way to build a team. We all know that the team is difficient in high end talent. If he were to get canned I would be shocked.

  63. You know Eddie – another point we really haven’t discussed is whether or not the Rangers want the two points. Maybe they don’t want the two points. IF that is the case then they might not ask for those points and they may not get them. The league isn’t sure WHO wants what points at what time. You have to let people know if you want those points. I remember a christmas when I did not want a bike but I got a bike. The Rangers could not want the points but get them anyways if their mom doesn’t listen.

  64. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – once again, you spell it out in terms that the average fan understands….the key as always is getting that first goal, which virtually assures them of taking that 1-0 lead…if i am not mistaken….

  65. You’re right eddie. We have to talk on a level that the fans understand. Goals are good. If the Rangers score a goal, especially the first goal, that would be good. On the flip sipde, not scoring a goal would be bad.

  66. LW3H – I’m saying Torts has had two years to keep this ship on course or moving forward. Yet he missed the playoffs his first full season and is standing a growing chance of do so again this year. The improvements I see with this year’s Rangers seem more to do with the players maturing than anything else. Look, making the playoffs isn’t exactly difficult in the NHL, and if you can’t make them for two consecutive years, there’s a serious problem with your coaching or your franchise. Renney brought a far less talented Rangers to the playoffs for three consecutive seasons. This year’s team, no matter how you slice it, has plenty of talent to at least make the playoffs. If they don’t, I lay the burden on the coach. Simple as that.

    Put another way, good coaches take average franchises and make them great. Mediocre coaches take good franchises and make them average. Were I to put Torts in a category, I’d say its the latter. Then again, the last two games have really left me jaded. It’s positively the worst hockey I’ve seen so far this year.

  67. NYR_FAN says "Keep the Faith" on

    Does anybody else want to see Gilroy get back in? Eminger hasn’t exactly been putting on a Norris-type performance lately…I hope Gilroy plays if we get in the playoffs…he’s one of those guys that has a history of being “clutch” in “big games” (No, I am not Joe Mich)!

    Does anybody think that the organization giving up on him? He probably isn’t going to get the qualifying offer…

  68. You know Eddie there is a lot of talk about John Tortarella losing his job as head coach of this team. I heard that he is a good coach. He has a beard. That’s a lot of style. I also heard that he is in good shape. That’s dedication! Martha told me that John won a Stanley Cup with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Now I had to look up what this “Stanley Cup” is but when I looked it up it appears to be a championship trophy owned by Lord Stanley. Now I don’t know about you but if I was friends with a “Lord” I don’t think I would lose my job ever. I learned at a very young age that Lords and Nobles are powerful people!

  69. NYR – Vibin’

    I love the idea of Getting Gilroy back in. I actually support dropping a forward and carrying Gilroy as an extra D-Man and using McCabe as a specialty player ONLY on PP. McCabe scares me on all other aspects. Especially a 4-on-4. He is so slow. Therefore, drop a forward (Christiansen) and carry one extra D-Man.

  70. And great coaches with average talent live on the playoff bubble.

    IMO, you have to be blind to not see the good this coaching staff has done with this group, and more importantly, how it has dictated the direction of the organization … and has gotten the GM to buy into that direction.

    Talk about same old, same old. Let Tortorella go and get somebody else in here and you’ll get plenty of same old, same old. Back to the decade before Tortorella. You guys remember that decade, don’t you?

    Jesse Spector and his toy camera have Tortorella’s presser from practice today:

  71. Yes, it’s all Torts’ fault! Fire Torts!

    Then fire our new coach next season!

    Then after that, fire the next coach!

    Torts has done a great job. If not for him, we’d probably see a different team.

    What some people fail to realize is, nobody even thought this team would be in the playoffs, myself included. He’s kept them competitive all year. He’s done everything right.

    Firing Torts is just dumb. Makes no sense. We’re not an “elite” team. I we were, and we failed to make the playoffs two years in a row, then you’d have an argument.

  72. NYR_FAN says "Keep the Faith" on

    Manny, that’s an idea but, Torts wouldn’t do it…I think it’s either a choice between Gilroy and Eminger…McCabe is actually the only d-man on the team that knows how to break up a 2-1…

    My goodness, Girardi (and Stahl too) should study tape of what McCabe does to break up an odd man rush…

  73. NYR_FAN says "Keep the Faith" on

    But, McCabe isn’t much better than Rozy (Blowzy) in the rest of his defense, and may be worse…

  74. NYR – you’re right. I am just saying what I would like to do. McCabe scares me but he does take the man and he does use his hands and he doesn’t back up all the time like Girardi.

    Let’s just drop Girardi! (just kidding).

    I hope those guys watch tape along with Michael Del Zotto – I hope he is learning a lot. I can’t wait for him to be back.

    Torts has done a GREAT job. He is a stellar coach. He can’t be on the ice. He can only coach and Coach his heart out he has.

  75. Cross Check Charlie – The only reason the Sather-Tortorella duo is going with youth is that they don’t have any other choice. Sather painted himself into a cap corner, then Torts came along and made it worse(signing Kotalik, Brashear, Boogaard). I think if you want to heap accolades onto someone, it’s Gordie Clark. He’s the guy who is starting to get some serious talent into the system.

    Anyway, let’s hope that it doesn’t come to the Rangers missing the playoffs! I’m just saying if they do miss the post-season, there are going to be more people hovering over Torts’ neck with an ax than just Sather. By more people, I mean the bean counters at MSG.

  76. phil

    I won’t call you blind (I’ll leave that to better men than I…) but suffice to say, I completely disagree.

    There’s no way Renney’s Jagr-led team had less talent than the current line-up for a start (though there were certainly a lot of flaws). And good coaches take average franchises and make them great *within two years*? One of which the coach had a roster he wasn’t exactly enthused about? (Tampa Bay of course, were never an “average franchise” or worse before some coach took them to a Cup, right?)

    Or if Torts is in the latter category, as you argue, when since Sather has been in situ (and beyond) have the Rangers been a “good franchise”? The franchise has been close to rotten for vast swathes of the 15 years I’ve been following it.

  77. There is no way Torts will lose his job. The team performance has improved
    and the young talent level has increased. The key for me is no more free agent bad contracts.

  78. Sorry, Phil. I think you’re wrong. I think his job is safe. Since when do bean counters decide who is going to be the coach? It’s the GMs decision and Sather and Torts are working together to build a team.

  79. The good thing about the Dolan regime (and the bad thing) is that he does not get involved in coaching changes and such. In fact, he frowns on firing people. He wants stability. Bean counters aren’t going to cost this coach his job. Only one person will make that decision, and I think it will take a lot worse than missing the playoffs for that person to make that decision.

  80. The very fact that Brad Richards isn’t here shows you how much Sather and Tortorella agree on the direction of the franchise … because if the bottom line was to make the playoffs, he’d be here. And probably a couple of other older guys, and maybe even Wade Redden.

  81. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – and one ithing is for sure, you cant score unless you shoot…..the real key, it seems, will be shoot and shoot often, but then, all i know, is what i know, ya know?

  82. Eddie – another brilliant observation. You have wonderful eyes. You can’t shoot if you don’t have sticks and you can’t have sticks if you don’t have wood and plastic. I say support the lumber industry and the rubber/plastic industry! That is how you win games. Supporting good american labor.

  83. eddie eddie eddie on

    lord have mercy…manny you are firing (and i dont mean the rangers coach) on all cylanders today

  84. while renney’s teams made playoffs, he didn’t develop or give the youth much-if any-chances….

  85. That’s right Eddie – I try to imitate a car as much as possible. American’s love automobiles. I want to be loved. If I act like a car then Americans will love me.

  86. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    My take is it would be a disappointment if they do not make it. I don’t care if the team is all vets or all rookies or a combination, I expect the organization to put the players on the ice that give them the best chance to win.

    I also do not care if the player is home grown, a vet, a rookie, or what. If they give us the best chance to win, that player should be in the line up and if he doesn’t, he should not be playing!

  87. The White Plains Batman on

    In my opinion Torts gets one more year if they don’t make it next season. With the chance of the younger players improving, and getting a Brad Richards to center the first line or Christian Ehrhoff to QB the PP, that will be add ons talent wise.

    Also, you don’t know which kids not named Krieder or Hagelin who are the forerunners for roster spots will impress in camp.

  88. Preds are only four points out of Division lead. They’re playing the Wings right now, and just scored. 1-0

    They were 10th or 11th place two-three weeks ago, and now they’re close to 2nd-3rd place. Goes to show you how tight the West is.

    And anybody who says “it’s not difficult to make the playoffs in the NHL”, LOL! There’s a few teams that beg to differ. It’s not easy at all.

  89. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – incredible insight, by planting a tree…we are helping the rangers to shoot, thereby, score, thereby taking the 1-0 lead which could allow us to be ahead in this pivotal game

  90. Exactly Eddie – plant a tree – Cut it down – chop it up – make a stick – shoot – get to drink out of Lord Stanley’s [PIMP] Cup.

  91. I give the credit to Carp for pointing out the obvious :P

    Going after Richards is a mistake. Going after Ehrhasselhoff is a mistake. Let the kids play!

    Miked, good point. Remember, ever since Torts took over, Callaman has been better each year. He was a borderline 3rd liner under Renney.

    Renney trusted Hollweg over the youth. Enough said!

  92. Alright, let me give another example: Scott Gordon inherited a joke of a franchise on Long Island. Predictably, he had an awful season his first year. He improved the winning percentage from .372 to .482 between 2009 and 2010. Yet when he got off to a slow start this year(despite injuries to Okposo and Streit), he got canned. Maybe it’s apples to oranges comparison, I don’t know. I’m just saying, if Torts can’t make the playoffs, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he got the ax.

    Again, let’s hope it doesn’t come to missing the playoffs. Heck, I can’t even believe I’m writing that and thinking its actually possible!

    LW3H – the big difference I see between these Rangers and the Jagr-era Rangers is that teams only needed to shut down one line before. Granted, that one line was better than the top line today. But that’s the thing. There really is no top line, just four strong ones. I think this Ranger team is a hell of a lot tougher than the Jagr Rangers. Talent, I think, is in the eye of the beholder. Saying one team had (or has) more talent than another is really a loaded statement and more subjective than anything else.

  93. wicky

    Reading between the lines, I’m seeing “If Brendan Witt was a Ranger right now, we’d be celebrating the President’s Trophy being captured.”

  94. NYR_FAN says "Keep the Faith" on

    You know, I just watched that Torts interview…he seems very concerned with Zuccarello’s size and confidence…and he even admitted he is responsible for it…

    I just don’t get it…

    Anyway, that said, I fully support Torts. He has done a great job with the franchise…

  95. NYR – I don’t get why they focus on his size. Why not focus on his magic abilities!? Why not focus on his resistance to the powers of the Ring/Rink?

  96. Orr – Totally agree on the youth. But back in the Renney days, Hollweg was the youth!

  97. Firing Scott Gordon didn’t make any sense either.

    Snow has been quick to fire coaches in his short time as GM. He fired the last coach that coached them to the playoffs, which Ted Nolan, who did a good job, but they didn’t see eye to eye. This could be a similar situation.

  98. Comparing anything with the hirings and firings on the Island is more like comparing apples and a turd sandwich.

    To cut across this discussion and wicky’s (almost) “fill the line-up with the best current players regardless of any future planning” viewpoint, would I back the 2006/07 or 2007/08 Rangers to beat today’s team in a playoff series? Pretty sure I would. Which team would I want over the next 3-5 years? Definitely the latter.

  99. I did appreciate Tortorella’s comments(and his acceptance of some responsibility) about Zucc. That’s kind of what I figured when he was demoted.

  100. That’s true. Hollweg did have youth. He peed on a girl. You have to have youth to do that.

    But, seriously, he was a smart player. He made bad decisions, but Renney still trusted him, until he pretty much screwed us over in game three against the Pens in 08, with yet *another* boarding penalty.

    I saw him with the Yotes last night. He looks extra creepy.

  101. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – you make it sound so simple…. lets hope that the rangers plant the seeds to grow the trees that allow them to score that important first goal to possibly take a 1-0 lead…

  102. JimboWoodside on

    Hello, ‘heads!

    Just a quick comment on what fran said acres of posts ago – it is even more difficult to understand why our team will not plant a player with fortitude (Prust comes to mind!) in front of the net like Detroit does, because the rules have been “adjusted” so that the defense can’t interfere and hack away at the “moving hydrant” like they used to do back in the day when Espo or any of the other “crease-parkers”were active. The defense will be penalized, leading to a 5 on 3.

    Even if the “hydrant” doesn’t have great hands, he acts as a screen or a deflection point for any shots that come in.

  103. Great interview, thanks for the link, Carp. That’s what you expect from a good coach during the time of an adversity and looking into 4 important games to play. It isn’t time to rip your players apart. You need to convince them to keep playing the way they played all year. It worked, no need to change.
    Carp, I think it’s a little more than just Torts and Sather being on the same page. I have a feeling that John has been a bit more insistent than just “let’s try it ” kind of things. No doubt, if Torts wasn’t here we would have Richards already. Sans Dubinsky/AA, McD, first rounder and who knows what else. That is what scares me the most- if Tortorella’s gone, Sather may hire someone from his old clan again- that would spell downward spiral again.

    In terms of Renney’s team as compared to current roster. It was built to make the playoffs no matter what first year, and by adding Shanahan they figured to go for it all the way next year. There wasn’t a long term plan whatsoever. It’s in place now. And having some sort of stability is crucial in this situation.

    Wicky- in terms of putting the best players out to give them the best chance to win. Let me ask you: would you sign up now for winning the Cup this year and follow it by 7 years of misery and humiliation, ala 1998-2004 ?

  104. The White Plains Batman on

    When the franchise barely had any youth injected into the lineup from 98-04 and when all the ones who were (Manny, Savard, Knuble, Kloucek, Johnson) were either mishandled, traded, or had awful career-ending injuries, a guy like Hollweg was a breath of fresh air initially.

    By midway through year two he was already expendable with guys like Cally, Dubi, Dawes and even Immonen showing more than him.

    I like this team and the way it is now; even adding a Richards or Ehrhoff (very underrated player because he played in San Jose behind Blake and Boyle and is just another guy in Vancouver) will not mess with the core. The Krieders, Hagelins, Thomas’s will step in, Richards would replace the Christensens, Prospals, Wolskis, etc

  105. That’s right eddie – plant the trees – maple, maybe pine, spruce…the right type of trees are Crucial!

  106. Eddie – Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are calling the Yankees game and they sound exaclty like us.

    Joe Buck: “You know Tim – for the Yankees to win today they need a good start from their pitcher A.J. Burnett”
    Tim McCarver: “That’s right Joe – if he doesn’t pitch well they could fall behind.”

  107. JimboWoodside on

    I expect the icelanders to show their true colors tonight – but I hope that they will prove me wrong.

  108. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    would you sign up now for winning the Cup this year and follow it by 7 years of misery and humiliation, ala 1998-2004 ?

    ilb- When you root for a franchise that wins a Championship on average every 20 some years, I’d take a guaranteed Cup in exchange for seven years of misery. We’ve had 13 years of it so far, with no Cup in sight. And if anyone but Sather runs the team during those seven years we should come out of it with another contender.

  109. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – i cannot emphasizing how important scoring more goals is regarding winning the game….if you can score more, you should be able to , in all likelihood, and certainly statistics bear this out, win the game…would you agree?

  110. You know Eddie – I would agree. In most circumstances. Again – it’s about fundamentals. You have to put the biscuit in the basket more times than the other team. If you want to win the game you better follow that advice. And remember – score those goals on the opponent and during the game. You don’t want to go out there in the afternoon and score a lot of goals. Only goals scored during regulation play actually count. Martha – maybe you can double check that for me?

  111. It’s a good point Charlie – You can’t be homeless if you want to make quippy hockey observations. If you are homeless you might not be able to see all the games and if you can’t see the games you probably don’t know what’s going on and won’t be able to make such astute observations.

  112. eddie

    Crosby’s stool is now symptom-free and has been practicing with the fecal matter of his teammates *for the second consecutive day*. Except for Tyler Kennedy’s, which is day-to-day with a lower poop injury.

  113. Hold on a second- he was practicing with them two days in a row as of yesterday. Does that mean he couldn’t practice today for a third day in a row? Has anyone called NYC emergency rooms to see if Mr. Bettman is being admitted?

  114. Bettman is probably surgically attached to Crosby right now……..”Hey Sid – You gonna play? Hey Sid how you feeling? Hey Sid you wanna get some sushi?”

  115. “Nothing’s changed”, Crosby said. I guess he hasn’t even noticed he’s been practicing for two days in a row. I’d say, November 15th…LMAO @ Kovalev.

  116. eddie eddie eddie on

    if bettman fondles crosby in pittsburgh, we you hear about it in a gay bath house in toronto?

  117. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – but the curtains are up…..would love to be a peeping eddie eddie eddie….

  118. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – can you picture bill pidto sneaking peeks inside the “roped off” area?

  119. I can totally picture Pidto being the “towel boy” and maybe Trautwig mopping up after the entire sordid affair is over.

  120. Carp, in terms of PHWA issue. While it’s understandable that not every blogger should be allowed to have credentials, I think the situation is a bit different. First of all, we are not talking some “blast from the past” random guy with his cooky blog. Chris Botta was in their organization for years. And his blof was very popular and welcomed by the Islanders initially. The whole thing exploded after he started to be too critical of them. One can’t help, but recall the similar scenario with Bill Jaffe not long ago.

  121. If the Rangers don’t make the playoffs there is no doubt Torts is fired and this team is dismantled.
    Most likely our RFAs don’t get resigned and I definitely think we probably trade all our draft picks for other draft picks.
    (like bundle a 4 and a 5 for someones #1 and then trade our 2 #1 ‘s for 5 #3’s ’cause we’re going to need some depth)
    Hobey Baker Award finalist, Todd White will be brought up from CT to be the cornerstone of our rebuilding process (he’s ready) in which case we sign Brad Richards for tutelage /veteran leadership.

  122. That just ruined my dinner plans, dde…Every single paragraph of it, and especially the Hobey Baker stuff.

  123. eddie eddie eddie on

    a little ditty i just penned…

    Ev’ry mornin’ at the rink you could see him arrive
    He stood five foot nine and weighed one eighty five
    Kinda broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip
    And everybody knew, ya didn’t give no lip to B. Prust

    (B. Prust)
    B. Prust
    (Big Bad Prust)

    Nobody seemed to know where Prust called home
    He just drifted into town and stayed all alone
    He didn’t say much, he kinda quiet and shy
    And if you spoke at all, he just said, “Hi” to B. Prust

    Somebody said he came from New Orleans
    Where he got in a fight over a Cajun Queen
    And a crashin’ blow from a huge right hand
    Sent a Louisiana fellow to the Promised Land, B. Prust

    (B Prust, B Prust)
    Big Bad Prust

    Then came the day at the bottom of the mine
    When a timber cracked and men started cryin’
    The Flyers were prayin’ and hearts beat fast
    And everybody thought that they’d breathed their last, ‘cept Prust

    Through the dust and the smoke of this man made hell
    Walked a giant of a man that the Flyers knew well
    Grabbed a saggin’ timber, gave out with a groan
    And like a giant Oak tree, he just stood there alone, B Prust

    (B Prust, B Prust)
    Big Bad Prust

    And with all of his strength he gave a mighty shove
    Then a Flyer yelled out, “There’s a light up above”
    And twenty men scrambled from a would-be grave
    Now there’s only one left down there to save, Brandon Prust

    With jacks and timbers they started back down
    Then came that rumble way down in the ground
    And then smoke and gas belched out of that mine
    Everybody knew it was the end of the line for B Prust

    (Brandon Prust, Brandon Prust)
    Big Bad Prust
    (Big Prust)

    Now they never reopened that worthless pit
    They just placed a marble stand in front of it
    These few words are written on that stand
    At the bottom of this rink lies a big, big man, Brandon Prust

    (Brandon Prust, Brandon Prust)
    Big Bad Prust
    (Big Prust)

  124. It does. He was counting on that $14 so he could go out tonight and have some Molson Ices.

  125. If i’d known they’d line up just to see him
    I’d taken all my money, and bought me a museum
    funky tut – buried with a donkey
    funky tut – he’s my favorite honkey!

  126. 20 years ago i used to hear oh almost every team makes the playoffs in the NHL, now we have a good team here and they are fighting for their playoff lives’s good to have excitement to the last game….. but jeez ….

  127. eddie eddie eddie on

    LW – any newer updates on crosby?….its been a few minutes now….the WORLD needs to know…

  128. King Prust – Adapted from Steve Martin’s “King Tut” – Dedicated to Eddie 3x

    King Prust (King Prust)
    Now when he was a young man,
    He never thought he’d see
    People stand in line to see the boy king Prust.

    (King Prust) How’d you get so funky?
    (funky Prust) Did you do the monkey?
    Born in Ontario,
    Moved to New York City (king Prust).

    (king Prust) Now, if I’d known
    they’d line up just to see him,
    I’d taken all my money
    And bought me a museum. (king Prust)

    Buried with a donkey (funky Prust)
    He’s my favorite honkey!
    Born in Ontario,
    Moved to New York City (king Prust).

    (Prust, Prust) Dancin’ by the Hudson, (Disco Prust, Prust)
    The ladies love his style, (boss Prust, Prust)
    Rockin’ for a mile (rockin’ Prust, Prust)
    He ate a crocodile.

    He coulda won a Grammy, (king Prust)
    Plays hockey in his Jammies, (king Prust)
    Born in Ontario,
    Moved to New York City
    He was born in Ontario, got a condo made of human teeth,
    King Prust!

  129. eddie eddie eddie on

    That’s been taken, LW3H. Apparently, NHL HQ possesses that precious piece…

    hahahahahahahahaha :) wayyyyy funny

  130. That NHL guy with the white gloves came for Crosby’s turd, it’s now safely enshrined in the Hockey HOF

  131. billybleedsblue on

    Crosby update:

    It’s just been reported that Cindy has finished his dinner and is currently being burped by legal guardian Mary-O. There’s no telling how long this process will take as Mary-O must be even more gentle with Cindy in his current fragile post-concussion state.
    “Normally, this would only take a minute or two, ” said Mary-O of the daily “post-din-din burpies” as he called it. “I’ve just gotta be patient and make sure to not hit him too hard. One errant blow could easily set back his recovery.”


  132. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – if hank makes all of the saves, does that mean the flyers probably will not score tomorrow?….that makes getting that 1-0 lead so important…but to do that, 2 things must happen, first, the rangers must score first, and second, the flyers cannot score first, what are your thoughts on that one?

  133. You really said it great there Eddie – If the Phylers score first that means the Rangers did not score first. That would mean that the Phlyers would be winning 1 – 0 which would also mean the Rangers don’t have a lead. I know we have discussed this before, but when you are down 0-1 it’s very difficult to win if the score remains 0-1.

  134. eddie eddie eddie on

    billy – thx….i was nearly beside myself with worry….to know the skid, is to love him…well, that’s what buttman says…

  135. Carp should consider adding this guy to the widget. That way we don’t have to scramble through internet to find important updates.

  136. eddie eddie eddie on

    dde – i cant even fathom sitting in the stall, staal, and stahl, next to the skid as he tries pinching a #4….that must be some colon blow he is snacking on in between practices….

  137. ilb – this guy should maybe get his own widget?

    On another note – can we name the widget something? I don’t like typing widget. What about……Tina?

  138. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Guess I shouldn’t post from work, takes me too long to respond.

    Not sure why you still want Witt at this point but in fairness to you, if he was available and the organization thought he gave them the best chance to win over other players, then I would be all for them getting him. Clearly that is not the case, so sorry, but I don’t think your guy is coming.

    I honestly think the salary cap prevents any type of dark years run from happening and yes, I would love a cup this year!

    Back to work assens!

  139. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – big game with buff and the craps tonight….chances are really good that if the craps win, it MUST mean that Buff loses….i could be wrong tho, what do you think?

  140. You know i have had Martha crunching those numbers all afternoon. I think that if the Caps win then the sabres MUST have lost. You see eddie – there is no tie in Hockey anymore. Martha tells me that there is some system that involves a pointless 5 minutes overtime followed by a shootout. I assume that means the players get rifles and shoot at each other. Now – If the game gets to that point the Rangers are going to have to hope that the players on the Caps and Sabres shoot each other.

  141. This woman in the studio for the Islanders game does NOT look like she hasn’t had a tough go of it.

  142. Oh god – ORR!! you’re right. He even has a letter on his uniform now. Less letter than Drury but still more than Drury should have.

  143. You can already tell that the Islanders do NOT care about this game. Cam Ward in goal. NO chance of this going well for us.

  144. Village People with the first stupid penalty.

    Hahaha. They’re checking the lineups. My April Fools joke is coming true!!!!!

  145. Penalty on the ‘Canes for Delay of Game for starting the wrong starting lineup. Offset penalty though. No PP.

  146. JimboWoodside on

    That’s the Ranger magic!! We make all scrub goalies look like Georges Vezina!

  147. billybleedsblue on

    I really don’t like it coming down to rooting for other teams, but…
    let’s go other teams!

  148. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – intersting point….i didnt see that until you so clearly articulated it….it does appear that the craps winning just about means that the sabers almost have to lose..

  149. The Islanders do NOT care about this game. It’s like watching a totally different team. All we can hope for is a freak injury to a crucial ‘Canes player. Which would be mean and immoral so don’t do it.

  150. JimboWoodside on

    My remote control is gonna be getting quite a workout tonight…too bad finger exercises don’t burn significant calories.

  151. I guess we’re cheering against Montréal tonight, eh? However, a Devils loss would put them out of their misery, once and for all.

  152. JimboWoodside on

    Hahaha!! One of the Caps almost took McCreary’s head off with a clearing shot!! Maybe they don’t like him either!

  153. Gilroy needs to play tomorrow.. when we were flying he was out there making plays. If I’m not.mistaken his best game was the last philly game. We need more offensive talent at the moment and while I like Eminger and think he is a very sturdy d man, with strength along the boards, we need more movement in the offensive zone.

  154. Yorktown Ranger on

    Joe Jitsu, wasn’t that a cartoon in the 60’s? (now I’m showing my age)

  155. Hi Carp. You think that McCreary will get postseason duties, given his stature in the NHL?

  156. In all honesty as long as you guys dont have the power to bolt the regime of the more unsuspecting and the ruler with the cigar, you probably rarely see the light at the end of the tunnel…

  157. From SNY Rangers blog:

    In my opinion, Rangers Report continues to be a must read on a daily basis for Ranger fans

    Keep doin’ what you do Carp!

  158. JimboWoodside on

    Neuvirth is looking very shaky tonight, and even the craps announcers mentioned it….

  159. JimboWoodside on

    Jbytes, I know what you mean – but I just cannot bring myself to hope for a Debs win…

  160. I am fine with a Habs loss or a Debbies loss. Both have their upsides. As long as neither team wins……

  161. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – i have been on Cielo drive where all that manson insanity went on…..the single most chine spilling area you ever want to see….crazier still trent rezner lived there for awhile….

  162. I think I’ll feel better with a Devils loss. I’ll no longer have to hear about their their coach and “miracle comeback”.

  163. eddie eddie eddie on

    the devils – how does one come to be a devils’ fan? Seriously?….i can see why some lunatic could like the islanders (well, not really)….but the devils?….i dont get it….that team, the devils franchise….they seem like a homeless person in a way…not to rag on the homeless or anything…

  164. JimboWoodside on

    I agree too – to hear their dickwad announcers constantly crowing about how “they’re still alive” is just too much to take…

  165. eddie eddie eddie on

    the craps dont realize that backchecking is allowed….that team does not scare me in the first rd WHEN the rangers play them

  166. i’m having a lot of fun going from the butler/vcu, mets, islanders, and devils game. my wife? not so much

  167. eddie eddie eddie on

    i am watching the craps game…and hoping, as all of us are, for a Craps regulation win …but without a twinge of the usual nervousness that one experiences watching the rangers…anyone else know what i mean?

  168. JimboWoodside on

    I think Jersey fans (and residents) have an inferiority complex, like (some) Canadians do….

  169. JimboWoodside on

    I gotcha, Eddie – we’ll have that “twinge” tomorrow around noon…

  170. eddie eddie eddie on

    johnny – i know of what you speak, my brutha….tho i am alone this weekend (once every 4 yrs or so) but i love that lil women as she is special…as all of our babes are…

  171. JimboWoodside on

    Whoa! Tavares (Heaven must be missing an angel) just scores….Isles, 2-1!

  172. Is there something fishsticky about Grabner, a 23 year old #1 pick – #14 overall, making 765k, being exposed on waivers by the Panthers?

    Has this been discussed?

  173. eddie eddie eddie on

    The flyers and craps as # 1, and #2, really both are #2, if ya know what i mean…calling the white hand-gloved one…

  174. >>C’mon, Ovie – DO something, will ya!?

    Ovie is saving the rest for the playoffs.

  175. JimboWoodside on

    Panthers weren’t the only team to give up on him, though…..he showed nothing like he has with the piles with his other teams…

  176. eddie eddie eddie on

    c’mon craps…bruce brew-doe drops a lot of F bombs…he is funny…

  177. JimboWoodside on

    I really dislike hearing Piggs McDonald doing the piles play-by-play, though…too many horrible memories….

  178. wow enron with a BRILLIANT save from in close

    he’s the smartest guy in the room

  179. The Isles pick up two guys who only managed to play 25 or less games for their respective clubs, on the 3rd or 4th line. They give them top line minutes, and they score 30 goals.

    Slats should take a hint.

  180. Jimbo – Im not saying this to start anything with anyone. Im saying this specifically to you because you’re one person on here that Im 100% positive is capable of having an intelligent discussion without resorting to insults. First, I dont think there really are any true Jersey fans, ones that would even feel enough for the Devils to have an inferiority complex. Second, in my time getting to know you guys, Ive come to realize that Rangers fans have the inferiority complex of pre-2004 red sox fans. And the inferiority complex is sadly directed at more than just one team/rival. In advance, you might view my feelings re: sports as inferiority , but it’s actually not. I know that New York is the greatest thing in the world. What my feelings re: sports developed out of is a strong, passionate desire for equality and fairness.

  181. eddie eddie eddie on

    brew-doe “byfugelin byfugelinbyfugelin byfugelin byfugelinbyfugelinbyfugelin byfugelin”…almost like he just leaned to swear…..

  182. JimboWoodside on

    Gotta give their front office credit for that though, Orr – don’t you think?

  183. Congratulations to Shaka Smart and VCU on their terrific tourney run; they should be proud of themselves for their display in the NCAA Tournament.

    Congratulations to Brad Stevens and Butler on their successful path back to the NCAA title game. I hope they win it all if the title game is against UCONN.

  184. eddie eddie eddie on

    tiki – i love you like a brother….but what the byfugelin are you talking about?????

  185. Imagine Humpty Dumpty Boudreau while his wife is giving birth.

    “Honey, I can byfuglien see the byfuglien head coming out of your clitsome. How long is that byfuglien umbilical cord? Is it going to choke the clutterbuck out of my byfuglien kid? Why does my byfuglien baby have all that carcillo juice on it’s body? ”

    Good times! I’d rather see that video leaked on the internet instead of Rex Ryan’s officer foot fetish vids.

  186. JimboWoodside on

    Tiki, I would have to think about your suggestion for a while longer, but I can only speak for myself – ever since the Icelanders won their first playoff series from the Rangers, and until at least 1987 or so, they almost always were winners – 4 straight cups, lots of winning seasons where they pummeled my team.

    And the constant “1940” chants from their lousy, frontrunning fans – I don’t know if you can call it an inferiority complex, but I certainly was jealous of their ability to get good players while we could not!

  187. eddie eddie eddie on

    tike – devils’ fans are sick, truly sick… one comes to root for them is mind-boggeling…

  188. JimboWoodside on

    And I *hated* every single cup they won – I would have rooted for a team of Martian communist cannibals to beat them in a cup final!

  189. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    i’m having a lot of fun going from the butler/vcu, mets, islanders, and devils game. my wife

    Johnny U- If you put your wife at the front of the rotation, maybe she would be satisfied until you got through the rest.

    Just a suggestion…

  190. 3eddie – I was not “mad” at jimbo. I was trying to strike up a conversation based on a realization I came to recently.

    Jimbo – I understand the 1st part. Exactly on the 2nd part. “1940” is a lot like “1918”

  191. As far as I’m concerned, the only good Devils fan is a…um…crying and miserable Devils fan.

  192. eddie eddie eddie on

    tike – well, then, never mind….i am feeling hopeful that tonight will be scoreboard nirvana for us….

  193. JimboWoodside on

    Tiki, I’m not familiar with a “1918” chant – is that a Yankees vs. Red Sox thing? I wouldn’t know, since I’m not a Yankee fan..

  194. If the Islanders win in regulation tonight, it would be so absolutely huge. 20 more minutes…

  195. JimboWoodside on

    Glad that Neuvirth has calmed down a bit – he looked very bad in the first period.

  196. JimboWoodside on

    I’d feel a lot more comfortable if the Isles had a few more goals – Canes aren’t going to lay down & die in the 3rd….they know the implications of this game for their playoff chances.

  197. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Frak, tell me what the hell is going on?

  198. Jimbo – Yes, it’s a Yankees-red sox thing. Im not sure – off the top of my head – if it was ever a chant. Id have to imagine that Yankees fans at the Stadium chanted “1918” at some point.

  199. JimboWoodside on

    No worries here, fellas – I didn’t take Tiki’s comments as an indication that he was “mad” at me.

    I’d really like us to all get along nicely – sometimes we can just agree to disagree…..

  200. billybleedsblue on

    Jimbo, I disagree. heh. did I just hear it right…Don Cherry just said that Crosby should NOT come back? wtb?!

  201. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Tiki – that makes sense. “1940” just drove me nuts…especially when frontrunning slobs who didn’t have a team to root for until 1972 were chanting it.

  202. Wick, some Cane was on a partial breakaway, and Okpiggo threw his shoulder into him and he went flying into the net and boards.

    If that was a Rangers play, the Cane would have went flying into Hank.

  203. “Manny Malhotra underwent a second successful eye procedure. Manny Malhotra’s health continues to be our primary concern. Progress updates will be made available at the appropriate time. No further comment is planned at this time.” Bryan Berard had seven subsequent surgeries before returning to the NHL. – Ottawa Citizen

  204. JimboWoodside on

    Yes, he did say that, Billy – he compared Crysby to Lindros when he came back for a playoff series and Scott Stevens nearly killed him…boy, they showed a replay of that hit – Stevens really leveled him with an elbow directly to Lindros’ head….

  205. And for the record, I wasn’t defending Devils “fans.” Like Ive said on numerous occasions, I genuinely dont think there are any true Devils fans. I mean, can anyone imagine a Devs “fan” losing sleep over a loss? That’s more outrageous than the hope for world peace…World peace is more likely to be achieved before a real Devs fan comes into existence :)

  206. JimboWoodside on

    I wish Manny luck – but making an analogy to Berard isn’t too promising, since he basically has one eye now.

  207. JimboWoodside on

    I think there are a *few* Devils fans – only because they play in New Jersey – it’s that inferiority thing – Jerseyites will *always* feel inferior to anything from New York!

  208. billybleedsblue on

    Tiki, why so down on Devils “fans?” Could this be some sort of inferiority complex? Hmmm…

  209. You think they’d get a update from a doctor as opposed to some anonymous guy of the street.

    Best wishes Manny.

  210. Not a big fan of Don Cherry. But I’m starting to gain some positive feelings on him for how he talks about the respect that tough guys need and get in the league. But, most importantly, for how his voice breaks down every time he speaks about someone who died on the line of duty. You can’t fake that.

  211. I was trying to avoid the needless digs or ‘tit for tat,’ billybleeds. Of course I don’t feel inferior to a Devils “fan.” I cheer the greatest hockey organization in the greatest city in the world.

  212. >>Bruce Springsteen is a real Devils fan.

    I’m happy to report I do not own any of his records; I won’t even download them for free. I’m just not into his “boss/working class” schtick.

    I do like “Born to Run” though.

  213. True Blue Mike on

    You know, you would think the one time i root for the dam Islanders they could actually win? No… still hate these dam fish sticks.

  214. JimboWoodside on

    That creep coach of theirs must have told them between periods “hey guys, take it easy – if we lose, it *really* screws the Rangers!”

  215. eddie eddie eddie on

    Mccreary and crew havent called a single penalty yet 14:32 left in the 3rd…

  216. We cannot be too upset at Islanders; the Rangers are responsible for their current predicament.

  217. JimboWoodside on

    Isles are just so predictable – as I said, Thursday night was their Stanley Cup moment of the season.

  218. I’m watching Devils match just so I can hear their obituary from Chicano Resch.

  219. billybleedsblue on

    JB, I couldn’t agree more. It’s ridiculous to have to root for other teams come this time of year. This was and still is very much up to the Rangers. You can’t blame the icelanders or the debbies or the craps etc….

  220. like i mentioned earlier i would wait towards the end of these games to check the computer to get the scores.

    i will put myself through the torture of watching the other teams win

    i noticed the isles were up 2-1 going into the 3rd

    what a surprise they blew it.


  221. JimboWoodside on

    Incredible! Nothing is going right for us tonight….even the Devs just scored, 3-1….

  222. Islanders actually put up a good fight….and let’s not pretend like the Rangers didn’t do it to themselves…

  223. Those other teams’ game breakers are coming through for them. Ours is still trying to “find his game”.

    Caps tie!

  224. The last game of the year against te Devils will not matter because by then this will already be over. And don’t look now but Toronto is winning as well. If the Rangers lose tomorrow and Carolina beats Buffalo, it will be Habs 91 pts, Buffalo 89, Carolina 88, Rangers 87 and Leafs 84.


  226. JimboWoodside on

    No argument – Rangers had it all within their control, and played like crap on Thursday….


  228. So pretty much all the teams we needed to lose tonight, either won or picked up a point.

    Tomorrow could be a looooong day on this blog if NYR lose and the Canes win. That’s for sure.

    Carp might have to shut the blog down for a day or two.

  229. eddie eddie eddie on

    rangers win their games and they make the playoffs, its all you can hope for…control your own destiny..we will make the playoffs….believe and it will happen…

  230. JimboWoodside on

    I don’t know about shutting it down, but the profanity filter may have to be strengthened…

  231. Do the Rangers have anyone named Murphy working for them? If so, I’d seriously consider firing them.



  233. Every time I hear the Caps’ goalie name, I think of OJ Simpson’s character [Nordberg] in Naked Gun.

  234. RECAP




  235. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Buff blows lead in last minute and loses in OT. Hope this haunts them!

  236. no eric is a diehard ranger fan who so desperately wants them to get in but as zero confidence in them.

    i want you all to give me reasons why u think they wont collapse

  237. JimboWoodside on

    Caps aren’t going anywhere this year – not judging by their performance lately….

  238. the best way to rectify the final game last season, is to win tomorrow

    they can do it, but they have to get back to Ranger gritty hockey, and forget the pretty hockey.

  239. Orr, can’t shut it down. Afraid everybody will leave their computers and climb to the top of tall buildings.

    Maybe I’ll put a black armband on the blog.

  240. JimboWoodside on

    I didn’t give a fig about the Habs winning – we were not going to catch them anyway after the Buff and Isles losses – I wanted the Habs to win, just to stomp out the Devs…

  241. JimboWoodside on

    That would have been a real longshot, Orr – Habs would have to run the table and “lose out”….

  242. Well, the Devils are out. I didn’t expect Islanders to give us anything anyway. Buffalo losing one point could have a huge implication on tomorrow’s game. As long as it isn’t going OT, it would benefit the Rangers either way. Providing we can beat the Flyers, of course.

  243. JimboWoodside on

    PAP didn’t play like “Top 6” forward tonight……guess he wasn’t motivated like on Thursday…

  244. Philly are 4-3-3 in their last ten, and have lost two in a row. Not exactly on fire, so tomorrow should be an even game.

    Despite the fact that they have owned us all season, we annihilated them last time. So, I have confidence NYR will get the job done tomorrow.

    I worry aboot the Bruins game though. That should be the toughest game of the remaining few.

    We have no excuse but to beat the Trashers. You can’t lose to a team like that at this stage in the season. The Devs, who knows. I think they beat us twice in a row. Definitely will be tough, and most likely it will come down to that.

  245. The way the Rangers mistreated Flyers in their last match, look for Philadelphia to put it all out tomorrow.

    [I don’t have a good feeling about our playoffs chances at all.]

  246. >>tomorrow we root for Buffalo right?

    I was just thinking about that. I’d have to say yes.

  247. If we dont make the playoffs, I blame the lack of elite offensive talent and I blame Gaborik for dogging it at each and every juncture of the season where we needed him most.

  248. >>PAP didn’t play like “Top 6” forward tonight…..

    We really should change his name to “Top 6”.

  249. Olga Folkyerself on

    Let’s not start shooting the Rangers players just yet.

    Sather? Blast Away!

  250. Teflon Ron!

    If we do not make the playoffs, it’s not the end of the world. Significant progress was made this season.

  251. “i want you all to give me reasons why u think they wont collapse”

    ‘Cause I will impart my will (snarl)

  252. I’m with you on that one, DJK. Notice who came through for Carolina and Washington tonight? Their goto guys! Tomorrow, watch for ours to be “flying” and “skating great”, but still be absent from the scoresheet. I only root for that guy because he’s in Rangers blue; I’m not a fan of his. Scoring FIVE against us a few seasons ago doesn’t help his cause with me either.

  253. They wont collapse because Greg apparently bet his life that NYR would make the playoffs.

    This is their motivation for the final few games.

    They’re gonna do it. They’re gonna do it for Jahnny! {dramatically stabs pillow with steak knife}

  254. >>Who are the other 4 Captains after Drury?

    Well, let’s seeee…

    Captain & Tennille
    Captain Sensible
    Cap’n Crunch [that counts, right?]
    Captain Kirk

  255. #5 Gionta (eww)
    #4 Iginla (agreed)
    #3 Richards (ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww)
    #2 Toews (for Olga?)
    #1 Lidstrom (AGREED)

  256. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, “Top 6” – that’s a good name for him, the little carcillo! What an inflated sense of value he puts on himself.

    I winced when I heard that in his interview the other night.

  257. JimboWoodside on

    I must not read the right sports pages – where do you get this stuff, Orr!? And who are you referring to? ;-)

  258. “Philly are 4-3-3 in their last ten, and have lost two in a row. Not exactly on fire, so tomorrow should be an even game.

    Despite the fact that they have owned us all season, we annihilated them last time. So, I have confidence NYR will get the job done tomorrow.

    I worry aboot the Bruins game though. That should be the toughest game of the remaining few.

    We have no excuse but to beat the Trashers. You can’t lose to a team like that at this stage in the season. The Devs, who knows. I think they beat us twice in a row. Definitely will be tough, and most likely it will come down to that.”

    None of this matters. The Rangers are playing horribly and have been for 2 weeks. The last good game they played was against Montreal 2 weeks ago. Since then a shaky win against Pittsburgh, barely scraping by the Panthers, bad losses to Ottawa, Buffalo and the Isle with each one worse than the prior – the only decent game was really the Boston game, and that easily could have gone the other way. They are playing badly and unless they can turn it around, they will “lose out.” The sky is not falling. This is simply what is happening.

  259. He cheated on Sienna Miller with his nanny. I think he got the nanny pregnant too. Then they started dating again last year. Haha! Smooth operator!

    The guy is like an NFL player. He has three different baby mama’s!

    Is that not Captain material or what? He’ll can lead! He can lead you straight to herpes!

  260. JimboWoodside on

    Hahahaha!!!! Oh! I thought you were talking about a hockey player – Hollywood types, anything is possible….

  261. JimboWoodside on

    I don’t expect Philthy to come out relaxed and happy tomorrow, either – not after our last game against them. They’re still fighting for the top position in the conference, too…..

    Having said that, I think they can be beaten again – they’re not playing that well lately, and their goaltending is very suspect.


    Don’t know if anyone caught/said that, I just got in.

  263. Latona – That white gloved NHL guy came to take custody of the turd on McCreary’s lip. It will sit right alongside Cindy’s in the HOF.

  264. JimboWoodside on

    “You guys are nuts, you know?”

    We thought that’s what you liked about us, Carp!?

  265. lame because they’re googled but..

    Captain Jack Sparrow
    Captain Kidd
    Captain Haratio Hornblower
    Captain Nemo
    Captain John Paul Jones

  266. rangers better bring it tomorrow. i’m sure they wouldn’t have it any other way. this team will show up tomorrow. they’ve played well all year in the face of adversity. guys like prust, hank, callahan have been playing their guts out all year and for what? to take a crap on the ice for the most important game of the season? no way. cant put too much stock into the islander game. those games are always crazy and unpredictable. this 4-game stretch will show us who these guys are.

    i just hope they dont get too burned out for the first round.

  267. JimboWoodside on

    Sure hope you’re right, Johnny U….after the embarrassment the other night, I hope they now realize what their task is going to be for these last few games.

  268. passed on Captain Beefheart because I never heard of him I’m sure Orrs iPod is loaded with his stuff though :P

  269. LOL on Gabby’s site…

    Q: What’s the most interesting thing a fan has ever done for you?
    A: “haha…uhhhhh..depends what you define as ‘interesting’…”


  270. JimboWoodside April 2nd, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    Good one, Orr!

    LMAO Jimbo owns the Beefheart box set/ anthology! :)

  271. So everyone who is chasing us or who we are chasing after, all gained points today…wonderful

    Sorry couldnt post earlier but at this point anything less than AT LEAST making the playoffs is a failure…

    And if they miss the playoffs…you know how we say “Trade all of them” …well, this time it will be “blame all of them!”

    the only positive news is that Devils are officially out!

  272. i love all the Captain Beefheart talk. The man was a genius. Some crazy music but good stuff. Check out ‘Safe As Milk’ good place to start. Also he’s got some cool collaborations with zappa

  273. I’m shocked I’ve never heard of Captain Beefheart!

    CCCP – Well then did you heal anyone today?


  274. JimboWoodside on

    “LMAO Jimbo owns the Beefheart box set/ anthology! :).”

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm………could be!

  275. JimboWoodside on

    A lot of these ‘heads are probably a little too young for Beefheart, Johnny – but they can YouTube him!

  276. Come on Mess, its time for you to take over….

    We will create for you a new position

    President, GM and head coach of the NEW YORK RANGERS

    Let´s start a new chapter in the history of the once proud frenchise of New York City ….

  277. I’d cry like Messier if Messier took over as GM. I just don’t trust him in that spot. I just get the feeling he’d be anxious to win a Cup, and make some bad trades for that failed opportunity.

    I’d rather Shoney take over.

  278. I’ve got a Jelly Roll Morton and a Radiohead CD in my car but I’ve never heard of Beefheart!


  279. “esoteric” isn’t that a body lotion

    It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again

  280. Hey to tell you the truth brother, between you and me, that thing with the dog is comin’ off a little fruit-y. I mean that’s just me talkin’. Hey, where’s my supplies?

  281. You know eddie – the Rangers do need to win this one. I don’t know how they can win…do you have any ideas how they can win this game?

  282. JimboWoodside on

    Our boys didn’t take them seriously – I think they figured that they didn’t have to work so hard to beat the Isles. But everything we’ve seen over the last month, and certainly in the last week or so is: the team that wants the game more manages to find a way to win. Carolina, Buffalo, Caps tonight….they just don’t quit!

  283. JimboWoodside on

    Even the Debs (until tonight) and Toronto – these guys are playing for their lives, and they are being rewarded for it.

  284. You’re totally right. The other teams do not quit. They always out play us. They always out hustle us. Why does everyone want to beat us so badly!? Why are WE the team that everyone gets so ready for?

  285. JimboWoodside on

    I wasn’t referring to when these other teams play the Rangers – except for the Isles, I don’t know that the others put more of a value on beating the Rangers, they just want to win to stay alive for a playoff position.

  286. JimboWoodside on

    Nobody thinks that Messier has the chops to be a G.M., I see….why is it a foregone conclusion that he wouldn’t be able to handle the job?

    I’m not campaigning for him or anything, but why do people discount his chances to do a good job?

  287. I can’t believe even the Make Believes have a chance to beat us out. Sheesh!

    Messier cannot be worse than Sather. Give him a shot!

  288. Mannyfried- They can’t win this game, we know that, we’ll watch only because we love the pain

    Is that what you want to hear? Sound good to you?

  289. JimboWoodside on

    Just a couple of lousy losses, and the whole season turns around, potentially…

  290. The reason why I don’t like Messier for the job is because he really doesn’t know the business side of the GM position. Sure, he’s learning from Slats, but I don’t think he’s the right guy for the job…

    He’s a player and leader, I always thought he’d make a good coach, not an executive…I’d rather him get the GM experience somewhere else and succeed there before potentially coming here…

  291. I LOVE this team. I believe in them. I think they CAN do it. I just don’t know if they WILL do it. I am really confused as to where the effort has gone.

    The Phlyers are really good so ….. I can’t judge the team based on this upcoming game. They have to play like it is the most important game of their lives.

  292. JimboWoodside on

    NYR, I understand – Yes, it would be better if Mess went down to the AHL perhaps, but even in the AHL, I don’t think you are “your own man” when it comes to being a GM….so much of your roster and their progress is dedicated to serving the parent club that I wonder if you can do very much on your own.

    A coach, absolutely – apparently he doesn’t want to coach.

  293. We’ll be OK. Not because it’s a cake walk cinch. But because this team has character, balls if you will.
    They have a serious task at hand, they’ve made it harder than it needed to be, but they WILL get it done.

  294. JimboWoodside on

    They CAN do it – they’ve beaten Philly and Boston this season – as well as the Debs – I’m not sure about the Trashers, though.

    They CAN – but they’ve gotta give it 100% effort.

  295. I like the positivity. They have to start winning. Win. Win. Win. I believe they can do it. I do.

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